Write a Novel Entitled : SPY CLUB

i wrote most of this opening while i was high on some kush and it was like a $40 sack and i was gooning on that shit i was rolling fat ass joints and not lil one hitters so i wasted weed and fucking did this … the highs were intense though but like i wasted weed …. i fucking partied man … and then wrote this

there used to be a nigh club down the way downtown in cincinnati ohio where the 20 somethings listened to the dj play techno music and danced and we drank and drove and there was this guy there on his apple laptop in adobe illustrator in design school working on his american flag project … just tooling around with swirl’s in illustrator getting to the bottom of that software and there was a fire place and the place was live on the internet and it was a  dance club that had a show … MTV

is we at that level where we can do a night club? we got that in us? i don’t know if i want to kick with you seven nights a you can work nights i ain working and as for the liquor license SIKE we just need a store front we serve juice … like we serve $10.00 6 packs of Coke Zero … we know we know you was just at tom’s and you got a bottle on you look that’s on you ain no one calling the swastika on you we just serve juice and that’s it and we got cups and we got all the things you need to party in one place and like jake there sells weed he got an ounce on him right now if you want more than an ounce from him you have to talk to him tomorrow about that on his time i ain want none of it but he do be gotten the weed right now if you want to get high …

we got a vaporizer with an octo bag and like we keep it pumped up with THC little thing we can do for you at SPY CLUB got some nice ambient techno playing we laid back super into it like you got some time to spare well we got a place you can spare it

then a cowboy walked in and showed off a previous way to impress girls but he was from nebraska and he had a thin sliver of a wheat stalk hanging out his mouth and son of a bitch if that nigga ain fucking light his wheat stalk on fire and start smoking said something like i’m a nebraska nigga we know you smoke wheat not weed ya’ll got it all fucked up around here

then a ninja walked in and put his sword and his ninja stars on the bar counter and the bartender put them behind the counter so that they could be kept safe and then the ninja went outside and brought in his table he was going to be selling fried wantons with cream cheese in them because they’re super tasty and you can look at this just noticed this like you can break this down into paragraphs and just like you can go from writing stories to writing paragraphs and call it a novel

Then this one guy walks in and is like you know how michael jackson was raised on show business … i was raised on school so let me see those hands in the air you know  what time it is it’s CINCINNATI time … let me see those hands in the sky … alright why oh why does the song have to cry when you can take the time to write a song that’s just like the sweetest skeet you ever skat and you could be the brat that was raised in a humble home and one day you could so the club scene is nasty on this dude … they put him in VIP where it’s a one way mirror and only the club can see him so he can put on his show

it’s an elite club it’s called being able to read … it’s when you put in that extra effort in a holy pursuit … like when i was 2 i heard the our father … like i came straight out margaret mary’s povius

daap you get to clean up the professional building it gets you into WROUGHT IRON

they got it at tom’s drive through but it was called the mayor said she was waiving liquor licenses … but your rental of a bar space IS the tax you pay the city for the plumbing ….

)_____________)_________________________________________)~~~~~~~~~~~ quit smoking

and what do we get for not smoking we get new keyboards

then amarosa stepped her leg out her dress and just stood there and her fiber optic dress linens got the place lit …

when you got a hot one and it just disappears … for those moments … the disappearance of me …

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAFWA7qxC0E not sure what the change is but when you just disappearing … like when you looking at something and it just disappears … like it was taken …

then i put the stephen wolfram documentary on the plasma ceiling and we just smoked and smoked and smoked and smoked and looked up

then aytora centuries 888 (is what i meant to say) generations from now they developed jumping into the plasma field and the first person to do it was suicidal and the next thing they knew the suicidal man jumped into the plasma field and then was found sitting in the lobby …

website idea … a hard drive so futuristic you can solve the turing test on it

then at like 38 i forgot how to eat ice cream

because it’s cool because no one got hurt and like at the end they threw this party at the club where one of the girls told them she had a couple balls they could play with and it was a party … she did a trick and they started fighting … stupid slut … damn remember sluts bitches like in POLICE ACADEMY one just dancing around the fire with their titties out like they tried to sell africa fire by dancing around it with they titties out but africa was like eh yo we all dance around ours like nothing i was around some fire a couple years ago … i was thinking just install a professional fire pit like a futuristic authentic iron wrought fire pit like if you live downtown and you homeless and you have an art you should be able to get access to a fire every night downtown like there no reason downtown doesn’t have a fire pit we grown ups and our kids rightly parented so and we civilized enough to have a fire pit or we could call the fire pit the city bath house like i think all this war because there never was  serious effort put into the bath house like cities from time to time just bathe if we had some hygenic pool gear like if to get in the pool you had to wear WATTIES they kept your piss and your shit in your asshole and your dinger we’re not bathhousing hard enough

