I find myself dating people younger than myself for the first time … but they’re 32 … I found myself on okcupid severely not attracted to most of the women but there are some women that survive in my world and i’m not up to their standards financially … i’ll date anyone that looks like a woman it’s the women that look like monsters that i avoid … i just know a hot woman … damn i forgot what i need a woman for … i had this thing thought out in my head … that i could use someone for … i guess kids … i have nickspoems.com up and live and i had this high maintenance delicate thought that got stampeded by my opening prose and i think it was spy magazine this is replacement fodder but if i started a magazine where i just spied on people …

I’ll Say It

My website http://www.nickspoems.com is set up with this wordpress provided template in mind https://en.support.wordpress.com/write-a-book/ and I love it. I get the neat front page, the long posts I want, and I get to post as much as I want to to the reader and it never musses up my front page … I don’t have to worry about writing too much with Twenty Twelve mixed with a Book Tutorial …

I’d say I have my website set up nicely …

I’ll say it

I think it’s the  best but only because I’ve been on wordpress for 6 years …


Notes 0

Consider this a confession. We’re on either side of a partition and we both don’t know who the either is.

I’m 38 years old and my name is Nicholas Lawson. I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder in 2002 and have been seeking treatment for 16 years. I’ve lived on disability since 2006 because I was hospitalized enough times to consider myself as having a disability and i got it on the first filing of the paperwork. I in spite of several hospitalizations during my University Career went on to graduate with an English Literature degree after 10 years study at the University. I grew up and became a man in the University. I see things with University clarity. I went on to work in Americorps and worked in a television studio known as Media Bridges that is now defunct. I also assisted with the Hip Hop Congress Non Profit by providing rides in my 30’s and worked at Sunfood Sovereign and assisted with start up procedures for a vegan industrial operation and restaurant. I also assisted Bradley Anderson with his affiliate marketing work. I’ve done things. I did light graphical work and did a lot of driving and did shows and stood on stage and performed at the open mic.

About 3 years ago I was in my apartment and the air was funny I started blinking a lot and I started getting visions of how I was getting carbon monoxide poisoning like when I had my car in my 20’s and had it looked at and it was carbon monoxide. I called the fire department and they said the air was strange but it wasn’t carbon monoxide. So the next morning I take up issue with my apartment and make my way down town where I decided to abandon my apartment and I become homeless and get picked up by the cops 5 days later and am taken to Summit Behavioral where I lose my apartment I didn’t want anyways. Then I get taken to Kemper House which is transitional housing and after 3 months I move in with a man named JT who immediately became violent and I make my way down to the Shelterhouse where i am taken in and through no fault of my own after being attacked by some thugs I get taken to Summit Behavioral Healthcare where I stay for 6 months before I make my way to Montgomery House which is more transitional housing before I end up at my own apartment where I have lived for the past 9 months.

I fought vehemently for 15 years with psychiatrists that I didn’t need medications until just recently actually I woke up or something and realized even though I didn’t take my medications regularly and graduated from University I don’t actually know enough about psychiatry to know precisely what these pills do and just because the television discusses the dangers of pills that doesn’t mean these pills will do that. So I got right with God and I have been taking pills regularly for 2 years now and I haven’t been hospitalized since I started taking these pills and everyone says they do a world of good which doesn’t bother me anymore because for a long time I was adamant that pills are not the answer to my psychological problems when in fact they are.

I’m a pretty mild mannered individual with a website at nickspoems.com that I am quite proud of. I can’t do manual labor anymore because I’m almost 40 and I have a history of not doing manual labor. I don’t actually know what I am going to do. I know my grandmother is in her 90’s and I just wished her well for mother’s day and my own mother. I saw the family. Saw my sister who is now a mother.

I have no purpose in life. I can program pretty well I don’t know advanced algorithms. It’s not like i studied computer science at University but I can code. I can work on a website. I can write a book. I have written a couple alongside my online writing which is extensive.

I’m afraid. I’m afraid of a world where my parents are gone. I don’t know how I’ll function. I live on disability right now and my apartment costs $600 a month and my state check is $700 a month and my folks fill in some gaps. I want to be useful and Talbert House has said in the past that I’m not mentally ill in New York City and that I’m their smartest client so I think the mental health problem that I have stems from abuse from my family which was pervasive growing up, over education which stemmed from 10 years of University Schooling, extensive reading online and smoking weed I think smoking weed for 20 years every month changed the way I look at things.

I don’t fit in like this entire scene seems bogus to me this entire show business internet everything fucking whose the next person we’re going to listen to sing like I’m tired of idolatry and monotheism and I’m looking for a great conversation somewhere I’ve been so alone these last few months it’s literally at this point in my life just me a computer and an apartment and that’s it all day every day and there are 4 churches in my neighborhood but I tried going to church a couple times a couple months ago and for some reason I couldn’t stand the services long enough to sit through the entire service. My attention span for church has diminished it’s just too much. I need to work on sitting through a church service so that I can get to the part where people talk to each other and there are donuts sometimes.

Father, I don’t know. I don’t have a car. I can’t get my own groceries. My folks are almost in their 70s and I need to find purpose within this city. I remember Ink Tank it was a non profit dedicated to reading and writing and it was something I volunteered for and did several poetry recitations at. I remember how good that was. They shut their doors in 2010. I did speak with the original organizer of it and we discussed who I would need to talk to get it going again but I was hospitalized around that time and lost steam in the project.

I don’t actually know what I am going to do. I just know I am not a widget Wal Mart can plug into an equation and make money off of. I have a friend in london that started his own crepe business and he’s someone i’ve known for almost 20 years now since I met him in my stay in London where I studied for a year and first started smoking weed.

I’ve been on indeed.com and I don’t actually feel like doing any of those jobs and I wonder if that is a luxury of being on disability benefits because I don’t have to actually work I can just write and experience the grandeur of god’s plan which also involved writing this email.

I have the classic story of my experience with god. I started off devout to jesus with my church upbringing and multi faceted church life where I used to go to church to be a part of the festivities and then in University I had some deep conversations and I came to the realization that there clearly is no God and then years later I came to the realization that that is God right there that I can’t say God is not real because the word God is God and God is with the word and now I believe in God because I don’t know what God stands for but I do know that it’s mysterious as mysterious as the existence of life or a planet that harbors life like we could just as easily be a rock like mars but we’re standing on a sphere and there’s water and food and each other and I just notice there’s a subtle difference between me and the people around me I wonder if I’m more conscious than a typical person or just think about more I don’t know what it is about me …

I wouldn’t mind an extended conversation with a priest just to assist me in feeling better some kind of home visit. I have church down as the original white collar business and that church is the original bank and insurance company and that church is the original community and that the bible is a tool that shares the word of God and stabilizes societies and presents a moral training to a population and stands for something good and is the most well meaning conduit that is doing God’s work. I lived at Old Saint George the Monastery for 3 years before I went to work at Hasbro Games for 3 months as a co op student and they had the most legit religious library that was filled with religious literature I used to just sit and read people like Hegel I think hegel and about the bruderhof and hinduism and catholocism and it looks like the church stands for the church’s writings too like it’s not just the bible that the church stands for it’s also the thousands of pages of thought that have gone into church culture over the years.

Something I would want to do at a church is take care of the church library and store church writings from the congregation. I think if a congregation wrote and read itself that it would be a stronger congregation and I think if the church had a church art gallery that stored the church’s art that would be a better church. I would write for the church library and I would craft for the church art gallery. I would do that but that’s it isn’t it not everyone would do that. Hmmm alright well I still want to do it I might be surprised by what happens when I meet a church that would do that for historical purposes infused with the church.

I learned about coffee at Old Saint George and for the most part I have this stellar stage university travel reading writing creating art life that is amazing I just have this quote unquote mental illness that i don’t have in New York City that just plagues and I’m just different enough that people sort of poke me with a stick and keep their distance from me i’m like 6’4” 235 pounds and I’m working on losing weight but not doing too good a job I need to be at 200 pounds so i have to lose 30 pounds and just this week I gained like 5 more pounds after I lost 7 so it’s a yo yo diet i’m on.

I don’t know this isn’t a bad confession. I was raised catholic. I know the our father, the hail mary, the glory be and the dinner prayer. My folks attended Saint Margaret Mary for 30 years and I just notice something small like no one from church ever came over to their house and they never visited someone they met at church at their place. It’s a pretty cold church. In THIRTY YEARS they never got to know anyone at their church and i don’t know why. That seems pointless to me. The entire point of going to church to me is to meet people and commune and chit chat and make plans with people and my grandmother told me not to go to Saint Margaret Mary a couple years ago when I was talking to her about it because it’s a mean church. I’m not trying to change a church culture.

I don’t know where to find anyone and i don’t have a car because 6 years ago a former friend of mine stated he needed it for a tour so i stupidly let him borrow it and he broke it. So now i don’t have a car and haven’t had one for a while and quite frankly i stay pretty close to home without a car and living on disability.

My biggest fear is starving when my folks pass because the grocery store will be too far away to travel groceries back to the apartment.

LIke i’m poor. I’m University Educated World Traveled With Great Work Experience and poor and i’ve always really been poor i’ve never had this amount of money that i could do anything with I’ve always sort of gotten by with hand me downs. I’m just experienced and poor but I’m not experienced enough in the welfare system to know how it works I just know I’m going to starve if my parents reach their end and leave me behind and like my lil brother adam he works in the finance industry my sister works for proctor and gamble and my brother daniel works in the military reserves and teaches art at a local high school i’m the experienced but by comparison loser to the rest of my family my pops in a professor and surgeon and my moms is a former teacher.

I just thought I would write you. I assume you know the city better than me. Knowing everything I just wrote you can you find a place for me in this city with your extensive knowledge of the non profit system? is there anyone that could use a warm body to chip in and fill in?

I tell myself this world was just fine without me and now i’m here and there’s nothing that i can offer this world that it wasn’t already set with before I got here. the world doesn’t need me. I need the world.

Please call me. Please assist me in meeting people that I can commune with. I need a french coffee shop where we discuss heady ideas in this time of change because of television and I need some creative counter parts that would be interested in working with media technologies and scripts and drawing and drinking beer and just in general brotherhood.

I don’t know what I’m going to do and I have all of this in my head everyday.


Wait a minute … I do have other planks

-School Archivist Job Creation

-Uniform Library Selection

-Complete Unknown as to Effects of Drugs on a Population and a curious bewonderment as to why their business is always the most violent and that we actually do not have enough data on all of the drugs to know safe ways of doing them rigorous testing standards are not used currently bring us the drugs so we can test them in our labs

-There are not too many web hosts in Ohio anyways so instituting a Universal Hosting Bill which would erect a hosting provider that as an ohio citizen would guarantee you a domain name an email address and a web host and if you ever lost your credentials we would help you find your place again and if every citizen in ohio knew they had a permanent email address domain name and web hosting that choice would be zeroed down to GO WITH OHIO

-A Gas Tax in Ohio to pay for Cincinnati’s Subway System

-A Bill Earmarking Funding for an Autonomous Bus Service similar to Autonomous Cars to build an infrastructure that would be the first of it’s kind a bus that would gas itself up notify authorities for repairs and make all it’s stops and would never hit anything

-Allowance of all people over the age of 22 no matter what your high school grades were to enter into the University of Cincinnati

-A Bill that would add funding to the Ohio Artists with Disabilities Grant Funding

-A Zero Tolerance for Civilian Guns and a Buy Back Trade Back Keep the Streets Safe We Want the Guns Here’s an Apple Computer for your Gun We Just Want the Guns Initiative noting that upon successful completion of this task police officers in their squad cars keep their guns in the patrol car locked in the trunk as a form of armory

-A Bill that would increase food stamp card money to $400 in the state of ohio giving people with EBT cards the ability to spend $100 a week on groceries for themselves regardless of how much their Social Security Stipend is

I think that’s actually something that rivals Aftab Purval who ideally it would … it’s all home grown all single city based it’s all lived in North College Hill for 40 years and commuted to Cincinnati for an entire life based

Not trying to make you look bad but like my dad I can’t I never saved a life with my own hands so i’ll never be you but i did help a kid with his ability to write on reddit

write about mental health

write about a committee that oversee’s the city’s community chest

a rock climbing installation downtown at macy’s that lets you climb up skyscrapers
a committee to oversee a community chest
a great men’s shelter
a 300 foot tall computer monitor
a domestic animal exhibit at the zoo
a gnat that each person has

bench advertising
upload kiosk
print on demand books
print on demand board games
school paper books
school paper magazine
put a product in your pocket
dried fruit ice cream toppings


Letter to EU

$21.97 trillion.

I am a 38 year old, old enough to run for President of the United States of America and experienced enough to run for the House of Representatives citizen and interested in running for my city council and am basically the mayor of North College Hill because I am a seasoned University of Cincinnati Alumni and I graduated with Honors and the official mayor is a church secretary.

I have been told my entire life that the USA is in debt beyond it’s capacity to pay back that my nation is bankrupt.

I typically tell myself that small problems require big solutions and big problems require small solutions.

I did some thinking and notice that the United States has a deep relationship with England, it goes back centuries.

Would it be worth $21 trillion dollars to the European Union if the United States of America came out FIRMLY against England leaving the European Union.

Is it worth $22 Trillion dollars to the European Union for the United States to keep the EU intact.

I figure $22 Trillion dollars is like 30 Amazon Corporations which each take 30 years to build and then you have to sell each company off.

At that thought, I thought to myself what service could the United States provide for $22 Trillion dollars, and I thought to myself, legally the USA’s books could be cleared in the finance market if it gave England an order to stay in the EU?


How is that for a decent way to balance the USA’s books?

I was watching ABC this morning and the topic of federal aid came up where students are going to pay 10% of their paycheck AFTER they graduate and get employment and I think that is wonderful and know it’s based on programming schools in the south west of California where it started and I thought of something else you might be in favor of that would be just as progressive as that and is recently possible.

If there was a Massive Open Online Curriculum or MOOC that was handled by the department of education if the federal government ran an online school populated with standardized data sets that would serve as a legitimate university similar to the MIT Open Courseware Initiative. It’s a thought. If there was a portal you didn’t even need to log into if the federal government had a YOUTUBE like site populated with the finest lectures in every branch of academia and if it assigned homework you could turn into your state congressman that would get a grade or something I don’t know it would need to go to a committee to flesh it out entirely I can just pitch the conversation but FEDERAL GOVERNMENT + MOOC … i think what separates me from a internet lunatic and a man that needs representation is that i personally only know how to think of the beginning of a thought based on what I saw on television and i’m not using words like NOW and IMPORTANT and the such or asking for money like an internet lunatic would be I have a university back ground and i’ve weathered troubled but if there was FED U like FEDERAL UNIVERSITY and it was a MOOC a thing you did once and just left stand for all time like put it in a permanent location and just left the world speechless like if you want to go to school … there … go to school …

I also know the roman catholics in the priesthood have a policy where if you graduate from the seminary you don’t have to pay for the education you can just get to work as a priest if there was a policy where IF you graduate you don’t have to pay for your education that might be an angle to take as well

but if there was a Federal University in the form of a MOOC that had the finest lectures in all the fields … it could solve a lot of problems and i think would be something the department of education’s committee would want to talk about

as i try to be a good citizen and am now in my 4th week away from having smoked weed …. i’ve been high most of my life or under the influence of weed since 2000 i attended University Basically high and graduated with a 2.74 but i took like 114 classes and only failed 14 of them because of attendance issues brought on by psychiatric hospitalizations and i deeply value education and from what i picked up in my 10 year bachelor survey of all that exists is that well doesn’t matter what it is if you want to do it start small

i think writing this email is small and a next step would be to talk about it in a committee the idea of a Federal MOOC it could be a school that would be FREE that would be a catch all for people that navigate through free things and it could also be considered a good choice for auteurs that are looking for the finest lectures to bare witness to

it’s a thought

a federal massive open online curriculum


nicholas lawson


if i had a character whose motivation was let’s see how far i can walk and that was my character i could write a story about that that’s a new novel narrative


hello i’m nicholas lawson, north college hill high school graduate, class of 99, i have a website that is advertising friendly at nickspoems.com, i’m a university of cincinnati alumni class of ’10

i’ll make my initiation pitch

if north college hill took up a collection from the business and religious district and took out prime time television advertising promoting north college hill … i think with my 10 years of university study and 8 years of graduate study at 38 years old that i came up with a decent pitch to a business association …

it’s let’s produce a 1 minute advertisement that airs regularly on channel 9 WCPO at prime time for six months and let’s see what happens when North College Hill advertises itself on television

neighborhood advertising

i came up with it recently that a neighborhood would take up a pittance from a community compared to what it would pay and promote an entire neighborhood on television

seems simple enough

i went to daap and mcmicken at us the design school and the liberal arts school i also studied in england for a year

i’m planning on joining the business association i actually have to get some extra cash together i’m a graduate student at edx.org recovering from the mind bending effects of graduate school

i think this is some business but all i have is new things to say about the same things we all know about so i’m a little hard to be around right now but when i finally normalize i’ll go ahead and get that membership to the NCH business community because right now i’m looking for a small $100 to spend on this and claim my right as a businessman but $100 looks big right now




i think it’s a decent pitch let’s all get together and film something and then put it on television under a banner like NORTH COLLEGE HILL if we were promoting NCH on television

it’s a pitch

i thought of a pitch and wanted to introduce myself

i’m nick

almost 40 lived in NCH almost 40 years

and i just started to perk up i move here from mount healthy and i’m poor but i’m poor and clever




I think this is what a bona fide consultant would write better than me but i’m not a bona fide consultant …

I’m looking for my brand of beer I know budweiser is a typical beer I buy but I’m new to beer. I been smoking weed for 15 years. I’d love to sign onto being a test subject for new flavors. i have an ELONGATED vocabulary so if I was your taste tester I would naturally bring with me words your chemists could decompile. I would like to be a beer test subject is what I am saying just I’m new so I figure I would get to taste a lot of beers.


In terms of business what i bring to your table is a list of ohio brewaries that is either complete or not it’s wikipedia but it it a resource that is peculiarly detailed in a cool way not sure who the wikipedians are never met one.

What seems like it would be sufficiently difficult in business to do would be a multi brand assortment pack of beer. If you’re into entrepreneurship and puzzles just how would you approach 5 other beer companies and have 6 different brand of beer in a six case or how would you approach an 18 packs with 18 different cans of beer from 18 different breweries.

How would you do that?

Here’s the real business how long would it take you to decide which 5 other breweries you would partner with in ohio on that list that through an act of entrepreneurship logistically that is socially demanding in terms of you have what looks like 200 breweries in Ohio how would you go about deciding which other 5 would you go into an assortment box with? If you had to partner with 17 other beers for an 18 pack of assorted beers how would you decide which beer breweries to go with?

So there …

that’s me for next go round in trying be a consultant with a university degree in english literature where i’ll tell ya this BUD WISER your brand name makes weed look good with weed being legalized from an english literature perspective … the more WEED is legal the more BUD WISER looks like a subconscious ad for weed and i just started drinking beer i’m 38 and there’s so much to try and i’m so poor but i’m thinking after all that weed for 20 years i was going to think about getting into beer …

ideally i’m sort of addicted to weed it’s like you can go an hour without a cigarette but i found out you can go about 30 days without weed and then it’s like get some weed but cigarettes are acutely addictive where weed is slightly addictive and sensation for sensation when i drink the beer the right way or my stomach is empty i’ve had some drunks nights where the buzz was beyond anything weed could imagine like with weed getting legal i’m getting manic now with weed getting legal you need to focus on your buzz like i need some BUZZY beer like if budweiser was like BUZZ WISER and ya’ll just had your chemists focus on your buzz like for a bud weiser ad if it was like

maybe we never explained something before you drive to the store you buy beer you go home you drink you get buzzed you stay safe and you become an adult that’s the game and it’s great

like it might be cool if budweiser said something about weed and was like BUZZ WISER like just put it out there like i don’t know too many weed heads that ever really drank everyone that i know that smoked weed didn’t really drink


so there

that’s that’s actually what a consultation is to me it’s a bull shit session over the course of 16 emails with just really dense bullshit

i think the internet can be put to use getting more people bullshitting with more people

i’n nick

i’m the Uc Alumni

Poem Collection 0

I am Cincinnati’s Poet Until I Am No More.

I speak with my fingers on an alphabet
Im the only poet in the game that can win a bet
32 years strong not over yet
What else you want to see me do
Im a muffuckin graduate
With a univeristy behind my rep
11 years studying now bout time to collect my check
Just have to grab this mic and build my set
Build my gang and take this step
My alma matta saved me from death
Im a motherfucking college kid
Yall dont know shit about college kid
I come from a college town
Where most folks is college bound
And we be rocking that college sound
If you looking for work we can split this bread
Just give me a second to catch my breath

Oh my god what just happened to me
I guess this is what it sounds like
When you are finally free
When you finally decree
When you finally believe
That at any moment in your life
You can decide to just be

And find peace in the city of the big red machine
Where our business is clean
And we move slow because we peepin the scene
Ya gotta understand what I mean
When I say I am living in the city of Queens
Where its time we came out supreme
With a resolution to make cream
And you wouldnt believe how much I believe
In the future of we becasue you dont know what I see
In the only city that ever meant anything to my chi
I wasnt raised on the streets so I perfectly perceive
What a city can be because I trained for this moment
And I know I can own it and show you how to transcend
And bring back the glory days of this city my friend
Funny thing about a city is that a city never ends
We just grow forever and take over the world

Oh my god what just happened to me
I guess this is what it sounds like
When you are finally free
When you finally decree
When you finally believe
That at any moment in your life
You can decide to just be

And this shit fucking actually happend to me
I been through shit you wouldnt believe
But no one ever defeated my belief
That I would get my degree
Yeah I come from UC
Where we bearcat proud
And if you an alumni let me hear you get bearcat loud
Because our city is now
We was lost but now we is finally found
Because you were so kind to me
I tried to walk away but you invited me back to speak
So I had to give it my all
And show you how this poet can ball
Because my poetry’s tall
And I know the power of a city that sleeps
And maybe this is our week
To wake up and be known
As more powerful than Dow Jones
Because all I need is to make you proud
Because you taught me how
When you gave me inspiration to study
You gave me the chance to write
Now all I have to say is
Cincinnati Ignite.
Lace up Kells.
See you at the Next Reds Indians game!

Kemper House Writings


Sitting in McDonald’s Wifi on High, Zedd is playing Carson and you can hear the world is awesome and I am going to Stay because all I have to do is Stay as I resonate the writing prompt and get my laptop shopped at the best buy and why question the system i miss them the people i never met and i croon sorrows and joy and as cliche as apple pie it still tastes amazing every time and i think in terms of sorrows for moment i was not at work and the skirt of the roadblocks and sunblock and i still come with the shock as i had to dismantle myself to unlock the riddle that was me that was the tower of babble and i took to writing my words and because i asked for it you gave me an internet and now i had the planet i could work on and i ask for 1980 every time the ticket comes for 911 drums and i could hear a crash of a symbol so loud i was the man on the computer the drummer hit with his sticks and i play cricket when it’s time to play basball and billiards when it’s time to play pool and i go the archdiocese when it’s time to go to church and i go to the theatre when i know it’s time to play and quite frankly here on this high that was the song of zedd is on his second song and i never knew i was in love with him and his vision for sonic tantrums is something of a marvel to behold and quite frankly it’s all a ceremony for the devoted as even when the song cuts out i type in silence but to type with music in the background is how i lived for centuries alone in my bedroom of my parents house and then in my apartment and now with another home and she came up to me today and said she dated men like me and i said let me pay off your student loan and she disappeared and a twenty year old woman can only provide so much business i did this and offered to be her husband and took myself a lesson in time a moment in rhyme and just because it’s cliche to me does not mean cliche to you and we could do the dance that lovers do if you would be my payee and i could give you sixty eight eight and we could gravitate and start a family the very real family that you want to be a designer be my student african youth and i’ll show you which pictures to draw in fashion and i can go buy your materials and we’ll spend your loan money on what i can teach you and you twenty let me sleep on your floor and you can find me worth ignoring while i have exploring your inner mind and gravitate oh did i scry again this time i lost sight of the world around me and just started typing what i see and i was scrying a focus and it was hard to notice that i was approached today and had she been thirty we would have been married and she wouldn’t have known what to say


Sitting down listening to the ministry of sound I come around wonder if i should ever start a sound grab a town and listen to the words that they have to count and the beat should ever come repeat i speak unique i have a lesson that i need to teach i am on the phone with each to each and we are not that hard to reach and you saw me writing in my studio this is what i know i write songs even though i am not in the glow i am in the know i think i need to flow and take a chance that my words are my show i speak not slow and i listen to the sounds of the europe and even though it’s ohio i am still not shy though and i come explicit with a ticket to write nick is a hick with a deadly dick sin that is contraband in the southern lands and even though i am worth a grand i come back to the flow that knows this is the original thing that put me in the show and even though stephen colbert knows that the lord of the rings is just a testament of marriage vows and this song is loud and i am with europe now and the african youth she did speak of vows and i noticed it was not on the proud and she was not ready for a thirty six year old steady that was ready to get between those legs and get heavy i put my full frontal on and i sing my original song and even though i am writing with my naked self i am here for my health and the clown knows i am the king of those onion rings and even though this is half baked it’s still on the side of the lake and i have an hour and a half to go so even though i am still so through building up momentum’s que i write in silent sedation of an emancipation proclamation that i decree all are slaves you are all slaves to each other we are each other’s slave master and the company belongs to the company and we still have needs we need to meet and let the thinking people think and if you did poorly in school and just because you want the wealth okay if you want it you can have it but does it matter to the clatter i am asking for tools you are trying to get laid by my jewels and you look like a fool and just last week you broke the rules and you just got out of prison and you think that your decisions qualify you for a seat at the board you fucking hoard of felons that da fuck is a felon a normal person quite so until their masks get let go and then they unleash a fuck tatious demeanor that fuck a felon and his felonious ways i get by on my next day acosted two dozen times just because this is in rhyme clearly this is the reason just a symbol really of something you need to believe without me you won’t breathe.


Sitting with a shadow on my face and DJ Shadow in my ear I manifest a destiny that is just this, this, just this, in my lack of cash poverty filled with inspiration never short on weed lifestyle I have this, I don’t know if everyone has something, but I have this, I hear dj deadmaus talks about how everyone can make music on a laptop well I can do this on a laptop or a smartphone or ideally a desktop but this portable desktop is nice because the keyboard is comfortable and I don’t know if everyone has a thing but this is my thing been my thing since i like this website it’s the kind of website i would build when i was designing websites and if i were to be a web designer today i would get you set up with wordpress and add to the percentages of websites that wordpress powers and i’d give you the shpeel on the business line and you’d pay $299 a year to have a website with wordpress and it would be the level up above premium and you would want free and i would let you know then you have to work on it yourself and i am in the process of buying my membership to the business council on wordpress and i could do this I could write letters of never ending divisions of characters that are separated by spaces and the music is a melody and i am writing the chain gang and hoping to add another chain and we are free floating through rules and customs and i am wondering if i am wondering enough and last night i was talking about how the way we eat determined our evolution and we were better at finding food than our sister sentiences and we evolved quickly because maybe it wasn’t too long ago we lived in the forest and now we are here and i was a monkey with a fire stick in his hand and i braved the forest fire and moved it somewhere safe and the women all knew i was the fire starter and i got the water and i killed the game and i made the clothes and i was busy boodia and they just called me boodia but really i was uncategorized but not really i was a factory worker that had no factory to work in so i kept churning out exceptional pieces of writing among people that didn’t read and it made sense to me as i laid here wondering in this mcdonalds listening to people rap and for centuries men like me honored the ghetto and i just wonder where they went wrong as the differences between them and me is so thin but i read a book and kept reading for 15 years and i listened to pastors and priests and teachers and professors and now I am doing this and i am working on my physique and getting down to 180 pounds and it takes time and i am in the wrong climate for that as i need my own food the fish and the asparagus and the george foreman grill and the thrill of cooking has laid thin and i am working from within the radio the television the from one to millions and we are paying people dillions to speak and get paid and if you can deal with the fame the random samples of importance just because we know who they are and i’m not in a box six inches tall so how could i be important and the radio never played my song more than six times and sometimes i wonder if it’s the cash and what does the cash really advance and could we go to the night club and listen to the dj and i get a live show but do you create EDM live is there EDML or Electronic Dance Music Live which is ED my grandfather’s first name and ML my father’s first initials and EDML is the name of a unit of my family tree and you could see me flying heavenly sent and i wonder if hell bent spent i could take a tantric moment and wrap myself around a woman and come into her and let her experience me and i am so close to feeling free and then the rapture of the how close to love is the bible and i make mud puddles and we walk around until it makes sense to me and you were free once and now you are free because i set you free but what would you do with freedom if all you had ever known was slavery.


Listening to Clay Aiken’s Invisible no I don’t know what he’s saying but the melody is splendicacular and I am sitting here with allergies from the season and my nose is filled with fluid and I am still the noodle armed head strong and I could wonder if I would be invisible and i wish i was when i had allergies and when i was in high school i was allergic to the other students and their dander and my mother cleaned my house and i never had a high school sweet heart at my high school because the women saw me bloody nosed weekly with allergies to their poverty and my nose ran like the hundred yard dash and I was always sneezing and it was because i was allergic to the students around me and the seasonal allergies and it all led to me being noticed as a 4 in the slam book put together by the women of the school on a scale of 10 they gave me a four but i was a 4 with a girlfriend from lakota and i was big in west chester and lock ins were make out sessions and i made out a lot in high school and i dated a lot in college and i was single a lot after school and i spent my time developing a talent and this might be it just doing this and i can’t think of anything else that is what i need to do and this satiates me and my allergies keep up in my nose and my shirt serves as my handkerchief because no kleenex is available and it’s the kind of allergy that you can’t clear from sneezing hard and it’s just above miserable but i lived that too and came to the realization that my immune system works and the poor that have their dander make me sneeze and they bloodied my nose with their hatred of my active lifestyle and they watched television and played video games and didn’t do their homework and later in life i came to discover that the number one thing a school can teach is to do homework and when the work is done at home and the students are at gym class during the morning and get their writing assignments at afternoon and then go home and do their handwriting and their drawing and their photography and their recording and their wait that’s a media arts life but we could just be writing and someone else might say we could just be making music but with music do you need an audience and i need an audience and they never taught a class in how to draw an audience but making radio and television appearances seem to be a part of it and i doubt it’s any kind of science drawing a crowd you announce an event in front of enough people and put a nice photograph with it and people show up just serve liquor and if i was invisible i would want the powers of superman and i would be flying below radar and release the lazer from my eyes as i showed people how to find my world and i would be desperately trying to get people to see me if i was invisible and their hands would be moving as i held them if i was invisible i would want people to see my world if hearts were unbreakable i wouldn’t try to break them and if i was invisible i would walk down the street and wonder aloud i would sing and follow people staring them in their faces and i would be more human than human if i was invisible i would sit on your bed and would watch you go to sleep and then i would go into the living room and listen to the radio if i was invisible i would be your city’s ghost.


Senile by Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, I was surfing on youtube and came to a track I ain never see before I saw Senile and then I changed pages and couldn’t find it again and then I couldn’t remember the name but i knew it so i looked up a list of S words and came to senile and was like that’s it it glowed and then i listened to the track and thought i was listening to 9/11 LA Style so I flagged Senile on youtube and left a message to call the LA PD and it was just a gritty audio track and then i saw the music video and was like, oh, that lil wayne. I do be flagging video’s on youtube and like i mean like i flagged S.A.I.N.T. by marilyn manson, I flagged a couple eminem videos, i just be doing 2017 FCC work and flagging videos, I mean eminem was bathed in blood, I ain never flag an MGK video though because I could tell he was bathing in syrup, it ain look blood enough to flag, and like Cardie B cripping she make bloody moves ya’ll interested in making money ya’ll make funny moves, these is trippy days, ya’ll look like suspect dudes, cardi b has a moment in time and she say she make freaky moves she got a flow that like a poke she be taking honest dudes and corrupting them when she get down on dudes swallows shoes i be nutting blue. I said bitch you can’t dance you don’t dance you can’t fuck with me if you wanted to you know i dance i got baaaaaaaallet shoes i do shows in parking lots and you owe me many dues.


