bad quality technical writing


after 8 iterations in a notebook in a dream i saw a voice show me the way it was a series of small micro icons or microcons that you have the story on the top and you have the comment box underneath and then you have micro icons beneath the text field and when you are typing in the comment box it’s an input but when you are scrolling over comments that same space is an output for the comment and the box resizes to fit the micro icon comment size if it’s a long comment it slides down and if it’s a short comment it slides a little bit or stays put but INSTEAD of having 30 yards of comments that no one can scroll to to read you can scroll your mouse over 10 icons a row and you can scan MORE comments with micro icons than you can the entire text fields and when you leave a comment it adds another micro icon to the roster and this concept was born out of a way to break out of the box that is COMMENT REPLY SET IN REPLY SET IN COMMENT REPLY SET IN it’s a direct reaction to contemporary comment systems and it’s strange to me it came to me in a dream along with a couple stories i heard a lot of voices but they are always extremely intelligent in my home world i am a highly valued intellectual but in the real world i’m usually taken for a dunce by idiots


edge case scenarios like a reply to a reply break up the structure of that i have some drawing to do but that’s either close or really far off

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