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Hire a Webmaster

Nicholas Lawson https:///nickspoems.com …. is basically done …. i’m not doing something fancy like hand coding a website but i am interested in letting a restaurant know it’s not too far from being a magazine and it could also just have advertisements on it’s websites not entirely certain what the final pitch is but i have a restaurant that’s a magazine, an advertising supported restaurant, or a restaurant that has a bulletin it calls a website …. or something … not entirely certain what the final pitch is but i do know there is room for developing the concept of the URL associated with a restaurant or coffee shop or that matter and i think my website is perfect what i don’t think might be necessary is fiction on the website but i’m like what if it was a literary journal associated with a restaurant and the such i couple subtle points that could be fleshed out but what would make the most sense would probably be if a restaurant hired a web master and they weren’t trying to finish the job

i’m going to bring solutions to well you two and the solution is for a restaurant to hire a web master with a liberal arts degree and that knows what the definition liberal means

Consultant Pitch

I’ve lived in North College Hill for about 40 years now and I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with an English Literature Degree and a major in Technical Art …

I know about you because you have a spot in my corner of town. I have a website you could advertise on but more importantly YOU have a website you can sell advertising on.

I don’t actually know if classic magazine style content is necessary for you to sell advertising on your website but I do know you can direct traffic to a single place. I have magazine quality content @ https://nickspoems.com but you I would imagine have magazine quality traffic. I think you can sell advertising on your website easier than I can sell advertising on my site.

If you would like to communicate further after this softball pitch you can email or call me in regards to being your advertising executive …


nicholas lawson

wealth inequality

if you’re not being treated worse than someone that has more cash than you the economy is broken … i’ve read it several times … our economy is based on those with MUCH being treated better than those with NOT MUCH that is the driving inequality that equates to the reason people do something they don’t want to do so they can survive … it’s been said before that wealth inequality is the driving force in our economy people that have dictating what the people that have not will do

advertising 0

I have https://nickspoems.com which houses my higher than average quality writing. I have a wide open side bar and I’m offering advertising at $1 a day. My traffic footprint is roughly 50 visitors a day or something like 2500 visitors a year the last two years … I notice that my visitors explore roughly 3 pages each which would not disrupt your advertising footprint on the site. I have bought Fiverr talent before I needed a testimonial reviewing my website a couple years ago.

So yeah, would you like to tap into my growing market share at $1 a day. I finally have my site design finished and this is what I am doing now on top of keeping the PRACTICE portal on the site involved with the WordPress Reader pool active.

I can be reached at 1 513 500 0857

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m one of the more advanced web designers in the city in terms of quality of content as I have been told by a friend of mine that designs sites.

So yes. nickspoems.com

would you be interested in a $1 a day advertising package?



Path of Least Resistance

wouldn’t the planet be in the process of following the path of least resistance in it’s evolution into a final culture like peace to me at least seems easier to achieve than war like you don’t need equipment to attain peace so i figure on a long enough timeline it just becomes too cumbersome to engage in war no matter if you’re a hawk or a dove NOT WAR is easier than WAR so we’ll probably once all the flexing is over experience NOT WAR is my guess …and i did just think of this but a telecom industry isn’t a bad tool to ease us out of war that we don’t need eased out of but will naturally just stop doing

word searches

you know what the first idea i ever had that was actionable was in 2013 and i had spent like 6 years trying to think of something brand new to do like a video rental store that rents home made films and is a community center for the neighborhood i spent an inordinate amount of time on that and then I thought of something really well worn out like WORD SEARCHES like a book of word searches … i haven’t thought of this in years but I could generate a word search … i could also probably use an algorithm to do it but i think hand developed word searches would be better or something i don’t know i live in a low education neighborhood so i could probably get better sales on word searches than works of literature meh