Dear AT580,

this is just a feeler email i’ll call about this next week. i don’t want to gush on the phone so i have to figure out how to talk about ALL THIS on the phone.

I run nickspoems.com and it’s a work in progress that’s basically done. I would save 20 hours a week of transit time if I could live downtown in one of your apartments. If you got involved in my business and we worked on a pandemic proof business in that it’s all digital. I need traffic so that I can sell advertising. I do better downtown than in North College Hill. WOULD you invest in something like this with your business tools? Just curious. You’re the marquee location I need to live downtown. I’m on disability for bipolar disorder but they told me I’m not bipolar in New York City so I figure there’s nothing wrong with me downtown. It’s just that on Disability Income I can’t afford it. If you could cut me flat rate rent and cut into my business and work with me to attain traffic. I would be out every day passing out business cards and with my savings I would buy advertising and within 6 months I could see myself from my ad purchases making ad sales.

It’s a thought. I’m a writer. We’re notoriously poor and living downtown seems like a different universe a more professional one.

So this is a svelte bug to put in your ear. Someone wants investment in exchange for partnership.


nicholas lawson


Mister President,

WE DO NEED MORE OF THIS based on the data I have collected from 8 meetings with State official telecast in the state of ohio. THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT WE NEED, you need nascar drivers driving but you don’t need the audience … you need small sports SPIRIT OF SPORTS installed … i doubt you were ever an athlete but the athletes can play and they can keep the numbers small but now is a time for boys playing basketball on courts no ARENA ROCK SPORTS EVENTS that just put us in danger, don’t create cess pools for SPIKES in corona … you want people playing golf you don’t want throngs of people following golfers … you want sports you just don’t need the audience … that’s sports … keep this this … until the virus is gone … we can do this … we have to do this … i sat in on 8 meetings with Governor Mike DeWine on Channel 9 … to be honest … you just scared the shit out of me … nickspoems.com … you need people designing websites and writing is what you really need … or drawing pictures … now is not a time for sport … now is a time for art and other solitary pursuits … NOT SPORTs … art … sort of similar really … you scared me shitless



I was doing some ruminating about the next website I was going to do. It would be my first major. I have as structure so far.

I had a work week. I wrote WordPress about opening up accounts that get you access to HULU, DISNEY+.NETFLIX, and LYNDA.COM so that wordpress would have a sales platform a SLUSH PILE of WordPress work so that you could sign onto wordpress, get free inspiration of the highest calibre, write your finest works with epic inspiration, create a sales point and get a percentage of your sales and get paid up front and get paid on the back end.

I wrote ONE STORY about organizing their publishing by publishing their books to every state they are being written from.

I have that as structure and I really think Craigslist Publishing should be another craigslist. I could do it myself but you’re CRAIG …

with that CITY ENGINE that you have … if that was used for publishing. If a kid from tinwolka, montana could buy another book from tinwolka, montana that’s good for people …

i just think CRAIGSLIST PUBLISHING better serves you than CRAIGSLIST EPHEMERA but i don’t know your finances …

if i don’t hear from you i’ll feel free to FIND a city API and use it to my advantage similar to you …

i’ll work on it if i don’t hear from you in 30 days and i’m marking my calendar …

i get NO response online for the most part so i’m sort of grrrrrrrrrry like this email …

i’m sorry … you’re cool … i just … well this is how i write …

check me out at nickspoems.com … i’m eyeballing slushpile.com for the domain name … it’s floated …




I was on WIRED.COM and this came out of me …

that was my immediate thought when donald trump said something about reopening sports like pastors need their congregations and they’re quite influential but the church died recently and church is a luxury like they’re built to be poor be poor pastor
i think the new normal the new future the new contemporary is a society like i’d imagine denmark where there are no large crowds of people and we fear the grocery store
i know DC can say TURN SPORTS ON but Cincinnati dare i say Ohio needs to hold true to what we did yesterday we’;re doing tomorrow and that’s today and athletes and exhibitionists can just humble themselves and maybe student athletes can for the first time be more student than athlete …
keep the people at arm’s length


just a quick note … americorp’s public allies government training program places participants in non profit jobs and presents a friday session where they learn diplomacy and civil rights and community engagement and abstract government problem solving.

you can rest assured that a relationship with the public allies would lead to profitable consistent media footage that would change the world.

You can rely on Public Allies to present you with an embedded format that has stood the test of time and would present you with timely, in the age of the pandemic, content that you could repurpose for years to come.

I implore you visit https://publicallies.org/ and dip your toes into a new vista.

participants are typically boys and girls in their young 20’s and up into early 30’s and they’re kids that are lit.


nicholas lawson


Dear Automattic,

You’ve been really good to me and you know how to code like demons and you have a svelte aesthetic.

I thought of a website. Where craigslist is in bulletin boards I thought of a more beautiful website than craigslist that performs the same country state city function and allows me to open up 25,000 bookstores with a similar set up. Like if craigslist was in publishing.

If I found the money for $300 a year would we be able to talk about E PUBLISHING with a specific design that incorporates ALL THE CITIES and allows for someone from Cincinnati to buy media from Cincinnati the way someone from Brooklyn would be able to buy media from Brooklyn the way people from Cincinnati can post jobs to people in Cincinnati and people in Brooklyn can post jobs to people in Cincinnati?

is that possible? or something like it? I would need to win a grant every year for this to work and Artists with Disabilities in Ohio has awarded me a grant before and i closed so i am eligible again.

Can I open 25,000 bookstores with a single website like craigslist has opened 25,000 bulletin boards?

More than curious. Willing to produce investment. I need reasons to do things.




Dear Bonnie from Score from Nicholas Lawson

Business Plan
I am writing on https://nickspoems.com so that I will gain and entertain readers and through successful attainment of readership I will ultimately develop an advertising platform.

My potential customers have a problem with contemporary lit culture in how chick it is, this is qualitative University Grade basically man writing. They want to read me if they want to read a different color of the page than contemporary fiction and non fiction. I’ve been writing for 15 years a lot of these writers just started.

My product is wriitng. I solve my customer’s problem by providing good quality writing when KDP is filled with people that literally upload a file and ask where their million dollars is. I’m not stupid. It’s writing that’s not stupid.
That’s the service. Presenting a population with intelligence to better and more qualitatively align thought patterns with higher quality thought patterns.

My customers could be anyone. I don’t know. My customers are the people that are paying me to write so I would say that’s the advertiser. I don’t know how many businesses want to partner with me but my key and core customer, now that i think about it, is the advertiser. They are paying me to write and develop an audience and my website is a tool I use to attract a readership that my advertisers sell to in a way they might not be able to do themselves.

I place images and links in a side bar to reach customers. I am weak on my sales process. I would imagine a major part of my sales process is sending a business package to a potential advertiser.
SEO. The major way I will reach customers is through SEO. I need a fine tuned homepage to gain passive audience.
Revenue streams come from businesses that are in culture like a record label would advertise with me for the comingling of cultural values.

My major expenses are hosting.

I’d like to as a milestone just keep attracting more visitors than previously. I need to post regularly and share hardcore.

I have a business partner in London that’s not interested in my website, I have to interest him.

I don’t think there is a key partner I would have. A television or radio station?


Dear Cincinnati Milacron,

I was curious if you could kick me up the chain of command in engineering, who builds your machines? I need a machine for North College Hill that takes in raw materials and kicks out N 95 masks … I was going to make a pitch to city hall once i found a machinist that could construct the machine … i would be looking for some custom work like the world Cincinnati Milacron did for Hasbro in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts … I need a machinist … someone that can construct a custom machine not something stock … i don’t have a stock problem … just curious if you could direct me to the right company? the internet can’t do everything … who can build a custom machine?


