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the most mystical experience i notice every day just happens to be the way things get smaller the further away they are and the way lines converge into a point i think that if there was ever going to be time travel it would be taking advantage of the way space channels itself from a point to the same point to ever observation location there is and  that they way it all converges on the same point is the strangest thing to see in a day but like if aliens come we’ll be as indifferent to an alien landing as we are to observing the cloud and the only excitement this planet ever sees is when someone plays some music for the most part it’s not like there’s a tremendous amount of output by the government but they represent us before the united nations and there will be a day that kofi anon passes away and a new general assembly leader will be chosen that will be a news SEASON and i don’t know time travel and converging lines seems like they might have something in common

University IZ Worth Something …

You’ll learn more from this One Day program than you will at University … I’ve seen this guy a LOT on the internet Tai Lopez I think his name is and he’s selling you on a lifestyle that you can achieve if you take his course that puts you right in the game … and he’s offering college quality education while regularly shitting on college education so he’s taking advantage of the digital medium and he’s selling his technique that he uses to make money online and he does always have cash lying around and planes and tremendously large houses and he’s offering you a slick quick way to make thousands of dollars a week if you just pay attention to his program that’s what this guy is doing it just strikes me how in all the times i’ve seen him shit on college education in terms of how college doesn’t teach you how to acquire cash in buckets every month he is aware that a college education is superior than what he is offering and he’s shitting on college and offering you college quality education … and i remember when this guy was standing in a garage with a lambo and 5000 books that he had read and i’m just like cool KEWL buddy you just keep being one of the only people that takes out fatty ads on youtube because fuck i don’t know what you discovered but quite frankly well i’m on disability and have a great story i don’t need cash per se in that i get an allowance every month but it’s only because this city i live in treated me like i was different and nothing i just put up with a lot of abuse and had a lot of negative energy in me i’m always recovering from abuse is what i am point out but that’s some personal story infused into this small piece of writing that points out just the incongruity of someone shitting on college and offering college quality education in a day like a day just saying


i’ll put it here but i THEENK microsoft could have won this lawsuit by pointing out a computer is a LUXURY and there’s little harm or need to act like there’s harm in someone owning a complete supply chain of a luxury…/United_States_v._Microsoft_Corp.


the business model of most of this is volunteer work

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Facebook has the Largest Ball of Goo

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Nicholas Lawson that’s weird sort of all that keeps people from using phpBB and BuddyPress is because facebook currently has a gigundus ball of goo in the form of it’s advertising system and it’s number of account holders like what keeps buddyPress from being popular i think is that it’s just easier to use facebook to reach random people but i do think a phpBB or BuddyPress sight would be useful if you had a bar … if i were that medical marijuana dispensary since i dealt with the public i would print out business cards and pass them out at the dispensary and start my own clientele of a Bulletin Board … facebook i think can just be like we can behave any way we want setting precedent after precedent and then in 10 years go to court on national television for 5 years and we’ll just do that

I was doing some writing or rather doing some math actually and FAT ASS BALL OF GOO came up like Facebook is in trouble the most because they have the FATTEST BALL OF GOO on the planet like and what is that goo? well it’s the number of accounts that are on facebook everyday and i just read about this man that was suing Facebook because his page for his marijuana dispensary was taken down and i want to point out that that man that is suing facebook for the dismissal of his site is evidence that if he wants the kind of control where he can do anything he wants he needs to buy a server, install cPanel and host his website on his own server after he cuts a deal with the telecom company to be able to do it and host his own website, in other words if people want freedom online they have to invest in that freedom and because the marijuana dispensary works with the public he can start enticing people to join his phpBB or wordpress BuddyPress Bulletin Board … I’m just saying when it comes to fighting facebook is it because of the size of their ball of goo that they are being taken to the yard arm ? or is this just preliminary questioning and tone setting for the next person that get’s called before congress or something i don’t know …

the bottom line is that i think in terms of law and your rights as a citizen i think you should really if you want total freedom buy a server and follow the steps to host your website locally on your own property …. in other words we could be spending MORE money on the internet the kind of money that impresses women so that when she sees my server she knows i’m a player and things work out … it’s missing that

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says white supremacy is is like a virus and it’s america’s original sin

you’re talking about work originally the people that did all the most difficult work to build this nation were in fact put off by the lack of work other people were doing … white europeans coming to america in ships they built with their bare hands from the wood from trees came here and then 200 years later people forgot who did the major planning for this nation like alexandrai ocasio cortez has a position in a system that runs far better than any system in the souther americas that she is getting listened to is evidence white people are superior because white people in government stick to their system and go about their day AOC is the youngest member of congress that makes the news a lot and white people are allowed to feel superior to EVERYONE AND ANYONE on this planet just like a mexican immigrant is allowed to feel Superior to everyone on this planet it’s just more people having an issue with white people being about white people because everyone knows we’re in a white person’s system but people need to denigrate the people that produced the system that allows you to feel important

i break down into chairs europeans developed a system of chairs that when you sit in them give you magical power and now AOC is sitting in one of those chairs and she only knows how powerful that chair is because a white man showed her


meditation space fuck you that would be a terrible name for a punk rock zine … i don’t know how this language adds up from time to time or if the past present and future interact with the language but MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN MAGAZINE or MAGA ZINE is just not funny. it’s a lethal idea that pokes too much fun at too many people like in my head MAGA ZINE does an article about the importance voting and how you can do it in your head … or it’s time to pay taxes how to get H and R Block to take on your debt and leave you with a better tax identity for the IRS or it’s a magazine with an article like Make America Great Again and let’s work on our finishing moves when we rig an election

shit like that

only real trouble you can get in is when you’re G rated no one gives a flying fuck about profanity but when you’re like LION KING QUALITY G RATED you can get in shit loads of trouble i’m not recommending MAGA ZINE to anyone until like 2030 … HEAD take that head it’s too funny an idea and no i don’t know why i thought of MAGA ZINE in 2020 ….