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That’s not a bad show for the Internet like ABC pits TWO CONTESTANTS AGAINST EACH OTHER FOR $1,000,000 and the winner got the last word … it’s a facebook comment section and the game is HIGHLY EDITED and lasts a couple weeks but it’s two people that have rules to follow or else the other person GOT THE LAST WORD … or something just a unique website where hundreds of people sign up to engage in conversation and the longest running conversation is on the show

cops that shoot to kill

like in Cincinnati we have the cross town shoot out that’s where basketball teams from the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University square off for dominance on the basketball court like AND we have skyline versus gold star AND we have east side west side AND we have good kids versus bad kids like you can say Cincinnati Quadrilateralical Binary Aggressive and it used to be Cincinnati Cleveland … but that was their generation for the most part most of a really biracial environment and you have a moderate population of indians and a small population of asians and there is a major german heritage in cincinnati and our cops shoot to kill … it’s a city …

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

like i don’t think it’s a man be chilling space out into a thought … like telepaths that steal thoughts … the reason i decided not to put other people’s shit on my website was because they can run all up on you and wreck your shit if you fuck it up and you don’t know what they think … but why don’t you want a weapon because i think you people are stupid if you need a weapon for anything in 2022 … that’s what we should do we should invest in freezing food … like we should have a stockpile of food this entire thing where we dump 25,000 gallons of milk into the sewer like we should study food preservation in conjunction with life preservation …. what’s the first thing we should do … we should put MIT in charge of mortuary services that’s the first step APPROACH the massachussetts institute of technology … and talk to john maeda … and start there … bring it to john maeda’s attention …


Nicholas Lawson there was the day i was thinking of MOVIE SETS and i was like PLATOON in VIETNAM or watching TOP GUN in an jet plane … but like … if i ever make it i’ll make sure you get to watch platoon in vietnam if you want to or like at my mall that has a different television channel office in every space … like this flexin … hey … maybe flex on em be like yeah but did you get an F?
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  • Nicholas Lawson this might be useful based on what you know of me but i took 130 classes at the university 3 days a week 10 weeks a quarter and i failed 14 of them and by my calculations i failed 14 classes and got a C+
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  • Nicholas Lawson like it IS trickle down like that is a LAW that can be studied like a SCIENCE but it gets printed and it gets passed out and it can only come from one source and it has to be green and that’s the entrepreneurial femoral artery the entire concept of it comes from me but the money COMES from the federal government and there’s not too much discussion about what to do with it like if we wrote about money like you ain talking money you ain talking to me you talking about the money but your entire life for free i charge for my cards and i wrote it out this the only paragraph you need to be talking about this a high score i’m so sore from having to deal with this eternity that i experience every night but i got the light and i got the night and i got everything you gonna get tonight like the federal government prints the money and it’s the ceremony of passing it out