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This is Vitae Magazine. It has been three years in the making and many previous years of building acumen in writing for Vitae Magazine. The purpose of Vitae Magazine is to be Literature. I am a creator of Literature and these are my creations.

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Observations of the Relationship Between Branding and Typography

In terms of history there has been a rich coupling betwixt branding and typographic glyphs. Since ancient times there has been the process of culturally agreeing upon typographic symbols and a similar process of crafting brands for companies and lines of business. The most modern way of describing the creation of glyphs used to convey information is type design and type design is done by the technological minded industrial type designers. Industrial Type design is the process where abstract symbols are created in relation to each to other for the utilitarian purpose of conveying information, ideas, and emotion. There is a parallel to be drawn between the process of developing a successful brand and the the process of developing culturally relevant and acceptable typographic glyphs that we collectively are deemed acceptable for use and worthy of being declared “type”. The collective effect of a culture understanding what a specific glyph denotes in terms of the information, idea, or emotion it reflects is done through what is now known as branding which is where the two disparate concepts find their point of similarity.

Consider this. In a conversation with John Recker, of LPK International, a company whose purpose it is to build leadership brands and to convey the intent and the purpose of its clients it was discussed that western civilization collectively understands the letter “R” and the Nike Corporation’s “swoosh” iconography in similar fashion. It was discussed with John Recker and Vitae Magazine that at the onset of the creation of a typographic glyph which is unique in it’s design and representation of information and for lack of a better term beautiful and arbitrary there is a similar construction to typographic glyphs as there is to iconic branding. Where the meaning of a typographic glyph, if you have never considered this before, is in the building of the brand of the glyph and the collection of glyphs that interrelate with each other for a specific purpose that is to collectively enable an adherent of the collection of typographic symbols the ability to communicate meaning to individuals and communities of people that also subscribe to being literate in the crafted typographic set of symbols.

Look to the Western Civilization’s Alphabet. The Western Alphabet in succinct terms consists of twenty six symbols in its most basic format. There are the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z in that essentially agreed upon beautiful arbitrary sequence. The process by which these twenty six symbols are given meaning starts in early adolescence in Western Culture where young children that are beginning to interact with their peers and are in generation after generation explicitly and with great effort taught how to use their youthful ability to absorb intelligence to develop an understanding of what these beautiful arbitrary glyphs represent and how to comprehend their collective meanings.

The Culture surrounding typography is a very serious one to an advanced civilization as there is no modern civilization that currently lacks having a cultural system in place where the community’s children are not in systemic fashion taught by adults already familiar with a set system of typographic symbols how to interpret the ideas, emotions, and information that various combinations of unique and arbitrary symbols are meant to represent. As children are learning to in their early years to speak and to mimic the vocalizations of their parents when they have matured to the extent that they are in youthful control of their voices it is typically around this time period that the children are taught how to equivocate their vocal pronunciations of words and to as they in their early years are beginning to understand the parallels between what they are thinking and what they are saying they are also being taught how to use a beautiful carefully constructed by industrial type designers abstract set of agreed upon typographic symbols to visually understand how what they are thinking and what they are saying can be represented in type.

There is a cumulative agreement within the culture that accepts these ideas as the core of its communication strata that every single one of these alphabetic glyphs resonates with singular utilitarian meaning. It was discussed with John Recker, again of LPK, that the origins of these glyphs has been lost in history and that the original authors of these glyphs have also been lost to history and that it would take extraordinary research and leaps of faith to ascribe to a singular historic individual who for instance the letter “R” was authored by. For lack of a better way of putting it John Recker of LPK put it this way, “The letter ‘R’ was developed by a caveman. Culture and the passing of time has come to describe what this symbol means and we carry it with us and accept it to be true collectively.”

This culture that has come to project meaning onto the arbitrary does so for a purpose. There are many different cultural glyph systems that are in use by various and distinct cultures. The Modern Chinese have their glyph system that consists of their unique sets of strokes and their unique sets of identity per each stroke based glyph which is unique to the culture of China. The Russians have their unique culture with their unique sets of glyphs that have been developed in line with the evolution of Russian culture. The field of Mathematics has itself a unique set of glyphs that it uses to denote advanced mathematical ideas which exists entirely in the advanced collective understanding of what a symbol means in terms of mathematics. Every major advanced culture has a set of symbols it uses to architect information that can be used to convey unique styles of information for the purposes of individuals being able to communicate from one to another what individuals and collections of individuals are disparately experiencing or are in need of experiencing to further individual and collective proliferation of what is necessary to be expressed for individuals and groups of people to be reliably understood.

The process of branding and the professional field of developing brands is not dissimilar from the process of teaching young children how to interpret and put to use to their benefit the ongoing striving for literacy and understanding of what the collective corpus of alphabetic glyphs represent phonetically. When someone is building a brand they are interested in being remembered in a certain light and with immediate recall similar to the way that when someone considers the letter ‘R.’ The letter ‘R’ immediately in the person that understands the individual meaning and use of the letter “R” what the letter “R” represents and how it is intending to be used. It represents the syllable and accompanying sound as symbolized here /rrr/ : (slight resonance of that takes place in the center of the oral cavity). Consider the Nike Corporation; their respective branded curve the indelible “swoosh” is a constructed symbol the same way a letter “R” is a constructed symbol. A branding symbol in business and a typographic glyph and tool and the process through which they are developed is not altogether dissimilar. It takes time and it takes understanding the same as each to be able to trigger the recall of meaning that the effort that goes into is supposed to create.

In my research for this article that is meant to provide a metaphoric magnifying lens on branding and typography I was serendipitously drawn to a link on reddit where I happened across Motate Media. Motate Media is on what I would consider on the leading edge of modern glyph construction because at the top of their company’s representative page they have a unique offering to the world of the traditional glyph and the traditional concept of branding. I happened across Motate Media from their pointer on Reddit and was immediately fascinated by what I saw. I saw at the top of their website interactive glyph branding in the form of a logo for their company. I saw something that I thought was new in the realm of typography and glyph creation and branding and in the interest of trying to find out more about this style of interaction and branding. I sought out and successfully landed an interview with Motate Media and had the opportunity to enter into a conversation with Chuck Mathias, from Motate Media. In conversation with Chuck Mathias, I came to understand that he wanted to create a unique branding interaction point for his company that was founded this last past July 2014. I came to find out interestingly enough that there has been an overwhelmingly impressive reaction to his branding icon. Chuck went into detail in this fashion in regards to his interactive glyph, ‘What we want to do with our company is essentially inter-cultural design. People are different. We are alike in different ways and perceive different ways.” I was in agreement with him that people do perceive things in different ways and he went on to point out that because of how modern and unique his branding style is he has received feedback relating to the fact that there are people that upon initially coming in contact with the interactive glyph are not immediately aware that it is interactive. I brought up in conversation to him that such feedback can be informative of just how modern something is. We then went on to discuss how when the Google Corporation was in it’s initial years when it’s website that has stood the test of time was a very minimalistic website design involved much more white space than search engines such as Yahoo or Alta Vista and website visitors would wait forty five seconds for the Google Corporation’s web page to load much to the confusion of the Google Corporation’s researchers of their patrons interaction with their company’s front end.

It is interesting to Vitae Magazine that in the process of crafting modern iconography that when dealing with the new and the modern that through no fault of individual’s own that fully understanding a concept or a piece of information that is in the process of being branded; the entire idea when it is extremely unique and modern will not resonate immediately with someone unfamiliar with the modern solution in front of them. I feel that upon conversation with Chuck Mathias that his interactive glyph is unique enough to this modern medium that for some of the visitors to his branding position on the internet his company is in the process of experiencing the building of a brand, the same process that is undergone by generation after generation of youth seeking to gain literacy in the various symbols of the various cultures around the world and the process of coming to terms with agreeing on a set of symbols to represent refined and high minded ideas so too does Motate Media from time to time encounter the process of informing and bringing people further into the realm of increased literacy involving a new style and offering of creative and unique branding that up. For the typographic symbols that now inhabit this growing and ever more far reaching medium known as the internet there is from time to time as people reach new digital solutions going to necessarily need to be a transitional time period for visitors to websites to in similar fashion to the way it takes time to understand a new graphical user interface, it takes time to understand something new and to come to a point of understanding of the new and the unique. In light of the feedback Motate Media has received due to the nature that their interactive icon which has an interface associated with it there is at least a moment with which someone needs to take a moment to explore their interactive typographic symbol and to at least spend a moment to understand the interface which through this process of interacting with the interactive glyph can create a memorable moment of interaction that reinforces the brand and associates it with the modern.

I would like to point out the following book for those interested in exploring typographic and branding solutions Dimensional Typography:: Words in Space: Kiosk Report #1 goes to show that there is exploration in three-dimensional typography and typographic symbols and cutting edge explorative glyph branding which exist in space and have volume to them as opposed to flat typographic symbols of tradition, this is in essence the style and field with which Motate Media’s interactive typographic exploration is kin to. It is part of an exploratative field of the ancient creation of glyphs enmeshed with modern technology that Motate Media has aligned itself with. Motate Media is another in the experimental field of three dimensional typography and not only this but they add the element of interactivity as well, this is a field that to Vitae Magazine’s understanding has only come to fruition in the realms of the digital media as within the realm of digital media you can within reason craft three dimensional interactive typography a home that it was less suited for in prior physical mediums. It should also be discussed that when attempting to craft movement into once static typography that there can be a period of transition between what people are accustomed to experiencing in terms of typography and the branding of the meanings of these typographic symbols and that with every branding process that is no different with typography it takes time for people to fully understand the novel and the new which is part of the draw of the novel and new as there is a natural curiosity to people in general and when exploring new ways to brand a typographic image especially when interactivity is involved it can lead to a necessary learning curve before the AHA moment of realization of the concept is reached.

It is interesting to Vitae Magazine how interactive typography and typography that rests in the voluminous third dimension can at times catch people slightly off guard. Of companies that are seeking unique and exploratative technologies to couple their brand with, three dimensional interactive typography is a very valid and vast field with which to explore and to discover the possibilities of for the purposes of expanding what is possible and to craft ever more unique and creative positions as a brand.

During the conversation with Chuck Mathias, he went on to discuss how his logo was constructed. His logo was constructed using a plug-in for the Blender Modelling program from a Russian software company that represents itself as Blend4Web It is at this online software distribution portal that a developer can gain access to the software necessary to create a similar solution to Motate Media that realistically to an online savvy audience realistically is of the style of exploration that adds value and interest to an ever exploring the z plane and ever exploring the potential of this medium. The software uses Web GL technology and allows for extremely detailed and interactive models to be used to create unique interactive imagery online with very few lines of code being necessary to implement the solution into your developed web site once the Blender Modeling work and plug-in enabled export has occurred.

Mathias, went on to discuss his company’s plans for the future evolution of their logo and their branding iconography by stating that “We would like to animate it and to craft it to move upon the loading of the page. It’s a different and unique logo. It is a push back against flat design and it is taking advantage of the new potential of the new media. We can have an interactive and minimalist design that is not flat.” Motate Media is starting off it’s professional brand by allowing itself to become memorable as the very fact that someone took notice of their web design and development company and posted a link to Reddit is a sign that they have a successful formula for branding themselves that is taking root in niche social media culturiste locales online. In the history of their company upon looking back they could very well come to notice that they were stepping foot into territory and coupling with their identity a style of typography and a style of branding that is very new and very robust and is typically only being utilized in exploratory academic design communities that are seeking to explore what is possible.

Because of Russia’s Blend4Web it is now possible to with a few lines of code upon the exporting of a model incorporate an IFRAME into your website and now upon linking to the interactive file in the IFRAME you can with this solution that through Russian development have the ability to explore three dimensional interactive typography and make the statement for your company that you are interested in being associated with the modern and the unique and the new and the conceptual and are interested in discovery and exploration.

Where typographic glyphs become shared in spaces of interactive volume and where visitors to companies websites can now begin almost touching a brand with their finger and moving it around there could be immersive branding and typographic solutions coming that rely on interaction to make sense of them using motion and colored physical interaction with digital branding and typography that as advanced cultures become technologically driven there could be with the emergence of solutions and the needs of brands to as is traditional remain memorable and unique and disparate from other brands in ever and more robust fashion there are likely to be more explorations into interactive typography and branding icons.

What is not new, what is as ancient a tradition as can be experienced in this modern time of crafting modern typographic solutions and modern brand creations to the past is as Chuck Mathias pointed out, some people upon reaching something new are in fact when all of the information has physically not had enough time to be absorbed there is now with new glyph creation and new brand creation as what would have to have been in ancient times when modern evolutions of the works of some distant ancient scribes in caves such as the author of the letter “R” had to face. When the first symbol that represents the /rrr/ or slight growl sound was crafted when civilization was first stepping into the realms of the processes of branding and collectively agreeing on what symbols stood for what sounds at the onset throughout the entire process in similar fashion to the way that Motate Media encounters some people that are in need of spending time with a defined design choice it had to have taken time at the beginning of typography and the branding of the meanings of typographic symbols into society for us to reach the level of understanding that A comes before B and B comes before C and C comes before X and X comes before Y and Y comes before Z. It stands to reason the development of the static symbols and the process of branding these static symbols into the collective consciousnesses of communities of people and further entire cultures that the process of Motate Media of branding itself with an interactive typographic glyph is to its inherent nature new and unique as likewise is their business and because of this the traditional processes of branding and the process of teaching the meanings of symbols comes into play and just like in ancient times there is a process through which agreed upon conventions are established and the work of LPK of building brands is the work of increasing literacy in understanding the meaning of symbols and the work of Motate Media in branding themselves with uniqueness is all part of the process of expanding what the symbols we have agreed upon means and it’s the process of sharing this information and agreeing upon it is that gives us our ability to continually expand how we express ourselves from each to each.

