Not entirely certain why an extra $1000 has me thinking this thought this is a thought that could be thought without a stimulus but if the USA Federal Government GAVE the USA $1000 and then opened a discussion about how to spend money? LIke if a wealthy billionaire president discussed what HE would do with a $1000? Not entire certain here, I’m thinking of this $1000 like it’s the first $1000 i ever received so like I’m thinking if the federal government gave me financial counseling with the money that’s going to be the first 5 moves i make in stimulating the economy? Would that be insulting for a federal government stimulating the economy from a state of 0 zero 0 to give advice on what to do with the money it’s going to give? Not entirely certain why this stimulus would come with financial advice but if Donald Trump gave a speech on financial responsibility WITH the $1000 that would be extra money. I wouldn’t be insulted if Donald Trump explained what he thinks the best thing to do with $1000 is but someone else might.

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