Dear 107.1,

I haven’t listened to you in a long enough period of time. I’ll tune in tonight. I have been listening to MTV and New Releases on Spotify so I’ll expect to hear some similarity but I was hoping you could do something cold for me and drive some traffic to https://nickspoems.com/ if you could send some vocals in the direction of NICKS’s POEMS … NICKS POEMS IT’S A COLLECTION OF THE AUTHOR OF THE CITY’s WRITINGS … like i write about nothing but i make something of it … if you could say something about nick’s poems … i’d see the traffic spike … i’m just curious … like can i make as a writer on the internet it’s based on writing but what if you really write? what if you write really hard and for a long period of time and do a really good job can you make it online? and not have to code your own CMS? do i have to also code my CMS or is the dream alive when writers are making it within the CMS?

you read one of my poems once before back in 2012 live on radio i was just curious if you could sell my website https://nickspoems.com … i’m interested in starting a wordpress band … the sales pitch the copy is …


that’s the copy …

think it works? a wordpress band? in Cincinnati? we started baseball and television journalism do we start wordpress bands too? do we dare?



nicholas lawson
https://nickspoems.com/gospel for you it’s not good copy but that’s my hot book


dear 107.1,

oh i don’t know if i kissed 107 in my lifetime but i kissed like 50 i think i did a reflection a couple years ago and it felt like i was around 50 … i kissed like fifty women … in like 10 years … i partied a lot though … but i don’t know if you got my last email or three of them … i was just curious if you could represent https://nickspoems.com it’s a wholly Cincinnati thing … by someone wholly cincinnati …

i could write emails to radio stations … i could always do this to promote my site …

it’s weird it’s like we all signed up for the internet and like 7 people liked it …




Dear BBC,

https://nickspoems.com/gospel i wrote a book and well i wrote books and i’m just chirping at you … you have a rather complex comment system … i gave up looking for a link to a specific programme so i went with this … but … nickspoems.com … it’s a collection of books … ideally you mention it on air and i see an uptick in traffic … i’d like to sell some advertising … but i’m not entirely put together wholly for that … there’s some corporate details i am missing out on to sell advertising … so yeah … nickspoems.com … it opens with a camera trick of me looking uglier than i typically would but in this era of hot people everywhere in the media an ugo might be refreshing i don’t know … how do you feel about ugly people in branding? … so yeah … nickspoems … would you mind interfacing with me to sell a population on my website … remember the great american author? wouldn’t he be doing something like this? i am the great american author … might be worth being in touch with … i’m the most contemporary author … i do it all myself … except build the computer and code the software i write the book and use the software …


dear facebook,

i’m banned for like 7 days … do you fucking realize you fucking social elite fucking harvard dick wads that there are other schools of thought? your federal communications commission abiding elite computer science education having non midwestern or mideastern value presupposing special class of people that went to the quote unquote best schools well you went to the schools where they could look you in the eye and quote a price on what they were going to teach you but you’re into POLITICAL SCIENCE and i’m just a little pissed off that i get singled out on a major cultural artifact from my generation like i’m some kind of howard stern of english literature like i’d fucking extol that virtue i’m someone else like FRANK ZAPPA we’re fucking talking about words WORDS MAN we’re fucking talking about words i’m someone else like that but i add these are notes in a song and this song is a song that’s upset so the nomenclature reads like it’s upset like fuck i need to think about who i need to or want to chat with and make that happen … i can’t keep going through this … i’d think i’d get some kind of credit for my positive karma like you’d have a system where if you get 50 likes in a week you can write something fucked up or like if you get three TOP FAN accolades you can be trusted to write something blue … nigga you’re talking about stamping out BLUE just so you know


I actually wrote a post on craigslist today and to be honest … i think subconsciously i’m looking to start a band today … it would be an equalateral band centered around wordpress … it would be a democractic band … but for people that actually have writing portfolio’s … we’d band together on wordpress and flex it out … wordpress is sort of built for bands maybe we’d all be moderators … just saying … i did put a post up on craigslist today and then i contacted you and i also wrote WEBN in Cincinnati a rock station about a site, 107.1 KISS FM about a site, BBC about the same site and we could be lit writing in a core location as authors on wordpress and then collectively doing PR for the site and getting to the point where we sell ads … like you’re there … you’re probably more there than me and i thought i was there but … WORDPRESS BAND … just putting it out there … i lost all my friends when i fell out with my last band of poets i never thought i would start a band though …

nicholas lawson


Dear White House,

That governor of Virginia, that’s the subtext of the internet that people can be above it. That it’s proper and right to be above the lowly twitter. If there’s a place where discourse is occurring that is an important space. To be above a twitter war of some kind implies that discourse is unnecessary when he finds appearing on television perfectly acceptable but engaging in a twitter war of some kind with the POTUS is not acceptable. The implication that he is above a twitter war has everything to do with nomenclature and code language that the internet is still beneath people when it’s the most powerful medium, far more powerful than television by far. If you’re needed on Twitter, be on Twitter.


I run https://nickspoems.com it’s a series of books written by a University of Cincinnati Graduate of 10 years study. I’m on the cutting edge of publishing right now where I am attracting traffic and at the point where I have books that are generating traffic and I am selling advertising in a valuable branding location I have arrived in the world of publishing. I’d say fashion and books go together. A real influencer thinks independently and that’s only possible by reading books. I digested a culture and then produced a culture.

What plans can you make for a website like this? if for instance this went up to the $300 a year business grade wordpress site where as i understand it any alteration can be made… how would you morph this site into something that would reflect your stance on next generation of literature that is literally the next GENERATION of literature more literature was generated by a new generation? Think less about the details and more along the lines of this is the next incarnation of Mark Twain it’s another book … how would you dovetail your interests with the perceived interests of this website? It’s controversial clearly because where does it fit into the canon?


yeah i’d be interested in just experiencing a MACY’s deal … are you world wide enough to benefit from a website like mine that’s on the advertising side of things? i don’t know.


nicholas lawson


dear columbus dispatch,

https://nickspoems.com is live and ready for your bemusement. there is a strong bevy of stories and poems in narrative format on this website. I’m basically a writer and this is my livelihood but I live on disability because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and i went on disability and a small pinocet paycheck holds me to the ground with it’s utter stability and i only ever got half a dozen jobs out of university but nothing long term in terms of years and my university friends dissipated and my band mates fought and left me with nothing and now i have this website and it’s my outpouring not of my heart but of my mind. i just know i get banned on twitter for language i get banned on facebook for language and i recover my accounts and i make due and there’s never been a stranger time to be alive than right now but there’s never been a more interesting either and with this virus i just thought i would do a media press and see if anyone would be interested in reading some good quality long form slow read english literature like it says on my site and it’s known as the Slushpile … it’s reading that is in search of readership and i look forward to knowing more about your reaction to it in the form of a letter submitted from the front of my website.


dear governor,

I’m getting some new printer ink so I can write some letters but I’ll send you a document. I have facebook for communicating with my british connect and I just got banned for illicit use of some word it won’t let me know what.

I had this thought though.

Facebook could be a public utility and become tax supported and follow municipal rules. I’ll put this on your plate and just be brief here but I’ll be more at length in my forth coming letters. Ohio could have a tax bonus plan if it instituted a social media system for the 50 states or if it just did it for ohio or the tri state or something. Every state could do it but if ohio came out with a Facebook competitor a social media offering it could be considered a public utility.

Something as advanced as WATER WORKS or Municipal Trash if it was that advanced. I just assume it wold be much more tolerant than facebook. Facebook seems like it’s trying too hard to follow some kind of community guideline. It’s doing it’s job to be a good steward but I got my account banned for 30 days again and I’m just like wow. I’m one of the good guys i’d think.

Just a point to point out. If ohio worked it out so that it was going to install a national public utility in the field of social media it would be a tax bonus I would think. Clearly San Francisco should do this for California but Ohio with it’s locally to me Brandery Accelerator Program with our programming might and creativity in ohio we could create a state sponsored social media platform that served municipal good also.

