hoax not a hoax? cnn vs fox

I basically saw CNN for the first time yesterday as they with their extremely friendly outlook on life rail against Donald Trump’s status in the white house and his decision making ability. I notice I didn’t take notes but I notice they take issue with the way Donald Trump talks it’s as though donald trump has the entire truth and CNN speaks from a position of a lack of knowledge of the actual truth at hand.

I don’t know my short term memory is shot so this is hard to write but it does seem like if you listen to the commander in chief there’s not much to fear but if you listen to people of lower status in society there is a major operation to be afraid of.

I think when donald trump talks about how everything is in control that that has to do with the fact that there is roughly 5000 or less total people with a virus that only shows lethal ability in the upper level elderly and that as a far as an entire nation the usa has little to be concerned with.

i think there’s not much to fear because it seems like a scenario like they investigated Donald Trump and then they took him through a glamorous impeachment and now there’s a plague that is to be understood as the next thing that happens to him like donald trump want’s his experience and that’s what they are giving him. no?

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