Cincinnati Red’s Oakland A’s Bottom of the 9th Game 4 World Series 1990 In Shakespearean in Original Fashion by Nicholas Lawson

(((There is a tremendous amount of montage in this work. The dialogue is spaced out in what can be called acts. They are not immediately complimenting of each other and to bring out the rest of the time for this piece into 30 minute range there needs to be Oakland-Cincinnati footage interspersed here to show a montage of baseball. This is a first draft that is to be taken into the hands of an art director and worked with and it is also evidence of a shakespearean style of writing that comes from this.)))


A Baseball Field

(- There is a man with a baseball on the pitcher’s mound. -)

Dennis Eckersley

Prithee we speaketh no more of the days we used to not play the game we play today. We openeth our insides and breaketh outish of our modern asides and begin again to wonderment and wonder how again we became men in this era of football and basketball and hockey and twas again the baseball’s and the bats that broketh all that we cameth upon this earth to play and twas again the baseball players that taught all players how to play.

(((There is a close up of the baseball and this work is timed so that the dialogue happens at the pace of a baseball game. The dialogue is spoken slightly slowly for emphasis.)))

(- Dennis Eckersley threw the baseball to Terry Steinbach that was sitting squatted at home plate. -)

Terry Steinbach

That you would throw me thus ball and that twould the pitcher of pitchers throw meesus that which is of opulent gesture and of the gestures that a pitcher could gesture to send the ball in my direction here behind the diamond that we form the ring around and of the rings we have formed none are so taken as to be this that this was a warm up pitch and that there are two more to come and then we we play the game that we have come to play.


Please do not forget about me for I provide the rules that we have come to play the rules to the rules are the rules that the rules are rules and of the rules we follow the rules in the rules are rules and for rules being rules there rules to follow and we follow the rules in as much as rules are to be followed.

(- Terry Steinbach throws the ball back to Nolan Ryan -)

Dennis Eckersley

Oh that this sphere of twine and leather would be so round. That I could curve it and bend it and open it in my air that is the throwing that I do some seventy times a game again I say I throw seventy times a game and the catcher is but bended knee the entire time and of bended knees the entire time the catcher sits there upon bended knee the ball is hurled oh how it is hurled and sent to the opening of the mit that one must admit is but a trap that the batter oh whoever he is does tis it matter that twould the batter ever such wonder if he could hit a hurl from the Ryan did I ever fear the batter oh did I ever fear the batter.

(- Dennis Eckersley throws the ball to Terry Steibach -)

Eric Davis

Yeah that pitcher. That guy. That guy that is standing there working with this guy. Some guy on bended knees sitting there wondering if their plans were going to go right. If their plans were going to go according to the plans they have inscribed in their mits and they collaborate oh and they work with the Umpire and I’m standing here with a stick in my hands and I am working this out that I got this swing in me yeah. This swing that I have in me I swing with the swing of swings and they are going to try and pull something here. Oh look the ball just went by again. Look at this one. Oh look. There are some people to my right center and left. I got three men in outtest field that are standing there hoping that I am going to be short by a short distance and I have five men in the short field hoping that my long distance is even shorter than my short long distance and I am going to be taking my big swing I have been before the Ryan before the Nolan the Nolan Ryan and the Ryan Nolan and I have been before this situation so many times in my life going back to youth I have and the ball is coming and I am reaching back into my glory days and I am sending an arch in my back to a step in my legs and I am turning my waist and I am cracking this one and I am sending it out of the park on the first and they have already thrown it three times for practice and the game has begun and from my eyes and from my position out numbered nine to one with an umpire hoping I do or do not neutral in his stance and I find that there is a meaning in my movement and here is the contact and the ball is no more.

(- Eric Davis hits the first pitch into the bleachers of center field and it’s another late game first pitch home runs that a Cincinnati Red could achieve in his dominance of the game from the 1990 Cincinnati Red’s Home Run Machine comes another Home Run. -)

Marty Brennaman

I’ll call it I shall that this is a long one this is a deep one and this is a one that is a one to be won by. We have one more point for the Reds a Single Solo Shot deep back and forth into the fourth seat bleachers of Riverfront Stadium and we have players confused and belucked by the pluck of the Eric Davis that is the Eric that is the Davis that is the opening of the can you believe it the Eric Davis hit one opener and it flew to the ends of eternity and inside of eternity there was a cry from the

Marge Schott

Do that again nigger and do it nigger every time you nigger and make certain that you pet my dog!

Marty Brennaman

And I wish she wouldn’t talk like that but may the Gods bring us cheerleaders into this diamond mine of people playing the first game that was played and we don’t know much about crickets but we know something about baseball and crickets don’t get paid much to play but we don’t get much attention from the queen but we do the President and maybe for the first time there was a time that people saw words for what they were twas notes and the only note I have for this opening drive is that there would be a galavanization of epoch that would come betwixt my throat and a Congratulations to the Cincinnati Reds for winning the Sweep that is the Sweep of Sweeps and could you imagine a sweeter message to take than the history of Baseball that would be being watched and…

Thom Brennaman

Now hold on there we call every game perfect because perfection is the game of Baseball. Does it not bring the people together and does it not bring the least amount of product into the most amount of use sans the stadium of course of which do we need the stadium and do we need the bleachers or do we just need a field and some hot dogs to do we need the much do we need oh need do we what do we need we come together in harmony to bring ourselves into this division of labor and game and we labor in the game and we make amends with this that is here.

Dennis Eckersley

Oh another one. Another one has taken the field in this 9th inning they are behind and the need to scoreth a two set is upon them and i have my side arm with me and we have our wanting to be throwing this ball into the hands of the catcher and the game is much more than you could understand and i have the arm that is winning and they have the game that is through it all and this is there game and we have come a long way not to be defeated in this 4th game of the World Series a game that we are three down and we shall not be four and in four games they shall not defeat us in this 9th inning of the baseball that we call our visiting status visiting and we are again to be lost in this game if i am not to be throwing the ball and down they are and up we are and if i shall throw this ball again i shall throw it agains and again and we shall have our notes to play again but oh how long we have to go to over come the three down but we play and we play and we have been playing and they do not call us the A’s for nothing that we would become the B’s oh shall we would sting so many if such would happen leave with broken backs and arms and legs if twould we should sweep ourselves off of this rug.

Chris Sabo

Yeah. I get it. I know. It’s my turn at bat. Oh. I let one go looking. Oh look. I let one go looking. Oh Look. I swung. Oh. Apparently it’s the bottom of this and I need to do something. Okay. So. Apparently I need to swing a little harder and oh there it goes. Into left field. I have left the ball go into left field and I have spun a miracle. I do this all the time and the time does this all the time to me.

DennIs Eckersley

Alright. I got a man on and the man is on and the on is the man and I am trying to be something here and that I could be something I need to do something. So I’m going to strike down the next two. I’m tired of this. I am begotten we have no outs. It is the bottom and at that bottom there is something to be said for winning. Alright. Wam. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike Out. Alright here is the next batter. Okay. He is up here to bat to be here he is he is up here at the bat and I can see him and he is here and it’s something to see something and I see something. I see. Strike Strike Strike.

Barry Larkin

Laugh. Guffaw. I already saw this. I won the game. I won the game and hit the game winning homerun. I saw this before. Brennie’s watching so I have to be going to be doing the thing that is to be done and I am doing the thing and there is thing to be doing done and I have done thing done thing done done and I’m going to let the first one go by. I did that. I let it go by. They are playing catch for the first two. Oh maybe they are trying to walk me. Two balls from one ball and the balls are the same ball and they just keep reusing the same equipment which is why sports are athletics which are stadium friendly and alright. I hear we are losing. So Ima gonna just let this one hit left field becasue the left fielder can’t jump the wall I can I did it before in practice even though I am a short stop watch me watch the watching tower and I am swing oh look there we just won. It’s not hard to win in the bottom of the 9th we do this every rotation around the time dimension and ever 1990 we sweep the game clean and we sweep and they weep and we keep ourselves in our history book and those people watching television keep thesmselves busy and we be swinging you know what I am going to do right now. I am going to run the bases and I am going to there is this thing called 1st base and I am going to get my kiss with the base and here I go gonna walk and Oakland can suck it we swept em on the field and on the scree and we just need to oh look there is a second base I have to run so I am going to do that as well and we are going to round to second and then oh look there is a third and look here there is a fourth base I dare say I am home.

Dennis Eckersley

This funny oh this is not our team it has lostly lost and we have been sweepethed and swept and sweepied and we have a great tone in our wonderment it’s time to go home now and we have nothing and nothing we have and of the nothing we have we have nothing we have no ones singles or more we have less and there is nothing to be said.

Marty Brennaman

This sport actually it does and we win every year there is baseball being played and our city has the soap and the airplane engines and the television journalism and the baseball and aaaalmost the football but Canton has that and we win sometimes and sometimes we win. These guys. These baseball players they sometimes do the thing known as winning and they keep playing and the balls keep being thrown and the bats keep being swung and the world keeps being played and it’s isn’t Griffey in Seatlle right now. I think so and we miss him but he played here and we played with him and Saint Margarat Mary is where Griffey played and it was right next to Nicholas Lawson’s upbringing and the world is dancing and the Reds’ are winners and the Bengals are 8-1 and we used to be Oh and the Cincinnati is the same and we have this pride in our city that is like divinity passed out in dixie cups and we have all of our worlds being worlds and we are who we are and it’s something to be who we are and who managed the 90’s Reds?

Lou Pinella

Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright.

Marty Brennaman

Thank’s Lou.

Joe Nuxhall



American History

Dear W. W. Norton and Company,

It’s sort of important who I am but really only to me. For your archives. I’m not seeking publication just participation in history. I wrote something that an encyclopedia’s worth of response could be written in response to. I did the required step of submitting this piece to a contest and it did not place. I have written a piece of American History.

I am submitting for Historical Records in American History a work.

I have no federal copyright for this work as of yet.

That is forthcoming with finance.

As a work of history circa America 2015 I submit :

Title: The Moment the Bible was Requisitioned


Nicholas Lawson


Title: The Moment the Bible was Requisitioned

“James, you requisitioned a book. How about this. We’ll take the wildly successful Torah and write a book that gets essentially attached to the end of it. Let’s extend an ancient holy text and start with a story about a man named Jesus that society hates so much they end his life and then feels love for after he survives their sincere attempt to end his life for flipping over the tables of the money changer’s temple. “Said the Famous Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“James, if you really want a book that is going to sell, write a book and couple it with a book that has a history of successfully selling. I got this Torah right here, I can rewrite that in English. Then to produce Kingly Riches for you James, I can attach this other book entitled the New Testament to the Torah that we will rechristen the Old Testament. So now we have a Bible that is comprised of the Old Testament and the New Testament. All of these families desire the Old Testament, they also want new writing so sell them the Old Testament with this New Testament coupled with it out of your production studio.” continued the Famous Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“Riches never ending.” said the Famous Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“I don’t know how interested I am in never ending warfare because if I was this would lead to that.” said James.

“Here is what never ending warfare will do for you. You asked for my services. I will deliver you this. Not only am I producing a book for you that you summoned me to produce, I am in the process of producing an entire business model for you. The book is the product here. It’s the way I am going about producing this product for you. You are going to be involved in rewriting history. There are elements of this history that your population are going to be made aware of. There is this element named Constantine that is going to be written into the education system that you oversee.” said the Famous Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“We are rewriting history?” said James.

“Absolutely. We are in the process of curating indecipherable scrolls that we are going to unveil in literally twenty years just to prove that this book that we are producing now is more ancient than it is. The older we can prove this story is, the more valuable it will seem to people. James, you don’t want people devoted to you. You want people devoted to an object. You want people fearful of you and devoted to an object. In being devoted to the object and fearful of you. You have the power you are looking for.” said the Famous Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“Why do I need this much power?” asked James.

“Because life is boring and you were born into a family that made a lot of the right decisions in life and studied architecture and educated itself for more than half a generation and because unlike ninety percent of these people you can read and since you know how to read and you know how to write you can understand at a very fundamental level that objects are created. People that cannot read lack the fundamental understanding that objects are created as I understand it or something I don’t know that is my best guess for what it would be like not to know how to read that the world would be filled with shapes and the shapes the world would be filled with would be indecipherable. Those people singing for money. They don’t know how to read so they sing rhymes because they cannot create more than sound.” said the Famous Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“I love to listen to the people sing.” said James.

“We rope them in too. Have you ever heard of a ‘choir’?” said the Famous Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“No. What is a ‘choir’?” said James.

“You’ll love it. At the book opening when we finish the leather bound version of this book that sells for an entire estate. We are also selling this new concept where included in the price of that estate and the price of this leather bound book, we round up all and I do mean all of the singers in Kensington and we give them brand new sheet music to sing that coincides with the plight of the main character of the New Testament Jesus AND we contract them to do it every day and we call that style Catholic.” said the Famous Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“There is going to be song sung about this book every day?” said James.

“Yes. No one else is doing it.” Said the Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“What will the ‘choir’ be called?” said James.

“The Choir of Angels.” said the Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“What’s an ‘Angel’?” said James.

“A Homeless Destitute Pauper that can really only make sound with its mouth is an ‘Angel’… for now … unless you requisition this project. We are saving the homeless. It’s going to be the Hark that Heralds Herald. You can have your own version. It will be called the King James Version and it will be the first version of something that will be an entire industry that started in ancient times. We live in Ancient Times in this industry James. That is how famous you are as King and without the war, without the loss of life of the atheists, your Kingship just won’t be remembered in the blood it could be.” said the Hollywood Book Producer of the Middle Ages.

