an audition at the contemporary arts center for a SOLO on fountain square … spirit brought the SOLO back … mental illness neurons working in their studios … i got the chills

that is true if there was a party that auditioned at the contemporary arts center to be the  party at the fountain on fountain square that would be dope |} I have to set that as a subplot like we’ll use kazoo’s okay and then then someone picked up all the things that everyone else would do and said we’ll use all this and got kicked out but then someone did it the cool way and well yeah things

A Man and a Woman Meet at the Open Mic At the Contemporary Arts Center which is an audition for a slot at the Fountain Square Friday Night Lights show.

I could write about a singing contest someone didn’t win ….

How would it begin?

How would I start a novel about a man that didn’t win a singing contest to a woman that he just met?

Like how would it begin?

Maybe it would start with someone setting the opening scene, something like there’s a man standing in line of a theatre. He’s standing there and he’s going over his song. His song the song that he’s going to sing at the singing contest. There’s a singing contest at the Contemporary Art Center because American Idol has a show on television about singing and you can come to the Contemporary Arts Center and sing and you can sing there too and it’s contemporary art because there’s an American Idol on television people are auditioning for American Idols to be an American Idol like Kelly Clarkson that’s now an American Idol and it’s art and art is what can be sold that people make people make art with their hands and their mouths and people make art God Makes everything else but people make art.

MMM He’s standing next to a cute girl. No it’s not a cute girl it’s a beautiful woman. Much more dangerous and much warmer much softer and much more attractive. He’s standing next to a beautiful woman and he notices her. She notices him notice her and she she nudges into him with her shoulder like a woman would like she she sort of falls into him just because the setting is open there’s nothing to do there’s nothing going on it’s just a wide open event that everyone is standing at there’s no front of the line in view and he just noticed her noticing him and she noticed him noticing her and he noticed her noticing him and they noticed each other

She says hi …. he says hi back. They go together now. They’re an item now. A couple. They’re used to be singles and are now a unit of humankind that is seeking to experience the warmth that that unit can experience and they’re at an event where coupledom like this happens some abstract human event where love blossoms dutifully like it most notably does at an open social event like how do i put this … indian summer … this was city summer camp and it was just asking people to sing …. she has her song and he has his song and they’re in line waiting to get judged … oh the judging their waiting to get judged they’re waiting to have their creativity and their talent judged and they’re sort of in new love and they’re just standing there and he just put the emotion into him and now it was all to unveil itself

“Have you ever been to an audition before?” said Jake as his first move but there’s this much in a moment it’s just little nits and pits but read like a book the way it all falls together and he was just standing there and he was just feeling the energy of the awaiting of the judgement and she judged him as worthy of love as he awaited to be worthy of wealth

“A couple.” said Jill noting that she had put herself out there and stood on the stage and allowed herself to be judged and in being on stage she was allowing herself to be placed in a state of suspended social status where all was nebulous and she knew she was with Jake and Jake knew he was with her and they had this thing they were doing it was the weekend and it was the Contemporary Art Center and it was an open audition and there were a couple dozen people here for the day’s event and there was scheduling and there was singing and there was event and it was an EVENT it was a live fire EVENT it was a city EVENT and it was something that Jill had been to before to stand judgement before the firing squad that would be laying down the judgement and if she stood the test and if she was the one that had the nicest dress and showed the most leg she would be the one that would get to sing at the Fountain Square Event

They were in line. They weren’t at the front of the line they were at the back of the line of the people that were going to be judged for their singing ability. They had to listen to people singing in their line funny thing was this woman this woman that was with this man in this line that was falling in love, she had the best voice. She had the voice that was the voice that was the voice that would win and you know why? Because I was going to write it that way. I was going to write it so that the woman that met the man had the best voice.

“You think we can win this?” said Jake.

“I know we can.” said Jill.

“What makes you so certain we can win this?” said Jake.

“Well I know I can win this. You might just be along for the ride.” said Jill.

“What makes you so certain you can win this?” said Jake.

“I have a relationship with the writer.” said Jill.

“What?” said Jake.

“Yeah, say Hi! Nick.” said Jill.

“What’s up Jake. I’m Nick. I’m Jill’s sort of big brother” said Nick the Author.

“Oh.” Said Jack.

“Yeah, I have a big brother.” said Jill.

“So you sort of have someone big writing for you?” said Jake

“He’s my God. If I need something he makes it happen in weird ways.” said Jill

“He can force them to let you win?” said Jake.

“Well he can give me the best voice and if they don’t pick me there is nothing I can do about it, he can fine tune reality.” said Jill.

“Let me hear a note of your voice so I know this is for real.” said Jake.

“No. No you’ll just have to see but here’s a Corona.” said Jill.

“The fuck you get that corona? THE FUCK YOU GET THAT CORONA?” SCREAMED JAKE!

“No it’s nothing it’s just something from my Big Brother.” said Jill.


Jill started to rub Jake’s shoulders.

“I didn’t think that would be hard for you.” said Jill.


“I will I’ll calm down. JAKE! JAKE! I Know we just met but I’ma show you the world.” said Jill.


“It came from my big brother.” said Jill.

“What is your big brother?”said Jake.

“Nick is my big brother, he’s like a widget that I can access when I need something, like why wouldn’t I have access to anything I need?” said Jill.

“Because life is finite. It’ FINITE! IT’S FINITE! YOU FUCKING BITCH LIFE IS FINITE!?” said Jake.

“No, Jake, Life is Infinite.” said Jill.

“Get me some weed.” said Jake.

“Here’s some weed.” said Jill as she handed him a joint.


“Yes. It’s reg weed.” said Jill.

“Alright.” said Jake and he took the joint and took an inhale of the weed and calmed the fuck down. The weed gave him the ability to be cool with all of this.

“Hey. Ima sorry for skeezing out like that but I ain have no weed in me.” said Jake.

Jill leaned in and kissed Jake. She kissed him really deeply and she kissed him really intensely and she just put her hands to the sides of his face and gave him the deepest kiss. In Line.

“The fuck you two doin?” said John.

“Oh nothing. Nothing. We’re just in a scene.” said Jill.

“Could ya’ll cool out. We’re here in line for this audition and ya’ll remaking the foundations of natural reality or something. Just cool out alright.” said John.

“She’s GOT A BIG BROTHER!” screamed Jake.

“I don’t give a fuck what she has, she’s skeeving everyone out. tell her to keep her Big Brother Under Control!” said John.

“alright, alright, alright, only i’m allowed to freak out.” said Jake.

“No. No. No. Anyone can freak out when  Big Brother is involved.” said John.

“What?” said Jake.

“You don’t know about Big Brother? That’s Jill. That bitch has been doing magic for the last 6 years and there’s at least 22 people in this city that think some magic Big Brother floats in the sky. She’s schizo with a talent. Best stay away from her.” said John.

“Wut?” said Jake.

“Don’t listen. I have a big brother.” said Jill.

“Who is your big brother?” said John.

“I am.” said Nick walking up to John as a little troll doll lookin thing waddling back and forth scurrying on two little feet up on John.

“I”m the incarnation of Nick, I’m something that you never thought you would see up on your feet right now.” said NIck.

“That’s your big brother.” said John.

“That’s my big brother, but like that’s just what my big brother looks like right now. That’s like his current incarnation.” said JIll.

“The fuck you mean that’s you’re big brother’s latest incarnation.” said John.

“I’m also just a voice. Just an incantation AND she’s going to compete in the contemporary arts singing contest because she has a nice voice and i’m here to cheer her along and make certain nothing wrong happens to her and keep and eye on her while this thug gets kissed by her waiting in line. ” said Nick.