Path of Least Resistance

wouldn’t the planet be in the process of following the path of least resistance in it’s evolution into a final culture like peace to me at least seems easier to achieve than war like you don’t need equipment to attain peace so i figure on a long enough timeline it just becomes too cumbersome to engage in war no matter if you’re a hawk or a dove NOT WAR is easier than WAR so we’ll probably once all the flexing is over experience NOT WAR is my guess …and i did just think of this but a telecom industry isn’t a bad tool to ease us out of war that we don’t need eased out of but will naturally just stop doing

word searches

you know what the first idea i ever had that was actionable was in 2013 and i had spent like 6 years trying to think of something brand new to do like a video rental store that rents home made films and is a community center for the neighborhood i spent an inordinate amount of time on that and then I thought of something really well worn out like WORD SEARCHES like a book of word searches … i haven’t thought of this in years but I could generate a word search … i could also probably use an algorithm to do it but i think hand developed word searches would be better or something i don’t know i live in a low education neighborhood so i could probably get better sales on word searches than works of literature meh

Father of the Bride …

i ran into a post of facebook that involved slow debilitating death

Nicholas Lawson that’s why calico labs needs to be brought front and center like on the basis of … what did you say? … like this initiative by google right here needs to be front and center again like …what did you say? … i only imagine immortality because of calico .. like do we need mummification techniques …. will there ever be a medical technique that … nothing but i’m pragmatic enough to think that it’s at least on me to figure out how to live forever and it’s on every person no matter ability to try to figure out how to live forever and we have to cure cancer like and then there’s rejuvenating skin and nothing i only have these thoughts because of calico labs like i’ll probably write them a letter but there is this one thing that i’m thinking of every day like what did google say about death? is that like a thing where like the private industry is working on something the government laboratory has had finished 60 years ago …. like what leads to healthier people i know it’s a kind of thing where we either do or don’t achieve it but it’s a thing that’s on us now that we’re here

thermostat in this thing

okay so you would want national governments to defer to the united nations for handling administration of climate related activities … right? like the United Nations is there for some reason and maybe it can be employed to handle the Climate Crisis a thing that ultimately needs a governing body …. to oversee the well climate crisis, if we can find a way to solve a climate crisis if we can install a thermostat on a planet that is sufficiently enough a good sign that we can handle pretty much anything it’s mind boggling to think there is a mission that involves climate change on the only planet we on … i don’t have enough details to write something with specificity … i can only do some kind of adult cartoon language from my lack of environmental and pan global studies … the UN might in fact do something I thought it was like a museum piece for most of the last 10 years which is why i talk in terms of giving it something to do

A Special Debt Account for Health

if we can eat $23 Trillion Dollars in debt to … it’s not ourselves is it … but if there was a special debt account for medical expenses and it got paid when it got paid knowing a micron of human blood is worth more than the finance system of the planet so long as you agree to that and so knowing that, can an account be opened up that gets paid when it gets paid andi it will get paid just when we can afford it or when we can basically, whatever it takes to get the highest quality equipment into the entire spectrum of hospital and medical services … basically if the hospital had a black card and NOT HOSPITAL was required to pay it


It is currently become easy enough and convenient enough to morph or generate a photograph or a sequence of images that it would bear to mention that admissibility of digital content is being called into question. In a world where layering anyone’s face on anyone’s body and the fact that any video footage can be morphed to exhibit any behavior. what am i trying to say? the manipulativeness of a piece of media is so easy to do now that it’s getting to the point where you can’t submit video evidence or that you need a way to judge whether footage has been doctored at all, if it’s getting easy to doctor footage more of it will be developed and defense and prosecution need to be aware that an innocent man can go to prison in this time period because of manipulated footage

this has been an opinion


I had the pleasure about 2 years ago, I just remembered and thought I would do this and write you, but I had the chance to play with an over inflated basketball and my high school basketball skills did phenomenal work with an over inflated basketball recently at 39 like i was dribbling out cadences to popular songs. Just an over inflated ball it’s tight and in terms of dribbling it’s just a joy to work with that equipment.

And I ACTUALLY thought to write you because I think it would be cool if there was a best at dribbling award given at some MVP game or something, but, if there was just someone that like broke a couple ankles or did some SUCCESSFUL and 1 shit.

Side bar:

AND 1 was mystifying to me when I was a kid.

oh and yeah … check out maybe we could partner up and set up a formal typing contest and an event would be within the explicit rules of what is or is not allowed if there was a contest that tested to see who could arrive at 26 pages of writing first like a writing marathon … i did it once, took me 4 hours to type 26 pages

but i gotta go but … 1 513 500 0857

maybe a contest to see who can type out the alphabet the fastest or just open up some creativity to this

and a rough cut

i’m a former subpar athlete that always had a job that got a degree and i am now employing myself and the future looks bright