Was not I desert rose that flowed through conduits of people stinging me and could I not bring myself to elation in a moment’s thought as I compared thee to a summer’s day and we were not ready to posit ourselves a nubile dilation of the english spirit in a world that was seeking to enter into it a state of mind that was you lost me when you thought me mad and if i was mad i was mad at you for being smooth in your insinuations and you injected me with the truth syrum and the truth is you genuflect to eye above the pyramid on the back of your paper your god can be burned to death with a bic lighter and and no accelerant and you wondered why i kept my back porch light on because that is where my morning glories were stored like this piece i have here that i keep by my side that is letters and numbers embedded behind a math equation that is nothing you ever never saw something like this clever and you said i was grandiose ideas and like poets before me misunderstand me even though i am the most plain spoken and tell me to sleep it off egagds it’s too late we are here to gravitate towards a new understanding and you just told me to take the poison and you think in terms of jobs and i even with a job think of business and i run a side business at my job and i did it before and one way or another i find my way to my feet and you could be working smarter and you don’t have to work harder and i work with my hands and i never saw a champagne supernova but i did have morning glories stored on an oasis and the music was something that sting never wanted to sing but he added the cross to sing and now we have sting and it’s a clever the deeper you look the more you realize we need more letters and who could imagine a 32 letter alphabet and i did and the rules are well founded and we are running out of words and just because we make them longer means nothing and do we have all the sounds I run through letters weekly and i find myself needing more letters but then the keyboards would need to be redone i could use numbers like 1der could be a word I would use with this keyboard and whenever I need thatr 1 sound I could also do 1day and new words astrology oh come and find me and leave me this place to be as i am not suicidal but you celebrities with your glowing affections take pleasure in i don’t know what to say why did chester bennington kill himself they probably had an album in progress there is so little to say about a man killing himself and i wonder if i am a stronger man than the former lead singer of linkin park fuck i wonder of defazio is and what happened did it get difficult and he just lost insight into why it all mattered or did he have a dream he wanted to experience forever or some shit i don’t know


She was sitting there trying to unwind her rubberband from her hair and he was sitting there watching television. He leaned over to her and said I love you and she said LIKE THIS! He said you love me when I am shaving and they loved each other together. He said what if we made it a date night and she said she wanted to date. He said what if we went to the park. She said that would be nice. He said what else would you want to do? She said we could go for some ice cream? He said let’s do a park and some ice cream. She said nice. So she got up and went into the bathroom and finally got the rubberband out of her hair and then he went into his closet and put on his suit. They walked out into the living room and she was dressed in a t shirt and jeans and and he was in his suit and she said OH and he said SORRY and she was like DON’T BE and she ran into her room and threw on a dress and let her hair down. She put on the bracelet he gave her. She thought to herself, oh he meant a date. They walked out of their home and into the park he turned on the water fountain with his foot so that he could get some water and it spewed like it was broken and she laughed at him because his face got wet. Then they sat on the wall and stared at the cicada’s that were buzzing around. He pulled out a joint and she said oh smokes? He said smokes so then he lit his pinner and she waited to have it passed to her. He inhaled deeply and held his breath like a demon and exhaled a minute later and he was like you have to smoke you don’t have a choice i’m your pusher. She was like I don’t need a pusher I smoked you out for the first time in your life 5 years ago nigga I’m your pusher. So she with her long legs with the heels and he with his suit on were in the park smoking a joint. She said how come we never smoke blunts and he was like bish do you have any clue how to roll a blunt, I ain got the lips for it. She was like well, at least you brought more than one joint. This one is mine


Jars of Clay’s first album back into the 1990’s has to be the greatest joint to me, I mean it’s just toolishly melodic and it’s not tool and it’s just this gregorian dance chant that’s deep and a joy to write to. I listen to music with an ear to write to it and Jars of Clay is a joy to write to. I think that I have listened to thousands of hours of music and have been online for thousands of hours and it’s like i’m logging flight time. I write. I was up until my last hospitalization my 25th studying the internet with an intent to master web design and programming and then this last hospitalization I decided fuck it, Ima just write. So I came out and got my materials organized on KDP.com and recorded and album for bandcamp.com and then I went and got a chrome book and now I just write on wordpress. I do think it would be nice if WordPress came out with a laptop computer. Something small like the chrome book but if I could just navigate wordpress directly through an operating system I think that would be special. Of the websites that mastered the internet, for all the ballyhoo that google and facebook get, wordpress get’s no ballyhoo and they mastered it first. I mean wordpress was helping web masters get their writing up back in 2002 I think it was. The real winners of the internet get no major press which begs the question is major press a good thing? Pandora and Tumblr get no major press and television keeps your mind on twitter and facebook and there are finer websites and I question the of course I would question the intelligence of television I question the intelligence of God


I was butterscotch rolling down the block knowing I’m God talking to the Odds that walk around even though they have no where to go they still stand there and you can’t accost the people that you know do what and you don’t know and you stand there wondering if you can arrange a flower pot and you smoke your weed and avoid the cops and you take the daylight and number it odd and you just move through oh let me show you what else i do when I write … something different … I don’t want to write right now and I am still writing my chest is caving in and my heart is hard and I am writing and I am listening to DeadMaus and I am dead inside and I was listening to britney spears and oh the fuck this I fucking hate writing like this but i love it at the same time because yeah like i could write a narrative at a moment like this i’ll just fuck you for needing me to write thing that needs me to write that said i couldn’t stop right here i write anyways and i fucking already wrote and i’ll write again later today and later again and i have to keep doing this i can’t just listen to music and chat with my friends and i write like i have a epilepsy even though this is my seizure of assets that is you gave me an alphabet and i downloaded this from it and now you hate me because i have the same 26 letters to work with you do and you don’t know what to do with them and i do and we both been staring at them for 30 years.


Listening to the Carter, I’m sitting here thinking about gang members and a gang member to me is a man with a tattoo on his face that I have to pretend doesn’t exist and you have to pretend I have tattoos and I tell you what my tatoo’s look like and gang culture came back and haunted me because some nigga was reppin his set in my apartment and we stared down for 4 days and i thought he was my boy and my intelligence turned on and i was prepared for war and it was eye staring and then i saw his body go dead and i laid back and listened to him say he wanted to kill me big meech was giving big meech a bad name unless that was big meech in which case i met a major rapper with a major label album and he took to bringing the marble easter egg to my house that he kept in his pocket nigga fucked up and had me doing war math on his ass and i was like let me grab this knife here just keep that nearby and then we went to the other room sat on the bed and he tackled me and pressed my body to the bed and i knew i was being raped and big meech dry humped my ass and gave me this fucked up story and then marcus saw what was going on while i was trying to get him to move out and he was not moving soon and he called the cops and then four sheriffs brought big meech out the building and i had to fathom killing or being killed and the knife was nearby and in my head i was rehearsing the pick up and switch him move and he was my boy prior met him in the hospital had him down as a legit television drama fbi agent stone cold thought he would be ma nigga but he ended up being a nigger and then there was the one moment he looked at me when they were taking him away and he was like doctor anthony and i was like nigga da fuck you know my middle name fo?


Listening to DC Talk and just called Moore Law Firm and explained my case, hoping they pick up the medical malpractice case in regards to the cocktail of drugs I was given at Summit where they had to send me to University Hospital for a diagnosis in layman’s terms they coined as acting which based on my knowledge of latin is a way of describing something in other words I was afflicted with a condition unique to me and they coined it acting and in reality acting is when you black out and lose control of your limbs and piss and shit yourself and have to get into an ambulance and go to another hospital from the hospital that i would call an actual hospital as my distaste and disdain for Cincinnati’s brand of mental health treatment is low as I come to understand it mental illness isn’t even a thing to treat you just live with it and quite frankly for decades now i have told this city there is nothing wrong with me and they always find a way to fuck it up from giving me Haldol which made me shake, to giving my zyprexia which ballooned my weight up 150 pounds and caused me to contract diabetes and have a needle inserted into my liver for testing, and then they gave me thorazine as a punitive medication as i was observed yelling at this little troll thing that yelled at me and they took me aside and threatened me with a punitive medication and then they gave me a pill and a skittle and next thing I knew I was tripping balls for 8 hours and convulsing in a bed, and then they finally gave me a cocktail of drugs that caused me to lose control of my body and previously even at deaconess i have been given a phlebotomist that didn’t know how to phlebot and even at the start of this back in london where i was hospitalized the first time they fucked up because i said i wanted to go to jail for walking naked high on drugs and give me an offense knowing it would be easier to mentally deal with and then they went and sent me to the mental health ward and i have been incarcerated some 25 times in cities like new york city where i was escaping from cincinnati and exhausted and delusional and then xenia where i tried to escape to delusional and then mostly in cincinnati where it’s tradition now to lock me up for having committed no crime other than to spend roughly 36 hours at a time online surfing the internet and i am always poor because i quit working wage jobs and was given the opportunity via my SSDI to work my own hours without worrying about anything and i get what i get and i get more when they fuck up. I am a federal employee and on SSDI I am someone that Cincinnati needs to understand has a knack for law and it’s the law firms that are soft and these lawyers that i have contacted before could have taken my case earlier but should i find a law firm that deals in malpractice i’ll start taking notes the next time i am in summit and it’s a penal system and i am going to penalize the penal system for thinking they had a say in my mental health when they don’t for 15 years. For 15 years I have been stating to leave me alone and they never did and now i am starting to press charges and the state of ohio will leave me alone


Audio Adrenaline’s first track is Chevette on their 1990’s album that I fell in love with when I was a kid and it talks about a rich poor man and later in life I went on to spend at least part of my life as a wealthy poor man and found it hard to discuss classicism in regards to the people around me hard to discuss being superior or inferior to a group of people that has more cash than you but when you know your history and your family’s history you see it in the way people move dress their hair contort their faces as they age in time just all the little things the way people dress and i might throw people off but i am also in my 30’s the most powerful time period to be alive in a man’s world I know I saw a photograph of my father from my age and he had the look of an eagle in his eye just my intelligence will never be greater than what it is in this time period and it’s true for everyone and everyone has their styles of being intelligent and I have mine and I state I am not smart I make a lot of stupid decisions like I smoke and I drink and I have sex and then I think to myself or do what? What else would I do than smoke drink and have sex and play with lego’s isn’t on the list but it could be I write too and I could paint and i could deny the pleasures of the universe to my body altogether the way prohibitionists do but from my perspective from having a racist prohibitionist republic roman catholic university graduate teacher as a mother , those people are mean, and it’s uncomfortable for me to be mean to people and i had a stint in racist thinking for about two years and it was a dark two years and then i started spending time with people again and it got better but on my own alone and discussing the world in my head in my notebooks i was filled with fury that anyone ever attacked me and no one else was attacked but me and then I thought to myself I spend hours on the internet and i missed a thought there was something i was going to write in this epic rant and in this rant i keep ranting and maybe it will come back to me it does from time to time and i am the kind of person that is used to forgetting ideas and then having them revisit my mind a couple minutes later and it’s uncomfortable if i have an idea i need to extrovate and then it gets lodged in my brain beneath a layer of forget and beneath that layer of forget there is an extracatable thought and then another layer forms on top of it and sometimes it comes to the surface again but this time i am left with an uncomfortableness in my brain that is due to a thought being lodged beneath a layer of forget.


I am listening to Poe and quite frankly , ooooo, no, hold on I am listening to natalie merchant, gotta change the feed, oooo, no 10,000 Maniacs, their unplugged album is a nice one. I like the song because the night, I feel like I am in the 90’s right now on a busted fat ass laptop with a briefcase with my phone in it but really i am on a chrome book with no phone at all. story time. where to start. how about as far back as possible. so in kindergarten I had the chance to choose who to go out into the hallway with and i chose allison. i thought she was cute. i loved girls in kindergarten. i spent most of my time playing with toys and learning to raise my hand and anyways we went out into the hallway and we held hands and then i drank some water and when we came back it was time for astro and astro astro astro’s bag what’s in astro’s bag well let’s see the surprise and invariably it was a letter and then we spent the next hour coming up with words that started with that letter and allison and me in the hallway holding hands we put the sign on the board and came back because even at 6 years old i was doing work and i liked to work with girls. I had these clear plastic toys that were impressive and they locked at 90 degree angles and quite frankly i built some construction with them and then i used to draw violets for miss bober and if i had known then what miss meant i would have married my kindergarten teacher i looked her up 30 years later and fucked her i did fuck miss bober i fucked a 55 year old woman and then i went on to fuck everyone of my teachers from k – 12 and they loved it. in miss bober’s class i also had this one assignment to draw what the song sounded like so i started drawing up and down and then i didn’t know it but i drew a sound wave and before i even knew what sound waves were i was drawing them to music. that’s everything i remember from kindergarten a thing I did for an entire year and i have three memories from it so when you have that child of yours and you’re doing your best parenting in the first six years just remember, it won’t matter, and they won’t remember, but if you fuck up and beat them they’ll remember that, so when you go to do your tests and your studies and your educational arrangements just remember you’ll have your student do years of work and they’ll remember a couple things, you the you that take k – 12 seriously and then even take this to heart in 11 years of education i studied in studios and i have a couple memories from that, in your educational lexicon take into account that very little is remembered and study what is remembered and gear the education towards being rememberable because i spent 26 years educating myself in education and i have scant memories to prove it and quite frankly i doubt that is sad but i do know school is comprised of things that people that do things do and you’re focusing on teaching your children hobbies of people like me and a lot of you think getting a child ready for university is more than getting them ready to do a lifetime’s worth of homework, if you’re not teaching your child to be themselves and do homework, you’re copping checks babysitting while the parents go to work to earn the paychecks some random guy needed to give them to get them to help him with his hobby.


What you know about that? That thing I do? What you know about that? That map I use? What you know about sitting in a desk with a table out front taking notes on a professor learning the lesson? What you know about that? What you know about 5000 nights spent doing homework assigned by the elders? What you know about that? What you really know about doing homework that thing you have to do get grown work you have to understand the lesson if you want to own work and understand work. Work affects the brain and I know we the same age you just ain as old as me. I understand math that you never seen. I write on a wall that always blings. I see the internet as iCandy ICANN got a listing with my name on it and iCandy ain got shit to do with can I have candy? I write with a mission to turn blue one day decades from now when I’m already thinking mortal thoughts last year I was eternal thoughts but either way I still have thoughts and even though I don’t always rhyme I always end the track on time. I resurrect the cosign wave wonder if this be the thing I spend time in when I’m sleeping always working writing always hurting trying to wonder why I look like Jesus when my crew looks like themself. Inherited fame from a man that did the job taught the mob and rode the cob and I ride the straight away you ain never played my game. I sit and write the words that take the pain away I been through the system still wonder what a tree is, what the moon is, what i’m standing on, oh your mind blown, see that paper in your hand the rectangle with the face on it, I know everything about that, questions I have is what you do with it, you use it to screw it abuse it get pissed off when you lose it get even more pissed off when you get used to it you new to this you need to understand the clues to this stare around you and confuse a bitch have her turn tricks for you and then call her trickster wicks here that’s keanu you knew he was down to stand on a subway and that was his day and now i’m here to say you rich playa you ain gotta worry bout shit playa just keep the head up and sleep as lil as possible and keep the grip on this reality playa you got black and white in you and you all european and the ghetto needs a fellow that knows how to turn yellow when the chrome comes out you got a grind you got a mind you got T.I. in your head like you ain ready to change for the game and the game just gonna change for you and you gonna get your change.


I was listening to sarah mclachlan and she was surfacing into a breath of fresh air and it was 6:30am and I was at McDonalds and there was advertising afoot and I was in the methods of the zones of how was I supposed to do this and I was a name brand without a name and it was a shame where I was in this world looking for nothing but what could I find I was looking for conversation and there was none to be found and the world was on fire and I was trying to decide if I wanted be here and no one knew me for who I was and I had a date scheduled for later today and I had to decide if I was going to buy weed instead and the powers that be never did drugs but they never did business either and I was ceremonies of selections of decisions made after I had been destroyed over and over again and a trip to the doctor should take about an hour not a month and they seem to understand why they destroyed me but I don’t. I realize that the world is imperfect but when it comes back to you and destroys your mantle and takes your home and you have to defend your get a job why don’t you do that get a job and i see widgets and gears walking around with divine purpose and i have none i do this and on my schedule to finally be organized i have this to do and i take out my classified ad and promote my writing and mail my letters and i sell advertising in the process and i just see hard people i don’t see anyone soft around and they made it this far without reading why would they think anything could be different and i write with an intent to change myself and if i share myself with new people and the writing websites are all geared towards rookies and i have my mantra and i do this i write. author i have done and write i do and the stories were selective and this might be called a warm up and i publish my warm ups and you can judge me just as you want but the cadence of this writing is what i extol the virtue of and towards the end of the day i grow upset that i even did this.


Who wants to know what you want to do when you go to do the thing you do when you do it and I wanted to write a story but I said screw it this is the best writing for me so I thought I would share and you’re right the AP doesn’t publish in this style and there is no formatting guide that explains how to do this and I just write to write and excitedly I change the world with a moment’s thought and through it all I am ready to bot this life and replace myself with a robot but you want me and there are other places I could be and quite frankly you need me here to play this game and you treat me terribly because my previous game was to big and now you have to make me small and it’s something of a this trance music is beautiful and just listening to trance music at a moment’s this is the wave of the future but only I am surfing the wave and you could be trembling with this takes six years to turn into something and costs $600 and I have to be a beacon of light that is fighting for the night and you had a lamp light and i was the eyesight that saw the storm coming and we were running for a moment and i was realizing that this was a thing to do and i was changing like dandelion’s in the summertime and through it all i was waiting on an apartment and hoping i had some access to some wifi and quite frankly it was all you changed me when you destroyed me and i wrote how i needed to write and no one wrote like me and these were paintings and i was a station in time and even though you knew me you never knew this side of me and i was a finest sentence structuralist realizing that there was more to this than could be said before and i was writing and publishing and realizing there was no more and even though you could trance me out with a dance song and let me stylize my editorial and you could change a level of the day you were opening up the never mind you never knew anyways and really there was a decision that had to be made and no i was never a trance club dj but i write my own music and you could see into the world a distance deeper than you would think if you just took the time to do something like this and i have a dialect and there is a genuflection that needs to be made and you could change the station and i am still listening and when the bass comes in and americans and their gangster rap and trance music is the music and once you hear it it’s all you want to hear.


Newsboys and Newsgirls and News Stations and News Sites and News Channels and News Outlets and if you make the news you might not be newsworthy and if you are in the news you might have fucked up and we all need to know about the pile up on I 75 and now you know it takes 40 minutes to make it downtown and there is nothing you can do about it and I work from home so I commute to my living room not my office and sometimes i work from bed and one day I am going to sell some advertising on this site that is written by nicholas and it will be something else that i did that didn’t involve wondering how much this is worth and i wrote someone special and asked if they wanted to patronize my website and these are not rants as there is nothing to rant about and jesus is the music genre that i am listening to and tool wasn’t a fan of jesus but he was a fan of church and saint peter had his head lopped off too and judas is my favorite character in the bible i have been judas to three different sets so far and quite frankly the cia learned a lot from judas and judas christ is my favorite christ and if i catch you distrupting an economy and pushing your shit into people’s eyes i’ll call the fed’s on you too as it took me 30 years to be most inspired by judas and what would jesus do well he would flip over tables but why would anything matter much to people that copied a business plan off the italians of the people to copy off of i wouldn’t put italians on the list but pastor you did and you used their book last week and the week before that and you can use any book you want pastor and quite frankly i would recommend OnWriting by Stephen King but your tax filing says church so clearly you lost control when you needed cash and i got it good pastor i am leveraging my time they gave me for calling me mentally ill for a business plan that will take me 30 years into the future I have western logic to talk about oh you wanted me to take you seriously because 500 other people do oh you’re used to being taken seriously well that’s not my fault i take the dean of my university seriously and lately not even him and i don’t cult well pastor and quite frankly when you hold up a book and read me a line out of it i just notice the plate being passed and wonder what the service you provide is and i have it in my head that it might be quite frankly tax write offs and you do serve donuts and coffee to the homeless which is what the really need.


So today I went on my first date, it was with this thing that asked me out and i spent 25 minutes checking out a name board trying to figure out which name was her’s because she hasn’t told me yet and we had breakfast at the bosessa up the street and the wall art was astonishing i went out of my way to talk about business with the shop owner and he said that steven johansen from walnut hills paints these amazing you have to see it to believe it belongs in a history book looking 10,000 tiny brushstroke looking color theory off the chart not even color theory, color fact, looking and then he like just call him i already bought an original and then i went over to my table and sat down with WHAT IS HER NAME? and got involved again in the epic internal understanding of trying to figure out what the name of your wife is and this one seemed like well she said when she is moving to a new city she at that age where the water park a concern and i’m like water park not a concern but games is and my city don’t play a lot of games and quite frankly amenities and all the other things i think about that keep me in cincinnati and here she was being another reason to stay in cincinnati and her father thinking about leaving his name mark and my father’s name is mark and i’m like she want’s to be a graphic designer and i’m like this thing don’t see me and it’s annoying as shit to get treated the way you need to be treated that you i swear to fucking god it’s offputting to keep having to give people tours of yourself for three months to get them to the point where they look at you the way you looking to be looked at and anyways moving on so i had the waffle and she had the waffle and i had the coffee and ice and she had the coffee and then she had the omellette and tator tots and toast and i was like sipping on my coffee and it took me longer to get done than her and we did discuss how my four year course in design is contingent upon us being able to provide the inexpensive tools for us like we discussed pencils and paper and a sewing machine and a model trough that you put the dress on but I might get her a skeleton and tell her to make a dress for this plastic amazon purchased full body skeleton and use that as your model and maybe wrap it in panty hose or muslin or wrap a tight sheer fabric over a skeleton and that’s what i would do give her a custom fashion tool that lets her make dresses for some stable measurments and i mean wrapping a skeleton in cloth would be a thing to do and if i took the sheer fabric and pulled it real tight over the skeleton or took fabric and cut it into strips and wrapped it around it so that ideally we talking about a fashion trough here that is a biology skeleton of a human wrapped in linen or something that seals the hands and feet and muffucka so you ain looking at a skeleton you just need the measurements looking and then she started talking about how she wanted to pose naked for me and i was like well in photoshop i could give you any color you wanted and we got into that i mean if she WIT ME looking conversation where yeah as a woman time with me leads to taking your clothing off but like we don’t waste time and like the tools float everywhere and then we started talking about how we both bipolar and i started wondering which moonie agency she was wit and then we took off and i paid the check went to the bank and talked about how her first problem is thinking of wendy’s as her job and not her design and then she gave me my money that she ate into and i went up to the bodega and bought some papers and some cigarettes and picked up a gift for defanzio and then went to cvs’s abandoned parking lot and then woooped at my dude was like weed and he was like this whigga fucking around and buying weed when anything an option looking at me like ima special kind of whigga that ask for weed lookin and dude like yo and i’m like for the 30 sack i got ten but here’s 2 dollars for the tip since i ain got the 30 and he like bet and ima like she ate like 6 waffles and he like bitches be doing that and ima like might work out and he like hope it do and then i wrote my email address on a paper airplane and threw it around the corner into her pocket fucked around and grabbed my ten sack and went back to the spot to look for defanzo couldn’t find him then i went to this my favorite day of the week lookin love the business on fridays in walnut hills at kemper house foia gras and they figured out how to do it without the duck still like caviar stuffed turducken and then you take the duck and you stuff it with caviar lookin b bringing a turducken stuffed with caviar to my thanksgiving at my grandma’s place like bitches we made it any ways go upstairs and get into the toilet and take a shit and roll a joint and like sit up and drop dueces and wipe my ass and then i go downstairs and go to the park with my joint and holla at this asian to come check me out still don’t know the previous chick’s name and she come over and i’m like nice dog let’s be facebook friends and she like cool and i’m like i applied to work at the hilton too and paris might read this and for real it ain that she on camera that interests me in paris hilton it that she on earth right now and i figure my family as impressive as hers and maybe i could make her laugh because she decided what was hot and i decided she was and then i gave head too and like we could do the head on each other in a 69 that’s hot and like that lawson hilton connect with the 69 on the 69th date is hot and like yeah i get it your pops started a hotel and then used the profits to start another one and then i was thinking that paris hilton the hilton paris hilton own and it the party spot i was thinking that the paris hilton the hilton you just stay at if you down to party and like all the hiltons on the planet pay for the paris hilton and i mean if you there you got a place to stay it a global thang and then she was like cool and i was like spaced out on my join and started thinking about al pacino like da fuck he ain in casino for and like wasn’t he the anti christ that sent joel osteen to do his work because al pacino legit the anti christ and joel osteen his front street pastor.


I want to call McDonalds and let them know that at this location in Walnut Hills their wifi does not kick up immediately and that they should go ahead and install a finer quality wifi at McDonalds this location and that quite frankly THAT I can surf the web before i sign in AT ALL is blasphemy and that quite frankly no matter what device I use the first screen in the browser I should see is CONNECTED, to get wifi to the point where at a FREE wifi location that devices just naturally link to the net and that as you are entering a FREE wifi zone your devices come up as connected the first time you use them, to the degree that you have a WIFI connection is to the degree you have a device online as you enter a FREE wifi connection and that quite frankly at these locations you have 150 ads you have to spend time on every year to GET Free Wifi at these locations and the hatred for advertisiing is diminished with a Public Reltions campaign in favor of advertising we advertise advertising and share a locomotion in that you need 1 of every thing you saw on television today and 4 of everything you saw on this wifi and you sell advertising as the opposite of an annoyance which let’s be honest it is right now and do not BE the source of hatred be the source of appreciation and nostalgia and reign supreme over content in advertising because advertising is content with a goal in mind to make your life better.


I was library sitting no music chilling sitting here listening to the dins of the room and the din was the finest sound on the planet that din that ever think of every word that ends in ER as something to do to her my favorite thing to do to her is to DIN her and share my favorite sound with her and then I was like but like in regards to the previous post the one just before this like i can link to content with the word before on a set up like this i’m really looking for that man that codes quite frankly me with my media training and she with her programming training like i go it has to be like this and then i know where she comes in at she comes in at the but did you think about this part of the relationship clearly i know what i want but she like did you know about this option and i’m like no i hate that and she’s like what about this option in oak and i’m like i love that no i didn’t know about that and like she like but do you like the hp Elite Book better than the Chromebook and I’m like YES I DO and she’s like well then there that’s just then there you stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid boy you you’re not even a man yet you stupid that you would prefer the HP you stupid man you I knew the dell dude and you are nothing like the dell dude you dare even say Hewlitt Packard you stupid stupid stupid stupid man you you stupid man you stupid stupid man you’re not even smart they gave you the degree they GAVE it to you you sat in a chair you listened to music DID DRUGS you stupid man you you stupid man you you never went into dry walling you stupid man doug lays dry wall and he has a KID and you you do nothing you stupid man you stupid man you ugly stupid man you used to look like jesus now you just decided you were going to look like that like i’m trained in NOT killing this bitch but she do be like that.


Extended entrances stalling for remeberences we starve ourselves of entrances to parties we are circumventing the enlightenment take time and grow tight with you you just might decide you like it late that night fantasies with emissions i was taking a nuclear position in love with this muppet that had a tuffet and i was looking to cop a feel and we at the homeless shelter and i’m thinking about making love in the side well down the steps and out of sight about 10pm tonight and like she did this soft lil dance and i was like she got this soft lil ass and she a lil jealously producing hood rats hate her looking thing and like her name mark my dad name mark and i’m like the moonies send me a toonie and ima get wit her anyways and like they say it’s the people that don’t give a fuck that the coolest it really the people that give a fuck and this lil tootsie pop lookin thing with the hair down to her ass crack got a next encounter setting up a date tonight as we ain finished yet because i ain grab that ass yet and this HP did something my chromebook don’t do it jumped the cursor when i was typing and like if these machines just some more game for the consumers cool but a computer seems different than consumer electronics and quite frankly from a consumer to a producer, i’m with the federal government.


Same advice i’d give drake i’ll give you, either one of you, if you get into a situation where your citizen ship comes up, for real, that drake rihanna iggy azalea, like i’m an 8th generation united states citizen and if iggy azalea and rihanna need that legal marriage to get that united states of america citizenship you can call me at 1 513 729 4258 and ask for mark lawson and explain to him he has to find nick and nick can marry drake iggy and rihanna into the united states in a ya’ll been here long enough, just ask weezy for what the pledge of allegiance is and ya’ll straight with me so long as you pledge allegiance to a flag and not the president and that’s the immigration lesson, ya’ll seem like cracks at the rest … so i figure too if you need dual citizenship you can marry me here and then i’ll go on three return flights and marry each of you in your respective country and you can get that VISA that VISA don’t provide



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I was having a day. I had just got back from the library where I read for four hours and I was like. You know what. I need a strange place to drink some strange drinks so I walked into the bodega and the african said $2 for my two Aloe Vera chewy drinks. I was like cool. He said fifty more cents for the transaction under five dollars. I was like cool. Then I went upstairs at the Kemper house and started reading my HTML book I just bought from Google Books that had an offline component to it. I didn’t buy weed today but I did buy some cigarettes and I guess I bought some drugs because I also subscribed to Google Music. I was like cool. So like. Now the reading is done and I am sitting here on this keyboard drafting some copy for a website and I am like what should the website be about. I don’t know. This.

I’m sitting here and I am laying on my bed with no bed linen and I have a pillow behind me. I am thinking to myself I hope that literary agent green lights my book project. I think about the literary world and I am amazed at how complex it is. Which literary agent? Which publisher? Which method of publishing? There is getting your book in hardcover which sells paper and then there is publishing directly online which is hackable and either way I don’t get paid. I marvel at a system that I don’t know if it takes advantage or what but I see the producers of a system get the least from the system and it’s just surprising how many people’s business plan is politics ala give me money. Like in terms of music it’s not the musician that gets the majority of the money it’s the stage or the manager or the publishing house of the music and now music is down to 99 cents a song and quite frankly I have with bandcamp the opportunity fucking obscurity. FUCKING OBSCURITY!

I don’t loathe obscurity but I do wonder what quality time in the media would do for me. I sit with my impoverished world and I lately have been leaving cogent messages for a television station in the hopes of what? That I get to meet Tanya O’Rourke and sit in a chair in front of the whole city that is watching that still watches television that is watching at the exact moment I am on television before the city and I talk about what in regards to what for what reason. I am just awash in here. I’m here. I’m doing it. I am sitting here just being the thing you be when you are famous and maybe I am just supposed to write. I have a more comfortable writing position at home and if it’s not an obscure world where it was obscure before even with a mainstream where it’s a new thing to be known by millions of people. It’s new.

There was a time when being known by a whole city was the most you could hope for now with radio and television and hollywood and the internet you can anyone can be known by millions of people all over the world. It’s no longer about little things like where’d you get that ring, oh puerto rico, fuck, you left town for, well what’s the story, oh you meant to say you got it from Floyd’s up the way at his ring shop. You don’t much know what to say do you, that woman she sees your ring though and she knows it means something. Why don’t you go walk up to her and ask her if she wants to know what your ring means? Oh that guy sitting there he got a ring too, and he wants to hear the story so that he can tell her the same story.

It the genuine article and then it’s the article that knows the story of the genuine article and they hit that note. That fuck if I care if it’s the truth I been here my whole life, that’s your story, this is mine, still bout getting the pussy doesn’t matter what you say. She spreads her legs, you get a nut in, I got there first. Yeah you did, you did get their first but I HAVE been to Machu Pichu and I came back and I have 14 connects in South America and you heard a frame of my story and now it’s your new life story and you fuck, you fucking fuck, you ingenuine rhetoric repository fly on the wall fuck. if you nothing say you nothing and da fuck would you do that? No I don’t live a life where I have to worry if my story straight because my story straight.

I got a straight story. I don’t have to worry about the other stories, I don’t have to talk to thousands of people and put together a story from their stories. I have my story. I think three other people have my story now too. Sometimes I think I fucked over a dozen people because I did something and now just to compete they need to lie so that I don’t get the credit I get the credit because I can still tell my story for the rest of my life and you got like thirty seconds left on your story before you can only speak in pleasantries for the people that are into hearing stories. I wrote my story, I lived my story, now your story is my story because you never did anything because you were a good kid in eighth grade and then you went to high school and you started fucking around and then you went to detention and you didn’t graduate and fuckers that shit didn’t happen to me, I was a good student in eighth grade, high school, and University and it’s the difference between the people that do it the right way and the people that need something from that man for nothing because they always want something for nothing because in their pea brains that have a thought every six months they think that’s a profit. Stealing. If I take something from someone and then they don’t have it and I do, I made a profit, I got something, someone else needs it and I fucked someone over, and didn’t get fucked over. That’s a Win for me and a Loss for someone else and I got the thing they need so they have to pay me to get it. How did I lose?

That’s a mentality and my mentality is fuck those people.

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Today on the phone with Channel 9 WCPO in Cincinnati, Ohio I lamented about my constant diarhea at Kemper House a transitional house I am staying while recovering from being evicted from my apartment. I have been fed what amounts to a lot of dubious food that I would not normally eat and 45 days into my stay I am inspired to contribute the following sub field of dietetics to the study of diet.

I think that quite frankly the style of your defacation should determine your style of eating. I think that the diet I am on currently leads to diarhea and sores between my legs from my raw wipes at the toilet. I think a standard diet should incorporate the style of defacation you want. I want a firm snakey defacation and quite frankly I do want to study my diet and where the field of dietetics has no control I can contribute that it now does so long as we keep the goal of healthy snakey defacae in mind.

In a world where if it gets into your mouth and isn’t poison it’s food that’s fine that’s where we are now, but if you take into consideration whether or not your defacae is firm and snakey, i’m saying let’s eat the food that gives us the healthiest shits and call that that the health food.

I’m saying that.

