most of the people

I’m not an animal. I received so much education in 24 years that i transcended my base instincts and now behave as though I am a human being.

I did a practice speech that dealt with precisely what this link is about in regards to shopping on soundcloud. I imagineered a grocery store that was tax supported and you could walk in think about other people do your shopping and walk out and the grocery store would keep a tab and report back to city hall for a break down of the yearly grocery tax for the community. Just something small a small change to society just a pleasant lineless experience at the grocery story.

I don’t even know who I would be impressing. My high minded ideas disappeared and i’m focusing more on the revolutionary MILKSHAKE which is a refrigerated milk shake similar to naked juice it’s a dairy drink it’s not a frozen foods item.

I don’t know who to impress. I’m just working to give myself the impression i’m working but about 3 years ago I did the thought experiment where I thought to myself I was a valedictorian in my class and a decade and a half later it occurred to me oh those people i went to high school with those are most of the people. fuck.

that’s worldwide too.

yeah i’m not well liked.


i didn’t get caught in a traffic jam at the grocery store.

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