Don’t billionaires each have employees? Like I’d think a typical billionaire is a business owner of some kind and they have employees like doesn’t a billionaire pay much in taxes in the way they employ people at a living wage that is then taxed and then the corporation is taxed? LIke isn’t a billionaire a C Corp owner or some kind of filing and they get taxed twice? Why would bernie sanders say a billionaire needs to pay their fair share? It’s hard to watch old men fight over money that look I get $900 a month to live on and I know there is something I can do to make money, I’m short on figuring out what that is but for the most part I’m poor because of me and my poor decision making like I didn’t have to smoke weed for 20 years I could have been more intelligent. But a billionaire I’m fairly certain they pay a lot in taxes in the form of wages.

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