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Abstract Novel 0

Abstract Novel #0

Dear USA, Dearest United States of America, Dearest Aunt Sam, like dear samantha robinson … dearest samantha robinson there is so much i wish i could have told you in the americorps service we were in i should have asked you to sing instead of asking her to speak and i made you cry that’s the best way i know how to feel and samantha robinson i love you i don’t need to be your boyfriend but maybe i can be your man i can just decide samantha robinson is going to be president of the united states of america and independent and like i can just decide who the president is and paint the picture … i’m a graffiti artist … i always fucking hated graffiti that i could never read like a real graffiti artist can explain their graph but like samantha robinson like she was tall with brown hair fair skin she was whip smart she was like my soul mate or is like my soul mate it’s like a show i can help i’m in this to win this like a yelp and a genius website and there’s a facebook and a tumblr and it’s a people accounts the account holders that this is unionizing and i’m a small man i have no great need to corral people i can do just fine not being major i’m a minor part of existence and if there such thing as time we do this cartwheels from a dime i’m like maybe i am 22 years old and in the matrix

Now is a time of almost bad but there’s a lot of people dying more than usual times we have a


He was out in the wilderness in a box with a glowing screen that gave him access to the zeitgeist the thing that the world wide web captured. You could spell it out out three ways but he had a deviant streak in him a centimeter wide there was nothing to him straight laced dude glasses rockin type from having done so much reading. You could find the world in his eyes and it was the kind of place you wished you could call your planet. You might find that there was a thing you could call your home but he had that ready for you and you just had to sit on the couch for a second to find it. Kind of guy that when you came over to his spot offered you some keebler elf cookies and some grape juice. You could smell home all around him and he has his computer on facebook so you knew he was from the future and it was something that changed when you were around him when you knew that he spent as much time in the mental health hospital as he had and you heard the stories of his use of the computer and you asked to see some evidence that he didn’t just surf porn on his computer and BLOW like 500 files of writing and 200 video files and like 400 self portraits and you were like oh so you just it’s like you just like you just like it’s just you and the computer most of the time and he’s like YEAH for the most part it’s just me and the computer and I’m typically trying to think of something to write, working on something to write trying to think of something to write not entirely certain what I would write but I think of things to write and then there is just the writing I think of while I’m writing it and that’s this writing this is the kind of writing I think writing should be writing that kind of writing I have the kind of writing that is my writing and my writing is my writing and I have the mental health acuity that is my writing and I write like I have writing to do and the writing that I do is is my writing and that’s my writing. I might blog. It’s immediate. It’s new.

Sometimes I think to myself that there is going to be a place I can find myself that is the self I am going to find and I am going to blog myself a person that is the person I am going to be and if I could find myself. I don’t know. What’s the point of a long cohesive 400 page long story when I can just let you know the premise and you can ruminate on that. If I sat here and thought of story ideas like there is this subreddit that’s dedicated to story ideas and if I could come up with story ideas and I don’t know. People that read books might not be up on publishing as much as people that write books. Just saying.

It’s the story of a caterpillar that experiences glory as it gets it’s dying wish which is to see the butterfly.

I’m getting a job at a thrift store

I’m a boy with internet addiction. I’m into the place where I can get in the most trouble, I’m taking  my computer and giving it to my folks. I am addicted to the internet and CNN. I”m really sorry. I’m on meds. I’m bipolar. I’m with an internet. I got a ma on my ear. I”m working on getting ready to get a job at a thrift store.

layers to sobriety when it comes to not smoking weed

is this really contact the president? or is this like write a letter to CNN or an office? because I figure I just had a night where I drank a lot of tea and didn’t know tea would do that so I’m sorry for writing you while drinking lipton i had like 5 glasses of tea in the span of 4 hours and i didn’t know lipton could be used as a drug of sorts but i am fairly certain tea has medicinal properties and i forget what i wrote you but i think one letter was probably off a little bit i just felt like writing you and i was a little more tense tonight than i typically am and i’m EVEN MORE sober from having not smoked weed i haven’t smoke weed in like 4 months and I notice there are LAYERS to not smoking weed that unravel themselves like layers of sobriety that unfurl themselves so i feel like a new man again today for like the 3rd time …. i’m really sorry if i offended or offput you at all for whatsoever any reason and this is as polite an apology as i think i should send i watch CNN so you’re typically on my mind