winging it

Dear White House Staff,

I put in a night’s work and I was paid with the idea to sell bottled flavored iced cream that’s melted …. be like buying a bottle of milk and adding flavoring to it.

that’s what I got last night.

Previously I have gotten buy the most expensive law books I can find and rent them out for like $100 a month.

I thought of manufacturing dried fruit because it’s so easy.

I thought of starting a literary agency because there is none in the tri state i live in.

I am typically to be honest working on thinking of things I could do with a mate. Like I look forward to living with a woman and writing her an email.

I need to focus more when I write you. This is more in line with how I should write than what I typically wing out in your general direction.

I’m sorry if i have offended you really for the volume of emails I send. I am getting involved though for all I know that could be a pleasantry at the top of this form.

You have my email address. It wouldn’t take much to get me to stop doing this.

I consider this thin ice.



Nicholas Lawson

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