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I should probably write with feeling if I could figure out how to

I was like skylights in the nighttime oh how bright I shined was I writing with feeling now like for a couple decades I was writing but was I writing with feeling like now like did I write with feeling last night? Is that what writing with feeling is when it comes from your heart? I wrote from my heart shortly begefore I died of the Corona Virus. I don’t want to talk about dying but it has been brought to my attention everyday is dangerous now. I’m like every day is dangerous and typically every day is dangerous but now everyday is dangerous.

a lie that could be a truth

that’s what religion is to me … it’s an almost truth that if explored can lead to truth … i went to an arts and sciences school so i know roughly about science and art and neosporin in the nostrils is true enough that it would qualify as religion to me … religion inspires science to me … there is probably some kind of antibiotic ointment we could line our noses with that would do this lie justice … this is a decent lie … close enough to a truth that it COULD be a truth with some work … that’s what religion is to me it’s a lie that could be the truth with some work

don’t be a hero

maroon 5 is what your neighbor?

i’ve seen a lot of music videos but this one is the least plausible … like when maroon ran 5 feet from an automatic rifle they survived that is bogus …. the song is great i get the feelies listening to it but the music video is bullshit … great song but i mean that’s like a story about a man that wants to be a hero and it goes to show why no one should try to be a hero …

and i notice that i experience paranormal communication experiences but it’s connected to the the computer like i get reviewed and i don’t think there are ghosts so it’s like i got chosen for something and it gets intimate with me like there are men that know me really well and they review my email with me through my left molar like i am going to get a review once i hit send


Is the Coronavirus, like did CHINA start off a play? Like is this Coronavirus how world leaders play? Like a constituent needs something to do so they go see a film but a world leader needs something to do so they inoculate someone with a disease? Is there any form of play involved in the Coronavirus? Like I know how the WWE gets down and calls it play like in the WWE someone will do a double back flip and land a knockdown on a fighter in the ring … is this like WWE serious? I notice that it’s biggle smalls again like THIS IS A HUGE EVENT but the numbers are small, it was a HUGE investigation but nothing was found, IT WAS A HUGE IMPEACHMENT but everyone was having a good time … like is this impeachment real this CORONAVIRUS?