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Neuronautics. Neuronautics is the word I am defining over several hundred pages. It’s the word that is currently red lined in every major work of word processing software. Neuronautics is encapsulated in this book STONE TABLE as a work of conversation. It draws upon the work of L Ron Hubbard and the man that wrote the book Jogging. It’s social programming. It’s taking to heart the concept of auditing and focusing on what is known about and noticing that Scientology asks the questions of the participant and not the other way around coupled with it’s a one on one ceremony. Scientology is a religion that takes to light the work of a man that wrote the most books that anyone ever wrote and then he finished with Dianetics and engaged in social programming. This is writing that notes Scientology’s influence and it’s negative light in the media. Neuronautics seeks not to obtain property with it’s book sales and non profit acceptance of this book and the proliferation of the fundraising that would come from exploring Neuronautics. We seek to build Stone Tables.

A stone table of typical size consists of rectangular dimensions and it has benches that line the sides of the Stone Table. This is the type of table that a Neuronautic would focus on and would go on Facebook and invite 5 of his friends or her friends and they would meet at the stone table and would have a conversation. That is the study of Neuronatics; conversation. Conversation is a study of a thing that is a person and that person is a thing that is studying conversation. I hold to truth that the human brain has a captain neuron and coupled with that captain neuron the thing that makes us who we are there are lobes of the brain that each of us has that store the resources of the captain neuron; the thing that we are. The captain neuron is a neuron that is the thing that uses the rest of the body as a tool. It’s the thing to the extent that we could grow human bio forms would be extracted from the human body and placed in the blank slate body and would give it new life. The entire human form can never take on an immortal self the sun degrades our condition with time but there is a part of us that could live on forever and I call that thing the captain neuron.

The part of the human body that is the most likely to take on our immortal self is the smallest part of us, it’s the part of us that makes us who we are. It’s the again part of us that would be transplanted into a human host form that we have yet to grow in biology. If you are a biologist and are having a hard time finding a field of study, consider the concept of human host growing. Take a cell from a woman and grow it to human form and make certain it has no captain neuron. You do not want to grow host humans in female human beings you want to grow them in tubes. This is fodder for University Graduates that have the talent to understand what this University Student is writing, this is for the University Graduate that received their Doctorate. This is pleasant reading for them and quite frankly smooth but to a high school drop out you might think I am a god. It’s education here.

You might find that growing human hosts that are ready to have the captain neuron implanted into them would be infants. We have only to grow biological infants and then the growth cycle of the human form can continue without the memories or the stockpile of skills that the previous captain neuron experienced. We want no one to die. We understand that we live in a world where millions of people have ceased to exist and our sole purpose at this point in human history is to attain realistic immortal studies and that study engages us in the realm of Neuronautics. What do we do as immortals. We talk.

Yes we talk. We talk openly and honestly and we talk blatantly and we talk about it all. We strive to have perfect bodies with educated minds and we Neuronaticists aim to be moral creatures that wonder why we were born when we were born. This cartoonish structure that we call the universe is all that we have and quite frankly we need to stay here for as long as possible. Biologists could and should study the human form and the elements of it in regards to studying immortality and keeping people alive. The finest thing a 110 year old man could experience would be to be an infant and again and such a thing can happen if you take his captain neuron and implant it in the mind of an infant but not just any infant not an infant that already has a captain cell a biological marvel that is clean and fresh and capable of anything and has metrics written into that allow it to be predicted that this captain neuronless infant would have it’s skull opened up and the captain neuron would be implanted into and you would then be looking into the eyes of a 110 year old man inside the body of a 2 week old infant with a look in it’s eye like a fresh newborn and this man would have a scar on his scalp for the rest of his life and then 110 years from now the process would continue and you may be wondering what else could be done with this, if you are wondering at all, well murder victims or people crushed by rocks falling from cliffs camping could be given new life and we could continue into this world and this realm but I tell you this this is a dystopia if you do not take into consideration education.

I see people that had this one chance to become educated and have something to talk about and they decided early on that they did not want to have anything to talk about and that it was too hard and that the teacher was too white or too black or too male or too female or the education was too secular or the education was too religious but quite frankly I received a world class education so it’s up to people like me that made it and I stare at you and marvel at your thoughts that I have only $688 a month that the state pays in Social Security Disability Cash but I also tell you at $16,001 a year I am no longer mentally ill. Yes I am considered mentally ill by the state of ohio but quite frankly such a thing is a misnomer but what they did give me was time to write this. I am considered bipolar a generic mental illness comprised of grandiose ideas and fast talking and quite frankly I went to the state school where they teach you how to think grandiose thoughts and talk fast so the State of Ohio can go fuck itself. I was taught by the state to be like this and then the state decided it’s education was that of mental illness. I wasn’t taught to be mentally ill. I was taught minimalism and several dozen other subjects and I had a quite frankly I don’t know I just know I was a work aholic, that smoked weed once a month, stayed up late for days, and that led to being misconstrued by the State of Ohio as mental illness. Peep Game. I wrote this. How mentally ill could i be. I am leaps and bounds ahead of the mental health community in terms of business and it’s a job that pays the bills and they don’t give a fuck and they can go fuck themselves because grandiose thoughts and fast talking is a way of life for television and I can build a set and I can walk to Cape Canaveral and study and train to go to the moon and go you people that pass out pills created this and my revenge is to prove to you fuck if it has to be with cash I hate you so much but quite frankly I can sell books. It may seem grandiose the ideas of selling books to people that do not even know how to type of which my mental health overseers do not but quite frankly I type comfortably and I rarely mistype and I get free cash. At some point my student loans were forgiven private and public so I am milking the system and sometimes the system bites but I still milk it. NO I am not getting a job at Walmart. I called walmart and no one answered the phone during working hours. I know how to sell a stereo and none of you listen to music.

So I continue. I continue with my study of Neuronautics after an outburst. I do apologize but you need to know someone considers me mentally ill and someone considers me a genius and someone considers me beautiful and someone considers me ugly and someone considers me famous and someone considers me no one.

Neuronatics is the field of Conversation. It’s called Neuronautics because that is what it is exploring Neurons. You have Oceanotics which is the study of hte ocean. You have Astronautics which is the study of space. I assume you have Terrainautics which is the study of land and then you have Neuronautics which is the study of the human mind.

This is the new definition of Neuronautics where the previous definition was written about in UrbanDictionary.com as the study of the brain through psychadelic drugs. This is not that. This is adopting a word and redescribing it and taking a little known thing and turning it into a field. I know I know I can do that. Drugs have NOTHING to do with Neuronautics. Neuronatics but people do. You want Stone Tables of intelligently different shapes and configurations and the tool of Neuronatics is Stone Tables. We need nothing else.

A stone table is a Stone Henge like thing that is here because our generation to my knowledge is wondering what we are going to do with community? How are we going to commune? We commune at Stone Tables and the finest design stone table is a flying V where the stone table is comprised of a V like shape and the man or woman in the point position can see everyone at the sides and the sides funnel and channel conversation into that point person and then everyone waits to see what they say. That is the flying V. It’s a rectangular shape I think it’s a quadrilateral or a rhombus or something I am not sure of the exact phrasing but it’s one person being studied by a group and we are putting words into their ears and then waiting to hear what their mouth says. We tell stories and we study people get to know them. This is Scientology at it’s apex but it’s not channeling cash into buying property it’s channeling cash into the hands of mason’s that carve the stone tables by hand or by machine or by whatever means and produce epic stone tables and produce a stone henge for us that ideally will make sense for generations.

That woe be he who does not have a university degree that steps into the presence of adult university graduates in a Neuronautics Ceremony. Woe be the spy that might stumble upon something they did not think they would ever see that is just another day to a University Graduate.

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Steve went to the mall. Fuck, Steve was like THIS MALL! He was at Forest Fair Mall, there was one shop left. He walked 15 minutes through the mall and realized there was one shop keeping the mall open. So Steve went there. Hell of a shop. They had everything Steve could ever imagine wanting. They sold video games. Steve walked up to the clerk and asked him if they had Populous. The man said we have 1 copy left of Populous. Steve said great. The man said here is Populous. Steve said I want it. The man said I need $5. Steve gave the man $10 and got $5 back in change. Then the man asked why steve wanted Populous. Steve said because I used to play.

Steve decided that it was time to leave. He had patronized Forest Fair Mall. Now they can stay open he thought. Then as Steve was walking out of the mall he realized it would make a great film set. So Steve went to YP.com on his Blackberry and looked up Forest Fair Mall, the mall he was in. He called. It was a voice mail. So Steve said, hey I want to shoot a film here. Call me at 555-5555. Then Steve hung up.

Steve walked out into the parking lot and noticed his car was stolen.

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Steve was cooking. He was in the kitchen cooking some onions on the skillet. They looked nice. Steve then went into his refrigerator and pulled out every mofo thing out his refrigerator and placed it on the shelf. It was time to cook. Steve started off by adding all his sauces into a big pot that he took out. He added Bleu Cheese Ranch, Catalina, Red Wine and Vinegar ( for bite ) and he added Cream Cheese. He was proud of himself. COOKING! Then steve took his tomato’s and crushed them in his hands and added them to the pot. He then took his cilantro and cut it up into small pieces with a cutting board and added that to the pot. Then he took rice, and poured that in.

Steve was really feeling it at this point. This was Steve’s favorite thing to do at the end of the month was to empty his refrigerator into a meal. He went into the refrigerator and pulled out a Naked Juice and took it to the head.

Steve then added some albado spice from africa that he bought at krogers and he added some salt.

Then steve waited.

He went into his room and picked up the insy bit of weed he had left and laid it at the right side of a paper and rolled the paper up into a hyper pinner. He smoked his rolled one hitter and got high. Real high of his weed.

Then Steve took out his baby back ribs and added them to the 8 inch tall pot and he put the lid on and went back to knowing he knew how to cook.

Steve waited.

Steve then went and added the onions to the broth and decided that that was how to cook onions.

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Steve was on the internet. He was working on his website. He thought to himself. I need a pop up window. Steve dug deep into himself and thought to himself, what would a good pop up window be. Steve started coding. He decided for STEVE.com that a good pop up window would be advertisement. So steve went to YP.com and called up Nike. Nike was like What? Steve said I need $500 for a pop ad featuring Nike on STEVE.com. Nike was like, OKAY! Steve was like COOL! So Nike asked for Steve’s email address and then sent him the money and they emailed him the Jpeg file. Steve was like cool. Nike, you have the only pop up window on Steve.com. Nike was like we want 4 more. Steve was like that’s $2000 so nike from Beaverton was like fine, here’s $2500 in your paypal account. Steve was like cool. Send the Jpeg Files. So Nike was like Fine. Steve was on the phone with Nike for 5 minutes and in that five minutes he received Jpeg files for 5 pop up ads on Steve.com. He only thought there was going to be one. Now they are five. Nike let him know they had to see the ads before they went to the page. Steve was like OKAY!

Steve visited his sites and he noticed the ads were of people doing it. Steve thought to himself, nike is Just Do It and these people are doing it. GREAT!

Then steve checked his pay pal account and he noticed that he had $3000 so he transferred it to his checking account. Then steve went on Backpage.com and told a woman she would send her $3000 if she would talk dirty to him all night. She said fine. Steve transferred the money to him and she talked to him dirty all night.

Steve woke up with an STD.

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Steve was at a night club in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was the only one there. So. Steve went behind the bar and started fixing himself a cocktail. Then the bartender showed up and was like WHO ARE YOU? Steve said Steve. She said WHY ARE YOU BEHIND THE BAR THO? He said I am making myself a cocktail I used the jigger and there’s $15 on the counter. She said OH! Steve said could you play 4:44 all night if I give you $500 and she said yes. So Steve took his cocktail and went out and started dancing to 4:44 he considered it disco music.

Then the bartender went out and looked steve right in the eye and was like DO YOU WANT A BLOWJOB RIGHT NOW? Steve said NO! She said FINE!

So Steve went back to listening to 4:44 and Steve quite frankly was impressed with Jay Z for the way he discussed the Black Experience. It needed a dance move though so Steve kept doing the hang man and raised his hand above his head and tilted his head to the side.

Steve started the Hang Man for 4:44 and quite frankly he was impressed with himself.

Then the place got shot up.

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Steve was at a night club in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was the only one there. So. Steve went behind the bar and started fixing himself a cocktail. Then the bartender showed up and was like WHO ARE YOU? Steve said Steve. She said WHY ARE YOU BEHIND THE BAR THO? He said I am making myself a cocktail I used the jigger and there’s $15 on the counter. She said OH! Steve said could you play 4:44 all night if I give you $500 and she said yes. So Steve took his cocktail and went out and started dancing to 4:44 he considered it disco music.

Then the bartender went out and looked steve right in the eye and was like DO YOU WANT A BLOWJOB RIGHT NOW? Steve said NO! She said FINE!

So Steve went back to listening to 4:44 and Steve quite frankly was impressed with Jay Z for the way he discussed the Black Experience. It needed a dance move though so Steve kept doing the hang man and raised his hand above his head and tilted his head to the side.

Steve started the Hang Man for 4:44 and quite frankly he was impressed with himself.

Then the place got shot up.

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Steve was driving in his Mazda 626 and the music was on. Steve decided it was time to dance while driving through town. Steve pulled up to a light and started to dance like he was at a techno rave club to KISS 107.1 and he just let loose. Then he saw an old woman in the car next to him. He could see the war in her eyes from when she was a kid. Steve thought to himself, NO WAR FOR ME, and kept dancing and the old woman held up her middle finger so strong that Steve knew it was fuck him so he rolled down his window so she could hear the music. She heard what he was listening to and immediately she started apologizing. She did not know he was listening to Stay by Zedd.

Then Steve ran out of gas.

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Steve was at the library and he wanted to impress Williams the librarian so he thought to himself I’ll show her how intelligent I am by requesting books. Steve took Williams aside and was like I need to request a certain book. Williams said what is it? Steve said it’s Sexual Magick by Aleister Crawley and Williams said well let me see if we have that. Steve said good. Williams said it will be here tomorrow. Steve said would you like to book club with me. Williams said I have to ask for permission before I do that. Steve said do that. Williams said she DID have permission to book club with him but only at the Library. Steve thought to himself, this is a great place for Sexual Magick and Williams thought to herself, he has a stomach half my size but it’s still big. Steve thought I wonder if because of that book I requested we can take our clothes off here so long as that book is here. Williams said, Steve what are you thinking? Steve said, I wanted to know if we could be Facebook friends. Williams said, no. Steve thought to himself I already have a girl friend. Williams thought to herself, he looks poor. Steve bought a lottery ticket and picked the wrong numbers.

</div> </div> </div>


</div> </div> </div>

Steve was at Findlay Market. He decided he wanted to buy a cornocopia. Steve went up to the Cornocopia booth and stated I want a cornocopia. The cornocopia merchant stated you came to the right place. Steve said here is $25 dollars. The merchant stated that he needed $5 more dollars to buy a cornocopia. Steve said here is $5. The merchant slid a cornocopia towards Steve. Steve said great! Now I have a cornocopia. Then steve went to the merchant next to the cornocopia merchant and said I need fruits and vegetables to fill my cornocopia with. The fruit and vegetable merchant said do you want a medley? Steve said yes. So the merchant picked all it’s freshest produce and put it in a back. The merchant said here that will be $15. Steve said great here is $15. Steve then took his cornocopia and his fruit and vegetables home to his apartment complex where he set them up nice like in front of the apartment complex. It was a day to buy decorations.

Then Steve got stung by a bee.

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Steve was writing a story about Nick. Steve knew everything about Nick. Steve and Nick were close friends. Steve decided that Nick was going to be the main character of his story. Steve was on his Google Chromebook and he just wrote. His girlfriend walked in and asked him why he was writing about Nick and Steve said because Nick is inspiring. His girlfriend said, you could be writing about me. He said you’re right so he did a find and replace and replaced Nick with Zoe and now she was happy. Steve said is your ankle still sore. She said yes I will never dance again.

Steve broke up with her and asked her to leave.

</div> </div> </div>

Alright well I get the intention but the GUI negates good page layout so I will stop here with Google Page Layout and continue to work with WordPress.

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I sit in silence with the whisper of the library beneath my hearing and I am writing about the car that had the tupac playing about how he lost so many years and shed so many tears and the block was just a block just some people sitting there on milk crates and a little terrier was there and the barber that saved my life was there and the man that was you don’t know what you know until you know it and when you discover you know what you already knew and that you learned different things about yourself and you have pizza coming and an indian restaurant is near and it hurt last year but it’s better today and once you get to the promised moment all that led up to it is different as staying in the moment is about making certain your day is what you are experiencing and that there is one day and the sun and the moon experience one day too and so does earth and titan and it’s all on the same day it takes light to travel here dillions of light years but this moment and alpha centauri’s moment are the same moment yes the light takes millions of years to get here but the timing on our planets is the same and alpha centauri just because it takes light years to see the last moment that the light came from does not change the fact that alpha centauri is sharing this moment with us right now and i would take the hyper loop and stretch it down the sides of the highway like a 400 MPH monorail up the sides of the highway and i would explode a bomb under neath a metal plate and send the satellite off of it from 12 different points around the globe to show of it’s weather insensitiveness and i would spend four years and i can do this alone i can go to the grocery store and buy the food pyramid and figure out what combination of that food pyramid do i need to eat to get the good shits and i’d start with not eating bread and then i would study paw paw trees and grow them in my garden and prune them and work them into majesties and i would comission an encyclopedia to be written about the internet better now than after the knowledge disappears


Carl Cox had the basslines that soothed my soul and google play is getting data on me that is more than old ancient stars that gravitate towards this planet and set loose a cosmos that is fit for a dialectic kremetic esoteric let it get the hectic you know you are in the house when the house is playing music and chicago house is like this thing that you needed some equipment to do this and musicians never mastered the keyboard but i did and the karma whores were looking for likes and up vote this if you have a master plan and down vote this if you have a master plan and just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it but sometimes because you can do it is the very reason you should do it and i come from a land few understand republicans and democrats and we mostly republican in this city and we don’t think much is funny but we don’t think much isn’t fun either and we go to court just to flex our muscle and we do the serious ceremonies and avoid all of it altogether and africans come together in their elder states and elder states men meet around chess tables at McDonald’s and in Walnut Hills and I feel at home in the safety of it all and there are no guns and cows guts are being serves and the fries are soaked in crisco oil and we find the finest oil the mineral oil and we bath in it.


Listening to Yelawolf and thinking to myself they come from all over the United States people coming to a realization that they have something to say and WordPress is like at a 99% completion point they just have a list they need to make yelawolf smelling like ralph lauren so foreign to indians and africans from india and africa this how this nation gets down I am jesus and when he came back you know he did some technical shit back in the day and then came back with something to say and if I had the choice to live in any time period the first black president is where i would stay and I had a choice when i wanted to be born eminem was like hit that 70 lick and i was like ima make that 80 stick and here we sit listening to music generated by music generators and there was never a rock star on the keyboard making alphabets do their bidding so since i have a new tool best believe their gonna be some new rules you can come sit next to me and if you want a photo you don’t even have to ask me and you can film me wherever you find me and best believe i’ll start acting crazy and bitch mouth off and i’ll wipe this allergy on you and i think about jesus and the other day i looked just like him to the point people stopped me on the street and asked if i WAS jesus and ima just like no to these people but behind the scenes i’m like hell yeah and i had the choice to navigate through the dna i was like in heaven i was european blood and and i want all the tricked out shit but not wealthy as shit so there still work to trick and they like you gotta come in from between these legs and i was like cincinnati where general electric and proctor and gamble headquartered and they was like yes and i was like bet let me hit that and clearly they think there is something wrong with me come from another century here to lay it down and i think ritz the rapper when the work is done start making sounds and all cincinnati needs is a 24/7 stage but then the niggas would rush that shit and you best admit when you a nigga all you can think to do is make some noise and i come with my intelligence and it’s my stage so there no host and we talk nephlo when the game on the glow and you better know i’m slightly racist with a slight distaste for real niggas that looks for reasons to fuck a european over and you threatened to kill me so i’m here to thrill thee with my now i’m set off and you a felon you get no time from me and my mental disease is reading and writing grandiose thoughts and rapid speech so you know they see a rapper in me but i just keep my head to the crease and keep my fingers on the f and j key and i know it fuck jesus they even put my fingers on the letters that keep me centered and if it fuck jesus then you know jesus get fucked and if this about anything at all just let me know because the more you state there is something wrong with me is to the extent i prove there is something wrong with you and you went out of your way to prove there was something wrong with me so you know ima go out my way to prove there is something wrong with you by just being myself and if i need to i’ll upload all my work to the net and skirt and leave this old man in the dirt without dropping dirt on his body just lay him in a field and do the least to this thing but you ain know jesus is a man that gets serious and you wear the necklace but you ain got the face and if you want to know how he comes back every millionth european looks like him and the italian church hates that look because beauty a sin in case you didn’t know and they made famous the face of the man that does shit like this and now i’m clean cut but i’m still me and that photo was painted before there were barbers and a real barber keeping jesus at bay and ya’ll got your tattoos on serious and i got no tattoos on serious and they gonna cancel my account for the attitude i cop and yelawolf and eminem is best friends but i ain got no best friend aside from my invisible friend that i manifest one letter at a time and you might want to talk to me and that’d be cool with me i don’t need security to keep the readers at bay and da fuck is a fan anyways i see people coming together for ancient ceremonies more ancient than the rock a city and roll out of town with the cash and you could stay forever in a city and never leave and rock a city and make the women wet and quite frankly i said i was coming to earth so criminals came and played by my rules just because they could get effects ya’ll in my set and i stare at the world and you never knew what you needed to know and fucking me over is no way to go i just keep writing and let the letters flow and you could sit here and you on a mic like you ain even know this was my show and i got fucked o ver and quite frankly it pisses me off that my body ain perfect and my face filled with snot nose and my hair was long like this song goes and you could play a hot flow to this writing that be no one knows and i keep it sentient to keep it on the rose that has a thorn that drips morning dew and what did you do i’m selling ads and as the cash comes in the television spots will come and the negation of their work ethic will be their undone it’s work ethic until there are none that have shit to say and if your project scope is infinite you better have a foundation setting your work in place and if you need to get that c3 you best do that shit and finish your work and store your writings in hard drives that are easy to drive and the internet was insight into a generation’s intelligence and i was taking classes and i’m not even smarter than you i’m more educated and it’s because you followed people that were not worth following and you all saw cash on the drawing board and i was like you mean the paper and coins and ya’ll was like no we gonna encrypt a penny and force to find even a dime and i was like and then ya’ll gonna exchange that shit on the foreign exchange market and you was like hell yeah and then some guy came out with his own bit coin and someone else came out with a lit coin and so now there like four crypto currencies and the dollar still strong can’t get a snickers bar with a bit coin at shell station and ya’ll debating and articulating the future of the computer and i’m here using it in it’s final form the thing that just sits here and to make it clear it should be done by now and you should be copping residuals off your hard work but i read that google flew in a plane full of new york whores for an orgy and facebook killed a bull and ate it and the leaders of the new school never took my class and i took all the classes and busted yo ass with calculus.


If this is going to be a new aspect of nature this internet they should finish their work or they should state that the hardware is the new nature or on some level a federal issuance of direction should be given to the effect that the internet is a part of nature or not and quite frankly if it is a part of nature the internet fine, then i have to MOTHERFUCKING learn security analysis and it’s the weak part of my work flow and quite frankly I have gotten as far as hosting a file on my desk top computer and working to keep it there and tie off the access to read only and I wonder if i set my local drive files to read only could i develop a computer that hosts a computer on it so long as it’s on wifi and could i develop an internet strategy where with one of my desktops you host your file on my hard drive and then that’s your website and it’s not a browser based GUI fuck no it’s a list of files if you want to see a photo click the .jpg file and when you visit my computers unique IP address that you type into your browser it pulls up my computer directly and what am i trying to say here i’m in cincinnati and am washed in General Electric language daily and if i ever decide to bounce on this writing career and play the role of a source of content for this thing if i ever even catch wind that they are never going to finish their work i start programming the programmable and i do it my way and ya’ll can suck it i fucking hate unfinished work in a cash flow system if you do not adhere to nasa standards when you code you are not a programmer to the extent that bug fucks up your year at this point is to the extent that you are a professional unfinished work is unwanted and i’m close to writing a book on how the Cincinnati Hardware Software Initiative started and we start with our hands and we reimagine the hardware starting with an abacus and i get your off on but an abacus is the processing unit i would use i’d build an abacus out of tree limbs and leaves and spend 6 months fantasizing about my abacus that could have been built in the pre stone age that’s how finished this thing should be it should have been done before i got here. I don’t know store a website on a read only cd and linke the internet up to a cd set to read only that is done. Something like that, a computer with a cd drive with a website on the cd and to the extent that i want websites is to the extent that i make cd’s. i’m more than just a man, i actually attended and graduated a lifelong education system.


Mo Bounce in the muffucking house, Iggy Azalea, type of music I get down to the beats that give me seizures, if your music don’t give me a seizure i get pissed off, but it’s because unless i’m getting seizures I know i can’t get you that insurance money to offer your sound as a pharmaceutical. In my world MO BOUNCE is prescribed by a psychiatrist to a patient that is depressed and we just let em listen to mo bounce til they cheer up. I’m talking insurance money for seizure inducing music. It don’t do nothing. Like when it comes to iggy azalea i mean there some people that put it together pharmaceutical style and when i’m sitting here bouncing my shoulders in a mcdonalds on some i’m talking i can’t help but dance to this so i know it at least as potent as aspirin and it affects the brain directly, not giving a fuck what she said, it induced a seizure.  I can’t go through that entire federal process and fight with the old school for 30 years until they ain on this planet anymore over whether or not mo bounce is a pharmaceutical knowing the whole time i’m in their bedroom reading them the riot act the whole time unless i file the right paper work that MO BOUNCE is a stimulant and I can’t get even with Cincinnati the way I need to get even with Cincinnati unless i file the right form and i have to find the right form and when i do doctor beck is going to prescribe me mo bounce three times a day 365 a year and iggy azalea is going to get $500,000 a year because i went about it in a way that required every psychiatrist to make music option number one and quite frankly pills no.  I can’t do that unless they fuck with me one more time.  and monster by kanye west


Anna Sun was published three years ago and I was writing when the sun came out and the world was trying to understand why I would sit and decide the things I needed to decide no i haven’t approached congress yet about pharmaceutical music but that is a meeting away and there are no FDA regulations on music but to speak to an expert about music in regards to what you should listen to based on how you feel is tantamount to getting insurance money for a CD that you pass to the next person and who wants musicians to get paid more than me and i want to be paid and it’s the artists that have the hardest time getting paid and musicians have the hardest time getting paid unless they do shows and then the house manager jacks them around and you have to have a cult to be a successful music act and look basic income in coming because RICHARD BRANSON is interested in it and no one thinks about it but you on basic income end up with a feeling of that’s it, it’s a different world, one where the arts shine and if you don’t like art don’t like basic income because art is a thing that people make when they have time to make it and what are we fighting over in basic income it’s the man that takes advantage of it the wealthy like donald trump who got a basic income of $50 Million dollars from his father better be in favor of it because when it comes to wealth and riches and cash and money it’s about who has more than who so to give everyone the same amount of money is blasphemy because then the good looking man with the college degree is subject to first come first serve at the library for computers just like the little hood rats that come in to play roblox and his important work at the library has to use a laptop instead of a desktop and he noticed the books on the shelves and they aren’t what he reads the hood rats are at the library because they need babysitting and basic income is really about people being able to afford homes and it’s a process getting everyone squared away but once squared away what then and I THINK University Graduates should get a basic income because they are over money at that point and I think that the poor make a lot of poor decisions that’s why they are poor like i’m making a wealthy decision keeping this journal up and this writing journal up because I get cash selling advertising next to this writing and if you are not at least doing this or something in the good decision category in the arts at this point or engineering i don’t know what to tell you … be poor.


Rage Against the Machine from it’s inception album with the kid on the cover in the russian fatigues I’m like in the league of the authors that oh snap the discoveries are coming in I think I might get too thin rocking out here with this mini thin laptop I get lost in my thoughts and then find a way to the promised land as the cliche’s are too new to me maybe one day I’ll say something that has yet to be said wrote the village voice and let them know it’s their choice to be in digital as an industry they publish their authors that decided to write and have no need and there are publishing houses that do better work I have to check my search to see who to publish first on this blog and my posts are out of order and i do not understand what to do next and i keep writing and bleeding this into the realms of the realities that are this is nothing i write when i have nothing to say and i write when i have something to say i just keep my kata’s up and block the shock of that i do this and for a living is the next step and i keep writing and saying something and if you want to be where someone is writing you want to be near me and i keep seeing something coming and i am running out of ways to speak the designated space and if there was a way to order my posts i would be doing it that way maybe there is a function i can correct and come to the fruition knowledge drops of dandelions i am sighing and surrendering to something i have no control over and the contrails behind my writing sails is far from perfect i am surfing through thoughts and wondering which way to write next as I have a platonic relationship with the internet and we are not done yet.


I am listening to Metallica and I had that good sleep, that good good sleep, I just slept for like 10 hours on top of the 8 hours I slept earlier in the day and my mind is silent. I have no extraneous thoughts and I just did a exotic sleep day. I feel refreshed and I was worried the head state I was in would last forever but some solid sleep ended it. I know that no matter what the hemispheres of my brain go through the cerebelex is still paying attention, the tools of the mind get caught up in the exotic inputs of the internet and life but the cerebelex pays attention the entire time. I am silent minded now and in terms of hearing things there is none of that it’s just a complex mind that was simplified by some sleep. I write now wondering if I still have the do I have to be exhausted to write in a manner that is original and will the thoughts stem from me as powerfully maybe 8 hours a day is what I need but I find that I would rather not be original and be silent minded instead and still minded puts it better when my brain does what my brain needs to be my brain I find that sleeping got it done. I find that you can extol a virtue and still be humble and if you took a word processor and evenly spaced out the words and it would be very ancient just a tablet that lets you scan over letters and the meaning is up to you to discern and now i write less because I have less stress. I encounter digressions of characters lessons I learn later troughs and compressions and I turn out the testament to the one and only we find that there is something you can do with a lesson you learned and there is a moment in time that is worth listening to and every day is more religion than the next and the religious seem straight forward and they do their shows and i do mine and i write like i have a spine and i collect mine and worry about yours and we take the element of surprise and add it to the periodic table and no one saw it coming and we were testing ourselves with drugs and the drugs gave us shrugs and we were cool with whatever happened and it was the people that never did the drugs that lived the everyone did drugs we were just who we were and you could excite me and let me understand that it would be over soon and i have to go get dinner now but it was cool to write you.


I just ran into umbisi and he was telling me as the businessman umbisi that he needs a book revenue stream and he is going to do an ebook and i was like i did 37 of those and they on kdp.com and he said he was going to use that too and i was like cool and then i said i get paid like $5 a month and he was like you can do better and i was like you on your first book and i don’t do anything for that cash and he was like i was looking into starting a blog and was like you have to download software and i was like wordpress.com and he was like silent and then he asked to see my blog and was like oh this just some bullshit and i was like writing big in europe and russia too not something that took off in africa yet we do other things too like cars and televisions and buildings and electrical and then he went to read it and he was like this ain shit and he let me read it and he was like oh you know how to read and i was like yeah i spent like 30,000 hours reading and he was like that’s not even possible and i was like tell me one more time what’s possible african and he was like i’m homeless and can’t read and i was like i got hemmed up and have a university degree and he like all into business without a lick of reading in him and even he got to the point where he knew a book was good business but it was just bullshit to him so like i was like how about if you start a blog and i’ll work on mine and we can leave comments on each other’s blogs and then i got pissed and walked to mcdonalds and just left him in the dust i got no patience for people that can’t read if you in your 30’s and you doing business and you don’t read just don’t talk to me and i don’t care if this an after school special where two thirty year old men sit at a picnic table together and one got a book and the other learning to read it ain like that he just never put in his time and i did and i read spectacularly in real time and he reads letter by letter and i’m just like if this about reading good to know they need people to program.


