Nicholas Lawson so like who does the money belong to? we should probably give it to that? like which god or goddess does the money belong to? like it comes off a printer and then the banks get it and are like dubiously controlling the supply of it to the population that has to dance to get money so we can survive as a people and there are some luxury businesses but the money keep circulating and the goal is to get as much of it as you can possibly get so that by the time you have a line of work established you can bring in profits to hire people so that you can split your profits with them and you get into a loop and the money just circulates but the bank always has all of it and there are these things known as billionaires that sort of point at what’s there’s in the bank catalog of things the bank holds and you can have credit or cash or coins or cheques or gift cards or even electricity and all of it is money i think we should roll over and get to a point where we’re back at square one and give the money to the person it belongs to

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