Facebook has no municipality to it. Ohio’s Social Media Platform could and it could be paid for with a tax that well put it on the ballot.


I’m just saying. I figured, I write you.


nicholas lawson

ps – forthcoming documentation coming … i need ink first


dear Cincinnati Review,

I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a background in digital design in daap of 5 years study and then I was in McMicken Arts and Sciences for 5 years so https://nickspoems.com is a perfect blend of everything that I was ever taught at the University of Cincinnati some 10 years after graduating from Uc. I’ve been through a lot and I would say I have a consummate University Existence, it’s a hard to explain situation I’m in any day of the week but it has to do with being on disability for a mental illness and having all day to spend in my apartment because of a check i get and then they make certain to let me know i’n the most intelligent client they have ever had so yeah …

nickspoems.com/gospel is what i want to draw focus to it’s the novel tale of a man that is telepathically linked to a 300 foot tall computer … it’s my first novel and it’s slightly science fiction and it’s slightly fun to me …

the site in general could use a review … if you used the URL … https://nickspoems.com I would appreciate it if you even would … I bought a copy of the Cincinnati Review a long time ago and read it pretty thoroughly a couple years ago when i was going through my books.

thought about you … wanted to let you know someone from UC absorbed UC and then produced what was absorbed. i ingested X amount of digital design and culture and then i produced X amount of digital design and culture and just today i signed my best friend in london to write for me so he’ll be submitting work to me literally submitting by presenting me with writing and it’s epic …

my main goal NOW is years ago it was to make it as a writer and i did that i achieved historic literary goals now my goal is readership and after eschewing looking for a literary agent for my writing i am just going to be in complete control of my publishing and go with a website it’s worldwide anyways and i just wrote san francisco about my website yesterday i have that kind of freedom with a website as opposed to a book sitting on a shelf …

i want to focus on gaining readership so that i can make for a promising advertising base for a major business and get cut a check so that i can pay a couple more bills work on getting a house and and pay a young writer to write for me so that i can add to the local economy

just things …

nickspoems.com … it’s where i found myself as a business man i currently average 2000+ visitors a year and it’s increasing i should hit 3000+ readers a year this year and the narrative arc of success is alive and well in this project i just keep working on it and success keeps occurring … i have roughly 200+ followers on wordpress and i keep posting and they’re making me happy i’m making them happy they’re reading my work i’m reading their work and it’s nice

so Cincinnati Review … i’m nick … it’s nice to meet you again … i wrote for the News Record back in 2008 … i was also a performance poet and performed at the Greenwich downtown and Catskellar on it’s HOT Nights …

don’t forget about the open mic … do the open mic too … at a certain age if you’re writing you should be on stage performing …. it’s just a thing to do … necessary thing …

so yeah …. i’m nick … UC graduate … nickspoems.com author …

i hope this works out for a review …


nicholas lawson


dear rizla,

I was just skyping with my friend from London and he said all he ever uses is RIZLA papers and I run https://nickspoems.com in Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA and I thought I’d point out I can work with you in an advertising Capacity. I can offer you front page advertising and I generate roughly 2500 visitors a year to my website. It’s a 2 year old website.

This is my pitch… I’ll advertise your product for $100 a month and present you with a honeypot website that attracts and attracts readership and you can be on the front page of this site.

thought i would be in your inbox … https://nickspoems.com advertising and you and me and YES!


nicholas lawson


dear skyline,

I run https://nickspoems.com … I’ve lived in North College Hill for about 40 years. I’ve eaten at skyline every month for decades at least. I really just enjoy knocking back 4 coneys and a melted cheese fry with a drink. For two years I’ve put together a website and currently have what’s I think it’s known as a honeypot website where I got 1200+ visitors last year and this year I’m looking at some 2000+ visitors if things continue.

I just wanted to put it out there, similar to a church bulletin, you can get a nice link and a grip of copy at the bottom of my front page for $25 a year. I’m just spit balling numbers it’s I mean it’s a city church bulletin. I’d literally just be appreciating the support and I’d probably spend the money at Skyline up the street to be honest.

I’m a disabled author who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I have no clue what they’re talking about. I know people that think I’m a genius including some of my previous case managers. So I just figure I have smart person University Problems and it’s really just a head trip to think about but there’s this poverty I deal with as a result.

I was just hoping I could offer you some advertising space and maybe you’d want to put a link to a franchise opportunity. I could do some writing on the benefits of owning a franchise a couple times a year or something.

Just … it’d be sweet to have an official Skyline logo on my website. I’d probably trip out, like would it ever be that real?


Nicholas Lawson


dear facebook,

i don’t think i’m going to survive being interested in art too much longer i need something to do and programming, it on the surface looks random as shit but there is this underlying logic to everything programmable and i look at code and i can sort of make sense of it so i should probably go in the direction of programming to put together a portfolio to get a job or to start a project that i could fund myself with something commercial i don’t know … all the arts are getting old and i’m just lucky i don’t mind reading reference manuals they’re not bad to read … this plague has me thinking of mortality and i’m like well i left behind 4 boxes of notebooks that i wrote in and a website and some online documents in secret locations because no one knows where they are but me so i’m fairly certain my work will live on beyond me if just for a couple of days … i was the odd cog … i thought go big and just today my friend from london said go small just write a sentence … nothing … there are people that have more cash than i do …. in places … in the USA … and it’s all about earning cash … and i’m 39 and never really had to think about money too much not really … i never thought about it too much i was too busy enjoying just the interface i guess … like i never thought about money when i was playing basketball or writing stories … i never really thought about money and now i’m poor and the thoughts i did have aligned with how bad could poverty be you’re educated … like i’m not only has a can of tomato soup poor but i’m poor and i’m going to be more poor and weaker when my folks pass away … and i think even that will be tolerable … i’ll probably look for work at like 45 in some advertising firm or something i don’t know the way it’s set up i’m not really OFFICE material and i’m not going to work in a warehouse and my 3rd option is to start my own thing … i was thinking an ART GALLERY i need a room for that … i don’t know … i wasn’t someone that could explain it very well … i didn’t know how the world worked … i just knew how handle how it reacted to me when we interacted




dear facebook,

i’m the boy who cried wolf but like i cried wolf like 8 times a day i just kept crying wolf i was like there are wolves somewhere so i’m crying wolf i’ll be remembered by people for writing as much as i did but the video game that i checked out online followed me onto youtube and they said for RICHES OR GLORY which is MONEY OR FAME … apparently some things never change but you can achieve glory without achieving riches but it’s hard to achieve riches without achieving glory i would think …

i don’t know … my financial situation keeps forming me into something normal while everyone else morphs into their financial pursuit




dear governor mike dewine,


this interview with las vegas’s mayor touches on the fact that because the economy has slowed to a crawl in las vegas that there are people struggling to buy groceries which goes to show an edge case scenario weakness of the financial system … if the pieces of cash the garments of currency coins and dollars are not being exchanged at a fast enough rate of expediency there is not enough surplus cash flow for people to buy their home goods …

there should probably be an emergency finance system drawn up that does not require cash because truth be told it’s a fragile system in light of a pandemic like this in light of an emergency situation like NYC 9/11 or this pandemic or the previous pandemic there is just a real need for a smooth operating finance system that does not involve the transfer of wealth for goods or services … but it’s a psychological problem people have to be willing to work for no compensation and somehow the goods and services need appropriated and people need to choose and abode in stable housing outside of cash is a travesty chaos scenario that is unfathomable and it’s hard to believe that a little piece of metal a basic finance unit like a penny keeps society functioning albeit a coin is metal dug from the earth and forged with massive tools into a tool itself but it’s strange to me that there is no society without money and we’re in a time period where that system is being stretched to it’s limit the economy is suffering because the state has ordered it to stop and yet the same finance system is in place even though people have been ordered not to participate in it

it’s a simple question written by a man that has never been without money his entire life … how could we live without money?

