layers to sobriety when it comes to not smoking weed

is this really contact the president? or is this like write a letter to CNN or an office? because I figure I just had a night where I drank a lot of tea and didn’t know tea would do that so I’m sorry for writing you while drinking lipton i had like 5 glasses of tea in the span of 4 hours and i didn’t know lipton could be used as a drug of sorts but i am fairly certain tea has medicinal properties and i forget what i wrote you but i think one letter was probably off a little bit i just felt like writing you and i was a little more tense tonight than i typically am and i’m EVEN MORE sober from having not smoked weed i haven’t smoke weed in like 4 months and I notice there are LAYERS to not smoking weed that unravel themselves like layers of sobriety that unfurl themselves so i feel like a new man again today for like the 3rd time …. i’m really sorry if i offended or offput you at all for whatsoever any reason and this is as polite an apology as i think i should send i watch CNN so you’re typically on my mind

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