internet marketing

yup i could go into internet marketing … like did you know you can take a google document and stack up 6 cursors in google documents with six people on six computers and you can write a book page by page … i have never seen it done before but GOOGLE DOCS is an underutilized adult toy of some kind like you could use a a screen capture to film a movie called 6 cursors and it’s the play that can be done with 6 cursors and the interplay that it existed as … six people using google documents at the same time is an act of marketing …. i have used it with one person before and we had fun like as a cerebral wide open sand box google documents and 6 people is internet marketing … i never read of google doing that but any time you want you can put together an internet marketing shpeel and sell yourself to businesses that would want to at least listen to the 45 minute pitch on what you can use the internet for from someone that was there at PRODIGY

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