the now

I’m social distancing for the most part I spend most of my time in my apartment and only go out when necessary. It’s frightening the statistic that 20 to 60 percent of the population will be infected. This seems like it just came out of nowhere. Like Donald Trump was investigated for a 2 years and then informed they found nothing which is an accomplishment for the president, then they impeached him for a year and the senate found that he was going to remain president. Now there’s a global pandemic that Donald Trump gets to be the saviour of and the pandemic seems fishy. It’s like they investigated him over some small details like russian affecting the 2016 election and they found nothing. They impeached him for not much and now they are at the beginning of stopping the entire planet because basically this one guy in brooklyn is sick. I’m sufficiently afraid, I’ll play along but it would be more plausible to me that donald trump was paying for experiences and you know he’s capable of paying for human experiences where he has paid for sex before he is capable of paying for all this.

they didn’t find much, it wasn’t about much, and these numbers are small

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