“How long will they speak my name?” said James.


Chapter 1:

Opening: The Cincinnati Zoo is in the process of finalizing the paperwork for turning Fountain Square into a place where people can drop their pets off that they want to have adopted.

Middle: Someone gets a Light from CNN on their PlasticI implant that lets it be known a massive spaceship filled with hyper conscious spiders is on it’s way to landing in Antarctica.

Ending: Someone calls a Grippo’s representative just to make certain they are financing the deal.

Chapter 2:

Opening : Opens his eyes laying in a bed surrounded by 4000 bottles of liquor that have yet to be opened. A weasel wakes him up. He’s just laying there blinking off and on for some time.

Middle: He clicks the ceiling on and lays down staring at middle of the line 3Delio sphericurviture upglass computer to book his Super Zip to the show. He finally decides to do something.

End: He steps outside of his http://www.dreeshomes.com/ and into a Super Zip that takes him to the stage.

Chapter 3:

Opening: He is pulls his MasterFulls from their diamond glass holding case and clicks them on with his tongue.

Middle: He has a drink at the Starbucks in the Horseshoe Casino one super thick hottie tot.

Closing: He takes the stage and gives the audience a show.

Chapter 4:

Opening: Spiderifica Ohmywoses was at the helm. It was articulating the need to land in near the penguin troupe.

Middle: The Spiders land.

End: CNN dispatches a Camera crew into a Pliff and they make their way to the landing.

Chapter 5:

Opening: Someone is in use of the Creative Suite on the Infinitium in Fountain Square.

Middle: They are manipulating a live image of themselves in Adobe Premiere of themselves from three different angles from three different cameras.

End: Someone comes up and introduces themselves and says hello.

Chapter 6:

Opening: The Northside Tavern is holding a show for rappers that are vying for a month’s drink tab.

Middle: Chinook Sentience takes off on his song that is Revolutions and our need for it.

End: Romeo signs him to a record deal after buying him more drinks than Chinook should have drank.

Chapter 7:

Opening: A department head for the Cincinnati Zoo is walking around the zoo observing the dogs and cats that are walking around noticing how astutely the small robots that clean up the fecile do their job.

Middle: He notices one of the robots was picked up and punted by a young adult.

End: He lets the young adult know that he has to go pick up the robot and that he would appreciate in very strong words if he would not do that.

Chapter 8:

Opening: Lucius calls his woman Lucille and asks her if she wanted to meet for lunch at Melt.

Middle: She let’s him know she can’t and that she can’t see him anymore.

Ending: Lucius becomes morose and lays on the ground staring at his ceiling listening to the Tron Soundtrack by Daft Punk trying to figure out how to win her back, sadly.

Chapter 9:

Opening: Lucile is on WordPress working on her story.

Middle: She notices she has fewer views on her website than she had previously.

End: She decides to get to the bottom of it.

Chapter 10:

Opening: CNN Reports that 16 spiders that are apparently drones have come out of the clearly Fathership and that they each have 24 legs.

Middle: Three of them slowly approach a penguin and surround it.

End: They lock four of their arms with each other and begin to close in.

Chapter 11:

Opening: Lucius makes his way to the Infinitium.

Middle: He opens his account and pulls up his performance files only to notice apparently his account has been hacked.

End: He pulls up the cPanel to check back access to the database.

Chapter 12:

Opening: A Cincinnati Zoo Cleric notices that their Kickstarter Ongoing Numbers are up.

Middle: He wonders.

End: Based on what he can tell, apparently Lucius has been doing some work at the Casino on behalf of the Cincinnati Zoo.

Chapter 13:

Opening: Lucille calls the CenterI and requests to speak with an TeamI representative and when she does she discovers that she did not have one less view, she got a downvote.

Middle: Lucille discusses how this should have been made more clear that they were votes and not views.

End: She is instructed to read the instruction file that she firmly admits she has not done yet.

Chapter 14:

Opening: A pack of penguins notices that one of the penguins are clearly in trouble.

Middle: 4200 penguins form a circle around the 3 twenty four armed spiders that have formed a circle around the penguin. The other drones retreat.

End: A lot of standing around and the Fathership is starting to glow.

Chapter 15:

Opening: Spiderifica Ohymywoses notices the imminent trouble with getting the penguin on board the Fathership.

Middle: She gets up out of her chair having read the manual on penguin nomenclature, she decides she had better give a speech.

End: The penguins notice a lovely eight legged spideress walking out onto the ice.

Chapter 16:

Opening: Lucius is on stage with his Masterful Spheres and he is producing a juggliaria.

Middle: He does the trick he always does at the show and drops a floating sphere into the hands of an audience member and brings her on stage.

End: She tells him she wants to see him after the show.

Chapter 17:

Opening: That night Chanook makes his way into the recording studio that broadcasts live through the Live Event Podcast to the entire planet.

Middle: He actually has a problem with the standard backing track that everyone sings to.

End: He loses his deal that day.

Chapter 18:

Opening: A Grippo’s head is standing on stage in Fountain Square making the opening final announcement that every time you drop an animal off to run around in Fountain Square a Cincinnati Zoo attendant will take it to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Middle: A SPCA representative gets upset knowing that the final nail is in the coffin and they lament that they have to participate as part of the festivities by bringing all of their animals for the opening.

End: 200 Zookeepers from the around the United States show up to show support for this ground breaking initiative and assist with the adopting of the now zoo animals that are in attendance.

Chapter 19:

Opening: Lucille writes a post letting her readers on WordPress know that at the very least they could write her a message letting her know they have a problem with her writing she would be happy to change it.

Middle: Someone writes back quickly that it’s just as easy to downvote her writing.

End: She writes them back that that is not even helpful and they retort with the idea that the vote buttons are there for a reason and she hrumphs.

Chapter 20:

Opening: The Spiderifica Ohmywoses makes a grand speech to the penguins of antarctica stating that there is a good reason to adopt the penguin because antarctica is so cold.

Middle: The penguins rally and attack the drones who then lower, stop, and jump to safety.

End: The penguin that was going to be adopted makes it’s way back to the pack.

Chapter 21:

Opening: Lucius ends his show and goes backstage.

Middle: The woman that he handed the ball to was awaiting him.

End: She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Chapter 22:

Opening: Lucille calls Lucius and let’s him know she was having a bad day and wants to get back together.

Middle: Lucius lets her know that he wants to get married.

End: She accepts and says he has to get rid of his liquor bottle collection.

Chapter 23:

Opening: CNN Reports that the penguins are all safe now but it appears that 2000 mini spiders have produced some small boats that they are making their ways to the coast of Antarctica with quite quickly and they appear to be making their way into the ocean.

Middle: CNN notices there is a very small spider on the windshield of the Pliff and they use the wiper blades to get rid of it.

End: Fourteen very large spiders start to sprint for the Pliff as CNN jumps in and starts the rotater blades.

Chapter 24:

Opening: The Cincinnati Zookeepers make their way ceremoniously to the Cincinnati Zoo where they drive the trucks into the open plot of land in the center of it where they let all of the animals go.

Middle: One of the dogs is afraid to leave the truck.

End: A Cincinnati Zoo Keeper picks it up and walks it out of the truck letting it know, it’s alright.

Chapter 25:

Opening: Lucius calls a priest from Saint Margaret Mary and requests that he oversee a marriage ceremony at the Horseshoe Casino in two weeks.

Middle: Lucille tries on her dress she saved from the last time she called the wedding off.

End: Lucius makes the announcement that he is marrying Lucille to the audience and someone requests his presence at the poker table.

Chapter 26:

Opening: Chanook is confused and has to have it explained to him what he is not going to experience.

Middle: Chanook explains it’s a terrible backing track.

End: Chanook has it explained to him that it’s a backing track that has a Grammy Associated with it and that it’s Cincinnati’s standard backing track at this point and it’s never going to change.

Chapter 27:

Opening: The spiders that have left the ship are now making their way into the water around the coast of Antarctica in an outward spiral pattern towards the full coastline.

Middle: CNN can’t handle the situation and makes it’s way back to the mainland.

End: The entire planet has to decide whether or not it’s going to be afraid of 4000 1″ x 1″ by 2″ boats making their way into the water, it could take years before they get anywhere.

Chapter 28:

Opening: That night there is an overnight slumber party with the new animals and most of the animals are adopted that night.

Middle: Someone points out that maybe all of the animals should stay at the zoo.

End: The Cincinnati Zoo laments how the SPCA is taking them to court.

Chapter 29:

Opening: Lucile writes in her WordPress that she is getting married at the Horseshoe Casino.

Middle: Her readers all let her know that they will be there, except for the people that let her know her marriage is going to fail.

End: She writes everyone back the date and time of the wedding and the dress code.

Chapter 30:

Opening: The Spiderifica Ohymywoses lets the spiders in their boats know to dive straight down once they reach the coast and to bring back the deepest ice samples they can find.

Middle: She laments that if she can’t bring back a penguin she is going to steal their ice.

End: CNN reports erroneously that the spiders are making their way for the continents everyone gets afraid on the planet.

Chapter 31:

Opening: Lucius takes Lucille into his arms in his chateau he just closed on from Drees and he lets her know her G-String has to stay on until they get married.

Middle: She lets him know the G-String is coming off.

End: He lets her know it’s not.

Chapter 32:

Opening: The Mayor of the City of Cincinnati let’s the SPCA know that it’s not going to have it’s day in court.

Middle: The SPCA lets it be known that this is no way to function as a city.

End: The Mayor lets the SPCA know that that is not true.

Chapter 33:

Opening: Chanook let’s notices that there are some spiders that landed in Antarctica from a space ship and remarks, that they just want some ice.

Middle: His girl friend lets him know that they are going to take over the planet.

End: He lets her know that they just want some ice.

Chapter 34:

Opening: Lucius is reviewing the Infinitium logs and he realizes it’s someone from Dayton, Ohio that intervened in his files and he only knows one person that could have done it or that would want to do it and it’s this guy that said he was going to get even with him for not closing his account the way he wanted it closed ceremoniosly.

Middle: Lucius shows Lucille what has happened and she pulls up the cPanel and unleashes a virus on the culprit that looks like it came from as he predicted Dayton, Ohio because as Lucius knows, she is a very astute hacker.

End: Lucius pays Lucille $2,000 for her white collar work and she takes the money and spends it at the Horseshoe Casino at the Poker table.

Chapter 35:

Opening: Chanook realizes that alright, maybe, just maybe he can work with the city’s backing track and they let him know his first audio on the backing track has to be about how amazing the backing track is.

Middle: Chanook grits his teeth.

End: He unleashes an aria that he only ever said he would perform live and he just leaves it on the mic.

Chapter 36:

Opening: Spiderifica Ohmywoses let’s it be known that there is trouble coming and they need to bring the ice back immediately wherever they are at in their ice picking.

Middle: As the birds of Antarctica have begun to frenzy at the sight of the spiders and they are dive bombing the spiders but the spiders are faster than the birds to the chagrin of the birds.

End: Spiderifica Ohmywoses makes certain all of the spiders are back on board and that the ice is safe.

Chapter 37:

Opening: One dog did not get adopted at the ceremonious Cincinnati Zoo’s “Adoption of the Animals” Festival and it’s an adult male pit bull.

Middle: The Cincinnati Zoo decides it can stay.

End: The Pit Bull looks around and starts playing with one of the zoo keepers.

Chapter 38:

Opening: It’s the day of the wedding at the Horseshoe Casino. The spiders take off in their space ship. The pit bull is at home. Chanook gets on the mic.

Middle: The audience buys the audience a round of drinks at the Rock Lounge. The spiders let the ants know that even the penguins can defend themselves. The pit bull escapes from the zoo through an unlocked door. Chanook sings his heart out.

End: Lucius takes off Lucilles g-string for the first time and she says he frustrated her for too long. The ants decide to colonize Mars since it wasn’t easy to get the penguin. The zoo keepers scatter in all directions looking for the pit bull. Chanook signs his record deal and gets the free studio house he didn’t know was in his deal to lounge in as part of Vitae Productions.


Female Empowerment

Jane wanted to play with her mouse. She had one right next to her set top box. It had two buttons on it. One was the right mouseketeer. The other was the left mouseketeer. The left mouseketeer got a lot of action from her index finger on her right hand. She wanted a left hand mouse. What she really wanted were two mice that she could use in either hand at the same time. She wanted a balanced computer. Her computer did not seem balanced with just one mouse. She thought of all of the clever things she could do with mice as opposed to a mouse. She wanted two mice to play with each other so that she could play the keyboard with her feet. Like an organ.

If the computer had a square monitor she would be happy.

The toast that she has in the toaster is toasting and she has some jam that she wants to spread over the crusting bread. 

Today is the day Jane gets in the mood to go for a walk. She has been eating mustard leaves and goat cheese for breakfast for the last few days along with some olives from the store. She just learned to like olives. She decided they are what healthy food tastes like. Olives.


She has oil in her system now because of the olives. They do taste oily. She does not mind. She is growing sort of fond of and used to the fact that she is going to be eating olives for quite some time to come. Whenever she goes to the grocery store she is going to buy olives because of the way they taste healthy. She wants to eat pizza from DiGiorno’s but instead she is going to eat olive’s and mustard greens. She knows what is healthy for her at the grocery store.

She was tipped off from paying attention in a conversation once that if you groc around the sides of a grocery store you will find the best food you can find. A deli playing adele music is not a grocery that is something else. A grocery that sells all the food is where you can go krogering if you are interested in doing so. Jane feels like krogering a few times a month.

The wind is cold in the near end of winter and Jane is playing catch with her frisbee that she has named yo yo. It has a string attached to it and she throws it out and it whiplashes back.

