the missing capstone

My inner voice Jerome was like bout ice cream milk shake in a can? and I was like jerome that’s yes i am aware that no matter how good the european idea is an african always has the finest capstone for the european idea dead to rights like every time but yeah milkshake in a can yeah i ain think of that and this my head … jerome was like milk shake in a can and i was like i knew it i knew we had to keep africans around just take your high end intelligence run it past one of them and your european self needs to be prepared to be humbled. MILK SHAKE …. milkshake in a can … wow … stunning … i can do a milk shake in a can … no carbonation … i was going to go with a standard plastic bottle with the twist top cap but cans of dairy would probably keep better because of lack of exposure to sunlight i was thinking milk shake and plastic and jerome was like pop top can and i was like YES i was focused so it would have taken me a while to come up with the simplification to the can … i think there’s a piece of equipment i can buy to crank those cans out



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