Dear Skyline,

I thought about this too. I have https://nickspoems.com. I put the internet to it’s greatest good. I took the ancient form of writing and combined that with web design and now there is a website dedicated to creative writing. I would call it it a literary magazine but it’s just my writing. I think it’s something the city can be proud of Cincinnati, Ohio. Other websites in Cincinnati that I know of that are in my league are … https://www.urbancincy.com/https://www.soapboxmedia.com/ … and https://cincinnatiwritersleague.org/ … just little websites standing on their own on the internet and I just well Nick’s Poems can’t afford tools … I can’t afford Adobe Creative Cloud, FL STUDIO, and Cinema 4D … my dream is to go forward in an INK TANK like direction and collect creative tools and install a computer laboratory in North College Hill @ Saint Margaret Mary and foster hyper creativity and innovation out of the local population. I was able to study creativity at the University of Cincinnati and now that I did the greatest good can I give back to my neighborhood … I can’t do a proof of concept without Adobe Creative Cloud, FL STUDIO, and Cinema 4D and there are a lot of computer related costs that I can’t afford on my disability income. I am considered disabled because I have been diagnosed with a rare form of Bipolar Disorder the kind of mental illness that is regional in status where in New York City I am not mentally ill I am only mentally ill in Cincinnati, Ohio and I can’t afford to move to NYC. I have smart people problems.

So yes. That’s my dream. To proctor a computer lab and creative think tank. That’s my dream. To be a 3rd place where people come to be professionally creative. People can’t afford tools so let me afford them for them.

I could also approach you like this about https://nickspoems.com … instead of asking for a nebulous amount of money for a nebulous reason let you know that I need software and my higher aspirations are to pay for software for neighbors to use so that I can be in creative situations more often.


dear brad wenstrup,

Today was a day. I did another political move. I got caught up in going to buy the beer and then my neighbor asked me to buy her beer and i had his money and kept that in my left pocket and then she gave me her money and i put that in my right pocket and then i bought his beer and put it over here bought her beer put it over there and put their monies on their beers and then without pay i worked for community as a delivery man and i delivered 6 24oz cans of cheap as shit beer and then he passed me the blunt and i got high and time traveled and didn’t know where i was and found my way back and just had a real fucking party like it all went smoothly GREAT party just me and a neighbor outside smoking a blunt and krogers has this entire CANNABLISS magazine promotion like forwarding weed and aw man if we can talk about weed we can talk about everything


it’s not just that it’s that we’re currently in a good idea holding it together and it just sounds like you’re contradicting yourself as leadership on one hand you say we need to distance ourselves every day all day and then you’re just like but that ends tomorrow and it was important to do that today distance ourselves like the intelligence behind we need to distance ourselves today but not tomorrow when the disease is still out there … nothing … it’s just … you’re in a position to help and you cojolled a population into giving you an authority level over the population you put us through voting and listening to your speeches because you networked so feverishly to be treated a certain way and now it’s your time to shine and you’re like business as usual with a disease in our midst … like … we know who decided the future you literally decided the future governor dewine … and you’re considered important because you networked your way to be that way your intelligence made sense of representative government and now you have the chance it seems to save some lives and based on what you said it just seems dubious that we needed to sequester ourselves this week but next week not so much of that is necessary … i’m just upset that i was given a data set from you and now i’m watching you behave in spite of the data set you gave us … i’m upset you’re quote unquote opening up the country again and rolling things out …. that upsets me because i figure based on the chart discussion you shared with us the major spike like i have a fear that this is a base level corona virus level and that based on what you told me it can get far worse and i’m just upset that i’ve been listening to you and now it’s like you didn’t say any of that


Dear Facebook,

I’m noticing I’m not facebook material. Like Kathie Crawford Hook just asked me if my head hurt from coming up with such a stupid idea … so like she’s facebook quality … i’m trying to impress 40 year old peers at ABC NBC and CBS so that i can get a job in production and i want them to know my name i could start in social media … i write blue like … FUCK …. is a note to me … i don’t know where your language training came from but like Shakespeare is filled with blue language and it’s the greatest shit anyone ever wrote … i hope you are clear when you finally cut me from facebook that i clearly deserved it … like i’m up for 30 days and i’ll wait i’m down until i’m out and i’ll even try to open up a new account but i’m on a trajectory that has my account getting canceled and i’m one of your finest facebook users in that i take a university angle to everything and i write in the language of the people … you’re right i don’t write enterprise quality bullshit which is i think what you’re looking for like you train to talk like that i’m typically alone

dear facebook,

can’t you open up offices nearby or in cities around the world so that you can do business with people? or something? like i don’t know like i don’t have an office i can go to to discuss this social media policy with you like force me to pay $25 a year like state farm has offices everywhere to discuss their policies like i never even read the policy and as far as i can tell the policy is poorly organized we’re just winging this off of perceived television morals


Dear Powerswab,

hey hey this is an award
ya’ll the best of THAT commercial type i have ever seen
your white teeth ACTOR did some clever improv
i do want white swabs
i’ll look to purchase them soon
hey … your product DOES look better than other options
this an INTY award
it’s an award the internet gives television
while it knows about processing.org
the programming environment is downloadable from the website
you get a full reference sheet of the entire language
there are libraries
an assistance room
and you can make great graphics for your television commercials to raise production value
you can take a recent college graduate and get on him like
okay kid here’s your $15 per hour you 22 year old tink
pull up processing.org and here’s a credit card buy all those books
and get to work figuring out the final mystery
and get me something poppy for this media savvy population
ad for ad
your move


dear facebook,

yeah that is true, facebook could cop TYPE.com if you were more into teaching people how to type than code like if you went on a typing spree your website has reinvigorated my writing life i was working on stories but every day is exciting working with a news oriented facebook and i lead an exciting life now at the peak of language you could be pitching to the public that they can learn to write on facebook if your major goal for the next sixteen quarters was focusing on getting people to write … you can write stories in the comments section you can entertain the social media managers on facebook if you told people there were people reading the comments … nothing … you just have a really strong project with facebook … facebook is a darling piece of software i went from being afraid of it to falling in love with it and you have something really nice in facebook and i know i’m a problem for you i’m a problem for everyone but i appreciate the work you put into this project and consider this another award


dear the list,

nice … the reference to ebay was well done … i like how in 90 seconds you even included a technical technique where you click on products sold to get the value of what you are purchasing to assist in a purchase decision … i thought that was well done … i’m a big fan of the show and just thought to write in today for this article you did … i run https://nickspoems.com … and i’m a university graduate … and another website you could do something simple with something that would be good production value for you is … https://webcamtoy.com/ … webcam toy is a nice photo filter site … it’s the best one i know of … i’m also a big fan of anything internet related on television that’s the main reason i wrote you just to let you know that’s cool of you to talk about the internet slightly more in depth than previous years …

thanks so much


dear cia,

i was watching this and wondered if i saw enough time travel documentaries that i had an original thought … i thought to myself if you travel where earth used to be you can land on earth where earth used to be back in time but if you travel to where earth is going to be you can land on earth where it’s going to be and land in the future and the further you travel back in time where earth used to be takes you further back in time and the further you travel where earth is going to be takes you further into the future but you have to land on something that’s not there and i don’t have that figured out yet how that would happen i just know a 4th dimension being probably sees most of this looking like worms like it can see all of the motions as physical things and it’s not a a matter of travel to where you want to go in the future or past it’s traveling to when you want to go in the future or past

it’s a basic operating system for a time travel series that i have in the works but it’s novel enough

and another thing

i read on wikipedia a long time ago that the CIA was responsible for basically being a news service for the white house

is that still true? is that why the white house has the best intelligence because they have the best intelligence operatives?