She gets on her cell phone and pulls up tindr. She swipes to the right on the first boy she sees and he messages her.

Wut up?

Not surprised so she says.


He write.

Wanna hang out.

She types back.


So a date is set and Jane and Boy decide to meet under an over pass to eat some cookies.

She calls the police to let them know that she is meeting a boy under and over pass.

s a good place to take photographs.

They let her know that the appreciate the phone call and that it was a responsible thing to call them since she has no idea who this boy could be.

She lives alone.

She has an instinct that everything is going to be fine but she got into a fight with someone once before from Tinder and she didn’t know how that night would turn out.

She calls the police every night she is going to meet someone she has never met before on the internet now. Just to be certain of something.

To be certain that she can say she did so and they will know that she did.

It makes her feel empowered and safe even though she is alone.

Just making a good decision can make someone feel so empowered.

She gets her coat on and walks down the street past a vegan white castle and to the spot that was decided on under and under pass. She has a tin of cookies with her that she wants to photograph in different locations with her Vivatar camera. She wants to photograph the cookies being eaten and she wants to post them to the Tinder Successful Date Photo Gallery Of People Having Fun that she is a fan of.

It’s heavily followed on Reddit and the sub reddit moderator is cool and lets people show cleavage. But no nipples or he deletes the posts. 

Anyways Super Dan shows up and he is ready to model for Jane. Jane has her camera with her and she pointedly states. 

Strike a pose.

Dan says.

Like this.

Jane says.

Sort of perfect.

Stop talking.

Super Dan looks super confused.

Female empowerment.

Creative Writing

My First Music Video

Alright so like the most pop sound you could possibly imagine is playing like something just super pop.

Then like you see me taking a nap on a park bench in Burnett Woods.

Then like I get struck by lighting.

Then I survive.

Then I open my mouth and the most powerful lazer ever imagined eminates from it.

Then I spin in a circle and like take off a slice off the moon, part of like Neptune disappears, and like someone gets offed in another galaxy.

Then I close my mouth and just look around.

Then noticing that I am safe.

I lay back down and go back to my nap.

Fade into Dream Sequence

Smurfette is on Vitae Magazine Dot Com leaving a comment.

Then I wake up again and aim my head down and open my mouth.

I am now being propelled by the force of the lazer into the sky.

I pass a flock of bald eagles that are happening by.

I give the thumbs up that everything is okay.

I close my mouth for a moment to lose altitude.

Then I open it up again as I am flexing my entire body.

I am then propelled into the stratosphere where I am scared shitless.

Then I realize that I can time travel too.

So I send the most powerful lazer beam back to the origin of the universe where I start it all over.

Then I lightly let myself down back to earth.

Then I realize even that is a dream.

Then I stand up from the park bench.

Start whistling.


A Post On Writing …

Alright students, I am your professor Professor Professor and I am here today to speak to you about English. It has come to my attention that recently the internet has reached a plataeu in the English language and that there is not enough color in your vocabulary. I want to talk to you about K-Mart words. These are words like cat and dog. See cat and dog are K-Mart words. What you want to do when you get to those pivotal moments in a piece of writing is that instead of saying cat or dog you say feline or canine. Get it. Alright the reason why you do this is quite simple. There are words within this English language that do carry more weight than others. Its not about how deep you are. No one gives a fuck about that. Its about how heavy you are. There is a difference between deep and heavy. See deep is like when you tweet something like … Oh My Gawd Like Tomorrow Will Be Today Someday. Like that’s deep. See no one gives a shit about deep. I learned that the hard way. You can spend too much time being deep with someone when you are constantly trying to come up with a business plan. Like yes congratulations you are creating cogent sentences that do have a subject and predicate. You are in line with subject and verb agreement and from time to time you even use a beautiful adjective or something like that. Thing is you need to be heavy. Heavy is where its at. See you can never be too heavy. Heavy is where all of the magic in the English Language is. Heavy is where you infuse a decision into your writing and you can only really be heavy if you have spent enough time reading to know what all of the deep writing is. Like there are millions of pages of deep writing. But heavy writing is where you know a trend in the deep writing world and you just kind of go askew for a second. Like you up on English in a way that lets you know something along the lines of something like this … its when you purposefully utilize words that you are quite certain ain being used that often. Its like when you writing heavy writing you can basically be writing the same style of story that has always written before but because you up on what the typical style of writing is on the only thing that people are reading now a days … if you know the basic colors of the internet writing styles … you can go off color and the more slightly you are off color in parts of your tone, parts of your vocabulary, it can give your writing weight. Like your typical internet writing is on a certain wavelength because so god damned many people are watching television like its the gold standard in communication. It ain. So like to the degree esssentially which you can weave inside and outside of the way the langauge typically is disseminated to the public at large and to the degree with which you can intersperse your own nice little stylistic choices is to the degree you is heavy.

Lets go over this again. Like if you know what most people are reading say around the world. And you know for certain that places like Reddit, Digg, and Wired have a certain percentage of the writing audience on earth. You can take that into account and based on what you see at Reddit, Digg, and Wired and you can utilize the fact that they are a quality sampling of the style of writing that exists on the internet currently and basically all you have to do is keep your subjects in line with your verbs so that you ain writing lines like the ferris wheel spoke which makes no sense. Instead you take a typical line from like Reddit.com which is super heavy online right now which means to a certain extent it has a leadership quality in English on the internet. I would say that most people on Reddit are writing at like an 11th grade level based on the story telling that I am reading so keeping that in mind that the writing level of Reddit which is a healthy cross section of the population, you cater to that writing level. Like I know from Reddit that there is a standard style of writing that people not totally conscious with how performance writing works and how colors of the English language work and may or may not be on vocabulary auto-pilot … like I can read. I read a couple places online and I just notice that the color of the writing is very similar across a sub section of the board for the most part.

I have been writing for ten years so on a regular basis when I am writing my sentences I am typically extremely adept at high speed word choice and for the most part I naturally understand from thousands of pages of writing how to affect the color of the writing I am crafting. I typically never really start writing anything unless I can think of a good jump off sentence or concept line. Once I have my concept line its just a matter of following the math for the most part or knowing how to segue into some different math aka style of language. Like when I say style of math its like I am talking about the inspiration for the word choices. Like I am for the most part very in control of what I write and when I was writing at Nicholas Lawson Dot Com that was like where I was doing my katas and was in training. Now I am at Vitae Magazine and because I engaged in regular expressions of robustly unnacceptable writing. I learned the opposite lesson as well. Like I broke so many rules atwww.nicholaslawson.com BUT I always made sure to delete my work. I never left anything inflammatory on the front page for more than like an hour or so. I have this one frame to share my writing and its like on vitaemagazine.com I have this elongated frame that just stretches east. Notice how I said east instead of left. Its like east has more heft than left because people talk about left all of the time. Its like the heavier words are all of the words you are familiar with but have not heard in a certain length of time.

I just really enjoy utilizing words that people have not heard since ancient times for the most part because to me its the slightly ancient words that carry the most weight. Professor Professor Out.

The Wedding

It was Sunday. The Church was packed with Oreos, Snickers, Ho Hos, the Orange Family. The floor was covered in gummy bears. The Peppermint Man began to play the tangelo organ on the key lime ivories. It was the classic Coca Cola theme song that played at every Splendiferous Wedding. As the congregants stood in anticipation of the wedding of the Millenium Chewbacca was eating a granola bar and Miss Candy Sunshine was doing hopsctoch. Then a dolphin coughed up some glitter and fourteen clouds had a color battle. The moment had arrived and UGK was did the crip walk krump while Keynan Ivory Wayans high fived Garth Brooks as the Thunder kept its mouth shut for once.

At the front of the Juice Castle stood Lisa Frank the presiding Minister from Give Em Stickers Until the World Ends University. Well she turned in fourteen circles and did a somersault which was the traditional way to begin a marriage ceremony of this historic magnitude.

In walked Smoky J. The man of the hour. Man was he cool. Everyone was super super super jealous of him in the Evil Corporate Headquarters Poison Ivy Distribution Plant. He quite his job as the Most High and was a hop scotch champion in the Everglades for about six years. He made purple skittles smiling for a living.

The Ceremony began.

And there she was. Tagalong. The Princess. Princess Tagalong had finally found her man. Princess Tagalong searched through parking lots all over the country from Krogers to Get Your Food Here Inc to Kwiki Mart Parking Lots and thousands of Cheerleading Competitions. She finally fell in real adult love. She was smitten with Smoky J. He was standing at the front of Juice Castle in the space where the groom is supposed to stand. Lisa Frank was just high on life imaging a quantum smile fractal. Everyone was a little spaced out but hey, at least they were in the right building.

Pope YouTube was cheesing.

Buskin Robbins had sent some flowers. There was a pile of scales and plastic baggies about four feet high.

The front row of the Juice Castle was decorated with some denk hydro plants that were just for decoration. Bozo the Clown could not make it do to the fact that he could not find his bonkers nose.

Well , as was tradition in Euphoric Psychotic Perfect Love County. The ceremony would be short as everyone was fairly certain they were missing the latest episode of Duck Tales.

Alright heres what happened next. Princess Tagalong sprinted like a mofo and high fived Smoky J. Smoky J was like. We doin it. Princess Tagalong was like. Word.

Jay Z was like … Hova Approves and kissed his opal pinky ring for good luck.

Then the deed was done and that is the story of how Girl Scout Cookies and Marijuana became the first two businesses to become wed into the eternal future of time. As apparently the game plan is to spread out like the Girl Scouts will scout out some Prime Girl Scout Locations and the Marijuana Corporation will invest in mad real estate.

Just Remember in about 100 years when the two wealthiest people are just running shit don’t be surprised if they just doing it for a merit badge that ain no one ever unlock before.

Word is Bond. May Girl Scout Cookies and Marijuna be wed in eternal bliss as , certainly no one saw it coming … but who could state how perfect such a thing is. It just kind of seems like all you need to know is that a girl scout found the sweet spot and a dispensary finally fell in love.

The End.