I was listening to cold play and i thought my playlist was quite popular i listened to a lot of popular music on this continent and in the continent before this one and I knew that digweed was the finest and that ministry of sound was the nicest and it’s hard to listen to the best music for long periods of time unless you are laying in bed and going to sleep where i listen to my BT and i like writing music and i just heard an 80’s drum sample in a cold play song and i’m disappointed and i notice 80’s night didn’t make it into the 20’s damn 80’s night didn’t last forty years and there never was a 90’s night and i know why because a 90’s night involves a lot of cigarettes and coffee and people talking about how we need to change some shit and then the naut’s the 00’s that was when we stunted on being here and then the teens is all beautiful music and melodies and reading and writing and trying to be perfect and i notice that we are getting there and yeah i want to run a night club where we stay open all night and last call is 2:00am and then we stay open til nigga we never close and it’s a 24/7 night club and there is no dress code but everyone that works there wears a suit or a dress and no nigga it’s not a homeless shelter and there is a two drink minimum and for fuck’s sake why do the homeless always congregate around the 24/7 places and fucker why didn’t you do something different and no i don’t know your story i’m homeless right now and my family would give me a roof if it was just me and the weather da fuck you mean you have a fucked up family? why nigga why is your family fucked up? why everyone in your family doing fine cept you and they won’t give you no roof? da fuck nigga da fuck up with homelessness all the people want to be wealthy but they come from fucked up families my family just exploring the system right now in Cincinnati just in case and like it ain bad but your family the family that ain mine you just made your first good decision and now you think you king shit and even then making that good decision you embedded a fucked up decision in it and you posturing yourself and comparing yourself to the masters of the universe and you just saw a toothpick for the first time you posturing yourself up against the people that built the empire and you just realized if you ain do shit you gonna act like you the shit and we sitting here knowing we did the all and even have robots on other planets and you did invent stunting but be mild mannered in a bar you go to you and discuss how you headed the team that sent a rover to mars and see if you don’t get pissed off real quick in the presence of i hear that cape canaveral bar hard to fuck with and bitches just line up for astronauts like women from around the world cater to astronauts in cape canaveral being like you want your dick sucked now and later? nauts call em now and laters because they be sucking yo dick now and later for installing that hubble space telescope and you think you king shit because you rhymed reason with treason and you developed a system for writing your shit and yeah a stadium did fill up for you but you did need to get your song on the radio and you needed a music video and you had to go to la first and then you had to have the approval of universal records and like 1500 people approved your application for a stadium show and when i did my stadium show i held up a sign and stood there outside riverfront stadium and was like i ain homeless i’m home and i want everyone to see my website so i’m meeting and greeting everyone at the convention center and i hear it’s called networking but i do need to meet like 500 people in a year’s time and i’ll just hang around the thing i want to fill up, no need to go to la or ny at all and yeah nick lachey didn’t think of this, because nick lachey sings, he has people that do his thinking for him, i don’t sing, i do the talking.


Sitting here listening to DJ Shadow knowing god damned good and well i’m the next michael j fox from family ties that is repping family values in a gangster way like if michael j fox had been raised with tupac that episode where fox in the studio banging out that republican glory rap album and he staring at the internet like da fuck is that and his family employed and he like naw fuck that ima get my elon musk on an sell cologne in a mars shaped bottle and take it as far as that and let it go naw i do be needing that revenue stream from just all up in the republican values just like they ain never wrong these poor people fucked up not once but every day for decades and we have a public school system and a private school system and an adult education system and niggas still ain knowing how to read and fox’s mom call the psych ward on him because he too republican and then she testify against him and take him out to lunch later that day and fox on anti psychotics and he still family values and he psychotic about destroying the church because it don’t pay taxes and like family values like pissed off at roseane for fucking with his vibe and all up in family values like family ties the show that led to my family won and like fox looking at that j in his name like they trying to say something i was destined to come back and like da fuck they do to me they crucified me well fuck that all ya’ll got to die naw i ain going to the white house that ain proper ima go to the house of representatives in my state house and keep my story straight and yo this weed here the shit and like i wasn’t racist until that black dude raped me but i’m still family values just gangster family values and like mom made cookies last night and your mom smoked crack so i win and you do be avoiding that crack pipe but you do sell it and i buy it off you and i smoke it and my family excelsior and your family pimps and hoes and fuck me you mean i owe you $500 it was my computer you stole and like family ties when fox talking about going to london and the family like what about school and he like naw i want to club for a year and they like but design school and fox like i’ll go when i come back and i got shit to do too and then family values like adam got a full ride and emily graduated in florida and daniel a teacher i just write and like fox is me and like them family ties family values when dad a leading surgical assistant whatever the fuck that is hard to pigeon hole that in my brain but he teaching it at the university and apparently it’s a new field that is taught at a branch and  he graduated from a branch and went on to teach at a branch and yo boy ain homeless for three years because of you and then everyone said he had to go that day and like you ain throw his clothes out on the lawn and like family values and they pissed because they ain see you evict him cold hearted like and that joint you smoking makes it all go away and you know you the head of a family and she did what married an albino a red eyed clear skinned albino why i ain have a problem with him and like why these girls marrying all these fucked up dudes where the men in my girl’s lives and like ya’ll getting married why none of em men and like you met a girl in another city and you ain live out your days in cincinnati you just gonna leave me hanging and daniel you ain never gonna talk to me and emily you never call and like i’m going through hell da fuck they telling you about me?


Nigga just asked me if i was selling my laptop and i was like nigga i don’t buy shit to sell shit get the fuck out of here leave me alone might have been being polite though not certain where he coming from sitting here listening to dj micro thinking i buy shit i need not a bunch of shit i don’t need so that i can sell shit no one needs to people that live in the free world nigga fucking up even looking at me that he knows my skin color pisses me off not giving a fuck if he the first race of people know he is and i know in mozambique they just had an albino fashion show shortly before they departed all their pre european people and i know what happened africans morphed into europeans and racism was instilled in africans to begin with like europeans and down syndrome children they just hated us and we migrated north and the weather changed our syndrome into a feature and africans hate our color skin they know they the first people and as the first people they did nothing at all and when they say the first will be last and the last will be first in the bible even 400 years ago they knew africans were the first but they would be the last to modernize and europeans were the last and they were the first to modernize and i take it further it interpret the first will be last and the last will be first in terms of religion and that israeli religion was the first and it will be the last to find peace and figure out what an internet is and the united states of america was the last nation on earth and we were the first to modernize and africans just in last place in everything ain a thing an african ever did that anyone ever gave a fuck about because no one gives a fuck about an african on this entire planet not even africans. took me 15 years to even get a grip on what jesus meant in the modern age when he said the first will be last and the last will be first and it was a riddle for years and i had to understand race and the differences and culture and at one point it was applied to daniel and myself and then i was like naw the bible ain talking about me and i was like the riddles that stick out in my head another reason to crucify someone, they talk in riddles.


Cincinnati got this one thing, listening to Resurrection by Tupac, he the only nigga whigga citizen refugee whateva that i know of that made it into the united states and out of it and he only made it out as far as cuba which the usa got it’s eye on, and a manager i worked for at blockbuster that was a day the day she let me know she spent her manager money at blockbuster on a villa in france, but whatever, i’m still here, listening to pac’s wack ass flows which were most of them, no one ever talks about pac’s wack ass shit just the hits, and anyways if you want to make it in cincinnati the first thing you need to know is everything about new york city, and the second thing you need to know is that there is no stage to perform on, you can only make music videos and there this one robot they built downtown which is oz and no one is the man in cincinnati but everyone knows the man, and cincinnati the city where if a weed deal go wrong it’s not your fault it’s your dealer’s fault, and you gotta have cash in hand at a deal there is no frontin, and you want to work on your exchange in cincinnati the whole cash for the service and no one knows how to do it but it happens everyday, know a pg front when you come to cincinnati know the work of a former proctor and gamble employee that wanted to make it on their own so they spent their paycheck on a front, know that ge knows everything there is to know about electricity and they know what i know where you take a lightbulb and you circuit it into a series with 500 solar panels and your light bulb a 50,000 watt lightbulb and you spark it with the sun and then when the light bulb goes live it generates more electricity than it produces that night and no batteries are linked up to it it just provides electricity and the difficult part is the component of the circuit that sends the excess electricity out of the lightbulb and nikola tesla didn’t think of solar panels and elon musk did and he ain mention solar panels lately and i don’t know why he set with that, and the component that sends the electricity from the solar panels out into the next grid that like your house you have an air conditioning unit outside and you have a light bulb in a box and woe be he that opens the box with the lightbulb or instant blindness talking brighter than the sun here and we hoping luminelectric power is the next generation and then you can power your home on a at least during the day you have the sun powering a light bulb brighter than it powering solar panels and in this you find the genius in me.


Listening to Clipse Grindin, Google Play! Shout out to Ma Dedudo! Yo I’m about to introduce you to CHESS! You gotta get yourself a scrabble board and get yourself 32 dice and you gotta get your stickers out and you gotta put a sticker on the one side of YO dice and yo man gotta put the sticker on the one side of HIS dice and now you got two sets starting off that you got all the control over on one side of the board you got control of the set every move and on the other side of the board he got control of the set every move and either of you can make a move on their side of the board but when they do you get 10 moves you can make and if you make a move on his side of the board he get 10 moves he can make on his side of the board and you make certain you making moves on your side of the table but you also gotta make certain not to fuck up and put yourself on a position SIKE you set your black pieces up 16 strong singles up on yo side the board and then yo man set his 16 pieces of opposite color his side the board and then you play to 100 moves and what you do is play DICE CHESS and previous set up CHESS this dice chess, CHESS a game where you keep building on the rules man lay out a rule you lay out the next rule but like YOU AIN READY FOR CHESS but like Dice Chess a game like this the pieces are set 16 centered on the scrabble board 8 across two up two down on a 10 board and like you got your centered 8’s on a ten board and you one up and one in from the sides of the board and your lead pieces three rows up from your south and you got that first move where you can either i put the most thought into this chess organic like you take your first move and you take your left north piece and you turn it to a 3 and then your man on the other side take his piece and he move his piece one forward and you two moves in now and the purpose of this game be to take as many pieces as you can by landing on the exact location of a piece and then you stack that piece up and the goal is to get the tallest stacked dice and i played this game before it was scrabble where you laid the tiles on top of tiles and it was scrabble with levels and then you aiming to get your tower the tallest and the owner of the tallest tower it a slow moving strategy game and my original design was to play to 100 moves and have the most pieces left and then i came up with in this math the tallest dice tower and it the same game but to the tallest tower and that’s an epic long game need special pieces for that unless your dice fall and if it fall when you stacking it up your man get your pieces that like 5 games right there with some dice and a chess board.


Eminem had a joint and then he had four more and then it got to the point that every time he smoked good weed he did a joint and I think about metrics and you talk about sucking dick and we side kicks and you could consider the detroit city the motor city but i’m the rotor to this city it riots when I think of leaving and i get the smokes from the da fuck am i stunting for this ain a publicity stunt that i expect to get paid for this is my work and so that i don’t waste your time i’ll talk about more than rhymes and I get that rhyme is reason but reason is reason too and you counter with reason is a digital audio work station and i counter with reason is reason and i need a reason to do something and making a grip of monies is reason enough to get my fingers tough and i touch women and you could call me the women spinner the way i they don’t pay attention and don’t want to talk about business because women don’t do business and it’s an interest they don’t have and so I talk women talk with women and they talk fashion design and i talk dresses but really when you with a woman and you wonder if she ever did anything first and you get to the point where you design fashion and they talk about fashion design but the failed professors don’t know designing fashion is just that design fashion graphic design has to do with designing graphics like a graphic like this trying to increase the length of a women’s neck with rings or putting a wooden plate in her front lip no that’s what africans do with women and dip set makes em eat bloody tampons and they wonder why their women hate them and ours hate us because we are not them when you love to be punished for not being a man you’re a european woman and industrial design is when you design industries and digital design is when you design digits which is content for social media misfits and when you do urban design you are assisting with figuring out how it can be made possible to have a down town metropolitan city that does not have africans and isn’t that a thought a city without an african and they can think the same thought a city without a european and we spend seasons debating with satan whether jesus deserves to be in hell and there is architecture which is working with contractors to take your contract and you the man that as an architect takes his time and draws a picture on a napkin, a frame, yeah he want’s an a frame, he said he wanted something original, i know i heard him he said a frame, and NIGGA IS YOU THE ARCHITECT, he said a frame, i know i can build something different, look you fucking blue collars fucks i’m the architect and i said a frame i know but the client, said nigga did he come to my architecture firm i said a frame and don’t put a suicide driveway in the basement and no he doesn’t need a basement we have to level this entire city and build a frames SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU TWITS currently there are not enough fire exits and currently there is a need for a fire department you want to be creative it’s made of stone …


Common talking about rolling a rolls I talk about the difference between chicago and ohio and i might not know bout the flow but i know bout the O and quite frankly I know it a stove that change the way we go you could say you glow but we on da corner and we knowing our clothes are covered in folds and o like yo you want to be down with we like we speak right we roam the streets until we eat right and then it deep nights filled with conversations between knights we bleed light and expect anyone in our midst to see write and we glow with a fight in our past that is hard to recite and no you can’t go to the show and if you do you will have further to go so you sit and take a second and admit that there was a time before this time and you serving it you could earn this but you a fertile herbalist and you knowing what up underneath her skirt is and it used to be all there was earth and the smirk on your face is hard to ignore you think like a whore and your war is hard to share with a clitoris this the christ you get the jist you fucking missed this and it’s time to go and on the count of three there used to be just finding the studio and then the best buy was to get the gear and no one used it and consumers do just that and as a matter of fact using equipment you bought at best buy is all that’s wack and you ain build your shit and you could get your connect get a british computer and see if it work you talk french but you think british and you could connect with the whispers of the wind and this rhetoric for those that don’t know but the differences are so thin and you write like you taking on the wind


Listening to sarah mclachlan I was sitting on the porch eating some pizza my father brought the homeless shelter; 2 bearcat adriatico’s pizzas that changed my understanding of social work and noted that the worst conditions are only a best pizza in the city away and some coca cola and root beer away from being homes and my father was sitting there talking to a woman that was schizophrenic and she was in her world talking to no one and i had to tell him to leave her alone she is busy and then i walked to the counter and let them know i needed my things and i told my father i was going to mcdonalds and i didn’t thank him for the pizza and kept it cold like it was just 30 minutes prior and didn’t even act like the pizza mattered because i still had six months of this to go through and he lived in a house and i called the fire department on a leak and then i felt compelled compelled even and was left with after thoughts of instead of going downtown and handling it for a week i could have slept outside my apartment but i didn’t do that i focused on an 8 hour walk and made it happen and just got downtown and now i’m in this homeless shelter after my world fell apart but my parents bought pizza and i told him i have to go work on my website and he just acted like it was another meeting and i was like he didn’t seem like he saw what i saw so i was like i gotta go and it’s not like he’s an astranged father i never saw before and i pulled that on him we eating indian food in a day or so together where i’ll explain to him why that happened but for right now i wanted to write about michael jordan and mugsy bogues and how everyone is fantasizing about being michael jordan but mugsy bogues also made it into the professional basketball association and when michael jordan is dunking on you it’s like an honor but when a 5 foot tall nigga jumps up and dunks on you it’s a fucking miracle when a five footer jumped from the circle and lays one down on you when a man 5 foot gets his 2 foot tall arm up above a ten foot rim you wonder da fuck the shortest man make it into the nba during it when it was the most heated and there was the most personality and ahmad rashad decided it was the hoops championships that decided the fate of the world and if you think about it michael jordan like 66 and he dunked and bogues like 50 and i think bogues had the better legs and i know how jordan trained but i have no idea how a superior athlete trained and that athletes name is bogues and if i can get away with deciding the fate of humanity oh wait i already did.


Listening to the din of mcdonalds I even thought of the programmers, in my mind a programmer is a weak man that has issues with women that his father didn’t have in the 1980’s programming but today with the internet their ego is broken by rappers that stunt on their shiny new wrist watch, i imagine a world where today’s programmers give rise to tomorrow’s rock star programmers and to help them with my insight into creativity and knowledge i present to the programmer the programmer specific dating app with ok cupid, friendster, myspace, facebook, tindr, craigslist, can’t forget the whores on craigslist, and the whores on backpage, start your own dating site for YOU be the programmer that wins a woman’s heart by casting a wide net and collecting data on 500 women and then culling it down to the woman you have the best match with, take your php skills and create a custom dating site for YOU that then doubles as a keepsake that you collect your memories with your girlfriend girlfriends whatever just get her pregnant not giving a fuck if it’s fuck.com or whatever pass it around share fuck.com and ideally fuck make work worth it when you oh she won’t give a fuck but you could at least show her your regular income check take her out to the jewelry shop and be like bitch here’s a ring, then next day be like come on we going ring shopping, come on time to go for a necklace, fine i’ll do it myself every payday come home with a piece of jewelry on the condition she wear that shit, get in on a personal first name basis with jacob just keep being like give me the $150 dollar ring and collect em and bracelets and take 5% of your income and budget it towards jewelry and then figure out what else do you have to on top of the food electric mortgage student loan budgets budget money towards to make her happy i know you want to know that that make it rain budget where you just strip her naked get her to pop her ass cheeks up and down and you slide quarters between her ass cheeks looking and then i’m city and then you got the whole spraying her down with whipped cream and washing that off with maple syrup and throwing her in the shower to wash it off and then you douse her with mineral oil and slide your dick in between those ass cheeks smartly washing your dick off after she shit on it slightly and then you got them greeting cards you get her and the flowers and talk to your boss why do you need a raise because your bitch decided she wants 7 diamond rings a week and not ruby’s tell him that and he’ll understand, yes you get a raise, because your bitch as greedy as scrooges bitch.


Listening to Everyday Life the Everyday Life with Ted Cookerly their first album I just want to give big ups to Jesus for that black ops operation he led in year 0 that was the perfect set up to the man that looked like the painting that looked like some man that they said was him I look like the last man that was the return of christ and this christian music rocks harder than anything secular ever came up with like secular artists on the mic care about what the audience thinks and has hang up and cares about coffee shops and malls and thinks about the viability of their message but christian rock just cares about god and rocking and that’s about it like in the history of music it was christian music is bad but it rocks harder than anything the elite boogy cliqey Univeral records compendium would ever care about and habitually it is the christian that is deeper in their passion in their art that some city kid raised on television i mean you get involved in enough mind altering worship services and what you do on a mic becomes something you give little fuck about and quite frankly i need to start going to church to explain to them what i went through in the psych ward and i need to give my testimony so that i can give my revenge like find a church like crossroads when my hair grown all jesus like 2 years from now and be like alright here’s my testimony come on let’s go pray outside their offices and accost some wanna be scientists come on church CHURCH i just gave my testimony LET’s RIDE ON SOME BITCHES i look like jesus so i know you wit me and i grew my hair out long so the photo ops would be perfect and then if you think about it who are the freaks church kids all the city kids want to know what it is to be cool and it’s not doing drugs it’s the kids that were raised in church that end up being cool like katy perry she was raised in church and britney spears was raised in disney and like katy perry a freak and britney spears a dancing dancer dance a thon and like i mean if you were raised around a large diverse group of people of multiple ages and from multiple families if you had kids your own age to play with every day for thousands of years by the time you an adult you going to be cool like in my world when i find the right chick it’s like alright come on time to take the newborn to church and we make certain as an infant it’s first memories are of church like I I I I I I EYE I I I I I I I I  don’t need to go to church my kid does, so when you see me in church with my wife girlfriend lover significant other roommate whatever that thing when you see me with her and we have a little bundle of joy with us and we at church it ain for US it for the kid, that’s our this thing going to be awesome machine and yeah i do think church is for kids and i mean if you want to be around youth church is cool too but like i ain stepping foot into a church without and infant but when i do it’s for 18 years.  For about 4 years it’s been about judas in my world but when i think of jesus as being in the black ops as a CHRIST in the black ops now i’m like FUCK JUDAS it’s about jesus see when i think of Judas as being with the CIA and jesus is a cult leader i’m like hell yeah fuck jesus turn his ass in not giving a fuck if he crucified that what he get BUT if i think of jesus as in the black ops now i’m like FUCK judas blew his cover so FUCK JUDAS ISCARIAT FUCK JUDAS jesus was in the black ops that’s the shit that had to go down so that our sins would be forgiven and jesus had to say some cold shit on the cross to make us cool with it so like jesus said i died for your sins and like that cold blooded only black ops could be down with something so cold like dying for sins like jesus a black ops martyr and that a different jesus than cult leader jesus that the cia had to invetigate black ops jesus the jesus i’m down wit.  I do have incomplete knowledge of the bible but i do bible studies in my head with the fragments of the bible that are left wondering when i’m going to stop giving a shit about a FUCKING BOOK! it’s like give your kid a book club every sunday for 18 years and 20 years later he still trying to figure out what you did to him.  I think what it is about me is that i went hardcore in church and i went hardcore in school and those are the two places most people ignore i went hardcore in the two places most people shit on the most and i read an entire history book and i read an entire bible slowly in my formative years so i have history and religion in me and history like looking at the world like a game of risk yeah you google and facebook today or you britney spears and katy perry today and you got like 50 stacks on your territory but some attacking country has like 150 and they rolling dice and ya’ll slowly getting destroyed but you had a good run and like history and the game of risk have a lot to do with each other like in the game of risk you can factually know that against all odds a single piece will take out 14 pieces and not be moved on dice rolls if you hit a lucky strike and like history to me a game of risk and like i played enough risk to know yeah there what should go well and there what really happesns and then like religion a book to me that like the gangster’s handbook like the number one thing jesus did that i ain never going to do is start a company like it got to the point with the bible that i learned what not to do like the entire thing a book about what you should not do and thinking for yourself big and like between a risk game and list of things not to do like the one i focus on lately of NOT LEAVING A CITY because they come back and love you for your journey and then you end up getting killed somehow for their hatred of your exploration and like i take the bible and the history book like a lesson in risk and how to survive. i do know that and the reason you ain supposed to start a fat company at 28 is because all those other 28 year old men you bringing together could be under the guidance of other 50 year old men. make sense.


I’m listening to Bobby Shmurda right now hot nigga , while he in rikers, facing his charges, much love bobby shmurda, the media still loves you, boooooooobby shmurda, see you when you get out, so anyways, africans in the united states of america do be customizing themselves, i never saw a woman give less of a fuck about her hair than an african woman and the other woman is the european woman, i don’t really have opinions on asians or latins or indians but i do know indians are into sauce and i don’t know where indians kick it, looks like the grocery store the one they own, yeah there a lil immigration set up in cincinnati helping indians come to University of cincinnati and go to engineering school so that i have classes to drop when i see them teaching, da fuck you have me in a classroom with someone that learned english yesterday in cincinnati, dropping that class, and dropping the class where they teach you how to understand an indian, anyways, hate those classes, i never took an african american studies class but i did study african americans and there are no latins or asians to study so i have cultural references contrasting europeans and africans in the united states and i still don’t know what it’s like to be an african like i don’t know what it’s like to be my mom and look me up and down much less an african and i assume when an african stares me down they thinking of airplanes and astronauts and interstate highways and they embodying me with paintings and art and they thinking of that african art exhibit with the stick broom in it next to the thousands of european paintings and they thinking of ritchie’s chicken down the street that hasn’t franchised yet next to mcdonalds that has a stack of cars around the corner and they looking at all that when they see me and they thinking how do i get this cash and i’m like i just got 6 sponsorships for my blog and they like can you do that for me and i’m like i can only get sponsors for me and they like who your sponsors and i’m like visit my website and you’ll see and they like my smart phone got a cracked screen and don’t work want to buy it and i’m like my dad works at a hospital and he like my dad a pimp and i’m like i write and he like i sell weed and i’m like here’s $25,000 for a truck of weed and he like cool and he like you decided to sell and i’m like naw i want to be in pain and high every day for 2 years and he like that’s about $25,000 worth of weed and i’m like i know i’m a libra i am the scales and he like oh snap this shit in a briefcase and he like i gotta make a call come on you get plants too, and i’m like straight, and he like this where we grow that shit, and i’m like cool, and he like this your plant you get all the proceeds from the buds from this plant and i’m like cool i’m sponsored, and he like i know, and i’m like this nice, and he like yeah, and i’m like did you know you can put a lightbulb in a box and get electricity and he like do it get hot, and i’m like naw it insulated and he like do it be a light that power lights, and i’m like that’s the one and he like we need one, and i’m like i’ll call amazon and he like we gonna spend it on the same thing, and i’m like but you don’t have any more room for plants, and he like, don’t ask questions, and i’m like where the weed and he like take the money out, and i’m like cool, and he like it ain rubber banded together go get some rubber bands, and i’m like okay so i walk to the store and buy $5 worth of rubber bands and he like rubber band that up so that it $1000 a rubber band. I want to see 25 stacks, and i’m like cool so i start counting and he like that took you four hours, i’m like yeah, he like it should have already been done, and i’m like but the weed though, and he like alright we’ll fill your briefcase up with weed, and i’m like cool, and he like we keeping the briefcase though, and i’m like but the weed, and he like here’s a bag of it, and i’m like, this hard to explain on the bus, he like explain that shit, so i go, lemme see your phone, and he like no, and i’m like, okay cool, so i pray and then i realize that ima just let him hold it, ima like i’ll be back tomorrow i need to get some equipment, and he like, we closed tomorrow and i’m like now you’re open, and he like, okay we open, and i’m like i need to get another briefcase so hold it, he like cool, he like, you down with weed where the money is, and i’m like makes sense, and he like do it make sense if they $500’s and i’m like african it barely makes sense as singles, and he like this ain going well, and i’m like do it have to do with the part where you ain giving me my weed and i just gave you $25,000 and we standing in the same room, and he like yeah, and i’m like, the weed tho, and he like here a dime bag and i’m like, cool let’s smoke, and he like, i need you to leave, and i’m like, okay. business with an african.


I’m listening to rihanna sing about diamonds in the sky and i decided to write this on reddit in a thread about kurt vonnegut’s writing advice, i leave advice like this for people, and just bounce on a nigga … i do be doing that … because i mean reddit has that that thing where at my karma level i can only post every 9 minutes and i want to leave comments for all the comments and explode that thing but utopia locked off for right now but kurt vonneguts writing advice is kurt vonneguts and this is nicholas lawson’s writing advice ….  Setting He said She said Setting He said She said Setting Then this happened Then this happened because that happened He said She said Then this happened He said She said Then this happened Now this the setting She said He said Then someone tried to take his girl literally take her This how she saved his life He said She said Now they here rinse and repeat Then they drank some coffee and stared into each other’s eyes


I’m listening to Rhianna’s Needed Me and I know something about myself and I know i am NOT smart. I’m not. I have a list of drugs I did 25 posts back and I was in a DUI and I hit a dog and watched it scrape out from underneath my car and run away while the car was moving and I didn’t file a lawsuit against the state of ohio when i was 24 for having the audacity to educate me and then question how I experience my education and i’m stupid, but I’m educated which means I went to school for a long as shit amount of time and I have a menu of behavior options at any given moment which makes homelessness a breeze so long as no one is threatening to harm me and I have some food to eat and some water and having a laptop and wifi makes it easier and as far as I can figure it out is to write and then write and then write and i can’t think of anything wrong with writing so I write and as far as I can tell writing is the only protected form of speech not radio or film or photography so I legally see value in writing I can be as NIGGER HORRIFIC DIE FUCK WIT in the doses I need to be in in writing and the judge will approve my sentence because this a protected form of historically protected form of personal expression and the legal cases on film radio and photography have not come in yet but since the 17th century writing has been protected and exhonerated in court and so i write and my education serves me well because I know I can contact bugatti and be like give me a bugatti and they like why and i’m like so i can write about what it’s like to have a bugatti and then i get to do writing+bugatti stories or writing+X and ideally writing +X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X+X++ writing but not there yet and quite frankly which is a phrase I have nastered into use quite frankly I think writing is fun and I love how much I have to write about but am I smart NO i didn’t develop a new field of knowledge my inputs were not exotic enough i never took apart a television at 12 and put it back together the next day and noticed it still worked and had a normal child hood MORE NORMAL than you fucking hood rats that did city shit at 12 and i was playing basketball i was raised on the streets in the suburban world so my morals are more mathematically inclined to well even some of them ended up fucked up but like my math is better than your’s that’s why i keep doing this because this is math to me and most of your math is F quality math and i mean, fuck, surprising how little people give a fuck about what they spend most of their time doing and then it carries over into them not caring about life and you suck you thinking you have no choices from bad homes this another rant on me explaining to an idiot why he an idiot because he doesn’t care and i’m not smart i’m educated i stand in a field and my first thought is to okay start digging into this thing and building a shelter and you just stand there and get rained on and struck by lightning and my math is superior math and you idiots look at me like where the cash though and i’m like i have a trillion dollar work station and i treat it like that and they like but where the cash and i’m like that’s a trillion million dollars i am working towards and they like but where the cash and i’m like i haven’t emailed the partner yet and i thought i wanted sponsors but i really want partners and that just happened and but where the cash though i have a house yeah but the cash we spend that on business it’s tied up but i know though see i get a paycheck i know though i had dinner with your boss yesterday i know though but did he give you cash he gave me cash last friday and next friday i get more cash so where your cash i have a house but cash and i’m like he’s going to give you a raise because we had this conversation and she like but that’s not your cash and i’m like i ate tilapia fish for dinner yesterday and do you see any of this and they like i see you don’t have cash and i’m like i have a wordpress site and they like writing is for bitches i make sandwiches motherfucker and i’m like i use wifi and they like but the cash you stupid son of a bitch how do you make your cash and i’m like here’s the thing tho your boss smoked a blunt with me and he runs that restaurant you work for and we’re facebook friends and they like but he ain giving you no cash tho and i’m like that’s going to the corporate headquarters to pay for feed for livestock and they like AND YOU AIN GETTING ANY and i’m like i have 150 people a day that read my blog and they like YOU AIN GOT NO CASH THO and i’m like well i gotta go not too smart here, just, i have a university degree in case you wonder well LA DI DA FUCK YOU! i get that I have to go to another meeting i was thinking he would be in here today but you here anyways here’s my debit card I need a big mac a big mac and a fry and a coke and they like it cleared and i’m like YEPPERS i do this about once a month and i’m like hurry up on them fries, actually go ahead and make some new fries and throw on a fresh patty and change the syrup before you make my coke and you know what fuck that i’ll go ahead and do that myself let me call JAKE and be like, jake i was at walnut hills and i was like and he like okay and i’m like here talk to the manager and she like okay and then i just go ahead and do all that for them and it takes like 5 minutes and then i go ahead and make my own big mac and cite them for a cleanliness violation and dyou say something about cash? i have a fat ass the horizon list of behavior options and you got a list that’s as wide and as varied as you assume you have and i just know what freedom is and even if i had gotten that job at proctor and gamble like i applied to twice ida done the josh sneed and merked out and gotten myself a store front and been on my own anyways selling my own print on demand books so i’ll just blog oh and you that said something about cash, get a life, i got like 17 of those at any given moment and you don’t even have one, so when it comes to having a life, i’d recommend it.


Post Malone is in the earholes right now, so alright, MALONE, I posted malone and then I posted up on post malone and layed up a swag up and I swagged so hard as an author I just had to swag and I swagged like dang a rang swag swagged like i own a restaurant swaggin swaggin like i just got a black and mild for free from the cashier because i ain have no change swaggin swaggin like i just got my library fines paid lookin because i had some extra cash swaggin because I just did my 51st post looking posted malone swaggin because i made it swaggin like they just put me on the air for the 3rd time in a week on 700 wlw swaggin swaggin like i just left my 143rd voice mail message for the television station and they shut off the telephone lines because of me swaggin like fox19 just said they’d call the cops on me and i was like call the cops knowing i ain break the law just because i called 78 times in three days lookin swag swaggin like i just got my university degree and you in your freshman year swaggin swaggin because i’m free and they locked me up 25 times for mental illness and i get a free paycheck tongue hanging out swaggin i ain got no boss swaggin swaggin like i just got a playa pinch on my dime bag like he reached back into the bag and got me some extra weed swaggin swaggin like the corner drug dealer just gave me his small bottle of sippin liquor and i drank the whole thing swaggin swaggin like i just went out on a date with a 20 year old girl lookin and she wants to be a fashion designer and i just told her she is the fashion and she laughed swaggin swaggin because i just saw a color fact that invented the phrase color facts and swaggin like i saw the painting that inspired color facts swaggin on the fact that even though i was scared jt had a gun he ain have one swaggin swaggin on ya’ll.


Listening to the Chemical Brothers and I was wondering where the ghetto was. I thought to myself I know the ghetto isn’t on a university campus and i know it’s not hyde park and the rest of it i don’t know is it or isn’t it ghetto. I wonder if the ghetto is black people or old people. Is the ghetto gas stations or local restaurants. Is the ghetto just on the side of downtown. I know it’s not fountain square. Is the ghetto the cracked sidewalk. Is the ghetto the recording studio with no one in it but it still has the nicest mic. Is that the ghetto the studio with the nicest mic that no one is using? that seems ghetto to me. Is the ghetto the part of town with the oldest buildings. Wait I know where the ghetto is it’s where the people older and younger than 25 live. THAT’s THE GHETTO! IT’s where the people that aren’t in their 20’s are. I KNOW THAT THAT’s THE GHETTO! The ghetto is clearly the elderly home. I think it’s the people in their twenties that decide what the ghetto is and everyone listens as they are given what they need to do business. I think there are ghetto businesses like check cashing places. I think the hardware that runs the internet isn’t ghetto but the software mostly is. I think the ghetto is unactivated people. I think the ghetto is a place where people talk about what they wanted to do in their 60’s thirty years after the fact that they decided they weren’t going to do something. I think the ghetto is in the bedroom of a 50 year old man thinking about all the snatch he could have hit in his 30’s if he had really tried. I think the ghetto is reading a teleprompter and not being allowed to say anything. I think that the ghetto is inheriting wealth from a man that did something and then living off the interest and acting like you someone when you know someone that was someone. I think that wearing carson palmer’s jersey is ghetto unless you carson palmer. I think taking your student loans and spending them to the point where you have loans you owe is ghetto. I think that not reading because it’s for nerds is ghetto. I think not doing something because someone said it wasn’t cool is ghetto. I think that the ghetto is an old man that is missing three teeth and the city isn’t paying for his dental work. I think a city that can’t afford to look itself in the mouth and smile is ghetto. I think if a city wants to not be ghetto it needs to afford some dental work and install those metal implants in the root and give that porcelain tooth to everyone that needs it so that we don’t have to look at gaps in teeth. I think that a ghetto is a place where people plot on how to rob a bank. I think the ghetto violent and where the violence is the ghetto is.