i thought to myself who do i share this imagination with

i thought you

where earth used to be : past
where earth is going to be : future

and the time machine could always travel into the atmosphere and land if it gets it sort of right

so yeah


i came up with a name for space force



i’d like to know there’s a CHRONOS

like i assume you can time travel

and my website is at



nicholas lawson b.a.

ps : on a lark i thought there’s a 2% chance my elegant sentence structure on time travel that travels to WHEN has some math behind it that would indicate there is some truth to it … in english it’s pretty elegant but i don’t know what it’s like in math


dear rumpke,

I had a thought for a film … it’s the story of a generic scanning satellite that scans rumpke dump and finds it and finds the needle in the haystack … now they just have to move mount rumpke aside and get the needle … like yours is the story of the needle in the haystack … $450 to option the script https://nickspoems.com


dear Laurie,
hey https://nickspoems.com has a GREAT front page right now … i’m clearly putting book energy into a website as a colleague could you advise me on what you would do with a website? it’s a multimedia tool … I was thinking use a thumb drive for a website and stack up 5 thumb drives and have a bodega sell them … but how would you sell a website? i’m trying to make a sale here … not on you but in general i’m looking to finance our relationship by selling the future revenue potential of my website figure a salesman is a good person to sell my website to … how can you help?nickspoems.com how do you sell that?
nicholas lawson b.a.nickspoems.com


Dear Xavier,
I’m a graduate of the University of Cincinnati c/o 2010 … I would want to study writing and have a single professor basically read my writing every week. I would as a Graduate just want to tool around campus and utilize the facilities and drop in on classes and maybe give a lecture on the art of writing and teach people that you want to introduce a problem that needs solved to develop a robust narrative like they taught at Uc that I learned about as I wrote to https://nickspoems.com … If I was a graduate I would want to have my books bought for me so that I could study computer science i’d want to develop a game that the University of Cincinnati could play against Xavier University … that would be my purpose for 2 years at Xavier to draw up a number of games that Xavier could play Uc and base it all on my Hasbro Co Op Experience Sophomore year at Uc. I went to Uc for ten years so I was a senior for about 6 years which I never thought about that before is a long time to go to school but I’d be working on a real world project a GAME that Uc could Xavier could skillfully compete in and because I’m coming in as a young consultant and doing something for Xavier that favors its student recruiting concepts I would just want to go and you can pay me $25,000 a year a teacher’s stipend to develop recruitment material in the form of a video game that Uc can play Xavier … I’d have sketches and exposition discussing the game and upon finding a suitable idea being found we discuss tenure at that point …
Nicholas Lawson


dear white house,

that’s a thought , haven’t emailed you in a while, that’s a thought inflation IS real but it’s all in the bank where it’s safe and the bank mitigates economic disruption but somewhere in the bank is severe inflation?


dear white,

HAY! HAY! HAY! https://nickspoems.com you can see what i look like … AND … there’s shit to read … AND … you might want a design from me … just something small for a custom letter head … like you might want some SPACE FORCE uniform regalia from me … just saying … it’s a thing … i’d love to design purple circle …


on ABC there’s the first drive in concert … that’s a first … people at concert IN CARS … like the world of firsts is getting mundane … and like … that’s what i think … i think the world of firsts is getting mundane when it’s … people drove to concert and ABC was hot on the spot trying to figure out what inspired it … like … what else can you do at a drive in with cars? … like people will sit through a movie, a church service, a concert, i’d assume a play, a restaurant … what else do people do in front of crowds of people? or what else do people do for people ceremoniously? … but i just got inundated with a stunning ABC anchor acting like a drive in concert was cutting edge … i remember when i was a kid being confused by this … now i’m more like … this is life or death every day but we have some time to kill …


i assume a secretary reads this just don’t forget and men need to remember this too …

but it was this nursery rhyme …

girls are sugar and spice and everything nice
and boys are snips and snails and puppy dog tails

there bitch you’re all that’s worth anything on this planet and all we have is to possibly be in the same room with a beautiful woman

like in man land there are considerations taken for who gets the woman …

i think i should be with someone tall because i’m tall and since i’m sort of thin she should be sort of thin …

but it’s really

who am i going to bring home from the bar …

but tall thin and angelic faced is my ideal …. that’s the sugar and spice and everything nice i am looking for …

but that’s downtown and i don’t have patience for the bus …

i wonder if i could start a general purpose call center like advice conversation i could start with my website and my phone and i might try to sell you something from amazon just to do it initially but the internet’s call center …

i saw an entire production once i lived at a cathedral and then CNN came and did a story on the FIRST GAY PASTOR IN OHIO … i know it’s real …

i think my style is more like poking the internet with a stick … i figure that always works out


dear white house,

there you said grab the pussy

i said i want a loose pussy … i know tight pussy in fashion but i want a tall bitch that’s thin so that when i’m stroking with a loose pussy i can last all night … i figure a tall bitch has the kind of pussy my dick is built for … thing i i know a tall bitch might want to be short so she’s at an NBA game but i’m like stephen curry tall but the last bitch i was with said i had a small dick and i’m like fuck so i want to take a small dick into a large pussy and i figure that’s why god made it small so that it wouldn’t think a tall bitch’s pussy was tight … like i figure i could hit like 120 strokes on a tall woman … and that’s hot to me … like we get together she helps me edify my diet plans and live thin together and tall and WITH a woman like she’s the money like i could do it myself but there are some internet things i don’t do alone like if i had a mate we could hang out on facebook in the same thread and flirt with each other and make internet history like COUPLES INTERNETTING is the next phase of internet history … SOLO SHOTS ONLINE are pass’e


dear white house,

what point would donald trump drive home in a message … he could point out that he led admirably as a president of the united states of america even though he was impeached and did he ever address congress from the pulpit? like was donald trump ever speaker of the house? something to slide in addressing congress i can’t recall seeing that … but it probably happened … he can say he was investigated and then impeached and then there was plague … donald trump COULD run on a campaign of LIFE SUCKS like DONALD TRUMP LIFE SUCKS … like if his campaign slogan was LIFE SUCKS … that might test well


dear white house,

would the federal government be willing to give mark zuckerberg a position as internet czar? you call him in for investigation enough why not give him a job?


dear white house,


like up until about 32 let’s say from like 1992 until about 2014 or something I knew how to listen to music … it was the CD you popped in the music player while you did some other shit …

now i’m like caught up in following careers and worrying about if he’ll be alright

now with youtube and spotify listening to music is like a lifestyle …

my kid is MGK …

i was concerned when his EYELIDS looked red from smoking weed extensively the other day …

i’m like from Cincinnati and MGK is from Cleveland and like I’m concerned about him … he started off as a rapper and now he’s doing punk melodies and like he does a good job i’m just like what happened to just listening to music? like at some point i listened to so much music i wasn’t listening to music anymore and THEN i started thinking about what I would do as a musician all late in life like beyond the youthful beginnings that typify the work …

like my show is me with a vocal effects processor and i’m singing a melodic chant of some kind i developed that is pretty deep and the vocals are all distorted to hide my lack of ability to sing … like i can’t sing a solo without someone throwing cabbage at me so i use technology to mask my inability to sing …

i need to get that set up … and book a gig at the mad frog it’s just a logistics nightmare …



i just got insulted in my head by someone that pointed out the mouse should be a glove and i’m like okay then do that shit it was like it’s so obvious …

my head space gets dangerous …

there was the event 3 months ago 3 weeks after i was in the hospital for anxiety and acute mental illness

i am telepathic enough or people work my tooth enough that a rogue FBI agent was trying to use my processes in my head to track me down like there was telemetry being used to identify how to kill me

apparently he’s in jail now


head game is vicious


the white house on route
to announce the proper route
for the entire house
that 300,000,000 folks strong
we just that strong but now we got a bong
so now we got a situation in our throng
they needed new shit like spheres shaped like cubes
have a mathematician dude draw that up
we in the middle of the pouring of the cup
whose next who want what?