A Love Letter to No One In Particular

I could be the rain that brings a desert some roses. The sands of time pass one moment through the hourglass. I believe in miracles that could never amount to anything more than an astonishing amount of transcendence. I believe in miracles yet unseen. One of these days I am going to meet a beautiful woman and we are going to fall in love. I transcend the miracles of life that surround me nightly. Every now and again I think about the time I saw a cicada fall from a tree and die. I surround myself with better people than I am. I have friends that do not have the time to talk to me. I make my own resources in a world that is destined for divinity. I see the ants in the ant farm milling about and I wonder where their queen is. It has been a long time since I have been in love. I still think about my first kiss. I spent too much time trying to decipher reality and then I fell in love with people that do not know who I am. I come from a queen city that knows so little about me. I am fine with being tortured mentally for ten years because it only made me stronger. I could try and recite some poetry but no one loves poetry like I do. I believe in reincarnation and maybe we will see each other again. One of these days I am finally going to lose the rest of the weight I gained on some pills that were supposed to make me better. Nothing means everything next to someone that is holding your hand. I believe in beauty in a way that makes me feel that everyone is. I have found enough silver linings around the clouds of my life that I could build a cube with ten foot sides. Sometimes I think to myself that writing is the only thing I was ever meant to do. I am less humble than I am proud. I am proud of who I am because I think that the universe was made with people like me in mind. One of these days I am going to enter the gates of heaven and then I am going to turn around and come right back here to purgatory and spend time with people deciding if they want to go to heaven or hell. I have been a dancer all of my life. One of these days I am finally going to meet someone that is going to want to go on a date. I could be the man that changes your life for the better or helps you get through that difficult spate in your life. Every now and then I try and perform at a show just so that people know that poets do poetic things. I believe in nature and that I am somehow connected to the pygmy goats that I see walking around my reality. Women love small gestures of kindness more than they like twelve page letters. I know this because I have tried. One of you women might like me and the rest might like someone else. I am fine with being single I get to spend time with myself that way. I see small people doing big things. I try and fathom eternity from a moment in time. Sometimes I walk for long distances just to see where I end up and I get lost trying to find myself. I write so much that there is no hope for me to ever make sense again unless I am sitting here with an alphabet trying to make sense of the world. I wish I could make the world make sense but that might not happen for a long time. The rain falls mostly on the plains of Spain because the Spaniards deserve the water they receive. From time to time I look at woman and wonder what they are looking for. I never really know if they see a man in me but I am new to being an adult man anyways. I believe that the world is changing faster than people can keep up with. I see smart phones being used by confused people. I see change occurring in so many places that I just have to wonder where this is all going. Do you ever think about how old some people are? Do you ever wonder where they were before they are where they are right now? One time I discovered the difference between this moment and this moment and I wondered what the distance between two moments was. Was it four inches or four light years? Could there be a mathematical equation developed that would help us locate ourselves when we lose ourselves in society? Every now and again I wish on a star and then I throw a penny on the sidewalk. Because I was trained in the world of ways of worlds that have never been I sometimes try and imagine if John Lennon was killed because he wrote the song Imagine. Did he imagine a world where he would die because of a gun shot. Did Yoko Ono miss him or did she just keep trying to become more famous than the beatles? How many slices of bread are in a typical loaf? Why did David Thoreau spend so much time observing a pond. Is it possible to reach a point in life where you just want to help people live their lives better until they know why you are doing what you are doing? Did you sleep well last night because I had a dream that you were sleeping in a dream waiting to wake up. Maybe the world stops spinning if you think about it enough. What would happen if everyone on earth either stared at the moon or the sun at the same time? Why is the moon the same size as the sun in the sky? Which came first the answer or the question? How often do we really take the time to meet someone new? Could cars be time machines since they save so much of it? Would our towns be more interesting if everyone did not drive downtown to work in a job they did not want to do? What happens when the writers start being honest? Do you ever think about the fact that without designers we would have no letters to type with? Do you ever think about if we had no writers we would have no sentences to talk with? Does it ever occur to you that college students work harder than retail store clerks? Do you ever think about the fact that the future is something we build and that it just does not just happen? The past is what is but the future is everything that is not but could be. How many times do you have to get your heart broken before you stop trying to mend it and put the pieces back together? When the world is changing do you ever notice? How often do the winds of change have to blow before you fall asleep and let it happen? If you could be anyone you wanted to be , would it be you? I could be a minister or I could be a gangster or I could be a priest or I could be a secretary or I could be myself. The most astonishing moment in a man’s life is when he realizes he is conscious. The second most astonishing moment is when he realizes that his eyeballs are attached to his brain. The third most astonishing moment in a man’s life is when he realizes his art will live on longer than he will. I could be the man that changes your life and you could be the woman that changes mine. This is a love letter to no one in particular. I believe in head strong people and supple hearts. One of these days I am finally going to mail that letter to that person that could use cheering up. If you build it they will come only if you really want them to. I was writing to find a passage that would make sense to you. I was guessing that the world was actually the most beautiful color blue. She was never really trying to get my attention and lately I was not actually trying to get hers. There are a couple of ways we could do this but a love letter to no one in particular might be the most romantic. I was trying to become romantic again for no reason at all. I guess the world was trying to entertain a moment in time while I was trying to unwind my lessons on life. She was just hoping the world was going to behave but really that was not how it works. Sometimes the reasons we do things are more profound than the things we do, well most of the time actually. How often do the parties we throw turn out better than expected. I guess the world is trying to imagine a better day while I am just trying to imagine a new way to do the same thing all over again. For the first time I am trying to imagine a way to write this story the way I need to write this story. They said writing needed a problem to be the kind of writing people would want but I think this style of writing would do just fine. I wish I knew a formula that would be the writing style I could write forever but this will do for now. Do you ever just want to read writing so that you do not have to follow a plot, this will help you with that. Sometimes when you are trying to fathom the terror of your past you forget that it was just a memory and in that memory you can smoke some weed and forget it more easily than you thought you could the first time but honestly why would you want to forget it even though you want to and you are trying to and then you succeed but then it comes back and then you hit this weed and it all explodes into a pear that you are eating and trying to remember the reasons why you ever cared about anything because hey you have this apartment and a dog and a friend and a computer and are just working to build on something from this and honestly when it comes to writing its not what you write that counts it’s the fact that you do. So the moonshine was changing all through the atmosphere and one day the earth is going to write a love letter to the moon and the sun is going to get jealous and explode but the moon will write a love letter for the sun as the sun writes a love letter for earth as earth writes a love letter to the moon and then some kids will write love letters to the stars and the stars will write love letters to the black holes and the big bang will write a love letter to the end of time and somehow these love letters will change the way we view writing love letters because lately I have been wanting to write a love letter to no one in particular just because these days writing love letters makes more sense when twitter could be filled with the love that would love us loving love so here goes to love the love that we love to love as we love love for the sake of love as love is what love is supposed to be while we love love until love finally starts to love love again. I could be the challenger explosion recast as a dangerous liason with esoteric meaning that you forgot to have and I am duct taping my life together because I do not want a new life so in this life I am writing for all of the reasons that I could be writing and as I am writing I am changing the ways that I write so that I can write some more in this world that is more beautiful than a couple of starlets flying through the sky above the ocean near a beach in new jersey. I have seen the red tailed hawk and I have taken photographs of the gecko and I have seen the goats and I have taken my time to read the words of the people that wrote before me. I write with an intent to write for the reasons you could not remember but here I am writing for the reasons you could write with as I write for no reason to write for writing is the writing of the seasons of change and I might take the time to let you read this as I take it to kinkos one page at a time to read the reasons that you could change the seasons of time and my writing is special as it is supposed to be and one day I will write this and see what happens as kinkos may publish this or some other publishing arm and who knows how all of this is supposed to work out as I might take this into a language of writing you never knew existed and latex this writing with latex just to set it in points of light that could change the worlds that change the times of exchanges for no reason other than to change the words of worlds that could never be more to me than I could be for you as we are what we want to be as we are all that we are supposed to be in a world that is asking us to be more than we are in a moment than we are capable of being so we keep on becoming that which we are supposed to be to the people that are not what we think we want to be for children that want to be like us as we just want them to live in a world less confusing than we did because our lives were more confusing than difficult and maybe confusing is worse than difficult but who knows because none of this makes any sense but these kids seem to know what to do so hey, maybe we could do something nice for some kids and show them that yeah this world is going to make a lot more sense to you than it did for us and maybe you will find our flaws that we never knew we had and you won’t make our mistakes and maybe your kids will find your flaws and one day someone is going to think this thing is flawless but until they do just keep wearing diamonds to keep the world worth a wedding ceremony that we are always awaiting to have happen. I was interested in nirvana not that kind of nirvana yeah that kind of nirvana the kind that comes with flowers floating down from the sky as I could be the one that takes the reins let me see this again as I was changing like the emotions that I was supposed to be leaving behind because maybe something was supposed to happen to me but it really did not and if you don’t ask I wont tell and we can write the spells that the world works with for the times that the world is changing and I could be the messenger that lets you know its all good as I just gave a show to some young adults and maybe they don’t know who I am but that does not mean I don’t and for the rest of time I could be opening up letters from friends that wanted to write the way I write because who doesn’t want to write the way I write and really its something of a message in the sky to be talking like this but I could earn a living writing like this as I wrote a love letter to no one in particular and I just have to figure out how to publish this love letter to no one in particular because maybe the world is changing faster than I can keep up with and just how it is is just how it is and sometimes the people break easier than the wind does and maybe we never break we just become something that we were never meant to be as angels try and decipher the mind of a demon that is trying to change its ways because I am too old to be chasing anyone and you are too weak to be chasing me and I could just be writing the words that change the lives of the people that want to know how it all happened but they gave me too much time to forget the messages that could be found in the letters that I could write for you and in these letters there was me standing there not talking about anything in particular and quite honestly I am just writing a love letter to no one in particular and really the world is trying to remember me the way the world would like to remember me and if that means I have to sit down and let you know about this then maybe the world is trying to hard to look at me funny because you know I look at you funny and we look at each other funny and its hard to be unemployed when you have to find the time to be someone you are not and maybe if the people that write books were not trying to be someone they are not they could write like me because I live in a world surrounded by a white board that most people find as a limit but I find that situation limitless because then I grab my grease marker and get to adorning that white board with the grease markings that could be the kind of thing that leave behind the things we would have done if we were not in some research laboratory trying to find a reason to use this computer that CERN just droped on us and you know what I love to do with cern … I love to con cern until we concern ourselves with something more useful to do than pretend we ever needed this lovely unique CPU enabled piece of technology that they gave us for no reason at all and we just looked at them as they dared us to destroy ourselves on ourselves but then the poets came out and let everyone know they had nothing to worry about and in that lack of worrying about anything they had nothing to do other than stare at the world because even CERN is jealous of US and US do US like things like write the kinds of writings that make the world glow with astonishment as we keep coming closer to a public understanding of what it takes to be someone in this strange country that could use a make over by some poets that are training to refrain from destroying all the we hold dear so I am writing a love letter letter to no one in particular because wouldn’t you rather read this than a story about a man that had an enigma to solve and then he did and no one connected with the enigma was happy because honestly no one wants to see someone succeed when they are placing bets on not if he fails but how badly and this this writing shows up and we change the way we change the changes in the way we change and I could be trying to establish a connection with the last star fighter because I saw that arcade game there on that dusty movie set and I wanted to play it and why does he get to be the last star fighter and couldn’t I try and get a higher score than the last star fighter to play because I got scared when the sword went into the air and yeah I am the kind of writer that wants to say something and maybe you are the woman that wants to hear it and I could be the kind of man that changes your life and you could be the kind of woman that changes mine and through this egotistical exchange of letters I just want to let you know that love is in the air and as an adult we are supposed to let the children love while we make agreements about property and children but maybe I am younger than I look and maybe you are younger than you look and until I actually look old I am not actually just that and as I am writing to the back ends of the woods I am trying to establish a moment that could change my life for the rest of it as I prepare to let the moments of eternity find their ways through my veins as our red blood cells are worth forty trillion dollars each so keep count when they take your blood because our blood is expensive and your blood is expensive and my blood is expensive and each red blood cell is worth forty trillion dollars and maybe its worth pointing out that our over seeers that run for election are not worth the change they try and make because they are usually over seeing systems that never take into account things like twitter or facebook or google and the further into this document you go the further into my mainframe you are going to remember this and we are going to remember each other because through time writers make the moments that we all try and remember and one of these days I am going to try and enlighten a small butter fly and remind it that it used to be a caterpillar and it wont believe me but hey that’s fine with me. The other day I was breaking some rules when it came to writing trying to let the world realize that there are no rules when it comes to writing as the blank page is for you to be yourself as bravely as you can possibly be and this is going to find its way to the internet and maybe in that moment someone will remember me and through the escapades of enlightenment I am going to reestablish a connection with the people that want to be people like themselves who are trying to find a piece of meaning in this world that is worth a little more than a white castle hamburger and maybe a love letter to no one in particular will get the attention of some people that want to meet that man that writes like this for no reason at all. The ever present changes that make the world a place where we can meet and piece together the pieces of existence that we all have access to for no reason at all change the way I look at reality in a way you cannot understand unless you know about the same things that I do and yeah angels fall all the time for the men and women of this planet and really its cool to be the kind of person that changes the eternal struggles of a man into the writing that would rearrange the meanings of the words that we play with and maybe the people that make the world work are just trying to better themselves for no reason at all.

Not that it mattered …

Distance was walking through the forest. She had sort of wanted to follow a brook just to see where it went. She was interested in seeing if there was some shale she could bring home with herself. She was about ankle deep in the water when she started walking. It was just a small brook that was fun for her to play in. She had to be careful though because there was algae on the rocks which made it slick.

She saw that there were low hanging branches up ahead so she carefully stopped moving forward and decided instead to walk to the side and go around. She was alone.

She looked down and decided that she should take off her shoes but then something told her that she would be better off keeping them on as though Yes she would have better grip with her feet, but it was far more dangerous to go barefoot down this brook.

She was looking down the sides of the forest and she noticed that there were groups of gnats flying in almost spheres of activity just floating in the air. She turned her iPod off and decided to just listen to the forest itself.

She was walking further down the brook and she noticed that the water was about up to her knees now and she was kind of excited. It was her first time going down this path of water and she just wanted to see where it led, because she wanted some shale.

She walked further but as she was going further it was becoming more and more difficult to walk but the experience alone was interesting to her.

She looked down and actually saw a black fish swimming beside her. It just kind of followed her. She was a little taken aback.

So she splashed at it. It swam away and she didn’t think anything of it.

Then she walked a little bit further ahead and there were now two fishes on either side of her. One of them was black and the other three were silverish orange colors. She laughed a little to herself. Fish.

She decided not to splash these fish. It would take away the fun of watching what they did. She kept walking.

Up ahead there was a small waterfall. That was probably where she would find her shale.

She noticed that the water had gone up to her thighs and the four fish had now become about eight and there were two purple fish and a yellow one and a green one.

She had never seen a green fish.

Distance was now noticing that up ahead she could hear the sound of what sounded like an actual waterfall. She thought to herself that maybe she should turn back. The fish were up ahead of her now and they were sort of slowly forming a wall.

Distance thought to herself.

Maybe this would be a good time to turn back.

So she turns around and starts to go back to camp. Thinking to herself that quite possibly there was shale in the other direction up stream, as opposed to down stream.

She takes a look over her shoulder and because she can hear what sounds like heavy water flow. She considers for a brief second that the forest is more magical than she can imagine so in that she is going to for once just pay attention to something. Like some fish.

Well she gets herself going upstream a bit and she notices that the water is receding down her leg and in so doing, she notices that her pants are slightly more wet than she would imagine.

The fish that were following her in a group have been replaced by the single black fish.

It does a little jump out of the water and Distance notices that it has a silver line down its back.

She likes the black fish.

Distance stops walking.

The black fish stops swimming.

Distance takes a step to the side.

The black fish takes a step to the side with her.

Distance moves closer to the black fish and reaches out to touch it.

At that moment, she hears some of her friends calling for her.

Steven calls out to her. “Distance, how far down did you go down the brook?”

Distance says, “I went down to where the water was almost up to my waist.”

Steven and some other people look slightly worried.

“Distance, you just got up this morning and started walking, you could have gotten lost or worse.” said Jessica.

“I wanted to find some shale.” said Distance.

“We already collected some shale, we have plenty.” said Jeremy.

“There were some fish that let me know something.” said Distance.

“What?” said Steven.

“That , well , I might not have wanted the shale as badly as I thought.” said Distance.

“Okay, Distance. Yeah.” said Jeremy the one that was raised in the City.

Distance thought to herself. “I know exactly what I saw. The city really wouldn’t know much about the magic of the forest.”

So Distance rejoined her group. She went and noticed that they had indeed found some shale without her. She did not know where.

Not that it mattered.

Steven Downloads a Dream

Steven was sitting at his desk as he had done for several years. He had just received a strange email. It informed him that he had just won a very special lottery and that no further correspondence would be levied. He thought nothing of it. Then a man walked over to his cubicle and handed him an envelope. In that envelope was a piece of plastic that bore no number on it. It had a red crest and bore his name. The man that Steven had never seen before shook his hand and walked away. Steven put the card in his wallet.

