don lemon just talked about how twisted we should get it and his thought was DO NOT DO NOT GET It twists, he’s talking about how the president did NOT show enough leadership and we wasted time on the coronavirus as an american people … don lemon was hired to do a job and donald trump was elected by the american people … to me it strikes me that the nature of the size of the population donald trump is speaking to would affect donald trump’s speaking style … like donald trump had to think about a panic … and don lemon is speaking to a fraction of the american population … like you can expect bombastic CNN language but the president has more to think about than don lemon on CNN when donald trump is speaking … true? doesn’t donald trump have more to consider than don lemon?

the fuck ima do with $1000 in a marketplace that’s closed?


that $1000 is just going to be a small quick riot. that’s what i think.

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