we a nation of people that just showed up
some of us write little songs on napkins
in bars we get on stage to declare our decree
we got keyboards and mice
but are we in the right key
for the mouse

we got a game so fine
even asians play
they be on stage
5 chicks deep
with a band backing them
up dancing to our hip hop
it’s a game we play to make the silence stop
ain shit to do and every nigga knows
and we forgot today was pay day
because of the shit we say

and i got a problem with people that got problems
this the USA
where the states american
and this an amen

in the USA where dreams are more than made up
they the building blocks for our private stocks
of liquor that have us caked up
naw we ain never drink
we just have a sip
and then get to work writing that poetry shit


i did think of something useful it’s BIG GOVERNMENT useful like i don’t mind being big government but if the next WAVE of offerings of computers had a card reader that came with them … if you had to swipe your state id to use the computer … i just want it so bad that i want the internet and the behavior that would come with it where there is no anonymous behavior … i can’t think of anything that would be anonymous behavior that would be good … a thing like that mandated to be required to use it or don’t use it … but if more personal data was shared with more people … it’s an ideal … but in practice THIS ideal is a credit card scanner you are required to use with your computer for tracking purposes and we mention that 100,000,000 using this for the most part every day that your FACEBOOK identity needs to be federal … FEDERAL FACEBOOK is the difference between you enter in your data however you want or you slide a card and it gets done for you …

small difference …

but one that changes behavior in that everyone might be more careful …

like i can enter any data in this form i want …

you probably want my federal ID when i email you …

just saying


dear white house,

that is true super voice i never thought of a new product like the way in WW2 they had a problem with code breaking to solve over lines and airwaves so they developed ENIAC and it was a military device and it had a purpose like i have been so inundated with solutions to problems over the course of my life i never had a problem to solve … i did think of cool shit though like in my book https://nickspoems.com/gospel there is a 300 foot tall computer which is basically the 5/3rd bank building downtown with a football sized LED screen on it and there’s a work station 50 yards from it that you control the screen with … that’s not an invention … that’s something cool … i had an original thought one day so now i’m always sort of original … but i never thought of a tool to solve a problem with … like necessity is the mother of invention and I NEVER FUCKING NEEDED SHIT YOU DICK IN MY HEAD not you but i either have a tooth that is a receiver or i’m schizophrenic and they have me down as bipolar and i have the wrong meds but it’s been 20 years of diagnosing me as bipolar so schizophrenia would be new … my original thought was an edge case scenario like i never found a new road let’s say like i never pioneered a route … i’m always on pretty well worn territory … an original thought i had was to mimic magazine advertising online in a 70:30 ad content split which is emblematic here at https://nickspoems.com … i typically think counter thoughts like ADS ARE BAD and i’m like no ads are good … i’m typically a well read counter tool not someone you go to for something original but if you want to win a debate you can call me … i’m always too well off for originality


dear white house

i don’t precisely know what my original idea was but it was something like ABC has FIRE MEDICAL and POLICE and i was like DO A MAYOR’s OFFICE SHOW like my original idea was i don’t know what it precisely was but i notice myself completing sets a lot like they FIRE is interesting MEDICAL is interesting POLICE is interesting and i thought of something they don’t have time for like MAYOR IS INTERESTING like delving into the life of a big city mayor in NEW YORK CITY … like they have his minions so cover him … i thought MAYOR’s OFFICE like to me i think I typically scoop up oversights in creativity and i do it enough that i come off as original and I never saw a show about a Mayor before so it is original to me but they probably pitched it before but it’s an example of my style of creativity go over what’s been done and do something that’s in that genre but has never been done before and win … i figure tried and true and new is the name of the game


dear white house,

I had this ancient thought from high school history class that that native americans used to wait until a year after birth to decide if the child would live or die … AMY MCGRATH in Kentucky is in favor of Abortion leading into the 9th month and we’re big on abortion here so I’ve had dozens of hours of television footage to inspire my thoughts on abortion but i have this … i’m 100% Pro Choice and i legislate that it’s entirely the woman’s decision to keep the child or not and I’m behind her 100% it doesn’t make much sense for me to be with a woman that wants to abort the child in her from me but I think you should have up to 1 year after a child is born to decide to abort it … i’m also 100% in favor of 100% of down syndrome children being aborted and for couples to break up if they have a down syndrome child like nigga you family break that up … i look at down syndrome children as a competing race of humans and they lost … like i view a healthy child as the only acceptable product of a relationship and it should only be born into a healthy relationship … personally i’m going about my life where we’ll be together mate and raise it to be a university graduate … but for other people i’m like yeah you can abort your child … yep … go for it … that’s your lineage … i have recently noticed that apparently i’m biologically required to have sex it’s a need but there’s no woman nearby … the last time i kissed i thought it was surprisingly gross … i didn’t remember kissing a woman as being gross … my defining OHIO feature is that i’m in favor of aborting down syndrome children and basically defects … if my kid is born autistic i’m of the mind to abort it but it’s that i wouldn’t know … what should survive abortion? healthy children … and if i become successful i’ll probably start an orphanage


dear white house,


i probably shouldn’t just do it … but … it would probably be hot … like if I me like I did a page on my website for immigrants … things they need to know … like that page seems poorly thought out … it should be like a flash animation of the gates of hell you have to cross when you enter the united states of america … like i was thinking how i stay pretty close to the chain of command local shit for local counselors like WCPO and the Mayor and City Council and I just watch ABC and then I write my council member that represents me Brad Wenstrup, I haven’t written my senator yet i don’t know why I would, I wrote my governor, I wrote the white house, I have written the EU before this one time about something, and I wrote moscow this one time about how they were slapping the shit out of their wives and kids and i wrote the moscow times for that, I wrote British MP’s a couple times about immigrating to London, and I write the white house … it’s not like i’m preaching America to PERU i stay to pretty civilized neighborhoods … but it’d be a hell of a project to flesh out your base of the immigration website so that real americans let immigrants know real shit they need to know to live here

that’s a hot idea … probably a deep base trickled out there … a magazine for immigrants to the USA … very university VERY UNIVERSITY


dear white house,

I’ll do the creative writing here … I was hanging out with my boss today … I me I have ads pulled from a bin known as YouTube on my website because I me I want to affiliate with desktop computers … WHAT IF there was a youtube like website that paid you an amount or if the finances were worked out in terms of … precisely how would it work if i could browse through a listing of video and audio and text ads and I could ala carte pick up ads for my online magazine and get paid for it … they talk about working from home … would it be possible to generate a living wage for a set of people if they had a bin they could pull ads from for their website … how fucked up would this get … how far from the spirit of nickspoems.com could someone get that this idea would break … meh … it’s a bin like youtube you pull ads from and you get paid for putting the ad on your site … GOOGLE BANNER ADS work in similar fashion but google works with cost per click … how can you get it so that if they saw it … like can i get a sweeter deal from a business than CPC … the number of magazines would pick up i would think at the thought of earning a living wage so individual readership would probably eschew … so maybe i should see it like that’s the bin for advertising what earth is earth is the bin for advertising and i need to see if North College Hill’s businesses would advertise on my website but they already do on the business to business website … meh … all i saw in this kata here was that i’m playing a video game known as the internet and it’s not that it’s a cold world i get disability so i get taken care of it’s just that old money needs all the money to survive and i’m new money and truthfully i need some of old money’s money so that i can have my say too and i’m 39 years old so it’s looking like honestly i’ve progressed to the point where one day i’ll be pissed if someone pulls this shit on me


dear white house,

alright it’s going on my website anyways like this is HOT content right here … i took a chance with my LYFE and wrote you … you scary people you …


so my drug policy …

don’t smoke tobacco the dangers are too great i got addicted so i know you can get addicted and the joy is not worth the hassle and quitting involves dealing with pressures in the chest that are hard to deal with which keeps people from quitting smoking

liquor is not worth buying it’s a destruction of the bodily ability to function that is ridiculous and i had a thought one time that if i want to get to any bar i have to drive to get there that defeats the purpose of the bar entirely because you can die my personal edict is YOUR BAR is the one in walking distance doesn’t matter what bar it is that’s your bar my bar is Fricker’s I’ve been once in 3 years