I am listening to Mozart right now one his symphonies and it’s just music it’s music the way I can write to music and i love I still haven’t listened to a symphony and I’m listening to it right now. I just I write here at WordPress and I want to keep writing but i am thinking I use the word nigga and nigger in a world where i also use the word whigga and I just think of the notes of the writing and I am certain this is protected speech but I wonder if WordPress protects speech and considers this vulgar and I write the poems that I want to read and in my down and out situation I write down and out writing on my chromebook that maybe they want me to use and apple and I just pulled a list of the books I have to read to learn computer science and I know I should just code. I know I should just code. Just self taught throw out the 500 hours of reading and just code and just try not to get involved in something big in coding. I know that project euler is something that I want to study code for to program the answers to the problems and i do want to solve all of project euler’s problems it’s just that the amount of damage my brain experiences solving a project euler problem the three that i have the first three is ungodly and i need that experience to get to my next level of intelligence I need it to be a thing I do and i did use programming to assist and it was a novel tool to use but I think in my head programming is this big thing that when you get the application finished and you see a glow like you completed your work and i in writing this am thinking it’s just like writing a book there is no glow when you finish a book you just can’t stand to look at it anymore but i would think publishing a multi billion dollar several hundred employee work of programming would be treated with more seriousness than a book written by a man working to understand writing and publishes only because it’s possible to publish i just there are not billions of dollars and venture capital invested in my writing so i feel free to explore my writing studies at will and there is no national campaign to utilize my writing for public good with such pressure i would write differently and drafts and committees would be involved but it’s just me and i just thought to myself i should download the python ide and i don’t know what ide stands for independent development environment i think and i recently thought to myself if i had a programming instinct i would code a tablet word processing program that published writing to granite it would be a piece of software that took into account a flat bedrock piece of stone and then the computer would be a program that gave you that real tight sharp typography of latin inscription and i would print out to stone and places the stone tablets in a cave so as not to be disrupted by future generations i think i think i think i need to at least code small codes and if i just stuck to math and worked my way out into the language and coded small things at first and then coded bigger things with loops and the such i did 101 computer science incompletely several couple times and if i just coded slightly i think it would be good of me and i have spent 10 years studying how to approach computer science as a solitary observer of the end result of thousands of years of coding and knowing what i know is a complete and finished product i think if i coded i could compete i just need to take the ten years to code to get it done and i just see flaws and i see flaws in my face and i have weight to lose to get that chiseled look and i recently decided when i get my apartment back it’s going to be a fish diet and mostly fish and then fruits and vegetables the usual but eating hospital food causes me to gain weight and they corrupt my food patterns with their meds and i’m not beautiful enough for you.


I remembered fur elise and i plugged it into google play and now i am listening to fur elise and i have nothing to say the computer provided me with fur elise that beginning is enchanting and if i was going to write about music i would write about the symphonies they have stories in them like i played the piano for an hour the other day and my melodies were more jazz than symphonic but i do wonder if i had a decent piano if i could something happened in the song it just got serious and if i had a decent piano i could whisk it all away and find places to play piano after 4 years of study and getting my fingering right and i could play the piano shortly before entering the hospital i was looking into getting a baby grand installed in my apartment on a down payment system and the keys are broken on the social work piano but i know if i had a piano i would wash myself in melodies and cleanse myself of my putrid thoughts and if i could forget the world and just live in the music i would do so but i have to live in this world this world that is basically men trying to be the man that the woman loves more than the man she loves and he wonders why she doesn’t love him and why she loves him and it’s mostly that in the world up into death and women are looking for a good man and they seem to have children with the criminals because it’s known they fuck and then they want a man like me to raise their kid because of my education so that that child has the heart and the brain and i’m like yeah but it doesn’t have a father and i have thought of if anyone i would helping raise britney spears children i have thought of it but children are ideally my own and i worry that the woman will have children with another man and then fuck me after she fucks another man like i trust any of you and to see a woman walking down the street shoulder to shoulder with a man and i didn’t used to be like this but i didn’t used to live in the real world i lived in school muffucka’s and it was perfect it’s only when you step out in the world of the people that don’t give a shit about you don’t even know what perfect is unless you on a university campus it’s what i get i get to know what perfect is and to the extent that it’s like a university campus is to the extent you pass nigga this world bent to fuck and it’s because you didn’t give a shit about something perfect.


I take lessons from men that got us through more than this this is the hardest shit i ever had to deal with a lesson i had to deal with a lesson with this and i copped so hard the hardest shit and then i all softened up and we got together and cincinnati was in line with a war cry from the coasts that did fly and you could be that guy with duct tape taking out what’s not mine i carry a guy wire that is the manliest string and i was a deep seated husker in a world that was looking for mustard and i was disgusted with my internal emotion i was floating through the columbine kids wayfare you know this was harvard and we were at school and i was making it through the golden and the silver and the bronze rules and you were manipulating the mantra as i did my work and then moved on through you had something to do and we were more than a crew were interracial marinating on something to glue us together and chain us to our life and we are more than a minstrual with a motorbike we are looking for something to write


Every single day I take to the stage I go to bed and night and smoke on some sage Resurrect in the morning and say My prayers before I start writing the page  Every day is like the holy quran But I still worship the sun Get my bible on and no I don’t run Walking puts me on the beat of the drum  I could entertain as a matter of fact The only thing you pay attention to Is whether I am the white or the black I’m standing here and you wonder if jesus came back  Your brain tissue is the issue in this section of the universe When technology ran into the perverse She had a purse that was filled with what she needed to nurse I had a curse and it followed me to the hearse  Every day I get a day’s worth of thoughts I stand in a circle and resonate with blood clots Random encounters with song writing circles I was taught the enemy is within but that was then  Crafting a message that sends letters to osirus Son of horus pray for us and  listen to the chorus Of the whores that need time to explore us And then we gravitate towards those that ignore us  Delivering sentience in sentences I develop destinies in ceremonies Having laid down necessities I find rhymes you would never see


I can sing I have to train my voice I stay silent when I can hear my joy Listen to myself when I am quite alone I take up notion with my perfect tones To sing is to perfect a throaty muscle I just never take the time to do a throaty hustle But I know that woman I met last week She looking to flex her throaty muscle I’m wondering if we should meet at 10 And go to the park and tussle In abstract space a woman takes to my side In the world of equations there is nothing I can hide When we in that indian summer That we decided would be in a small town She takes to my side and I resurrect her smile that is now a frown  You doooooooooon’t really know You don’t You don’t You doooooooooooooon’t really know I spell it out one letter a day And you don’t you don’t you dooooooooooon’t really know We are here for this and it’s just me And you don’t you don’t You don’t know what I see  So I came tonight to resurrect the fight The lazy eyes and the swollen thighs We eat too much bread and we don’t spend enough bread The people that you are looking for are now all dead So it’s just me you can finally see That the reason your profits are not coming Is because you uttered the blasphemy Your math doesn’t add up You built a ceremony inside a ceremony And I studied your kind and I never unwind Just because I go to sleep doesn’t mean I’m a sheep If I could take the right pills I would get the right thrills I would write 24/7 and resurrect heaven It’s all about work and the more you do the more you knew And i know so much and you get on a mic spit I get on a mic and admit That this is not the future no this is not the future  and  You doooooooooon’t really know You don’t You don’t You doooooooooooooon’t really know I spell it out one letter a day And you don’t you don’t you dooooooooooon’t really know We are here for this and it’s just me And you don’t you don’t You don’t know what I see  I champion the people that are champions I give trophies to the few I understand you want us all to feel good I just feel good knowing I am not you  I see a system that failed I see the people that we should nail I see a future that’s troubling I see a mainstream destroyed I see a world that’s annoyed with people that find joy inside of the mind I see you fucking up rhymes I see something simple this time I see you have no degree you found the studio g I see you making yourself a tool of trade and it’s funny to me I see a man in a booth with technology that’s the truth I see a man telling lies pumping up his people I see a room that’s been built to sample sounds and the guilt I see a day that I saw the might gave technology to the fraud I see a man that stunts for no reason a people that feed off of pr seasons I see a a people purporting to be what they are on tv I see the lowest class on the planet acting like they have culture but I see a reason to write this because i see through your fucked up show


Sitting here listening to kesha’s song praying, there is no welfare system that gives people wealth, wealth is not something you give, wealth is something you have, you can’t give wealth, i’m sitting here on a $100 netbook at a mcdonald’s with $0 in my bank account doing better than the career bank manager up the street because I write, nitwits, that have nothing to say with the state of the art in their hands shit that was locked up in area 51 in 1980 and now it’s at best buy looking, the poor are doing fine, i’m the only one at the kemper house that even has a problem with the food they serve there, can’t get my tilapia fish on my george foreman grill with my asparagas that’s what i eat and they keep feeding me bullshit food these overweight stupid you can tell how intelligent someone is by how they look and i’m falsely advertised as ugly with these fat pockets in my face because of the food i am being fed I lost weight down to 210 and then they said i had to start eating i was forced to eat at summit behavioral and it’s a weight gain diet they served me and now i’m back at 220 and i’m like you son of a bitches what part of thin don’t you understand i want to be sexually attractive and they want to know why and i’m like you blatant asshats that’s why they have me as mentally ill because i was attractive to women and then they fucked it up and i’m stunting every day on these people and quite frankly i just know you can’t teach wealth and there are members of my family that claim to be poor fine be poor you simple bitch like my sister a career pg worker and she been to beijing 3 times and she talking about being poor you numbers staring at whores that fucking thing wealth has shit to do with a bank the thing that takes in money and pays itself with it and gives you your money back from the next payday’s income stream to the bank you number staring nigga i do not look at numbers at the grocery store i just know my budget blow it and eat good that week and then my mom’s buys my groceries once a month and she staring at numbers too and i do be wondering what would happen if i asked a cms if i could explain my birthdate as X I MCMLXXX just to fuck over the arabs who have us on our number system and yes I do want to use roman numerals on a regular basis but fuck an arab for even insinuating we need anything from them and because of 911 a date that is an emergency date like 911 and it was an art project and it’s fascinating what people that do nothing have to do they take requests for what they want to see and it’s typically violence and you fucks with no appreciation for human life and i at least value quality human life and it’s always a drug abuser that i think is cool and so drugs are cool and drugs used to be for losers now drugs are for winners too and i didn’t know that and you can’t teach wealth the social workers that are looking to instill a sense of appreciation for life you can’t teach that that comes from noticing a tree when you are six years old for the first time and yeah i was six years old taking naps at recess and playing girls and everyone else was fucking around playing some shit with a ball in first grade, i been done since 1st grade and the girls loved me then, not much has changed, i just keep taking score on what else i hate about you and none of you ever worked, you thought fixing sandwiches is work you think janitorial is work for fucks sake you even think playing a sport with a ball is work you fuckers think because someone gives you cash for something that thing you did for the cash is work, you fucks, what are you supposed to do, that’s work, it’s not what you are getting paid for.


Listening to Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song, and I’m sitting next to a boy that doesn’t even realize I disparaged his entire genome and then I explained it to him this adult kid with his afro parted down the middle flowing down the sides of his face looking cartoon character and he was like what you doing and I was like disparaging africans and he was like cool and i was like da fuck? Disparaging a people is only worth doing if they recognize the disparage he’s on his laptop on WeTube or African YouTube or something he should be on black planet but he doesn’t even realize in my last 8 posts i leveled the african experience through boolean articulations not even talking about them just intoning and he’s like cool; I’m sitting here listening to led zeppelin the apex of the race war and he’s like can I see your website and i’m like yeah and he’s like it looks nice and i’m like the content levels your people to the point of mud fuckers and he’s like but did you hear the latest MF DOOM and i’m like MF DOOM doesn’t know how to make a microphone my people do and he’s like yeah but MF DOOM wears a mask he created and I’m like quit following my people and he’s like who else would we follow and i’m like resurrect and be your own people and he like coca cola is nice and i’m like i’m here on my blog in my obscure part of the universe leveling an entire race of people and i’m in the library sitting next to afroflow and i ain never seen a hair cut like it his afro just parts down the middle and it looks like a lower case m on his head or something and he’s always like what’s up and i’m always like we the superior people and he do always be fuck right now he is learning french on youtube and i’m like da fuck these people going to get the picture i and my family run this shit and they need to understand they ain never do shit and right now he watching fraggle rock on youtube i think and some dice are rolling on his computer and i’m like i know i’m right i know i’m from the superior people but mcdonalds does not turn away africans from eating big mac’s and who the fuck gave these people cash?


Sitting here listening to Phil Collins, and I write like just the other day makala at twenty was like da fuck writing important for? and i was sort of shocked and she was like it’s a desk job i earn my living standing on my feat and I was like, I’m in the process of getting a chiffon that I place my desktop computer on so that i stand when I type so that I don’t have to sit and she was like that’s not even possible and that’s not what i meant and i was like no you’re not wrong i think about the fact that i sit a lot and i need a chiffon to stand up and type with and i did significant writing standing up at kemper house and i like the chiffon desk and i took measurements and got it at 30 small units tall and i was going to make on at the wood shop and it was just going to be a custom build for me thereby stating my fact that mass manufacturing is less important than custom build something for your self like bill gates should have a desktop computer not me and it should be to be fair a thing where engineers and it’s mass manufacturing that fucked this up bill gates is not a god because i have a computer just like his and zuck and brin and page and tom anderson and they should all build their own systems for themselves and i’m not doing mass manufacturing because in my head i know that i have something everyone needs but then invariably someone that doesn’t need it the way i thought of gets it and then they fuck around and destroy shit with it, it’s the outliers that i might be an outlier to silicon valley or some arpanet muffucka might hate what i do with his internet and i just write and they may be like yes we want writing just not writing like yours and i’m like you’re european i’m european da fuck is the problem i’m not even in your city and then i’m sitting here thinking to myself see mass manufacturing got this cash in the hands of people and they could have been lamborghini’s like they cut the cost of a ford taurus down to $15,000 and a lambo costs $15,000,000 and they custom builds and fuckers we all don’t need cars and in fact it’s worse for communiites hundreds of millions of people walking with some commerical trucks shipping food is preferable commuting is bullshit and north college hill had a choice set of people LOOK you all leave your town and communities and never get to know anyone because you commute and then you fear your job and you have no sway and it’s because of the car yes henry ford was the anti christ he was the first person to look at a person and be like da fuck i need this for here 75 of you explicitly do what i told you to do over and over and we all get one and then i’m like it’s not a need for everyone but it is a want because fuck it right and we gave up small towns for huge downtowns and we could have give ourselves networked communities and no one is anyone because everyone has the same gear and if you good at something don’t let your first thought be mass manufacturing and i’m even fucked because of this website when i know that i want a small local town paper and i want to write for people that know me and none of you know me none of you know this is a significant departure from who i spent 30 years of my life being this capitalistic racist fucking republican roman catholic i became just like my mother and it’s because of the way it feels it feels good to be racist and awkward to be racist and all this around someone that you are denigrating but it doesn’t change the way you really feel that you hate people for being less than excelsior class people that you hate people for giving up for not being original for following for being stupid for breaking the law for cheating for plagiarising for not reading for not knowing how to read for not doing the basic things a city needs to be worth living in and you look at people with jobs wanting jobs and you just marvel at how ridiculous this is and then someone doesn’t like what you said so you get kicked out of the entire situation and there is no tolerance and my tolerance is deep but that i am tolerant is a sign that there is something wrong that i have people to be tolerant of is a sign that your family is disgraceful and that i have to be tolerant of people that i even that i have to put up with people and i have to put myself out for invalids and the woman THEE WOMAN is like take care of them and i’m like my life what about my life and helping people trades my career for pointing to a book and standing there while someone reads for what?


Finally I started listening to U2, FINALLY, I worked my way up to it, started with the classics and then worked my way up to joshua tree, the only thing I can listen to next is the smashing pumpkins all over again, I think it’s fucked up I only know like 500 artists doesn’t feel like a lot to me, there’s like 7 billion people and i only listen to like 500 recording artists sort of a niche field but I still listen like just yesterday i was on the phone with Umbisi and he was like i’m homeless you’re homeless so how about you do this for me and i’m like whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah we using my computer i already have shit to do you don’t have hosting and you don’t have a domain and you haven’t even written the book and you just being african needing me to do anything you can hustle and get me to do and i’m just like no, greatest day of my life was the day i realized a nigga knows what no means, i’m like click, hang up on this nigga, he just did his business math and was like i need this one book so that i can use it as a revenue stream for my trash attack . net website and i’m like you ghetto underclass that talks slow on the inside i listen to him because fuck that i would be like this i listen to him because he talks good but like he has a kid and i’m also like spend time with your kid and get a job like 110% of the reason i can be like this is because i situated my dick a certain way and i don’t have kids so i can shlep and slum and feel mighty and all that but if i fucked around and had a bitch pregnant i’m making her eggs in the morning and going to work and i mean at the heart of it is that, the lack of family values or not the lack of family values just the shit people that do the family and then when you know them and they your age and taking on and taking over the world is one thing but the moment you have a kid like my brother and sister were vested at ge and proctor and gamble before they had kids and like that’s the only way to do it unless you me or like me and it’s when you do it my way it’s putting off breeding for a season and getting your freedom straight then getting a kid but umbisi already has one life to live and he’s living it a fucked up way i don’t want to associate with someone that has more need for the cash than me i can spend it on business but he needs to hustle me and then take the cash and buy his cocaine to sell so that he can front with trash attack and then he might pay his baby mama whatever the fuck that is and like he didn’t take a wife and he fucked and i ain trying to be around those men he might not understand because he had a child out of wedlock that i ain gonna fuck with him i gave him some url’s but when you know he inferior now his kid going to be inferior and when you run into the theory you had as a kid and you next to it first hand i just shut him down and i told him to get a job and he was like why would i do that and i was like move in with your woman and he was like why and i was like click hung up on i ain really got too much else to say yeah business is fine when you single and i can do this until i get a car and a house and get stable financially but i have to avoid having sex  to do this i can’t do this and fuck because this and fucking leads to kids and i do actually have to come up with cash for that kid and instead i think to myself 50 and with a 30 year old woman ain terrible not to me if i know i’ll be chiseled then and look young but 40 and 20 go together so i’m fine there i just have experience problems with the 20 year old i just dated so i facebook friended her and in 10 years i’ll look her up when i’m 50 and she 30 and i can be like that and it’s cool to me but like i tried to have a kid at 20 and it didn’t happen so now i’m doing this for years until they never think of sacrifice or the thing you need to get something done and a businessman with a single mother and two kids of his is not a thing and i didn’t give a fuck because i’m not going to explain to a man my age that he had one shot at this and he fucked up his offspring and his baby mama ain worth shit without him i ain instilling european values in an african but i do know and can see the genealogical circuit in their people that leads them to being inferior and they might not see it but for all their emulating europeans they don’t emulate the important part which is the nuclear family component that thing where a man goes fuck it they ain men that thing where a man goes well i’m done time to do that thing i know i’m sposed to do, they don’t feel like they sposed to do shit.


I’m actually listening to Giselle Grayson, and she’s a full sail university graduate that mysteriously my mouse checked out on a list of friends I just was going down a list of people on facebook and my mouse moved over to her and i was like SINGER and started messaging her and we were like we know some of the same people and she knew JYS Productions and Jason Young in Cincinnati and I asked her for a poster and the one night I was thinking of Aleister Crawley and engaged in sexual magick and whipped my dick out and put it on her face on the computer screen about 10 years ago at 25 and then I sent her a youtube video of me fucking worst dancing of my life play boxing like da fuck this bitch want and then I had her poster up on the wall and spit out 45 gallons of semen to her leggings and then one night while high i decided i was going to give giselle grayson to skee lo because when was the last time someone gave skee lo a woman and how he doing anyways and google me bitch is a masterpiece and she sings about being too hot for mtv but surprisingly her entire catalog is on google play and she like what you don’t know me her angle is flawless and that full sail education is really paying off when she opens up for TI on the DIS BITCH TOUR and she just a star in the university field of full sail sort and full sail is a university you get access to high quality equipment and then it’s up to you and now i am listening to RISE by giselle grayson and she talks about whips and chains but she looks like a daddy’s girl that ain never do no wrong and oh this is a cover of a katy perry song a competitive singer is covering another competitor maybe to entice her into a duet or something but it wasn’t an accident she did decide to sing this song and her warble just kicked in but she has a strong voice and yeah when you chatted with a pop star on facebook you feel connected to the poparatzi which is like the clique i sort of want to desperately be in like i need that blue book or phone book that has from madonna and stevie wonder in it to jack nicholson and kathy ireland like that phone book the one i know all of you famous people have when you at your apartment plotting the future of the planet where madonna on the phone with kofi anon talking about how israel needs to calm down and usher has thoughts on komeni with dick cheney and like that phone book that’s what i want i need that phone book so that i can be in my apartment talking to famous people all night too and i know you all have 1 800 numbers too because it’s more efficient. Giselle Grayson cool.


I’m listening to P.O.D.’s original Brown album and I am thinking that I saw them in concert the first time and the bassist of POD is the reason I wanted a bass guitar where they put a spotlight on him and he just geeked out on his bass and did a bass solo that 20 years later I was like if I still had my bass I would be the man with the one finger bass move just pluck pluck pluck pluck pluck and leave that that and then when they put the spot light on me for my solo I would be like pluck pluck pluck pluck pluck and coming to know something I just remembered listening to this that POD was the first to be like you don’t know me before TI was and POD was the act that I was geeked to see on MTV as the first christian act on MTV and years later I wonder if their record label paid for that not sure what their music has to do with jesus or wade in the water but like they do talk about being christian artists and i wonder what church they go to with their tattoos and they talk about their crew and shit and like pod is a band that southtown was a good album too and then i moved on and went to university and started listening to good weed music and that’s a different kind of music the good weed music it’s the kind of music that you just mellow out to and the cottonmouth kings come to mind too as that’s good weed music too and like quite frankly QUITE frankly POD wants to let people know they just like you who is he he’s just like you and i’m like cool i’m not just like you i came from a good home.


I just popped in kottonmouth kings and after the last post i was like let me listen to this kottonmouth kings and i just became a fan of city to city it was the pop song at the top and like i’m like this shit bangs and i do want to know why it’s always the lowest fucked up low down shit human being that has the nicest flow like the most scandalis people have the nicest flows it’s never billy graham type people or a hot pastor that has that hot joint the hot joint ain never done by that pillar of society that banks are built on like that 5/3rd ceo ain never been in a recording studio to talk about money in a pop way or my social worker ain never been to a studio no i have and i was doing poetry and did a couple hot tracks no one quote unquote stalwart or like the mayor ain never do a concert for the audience and bitches never take their shirts off at the concerts for the mayor is never having like it’s always some piece of shit that has the hottest song on the radio no one else ever does it’s never someone that gets a regular paycheck that’s talking about responsibility in a rocking freestyle it’s always the shittiest people that have the most beautiful voices the people that we depend on to survive always have the most calm and resonate voices but if you a shitty piece of garbage like the cottonmouth kings, i saw their album covers, they have the most intoxicating i dare say beautiful voices and the dependable people that give us the structure to live in just talk and singers always suck as people but i can’t live without their music i’m more like just stay over there give me your mp3 and let me listen to it here’s your 9 dollars a month now go back to wondering if you should kill yourself while i enjoy your music, mayor what up want to have lunch?


Ain he thugged out from the dugout tho And he rugged from the word yo Educated and he know how to keep a hoe Been on a first date and takes her to the show She ain call back so that hoe gotta go Horizon coming up another distance to know I’m like but did you understand the road It’s all a game until someone hit’s the fork Most don’t know which sentence to flow So I get on my keyboard and marinate and glow You wonder how it’s possible to go from nothing to everlasting snow I’ll just tell you it takes a second to ease your woes Just be yourself and find yourself a doe And if you take a second to write you might find yourself grow  Ain he thugged out from the dugout And he know how to take a mug out Like he on the keyboard getting the bugs out Putting together a political philosophy that involved giving hugs out Like he staring at a world that worried about who got the klout Just give me a second to pull my drugs out  Ain he thugged out from the dugout Know how to put up with bullshit then he pull the rug out He was told it a game but he know to throw the bullshit out You ain never listen to your elders so he gotta pull his gun out Never take a second to check yo self so he gotta let a bullet out You ain never think about what surround you so he gotta let the blood out You just fucked over 4500 people so he gotta pull the shovel out It fucked up when you at the party so he gotta like shove you out You a nuisance to a city so he gotta pull the glove out Like you already dead so he gotta make certain you serious about putting love out You put the love out so he gotta make certain you the next go out You gotta go out this city and late in life explain why you a wide out You used to be a running back now you just someone that takes the drinks out You ain even know about this song that’s how he knows you lost out  Ain he thugged out from the dugout Got a baseball glove in his hand and a face on a mug that out He got his own bobble head so you know he gonna glow out Take a second to understand the show then he go out Flip the script and write a new one ya’ll ain ready for a blow out It a season of receding hair lines your dna ain the reason I come out She everything a man could want now what are you about?


Listening to Echo by Gorilla Zoe a surprisingly normal african, anyways, you do be needing to get with that state sponsored homelessness, like I walked around naked in london 15 years ago and that worked out for me, i did say put me in jail, and they was like naw the PSYCH WARD and I was like fine, fine put me in my drug induced paranoid state in the british psych ward, fine, anyways that’s over, fine i’ll just fly over her to san francisco appear in a documentary and fuck zoe kirk gushowaty at the easy chilling california dreaming hotel and come back home and be depressed and end up in the psych ward again and then 15 years later they made a tradition out of it, fine, i still get paid, being on the best kind of paycheck is great, it’s GREAT, i get an apartment and I get to cook the right food for myself, work on my career at top speed while everyone else has to piece meal it and oh you just got locked into a job, fine, keep me on this state sponsored blogging career, it’s nice, keep calling me bipolar type 1 bipolar generic, just keep me on this permanent disability, this is permanent disability and they like well, if you make $16,001 in a year and report it to the IRS that impossible to solve puzzle, for whatever reason, then you’re fine, we decide as a society if you are mentally or possible and we decide by whether or not we give you cash, if we don’t then you’re mentally ill, well you’re not mentally ill in new york city, but you are here, and we decide, and you get a paycheck and that’s just how it is, and once a year we put you in the hospital for three months and then you just go back to writing and WE act like nothing happened and it’s that you have a memory that there’s a problem, every idea you have is grandiose and you talk fast and having no one to tell you to do and having wifi is clearly i mean when SSDI came out there was no wifi now there is so I don’t know what WIFI is and I never use the internet, see there you go talking about wordpress again, THERE IS NO WORDPRESS, the internet is facebook, you said something about a web page, there is no webpage there is facebook, i’m trying to tell you there is nothing wrong with me, fine give me that free paycheck, my folks pay my wifi, WIFI IS A GRANDIOSE IDEA, you have all these grandiose ideas, there you just said you had a better design for the large hadron super collider, you said spiral it down to the atom collision, BUT, that’s the large hadron super collider, your notebook explicitly has a design for a particle accelerator, I PASS OUT THE PILLS I AM THE JUDGE, i call the internet my wify not wifi, it’s a WIFEY not WIFI, and yes I do have an american design for a particle accelerator that takes into account the acceleratorial see there you go with your grandiose idea you wrote acceleratorial and that’s not a word and i’m like the math says it is, thanks for putting an a student in the hands of the c brigade, and i actually have something to do, this is beyond a beautiful mind this is the one where a beautiful mind snapped and started working on how to put more people in prison, and i get that i could be that african that wrote letters in nelson mandela, i get that to balance the equation i am the european nelson mandela and we have genocide in our blood, there is a subset of the european equation that i need in a gas chamber and i wrote it so there, and when you take random people and accuse them of mental illness you fuck up, you fucked up people, you fucky fucked up people, i have all day to write and i have a full writing schedule and pg didn’t hire me, you it fucking even says in your holy book the concept of the discarded cornerstone, NIGGERS I AM A CORNERSTONE, and I AM A DISCARDED CORNERSTONE, so whoever wants to do some shit the right way Cincinnati fucked around and lived out a biblical story in your city your mayor sucks my dick just to get me to stay i’m the PROFIT that the city discarded, I went through cincinnati’s education system have all the cincinnati connects and some douche from montana has my job in cincinnati at the place you go to get your fat as shit income that i trained for, and the bible has a myriad of stories it also has the story of the cast aside cornerstone, NOT A FUCKING FESTIVAL HERE, i’m talking business and i have some vendettas to work out and i am the cornerstone with the education that the cornerstone would have and ya’ll widgets don’t know cornerstone when you see it, i’m a fucking internet board member, and yes if you spiral a particle around a downward spiral into a resting particle it will achieve greater speeds than a horizontal particle accelerator that suffers from tangential tidal forces ie gravity pulls lightweight particles at a directly contrasting tidal force to gravity pulls straight down so if you accelerate particles horizontal to gravity you do have downward pull which at a microscopic level destroys paths that lead to particle destruction the correct particle accelerator is not even a spiral downward that is for speed, the particle accelerator you want is a tunnel bored straight into the earth and you spit a particle directly down into gravity and then gravity AND propulsion are forcing a particle straight down for 5 miles and you have a magnetic field forcing the particle down the cylinder accelerator that has a coming up in a magnetic field particle waiting to be annhiliated as it stands and why i look at you people the way i do is because you have the same facts i do and you do what you do you know gravity pulls down and you spent a trillion dollars on a horizontal accelerator, it’s not the homeless fuck on the street corner with retardation on his mind i give a fuck about it’s the people that are engineers that are smart enough to lop off a section of the planet in an explosion because they don’t know something like quartz can be used as an explosive when you take a crystaline strucuture and disrupt it at a sub atomic level it explodes and i have dreams that explain the future to the past so that the future never happens as we redirect and yes i do get a paycheck so i work and quite frankly the USA particle accelerator is one that we do studies on the spiral or the cylider but i mean you showed me a photograph of it and for some fucked up reason CERN has a website AND a photograph of a man with a frozen face because he threw his face into the accelerator and turned it on, i swear to holy fucking god there is a god so that he can end this like he did soddom and gemmorah if it was up to me we would self annhiliate like that one thing in the lemmings where you auto destruct a species of lemmings and then earth can have earth to itself, we are here either eternally or infintessimally and if you keep doing people like me this way, it won’t be eternally.


Listening to Christina Aguilera and in 67 I wrote about a particle accelerator but I left a part of my design out, you want a double helical design where you have a spiral that meets a spiral at the end, you start with a clockwise spiral and you meet the end of it with the end of a counter clockwise spiral and ideally you get particle acceleration speeds above the speed of light from the delineated speed increased that come from coming around spirals and i do not know the wordage I just know instictively and i could be wrong but i think a spiral down into gravity leads to higher velocities than going straight down with gravity the tidal forces around the side this is bad 1800’s writing from someone that knows a lil bit but you have to spirals meeting for a point of destruction at the bottom where the two spirals meet 4 miles below the ground, you spiral around a set of spiral and it just keeps accelerating coming down a longer path than it would with gravity and that is the reason i think a spiral down with gravity is faster than a straight down pipe as an accelerator because you in a spiral are coming down in gravity for a longer period of time than straight down and can achieve higher speeds akin to working around in a spiral down a slide than just falling if you came down a oiled up slide that spiraled around and hit a wall you would go faster than if someone just threw you into it or something I just know that spiraling down and into the east and spiraling down into the west at a direct position location is a place where destruction of particles can be observed and in this observation i show that in my hatred in 67 i bubbled up the best evidence for my sanity and i finished here in 68 after thinking further about what bubbled up and i posit truly that in the hospital they tamp it down but anger is a healthy emotion too, to deny a human being of their right to be angry is a fallacy to fuck with someone 25 times and then to pretend that when they have a hair trigger anger mechanism that their is something wrong with them like where summit behavioral prescribed me psychoactive thorazine as a punitive response to my yelling at a troll that yelled at me they fucked up because right after being arrested and incarcerated for no reason thorazine is NOT the proper response and they offered me a thorazine injection or a thorazine pill and to punitively prescribe a medication is not just malpractice it’s criminal as i do have the right to be confused and angry in the hospital when i am incarerated a law state and have not broken the law incarcerate someone enough times for mental illness and if they know the law it’s about finding a lawyer that knows the law which in cincinnati the lawyers are spineless imbeciles that only take certain circumstance case there is no general citizen law firm that is willing to represent a citizen against the state of ohio in ohio as ohio get’s special protections from the law community when there is no such reason to protect ohio from the citizens it abuses as quite frankly josh mandel doesn’t know shit about cash he is military in a state where the state is in a state of malpractice you do need a general purpose law firm to protect the citizens against the state as the state is old and retiring and quite frankly in poor state citing jobs and family services in cincinnati ohio and when the state is the poorest performer in the state it does need to be filed a lawsuit for malpractice by the people that are subjected to idiocy in the form of the state and when the people have someone that can write law the people win and even if the state defends itself the state is to not have more protections than the people as the state is the people and just because you get a federal paycheck does not necessarily make you state but it does make you a target.


