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the economy is the name we give human behavior and it’s a good economy if it loops in on itself and people can go to work get money spend money and then that money shows back up at work again and the more times that happens the better the economy is like so long as people are getting it RIGHT it’s a good economy follow the rules do something sell something spend the money sell something again like keep your goods small and disposable and we’re good and that’s a good economy

Chipotle You So Nice

Chipotle you super nice, you got the right kind of rice, you got the steak that nothing short just saying you know you great, you got the sauces that gives you boss status, you just guac out til the clocks out, you straight chipotle you super straight

What if …

Is North College Hill really  a small neighborhood if it’s right down the street from college hill, from northside, from clifton, from university heights, from fountain square? is this really a small neighborhood? like doesn’t it take a lot to impress a city folk.. talking about iced cream in a can … or anything in a can … where the cannery in this town? if there ain one could there be one? talking about units of money. figure money is what you trade for cash. just saying … been feeling really … not certain what my past added up to ….  but it looks good but is it lookin …. really sorry for anything i ever did to anyone any day of my life … just always tried to do what’s right most of the time for the majority of it …. but like is there any type of little nook or cranny i ain think of that upset with me … for any reason …. my anxiety has to do with someone being upset with me and wondering who it is and not knowing … i’m sorry … this real emotion i’m feeling right now … i’m so sorry … like i just lost my grandmother and my anxiety escalated into full blown panic attack …

tai lopez


i’m suspicious of someone so interested in getting paid to teach me how to make money … i have nickspoems.com and my thinking is blog until the traffic prophecy becomes true and sell advertising on a 1000 unique visitor a month on my website … no i don’t want to teach anyone how i did it not entirely certain why tai lopez wants to flood his market like i’d think mr lopez needs to keep his mouth shut so that he can keep cutting his deals … i think my concept is standard simplicity … like for some reason at around 34 i had it in my head that doing something unique is more risky than doing something standard … so i quit trying to think of something new … like cash is not the end all be all goal to accomplish receiving that’s what public school taught me for 24 years it was always there are things more important than cash it was a common theme … i do actually value time more than cash and that plays out well on disability like my public school principles are perfectly at home on the $900 a month budget i have to work with …. because i can do this … it seems fair you the general you thought there was something wrong with me so i get to secede from society and weird out in the name of trying to do something useful … i do value time more than money and i currently have maximum time … so well i’m in public school’s sweet spot … looking forward to the regular updates … i can probably quit accosting you and develop a cogent reciprocal relationship with this form …



A couple months ago I was working on some language to the effect that people would be able to walk into a grocery store and walk out with groceries and it would be an entirely tax supported culture. I just thought now that it could be something where you order your groceries online your order is reviewed and the groceries are delivered to the patron that placed the order.

I heard of runs on products in this plague that is building up and my only fear that was revisited here is that society is comprised of such low quality life that a grocery store you walk in and walk out of is impossible because someone would take 12 steaks or all of the potato chips or ransack the produce aisle and I know that about society learned that in R and D when doing something you have to think of the KID the person that would take advantage of the system sort of like the guy you need a lock on your door to protect yourself from if you can imagine that lock on a home door is ridiculous that we just grow and evolve with crime.

but a grocery store that you walk into and walk out of and that is tax supported. that the bill would be spread out among people in a community.

i don’t know.

in terms of social science under what circumstances can a grocery store operate being compensated by taxes?

it’s something like this that i would use as cutting edge language in a bid for the house of representatives ohio 2nd congressional seat. i think of taking the long road into politics but i could probably get just as much done by promoting my website as going door to door.