He had no idea what he now had. He just knew that apparently it was special. His boss asked him who the man that gave him the card was. Steven simply said he really did not say anything and just gave him the card. His boss asked if he could see what was in the envelope and Steven quietly responded that he did not think it would be a good idea.

Steven finished out his work schedule and stood there waiting for the bus. As the bus approached Steven reached into his wallet and pulled out his bus card. He walked onto the bus and gave the bus card to the bus driver and was allowed to step onto the bus.

Steven sat down and opened up the window. He felt the breeze that was generated by the moving bus moving through his hair. He just enjoyed the way it felt. Steven had a feeling that he knew what the Card was but due to a significant lack of explanation that came with the Card he felt no real interest in possibly putting himself in any form of strange debt or possibly even encountering a situation where he could be placed in a predicament that would cause him to have to return some products to the shelf. He just had the Card in his wallet and now he was on the bus.

His stop came up and he quietly walked off the bus. He walked across the sidewalk and into his apartment complex and then went up the stairs and opened his door. He took the card out of his wallet and placed it in the special files drawer of his apartment. Steven told himself that when someone further explains the significance of this Card he would take it more seriously and maybe even consider using it.

Well Steven sat down at his computer and pulled up a web page known as Pandora. He began to listen to the Preston Reed station, a station that he was informed existed after having listend to the Kaki King for several rotations.

Steven laid down on his bed and placed his Dream Catcher on his temples. He then faded off into the ether of sleep calmly.

Steven was now standing in a forest. He looked up at a greenish sky that had about fourteen large stars glowing up above him. He felt himself pressing his energy against the ground below him and through sheer understanding of what he was experiencing he propelled himself up into the heavens with nothing but a quiet thought. He was at his Constellation Point and in that Constellation Point he was actively doing more than floating, he was careening into the ether that was above him. He felt himself holding his breath that had no purpose in this realm that he was now comfortable with. He was used to this style of dreaming and he never once felt any way about purchasing a Dream Catcher.

Steven found himself wishing in his dream to cool off , so he did some imagining and flew up and through a small lake that he needed to pass through. He could feel the water flowing over his skin and through the process he felt refreshed.

He kept going higher and higher and in the process he was beginning to notice that the Suns that were floating in the sky were calmly beginning to morph into shapes like cubes and cones and toruses. He took a moment to relax and pull back. In this dream he felt calm. He was crafting his reality in front of him and just staring at his new play things. The stars that were above him. He coalesced his thoughts into a concept that was like the face of his long lost girlfriend that he met a long time ago. He was thinking to himself that upon seeing her face lit up by the stars he would have a moment that is really not possible. So he just sat there and then began to allow the face to morph into all of the faces of everyone that ever influenced his life.

He was staring at something like a Mount Rushmore made of light and in that light he was growing more comfortable. He decided that it was okay to turn around at this point and in that … he realized something. He had that card in his pocket that someone had given him. He pulled it out and the card was apparently made out of light at this point and in that card he saw something. He saw that something happened in his dream that he never noticed before. It was slightly more real. The card floated out of his hand and in front of him where it began to become a screen that was apparently embedded with a message.

A face appeared. This face was soft. This face was neither male nor female in appearance. It was simply a face. This face was the kind of face that allowed for one to just experience calmness. The face was explaining something to Steven. He was allowed to dream now. The restrictions that he never knew existed had been taken off of his account and that he could begin the process of selling his dreams to others. He was being allowed to understand that he was now a Dream Catcher Partner because he was adept at following the rules of the Dream.

Steven felt an emotion he had never felt before course through his body. He was quite certain it was a derivative of Love, an emotion he had only ever experienced briefly a couple of years ago. Love was such a dangerous emotion to Steven. In a way he wished he had never happened upon it.

So in this new found knowledge Steven had a thought, and that thought led the glowing orbs of shine in the sky above him to reverse in their color and then the sky that they were once object in became that which glowed.

Steven thought to himself. That’s new.

Well Steven , remembered in his youth being fascinated with the work of Berkley in California. He had called them several times to keep up personally on the progress of how the groundwork was being laid for their commercial product. He was actually excited by the possibility of being able to watch his Dreams in full HD Resolution in his waking state. He thought that of all that would be new, he would be interested in such a thing.

Well Steven, had a thought that he never had occur to him before. So he thought a thought that was never available to him before. He lightly concentrated on a new option. A small rectangle came up. He felt himself stopping the sequence of his dream. He reached his hand out and touched on the Oil button.

His next inclination was to engage in wiping his hand across what was ostensibly the ground below him. He could feel the colors morphing through his fingertips. He spun in a circle with his hands extended and in that spinning of the circle he saw something actually new happen. He saw the traces of color extending out from his hand.

Then he allowed himself to do something else that was new. He stepped out of himself and pulled all that he was in the center of down and into a point of focus. He placed that point of focus on his fingertip and rested.

He could see the fullness of this reality being pulled into a point and he just apparently went into camera mode and he held up his new hands in front of him with the right hand thumb down resting on his other hand that was thumb up and he pulled his now hands into his face and he captured a still.

He then thought to himself that this still was now available in a cloud somewhere that he could view at some point after this moment has passed.

Steven … was interested in this definitely new experience. He was used to running into certain walls in his imagination using the Dream Catcher Software and but now … he noticed that those limitations were in a state of disappearance. He was captivated by what he now saw.

In this reality … he felt like he wanted to experience a memory that he had a long time ago. He could feel the ability to fold back into his life and he was now resting in a movie theatre. He could understand his life with so much more etherealness at this moment. It was interesting to him to see his life pass before him in a resolution that he never had before.

He saw other people sitting in this theatre with him. He could feel an overarching emotion that was coarsing through the moment that was slightly unpleasant. He was watching his life turned into a music video that was playing sounds he had never heard before.

Steven, felt small.

He then found himself behind the counter of a pop corn bar where he was serving popcorn with an old friend from a place he never knew he would ever remember. The man he was serving pop corn with got up and walked over to the landing of the theatre and began performing a stand up comedy routine. Steven smiled.

He then found himself sitting on the front porch of his boyhood home … staring at something he never saw before. He focused for a brief moment and saw Dominic on the front porch planting two trees. He just watched as the trees grew and how Dominic was waving at for him to come over to the front porch.

Steven did and in doing so, he saw Dominic’s White Tank Top all over again. He saw Phyllis and Mr. Gehring and he was in a state of pure reminisce and then he saw as the tree was growing he saw the people watching the trees grow with him

Dominic let him know, that its rare that someone would live somewhere so long that they would notice the trees growing.

Steven was now sitting in a design classroom and he was having explained to him the new rules for this new Dream Catcher realm and Steven was just absorbing.

Then Steven woke up.

He looked over to his side and found himself a small circular disc that had never existed before.

He placed the disc in his Dell Computer, that was attached to a monitor that was now the ceiling of his apartment. He was awake now. Loving his new ceiling mounted HD monitor that had been crafted using polymers that he knew nothing about.

He walked over to his special files drawer and pulled out the card. It was hard plastic. He bent it and it would not break. He placed it back in his drawer and closed the drawer.

He had truly won a lottery that no one had even told him he had entered.

Teaching a Computer to Read …

George was just standing there smiling in the doorway to his son’s bedroom. The door was slightly closed and he was just checking up on Stephen. George was just surprised is all because apparently Stephen had a copy of the house’s dictionary in his lap. In front of Stephen was his first computer. Stephen was in the act of teaching his computer English. Stephen had a copy of a Webster’s Dictionary and for a reason that George could not understand Stephen was typing each word from the dictionary into the word processor meticulously one after the other. Now George was just watching. George stood there for a full fifteen minutes just to make certain that what he was watching as he thought for certain that his son was engaged in teaching himself to type and was trying to learn new vocabulary words.

George then knocks on the door.

Stephen looks over and says for George to come in. His dad.

George walks over some toys and into Stephen’s room and asks a question that he truly knows he knows the answer to as what else could Stephen be doing other than learning how to type as he chose words from the dictionary to type into Microsoft Word.

So George politely asks.

“Stephen, what are you doing?” asked George.

Stephen replies quite seriously.

“Dad, I am teaching my computer.” said Stephen.

“What are you teaching it?” replied George.

“I am teaching it how to read.” said Stephen.

“Don’t you think your computer already knows how to read?” said George.

“How could it, no one has ever taken the time to teach it.” said Stephen.

“How long have you been doing this?” said George.

“All afternoon.” said Stephen.

“How are you teaching your computer to read?” asked George.

“I am picking out the really hard words that the computer does not know from the dictionary and I am typing them so that when it has to pass its next test it will get an A+.” replied Stephen.

“Steven, maybe I should tell you, I mean, well, how many words have you taught the computer so far?” asked George.

“About forty six.” replied Stephen.

“How do you know the computer is learning?” replied Stephen.

“Well when I used spell check the computer let me know that it did not know all of the words. I want my computer to know all of the words. I want a smart computer so it can pass it’s next test.” said Stephen.

“How did the computer do on it’s last test?” asked George.

“It failed.” said Stephen.

“Who was the teacher that gave the test?” said George.

“Lynda.” said Stephen.

“Who is Lynda.” asked George.

“Lynda is my computer’s teacher.” said Stephen.

“Stephen, how many words are you going to teach your computer?” asked George.

“I am going to teach it all of the hard words and then it should be fine on it’s next test.” said Stephen.

“Do you want some help, I think I know a quick way of teaching it all of the hard words.” replied George.

“NO! There is no quick way to learn all of the hard words. I want my computer to get an A+ and you cannot get A+’s by cheating, this is the only way to do it.” said Stephen.

“That’s true , you are doing it the right way.” said George.

“Alright, well Dad. My computer wants to let you know that it wants to get back to studying.” said Stephen.

“Alright. Well I will leave you two alone. Just make sure to clean up for dinner.” said George.

“I will.” said Stephen.

George turns his back to walk away.

“Dad, did you know the computer already knows all of the words?” said Stephen.

“Yes Stephen. I knew that.” said George.

“Well, it might not know one of em.” said Stephen.

“Well if there is a word that that computer does not know, its probably in the dictionary. There are so many words in the dictionary Stephen that I am certain it does not know a few of em.” said George.

“Well, if I can help it learn one word, it will be smarter than the rest of the class won’t it?” said Stephen.

“Yes Stephen, if you can teach the computer just one word it does not already know, it will be smarter than the rest of the computers.” said George.

“Alright, Dad, I have to get back to work. The computer is really good at spelling.” said Stephen.

“It usually is.” said George.

“Well, I am doing a good job aren’t I.” said Stephen.

“Yes you are, I am certain the computer appreciates someone teaching it new words.” said George.

“I hope so.” said Stephen.

“Alright, well I am going to go back downstairs. Let me know how your student does on the test.” said George.

“Its going to get an A+.” said Stephen.

“Yes it will Stephen, yes it will.” said George.

“Thanks Dad.” said Stephen.

“Anytime son.” said George.           

With that George walked out of the room , kind of realizing that sometimes things are not quite as they seem on the surface, especially when it comes to kids using the computer.

Seven Things Performance Teaches You … Edited Down and Published in Thought Catalog by Thought Catalog this is the Original Version …

7 Things Performing at an Open Mic Teaches You

One: Being the center of attention can be extremely cool, fun, rewarding, and invigorating. When you are at the open mic and you are performing for a group of people at your local club you become something that you were not before. You become your best person and you become filled with confidence. When you are performing hot pieces of poetry at the slam competition you are at you become peaceful and serene and you fall in love with the idea that people are really listening to you. That is what makes it cool, fun, rewarding, and invigorating.

Two: Being yourself and speaking your piece is the most important thing. It does not hurt to speak from the depths of your heart and to fasten yourself to a thought that you can then share with the world at large. When you are performing your writing that you crafted yourself that is your moment to shine and when you come to find out that when you are being the truest form of yourself that even that person is embraced by an audience. That is the whole reason to go.

Three: Not caring about what people think begins at open mics. I was booed a couple times for my work and I learned it does not hurt to express yourself in a way that people object to and as people were booing me other people were cheering. Its chaos at an open mic but you learn to feel a form of energy that comes out of yourself and when you are just on the edge of your consciousness freestyling poetry and not knowing what you are going to say next in front of a group of people its excitement and more nourishing for the soul than sitting at home and watching television in my opinion.

Four: Peeking behind the curtains of entertainment begins at open mics if you go to enough shows. If you spend time at a solid show that brings in dozens if not hundreds of people over the months of being a regular open mic show that books talent and that attracts community you can get a pretty good understanding of how the entertainment industry works and then once you have that understanding, you can see through the hype of the smoke and mirrors of the quote unquote celebrity. There is a lot of posturing that goes into celebrity and performing at an open mic helps you care a lot less about the current state of celebrity that is reported on TMZ and Entertainment Tonight and it draws you more into your community and the people around you. All things being equal your best friend is as talented as the winner American Idol and that in fact American Idol is in fact a devout style of open mic … the Slam. Your friend is as talented as the people on television and you are too.

Five: You learn hand to hand business and how to handle transactions and freeloaders. You learn doorman skills at an open mic. You learn that if you do not take the money from their hands they will try and get to the hot show without paying. You learn that most people are cool about paying but some people feel that they are connected to the show even though they are audience members and it’s the audience members that feel that they are part of the show that cause the most problems. Performers make the show and the audience participates by paying to be entertained. That’s the deal. It pays to remember that at that door.

Six: Amazing long lasting friendships are fostered at community driven open mics. You meet some amazing people at a regular open mic and it’s cool to see how people have their own voices and facets to their personalities that come out at open mics. Drinks and tea and the fact that you never know what you are going to hear at an open mic that is the center of the city’s consciousness is invigorating and there is a great amount of comradery at the open mic that just cannot be found anywhere else.