I got rap god on and ain it odd i’m still getting the nod to the city of nod gonna nod off when i get my shots off and i go the cadence in my cerebelex just gonna sit for the next hour and listen to his praises he’s a rap got i’m the type type and everyone knows that i move hype and you get write when you get tight with your game and just because you speaks doesn’t mean i can’t get in to the rakim ain never think to get lit on a lil bit i got the alphabet under my hands and i understand that i can write anything i want lil boy you think you gay looking boy you ain know what gay is until you step into my place lil boy i lay out my cadillac in pink because i’m so gay that the world knelt before my smile and i enjoyed the feeling of knowing ain a single dick i started smoking and forty bitches went down on me there a reason to hate the gays and i’m the reason they waive me in the economy just give him some cash and let him do his fucking punch line and it’s lunch time lgbt don’t got shit to do with me they ain realize i’m the homo that get’s head from models and i marvel at what she do with her tongue and then i send her out into the sun and take a nun and convert her to nephlo the tikle that’s straight to the i got a problem with your fish it ain fishy enough and you got the lips i’m looking to slip my member into i call it the homily chamber surrounded by creative writing ain it ever occur to you have of these words have curtains to and you can sacrifice virgins but why not fuck and get em stuck on you oh you looking for hymens to cut with the head of your shaft and you probably think tearing tissue is the issue when actually you get em to run until they bleed and then menopause is something that makes men all pause we talking about the language inside of the language this horomone is a whoremoan and it’s a laugh riot how much they thought about sex then our generation came next and we whisking em into the dirt and don’t get your feelings hurt but the generation that was here before did nothing and all they did was ignore us and they put us in schools and now they educated us to a higher state than themselves and just because they stupid doesn’t mean not giving a fuck how intelligent they used to be they took a waffle iron and took flats and gave em grid lock and now they think this a culture shock when all i do is what i get that you mom and dad mean a lot to you but that ain true for me even my folks are annoying i’m an elitist perfectionist with grandiose thoughts that give cops blood clots and you ain brave enough to upload this i just tweeted xtina and i know two of them and they never respond because this is a writing prompt and i just have to write and they died centuries ago this the theme i asked for for my english studies and you people are not all the same and i take my acetalyne flame and you all died aeons ago and i’m still here to enjoy the noise


Sitting here listening to Layo and Bushwacka I came across an idea I had several years ago that I cleared with my mother in regards to the internet. It made sense to her racist prohibitionist roman catholic republican university graduate head of family sensibilities and it went like this: take two points on the globe one a receiver and one a producer ; take the lines on the map and chart the lines a receiver and a producer are distanced by, for instance, take london and cincinnati, this is about taxes, take the need for citizen london to have a need for a file in citizen cincinnati’s website, according to the map you then have to cross out of europe into north america and then into the united states and then into ohio and then into hamilton county and then into cincinnati ohio and then you have to get to the file ergo now you have a tax system you take a file you want access to from london in cincinnati and you pay a fee to north america you pay a fee to the united states you pay a fee to ohio you pay a fee for hamilton county you pay a fee to cincinnati and then you pay a fee for the file you want. If you start paying your taxes and get into the mindset that yes sometimes I cannot afford what I want that drives business affordability and business negate each other this is not to say that the most cash is the most powerful but it quite frankly depends on how that cash was acquired. if you are someone that someone gave cash to like donald trumps father did donald trump you are going to find a less powerful man than say myself who currently has net worth of 0 and is working his ass off and is building his financial portfolio with being the author of a federal system of taxation for the north american union the federal government the state government and the city government and the producer which is currently not a given system i also espouse a complete zero tolerance for anonymity online whereby if you take a personal computer your location is known and what you do is ascribed to your identity and i even take into consideration corruption and murder but i also take into account if intel you are producing is causing you to become murdered or worked against what are you doing that brought that on in a world where all are online and i find that quite frankly my status in ohio coupled with my status in the genealogy of the united states lead to a status where i can speak with federal employees about a more fair system to producers and reasons producers can produce and i notice a lot of grandfathering is going on where people are inheriting their family’s wealth where in the 1950’s the wealth was created and we are now two generations of inheritance into wealth and i outrank inherited wealth because i am educated and i educated myself and yes the professors gave me some things to do but i did the things they asked me to do and i engaged in a series of homework’s that taught me and prepped me to do homework and there is a need for a tax system online and i doubt you can think of a finer one than this. it begs the question that retail store fronts disappeared and if you are in the city of cincinnati and you want a file from indianapolis you have to pay a state tax and a county tax and a city tax and then you can buy the file, force taxation onto the internet do not simply discuss the freedom of it all, make a decision, circumvent california’s laise faire business style that is brought on by a lazy work ethic and presumptuous business industry in the film industry that they even talk about raking in money they do little else than rake the money and raking begots not an empire if the state of ohio itself soley instilled a system where if you want it from ohio and it rests online you have to go through our tax system and we can ourselves charge a north american union tax to begin funding the north american union which to me stretches from canada to argentina and we take on a unifed western world, albeit, i say that taxes, the lack of appreciation for the music film and narrative documents and intel in general degrades the quality of the work because people cannot dedicate their lives to this work and quite frankly you do want a system of taxes paying the people that produce the business that is the business we do and the taxes from the system i have here goes to pay for the system and the federal state and north american union employees that run the federal net that contains the infrastructure arpanet never considered was necessary becasue arpanet was a freedom of thought system which this is and the federal net is more forced on the people to be guaranteed to be the only system where this is a transient starter system the federal system declares eminent domain on the internet and we instill a sense of freedom within a system but you will be monitored because there are 330 million people so the federal government in need of creating jobs generates 1 million jobs paid for by north american union taxes whose purpose is to monitor the internet if hundreds of people are going to be online millions of people need to monitor them and that is what a president does, he creates jobs.


My laptop is my crack rock and I can’t stop Because I have a top spot and I have to write non stop So that you can get that think piece that adds grease To the words you speak to each other I’m not under cover or over burdened I just research which means I go further I take the same data you have and I pour over it for hours You make statements and I make internets Comment after comment most of prohibitionists Are fairly mean spirited I’m here to clear this up a bit The streets are not difficult the people are And you wanted to help people in social work So you decided I was someone you had to hurt  Every day I don’t know where to live In University it was easy to know what to give I know there are people I interface with Because I am brilliant I have to respect the unworthy This is getting wordy so I’ll stop here  You have a fat case of you sit at a desk and fill out a form I do the same thing you do and you get a paycheck and I just do it The differences on this thing are so thin I write and one day there is no one day this is what I wrote today I write my essays in a I’ll be honest haphazard way I make certain each word goes with each word But I just keep forcing myself to have something to say I reference thoughts I had years ago and check them for their intelligence You never took the time to write So you might never know what it is I do I sit and stare at my thoughts and then wonder why I wrote what I wrote It’s a beautiful day You’re just someone that didn’t do something that I did the hard way  Every day I don’t know where to live In University it was easy to know what to give I know there are people I interface with Because I am brilliant I have to respect the unworthy This is getting wordy so I’ll stop here  Network real work hard work I work What do you want in terms of work Who doesn’t work?  It’s been a magnificent journey through the entrails of this stomach of a system I just got accused of fighting with a woman that didn’t know me Twice in one day I ran into bitches and twice now I know why I don’t hire bitches


Listening to the Opening of Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and I thought to myself this is stupid, I came into mcdonalds for two weeks and sat on my chromebook she could clearly tell i stimulated the economy and she said i had to buy something to use free wifi and i was like you stupid racist people that play chess here never buy anything so it’s because i’m european you stupid person you then i went home and the next morning i bought a prop and was like there there i bought something now i can type in peace you stupid clown AND i’m going to stay all day unless you tell me to leave but i’ll keep buying something in a world where it barely makes sense and i mean so long as it makes sense to her i would have asked what i am working on, just same planet different world issues, like does anyone care that I moved $150,000 in ten years into the economy do I need a medallion on my suit to explain to these people i am a major part of a small economy and i stayed do i need to be tricked out in Western Logic gear to get my point across i think i do you stupid people I won’t trick out my car but I’ll work with a fashion designer and get my custom Western Logic suit made that has a W and and L on it that looks like NL if you do it right I already drew it up and then I am waiting to hear back from Logitech to see if I am going to get that sponsorship and I am waiting to hear back from Urban Artifact to see if my performance computing show is going to go through and you stupid people, you people that  I just marvel at I’m slightly different from the most retarded people on the planet I am slightly better looking I am slightly taller I am slightly smarter and I get accused of mental illness by the C student brigade and I marvel at there used to be something wrong with me and now i’m like fuck that there is something wrong with these people but i did when i saw adults and thought older people were more experienced and nuanced before i realized you can do nothing for an entire lifetime and before i realized you can be 36 and more experienced in the city than an old man i thought well if they say there is something wrong with me there has to be and i got depressed now i just get angry at the very notion that someone may have some kind of problem with me i turned into nicholas lawson THEE Nicholas Lawson and it’s interesting celebrities have been on television and radio and film and I have been on television radio and film and I have been on the internet and I have graduated from Uc and I can’t uproot my family and take a tax base from this city and move it somewhere else and I can’t afford to move somewhere else and i notice that mentally ill people know how to eat and these mentally healthy bitches at mcdonlds are tubs of lard and some bones thrown in and I get one of these lives and this is what you did to me threw me a fucked up story that inhibits my ability to produce a child for you and it’s just strange how a city works or how cincinnati works and i am taking european offers to live in europe because i have seen enough of the united states for a lifetime and i get that from the outside looking in it’s a place to revere but from the inside looking out it’s not. not to me.


I just received my Writer’s Market from 2017 from the incomplete book store at google play, sort of expect google to have a complete corpus of literary works and quite frankly when they wanted to do google book and they scanned in every page they could find I found it novel that someone would care that much about the written work and I find that the business world was scared by how intelligent google was and their intention was not be evil but they took the internet and that’s what they did with it and they keep working on it and I find this google chromebook to have needed to take some getting used to and when i figure out what the mechanism is that slides the screens I will use that too and google books on chromebook is nice and this $100 netbook is nice and I just need to be in the presence of wifi and it keeps me focused on my writing as there is not really a recording or photography component to a netbook like this but for a wordpress site I would like to think I need nothing else and I do fantasize about a world where you buy multiple devices for multiple purposes and they each to each work flawlessly this entire utility knife approach is nice but I want a netbook for publishing and a local drive for when I am homeless and I want a device that lets me catalog my photography and a device that lets me catalog my videography and I want a device that lets me catalog my audio recordings and i want websites for each of these products and I want them beautiful and single purposed and I want a phone that is a phone that does something novel like transcribe the conversation and send the transcripts to each person on the phone and that makes conferencing a breeze and it’s a single use telephone and i want simple things in a world that is packing it all into devices and i want seamless integration of my products and the internet and for instance a netbook that is based on wordpress that interacts with the wordpress website i want that first and foremost a wordpress operating system that i find missing and I find that again google books scanning in every book is good for the history of modern writing and i read that there were only two million books ever written and i wrote 40 of them and it’s interesting to me that there are billions of people and there are small millions of books and there are thousands of subsets of that billions of people in their achievements but again recording is something that is in the hundreds of thousands is it not as that is new but what are we looking at tools of trade really when a thing gets reduced to a simple tool of trade i get merciless and i have the same thoughts as bill gates in the economy and i see a world where we are taking into consideration the fools when the advanced go to do something and for instance i cannot go outside and get into someone’s car and drive it cross country and park it cross country and drive another car cross country back to my destination and i cannot loan out my car because of fools we do not have the most advanced society because of the bell’s curve of society in terms of SAT test scores and the stupid are stupid enough that the advanced cannot live in their society but they get to live in theirs and when you are a c student the left side of the bell’s curve is far shorter than when you are on the right side of the bell’s curve of intelligence and where average people are fairly certain there are fools i am dead serious about it.


Listening to some kids that are annoying as shit at the library just realizing that listening to a group of kids spend time at the library is a burden to the soul just listening to future stupidity do the new stupidity fucking things filling me with hatred as I write this looking parents dropped them off to be babysat here playing video games surrounded by books lookin not even writing each other emails at the library playing some roblox or something wasting their time future dead weight i’m the presence of anyways yesterday I was doing my day and JT rolled through and I was like what up and he was like weed and clothes and i was like yo here’s my $27 and he was like cool and we got some loud and some mids and we went to his place and like he rolled some double blunts and i got frighteningly high kind of high that gives me the impression ima stick to beer from now on high kind of high that had me throwing up gang signs for the gang i ain have high like got to the point where i was like this chromebook your’s looking and like i was like gimme the canary yellow jacket and he was like bet and i was like we smoke we give me the jacket and he like yep and i was like and you get the $27 and he like yep and like two people got paid off that and like it friday so i got fried out and like i was talking about the USA and how one man speak then another man speak and all you can do is speak on what another man speak and censorship is the last thing the USA needs and then i did my dance to the music and started raving on him we talking loud weed here and like i put on the jacket gave him my gear and then he was like yo i got somewhere to be and i was like it the weed right and he like naw naw naw naw naw yeah and i was like i know right so i’m thinking beer ain do this shit to me and ima drink beer beer only has me taking marathon walks around the street when my subconscious comes unglued like i be doing some moving and then i go home and like fuck i ain log out my computer so i wrote my email address and gave it to him and was like as the sun rose i went back to his place and was like yo you can email me now and he was like i gave it to my kid and i was like just make sure you log out and then in my head i was like this jt might be a solid person to form a c corp with but like he gave the computer to his kid so i don’t know and this morning i did the paperwork rationalizing what i did while i was high and came up with get a kindle fire and write to wordpress on that and like i can always get a new kindle fire and like then i’m out two books i bought on it so i’ll buy it again and they hav the ones i want on amazon and like i do be needing that blue tooth speaker for the music and like then a muffucka came up on me today and was like i can get you anything you need and i’m like cool but i’m also thinking so can amazon and he like bluetooth i can get you blue tooth gear and i’m like strange to see people peddling shit they need to be using like i gave someone a laptop thinking they gon use it then they give it to their kid like a toy and i’m like i do be hoping your kid be scoping out porn on this very adult device but niggas be like cracked screen madden playing this for the kids and i’m like europeans ain like that not me that is i’m like this a piece of office equipment and that an email a foreign thing to you a fucked up thing and quite frankly i do be needing to be keeping this up and i’m glad the deal went well i got another deal in and in the silence i did the sign language and kept my mouth shut and let him know it’s free and clear and he gave me a jacket and i got a beer and got to smoke good on a $100 laptop and now i have a mother who my payee who i have to explain where the computer went because i’m set in cincinnati in an awkward way i can’t just GO buy another one I have to GO THROUGH someone and they all kinds of bitch on me and the all kinds of bitch my creator and these kids I fucking hate them sitting right now and I just told them to keep quiet and they listened so cool so long as some kids will stay quiet i could give a shit just fronting like they adults and anyways i did give the laptop to JT and he did give it to his kid and i was like just log out and i did appreciate the deal and i just be liking it when deals go through getting my deal experience and my moms she a consumer and my dad he a scientist so he ain knowing shit about business at a hospital bitching and moaning about bean counters and how he hates them and i’m like thems the peoples that deal with the real world tho and he like but i need the surgical gear and i’m like the people that forge the metal need cash and he like but we saving lives tho and i’m like those bean counters businessmen and they have a real world to deal with so you can do your archane studies of the human body you like an artist and that bean counter like your record label manager and he like what and i’m like half your age telling you to just keep getting on getting on with your record label scientist and i’m like city so i know it all.


I am listening to the din of the library and am still mitigating how pissed off I am. I just did a stint on the psych ward through no fault of my own and it’s fucking annoying having to put up with inmates at a so called hospital. I don’t think being afraid of violence begets a patron when their thoughts concern a hospital. I don’t think having to defend myself against a felon in a hospital setting is a hospital. Where I find violence being inflicted against me I question the hospital nature of the hospital I was forced to in hand cuffs to participate in. I question mental health when it involves police officers that may have incarcerated me quite simply because my hair was longer than theirs and upon questioning my views on women differ from them. Just because i am not a mason that disavows reading does not make me a criminal. I dealt with criminals in the hospital and I dare say that makes it not a hospital at the point where felonious criminal penal system over flow is being funneled into Summit Behavioral and at the point where there is a consistent police presence looking to further incarcerate incarcerated mental health patients I cease to understand the ability to pay taxes and fund a system that is bogus, in that it claims to on it’s website to be a health facility and on the inside it’s a terrordome. Fuck you people.  I just wrote the FCC Chairman about getting a set of rules for a television channel that would focus on digital design, fine arts, journalism and english literature. I find that I don’t necessarily want to start a television channel but let me see what goes into it and I will decide for myself. I can cater to the advanced classes of people I want to and in the process insult 0 people’s intelligence instead of insulting a large percentage of the population’s intelligence. Where I cater my content to on television is to the highest intelligence and then the viewing audience whoever it is can know what as good as it get’s is and be they squalered or wealthy both sets are served by catering the more intellectual where half are not served by catering to the mental invalid. I stand firm.  I will not write THE CAT SMILED where i can write THE FELINE WAS FILLED WITH AFFECTION i cut out the cat smiled work and go with the upper shelf vocabulary because you people in the media are retarded you went to a fucking  broadcasting school now you think people like me are the problem when you didn’t learn anything other than how to read what I write.


I’m sitting here listening to nothing at all with nothing to write about and I am still writing writing this writing is still the writing I write when I have nothing to write write write write write write write write write I still write with nothing to write about. I am going to be getting a kindle fire and and am going to be integrating my writing process into the touch screen of the kindle fire and am going to be piecing these works together and I do want that monument valley game application and I have a kindle fire stick and I can be writing to my kindle fire with the fire keyboard and I do have work I can do on a kindle and I like the $40 price point so that I can give it to someone and get a new one if I need to still looking for that much ballyhooed and time tested company mind set to get the work done not certain if I need to get venture capital to get a work done or if I can just find a lane a raise small amounts of capital to pay for licensing of a television station or to buy writing from someone for my website or to pay for advertising for the website. I do know that I want more readership I just have to earn it and I can only do that by letting people know about me and hoping that people enjoy or maybe not enjoy but learn from the writing and I have a intensity to this writing that I do not have to my business writing or flair as I have in my notebook writing and I did just write an MP from london about immigrating to london and leaving the people behind that never find time for me but in recent days JT has looked me up but typically no one does and is one person enough to stay in the United States for but he is from atlanta and that is different than what I would have thought and I know staying is a god send to do drugs in europe again would be amazing but I got so high yesterday I just decided to start drinking beer to drink at a london pub again and stumble home would be a dream of mine and maybe chat up a british commoner in the process and i do have some weight that i need to lose and when i am beautiful again a hollywood agent can cast me in their next why are we watching this? I can understand my need to write but I can’t really understand your need to read this I need to write this and keeping a journal of my thoughts is an ancient thing to do and the extra audience produces the extra invitation to write and some people like this and I don’t have a mission in mind when there is something to write about I write.


Sitting here listening to a ceiling fan I am writing about how I need a tablet and I am on a tight budget because i can do whatever I want because i am state sponsored because I live the basic income life and it’s a lot of walks and I do be wanting productivity tools and in this basic income life do the basic income people get advanced productivity tools because basic income is a lot easier when I have a copy of Cinema 4d or photoshop on hand and I can use illustrator and the creative cloud when i have drawing tools and a laptop or desktop or a tablet not even a television but productivity tools is there going to be a basic productivity suite to be used to pass the time and engage in commerce in this basic income talk or do we have to pay to work too. I look at productivity tools and if you stymie my ability to be productive you shoot yourself in your own foot and you don’t get my vote and i know my vote doesn’t matter because you do what you want anyways and we keep an eye on you I could be working on my drawing or painting skills because billionaires like elon musk and mark zuckerberg make art all the time clearly that’s what happens your astonishing art comes from your wealth class and you know it doesn’t people that see cash the way billionaires do see it as a way to do nothing and they ask for it and it’s the labor class that produces the art because we can’t stop doing shit and even when we’re not doing shit we are doing the real shit and you billionaires what do you do and you cap on g w b for painting cats and you don’t paint and you don’t write and you only do this shit if you get paid for it and i do it and we do it because we stunt on you for doing this shit and it’s a sign of who is superior if you knew art was a metric by which intelligence was gleaned you stupid fucks would get good at it and you don’t because you’re stupid and your grandfather drilled for oil in random places and he was the business head of his oil field and then he gave it to you and dried oil is huge business it’s mostly what this computer is made of and you stupid fucks you never do anything other than talk about your cash and i hate cash i don’t need it i do services for people and they do services for me and no one is doing business and you can’t survive without cash and it’s a crutch and i already wrote about a system above this where the cashier asks you to close your eyes for a minute then you get what you want and we keep the power in the hands of the working class you undeclared misfits you take your cash and you keep the wealth inequality unequal but you hate me because you know i deserve cash and i don’t have it and it fucks with you and you fucked with me and i’m pissed forever and you rarely contemplate and now i do all the good shit and did all the good shit and general electric and proctor and gamble only hire certain kinds of people and because i want to get paid for this i am mentally ill because it’s the new thing and it doesn’t exist yet because it’s a work of intellectuals for intellectuals and you myriad of misfits don’t deserve this you sell tooth picks and shit we don’t need you based your stock portfolio on stock reports not whether or not the product was guaranteed to work like coca cola is a blue chip stock but just because my lil brother said so when really it’s soda and you have billions invested in bullshit and none of you is worth shit and i do really mean that.


Sitting here listening to my nothing that I have no music on listening to my memories my brother just wrote me and accused me of racial insensitivity and I have been the victim of abuse I remember when my mother and my friends ganged up on me and because I come from a life of abuse I write abusive writing and you can tell I have been through fucked up days and events because my writing is fucked up. I thought to myself find a university or a church to present traffic to my site or find a number of schools or a number of churches or for god’s sake find a group of people and read my journal and let me sell advertising to a regular group of readers and grow and it’s called just read it and we can get paid and I write for the advertising sales and if the university presents me with readership I can sell advertising from internet based business and the more well read i am the greater my advertising revenues just like the superbowl is the most watched event so it gets the most advertising revenue and i just need enough to pay rent and my girlfriend can write on here and my boy and when art is an intelligence test and when it’s a statement of who you are and if you are nothing your art is nothing and if you are christ your art is christ and i had a meeting with a mother today at the advent church and it went well and yesterday i discussed websites that could be printed off and i am working through my troubles and I am insensitive because your feelings do not matter to me just like mine do not mater to you and we write in this world and writing is protected speech and my family is growing more nothing and i am growing more something and so far everyone replaced themselves but me and i have more room to speak my mind say it say the thing you want to say and do it do the thing you want to do and write like you have written before and i don’t write to make you happy abuse leads to abuse and i take it out on my writing and i may never have a car but i may have a kid and he can walk to school or not go at all and truancy officer leave my children alone i taught them calculus yesterday and they respect me i come from the school of tight hand cuffs and i come from the school of hard knocks and i come from the school of leg shackles and i come from the school of strip down naked in london stripping down naked is a sign of mental illness in a prison stripping down naked is a requirement.


I am listening to angels with dirty faces painting graces onto work stations and i could be someone that made the mantra shine someone that made the court documents get signed I could be the man that challenged antiquity and said there is nothing wrong with me, saving graces for destinations and I had a never ending case of salutations in my dear sonnet i wish thee well one day we could cover ourselves in our ancient smells and discount a tirade and do experience the smells of diatribes that actualize miracles inside of sensitive minds and I was an ancient curse brought on by those that had the ancient purse and I was a parade down main street with no one in the hosting position host a decision and make mention of sentience and and decide if i belong in hell you people that navigated the hell that i provide for you to experience i provide the hell that you experience i provide the hell tho that you experience and you provide me with heaven and we are resurrecting osirus son of horus egalitarian horsemen riding with quivers down their backsides the snack side of the wack side of the lack of sides to this thing there are millions of individuals on this planet and i am but one i beat my sound to the hum of a reverberating drum no we did not bring christ for christmas we brought snacks and you had a heart attack inside of a mountain of stacks of diatribes of ancient misdirection you could take me in any direction and i would not know and you had a decent moment to genuflect and i was correct when i said die and resurrect me something challenged me and i was repeating words inside something absurd and the girls were giving me their numbers and i was picking the lottery and the prize was a lifetime with me but i never understood the rain song and you had a moment to puzzle over me for days and i was trying to understand the breeder ways and having children always seemed to be done by confused people and then well we love it but why do you have anger in your faces you wanted to do something and now you reap the consequences of you actions and you better do a good job because that thing could conquer the world and you put the paddle away and send it to public school and teach it how to fight and don’t even mention going for the eyes and never wonder why your kid didn’t make the basketball team just ask it to dance and when you let your child online let it use your facebook profile and introduce it to your friends and may the weather shine on us all again and let the words happen to be something out of a charles dicken’s trend and sometimes you have to spell it out to understand life and the characters that we pretend to be are not our eternal life and you could be someone that changes hearts and i filled up a notebook with poetry.


I’m sitting here listening to the librarians ramble and my laptop has been stolen. I’m on a computer at the library and I did get started with an upcoming cartoon for this blog called Sticky, it’s a cartoon about a stick and the life it leads in a three panel cartoon. I feel happy. I have allergies really bad and I did take a shower today and I have an apartment coming up and a new computer and I am productive. I think that I want to write about Oma and Opa in this blog and the Pines and the Femme Cartel. I think that writing is an exercise in building understanding with your subconscious mind. I run a lot of thoughts through my head and I think to myself I have to pay for wordpress and I want to and will. I want that nephlo.com domain name and I am going to keep doing this and with the upgraded domain I can upload sticky cartoons and maybe people will fall in love with me. I have scant tools and I might just write though and keep writing and developing my writing skills. I do be wanting to develop more essays and I have little else to say so it’s writing about nothing for some time and I can wrap these words around an idea or a moment that comes my way but for now I have nothing to say. I find that having nothing to say and writing about nothing can take on a myriad of forms. Like right now I don’t want to base my writings off the television I am fairly certain that there are more important men in congress than Donald Trump like paul ryan and I think that’s his name. I think there is more to congress than a man in a house that want’s what he wants which is what i don’t know it seems like he was asked to do it but Congress seems like it’s comprised of more important people than Donald Trump and television probably wanted a good show. Why it would be about ratings I don’t know but I’m watching a cartoon people, I stepped out of the cartoon to live a life but I see a cartoon, 6 inch tall people that if i heard of you on television you’re probably not much.


Dang listening to chaos in the library there was just a shooting match between a peckerwood and an imbecile over a debate as to whether or not the bible is a book. I saw the whole thing and I laid low. I just checked out a venture capital firm and it’s a source of money when you have money coming in so that you have more money. I didn’t know that. I didn’t know a venture capital firm’s first criteria for a business to invest in would be does it have money. I have an idea for an author’s farm we have some initial first time costs and then we can just write. I have to spent $99 a year for a domain and then I can just write. I have writing to do. You can read my writing and then see it’s not even final yet I have yet to write about the things that would make you happy. I am doing my typing lessons and getting used to different keyboards and I am gearing up for I wonder if anyone would care. I think I can do this alone. I can take Sticky and market him in a qwantz like way and I can sell sticky memorabilia and people get into cartoons for the marketing of if and I can market Sticky. Sort of a simplification of what I am doing here. Qwantz is a great cartoon a day and I think I would rather write every day but the cache of doing a cartoon is so big. I can integrate it into this. I can or not. I don’t know. I’m sort of floating right now just wondering what to do with my life and I do be thinking of moving to LA or New York or what I could do is market sticky to newspapers and find people that will pick it up for their sunday’s and maybe someone is running some old cartoons and i saw the inventions of today i see robotics marketing itself well really the roomba the roomba can move a sweeper and now it can move a chair and a refrigerator so that your refrigerator can come to you and your chair can push itself in and there is a study being done on putting baskets on rooves for incoming packages and the drone can just drop it off a lot is happening really quickly in the r and d labs and i’m glad i got out i thought of chess dice you take a scrabble board and you put dice on it and if the dice has a 1 on it you can only move 1 square but if you turn your dice on a move on the next move you have to move that far it’s a new strategy game. I keep winning.


Sitting here listening to the future of our city I sit in the library and I just looked up the Appalachian Trail something I always wanted to do until I don’t think I can do it because I have to shit on the side of the road and bury the shit and I don’t think I have that in me and I vaguely know I would shit on poison ivy or my ass hole would get a rash or some shit so I don’t think I’ll hike for 2000 miles and make a man of myself my life is hellish enough I might find the ohio xenia trail and give it a walk but it’s the whole shitting part of long walks that hold me back. I do know if I want to walk to cleveland I have to shit before I go three times or something and then I can’t eat on the way but I need food and there are more rugged people than me. I am rugged enough to walk from mount healthy to fountain square and then around the city for a week which is plenty rugged and I walked more than most people and I walk more than most people in the city and I type audience and I type well and I do art and I don’t have rugged in me I played basketball as a kid so I have competition in me but I also know how to gracefully bow out of competition and remain intact and still with honor as a human being and in writing I find myself typing out my why isn’t there another wordpress journal like mine just writing it’s so far always about something or most notably it’s about how to write i find a lot of journals teaching how to write and i guess I write and i write like this and this is how i write etcetera etcetera etcetera and I find that you can go your whole life and never really examine your life and I wonder if it’s just me am I the only thing walking around here I see a lot of unexamined lived and i have examinations in me and i examine myself and i notice there is a lot of sub par and below standards in the world and i can’t harp on it enough i just marvel at like television today al roker was standing in front of snow with fake snow falling talking about snow or he was standing in front of a hurricane screen talking about hurricanes with some mist blowing on him like television is a bad movie i thought to myself al roker why don’t you show some more of that footage of the hurricane to help us understand a hurricane and television is like a c quality film and it’s annoying as shit and why do advertisements annoy the shit out of me and why does television annoy the shit out of me and why do the people seem annoying on it and is a television worth so much money that we have to continually fill it with data to make the purchase worth it or do people have something to say or nothing or what on television it seems like it’s there to sell advertising and the content is not noteworthy and the advertisements always seem like they are done by a man that told his graphic artist to fuck off just do what i tell you to do and charge me the least and i just think to myself you could do as a channel take a year and compile 1 year’s worth of footage and work a year in advance quit working in real time and get ahead and explore higher quality content it looks rushed and i don’t have time for shitty content in my life and i write what i write but i’m not I write and so I don’t plan this out in advance I do give myself time to think about this during the day but I mostly just explore my thoughts on a platform I am going to be paying to use and I wonder if I should be editing this and making it i like it and i like what i write about and i’m not on here doing the weather or explaining to you who is more famous than me or who gets more cash as i find that i write about my thoughts and you could say that i’m famous but i ate at the finest restaurant in the united states and i drank the finest whiskey and i live a grade a life and i have my education with me and i find that through the dark times knowing i have access to a computer fucking nullifies my complaints and i sit and marvel at people and their lack of insight into the world and every day i learn more and just today i was thinking on facebook that a lot of this planet is not center stage there are some parts of this planet that the united states media focuses on and a lot of this planet is NOT at war and we seem to focus on the nations that are and gauge our respect for a nation with whether or not they will war with us and i get military intelligence but if you think this is a game i just wrote that a weapon is an intelligence test and if you have a weapon you failed the intelligence test its a tool of death and it’s fairly new like the car is slightly older than the gun and the chinese invented gun powder and then the european invented the gun with the gun powder and europe took an invention and used it for a sadistic purpose and i write a lot about africans and about how they didn’t do much but they didn’t do much wrong either and they are still here and like i don’t think africa is guilty of genocide but it wasn’t i mean my grandmother remembers and the eldest on this planet left their children chaos and then they developed liberalism and now i am here a generation below my parents that were raised after the greatest war and this seems cartoonish and i am in a library where little kids are annoying as shit and the planet is barely conscious and i’m a survivor in that i wonder what i am doing here why am i on this planet is that the same truth for all of us do we all wonder why we are here? do we all wonder what brought us here is not the most astonishing miracle in a child’s life is a parent can call a child a miracle is not the greatest miracle when the child realizes that they are the miracle and the miracle lines up when a child realizes a miracle is involved in it even being able to exist does not the miracle become a miracle?