i forgot again … like i forget money sometimes … i hope i’m not coding the dna of the human race i don’t want to come to find out i was that person but like if the deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA was the sum total of my and my siblings writings i’ll write here that if you have four children … make certain they hug each other at some point … worst shit in the world to be dealing with is having 3 siblings and not being in business with them like LAWSON FAIRALL LAWSON AND LAWSON LAW FIRM like that’s my dream situation that my brothers and sister and myself went to UC LAW to produce UC LAW

my business is loaning out this book https://www.amazon.com/Career-Guide-Creative-Unconventional-People/dp/1580088414/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=unconventional+people+jobs&qid=1587784373&sr=8-3 and charging late fees … call a book a micro library … you know you want this book so you have to pay me for it but the internet a book where anyone can write in it or take photographs or films or audio or text but of the torah and the bible the koran the internet the superior book


just ate some dried barbecued chicken skin from the pan at just above room temperature … i consider THAT gourmet like it’s like when all you got is an onion so you saute that thing like real gourmet food like an orange

her dreams were wrapped in her third|sky
she was bigger than a lullaby
open doors for people that need to be fed
we biloxi mississippi open doors to chimneys
climb down some bauxite and get ready for the milk
you need that cookie to melt
degrees unchallenged time spent ado
we come in three generations
like a fox kite in the stew
because we under intoxicated
we got nothing left to say
just because we were ugly
doesn’t change how we’re built today 

the night club in east longmeadow massachussets and just throbbing in a mob full of people to this song talking NIGHT CLUB something banging like this when the club get lit hands in the air like part of school as a religion is the having music like this as your hymns and like i think i drove drunk some 80 times but like i don’t think i ever left a club sober like i’m lucky to be alive i nothing i was in a car race at 16 going 40 in the curb lane and i had to cut my opponent off on 4 lane road right before i hit a click of parked cars … but like this was a hot club song that i experienced at the club … i figure that’s where POP music POP at the night club … like like when this all over i’ma dj a night club and ya’ll just gonna have to live with my music like this character for the dj like i want to go to the gay club and be the only straight man like gay clubs good spots for meeting women i would think worked at the WIZ and got to play whatever he wanted he bought stock in the radio station though like he in charge of selling his ads for his show but he can do whatever he wants because what he does works like when dj’s was situated legalistically they play whatever music they want to play but they need to have a PQ contract for it to work but it is possible and that shit exciting

like be alone with your live in girl friend and on this schedule just literally go to sleep with her be like the landlord stopped by twice last year and it’s that i know you can just move in my only concern is making enough money to afford your rent but i have $200 to put towards that and then it’s like  we get groceries 4 times a month we eat chicken wings fruit and california pizza and drink fluid constantly like talking 10 pounds of fruit a week …. be like we could sit and chat on the couch and work on a book together we can sell

like the girls with the titties dancing around the fire like some european tribal ceremony like let’s guess what they did at stone henge and do a movie there like titanic by james cameron that high in production value and just BRAVEHEART PRODUCTION VALUE for something having to do with stone henge like NOT constructing it hundreds of years after it was put in place

i did have this one thought where i would write pseudo code and draw a picture of what the pseudo code does and then just give it to my immortal slave for designing a programming language for that does what i wrote down … like design the front end of a programming language too like there was the one notebook i think i did some pseudo code … like if you are reading then else you are reading this or something like incorporating software techniques into writing is hot right now like this equals hotness like hand some pseudo code to someone and have them code is another way to learn to code

from time to time ya’ll might have to come together and do this … like i think tools are like puzzles they go where they belong … or not … but spy club … place you let the dj just give you a massage

always puzzles me why a pop star would have that video where it’s like 8 of them or 2 or something like britney spears did it, i think madonna did it, g eazy did it, jennifer lopez did it, snoop dogg did it like there do be people interacting with themselves in pop star land like if a film set is part of your life you probably did something right

ceremony design sort of kitsch but a black man standing on the sidelines of nippert stadium and he in control of his 16 black men on the chess board and then the white man standing on the other side of the stadium has 16 men and they playing chess and to be a good chess man you have to know how to be subservient like a class in being a dominatrix

