It would be a moment like this


the fireside chats as i understand it were subtle speeches given to a nation in peril that soothed the nerves of people if you could do a podcast President Donald Trump or a radio spot … something that doesn’t involve the way you look or your regalia … if you could just sit down with a voice recorder on your smart phone and email 25 minutes of conversation to your media liaison and had it posted to your website … i know roosevelt to be the current grand master when it comes to being a president … to me … and the things i have heard over the years it’s roosevelt that needs to be at least quoted in spirit …

just saying …

if about once a week you just did some extemporaneous talking into a mic on your smart phone to give us a sense for just how serious this all is there’s a sense that it hasn’t sunken in that our extinction may be at hand like it always is …




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