thought i might share some knowledge …


is an example of marketing like marketing is finding uses for things and especially materials. marketing is a nebulous thing to pin down unless someone tells you but that red material that is at that URL is an example of marketing that’s A WAY to sell that material as a tchotchke of some kind … apple juice , apple sauce, apple pie, that’s successfully marketing the apple … AEROGEL was marketed as fleece lining it’s actually sort of difficult to find a use for but if you have a knack for free thinking i’d imagine you could find a nice line of clients if you were out thinking them on their own product or material and found uses for their product they didn’t think of like a freelance marketer is someone to me that gets paid to spend hours coming up with things a material can be used for to increase sales and they get paid for a small amount of time and get paid a lot more per hour because it’s a finite amount of time they are scheduled to work… i think this is a situation that exists if for example your ability to earn your salary on top of 90% of the money you make goes to your employer in a situation where people have to earn their paycheck marketers make sense … i get the impression that this probably isn’t capitalism this muh that our economy is in the USA … i think things changed at some point and now there is a lot of ceremony in the usa economy like a ceremonious economy if you will is an economy where there’s nothing new that’s going to happen but it has to keep going … that’s what i think and now i get to think about CEREMONIOUS ECONOMIES

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