Seven and Lastly: I will never understand why my local church that I was raised in never had an open mic, it seems fair to let the community speak to the community than to have the same person doing the sermon every week. I learned this and maybe you would too if you attended an open mic for enough weeks is that the open mic ceremony while much maligned is a more balanced ceremony for society than the leader driven church model most people are currently aware of and participating in. The world would be much more confident if more people spent more time spending more time speaking in front of more people. I learned that.

book four : Lemonaid

Little Brandon was not more than eight years old. He was a young man. Brandon was watching television when Sarah McLachlan’s plea to help animals was on television. Brandon did not know why but it made him cry in a way he had never cried before. Sarah McLachlan did not fully come out and say it but Brandon for the first time had a feeling as to what happened to animals that did not get adopted. He called his father who was at work after he finished crying.

“Yeah Honey, I’ll be home in a few hours, how are you doing?” said Mr. Stevens.

“No Dad, its me. I just had a question.” Said Brandon.

“Okay, what is it?” asked Mr. Stevens.

“I just saw something on television and I started crying and I don’t know why I did it but I called you when I know you are buys at work. I just wanted to know what happens when a puppy or kitten doesn’t find a home?” asked Brandon inquisitively.

“Brandon, that’s a big question. I can’t really talk about it now. I’ll talk to you about it when I get home.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“They get killed don’t they.” exclaimed Brandon.

“Brandon, like I said that’s a big question and I am going to make sure we talk about it when I get home.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“When are you going to come home today?” asked Brandon needing vital information.

“No, I have one more case today but after the case I’ll cancel this thing I have and I’ll come home and talk to you about it. It really is a big question so I wouldn’t even want to talk to you about it over the phone. I have to go now but know for certain that when I get home we’ll have a long talk about what you asked me.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“Alright Dad, but I know why this is such a big deal. I know. I know.” uttered Brandon.

“Just don’t make any assumptions until we have our talk.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“I just wanted to talk to you Dad.” Said Brandon.

“We’ll talk. I just have this really important work that I do that I need to get back to. I love you Brandon.” Said Mr. Stevens wishing he was at home, instead of torn at this moment in his life between work and home.

“I love you too, Dad.” Said Brandon describing how he felt at that moment.

Brandon’s Father Mr. Stevens hung up the phone. Brandon after his father broke the connection just looked at the phone that was in his hand and knew a big talk was coming up, maybe the biggest he ever had with his Dad. He knew what Dad was going to tell him. He knew that his Dad was going to tell him that something terrible happened to the animals that never found a home. Brandon did not know what happened to the animals yet but he knew it wasn’t good. Why would that woman on television be pleading with everyone that watches television to help those animals and why would she be so sad if nothing bad happened to those animals. Why did they need homes so badly if nothing bad happened to them, Brandon thought to himself.

Brandon went online and he went to Bing.com and he typed in “puppies” to the place where you type in words. Apparently you can buy a puppy. Brandon did not know you could buy a puppy. He became more sad at the thought that if some puppies could be bought then maybe some puppies do not get purchased and he just wanted to know what happened to the puppies no one bought.

Brandon then typed the word “kittens” into the place where you type words on Bing.com and he found that you can buy kittens too. Brandon was having thoughts that he never had in his young life before. He was beginning to ask his first big question. His first big question was what happens to puppies and kittens that no one ever bought or paid for and gave a home to. Brandon pulled out his notebook and started writing. He wanted to make certain he had his question for his Dad just right.

“Dad, what happens when puppies that do not get bought. I mean, when they do not find a home. Dad what happens when kittens do not get bought? When kittens do not find a home what happens? What happens to the animals no one wants? The woman on the T.V. was playing the saddest music and the animals looked so sad. It was the saddest TV I have ever seen dad. What happens to the puppies and kittens that no one wants?” wrote Brandon to himself, to his father, and to no one in particular.

Brandon’s small hand was tired from writing so fast. He had the first rush of confusing thoughts that he ever had. He just did not know what to think. He was thinking maybe there was a place for the animals that no one wanted. Maybe there was a place that the animals could go and play. Like a zoo for small animals. He had been to the zoo for big animals. Maybe there was a zoo for small animals. That had to be it. There had to be a zoo for small animals that he had just never been to yet. A zoo for the puppies and kittens that no one wanted. Maybe there was a zoo for puppies and kittens.

Chapter Two

Brandon was outside shooting hoops in the driveway of his house when his Dad came home. When Brandon’s dad got out of the car. Brandon threw him the ball. Brandon’s Dad was surprised and dropped his briefcase and caught the ball.

“Nice pass.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“Let me see you shoot the ball.” Said Brandon.

“It’s a tough shot.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“I want to see if you can make it.” Said Brandon.

Brandon’s dad squared up and took the shot. It went right in after it bounced off the backboard.

Brandon ran over to his dad and high fived him.

Brandon’s Dad went over and picked up the ball and passed it back to Brandon.

“Brandon, let’s see if you can make a shot from right where you are.” prompted Mr. Stevens.

Brandon squared up and put his arms to work and followed through the right way and made the shot.

Brandon’s Dad stood underneath the rim and picked up the ball again.

“Lets shoot hoops while we talk. You called me at work today didn’t you?” consoled Mr. Stevens.

“Yeah I did. I shouldn’t have. I just saw something on TV.” Said Brandon.

“No. You asked me a hard question. “ fathered Mr. Stevens.

“Was it a bad question?” inquired Brandon.

“No. It wasn’t a bad question. You saw something on TV that made you feel sad. It made you think.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“I looked online and you can buy puppies and kittens?” said Brandon.

“Yes you can.” affirmed Mr. Stevens.

“How much do puppies and kittens cost?” said Brandon.

“Not much.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“So everyone can have a puppy or kitten if they want.” responded Brandon.

“That is true but not everyone wants a puppy or a kitten. They can be difficult to take care of.” In response stated Mr. Stevens.

“Is that why we do not have a pet?” said Brandon.

“Well, we just never talked about getting a pet. “ responded Mr. Stevens.

“I’ve always wanted one.” Said Brandon.

“I know.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“Do you think I am old enough to take care of a puppy?” said Brandon.

“Yes.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“Dad, what happens if no one adopts a puppy or kitten?” said Brandon asking the hard question he wanted an answer to.

“I think you are asking me what happens if a puppy or kitten never finds a home?” said Mr. Stevens.

“I think that is what I asked. I just want to know why the woman on television was so sad, what didn’t the woman on television say?” Said Brandon.

“She was sad because she knows what happens to the pets that never find a home.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“What happens?” said Brandon.

“Well most of the animals find homes.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“What happens to the ones that don’t?” said Brandon.

“Well, something sad happens.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“What?” said Brandon.

“Well the animals that never find a home get put to sleep.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“Sleep.” Said Brandon.

“Yes. Sleep.” Said Mr. Stevens.

Brandon had taken a few shots by now and his Dad was extremely impressed with how many times he had made the shots. Brandon was good at putting the ball through the hoop from really anywhere.

“Dad, when they put an animal to sleep, does it hurt?” said Brandon.

“No.” said Mr. Stevens.

“Why was the woman on television so sad?” asked Brandon really wanting to know.

“Because putting animals to sleep is a very sad thing.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“Then maybe more people should try and help the animals find homes.” In response, said Brandon.

“Absolutely. That is what the woman on television wanted you to know. She wanted you to know that you can help keep animals from being put to sleep if you give them a home.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“Can we help animals?” said Brandon.

“We could talk about adopting one, I have to talk to your mother first though.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“I would take good care of it.” Said Brandon.

“I know you would.” Said Brandon.

Chapter Three

Brandon’s mother woke him up the next morning so that he could do his school studies.

“Brandon, make yourself some toast and have a bowl of cereal.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“It’s early mom.” Said Brandon.

“I know its early, its always early this time of the morning. It was this early when I woke you up yesterday and it’s going to be this early tomorrow.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Give me a minute. Ill see you in the kitchen in a few minutes.”said Brandon.

“Just don’t make it too many minutes.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

Brandon laid in bed for not too many minutes and got his mind together before he got out of bed and perked up a little bit as kids can do.

“I earned 13,000 points last week at school, mom.” Said Brandon as he was walking into the kitchen.

“I earned a Master’s Degree.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Mooooom, you know I’m not as smart as you.” Said Brandon.

“It’s okay honey, one day you might be but you need at least four million points to say you are as smart as me.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Mom, do you think I’ll ever be ready for Udacity.” Said Brandon.

“ABSOLUTELY!” said Mrs. Stevens.

“I’m going to need a car one day so that I can turn it into a robot.” Said Brandon.

“Well, you need a lot more points before that happens, and a lot more days.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Did Dad talk to you about yesterday?” said Brandon.

“Yes he did and I don’t know.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Mom, we can save an animal from being put to sleep. We should listen to that woman on television. She knows a lot about animals.” Said Brandon.

“I know. I understand this but it takes a lot of work.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“I’m here all day when I am not at gym or at Mike’s house. All we would have to do is open the back door and let it run outside in the yard and then let it back in. I would be in charge of that. I’d be the door opener for the puppy and you and dad could get the food and I would be the person in the family that feeds the puppy. “ said Brandon.

“I’ll give it some thought. I sort of noticed that we made it through eight years without a pet. I was sort of hoping to make it through another ten.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Mom. Think about this. We can stop an animal from sleeping. We can entertain it.” Said Brandon.

“Did your father explain to you what being put to sleep means is?” said Mrs. Stevens.

“Sort of, it’s like when a bear hibernates or something.” Said Brandon.

“I don’t know if I should tell you or not.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Tell me what?” said Brandon.

“Let me make certain you know all of the facts Brandon. When you put an animal to sleep. It doesn’t wake up.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“You mean ever?” said Brandon.

“Basically.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“WHAT!?” said Brandon.

“Calm down.” Said Mrs. Stevens.


“I don’t know. A lot?” said Mrs. Stevens.


“Well, Brandon, you should know that sometimes the pet population isn’t in line with the people population.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“I don’t get it.” Said Brandon.

“When there are more we’ll say puppies and kittens that need homes than there are people to give them homes, when there are more animals than there are homes for animals, the animals that no one wants to take care of. Get put to sleep.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“No.” said Brandon.

“No. What?” responded Mrs. Stevens.

“That’s not right, that couldn’t be true.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“It’s why the woman on television was so sad because she knows the truth.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“I am going to create a web site that lets all of my friends know this.” Said Brandon.

“Now Brandon, what do you think that website is going to do?” said Mrs. Stevens.

“It’s going to let my friends know to adopt something. Something that’s going to be put to sleep.” Said Brandon.

“Brandon. There are a lot of facts in life and one of the facts in life that I just shared with you is sad. A lot of the facts in life are very sad. There are a lot of sad facts in life but maybe I can talk with your dad about getting you a pet because maybe it’s time you had something to take care of.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“How many can we adopt?” asked Brandon.

“We can talk about adopting one.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“If we adopt one, how many will be put to sleep that we don’t adopt?” asked Brandon.

“I don’t know.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

Brandon sat silent. He had made his toast and was eating his cereal. He was thinking about what he was going to do with his website now that he knew a new fact about life.

Chapter Four

Brandon had finished his Khan Academy courses early that day. His mother was at work.

Brandon called his friend Mike at around noon.

“Mike.” Said Brandon.

“Brandon?” Said Mike.

“Yeah it’s me.” Said Brandon.

“Mike my mother told me something this morning.” Said Brandon.

“What?” said Mike.

“My mother told me that when an animal is put to sleep it doesn’t wake up.” Said Brandon.

“That’s not true.” Said Mike.

“My mother said it was a fact.” Said Brandon.

“Do you think my parents are going to put my dog to sleep?” said Mike.

“No because it has a home. She said only the animals that didn’t have homes were put to sleep.” Said Brandon.

“Well, then maybe we could build a website that helps animals find homes.” Said Mike.

“How is that going to help? We can’t build a website that has money on it.” Said Brandon.

“What if we set up a stand outside the playground where we sold lemonade to raise money.” Said Mike creatively thinking.

“Raised money for what?” said Brandon.

“We could raise money to pay for puppies and kittens to be adopted so that it made it easier for them to find homes.” Said Mike.

“Mike, our friends might want to help.” Said Brandon.

“Maybe.” Said Mike.

“Did you finish your Khan Academy classes?” said Brandon.

“Yeah I did.” Said Mike.

“How many points do you have?” said Brandon.

“I made 4500 points today.” Said Mike.

“I made about 3000 points today.” Said Brandon.

“You made more points than I did the other day.” Said Mike.

“I tried really hard.” Said Brandon.

“Brandon, we sold lemonade before.” Said Mike.

“What if we just did it again but this time gave the money to our friends to help them give animals homes, maybe our friends that don’t have pets could help us find animals homes.” Said Brandon.

“The playground is always busy.” Said Mike.

“How many puppies and kittens do you think need homes?” said Brandon.

“Dozens.” Said Mike.

“So we need enough money for them to find homes.” Said Brandon.

“I guess.” Said Mike.

Chapter Five

Brandon picks up his journal and starts writing. He has a mottled journal that his grandmother gave him for his birthday. The journal is the place where he keeps all of his notes for his Khan Academy homework and it’s also the place where he writes things. Brandon likes to write. He writes stories and poems and he writes ideas for websites that he thinks would be fun to make when he is better at making websites. He also draws pictures in his journal and when he fills a journal up his mother gets him a new journal. He needs about one journal for every class that he takes on Khan Academy and he fills them up quickly with his hand.

