Dear Ohio

I saw that the federal government was hemming and hawing over the idea of whether or not to send american citizens $1000 to assist with the CoronaVirus. I’m currently on Disability diagnosed with a Mental Illness known as Bipolar Type One. I also have a university degree from the University of Cincinnati that took me 10 years to earn and I participated in several different colleges. I graduate with an English Literature Degree and I am currently in my own writing studio prolific and have an online portfolio at … I would like to point out that a historic time period recently arose and if you would like some professional historic writing to be done about the times I would be interested in working for $400 a month that would not disrupt my disability status and would enable me to get and keep a vehicle to dig further into my writing studies.

I am Nicholas Lawson. I come from the Lawson Family. Both my parents are University Graduates and my three younger siblings are university graduates. I am capable of performing this feat and presenting you with weekly portfolio’s of writing.

Just putting this out there.

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