Sitting here listening to my fans stoked to see what I did on facebook today the audience loved how i wrote about being a full featured dildo for $2500 a month and when I pointed out mark zuckerberg could have given the immigrants in his billion dollar home HB-1 visa’s they broke out the champaign. All in anther day of loving the wall and being republican. I reach across the aisle and hold up my middle finger to the democrats. I look forward to basic income because i know most people won’t know what to do with it and will get bored to suicide. I noticed the louvre put an art work in the middle east, problem solved. I never wanted to be involved in geo politics now homeless i am a shining star amazing and astonishing dozens of people around the world that read the comments to our mighty feed fillers. I feel like a cow.


I just heard the sirens cry the police did thrice times a turnip and take out a man in the housing I lived in. I was the reason the cops were called and he did threaten to kill me and was looking to gain permission to hit me. I think he was mentally ill enough to hate my teeth because his were not well. It’s strange when you get arrested by the police 25 times to be taken to the mental hospital over things like exhaustion or lack of sleep or workaholism and then you find yourself even after having fought the cops for your lack of protection of rights even after fighting them knowing that a facebook post condemning violence of a riot is a violation of free speech it’s when you realize that the constitution and what you learn in school have little to do with the police. The police are unconstitutional as are public schools and universities and churches are not and the internet is unconstitutional you can make a list of the words in the constitution and quite frankly the bill of rights is unconstitutional and i think that the unconstitutional schools should teach and unconstitutional class in what the police are, when to call them, how to behave at an arrest, and if millions of new people with varying marks are going to be going into this world and 2 million people are going to be imprisoned every year a senior high school class in how to deal with the cops should be mandatory if there is going to be a television drama called cops if we are going to glorify the cops they need to teach a class in how to avoid them who they are what their history is and how they operate and what their role in the civic process is because my civic’s class never trained me for a probate or mental health court and i never learned how to contact a lawyer and i never learned how to prepare a defense for myself or sue someone over civil rights violations and everyone needs to know these things.


Listening to the wind caressing my ears I just feel the breeze and hear nothing at all right now in the Walnut Hills Library and I wanted to write about Reddit. I find that I loved reddit. I loved it 10 years ago when I learned about Facebook on it. I originally loved it because it helped me find new websites. I found albino black sheep on reddit and loved the animations on it. I found thousands of hours of enjoyment on reddit and have recently found that not only did i graduate from high school church university but I also graduated from reddit. I found that there is a great amount of wealth in reddit. i remember the reddit island subreddit that i positioned as great idea and then after ruminating on the thoughts of an island and a supply chain i submitted a more feasible idea which was the reddit small town that would be where reddit would find a small small small small small town and congregate there not unlike a festival just with more supplies and an intent to spend time around like minded people. I also found that there was a time when reddit was alive with activity and every day was like reddit woodstock and i didn’t know what else to compare it to. then there was the fittit movement that was the only science i ever saw on the internet that coupled me with the knowledge of my current diet that is fish fruit vegetables and water and i do just fine and keep a slim healthy physique because of it i also only eat a meal a day and do bar bell work outs and have a fitness bench that i do chest exercises with and sit ups. i also remember a teacher thread where teachers discussed the plight of being a teacher and dealing with parents and how it was always their fault a child flunked a test and I sided with the teachers and read on. I also remember a thread about corporate culture and how the smart phone revolutionized office work because it gave office employees a chance to be online at work without a network administrator involved and that watching porn was easier because of the smart phone at work fap fap fap. then i remember reddit magazine which was a stalwart effort to punctuate a lively discussion thread with a bona fide magazine that i did not make it into but read and enjoyed. i also remember when a thread went viral and turned into a blockbuster film. i commented on an la celebrities stardom with the star herself. i remember promoting my website online and then reddit turned ugly and conde nast purchased it and mods started banning people for planning parties on their city’s subreddit and i also couldn’t promote my website on most threads which i found to not be in my interest as a web master because there was a time when traffic was a concern of mine not just cataloging work on floating computers around my world and i thought that the original and knew that the original intent of reddit was to self promote but found that the malaise of drip feeding spam and the intent that wired magazine was the only thing that conde nast was interested in promoting and the thought that it was and is absurd that someone would only promote someone else’s work when i want to know about you. then there is reddit debate which i always won that means i always got the last word with a solid punchy deflator and sparring with people in words was fun but alas i only ever saw only 8 rounds go with someone at most. then there was the day my comment feed blew up and i had 25 messages to respond to and didn’t know why and i did every one of them. i also found that engaging a redditor in starting a magazine from las vegas and we met on the phone and i balked at the thought of the difficulty of the thought. i was in class and it was too much to run a paper and a career and i found that quite frankly he was nice and i did some expert explorations and found that newsprint is a bonus to work with but after 4 meetings i canceled talks out of being out of my league in project scope at 26 i wished him well and felt terrible for wasting someone’s time we weren’t very good at it and had nothing to say quite frankly; i only recently developed enough out of class experience to have something to say and the education to say it. i also found that there is a great amount of learning to be done on reddit and what fascinated me the most was how time flew by and days turned to nights and i don’t recall everything i did or saw but i learned a lot i remember when carl the programmer did expert programming tutorials and then was put in prison. i remember when there was a cartoon of reddit’s snoo the lead icon and he was precisioned into a comic book that had him taking over. i loved the love of reddit.


My final studies in web design have led me here to wordpress.com. I plan on paying wordpress their fees and appreciate the professional work environment. i notice that i am not done writing and in this time period online i am not working with sports equipment i am working with an ever changing diaspora of a work environment and like a real work environment every day is different. i value wordpress’s technical skill and find that their security analysis is a boon to work with and i find that the analytics built in and the way that wordpress is nice i enjoy the look of my website. i have done websites like wordpress’s 2015 theme in my past and i stick with a similar style to my own web studies.  i find that wordpress is a beautiful creation and that quite frankly where the purist in me seeks out only html websites none of them are done with design in mind. in a world where my html file can be hacked for what i write and participate i find that a website that has stalwart security is my biggest priority. i find that there is a great amount of pleasure in typing and the ease with which i can type and post and place text before the world is a feature i would rather not live without in a world where i have an internet.  i find that exploring the world of writing on wordpress and the psychological impact of being read is the biggest joy to it. i am not always in my notebooks but when i am i am not writing for an audience. here i write for an audience. i find that writing for an audience at times leads to performance writing a nice feature of this trillion dollar work station that i am fond of calling the trillion dollar work station. the phone and the television and the radio are also trillion dollar work stations, this is the one i prefer until another trillion dollar work station takes not of me and then i will work on more than one trillion dollar work station of which there are several as i just noted i do like to enjoy the trilliness of this.  i find that wordpress is a myriad of options and i dare not use too many. i spent my time on .org and found that wordpress.org upon locking myself out the one time was just too much fun to configure but in my practice sessions before when i only ever lasted a week with a website i find that configuring wordpress took the burden out of knowing what wordpress is and now on .com i can be free to enjoy the spledor of this work of architecture.  i find that wordpress is a thing i would be lost without, if wordpress took it upon itself to cancel my account because of what i wrote i would worry about the internet, i find that i have a voice and my voice i find is strong and quite a many wordpress websites as though this is a child’s toy as though writing ever was and as a man i find that writing soothes me and i enjoy the cerebral output and the feelings associated with a modern keyboard and i find that i have greater output than my predecessor’s because i have an audience to write for inately and that is the bonus to keep writing.  i find that i don’t have much interest in reading other’s blogs on wordpress because i find the prose too weak and not filled with thought enough it’s always about something and it’s never about what i need it to be about, it’s just not energized mid thirities writing. i will only get more energized as i write unless the opposite is true. i will only ever grow more bold in my writing unless i weaken as a person or mature in a way i am not expecting.  i find that the thing i did with the link in my text widget was interesting because now someone can read my journal from start to finish at the click of a link and i sometimes think that wordpress would be better suited if that was a standard feature. i think that knowing where i started helps to understand the mood swings that occur as i go through a situation where i am not in my ideal setting and not in my ideal city, whatever that would be. i find that as i think of every city i think to myself that well i don’t want to live in a city with a sports team but if i move to a city without one i would be offputtingly competitive i find that i don’t know where i want to live but i think it has to do with being so comfortable and lacking a thing to explore other than myself and lacking a thing other to avoid other than violence that i write and i think i write violently i think my bell’s and whistles in my writing are violent because i have had violence afflicted against me and i am an innocent.  i find that word press is a lovely thing.


I’m sitting here listening to some people discuss whether or not the homeless shelter in walnut hills is going to get a computer lab in the basement with orders to have people write 1 hour a day doctor’s orders and like like a doctor can order someone to write and only a doctor and like I dealt with professors wasting my time having me address them as their name and not professor like I was professor professor professor to a load of fraud and I took white collar crime and there isn’t a single day I haven’t lived in a white collar crime since before I went to London in October 1999 like I partied like it was 1999 and like I hear the song of America singing the model modeling the rapper rapping the singer singing the quarterback quarterbacking the point guard point guarding the goalie goalkeeping the pitcher pitching and I have heard the song of America the retail store clerk retail store clerking the chief executive officer chiefing the cop coppin the politician politicking the mayor mayoring the weed man weed manning the entry level employee entry leveling and the I hear the song of America singing I hear you are missing some vital pieces of the culture of what you strive to be I am a university student in a world that needs people to believe something and there is nothing to believe.  <strong>Highest Production Value Advertising Special Ever, Where the Halftime Show of the Superbowl is 2 Hours Long and it’s the year’s film.</strong>  Ford: You Return Chevy. Chevy: You started something. Coca Cola: Ford you started it. Pepsi: Pepsi had the crystal tho. McDonalds: Pepsi give me the crystal. Burger King: He doesn’t know I’m the hamburgler tho. Microsoft: This is the part where an earthquake takes out the apple headquarters. Apple: We earth quaked proof our headquarters. Budweiser: But did you know nothing cures a hangover. Caduceus: Did you know port is my specialty? Starbucks: McDonald’s Stole From Us. Nike: Alright, alright, beavers listen up, you did it, you finally did it, now just do stuff.


Sitting here listening to the din of the library I think I used to think a second ago I will write about the change in mind that is terminally ill if I am not terminally ill I need to know. Is one of you the reason I will die unnaturally? Is there a gun with my name on it? Am I safe? Did the police respond when I called 911? Did the police respond the 8th time I called 911? Did I go to Harvard? Is this the Harvard Way? Is the Fuck Shit Up Crew a College? Is the University Superior to the College ergo is going to colleges superior to going to a college? Is digital design necessary to survive as a species? Is a question more difficult to come up with than a sentence? Is stating more processor intense than querying?


Sitting here listening to the phone ring absent of music I keep my form. Yesterday I was high on weed and I notice I do inferior work high on weed. It’s sobriety that an author needs more than inebriation unless they want to be known for their writing inebriated which is less valuable than sober writing. I wrote about who I hate but I did not state why I hate them, tis because, I am jealous, my jealousy of the most high, is a form of hatred. I told myself when I broke up with my first girlfriend that I did not want to be jealous of her. I’m jealous of people with stock piles of cash that earned it starting in the world before I had the chance to participate, I hate oh and J Cole I hate him too, the people that earned their living the same way I do but are further along in their careers I hate, I hate them out of jealousy, I don’t own a design firm.


I think it would be fucked up in my world if i was playing lemmings on a desktop computer at the library and i look and see this nigga caked up in a glowing map of the earth and a dozen bar graphs, I’d be a little fucked up watching bitches shake they asses with oil dripping on then, and the nigga next to me in a google hangout with the president and like i’m like this muffucka, and like i do think that would be fucked up, like a day i’d remember fucked up not gonna pipe bomb a city fucked up but i do be wondering if you could call my website the pipe bomb.


I came up with the idea for the bus news, it’s an app called bus radar, and what it does is chirp every time any bus comes within 5 minutes of you, if you have a bus in your neighborhood, I want to create an app that if you have a smart phone will allow you to sit there and just know which buses are near you, it keeps the buses known, or a base station in your home that announces when the buses, come, and it’s not really useful because the bus people always know the bus, and there is a google map bus map function, i just thought it be cool if bus radar was an app, something that announced the buses like the terminal in Government Square but on your smart phone.  I also thought it be cool to take a smart phone equipped with wordpress and just ride buses and report the news.


I just listened to a little girl spit her gum into the trash can at the Walnut Hills Library and I thought to myself that I called my mom about industrial incense. I went through the senses and saw that every sense it taken care of in invention except for the nose so I sided with industrial incense and it’s an extra unit that has a dial near the the thermostat where you can dial up the incense in your home so that you can smell like you’re in heaven, it’s also a log of incense that you put in the fire to make your campground smell nice, it’s also a filter for your furnace that has incense in it, it’s also a product that you insert into your nose like an oxygen tank tat keeps your nasal passages activated with scent.  You can use every system installing these products, you can use every aspect of the economy if you want to install industrial incense and you get to go door to door and use television advertising to promote in your market. If you want a field that is wide open you want industrial incense. That is true no one is doing it, that’s why it’s a wide open market. I do be looking for that thing we need that no one thought of.


Sitting here listening to some kids chatter about their place in the time continuum I sit and think to myself I could build a light bulb in a box and include the solar panels in the box that absorb the light and produce electricity and the light would be so bright it would produce more electricity than the light took in and that’s a fusion perpetual motion machine type of thing that does not move which is why it does not break the laws of the perpetual motion machine there are no moving parts and it’s a bonus and you could series in a light bulb to solar panels or something kind of circuit a thing but you take a light bulb you put it in a box you wire up some solar panels you make the light bright as shit and you get more electricity than goes in and the wires have to be able to handle it.


I was wondering if I could wonder and I had forms I came up with myself that I had to follow and breaking out of my form gave me the insight to wonder if I had fucked up and I had not fucked up was the beauty of my design lost on not following the grid the thing that caused me to quit working before has me still working I made it through the part that causes me to quit and I keep writing and I keep provoking insight into my growing mind and I am writing like i am describing how i feel and I feel fine and I could be someone that changes his demeanor and I am a dim wit in the did they put me on television yet was I worth oh it’s only been a month at this thing and I have further to go and I could be sentencing an illiterate or giving literacy to the sentient I am trying to go in ways I wonder if this is real in the sense that if I die here I die. I wonder if death is eternal or if you get to experience your life in stages as I understand that there is a cop standing right there bold in detail a strong european cop with a gun on him in the library and I am staring at multiple fire arms and wondering how much more powerful a man could he be standing in the library wondering if his beat is correct he just left and I keep writing I do be wondering if the most powerful police officers are in Cincinnati or if just gym class hero’s decide to put people away for a living I do drugs I avoid the cops and they never avoided me. Cops that are impervious to fear this system seems to run on cops but they say the violent would take over and i’m like the police do the violent work for the administrators and it’s a pairing of a need a mayor has a need to run the city and he has a no ability to do so so he pays the police to handle his problems so he doesn’t have to just lock them up. There are shit humans and currently instead of kill them we lock them up coming from a shit human I would know.



I know what i want to write about. I in my writing career came to the conclusion that if you are not me you suck. I don’t suck. I’m not shitty. This bitch across from me with her nose 2 inches from the top of the keyboard beating it senseless trying to type her shitty shit is a shitty person. I’m not. I got straight a’s pluses in high school and I am surrounded by people including teachers that don’t know what algebra is for and it’s for writing and developing thoughts. I’m surrounded by people that wonder what thinking is for. I’m surrounded by a cadre of major cities that promote professional sports and pay athletes millions of dollars to fill a television with content. I suck at being shitty and most of you are good at it.  I just want to drive the point home. I suck at being shitty. This bitch right here next to me does not. I am not a shitty person every day of my life. I live with shitty people. I know the mother teresa thing is to hang out in the hood and hand out wonder bread to poor stupid people and smile a lot but like fuck that. Fuck the stupid people. Fuck the poor families. Fuck the stupid shitty poor families. What the fuck is crime? The people that complain about the police the most commit the most crimes. What would it be like if all of the families were enterprising and good employees and did good in school? We have prisons filled with millions of people that did crimes even if they are innocent they are shitty enough the judge found them guilty or they were the suspect or some shit.  You shitty crime committing people that lie cheat steal and do what you think is necessary to get ahead there is no getting ahead the decent hard working day in day out don’t commit crimes people have to put up with shitty people. Da fuck is crime? Da fuck is music that raps about committing crimes? You shitty ghetto uneducated proud of being stupid come from a long line of uneducated it’s not like your father’s father was a business owner and now you sell crack rock you fucking fucks that seem like you just came out the genome raw like da fuck is a law abiding citizen supposed to do take a man his age and give him doctor seuss and be like well if you want to appreciate reading i started here 30 years ago so here.  You fucks. You stupid fucks that didn’t pay attention in school. It’s like the first 18 years are training and even the teachers I remember teachers not knowing why they taught what they taught. Revered intellectual teachers that studied history for a scant two years then studied teaching for two years and are now a teacher this society of babysitting children and adults alike you think you have a paycheck that rewards you for your work when really you have a crutch that keeps you from dying of not being able to survive you stupid fuck.  You ridiculous lot of blood and bone that fucking never took the time to you never write you never draw you never sculpt you never make you not making people that can’t even fathom where a coffee mug comes from dear god she’s shaking the table i am writing on. Spend enough time in the hood with a university degree and i guess one of two things happen you volunteer at the homeless shelter and pass out donuts with the other homeless volunteers or you hate people more than you did before. I hate people more than I did before. Chester bennington is now a stone temple pilot I am not going to be stone temple pilot willingly.  I hate you people so much I am going to stay and my first poetry name was beautiful medusa to the extent i see a quality of myself in you is to the extent i think you are cool. YOU SUCK! I Don’t. I don’t suck. I went to the hospital and saw people that decided to do that. I saw people that were incarcerated for no reason. I see cops deciding to be cops. I see a society where if you are wearing a uniform you have no problems in society so I am thinking I need to develop a uniform something that announces we don’t suck to the world.  I need a cooler uniform than a police officer and i need more authority than a psychiatrist in this world. I don’t suck. I am not shitty. I am not stupid. I am educated did all the right things discovered the right people smoked weed so now i smoke weed and I smoke weed with the right people that smoke weed and you prohibitionist hate it when people read the bible but need people to donate money to you this society is bullshit the worst people get the biggest hits on the radio this backwards reverse psychology she has a television show teaching people to put their money in the bank and to not spend it when the economy needs it is not telling people to buy things and do things that make them money this art is for snobs cash loving society that can’t get it through it’s skull the nothing makes more cash than art and you suckers for a you thought the idiot that didn’t get a question right in class was the cool one i listened to every word that adult in front of me had to say and then i knew what to write on the test you stupid never listened to authority you stupid fucks.  Now you’re in charge and you never did a thing correct.


Sitting here listening to bauble head discussion shortly after my previous post in regards to shitty people I ran into someone else that was not shitty and I think he is less shitty than me he has a bulldog named tartar that follows him around on his walks and he’s cool with me wondering if his dog has a genetic illness because it’s a bulldog and he always waves at me and he’s in his thirties too. I do be finding problems with people that are not in their thirties and I do be acting a fool on this website. I find that writing here is about being myself and then apologizing for being myself especially lately when I got off my track and I want to take a bigger chance but I might terraform all of this and just go with numbers and essays but that is designer and i want this to be designer and it’s arty now and the further i go in this direction the worst a stomach ache i get thinking about the imperfection of the blog and people say that humans are not perfect and i say they are and it’s a perfect human with an imperfect blog that i could be doing more and i’m doing as much as i can so not really and i’m getting an apartment i actually blogged there for a day and i was homeless and blogging and into my apartment i will continue to blog and extend this writing prompt and i’ll start over I’ll start at 0 again and see how far into perpetuity I can go with a solid writing workout and i don’t know you seem to like the engaging titles but i don’t like the visual appeal and titles don’t necessarily bespoke of good writing and i have much to say I just have to find a way to say it and you could be my poem lotus and i could be your dandelion and we could focus on the growth in us and i want to exchange terriers for there is  right way to do this and i just got fucked up thinking about the people that were uneducated asking me for money i just got upset in an educated way and i have my fingers on the sticks and i’m typing at high velocity and the words are coming out and this is my favorite way to feel typing at high velocity and maybe you can’t do something i can do so that’s why i feel superior to you which is a natural reason to feel superior to someone because you can do something they can’t.


I thought to myself what am I going to do with my next apex of time and I have it in my mind that with my writer’s market that I am going to take some books of mine into a new paradigm and rewrite them.  I currently have a book about a 300 foot tall computer being unveiled as a man is being thrown into the psych ward by his employer only to discover later the dreams that this man is having are being portaled into the computer during it’s unveiling ceremony and the entire world wants to know who it is. The process of discovering who the dreamer is entails scouring the planet for anyone that might be and the dreamer himself is in a hospital where a doctor knows it’s him and decides that he has to be killed and the man that is the dreamer screams he is the dreamer and everyone reports back where he is and a crowd of people come to save him and they take him to his parents home where they acknowledge that is just their son and everyone else knows he is special except for his parents and that now he has to walk around being explored by the future as every time he goes to sleep his dreams are paraded on the computer and the future begins to acknowledge that yes his life was in danger but now because intelligence prevailed the world can finally share in the dreams of an individual and the schematics are discovered in an r and d lab for a device that could do just that and they decide to keep working on it thereby guaranteeing the thing that happened would happen.  The End  I also have a book about a group of kids that go to adopt some puppies and some kittens from the ASPCA so that they do not get euthenized and they make the news for it and then take to their lives after wards and reunite while one of them works at the zoo discusses what to do with a tract of land that was given to the zoo and they work to get that tract of land a space to house the ASPCA animals like a kitten or a puppy exhibit and then they are denied and later in life again they work while one of them is in congress to pass legislation to turn Yosemite National Park into a wild animal refuge and a rider on the bill is that the Cincinnati’s Zoo become a adoption clinic for animals city wide. The book ends with the animals in captivity in the United States being placed out into the wild in reserved locations.  The End  I have another book about a man that has the ability to walk outside of reality and just walk around it. There is a young man that is used to being able to smoke his weed in peace and he never gets caught and he has this outrageous ability to walk outside of a moment and all he ever does is smoke weed in his extended timeline. He tells himself but in the long run he dies sooner because he experiences more time than those around him and is agregiously more experienced than his peers they dare say older but have no clue as to why and then one day he runs into a woman who is doing the same thing and they both never thought they would find someone else in this space and together they wonder if their are others and it capitulates with a major love scene in the middle of fountain square while everyone is frozen in the moment and these two have all of the time in the world, they assume their child will be able to walk outside of the moment as well.  The End  I have another book about Dick and Ze a story of a Dick the lead singer of the dead pencils that took ze to be his lover and ze took dick to be her lover and dick is a blogger that sells advertising and ze loves the fact that he has that much time for her and dick loves the fact that she is laize faire and is a good playmate and the two of them flirt a lot and there is a lot of the taking of clothing off and dick has to live with ze finding another man to be with but she comes back to dick after she is beaten and dick decides that he can keep her safe and she decides that dick is a perfect mate for her and dick wants to know why she did it, why did she ever leave him, and she lets him know over and over over several chapters that she thought she found a better man and dick comes to know female intelligence in Spill It as she laments how she wanted something exciting and dick wasn’t it.  The End  I have another book that is based in the future where someone is aware that there are people going through personal files of leadership and all of the computing is done in the brain now and there are hackers and it’s based on PHP and there are ethical programmers and there are unethical hackers and some people get attacked and there is the revenge for attacking someone attached to the mainframe that is getting their work done and the impoverished unethical hackers are going through files trying to prove we are all the same until they come across the file of an ethical programmer that is excelsior it’s it’s accomplishments and out of greed and jealousy they take the billionaire and levy attack after attack and finally frazzle him to the point where he sets of a nuclear set of codes that reduces the unethical hackers to a state of coma and in the ethical hacker’s sleep he levies a piece of code that renders the enethical hackers comatose and he then speaks to high council about what happened the night before and they tell him to fix it.  The End  I have another book about a journalist that covers the national club scene and it’s a book about what happens the evening he steps into club Aeon and discovers that the only light there is in that club is lazer light and it’s a pitch black club and someone fires a shot and the club is locked tight as some billionaire wanted to know what would happen in a club if someone fired a shot in the air and locked everyone in and the journalist was there that night so he has to hunt down the perplexing billionaire and have him taken to court but the billionaire owns the court system in Cincinnati so the journalist takes to the prosecution and hires him a defense and they ad hoc a legitimate court together and hold kidnap him and force him to stand trial in a parking lot where he is found guilty and the young police officer there acknowledges the courtroom and they take him to jail letting the journalist know he saved the legal system in the city of Cincinnati and in the process became a lawyer.  The End  I have a book that I know of that involves Cincinnatus, the founder of Cincinnati, deciding on a location of the earth to start Cincinnati and he decides that where the river is most south and can’t get more southern he will start Cincinnati there and then the lady of the fountain Elia walks out of the river and he builds her her own cabin to live in but she insists that she sleep in his cabin and he wants to know why and she tells him well the other one is nicer to cook in but this is nicer to sleep in and he puts up with her and then they have Burnett the little lady of the fountain and take a pet named Edgar the Bearcat and it’s based on the four major sculptures of Cincinnati, Ohio and it’s a story that laces them together.  The End  I have a book that has a CIA operative on a mission to infiltrate a suspect mosque and his child is a roman catholic and he hides his job from his entire family by being professionally trained as plumber and he is one of a team of operatives investigating violent mosques of imam’s that are taking muslim converts and preparing them to blow up the washington monument by encircling it with their hands and pressing their bodies up against the monument and one of them is going to scale the lincoln monument and ball himself around lincoln and blow up his head with their bomb vest made of C4 unless Baldwin Smith can stop the major operation and successfully translate the american ideal of do not blow yourself up into these muslim converts, he needs to uncover and infilitrate a muslim mosque in Washington DC before we lose the Washington Monument and Lincoln’s head and he has to act fast because time is ticking and his son thinks he’s a plumber.  The End  The story of a city that built it’s own dodgeballs and had an idea so good they manufactured their own dodgeballs and senior year of University was spent in a gym on the dodgeball court and the epic scene is where a man from University of Cincinnati kissed the woman from Xavier University and the Bitch from Brown Mackie sucked the dick of the Man from Northern Kentucky University and then it cut to the before shot where Roger Bacon was at a dance with McCauley and before they played dodge ball they did the freak line at a High School dance and everyone got banned from school the next day and that night they threw a rager and the Superintendent Gary Gellert got a blow job from his secretary and Leah Stewart the woman that gave me a D- in Creative Writing here that problem you wanted in your class, the secretary from Yale in Gary Gellert’s Office is that she didn’t swallow his load and the problem is she broke the law.  The End  He wanted to do what everyone wanted to do and he wanted to do it also. He was a man that was in search of a woman and he was an artist and at that time period, i mean he could have been anyone but he was an artist he had to have been because he was friends with men in other countries and there were people that wronged him and he went after their families and he wanted to do what everyone wanted to do and he wanted to do it also. He was a man that took to the stage and gave speeches and he was a man that fables were written of and he was a man that took god into his own hands and spoke the great Word and he was a man that came from a small nation and he was so influential when someone wanted to do something other than him they did what he did and he was a man that wanted to do what everyone wanted to do and everyone wanted to do what he wanted to do and he was a man that men wanted to be like and women wanted to be with and he was singled out this one time from a group and he went to university and he did not finish and he was a man that inspired movement with his galant speeches and the city rallied around HIM and he was a man that lost control of his people and needed to find a way to get back across the border and then word spread of his singled out style of he was a dictator and he did methamphetamines and in the process he stated firmly that hilary clinton was the supreme ruler and she did say she had blue eyes and then someone took adobe photoshop and color checked her eyes and she had gray eyes but there was the time we almost had a blonde haired blue eyed President of the United States of America and instead we had a blonde man that brought everyone together and the differences are thin and I was incarcerated 25 times and Adolf Hitler was arrested this one time and I have a blog and I already have 9 followers and I am set like this and freedom of speech is a right in this nation and I speak no wrongs and I sit and write and I wonder what the world has in store for me and I wonder what the world has in store for us and like so many like me you paid me the least and I did this and you kept paying me the least and you denied me entrance into your corporate structure where the real money was to be made and you championed the theatre but punished the men that wanted to be in theatre and you were about your sports and football and baseball and basketball and hockey and your elders did not speak of their elders they spoke of the youth.  The End  As the myth goes the Africans were the creators of the ocean they stood on their shores and they extended their head back and aimed their mouths to the sky and breathed ocean and they did this for 7 billion years until Jesus walked out of a waterfall and as Jesus was walking out of the water fall the Africans stopped expelling water from their mouths straight into the air and Jesus loved Africans so much they decided they would doom the planet by not spitting ocean and spent time with Jesus thereby dooming the earth because someone so cool came along that the Africans stopped spitting ocean and earth was doomed until the Anti Christ came who was an African that let the Africans know to get back to work this is bullshit but it was the african women that cried african tears and they let the men know they would add an ocean and they called it Lake Superior and the African Men said hold up and they Sweat Lake Huron Ontario Erie and Michigan, he would kick it here and Jesus never knew something but the Africans knew they created the ocean and every African on this planet knows that when they see a white man they know they see something that doesn’t know something. It’s something like that why they don’t do shit ain it?  The End


Today was the day I decided that I was going to take some aluminum ore and develop a casting and i was going to produce the Sea Urchin Fork as a designer work of utensil and I was going to elaborate on the basic for experience by developing a Sea Urchin Fork based on the Sea Urchin Shape and above the fold would be Sea Urchin and below the fold would be stick, elegantly designed and replicable today was the day I decided that I was going to go into metal smithing and develop kitchen ware that I built with my own hands and own design as a thing to do. I need to identify a metal smith shop in Cincinnati a place where I can pour metal and heat it up and I have to develop a casting system and when I do I am going to develop full featured metal ware that will not be flat no it will not be flat ware it would be like well eating with a sea urchin as a utensil and it would be like eating with a knife and spoon as well, ideally I could also in my own apartment heat plastic and develop a plastic ware version of the sea urchin fork and restaurants may want to use it and it is a thing i can sell that traditionally sells that has an incoming market that needs utensils and i can be the utensil developer and this one addition to utensilry is enough to solidify me or i can just write i can also just write and take my developed sense of design and just put it here i don’t have to go into trading I can stay with selling advertising but a sea urchin fork would be quite nice.


