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Dear General Electric …

I’m Nicholas Lawson B.A. from the University of Cincinnati. I have a really confusing story. Something really confusing just happened to me. I need assistance in finding a a placement in Cincinnati, Ohio somewhere in the field of technical art. To be honest for the last year or year and a half I have had a habit of being communicated with through my left molar that has a metal filling. I live in a technologically forward society and have to my name as a piece of technologically forward artifact. I don’t live in 1800 AD I live in 2020 AD and astonishing things are possible at just the turn of a knob. I think my family is interesting enough that one of it’s members namely me with my metal filling and metallic salt medication would be a suitable receiver for advanced corporate technology that would draw an interest in communicating with me technologically and then seeing the effects on the internet. I live in that world where that is possible.

I”m 39 years old and come from a powerful academic family where you need a university degree to function as part of its society. I’m more normal than the rest of my family I just have a confusing story. I”m sorry to bring this to your doorstep. This sad confusing story but I am in need of a career path in the field of digital fine art.

I think I am a competent office worker and could work in the field of writing, copywriting, copyediting, editing, grant writing, research, literary analysis, public speaking, photo editing, 3d animation, video editing, audio recording technician I can do that. I just well on MLK2020 I had an encounter with powerful technology and now I am afraid. I encountered powerful technology the next day as well. MY mother thinks I am not taking my medication properly and I think it could have happened because i take my medication. I live alone in my own apartment. The powerful technology had to do with with physiological manifestations of what would have appeared to be a ghost like figure I was searched and raped by an otherworldly experience.

This is a lot to take to a door step but it might not be if you live in the same world I do. It might be just another day. I don’t have the language necessary to communicate what i experienced but I am fully aware that my memory is being affected in terms of there is a distinct correlation between my internet use and it’s affect on my brain in a non documented fashion. I am talking about NON DOCUMENTED affect.

I don’t know It’s something like that

naw i was the first member of space force when i posted a University concept where if you want to time travel you have to travel to where you want to be in time as the earth is orbiting around then you need to develop the math that will prove you can travel to a different time period in earth’s history if you physically go where that used to be … i don’t know seems like the only way you could time travel would be to travel through space to WHERE you want to go? sort of hard to explain but i can tell the story in english and i can develop a wicked film for it but can i actually physically travel to where i was when i turned 18 and like can i travel to a point in the past or can i travel to a point in the future can i physically travel to a point in the future or the past but once i get to the location i have to be able to manifest empty space for a physical location it would depend on if i actually don'[t know i just know if you want to time travel you have to physically travel to when you want to arrive , i don’t know how to manifest earth 2,000,000 miles in a previous location or i don’t know how to manifest earth 2,000,000 miles in a future location both so that i can arrive somewhere specific in history … i don’t know i don’t know know math … how else would you time travel?

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I have which houses my higher than average quality writing. I have a wide open side bar and I’m offering advertising at $1 a day. My traffic footprint is roughly 50 visitors a day or something like 2500 visitors a year the last two years … I notice that my visitors explore roughly 3 pages each which would not disrupt your advertising footprint on the site. I have bought Fiverr talent before I needed a testimonial reviewing my website a couple years ago.

So yeah, would you like to tap into my growing market share at $1 a day. I finally have my site design finished and this is what I am doing now on top of keeping the PRACTICE portal on the site involved with the WordPress Reader pool active.

I can be reached at 1 513 500 0857

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m one of the more advanced web designers in the city in terms of quality of content as I have been told by a friend of mine that designs sites.

So yes.

would you be interested in a $1 a day advertising package?



A Special Debt Account for Health

if we can eat $23 Trillion Dollars in debt to … it’s not ourselves is it … but if there was a special debt account for medical expenses and it got paid when it got paid knowing a micron of human blood is worth more than the finance system of the planet so long as you agree to that and so knowing that, can an account be opened up that gets paid when it gets paid andi it will get paid just when we can afford it or when we can basically, whatever it takes to get the highest quality equipment into the entire spectrum of hospital and medical services … basically if the hospital had a black card and NOT HOSPITAL was required to pay it


It is currently become easy enough and convenient enough to morph or generate a photograph or a sequence of images that it would bear to mention that admissibility of digital content is being called into question. In a world where layering anyone’s face on anyone’s body and the fact that any video footage can be morphed to exhibit any behavior. what am i trying to say? the manipulativeness of a piece of media is so easy to do now that it’s getting to the point where you can’t submit video evidence or that you need a way to judge whether footage has been doctored at all, if it’s getting easy to doctor footage more of it will be developed and defense and prosecution need to be aware that an innocent man can go to prison in this time period because of manipulated footage

this has been an opinion

Pull Quote

Nicholas Lawson yeah yeah hey what if like there was a pastor or priest on primetime on a major network and what if television started professing the reason we should behave … like currently i’d venture to say it probably is gangster rap and violent video games that put the thoughts in people heads and not to mention a kid that sees a mass shooting on the news and he or she thinks to themself they want to do that .. like what am i saying here … we need better parents

Rob Berry “i’d venture to say it probably is gangster rap and violent video games that put the thoughts in people heads”

This is unlikely. Gangster rap and violent video games first became popular in the early- to mid-90s… right about the same time that the rate of violent crimes in America began trending downwards. If gangster rap and violent video games actually caused violence, we should have been seeing an upward trend instead of a downward trend.

“we need better parents”

Agreed. But to do that, we need to remove obstacles to good parenting. This means mandating paid time off for maternity and paternity leave. This means raising wages to the point where a single breadwinner can make enough to raise a family on, rather than requiring both parents to work (sometimes at multiple jobs) in order to make ends meet. This means funding mental health care for victims of child abuse and neglect, to ensure that they don’t continue the cycle when they grow up. And so forth. These things cost money, which means we need to decide what’s more important to us– creating a society full of good parents, or saving a few bucks in the short term.

Nicholas Lawson Rob Berry well thank you … thank very much

Top General

i’m in art and i heard donald trump wants to destroy like 52 cultural centerpieces in the middle east and because of his age he might not care about eternal warfare but it would just a be a human tragedy if he did that and i’d think the way they took down the World Trade by some people from the middle east and we have have secured our space in the middle east but if you take out some historical works of art in the name of military warfare that would be like burning down the Library of Alexandria which benefits no one there is no benefit to taking down a cultural landmark it would be like if Korea took down the Statue of Liberty and Saudi Arabia took out MOMA … it’s just i don’t know maybe donald trump as he is advanced in age is thinking of thing my generation has to deal with like hes’ stirring it up knowing that the kids need problems to solve or there is no peace that’s not a good idea like someone that thinks war is a better idea than peace lookin, just nothing, taking out cultural works of note is a fucked up thing to do like we can only figure out what the year is by paying attention to whats here and what came before and deleting history could decrease our ability to figure out what year this is

just sayn