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you live in the city of America’s Got Talent … why did a blind man and a plegic make it to the last round of anything? like there’s a lifestyle associated with trophy winning talent success like political science seems like it’s at an all time high like it really does seem like someone is trying to invert an equation and have the talent pay the genetic defects money that the talent earned working in labor when the gripe is that a white collar worker is always the same type of person and someone asked a question why can’t a genetic defect win a talent show? my supposition is there is a reason … and i’m like guess what it is


i could try to book a speaking engagement about the craft of writing under the pretenses that writing makes being poor easier to deal with

i could profess on writing the act of writing, the need to develop professional typing habits, um, the value you get from the internet as a writer, considering yourself as influential and what that entails, and gaining an ability to develop a product and product line for yourself that would give you the experience of having something to sell and all of the problem solving that comes with that

i could be a weight loss consultant in a store front or at a gym or i could cold call a major corporation and work to instill the value of writing into the corporation

all i know is that in the last 3 days i went from well just sitting here working on regular shit i work on to being inspired to start making cold calls to give a lecture on the act of writing

there just fuck i’m some kind of internet addict and i don’t know why my physiology is doing to this me but i see a lot of shit online that’s just parallel to the frame and you stuck out and it’s not even the T and A and the subtle masochism it’s just fuck a little 5 inch tall THING appeared in my youtube stream and then i fell in love and i’m like this is bullshit i’ve been surfing the internet since 2004 and i never fell in love before with ANYTHING in it

so now i get this weird level to my life


“When we agree about our hallucinations, that’s what we call reality.”

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  • Nicholas Lawson i’m tripping because i think this time on disability with living alone for a year and with television and facebook i’m starting to feel like i’m on a show i just saw SNOW THE PRODUCT online and I was like oo okay now i’m on the next level and i’m on disability for mental illness and just recently i smoked some weed like a $30 sack for 5 days and now i’m tripping because SNOW THE PRODUCT is like some kind of next generation woman and i’m like this is all so real IT’s SO REAL like i could do a show at an open mic and channel fanaticism and psychosis on the topic of I ACTUALLY EXIST like i can get psychotic with an interpretative rendition of how I feel about being alive i can fuck up your hallucination so they have me down as mentally ill and i’ve been to the psych ward 40 times in Cincinnati and i might be fucked
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    • Nicholas Lawson is that why i’m mentally ill because i fuck up people’s imaginations?
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not even a little bit fun

what if you had to bet how many throws it would take for someone to roll a 6

that works

in game theory you can place a bet on how many throws it will take someone to roll a 6

it’s little new shit like that let’s me know i’m growing

i just bought like $30 worth of weed and i’m at that point in my drug career where i’m doing the drugs but my brain is like the fuck we doing this for like nothing drug related is fun anymore


oh i did some thinking about what material you would use for state of the art electrical … i came up with glass … like IF you want to be in NEW phone poles you can’t go with trees, or metal, or plastic BUT you can go with glass you have unlimited glass for the most part right now like a GLASS SOLUTION for telephone poles that takes into account how much sand there is … i thought to myself you can’t tear down telephone poles and resurrect them with metal or glass or wood so i came up with glass like it was the last option of construction material

that power grid looks jenky

OH THAT’s RIGHT! THE BIGGEST BUSINESS! IT’s NOT A THING ON ELON MUSK OR JEFF BEZOS RADAR … it’s telephone poles state of the art telephone poles is the biggest business you can get into … like 8 million telephone poles have no solar panel on them and like streets ain covered like bridges with solar panel roofs … like the jenkiest project anyone ever completed was the telephone pole project 1. that’s where the trees went and 2. it look like a hack job, really look at telephone poles again and that entire RAISED concept like the slickest FUTURISM concept is the concept that fixes telephone poles i puzzled on it for a while and i got nothing i got no clue how to redo an entire powergrid infrastructure but i was the first person to point out that look cheap and rushed which means it ain good