Letter to Frickers

I’m a seasoned University of Cincinnati Graduate and I live right down the street from your NCH location. I have lived in NCH now for about 40 years with some travel mixed in.

I noticed your website and I noticed that compared to 1940’s in the golden age of advertising

there was a significant amount more of ad copy than what you have on your website and in the 1940’s advertising was perfected.

I was basically at this point interested in meeting with an executive and giving me a chance to introduce myself and make a pitch.

I know how reciprocal relationships work and I was interested in starting out around a $250 pitch and maybe a schedule that’s something like two weeks. That’s the budget I am talking about if we can get together and chat and discus how I can take my value as a seasoned author and increase your customer loyalty to your brand.

I’m Nick. I know Eric Benedict at Penn Station. I know Sarah Traut just up the street. My folks live down the block from Long John Silvers and my grandmother lives on Marvin and I went to Saint Margaret Mary for School, Clovernook and graduated from NCH HIGH in ’99

I like the mild wings personally.

But yeah up above this is some business copy but really I just was curious to know if you wouldn’t mind discussing your website and how maybe a story or a magazine article or something would assist your business in some capacity.

I have my website that’s I think nice and JUST copy and it’s at


Like that’s me. That’s how I represent myself online.

So let me know, just an email and we can set a date and discuss NCH and FRICKERS and your WEBSITE.


Nicholas Lawson

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