alright that like a montage that part above this

but she was at spy club


and she went up and gave a peck to the dj and then she went back behind the counter and scanned in it was her night to bartend so she just and then the dj was like POSESSION by SARAH MCLACHLAN and i swear to god at a fucking night club a slow dance broke out thing about CLUB SLOW you might get asked to slow dance but all was all right now there were about 8 people on the dance floor and they were boogieing just cutting lose the one check was convulsing from side to side, another man was doing push ups, there was the chick doing the two step, couple people on the wall watching and his one guy crossed the floor with some drinks for 2 … couple people in suits … there was a slut nearby she was talking to someone with her hand on his arm … and the dj moved on to the next song 1.618 by BT … it was mostly a trance club the love trance music and the goals was fill a stadium with the greatest sounds

oh that wasn’t the night club it was the store front with the juicer and the juice and it was a bring your own alcohol spot … place just for people that lived in NCH we wanted to drink and no one get hurt so we ain put up with cars at this bar it was this one bar that banned cars on it’s lot like you HAD to walk to the bar in NCH anyone know how to go drive to a bar go in have a few drinks and then not drive home drunk naw we ain having cars at this bar that’s not a bad idea just a bar for basic retail place you VIP if you got some CD’s to sell some DVD’s some THIUMB DRIVES THUMB DRIVES HOT RIGHT NOW! but like headphone weed beer you brought with you place for pitches … PITCHERS place you can buy a pitcher of beer and talk shit about your product

thing you can do at a bar a pick up line you can be there with a woman and be like hey can i buy your napkin for a drink and she says yes then you ask her to write her number on the napkin so that you never forget this night

and kanye west declared himself a billionaire because he has $3 billion dollars … i tell ya it doesn’t happen to everyone be nice to know what it takes to make a billion dollars i don’t even know why … i’d buy out the bar at my club like if i had a billion dollars i would be surrounded by drunk people most of the time and the rest of the time i’d be surrounded by people that were high on weed that’s probably why i don’t have a billion dollars though because i’m stupid about money i get $60 a week as a stipend and i spent it on liquor and weed so you can tell i’m stupid but yeah BILLIONS it’s this club where you can get dollar beers and we just sit and drink

is there a way we can skirt this liquor license? if we had a bar like the idea of a bar and like down the street from a liquor store if had a storefront with 8 baskets of fruit and some red cups … like i see how it goes if North College Hill can comprehend to put some cash in the cup each and every one to pay rent i can present us with a place to smoke … this some business writing but some of you people in the commercial district in north college hill like for $5 i’d kick it there and just smoke around some other people smoking like you can turn on a revenue stream if you just fuck the red tape on a dispensary if you know where a grow room is you licensed to sell

yeah kid this english literature at the university of cincinnati … you have 4 years to write a 60 page novella and you can say you graduated english literature from ACME University because they’re fucking 18 years old and they never did anything a day in their life so the first thing you give a university freshman is a goal … i could get into pedagogy … like if cities had better university stories if it wasn’t corporate if it was organic … if you had like 4 projects to work on at university … a story, a pictture, a song, and a website … and you went to university until you did this project and we WOULD review your work to give you your experience

reasons i could start a writing center … writing got me a high school and college degree … reading skills helped me navigate the university process … my reading and writing got me and a friend a federal copyright … i won a grant with writing … i’d say i am qualified to start a writing center because with just writing i unlocked a $500 grant from Ohio Ohio Artists With Disabilities Grant Award and i can start a writing center like that because i can handle grant forms … like i’m over here proving this writing center is qualified to teach writing while i fill out these grant forms to keep the place open and the kids learning how to write so that at the very least they can win a grant someday too and we have books for sale on the website from lulu.com so we put our writing up for sale and it’s drop shipped which is cool it means you don’t have to buy a bulk open order you can sell one book at a time basically one book is printed when one book is ordered and i remember when i thought that was a hell of a business

i just think it’s funny like i’m 39 1/2 years old and i think donald trump was my first president like the first one i was aware of his activities … like i think it’s a joke presidency it started with an investigation , then there was an impeachment, now there’s a plague … like damn … that’s just … like to a congressman that been in congress for 20 years that just in the cut like ain involved in nothing congressman … like he probably get a cool show .. that paul ryan … that man that is actually the president

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