I just did some drawing and then I did this

I sat and didn’t do a show
I was not like anybody else
I sat and didn’t do a show
I’m not like anybody else
I’m at the center of my mental health
And I saw something different
When I saw the internet
I saw a communication tool
That’s not like anything else
I saw a mistake that I was going to take
I saw a forum filled with nothing but shake
I saw a world that was unlike any else
The internet gave me purpose
Unlike anybody else

It’s a poem that’s a poem

I didn’t bounce around a lot as a kid
I paid attention to what my parents did
It’s a moral upbringing I am faced with
I wonder about society and it’s makeup
Sometimes I sit in my apartment and wonder
With my upbringing how did my voice become a mumble
I got used to being good at school
Then I got used to teaching myself things of the fool
I’m telling myself I’m good at these poems
But I just had a song in my head when I wrote them

I’m hoping I get a breakthrough in my poetry

I open poems in the moonlight
Quite nice I write like I have a penchant
For daydreams full steam ahead
I’m becoming a trademark
Of the mark of the beast
I shall increase my speed
And run with the demons
Enough of this banter beglandish
I’m not fluent enough to speak spanish
This hand picked selection
Of letters is a testament to something better
Than the weather we are experiencing lately
I make poetry kapiche

I get confused and disorganized and side tracked

I’m annoyed with how hard it is to quit smoking
Those no smoking posters really ain joking
Putting together a healthy mind state
I just got pissed at myself for maintaining my weight
I’m supposed to be a loser
Losing weight to become a beautiful
It’s all in together now
I’m eating healthy weather now
Medicated and I find the time
Writing novels isn’t in me
So I guess it’s time to rhyme
Off the cuff I write
Just nothing inside of me
Just another love to write
I love you
I’m here to let you know
I get sidetracked
Confused by all of it so
I get back to poetry
I don’t know what the big deal is
I was here last week

Nick’s Poems is Supposed to be Poems

On the keyboard again
I just went to church
Forgiveness for my sins
It’s a been a long trip
Script has never been televised
This is me just one of the guys
With a writing habit
That’s like lord of the flies
A book I read in school
Lately I’ve been feeling like a christ figure
Ever the fool