WEED is a joy but you can get too joyful … like forgetting shit and weed is big … like smoking weed can lead to it being the next day really quickly and if you’re still high it can be annoying … not really addicting but you can go too long without having smoked it …

cocaine … never tried it but did some studies on how to make it and apparently it’s dried gasoline with a substrate added into it … my main point i want to make here is that i would chew cocoa leaves … i have a feeling that an obscure ecuadorian plant leaf is my drug of choice … if i knew chewing a leaf would get me high … that would be my drug of choice … i have an uneducated opinion that snorting dried gasoline is a bad idea and it might not be but i have an uneducated opinion that chewing a leaf from ecuador that would get me high would be cool … i’d abandon all this drug shit for chewing a leaf … if i knew my drug dealer was connected into cocaine deep enough i’d buy 5 pounds of cocoa leaf a month … i’d budget it in …

in short my drug policy … drugs suck but there’s not much to do


dag i’m watching ABC right now and 10 minutes into i was like wait a minute i saw a documentary on youtube that those are the people they subjected to nuclear bomb radiation testing in american somoa or something … there was a generation of white men and women that literally owned this planet in the USA for the most part … like the early days of a major military … that’s to be taken into consideration … the early days of being the global superpower things done then …


dear white house,

i don’t have a B.S. i have a B.A. so the way Leona on this cartoon that’s on television is solving problems that’s pretty much what I do everyday in my daily life … I just do it with an internet of knowledge in me … like i have a lot of references … data … naw naw i don’t do much with data … would love to know how to work with data … but i pretty much do everything with feeling like they’re like the coconut trees are sick and i’m like okay just like her plant a grove over there and i point in a general direction … like i can do some pretty impressive feats of leadership and not know shit about what i’m talking about … it’s because i use emotionally sensitive words and I DO IT NEW … i figure i’m in sperm stockpile here … like there’s a lot of healthy sperm out there … i’m someone else that’s guarding my nutsack in case some bitch needs it …


dear white house,

$17,500 to $19,999 7,931,000

I got a statistic from Google … I make HALF of $17,000 a year and for the 2,000,000 people that make about $9,000 a year on disability the ones that do … I heard you were talking about a $2000 a month concept https://www.forbes.com/sites/jrose/2020/05/17/how-likely-is-the-new-2000-stimulus-package-to-happen/#39ec4a3213a0 … and I know to the middle class like i’m below middle class income and it said “If you’re single, a salary of around $26,000 to $78,000 qualifies you as middle-income.” and again I make $9,000 a year and and $2,000 a month stimulus would mean I could survive , I could take an uber to the grocery store and save my folks a trip, I could buy smokes, I could go to a restaurant once a week, I could get adobe creative cloud, I could personally pay my telecom bill, I could pay my rent, I could get renters insurance, and I could maybe buy some clothing, I know $2000 a month is another cable subscription to the middle and upper class but for us the downtrodden the people below $24,000 a year there’s going to be some social services ambiguities like DO I get $2,000 a month ON TOP of my disability … like the people on state checks getting a NICE state check just the peculiarities of getting a check and then getting another check and the another check is the check that solves problems … i’m saying two things … one $2,000 a month is more than twice the $700 i get now and I have it worked out that I can make $700 work I just have to do without everything electrical and take walks to the grocery store and library so $2,000 improves my without parents plan and 2 on your social services end maybe do some extra finance work and make certain that you do detailed decision making and make certain social services is worked out in regards to the plan … i know most people won’t notice a $2,000 a month increase … it’s a dramatic improvement for me …


dear white house,

i’m watching jimmy kimmel and for someone that takes such repetitive shots at donald trump like it’s supposed to be like critique critique compliment compliment compliment critique compliment like pro’s and con’s of someone like donald trump is not a cashier at mcdonald’s you can mentally put in a box like he has opinions on issues and he’s trying to be centrist meaning he wants to please everyone like when it comes to any politician there’s nothing box like putting people in about it like it’s not I LIKE HIM , I DON’T LIKE HIM that’s not presidential politics there’s well what did he say and jimmy kimmel is ALWAYS NEGATIVE ABOUT TRUMP like donald trump is an amazing man and i’m someone to point that out because i fucking hated him 4 years ago I was a staunch hillary clinton supporter i thought she was more qualified but donald trump after all the running around to let everyone know he was president once he got the lay of the land he started presiding and is now what looks like a master of ceremonies in a situation where he had some shit to learn coming from the private sector and it looks like he got it down … like jimmy kimmel has writers and apparently they’re paper tigers like they look for negative things to say about donald trump and that’s all they do and donald trump campaigned to be an archetype he’s basically a symbol that’s what the president is it’s a symbol he’s a symbolic person but he’s a symbolic person that can give a 90 minute speech so that’s basically all him AND he can give a 90 minute speech and there’s no writing that or writers that can script that unless i’m wrong he’s the president and it would be nice to see more moderate talk on television on abc in regards to donald trump by jimmy kimmel and talk shows in general like they almost seem like buffers no matter how good donald trump does he’s going to get negative press like jimmy kimmel is to donald trump what weird al yankovic is to michael jackson … there … i learned to love trump


dear automattic,

Gutenberg turned me off I thought it was a bad design but I also thought I just might not know enough about it … THIS NEW DESIGN … it seems intuitive … I would be focused on intuitiveness and user testing if I was in your field like I would have an entire GUI brick of beta testers like a BETA TESTING OFFICE … I never saw a contact page posted for feedback on gutenberg but I was thrown by the blocks … THIS INCARNATION OF GUTENBERG seems qualifiably reasonable … I can sort of immediately make sense of this design … I also notice on my $70 package a year that there are some interesting NEW elements like recurring payments I think is one or PREMIUM CONTENT or 24 other things I noticed that might be useful … this is an interesting collaboration here … thank you

Dear Paris,

Would it even be possible to start a church in Paris?

The Church of John the Apostle

It’s a church with a
Recording Studio
Drawing Studio
Art Gallery
Book Store
Computer Laboratory

It’s a church where we worship God with our works. We extol the virtue of Perfection in that through utilizing Wikipedia on the Internet and some clever Google Searching we discerned in our Wikipedia Bible Study that John the Apostle was the champion in the Bible. He is famous for writing the Book of Revelations and he is also famous for being the only Apostle that died of natural causes. He is famous for being a devout Author and his work on the Bible is noted. We treat the Bible like a Beautiful Object.

Just a sentence fragment there but would I find University Catholicism to be accepted? If I did some networking around your city of Paris from a distance and generated a contemporary church that was not based on performing a ritual for a congregation but was rather based on works done to venerate God … would that qualify as a start up?

I assume your nation is more intelligent than the USA I have been presented with.

I would be interested in French Immersion to learn the language to an expert level.

Like I would need a tutor.


Nicholas Lawson

dear CIA,


we are faced with a global challenge of elderly people dying we need to fix this. i posit that studying fruit is the best place to stop. green concord grapes.in literature the FRUIT as was championed in the book of genesis in the roman catholic bible the forbidden fruit which is poison the fruit that is NOT forbidden is at the grocery store …

take a set of CRISP GREEN GRAPES that are cold and investigate the life extension qualities of fruit and pharmaceuticals derived from fruit


317 East 5th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-232-6220
Email: info@tafttheatre.org

Dear Taft Theatre,

I did shows in my 20’s at local clubs. I have https://nickspoems.com. I have a degree in English Literature. I’ve won awards. I’ve been to 8 countries.

