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Procedural Programming

So I was 5 years into Design School when they came out with the Processing Object Oriented Programming and I had never seen it before and I didn’t even think of Procedural Programming I was well versed in from High School but I I was a failed digital design student twice over because I was awful at object oriented programming and I had to spend 6 more years getting a university degree because none of my credits from design school carried over to liberal arts school so all in all i spent 10 years getting a university degree and now i’m 9 years out of school in my late thirties learning lessons people learn in their late twenties …. and there’s a plague afoot that no one ever had to deal with so we’re all applying our collective intelligence to daily life

i think i will

It’s as straight as it will ever be it’s a hell of a lot of a lot of practice organized in an intelligent fashion and then there’s a portfolio of writing that gives you an impression of what this author is capable of. i’m just tapping out letters working on something like i restarted a couple times but i think ima stick to this … i think i will …

the now

I’m social distancing for the most part I spend most of my time in my apartment and only go out when necessary. It’s frightening the statistic that 20 to 60 percent of the population will be infected. This seems like it just came out of nowhere. Like Donald Trump was investigated for a 2 years and then informed they found nothing which is an accomplishment for the president, then they impeached him for a year and the senate found that he was going to remain president. Now there’s a global pandemic that Donald Trump gets to be the saviour of and the pandemic seems fishy. It’s like they investigated him over some small details like russian affecting the 2016 election and they found nothing. They impeached him for not much and now they are at the beginning of stopping the entire planet because basically this one guy in brooklyn is sick. I’m sufficiently afraid, I’ll play along but it would be more plausible to me that donald trump was paying for experiences and you know he’s capable of paying for human experiences where he has paid for sex before he is capable of paying for all this.

they didn’t find much, it wasn’t about much, and these numbers are small

the missing capstone

My inner voice Jerome was like bout ice cream milk shake in a can? and I was like jerome that’s yes i am aware that no matter how good the european idea is an african always has the finest capstone for the european idea dead to rights like every time but yeah milkshake in a can yeah i ain think of that and this my head … jerome was like milk shake in a can and i was like i knew it i knew we had to keep africans around just take your high end intelligence run it past one of them and your european self needs to be prepared to be humbled. MILK SHAKE …. milkshake in a can … wow … stunning … i can do a milk shake in a can … no carbonation … i was going to go with a standard plastic bottle with the twist top cap but cans of dairy would probably keep better because of lack of exposure to sunlight i was thinking milk shake and plastic and jerome was like pop top can and i was like YES i was focused so it would have taken me a while to come up with the simplification to the can … i think there’s a piece of equipment i can buy to crank those cans out




like i’m the President of and it really as I am watching CNN looks like people need something to be president of … like first of all it’s strange to hear anchors talk about their HOPE’s on CNN like they HOPE that’s what they do …i don’t hope for anything … i have more control over my destiny than that…

a nice lil system

Nicholas Lawson it’s looking like it’s donald trump versus a professional member of congress …. biden and sanders have nothing to lose in terms of their status in congress … biden it says has been in government since 1973 and sanders has been involved in government for almost 50 years and donald trump is the new guy in the world these people that he is running against for president … just like biden and sanders might not know gik about closing on a real estate deal donald trump might have shown how he handles himself in congress and now the new guy showed his colors so it might be back to business as usual

i don’t know

i think it would be a good idea to blend the past and the future like currently everything is connected to the internet in terms of data for the most part but that data gets hijacked from time to time and i just thought okay maybe set a thumb drive to read only after the files are installed on it and then you delete from your local drive and now this read only thumb drive has all of the data and it physically can’t be hacked and if you interface with the internet and then have your local drive files on your read only thumb drive and you attach … nothing i’m like a character in a spectrum commercial right now and he was like you don’t really know what you’re talking about do ye alright then chop off his head let it fall .. SPECTRUM