write this minute

i’m watching para and quadriplegics on RIGHT THIS MINUTE and they are proving they are still radical like a man with a wheelchair is grinding down a rail to show he still has it and then a man with a prosthetic leg is holding a woman above his head with his right arm and i’m like NO no you’re not that anymore you can break your leg off or you can fall that is no way to behave as a para athlete. They need to be playing cards or just they need to examine their needs which seem to feel sexy and powerful it’s just like no no that’s not evidence that they are radical it’s evidence that their custodians lost their damned mind … https://www.rightthisminute.com/ … they should not be condoning exotic behavior of paralyzed individuals like that can lead to serious injury.

i might have some parenting instinct because my little brother has two kids and my sister has a kid the seed of parenting sprouted in me slightly like i am now slightly an uncle and i slightly wish i could get some paralyzed people to stop engaging in X GAMES like behavior …

oh i found this …


poked around and found it this has to do with my previous email … i think this content here is a typo … not a misspelling … i think it’s a typo because it’s an entire idea that’s wrong and it’s not a misspelling which would be producing footage where they have it explained to them that they are now professional athletes

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