What if …

Is North College Hill really  a small neighborhood if it’s right down the street from college hill, from northside, from clifton, from university heights, from fountain square? is this really a small neighborhood? like doesn’t it take a lot to impress a city folk.. talking about iced cream in a can … or anything in a can … where the cannery in this town? if there ain one could there be one? talking about units of money. figure money is what you trade for cash. just saying … been feeling really … not certain what my past added up to ….  but it looks good but is it lookin …. really sorry for anything i ever did to anyone any day of my life … just always tried to do what’s right most of the time for the majority of it …. but like is there any type of little nook or cranny i ain think of that upset with me … for any reason …. my anxiety has to do with someone being upset with me and wondering who it is and not knowing … i’m sorry … this real emotion i’m feeling right now … i’m so sorry … like i just lost my grandmother and my anxiety escalated into full blown panic attack …

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