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If opening an account with WordPress led to getting Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and accounts for free. If you wanted to work from home you could sign on with WordPress and you could start writing 100 poems, and then the 100 poems that would be published on the WordPress Sales Platform. If there was a publishing model that involved WordPress where finished polished work would be put up for sale and then you would get a percentage of the proceeds.


I don’t need $1200, I need $1200 a month. $1200 is like soda you just pop the top and chug it until it’s gone. But I need a revenue stream if they want to increase the liquidity of of my life style. On the reverse side I’m making it through what I am making it through with the resources I have so I’m doing fine. I’m a disability recipient that makes roughly $900 a month in the Cincinnati market and I’m 39 years old and my folks buy my groceries twice a month. I’m of the poorest of the poor and my folks make my life liveable but if they didn’t I would go into a group home to live. I write at and have a facebook friend that works at NASA and a facebook friend that works at Proctor and Gamble and a facebook friend that works in London. I’m the poor roommate in my facebook home but i spent 10 years at University and I figure I WILL write that book or I’ll just blog my way into a couple advertising contracts to get above water. I’m that kind of poor and I don’t really need it.