Name: Nicholas Lawson 

Address: Cincinnati, Ohio

Phone: (513) 500 0857


St. Margaret Mary Pre School
Clovernook Elementary School
North College Hill Middle School
North College Hill High School
University of Cincinnati Design Arts Architecture and Planning School in the First Class of Digital Design
University of Westminster Design School
University of Cincinnati McMicken Arts and Sciences College
Professional Web Design Alliance Training Organization Participant
OnLine Self Education

Work History in Chronological Order:

Hill Top Press Delivery and Collections Agent
North College Hill Bakery Pan Greaser
Bacal’s Cafe Bus Boy and Host
North College Hill Basketball Player
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Cook
Catalog Network Services Call Center Clerk
Pick Up Game Basketball Player
Gadzooks Retail Clothing Store Associate
Fundraising Concert Producer and Promoter
Office Team Office Temporary Worker
Blockbuster Video Clerk
Bucky the Bronco Mascot
Fashion Show Producer
Slide Scanner in Design Arts Architecture and Planning Library
Documentary Subject for Student Film San Francisco Under Direction of Editor Adam Nazarenco filmed in San Francisco
Receptionist at Old Saint George Monastery
Cleaning at Old Saint George Monestary
Wedding Ceremony Set Up and Break Down Old Saint George Monestary
Dish Washer at Old Saint George Monestary
Taxi Driver
Car Rental Agent
Hasbro Games Research and Development Character Creator and Games Dynamics Co-Operative Education Student
Eric Doepke and Associates Flash Content Surgeon
CD Cover Art Designer for Singer
Short Vine Redevelopment Website Development Co-Operative Education Student
Cody’s Cafe Open Mic Performer
Sitwell’s Open Mic Performer
Lyrical Insurrection Open Mic Performer at Greenwich
Rohs Street Cafe Open Mic Performer
Jupiter Room Open Mic Performer
NAMI Volunteer
Valentines Day Poetry Feature at Bearcat Cafe around Time Dead Emcee Scrolls Came Out Touring Performer Columbus, Lousisville, Cleveland, Detroit, London
Taft Historical Museum Intern In Web Design Research and Event Assistant
Public Allies Participant
Media Bridges Content Management Systems Researcher
Starfire Tri – Week Volunteer and Public Speaker on Poetry to Genetically Interesting Subjects
Bouncer at Corinthians
Sunfood Sovereign Web Design Researcher
Sunfood Sovereign Book Designer , Journalist , Author , Amazon Researcher , CreateSpace Publisher
Why Do I Need Your Bible When I Can Write My Own Kindle Create Space Kindle Researcher
Book Doctor for Miss Well’s and Method Instruction on Book Craft Publishing Credit
Hip Hop Congress 501c3 Day Intern
Pro Web Design Alliance Self Educating Student
Processing Programming Language Self Instruction
WordPress Self Instruction
HTML4 CSS2 Professional Web Design Alliance Master Instruction Series Level
Google Analytics Self Instruction
Google AdSense Self Instruction
MIT Open CourseWare Self Instruction and Researcher
MOOC General Topic Awareness Studies
UDemy Instructor
J Gumbo’s Publicity Stunt Director and Open Mic Performance
OM Cafe Show Performance and Production Credit
OM Cafe Facebook Photoshop Flyer Client Creation
Business Plan White Boarding Research Leading Up To This Document
Bradley Anderson Affiliate Marketing Partner
Found Housing for a Man At Men’s Shelter
Worked in the Kitchen at Group Home
Cleaned Bathrooms at Group Home
Worked on
Acquired Adobe Creative Suite Software Platform
Youtube Streaming Fluency
Google Docs LIVE experience with multiple cursors
International Relations
International Business

Bodies of Work:

Design Work at Design Arts Architecture and Planning School
Broadband Internet Researcher at University of Westminster
Art Work at Design Arts Architecture and Planning School
Written Work at McMicken College of Arts and Sciences
Public Speaking at ucDAAP, UoW, ucMcCoAS
Music Video Work
Short Film Work
God Begot Me: Why Do I Need Your Bible When I Can Write My Own? Amazon Publication
Test Series of Documents Uploaded to Amazon Dot Com to See If Viable Revenue Stream
Gospel of the Return of Christ Novel and Federal Copyright Acquisition
Consistent Web Design Self Instruction and Publication
Eight Year Regular Reddit Account Holder
100+ Successful OnLine Form Submissions
98% Captcha Submission Form Success

Software Fluencies:

Amazon Kindle E-Book Coneptualzing, Authoring, Publishing, Marketing Capable
Amazon Kindle E-Book Cover Authoring Capable
Amazon Create Space Physical Book Conceptualizing, Authoring, Publishing, Marketing Capable
Amazon CreateSpace Physical Book Cover Authoring Capable
Barnes and Noble Nook E-Book Conceptualizing, Authoring, Publishing, Marketing Capable
Barnes and Noble Nook E-Book Cover Authoring Capable
Lulu Hardcover and Softcover Conceptualizing, Authoring, Publishing Marketing Capable
Lulu Hardcover and Softcover Cover Authoring Capable Print On Demand (P.O.D.) Magazine Conceptualizing, Authoring, Publishing, Marketing Capable
Apple Operating System
Windows Operating System
Ubuntu Operating System
ThunderBird Email Client
FireFTP FireFox FTP Client
Chrome Browser
Chrome Apps
Firefox Browser
Internet Explorer Browser
Safari Browser
FireBug Fluency
Libre Office Suite Fluency
Audacity Audio Software
Blournaling Fluency
Adobe PhotoShop Fluency
Adobe Illustrator Fluency
Adobe InDesign Fluency
Adobe Flash Fluency
Adobe DreamWeaver Fluency
Adobe LightWorks Fluency
Adobe Acrobat X Fluency
Blender 3D Modeling Software Fluency
Cinema 4D 3D Modeling Software Experience Fluency
Google Analytics Installation and Interpretation Fluency Software Fluency Widgets Fluency Themes Fluency
RSS Feeds Fluency
HTML4 Fluency
CSS2 Fluency
Processing Core Programming Language Fluency
Processing.js Programming Language Fluency
Soundcloud Widgets Installer Fluency
SoundCloud Fluency Fluency
YouTube Objects Fluency
YouTube Editing Expertise Fluency
YouTube Uploading Experience Fluency
YouTube User Since OnSet Fluency
Redditor Since OnSet Fluency
Digg User Since Onset Fluency
Wired Magazine Reader
Viral Marketing Advertisement Theoretician
Amazon Affiliate Links Fluency
Disqus Conversation Embed Installation Billing and Administration Fluency
PHPBB Installation and Administration Fluency
BuddyPress Installation and Administration Fluency
NCH Software Video Editing Fluency
FLStudio Digital Audio Workstation Fluency
Microsoft Word Fluency
Microsoft Excel Fluency
PowWeb Web Hosting Back End Fluency
Google AdSense Installation Fluency
Google AdWords Promotion Fluency
SEO Fluency
SEOMoz Fluency
Yoast SEO WordPress Plug-In Fluency
WooRank Website Checklist Fluency
Oronjolo Embed Fluency
File Management Expertise Expert Fluency
Digital Workflow Expertise Expert Fluency
Software Trade Publications Friends of Ed Opinion Holder
Software Trade Publications O’Reily Opinions Holder
Software Trade Publications PeachPit Opinions
Software Self Education with Safari Press Opinions
Digital Photography Authoring and Direction Fluency
Motion Typography Authoring and Direction Fluency
Digital Composition Authoring and Direction Fluency
Digital Motion Graphics Authoring and Direction Fluency
Dublin Core Interest