Dear WordPress,

I quit smoking weed about 6 months ago and I am doing GREAT! I am much more clear headed and just clear in general. I’m like Scientological Clear Status Clear.

I’m working on and I just started a book it’s a story about an audition at a Contemporary Arts Center for a spot at the show on Fountain Square. I’m geeked about it. I looked up at that the average age of publishing a book is typically 36 and i’m 39 and I had a lot of life experience.

I was thinking of advertising it on Facebook. I don’t know what Tumblr is tho yet and that’s your’s and it might be nice. I’m currently deprecated from using comments on Facebook and I’m banned from using Twitter for playing too hard with the toy. I’m sort of bummed. I was playing really hard too. I was honed in on ABC’s Twitter Handle and was just nailing it while watching ABC on television. I was also just regaling debate points on facebook I was hitting home runes on facebook.


maybe you could say something to mark about my account … i’m a University Graduate of 10 years study and I studied in England for a year and I wrote a couple books and I’m not a billionaire financially but I’m like a high quality thousandaire and like it takes effort to make thousandaire work so it’s an aire too …

just saying …

if you ya’ll neighbors or something can you reset @LuciusPixel and nicholas.lawson.9237 to factory defaults ….


is worth keeping up on and link ridden is the future of writing …



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