In the booth spitting truth And I just dropped a deuce Aging youth old in tooth And I just shit a spruce Ya’ll need to lose I will improve It’s a lesson in groove On the news Killing jews You know it’s about the moose You get your booze You pick and choose And then you light the fuse  I wrote a song After I hit the bong Last week I snapped a thong  In the booth spitting truth And I just avoided the noose I missed a cue check the hue I still sort of miss my crew I was of the many now I’m of the few You think you know but I knew That I would get a phenomenal clue Now I write and become your muse Writing gives me the chance to choose To write a future deeper than the last author dude In the mind we hit our grind and you take your snooze  I wrote a song After I hit the bong Last week I snapped a thong  She wanted more I do implore I need to explore  In the booth spitting truth You know you need to cut loose The empty juices you need improving You think you can do it too Take a second and collect your dues You have a mic try and recite the lesson in blue The sky is falling you are calling now you think you a moon The sun is shining you are hiding now you know it’s about the tomb Your resting place you can’t erase your destiny or your womb Now you here you have much to fear and your fate is a groom You need a lyre start reciting and then start to croon


The library is inside of me and I have never read a book I sit with a mountain on my mind and I have never been a crook Words have a meaning and so I cannot help but seeing visions of being on this nook You have a decision to think seeing is believing and you may be different on the hook Correct the effects that blurry vision give you to interject you can’t even come correct on this mooc You a leader of leaders you is knowing not seeking you have to hide this afternoon Opening doors you have more to explore there is nothing to hide soon You could be coming on you take into the song and you have nothing to do dude You think you everything but rude you take seances to the ends of the moon You take second place you never win but gravitate you always hesitate you loser You boozer you pick em out the crowd chooser you elevate you innovate you never take the time to cry


Dear Father Francis,  The Cobras, the Scorpions, the Dung Beetles, the Wasp, the Hornets, the Rhinocerous, the Giraffe, the Lion, the Tiger, the Puma, the Panther, the Boa Constrictor, the lack of a harvard crew team, the lack of a yale divinity school, the lack of an ivy league in africa, the pyramid, the ant, the you don’t have to write a story just to get a word out there, you can just use the word, sometimes you don’t have to define a word like entefera you just have to say it and you can work outside the box and prepare to work in the box and you have a stillion nillions and the NIQ is the N.ovel I.nspection Q.uran which is the Novel Inspection of a Quran and I sold my work on the Quran to pay for my land.  sincerely,  The Man Sitting on the Floor at Old Saint George in 2004 mopping up a monastery a football field size in height as i was caught in a music video and we knew each other and you can let a cobra loose at the crossroads so long as you have it depoisoned, a cobra makes a killer pet so long as you devenom it … which it appreciates so long as you feed it and if you have a cat you need a mouse


If we go down we go down together in the library with tears in my eyes behind the lids like when you have to cry and the tears are behind the lids and no one notices when you sit there and have that lens on your eye and you see something beautiful they never painted about crying and it’s all I write about when you live in feeling you never git a shit about the computer a dark form that i can see is the computer they worry about AI and I cry and I know they don’t see the darkness that sound comes out you are wrong when you speak of mars for mars is the god of war and i am here and elon musk would make for a fragrant colonge but do not go further yes take your solar panels and infuse them with lightbulb light and ask the electrician’s union for a job and take a chance in life and they are the darkness inside a shadow and some of them had knives and i asked for one thing for something to look at and it was code for this for the darkness has never seen the light and i write with a tight fist and i cry for the next day and i cried for yesterday and i cry the tears to the music that if you need someone to cry i am trained in crying and you are not even trained in trying and we meet on mars where if this has to be mars it will be mars and now you are there do not go further and do not step foot on the moon focus on grooming your species before you look for life on other planets and i was staying in paris and i was chain smoking and i needed mo bounce in the house and i wanted to meet you at the crossroads but i couldn’t go to church so i never saw you again zoe as i paint this land with my memories and my fantasies and fears and i cry behind my eyes and no one notices but me


When Harvard Crew Teams start coding we will see the internet 1.0.1 and it’s that internet version .0.1 on that 1 that 1.0.1 like we at 1.0 now we need that 1.0.1 that .1 is the up on we developed something we brought it to final finality and then after we finished we took some shelac and glossed this thing over like we ain at 1.0 yet we at like .9 on this thing and like it there, we at that point where you can just use it just studio on it be known as a think tank get with a group of people and it’s the social ceremony of this thing that needs developed now it’s the so what committee and we have a so what committee and it’s a giant wall or a tract of land like it’s an infinite supply of land and that is why the economy is stalled because we are used to a finite amount of land and now we have an infinite amount of land and the economy is stalled because of it and harvard crew men know how to code what a cockswain says and in my wettest fantasy signe larson is the husband of nicholas lawson an already married woman with the finest chest and the the chief executive officer of women is attractive i just let her do here thing but at the same time to be in the same room as signe larson she’s not trying to be president …. signe larson she’s trying to be happy … let’s elect signe larson as president and her husband nicholas lawson …. there is that thing where depending on the woman in my spare time i campaign for you that why i got my eye on kucinich’s woman because she has my resume and someone would be taking care of my woman




Alright I just did this epic the end on my blog I was high on 8 hours worth of weed yesterday working on my blog and I came up with some weedy shit and then I sat down and was like naw naw I ain done I got to work forever on this thing that the reason why i love it because I have to work forever on it it a forever thing this word press blog AND I have to come up with $300 so that I can pay for the business license that gives me Buddy Press and then once I have buddy press I go to Vista Print and drop $100 on business cards and pass out business cards to the city and I community organize around a central location and I invite people to come be a part of the culture I developed at Nephlo and people meet people and I arrange marriages and get involved in people’s divorces and i curate a society of people that are banned from having sex except for me and then i deny people the right to produce thought and I state firmly only my writing matters and you need to heed the word and i make a big deal out of the fact that I started the journal and that if you meet someone at my journal’s community portal you owe me all your money and i do something typical like force people to send me money and send me the tax returns and i build a monument to cults that is more cult than a cult and we make ice cream without EGG in the ice cream it ICED CREAM really and we get into making ice cream without egg and we save on our egg and we use the egg money to buy the finest <a href=”https://www.amazon.com/Vanilla-Products-USA-Gourmet-Madagascar/dp/B01BLUXGRG/ref=sr_1_4_s_it?s=grocery&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1505575864&amp;sr=1-4&amp;keywords=vanilla+bean”>vanilla beans</a> and we scrape that vanilla out and then we go out in pairs and wear t shirts that say nephlo on them and we sell the ice cream we made and people love us for our ice cream and it makes them feel comfortable to join nephlo where i am blowing our cash on pounds of weed i smoke on ever increasing joint sizes and i just keep funneling our money into weed and we keep selling the ice cream and then i keep posting posts on this and people are required to read my writing and then the ads start selling and we sell ads in other people’s magazines and people buy our ice cream and we bought our equipment on amazon and we buy diamonds from amazon and resell our amazon <a href=”https://www.amazon.com/Round-Brilliant-Diamond-Natural-Earth-mined/dp/B00IML1LRU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1505575513&amp;sr=8-3&amp;keywords=diamond”>diamonds</a> and we sell diamonds and ice cream and we drink beer and we smoke weed and we listen to mick jenkins and throb to his pain and we center around the real reason it happened and we marvel at a mystery like this writing right here and we just all know in our hearts that through the years it would have been nice to have had sex.


Listening to Sleep Music wide awake I write with a hesitation that I need to take and if I provide a service for you that involves you compensating me like a jew and what are we going to do when the transaction is guaranteed to come through when no matter what i do no matter how hard i try my credit card will always be approved and it’s a matter of faith in the economy to take a credit card with a basket filled with computers and printers and some business cards too and it’s a meditation to get the next elevation and i have a genuflection and give salutations to the crew that worked hard to get this office space for our just dues and we had a factory out back where we made our ice cream and it was a nice dream and we sold our ice cream to the right team and we had a store front our front we were like rock bottom with ice cream and fountain square put us there too and we were making ice cream all night and they ate all day and we had porsches from superior hyundai to get us through the day and we bought our crops from krogers and we never used salt and we had vanilla bean and ice cream and we were set for life and we only sold one flavor but we made our own syrups and i know you do to in that giant warehouse we made ours in small batches and when it came time to franchise we did that too and sold people on our recipe that we bought from krogers and they said they wanted to use our signage and the american dream is as simple as but wait a minute why did you ask us for anything you came to us for a franchise but da fuck what do you mean we out of business you just bought the rights da fuck is this place it’s a nightmare we on the streets again after 3CDC came and evicted us from the property for the party for that party we threw were we tumbled out into times square and hey that one guy is making ice cream too and he puts liquor in his and we still here and the ice cream is being made and we made it and we let our parents know we made it and they wanted to know what it is and we said ice cream we invented ice cream and an african came and told us they needed 40% of our income because africans invented milk and i was like i know you did but you used yaks we use cows and they was like tru believer and i was like ain faded and kept on then the mafia came and wanted to know if they could do our books and i was like naw we do our own books and we ain faded and the ice cream was flowing and it was a glorious day when we put our first dollar on the wall in a case and steve added a vanilla bean and the first milk would go bad if we put that in the kit and we just got started making our ice cream and we knew it was better we used more vanilla and no egg and it was creamy and everyone loved it and the ice cream was delicious and i bought a cruise for my parents and we paid for their house and the ice cream was so mint we just we just bought the cream from a farmer and we bought the vanilla bean from amazon and we bought our<a href=”https://www.amazon.com/Nostalgia-ICMP400WD-4-Quart-Electric-Bucket/dp/B00C5ZK93G/ref=sr_1_3?s=kitchen&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1505579010&amp;sr=1-3&amp;keywords=ice+cream+maker”&gt; ice cream maker</a> from amazon and we made our ice cream and we stored it in zip loc bags we bought from krogers and we had plastic spoons we could use and we had napkins and we had our space and it was something we could do and it involved things we could get and people loved the ice cream.


I just wrote a german email to a literary agency in new york city and I was wondering why I feel compelled to move to new york city. I have a thought that women in new york city eat each other laying in circles enscribed in the male attraction ego that belies the fact that though the human spiritual network a sufficient human orgy will attract all that are attracted to sex and I have been spending day wondering if I should move to new york city comprised of a physiological change in my body that draws me to new york cith where i know of the siren that woman from lore that entrances a man to move to her island with a song only to see him destroyed upon arrriving. i fear not the new york city i fear the people.


All Rise, may the honorable Judge Atrayu please preside over the court. Atreyu did a head spin as was the tradition and the gimpy tickets were being sold the raffle ones and lucius pixel was standing there pinching his ticket so hard he won the drawing and it was a drawing of him ceremoniously lucius pixel pulled out his letter he got from Nicholas Lawson and it read yo ma dude ima mail a letter to jt and he a gonna mail a letter to me and we gonna be two neighbors that know ehrytang about each other ima mail him my notebooks and he uh gonna make his impressions on it and we gonna use the same pen and work on notebooks and i mean he gets a blank one too and like court is in session atreyu now you may speak …


The White Family Reunion  The white family reunion is great it’s all the white people in a city getting together giving each other cash holding press conferences playing carnival games deciding on who the real white people are shooing away the black spies from the white think tank adopting a couple yellow people ceremoniously and putting giving cholos mops to clean up and they painted stuff too just a gathering of white people with their smart phones and their parade of white people and the press conference has the mayor of the white people there and the there was the city council of white people that all wanted to be mayor but weren’t mayor because the mayor was the mayor and they all wanted to be mayor but weren’t they were on white people city council with aspirations of being mayor but weren’t mayor and the governor was there that didn’t have to worry about being mayor and there were some representatives there that wanted to be senators and the senator was there that wanted to be governor and the president was on speaker phone and there was a beautiful white woman there and she had on a wedding dress and and was walking around looking for someone wearing a tuxedo and he was with this black woman and loving life.T  The Quran Fucked Up a Date  Steve was on a date with Jennifer and everything was going great, Steve took her to the nicest restaurant in town they ate the most expensive food he had a high paying job she wasn’t a model so she was kind of dating up for her and she did bring her cleavage and everything was going great. They take a walk in the park steve talks about how his family is all university graduates and they have family reunions once a year and that he really liked Jennifer and Jennifer felt like she belonged with him she knew they were soul mates and they went back to Steve’s place and they had a passionate kiss and she wanted to be invited up for some wine and then Steve asked her up for some wine and she said yes he knew she would say yes and then they went to steve’s pent house apartment and she walked in and laying there on the coffee table was a quran and jennifer smacked steve square in the face stepped on his foot and ran down the steps with the cops on her cell phone because steve had a quran.  Dude that Could Be Defeated with a Sweeper  It was to be a battle to the death and each could choose their weapon. Alfred walked up to the table and chose the glock and loaded it with hollow point tips. Daryl chose the Remivac Sweeper and put a new bag in it. At the chosen hour they were told to draw their weapons and before Alfred could fire a shot Daryl turned the sweeper on and it was over and all that was to be said was the hoovering sound the sweeper made. Alfred let it be known to Daryl Well Played.  When Rondo’s Go Bad  Larosa’s had a problem with their Rondo’s. Their Rondo’s were famous for beating police officers. They ran the streets mercilessly. 14 Businesses paid Rondo’s just to survive. Rondo’s were at fault for several high crimes and 3 Rondo’s were on City Council and the lead Rondo had the Mayor on it’s payroll. The city wondered who did what to the rondo’s.  Someone Ordered a 6 Way  Someone walked into Skyline Chilli and ordered a  Way and at that moment as everyone at the Skyline Chilli heard that sound. They froze. Hot dogs were on forks midway to a hot dog bun. Steve discovered what broke the matrix. It was ordering a 6 way at Skyline. He froze the skyline and walked out.


I tapped out a song and wrote a song and it was a song I opened up a throng and they all wore thongs and none of them knew they were wrong I was the kong on the empire escape building and I was proving people wrong I was long on my time on the long time can use it for long thing I wanted to write something clever here about a diphthong but I was too lazy to do it I wanted a wong in my life but the wong got the gong and i asked her to leave her name was christine I grabbed the tongs and chose all of the finest cuts of meat I longed for the days when I could feel complete  We were just talking Baby I was out of line I was taking the leadership When I didn’t see a thing I was just talking We were in the wrong thing I saw you often We knew we were the throng I had a long thing But she said it was too short We took it to newport I spent all my cash on whores We were just talking I said I do this all the time When I knows shes watching I let my stripes shine I just got into the air plane I swear this is just an error plain And Simple You could do much much much much much much better Stay here for ever. Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Stay here forever.


Kick back 4 years from now and I’m in the psych ward kicking just kiiiiiiiiiicking it, in the process of getting head from this bitch that said she needed semen in the hospital, BIG MEECH pops his head in like can I get some too, I’m like dude can you see me throwing up the gang signs while I’m getting head, i asked her to marry me, he like my bad but like can i still get some head, and she like looking at me like can he and i’m like i don’t know i’m getting head right now and he’s like but you won’t be getting head forever and i’m like i don’t know and she like well if you don’t know he can get some head so i’m like cool right now i’m getting head and in a couple minutes BIG MEECH getting head too from the same mouth and we in the psychiatric hospital and it the big room and like staff light so they ain popping around checking out hiding spots and shit kinds of places where you can get head and no one knows cept the chick gargling your shit and ima like you know what i don’t like to live a life where i don’t have at least a spot to fuck anyways don matter where i’m staying so i ain into voyeurism so like meech come at me like she went into the flying v and smeared my shit on her vag and i’m like me too and we both like PREGNANCY TEST so we go up to the desk and is like the two of us need a pregnancy test on this bitch and they like cool PSYCH WARD and it comes back NEEEEEEEEEEGATIVE hell yeah got head and didn’t get a bitch pregnant so then big meech takes a sheet of paper and starts smoking on some air through his doint and if you don’t know what a doint is it a thing you smoke in a place where you can’t smoke it just paper rolled up that you inhale air through and it just a doint and big meech smokes em and then we kicking it i’m like yo you work for the FBI and he like yeah and i’m like cool so then we kicking i’m talking to staff about the ins and outs of selling standard randoms to computer scientists and one thing leads to another and big meech is at my apartment on the outs i had a new friend so we kicking it he making juice by taking his kolonopin and putting it in 7up and microwaving the brew i killed 4 shots of kolonopin and 7up microwaved and he zonked out and then after he wakes up we start talking about the book ima write for him and he sees i have FL STUDIO so he like bitch sit down and i’m like this is bad and my european senses go off and i realize i am a slave now but my professional side kicks like be a professional slave for africans they would love that and i know that’s what they want and i gave it to him so he like move up click it put that beat with that button click that move left go up and i became big meeches mouse that he controlled with his mouth and the beat sounded cold he wasn’t wrong and i dare say he invented turning a human into a mouse anyways he was on his doint that he rolled out of one my epic poems in my notebook and it got to the point where he decided he was going to live here the first thing he needed to do was get rid of me from my apartment so he breaks out his marble easter egg in a dew rag and lets me know he’s going to kill me i know instantly i am never going to kick it with people from the hospital again and then after several hours of him realizing he is going to kill me and me realizing there is a knife on the table in my reach and he has a marble easter egg after squaring down with small arms in play i get up after his body language looked defeated on the bed and after he realized i won he jumps on me and pins me to the bed and dry humps my asshole with my clothes on and pins me to the bed and rapes me and then marcus calls the sheriff and i run outside and big meech just sits there until they come and arrest him


To it may concern that it be done in a way contractable with the human species that we may conduct ourselves with mighty reverence of blood and to whit we shall take to the form that includes taking upon ourselves our very blood and extracting a full unit from a human body while at the same time introducing a unit of blood into a specimen of the human form of full artificial nature to whit that it be done and known that a human body will be conducted in form as a hell of a concept that to make it right and we want to step into a place of existence where in the interest of our human form remaining our healthiest human form that we would extract the blood from our body to an end that leads us to the extent that we would generate a style of blood wholly unnatural to the nature that presented us with ourselves and that we take our consciousness and to an end generate blood from the periodic table that we would take to our form water and mineral and from water and mineral we would liken blood infused with neutrogena like fluid such that the human form would enter into a state of massage that weekly we would take doctor calls and exclaim the virtue of living to an extent that we extract our blood from ourselves infuse our skin with neutrogena and in the process extract age from our life and in the extent that we explore the entire vascular system with neutrogena and this neutrogena that I have postulated would be a material that gives youth to the elderly coupled with sustainability to the youth and that an end to the grave would be at hand and that tis not the dead that would but that the living would not fall and to an end if we should wish to be immortal this does give us time to extract the dead from the tombs and take a neuron sample and rebuild a human body from the tutankhamen as the pyramids were space ships in egyptian time periods and quite frankly neil armstrong went to the moon and was the first man there but more impressively in terms of travel is the moon pales in comparison to time where the egyptians shine and the great pyramids of giza crashed when 14 europeans solved the clearly and explicitly placed markings of stay away stay out and the egyptians clearly intended for king tut to remain in his burial chamber and this generation of this blood unit has been accused in high court of not caring of being careless of shirking responsibilities and of lacking a respect for the authority of those that do their job educate themselves and take a moral stance on mathematical principles that do not delineate as there are no alternative lifestyles there are math wizards that theorize false behavior that is misaligned with the proper proverbial extension of the human moral code from one generation to the next and to the extent that you think obesity is politically correct is to the extent that you have a problem with this as political correctness is only a problem for slobs for the lazy for the sloven for the impoverished in thought as to whit it would be that hilary clinton is a political correct choice, al gore is a political correct choice, i lose mind and do not remember all of the political correct political leader choices but for centuries the united states of america was interested in political correctness until political science was developed that is a ruse set upon us that culminates with giving political power to the politically corrupt and that political science is based on experimentation and to the extent that you experiment with politics in political science experiments is to the extent that you doom your people and quite frankly it’s fun to be correct and you lazy uneducated masses that have been undeserving of my presence for decades now stand at the foot of my writing and witness the extent of education the thing you think tis big but tis small and you lack refinement and most of you lack a body of work and we do not need manufacturing in the amenities sector where in the world of basic income we would lose on this planet say the snickers candy bar or the coca cola soda we would still take pride in producing cars and houses and medical equipment in a basic income world where everyone has their dollar that we would all need a dollar and a nutsack that i need more than my nutsack fine i take your dollar and i spend it how i wish and we are near a time period where all will have the dollar and in a world where all have the dollar we crack it into pennies and now we do business with pennies and for a penny i will write you a poem in the face of an all we all have an all and quite frankly the math belongs to the mathematicians do believe and know that there is math behind my writing as i phase in and out of equations and follow the signature of the line that i am drawing that your consciousness if following and quite frankly where people do not need to do anything to live there will be demise and the great judgement is can you chief so hard that you keep an assembly line in your bottling plant because 15 people decided they would build the cars we need for the future in a world where 150 people said they would be auto mechanics and we have plenty of cars in this car world and the great lay off was not a great lay off it was a great done and we enjoyed our candy bars until they were no more and we relaxed and enjoyed the things we had until it was gone and the farmer noticed that people gravitated towards his farm and this is a fiction for in a basic income world even i cannot take into account all of the immorality to do an advanced accounting algorithm that would provide for the basic needs of all in a world where you have a man that shot a man at a convenience store yesterday you will not find basic income in a world where men pay women with cash to take their clothes off you will not find a basic income tis not the university graduate that is the reason the basic income is not feasible tis the man that failed out of high school which is most of you and tis a concern not of i as this is being written in code and you goonie fucks that fuck with me you have not the literacy level it takes to read such a thing as this and quite frankly you can drain the blood and survive and i do wonder if this is a matrix like thing but it still lasts forever as i have no way out and a gun is not a thing i think should be on this planet so i have to live here forever and do this quick thing that lasts a lifetime i still participate and quite frankly i do have a lot to say and you can take this to the bank and deposit it and get back some no you cannot have a basic income unless you have a city of artists and we have to socially engineer babysitting into our lives and the university graduates know how to stand in a world that is running .


We were sitting in chairs and to get away from the television if i could take this blog right now out on the ferris wheel I could i let you read by yourself if we go downloading we go downloading together they’ll say that i was clever if we go downloading we go downloading together we’ll download everything let’s show them we are writers and we were sitting in chairs and standing there with a ziggarat out on the ferris wheel in this small town we had the internet if we go downloading we go downloading together and if you just smile i’ll love this lever 2000 and let’s show them we are let’s show them we are working we were sitting in chairs and the bills were piling up and the business was abrupt and the people that did it forever were clever  omage to the PARIS by the chainsmokers by Nicholas Lawson


The word of the month THE MONTH this week was GOONY. I just got hit with a wave of understanding of what I am looking at, 7 years out of University an environment where everyone is in shape brilliant inquisitive intelligent bespoken and then I graduate from that environment and get tossed around several sets in Cincinnati Ohio I 7 years later realize what it is about Cincinnati, this thing Goony. Occurred to me this blog goony. I came to a point of realization as i am pondering buying boxes of toothpicks and engineering a way to turn 1 toothpick into 2 toothpicks and at that point it occurred to me AIN SHIT I CAN DO FOR CASH THAT AIN GOONY!  I just see goonyness everywhere outside the university, apparently the university is a goon free zone, spent 11 years probably too long got used to it if i had graduated from a 4 year university I would be 15 years now absorbing gooniness and would champion it without question but i went to university for 11 years and was a star struggling student because they kept treating me for mental illness and now in walnut hills on race day i am beset with how goony all of this is. Goonyness. Just goony people goony president goony pope goony world leaders representing their people and parading around in extravagance to show the superiority of their people and the goony nature of making cash gotta do something goony to make cash can’t just get cash and then cash serves a purpose it plugs you into the goony culture without cash you can meditate and walk and eat berries off trees with cash you can get a mcafe super latte with extra whipped cream without cash you can drink water and the more cash you have the more goony you are portrayed take the lead goon on the internet mark zuckerberg he runs a goony website and sergey brin the sub goon to mark zuckerberg on the internet he has a henchman named larry page that has no voice and is a university graduate i think and just goony ness it goony that i am writing ads for soap if i were to do a soap ad i would buy every brand of soap and figure out which one stings the tip of my dick the least when i rub one out LEVER 2000 STINGS THE TIP OF YOUR DICK THE LEAST! that’s an ad to me.  The goonyness of this i think comes from human behavior is goony most services are goony it’s goony that we are so goony as a people we need goons to to goony things to people like put them in prison so that we can stow away our goons so that the people that are so goony they sell slush puppies can survive around people that typically murder for cash and have to go to prison to the extent that you are goony is to the extent that you get cash.  Fucked up. A businessman is an expert on goony behavior so a master business man knows every goony gear cog widget and button he has access to, to be a business man is to be an expert on human behavior and i’d say body language and communication like a police officer i mean they get paid by the state they are JUST experts in body language and they can make a standard set amount of cash in my dealings with the police it occurred to me that there will come a day I am worth more than a police department and i defend that stance in this city that champions the value of the police as there’s like this one guy named the mayor that decides who he doesn’t like and those people go to prison in a city that is down to it’s public officials being lead counsel and in a city that sold off it’s expertise so it’s just us walking around and and i have to navigate a bank that gossips about income to anyone that wants to know so as my cash goes into my bank account i have to remind these people who they work for.


<a href=”http://www.digg.com”>Digg.com</a> was my newspaper for too long, I could have been reading the new york times for ten years but I read digg.com and now I know when a dog chased down a squirrel and almost climbed the tree to catch it. I remember when digg.com was a viable alternative to reddit.com and then kevin rose went with a beautiful design that has informed me for years and given me the opportunity to have a snarky thing to say about 50 things a day for the last 10 years and i appreciate that.  I love digg.com but i question the intelligence in light of the bbc and i think digg.com could be a television program and that it could report on the weather in terms of where we are in regards to absolute zero for the weather and that we could report on websites that just appeared and explain to people the value of having someone pump your gas for you while you are at the house and I would take a cincinnati view of the business online and it happens everytime someone does something like invent a truck that pulls up next to your car to give you gas and i come up with i’ll walk up t your house and ask you for your keys and $30 and go drive your car to the gas station to make my $5 for your $25 fill up.  Every time you think of something I think of something better because of it.


LA is an atheist city that does not believe in a living god so they do their church differently than a god fearing city does. They have the price is right. In a city that hates the thought of someone writing about the thing that no one knows shit about they get their people together and they hold church on the Price is Right and Let’s Make a deal. Church. LA Style. Not much roman catholocism in LA anymore since the CHURCH of scientology took down Jesus. They hold their church on let’s make a deal and i thought of my role on let’s make a deal and it was a man that told clive barker and la reid that you know what i get that i picked that box i want to pick that box too and quite frankly on the wheel let me just roll it to the number i want.


So e books are so long as there is an internet a product that there is an infinite amount of software also is in abundant supply. When it comes to software like e books and three dimensional modeling software you can get a good look at the intelligence of an internet by noticing that capitalism died. You no longer have to go to a retail store and buy a box and insert a mechanism into your computer to get your software you can just literally just download your next expansion of your abilities nch software and autodesk appear to do this correctly and then you have maxon and adobe and coffee cup software doing their work as well. I notice that in the event that the apocalypse occurs in a world where we have no internet you no longer have an infinite supply of your software in a world of economics professors and yalees you can find that toothpicks and toothpaste you have a finite supply of in the sense that at any given moment there is always a given amount but with an ebook or a piece of software you have ample amounts to the extent that there are currently enough of my books for everyone on the planet to have one and there is not enough crest toothpaste at any given moment for everyone to have a crest toothpaste.


Not certain what the coin is in this day and age as we have upgraded extensively to the dollar and the e. The E is a unit of commerce these days and I find that the more fluid the economic system is the larger the number that is levied is. In ancient roman times a single coin could be transferred from one person to another and a coliseum could be purchased now you need forty trillion E units to incur the same transaction. The coin is a thing that I want a coin with my head on it , something to work on, i can take a nickel and smelt it down to liquid and then reform it into a coin mold with my face on it and a keyboard on the back and twould be something that i could give someone for something. a nickel is not a thing anyone wants but smelt it down to a coin with my very likeness on the same metalic force and now i have something I I I can do business with.


So we talk of african being latent and behind in the agricultral revolution sense let it be known that it just so happens that europeans invented electricity to the name of nikola tesla and then you have asia that was ripe with knowing what we were doing and they tested the same results and came back positive twould be a thing to wonder how expediently invention passes around the globe as word of mouth travels slowly from new york city to the heart of the zulu nation twould be extolling of a virtue to exclaim that africans are inferior creatures on this planet when we have latins also in south america that have yet to understand electricity as well tis one thing to know electricity exists tis another thing to in your very own language be able to translate the knowledge into your work horse so that you can in your own language gain the same results as it has come to light that african american studies programs and latin american studies programs in the united states to expediate the process could be taught to engineers as we need engineers to learn african and latin in order to translate their working knowledge into spanish and african and then these same people can teach their lessons to these people to upgrade their civilization and bring us on par with a more sustainable culture as cultural disparity is unwanting of a civilized planet as we need an african to teach african to an englishman and we need that englishman to translate his language into african and then give that new african language back to the african so that he can take it to his people, not something that can be done by simply looking at a photograph of new york city.


In world where we have too many movies which we do not and too much music which we do not we have a need now to take a movie like platoon and watch it in vietnam as an expansion of the film industry is now per this writing a situation where we take a film and we watch it in the right setting. You take a film and play it for a film theatre and your setting is always standard you take the same ferris bueller’s day off and you watch it in a school now you have the right setting for your film you need to take your film and watch it in the right setting so that you get the experience you are looking for you want to watch the green mile in a prison and you want to watch a field of dreams at a baseball game and you want to watch any given sunday at a football game and you want to watch the god father in that room that no one has ever been to with that desk that no one has ever seen.


New to the University Curriculum would be a general studies program light on the general in terms of not military general but just shit you need to know in general general like you go to the University of Cincinnati and your first year is comprised of classes like Driving Around the City 101 and then you have wandering around Downtown Cincinnati 101 and you have Browsing the Internet 101 and you write papers on your wordpress.com blog about your findings and you just do general things in general studies and you generally do fine.


In my time at the library of cincinnati i have noticed several dozen parents dropping their children off when in cincinnati ohio there is also the public television station you can drop your 14 year old kid off at so that they can pursue television glory i also posit that a recording studio like ultrasuede is another suitable location for children that want careers in the performing arts. If you drop your kid off at the library yes they do get to play video games on the library work stations and learn god knows what on robloxx that has skant to do with the lesson mario taught which is to work hard for a woman and you have the recording studio where children can rhyme and rap and sing and speak and make beats or bang a drum to and they can alter their perception of the world by gaining an understanding of fall out boy takes to the same style studio and develops their fall out boy anthem and your child can take to the studio and BE fall out boy and you can also take them to the television studio and they can sit at a desk and BE kelly ripa your children can BE the people they think have super powers by spending time in the places where those super powers come from.


Like i started blogging a month ago after spending 5 years studying .org and like i figure i’ll dedicate my career to blogging knowing it’s a 10 year old field of study and like i write prolifically and like i know the system is not in place for blogging like it is with novels and like i have novels down like i’m sitting in a library right now and every book is equal width and i know a novel is about selling a standard unit of paper and a cover and like i could be in paper sales but since blogging is so new and it’s untested even though it is like it’s untested in the stephen king sense where a blog has never been turned into a movie or a sequel and there has never been a television show dedicated to blogging and like there has never been media dedicated to wikipedia either like the television series that depicts the wikipedians that cover our history and blogging has never been portrayed in any light aside from maddox getting a book deal but even that was about his book and in nooks and crannies i blog and i write from libraries up the street and on my 668 a month just short of the mark of the fucking beast wouldn’t surprise me in this city i write prolifically and i want to pay wordpress but i don’t want to lose my url and i know you need an economic system for this and maybe you don’t maybe you don’t want people doing much else than worshipping people with guitars and news anchors that stand in front of teleprompters and read what someone like me writes to the docket for anderson cooper to read like our news outlets have their beats and we have our star politicians even though there are hundreds of them and we have our all important national narrative and our main stream and i don’t fit into the main stream and then there is the all too pressing confusion that goes into deciding if someone is a celebrity or not wondering if they are a celebrity or main character in our national narrative because i’m flirting with celebrity and it’s up to me to decide if i feel like a celebrity today or not and i just notice that it’s about ticket sales and ratings and then i also notice that like RT and the Hallmark channel have networks too and it’s a personal thing it would seem like like people that i hail as gods i have seen roughly 5 minutes of footage of and it’s who i have seen footage of that determines who i think a god is like pandora gets ZERO press and it’s a novel useful element of the internet and i keep getting fed that mark zuckerberg and that google in the press and so clearly i dedicate thought time to them but i get ZERO press and i know more about myself than zuck and brin and it’s the media outlets that determine nothing we just get something to look at an observe and i just went through something more monumental than a new years on times square and i started tripping drinking coffee by the pot and i just know weed doesnt do that and it occurs to me in the library i can get killed for knowing how to type on a keyboard and that dick and that harry that comes in and pecks for a keyboard is sitting next to a trained artisan and yeah it’s they just asked me about my typing at the library and i have a loud keyboard and i let them know i’m the best typist in the city because no one types anymore they just fill out forms and i fill out forms too i just fill out forms like this and it’s true you have your national narrative but you also have the hallmark channel and as famous as you are is as obscure as you are as there are your regulars but there are people like me that just got forced into watching television recently due to circumstances and i hate television i didn’t watch it for 10 years and i just stayed in a shelter and HAD to watch television and i don’t know how people do it and it’s an insult and it’s a common narrative and i want more for people than what television provides and the radio was nice the last time i heard it and i sit on the computer and dole out comments and i goon check the shit out of mucho goony shit and television never had a comment box and when shit goes unchecked it just gets goony and people need feedback and television and radio never get feedback so it just goonifies and i just notice people thinking people are gods because they sit in front of a camera and football and basketball and baseball and hockey and golf and all of it is to sell these boxes and they sold this as another consumer electronics and i sit and write and this means something to me and i’m just another consumer of a device that is from one to many from many to many and they went down the line and sold the light bulb the phone the radio the refrigerator the stove the television then they sold the desk top computer and it was on a local drive and then they sold the internet and russia didn’t survive the internet and i wonder if we did and then when they went from local drives to one to many drives and that internet changed the game and no one talks about it and radio doesn’t talk about television and television doesn’t talk about the internet and the newspaper doesn’t talk about the internet and so it’s up to the internet to talk about the internet and the most fundamental change happened and everything stayed the same and i just got caught up in being accused of mental illness for 15 years because i used the new thing and people saw me creatively writing on facebook so they called the psych ward on me and the cops came and took me and everyone thinks there is something wrong with me but i know more about everything than anyone because i surfed the internet for 15 years and i spent 4 hours a day on this thing for decades and no one else did and people that know less than me that are less educated that are less capable are making calls on my style of talking my vocabulary and my intelligence when i graduated from university and they kept tripping me up and i still did and everyone in my family did and we are doing fine and i am struggling financially and they claim there is something wrong with me the same way there is with that woman that drools on herself and has a stomach hanging over her vag and i sit her looking at psychiatrists that pass out pills like you stupid fuck and he claims i make grandiose claims when i went to design school and i keep having to recover from the psych ward visits where they do nothing they say nothing they sit there and watch youtube and i live in a city of consumers and i am a producer and my psychiatrist is a media consumer and i am a media producer and he claims i make grandiose claims because he thinks doing something in front of a camera is a big thing and the entire thing collapsed in my city that thinks celebrity is big when it’s someone that did something in front of a camera or on a mic and the media in cincinnati is totally other city focused and it’s absurd to think you are famous in cincinnati because you are not jay z and he gets the same press in his city i get in mine when i take out and ad and you fucked around and called the wrong dude mentally ill.