i don’t

unless my work was nickspoems.com i’m still a sergey brin, larry page, mark zuckerberg, steve jobs, bill gates, elon musk, john mcafee, richard branson type person i just well it’s like this i graduated from school in 2010 then i was in americorps and then i was told to make less than $16,000 a year to have my loans paid, and then i was homeless for 2 years and then i got on a regime of pills and my head got a little wonky in the memory and short term memory department and then i started experiencing the supernatural and paranormal every day and i have this metal tooth that they turned on and i’d say i’ve spent a quality 4 years out of the last ten on business and i know standard lore is it takes 10 years to accomplish anything of value and i’m 4 years in all things considered … and nickspoems.com currently is on the prophesized traffic line of success like my traffic is following a traditional curve of growth …

i have like 6 years left to focus and plan and plot and white board and i don’t know if i’m a failure until like 2030 for the most part …


i can do things like this

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