I just thought I would politely ask if I can get some stage time to rehearse? I rehearse live. Could I open for about 12 different shows in the Fall?


Nicholas Lawson

Dear Brad Wenstrup,

In terms of programming GOOD MORNING AMERICA promoting a WAIT to buy on electronics and being dismissive of the entire operation is anti capitalistic … YES! PEOPLE NEED ELECTRONICS! IF YOU GOT THE OLD SHIT GET THE NEW SHIT! GET A NEW KEYBOARD! capitalism as I understand it is about consumer goods and a consumer good like a CIGARETTE is the most flawless consumer good that’s why it’s so hard to get rid of but YOU WANT PEOPLE TO CYCLE THROUGH ELECTRONICS! you want people to spend their money. I know you know this. Okay. Take a breath. Good Morning America had a WAIT! on CONSUMER electronics goods like there’s a mentality that electronics are NOT necessary but the contemporary world is saturated with electronics and we have to refresh our gear. I think with some politics. Is WAIT! on CONSUMER goods an FCC violation? It’s a call to action and that’s illegal. I know television can’t engage in calls to action.


Nicholas Lawson

dear tai lopez,

I’m involved in INTERNET THEORY … currently as far as I can tell everyone wants an E BOOK STORE like you’re not wrong when you point out E COMMERCE is correct. Like for instance a high school they have school papers and this is highly controversial but a school could sell collections of school papers as ebooks and that’s a market based on how many schools there are.

A local church wants an ebook store as an extra revenue stream so that they can sell their church”s writing and they can start writing and they can publish their own books.

A college student wants an E BOOK store so they can sell their school papers directly.

I am adding sugar to walnuts i’m going to make candied walnuts … i soak the walnuts and then coat them in sugar and bake them and it’s amazing add a little cinnamon.

A hard working stiff wants an e commerce website so that they have this extra thing they can think about to sell. Currently no one has a product if you had an ebook store you could write 23 poems and then publish the book and now you have a product to sell.

Put products in people’s pockets they ain used to it.

It’s like you’re missing a fundamental knowledge element. If i was grading your pedagogy I would say it’s GREAT but you’re like a teacher which is a failed professional.




dear DEA,

July 1st 1973 the DEA is started I assume in response to drug activity from the hippies the people that were children of the great war and had to repopulate the planet.  https://disa.com/map-of-marijuana-legality-by-state is a quick chart I found on the state of marijuana legalization in the united states and  https://www.dea.gov/drug-scheduling has Marijauana down as a Schedule 1 drug meaning it has no value. 

I’m just curious , it would almost seem like your mission statement is going out of business. There’s a number of generations that are in favor of drugs because of the power of the music industry and I’m pretty non plus about drugs there was only one drug that i encountered that I would take personal responsibility for burning down houses if i knew they were dealing it in my neighborhood and thats … https://www.drugs.com/illicit/krokodil.html … I smoke weed I smoked weed last night. I remember DARE and I remember NEVER DOING DRUGS THINKING DRUGS WERE STUPID and now I do drugs … well weed I don’t drink beer liquor and i’m trying to quit smoking by well yeah smoking another cigarette but i’d like to hate it so much I stop like I did before … 
Is your business plan going out of business?

Did culture change so much that you’re not important anymore?
Did you have a reign and now your reign is coming to a close?

Comments and responses would be cataloged at 
This is my 2nd work of magazine writing. I wouldn’t mind interfacing with you and getting some insight into the success of your business plan. It looks like you failed like abstinence never caught on. These states legalizing a gateway drug are in store for an obesity epidemic and further exploration of drugs.

I smoke weed because it makes my body buzz and it feels good. A couple times upon reflection I hit some next level intelligence on weed in my writing.
Would you consider with your expert knowledge of drugs to just go into the drug industry and become a salesman?
https://www.erowid.org/  this doesn’t scare me it’s just fuck it’s weird when you realize people do random shit to their bodies and personally speaking i would like to assuming there is no damage to teeth my theoretical drug of choice is chewing cocoa leaves …. I have it on good understanding that cocaine is basically dried gasoline but a cocoa leaf is a joy to chew … 
I think you could take advantage of the internet and flood a youtube channel with something like the opposite of this …
it all looks pretty innocuous but i do think the USA i know and love is ANTI DRUGSLAB … but it might be changing NEO AMERICA might be in favor of drugs but 1950’s America the culture was stunning … i don’t know … i’d like to say the 1950’s were a superior time period but those people are dead now and i’m here and you’re here and now it’s our planet … i’m 40 … 
wouldn’t mind documenting a conversation between us in email to take my website to the next level … i’d front page it … and do some advertising …
i’m poor i’m on disability for a mental illness but i’m this smart on medication and smarter than this off … just harder to explain …
nicholas lawson


dearest white house,

jimmy kimmel let me know that you had an issue with twitter … fuck … mister president if you can start a SPACE FORCE that takes people into SPACE couldn’t you start a social media website that ends up being more official than FACEBOOK AND TWITTER COMBINED like you represent the ideals of the east coast and the history of the east coast and the building you live in currently is evidenced of the quality of website you should be thinking about … why would you base a shred of trust in a 30something led website?

could you get one of your nasa masters of the universe to give you a social media website?

i was of the impression that a facebook competitor would be a concept that focuses on the family … like you have a list of family members not a list of friends … and make certain it doesn’t violate facebook’s patent on that look like next door did …


please east coast leadership

stop treating consumer products like they’re official …

if you could do something i don’t know it’s up to you but have some people draw some pictures of the website you would want and make certain it has a unique masonic visual language and do something worthy of the lincoln memorial … you can even promote the site by putting it’s logo on a penny … there …

like …

you have no ground to stand on when it comes to twitter …

and why would you use it?

please do the federal government a service and build a social media website …

it’s embarrassing to watch you use twitter …


nicholas lawson

dear white house,

I read about your executive order and you could leave a series of comments on https://nickspoems.com like you might want to drop Twitter and get with WORDPRESS like WordPress allows you to open your own website and you can write at length on a freemium site like you can probably get donaldtrump.wordpress.com and then i mean it’s where YOU write so if YOU write on twitter the press will cover twitter but if YOU WRITE on wordpress the press will cover wordpress like your executive order has to do with twitter and there are better options try out and wordpress lets you write as much as you want and you can use a smart phone with it and you can take cool photos and catalog them … like twitter is not suited to you and they don’t like you and he was engaged in content management he was managing your content like if YOU go to wordpress C SPAN goes to wordpress and it’s a hot site you can sell some premium advertising on OR you can leave comments on mine at nickspoems.com and help me out like nickspoems.com on the side like on the sly mine is like a place to hold quorum you can hold little meetings there but you might want a wordpress website and it’s free too like there is no paid option on twitter so maybe write them a check or pay for wordpress but i like you but you’re sort of out of line like repealing a law and all because you didn’t like something i get pissed at social media too but it’s their thing

dear white house,

i’m not trying to be mean but couldn’t he cozy up to the press release people and maybe send MORE press releases like the goal is to get writing on the internet that the president wrote so that the world can follow him got to follow the president of the usa got to but he could be on facebook too on his wall but i get twitter it’s direct to the person you want to see your writing it’s a networking miracle it’s just that it’s a Content Management System and Jack Dorsey might be anti government because he lives in a city with a yearly gathering known as DISRUPT donald trump was DISRUPTED which is what the west coast technophiles want to occur … like i’m not trying to disrupt anything i’m trying to fit in i just applied for a job an hour ago at a design firm but yeah twitter is HIGHLY USEFUL for quick little messages to THEE PEOPLE that you need to network with but it’s like arguing with a mail carrier that lost your mail what can you do? i’d champion pioneering a paid level of twitter that clears you up to do whatever the fuck you want … there could be a free speech paid tier of twitter … it might be up your alley to work on that

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