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I said something about setting medical practitioners to lower the cost of health care but the way i addressed the concept i didn’t take into account that the expensive part of medicine is like R and D and Surgery and Preventative Medical Practices and CDC work … and I didn’t address the needs of their workplace which is where all the actual cost is and i was thinking today on my way to a funeral that an acute case of socialism i think it would be socialism would be if the federal government had a manufacturing branch of itself that specialized in medical equipment if you’re talking obamacare all inclusive medical acts … let the government produce the medical products and add a tax and keep it simple and just be i think socialist whatever government owns the manufacturing is but like it’s not like it would be government candy you’re producing it’s government medical equipment and you can control costs more with that i’d think … like if you’re setting medical practitioners and selling rock bottom prices on medical equipment … everyone could probably afford that …

2d love

Nicholas Lawson i barely give an F about porn as it is … the only reason i’ve seen as much of it as i have is because of how convenient it is to procure and i don’t need it and lately have hated myself for even watching it i know i don’t need to see cartoons and i don’t know jenna powell i think her name is a republican in the ohio house and she penned an outside the law edict that condemns pornography and i was like hey that’s stepping on my freedom and i did that for 3 emails and then for 10 more emails i extolled the virtues of ending pornography in the state of ohio on the basis that it’s just not healthy to watch i’m more against pornography than for it but i self censor so this probably isn’t a majority opinion but i did see a design study that i mean you can go hyper realistic but i saw a rectangle moving in and out of a circle that turned me on so i know it’s just the motion that does it and the audio for the most part



i thought of a trivial piece of software i’m not going to take the time to learn how to code … but if there was a piece of software on my computer that tracked how many times my scroll wheel on my mouse made a complete circle that would be cool … all i can really offer is to share inspiration in programming …

might try and stop by some friday morning …

it’s an hour and 15 minute bus ride both ways and i don’t think i have 2.5 hours of travel time in me ever … i live out in NCH …

i know html css and javascript.com javascript i know everything about javascript.com quality and style of programming i know it but that’s pretty much it

i don’t know really what to do with it though but my first thought after being certain i know how to program is cool now what? haven’t figured out that part yet

Facebook Fodder

Nicholas Lawson like for the 2020 government for like the government i’m going to be a part of where like the public figure is like my age like based on like the DARK WEB and PORN let’s say that FACEBOOK would become THEE portal to the internet but it’s a browser with no URL bar at the top … like unilaterally blocking all access to the quote unquote world wide web with a facebook interface to the web and that we pass out sand boxes for people to use the internet for like facebook would get more robust and most of the internet would be inaccessible and that’s someone’s argument cut short cut the URL bar so that you can’t go anywhere you want online and maybe you have to write a letter to a network admin to turn on your permission to access a site to add a level of security …. that paragraph is how much not an animal i am

Death of a Grandmother

Well I wrote you (WCPO) about doing a story about my grandmother who is 96 years old but I wanted to let you know my grandmother has passed as of this morning. She fell two days ago and broke four ribs and just couldn’t make it any longer. She spent her last days at her daughter’s home being taken care of. She leaved behind a massive family and just today there was roughly 15 people at my folks place in NCH just being together and she got to meet several of her great grand children. She was taken care of by my mother for the last 30 years after her husband died and she never did drive a car her entire life and she never owned one. Her late husband used to drive and at one point she had home in fort meyers florida and cincinnati ohio and now her son david reigle keeps the tradition alive in light of the fact that he has a house he built in North Carolina and he has a home in Fort Meyers florida. I can’t express enough how much my grandmother meant to me but to be honest I said goodbye to her roughly 6 months ago leading up to the death of my grandmother was on my part distance i never did spend every waking day with my grandmother in a way she died in my world several months before she died to the entire world i felt like at some point i was just because her hearing was gone i just like it was just last month that all i could do was wave at my grandmother and it was all i could do to communicate with her. 4 weeks ago I genuflected before her and paid my last respects to her while she was still alive. I feel nothing at the moment but i wonder if i’ll get hit with a wave of emotion soon.


Nicholas Lawson i just really got into facebook in the last year like i fucked with it but i think if you LIKE the majority of the news organizations and if you keep your friend footprint small and accurate you can get a really nice experience like right now i’m commenting on techcrunch and getting the experience of participating in the news and i get to practice my critical thinking skills in this comment box and it’s nice i’d like to see the interface tightened up a little more like i think it would be NICE if on my 28″ monitor there was less empty space like i think facebook could be nicer but i heard like F6 or like F5 or something like that is coming out in may and i’ll be interested to see that but i like how participatory facebook is … it’s like a cool video game for adults if you set it up the right way



i’d point out that if you’re the type of person that would crawl across a desert and climb a wall to start off your tenure as a USA citizen that’s not good that’s TOO practical a mindset to make it in the USA you need enough of an imagination and a moral fiber to understand the concept of immigration procedures that a nation may have … the USA is a deeply bureaucratic nation and we use paperwork to function every day and if you think you can scamper your way across a desert and then expect to make it in the USA you’re nuts … priority one when entering the USA should be to begin your paper trail