toilet paper

I can help.

I know if you have 4 washcloths and no toilet paper you can soak the washcloths in water and scrub your anal cavity with a wet washcloth. Then put that washcloth in the bathtub to be scrubbed and do this with 4 clothes. It feels good too. LIke you feel a nice moist coolness and you have to clean them in the bathtub and not be entirely so squeamish if you don’t have toilet paper. If you have toilet paper clearly use that but if you are legit alone in a house with no toilet paper you can improvise. I would point out that you can drop your hand into the toilet water and handle with your bare hand and then wash your hand thoroughly but it sort of in rank toilet paper outranks cloth which outranks hand but this is language only developed because toilet paper is becoming rare so i’ll throw out some new options that well it depends DO you have toilet paper? depending on that this makes more or less sense this email here.

Oh, and there’s the thing that works better than toilet paper, cloth or the hand … that would be the shower. If you defecated in the toilet and then got up to take a shower. That would probably the be finest answer taking a shower. I do think that’s was a bidet is for but i never saw a bidet or know what a bidet is for but this run on toilet paper might be evidence there is a wide open market for bidets a thing i think you use your hand with with i think not entire certain

I could go into the bidet business as i understand it it’s wide open in the USA like in terms of NO ONE has one to my knowledge.


but sitting on the toilet an soiling yourself and then getting a shower is something that bounced around in my head had three or four people discussing it and then they had me do my bit which was this typing part. But you can shower which would be your best self, use the toilet which would be standard, use cloth which would mean you’re something outside or out doors for, or using your hand which is the dirtiest but it’s the cheapest in terms of other options and call it the christmas miracle if you have to use your hand and have no other option.

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