“I sold lemonade before. It wasn’t hard. If I can help something find a home that is what I want to do. How hard could it be to find a puppy a home? Why would anyone put an animal to sleep? Why wouldn’t the people that are putting the animal to sleep bring it home to give it a home? Who would do such a thing?” wrote Brandon.

When Brandon had finished writing, he went outside and got his basketball. He started making shots at the basket and he missed some shots and he made some other shots.

His neighbor Dorothy came over and she asked him to pass her the ball.

“Brandon, throw it here.” Said Dorothy.

“Catch!” Said Brandon.

Dorothy stood further back in the driveway than Brandon had and took a long shot. She made the shot.

Brandon was surprised.

“That was a hard shot.” Said Brandon.

“Mike sent me a message.” Said Dorothy.

“Yeah.” Said Brandon.

“He said the two of you were going to start another Lemonade stand but that this time you were going to use it to help pets find homes.” Said Dorothy.

“We just talked about it. Do you think we should do it?” said Brandon.

“Yes!” said Dorothy.

“Well would you want to help?” friended Brandon.

“I’m really good at drawing. I could make the sign.” Said Dorothy.

“Do you have lemons.” Said Brandon.

“I could get them. You have a cooler. I know Mike has a table.” Said Dorothy.

“That’s all we need isn’t it.” Said Brandon.

“We need something to put the money in too.” Said Dorothy.

“We could put it in a pencil box, I have one of those.” Said Brandon.

“We’ll bring that too.” Said Dorothy.

“My parents told me that they put animals to sleep that don’t find homes.” Said Brandon.

“I’ve known about that.” Said Dorothy.

“They never wake up.” Said Brandon.

“We have to do this. If we can help even one animal find a home, we can say we did something.” Said Dorothy.

“You know, the playground always has a lot of kids and parents.” Stated Brandon firmly.

“That’s where we’ll do it. The same place you and Mike sold Lemonade before. I’ll help this time.” Said Dorothy.

Chapter Six

Brandon, Mike, and Dorothy on a steaming hot summer day when school is out tell their parents that they are going to sell lemonade again. The three of them meet up Bising’s Playground with the table, the heavy large jug of homemade lemonade and of course the pencil box for the money they were hoping to make. There is a basketball court at Bising that the other kids are competing in basketball on. There is also a jungle gym that some other kids are having fun on.

Brandon, Mike, and Dorothy the three of them know one thing. Their friends are going to be thirsty. So they set up their stand and start selling Lemonade for fifty cents a cup. Their friends start coming over slowly at first not noticing they had set up a stand but after word gets out that there’s cheap lemonade, since it’s so hot everyone comes over and waits in line to get some of the lemonade.

One of the kids that is waiting in line reads the sign. The signs says that the money is going to stop animals from being put to sleep that can’t find homes.

“I don’t want the animals to be put to sleep either. There was a woman on television that made me so sad. I started crying.” Said the girl.

“I saw it too.” Said another.

“Me too.” Said another.

“Here take all of my money, just let me get some lemonade when I am thirsty.” Said a fourth.

The kids started talking.

A parent came over.

“What are you kids doing?” said the parent.

Dorothy very astutely explained, “We are raising money to save animals from being put to sleep that can’t find homes.”

“That’s very noble of you.” Said the parent.

“What does noble mean?” asked Mike.

“It’s means really good.” Said the parent.

“Do you think that maybe you could tell some of your adult friends about what we are doing?” said Brandon.

“I’ll send out a tweet right now.” Said the parent.

The parent sent the following tweet to her actually quite long list of followers that she had steadily became a reality over the time this parent had her Twitter account.

“Kids having a fundraiser at Bising Park to help find homes for pets. Make sure to come.” Was the tweet.

She went over and told the other parents and then they retweeted the tweet. This tweet made it’s way all through North College Hill, quite quickly.

Chapter Seven

A couple dozen parents and their children came out on this hot day in the summer to meet these kids that were raising funds for the animals that were in need of homes. How often are kids under the age of ten raising funds for something?

One of them was a reporter for the local Community Press, that was always interested in stories developing locally. She got the tweet and thought it was at least worth looking into as a special interest story.

“Would you three like to be interviewed for a story.” Said the Reporter that thought some young people , younger than ten were raising money on their own for a cause, was interesting.

“YES! YES WE WOULD!” said Brandon, Mike, and Dorothy.

“Alright, let me get out my note pad.” Said the Reporter from the Community Press.

“What are you doing for the record?” said the Reporter with very much officialness.

“We are selling lemonade to raise money to help people give animals homes so they don’t get put to sleep.” said Brandon.

“Puppies and Kittens should be able to find the homes they need to keep from being put to sleep.” said Mike.

“My family has a pet, we aren’t putting our pet to sleep, so we want the rest of the animals to be saved from being put to sleep too.” Said Dorothy.

“You know you can make a donation to the SPCA and they can lower the cost of adopting an animal or even several animals.” Said the reporter.

“That’s what we want to do.” Said the three children raising money.

“Mind if I take a photograph.” Said the Reporter.

“Would you?” Said the kids.

“Alright stand right here to the side of your lemonade stand and I’ll make sure all three of you are in the newspaper for being as noble as you are.” Said the reporter.

Brandon asked the reporter this.

“Why doesn’t the zoo take care of all of the animals?” asked Brandon.

“Well, the zoo is a place for exotic animals right now, it’s not a place for pets. That’s what the shelter is for. The shelter is like a zoo for pets that lets you take the pets home if you want to adopt the pet.” Said the Reporter.

“I know but they don’t put the animals to sleep at the zoo do they?” said Brandon.

“No, no they don’t.” said the Reporter.

Mike then said, “Then the zoo should take care of all of the animals that don’t have homes.”

“Well, maybe I’ll add that in my story. That one of you said that the zoo could help out in finding homes for animals. It’s a modern idea.” Said the reporter.

“Why is it a modern idea?” said Mike.

“Because it’s never been done.” Said the Reporter.

“The zoo has never had an exhibit for pets?” asked Dorothy.

“Nope.” Said the Reporter.

Chapter Eight

“Brandon.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“Yeah Dad.” Said Brandon.

“I got a retweet that you and Dorothy and Mike were at the playground today raising money to help find homes for pets.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“Yeah a reporter came out and talked to us.” Said Brandon.

“That happened really quickly.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“I know one of the parents sent out a tweet and it was retweeted to their friends and a bunch of people showed up to buy lemonade from us. We sold all of our lemonade and some people gave us money that didn’t even want Lemonade.” Said Brandon.

“How much money did you raise?” asked the very interested Mr. Stevens.

“I’ll show you.” Said Brandon.

Brandon went to his room to pick up the fundraising box. Dorothy and Mike thought that Brandon should take the money home with him since it was his idea.

“Here is all the money we collected.” Proudly stated Brandon producing a box of more donation than he was aware of.

Brandon’s mother counted through the money and she saw some checks, and she saw a lot of cash. She counted it all up. She even needed to get a calculator to count the money.

“Did you count this?” asked Mrs. Stevens.

“Not yet.” Said Brandon.

“There is nearly five hundred dollars here in checks and cash.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Do you think that’s enough to help a pet find a home.” Said Brandon.

“Absolutely. You yourself will be able to have any pet you want with this money.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“I mean, will it help a pet that won’t be coming home with us to find a home.” Said Brandon.

“Well, I don’t know about that.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“We wanted to raise enough money so that all of the pets could find homes.” Said Brandon.

“There’s not enough money in the world for that to happen.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“What do you mean?” said Brandon.

“Well, it is not always about money.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Doesn’t everyone want a pet?” said Brandon.

“No, Brandon, everyone does not want a pet.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“People would rather let animals get put to sleep then give them homes? Is that true?” said Brandon stumbling down a path of questions that his parents wanted to be as painless for him as possible to come to terms with.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Said Mr. Stevens.

“That’s not fair at all, what did those animals do to anyone?” said Brandon.

“They didn’t do anything Brandon. Sometimes things are just the way they are.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“But they take care of the animals at the zoo. They don’t put the animals to sleep at the zoo.” stated the young Brandon.

“That is true.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

“Then why do they put pets to sleep if they don’t put zoo animals to sleep?” asked Brandon.

“Well, I don’t know, do you know honey?” stated Mr. Stevens.

“No, I don’t know.” Said Mrs. Stevens.

Chapter Nine

Time passes. Lots of time passes. Years pass. He never forgets that time where he first learned what it meant to be noble was. To be noble was to do something good. Brandon grew up. He graduated from the Khan Academy and North College Hill High School. He went to the University of Cincinnati and studied Biology and learned everything he could about animals and how to take care of them.

While at the University he interned at the Cincinnati Zoo. He became such a good zoo keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo that after he graduated from the University of Cincinnati, they hired him to be a zookeeper.

After taking care of the penguins, and taking care of the lions, and taking care of the otters and the flamingos. Brandon thought back to that day he Dorothy and Mike, two people he kept in touch with through the years, raised some money for the animals at the SPCA.

Brandon called Mike the same way he had over a decade earlier.

“Mike.” Said Brandon.

“Brandon?” said Mike.

“Yeah, this is Brandon. Its been a couple weeks I know. I’ve been busy.” Said Brandon.

“What’s up?” said Mike.

“I was thinking today about that time we raised some money for the SPCA when we were kids.” Said Brandon.

“Yeah, that was a good day. I think of it from time to time.” Said Mike.

“Well, something that has come up recently that might interest you has come up at the zoo. Maybe, just maybe you could help me with something. “ asked Brandon to his old friend Mike.

“What’s up?” responded Mike.

“There was this one moment that stuck in my mind, I don’t know if it stuck in yours but it stuck in mine.” Said Brandon.

“What’s that?” said Mike.

“Why can’t the zoo have an exhibit for pets?” Said Brandon.

“Well, the zoo usually only has exhibits for exotic animals as well you should know since you work there.” Said Mike knowing the type of person Brandon was.

“I know, but it just recently came up at work that they are looking for pitches from the zookeepers and other people really everyone that works at the zoo.” Said Brandon.

“What’s this about?” asked Mike wondering where this was going.

“Well, I have been informed that the Cincinnati Zoo has been gifted some land from an anonymous donor out in Mason. They have two options, they can sell it or they can expand. Selling the donated land would make the zoo a lot of money up front but the zoo honestly might be interested in developing the land into a satellite zoo of some kind where they can expand their operations. It’s being considered an open symposium that is coming up where anyone working at the zoo can discuss openly their ideas for the land since everyone working at the zoo would be affected by the expansion.” Said Brandon.

“Alright, what’s the pitch?” said Mike.

“What if for once they housed a petting zoo for animals that can’t be given homes from the SPCA?” said Brandon.

“You mean realize that vague dream we had as children?” said Mike.

“Basically.” Sad Brandon.

“Have you contacted Dorothy about this?” said Mike.

“I haven’t talked to her in a while.” Said Mike.

“I just talked to her a few weeks ago and she’s still planning events.” Said Mike.

“Do you think she would be interested in this idea.” asked Brandon.

“I think she would. The question is, would the zoo be interested.” Said Mike.

“I’ve talked with zoo keepers before, and they have said that it’s a novel idea but that it comes down to space. The downtown location just does not have space for this type of exhibit … BUT … with the donated land it might be possible.” Explained Brandon.

“Well, its about decisions and sales and the pitch. You know I’m great at pitches.” Said Mike.

“I know. How are things at the dealership?” asked Brandon.

“I’m still at a point where I am picking up the paces on selling cars but if you are on my lot. I speak your language.” Said Mike.

“I mean you’ve always been better at talking to people than myself. You’ve always had a lot more confidence too when it comes to talking to people that you just met.” Said Brandon.

“I know it’s something that I’ve always been comfortable doing. It’s why I went into sales.” Said Mike.

“The idea of some kind of an exhibit for domestic animals isn’t so far fetched when it’s quite common to find a petting zoo for farm animals. ” Said Brandon.

“I mean it’s kind of a hard idea to get, since the zoo, and you again are more aware of this than myself, is typically for exotic animals.” Said Mike.

“Well, as I am imagining I can envision a petting zoo for all of the types of animals that you typically find at the SPCA and to give it that exoticness, it would be the numbers of animals that would be the exotic element of the exhibit. How often do you get to see thirty dogs in one place from a safe distance? As an act of community outreach we could have an exhibit at this new location that has yet to be developed where quite frankly animals that have not been adopted and that normally would be put down could be placed in the care of the Cincinnati Zoo and we could be a home for these animals that people just for whatever reason can’t find a home for and because of the numbers it would be as exotic and interesting as any exhibit at the zoo?” Said Brandon.

“What I like about it is that it would be entertaining and that it could be a successful petting zoo if you haven’t thought of that. I also like the idea that it would be great Public Relations for the Cincinnati Zoo because it would be solving a problem, the same problem that we in our own way were trying to address as kids.” Said Mike.

“Maybe you could help me with my pitch? The symposium at the zoo is in a couple of weeks and I’d just like to go over it with someone at least once before then.” said Brandon.

“What would you want my help with?” said Mike.

“Just keep me from working on it alone. Help me with the persuasive element of it.” Said Brandon.

“I guess I could help with that. I don’t know how much use I would be though.” Said Mike.

“I just need an audience.” Said Brandon.

“For the novelty of it, we should contact Dorothy.” Said Mike.

“I haven’t talked to her about it. Didn’t send her an email or anything.” Said Brandon.

“You should do that. This could be something that completes a day that we experienced years ago.” Said Mike.

“That would be special wouldn’t it.” Said Brandon.

“I think it would. It would be that noble thing that we heard talked about back then.” Said Mike.

“So how about this, it’s Monday right now. Are you free this Friday night, Saturday night, or Sunday night?” said Brandon.

“I’m free Friday and Sunday night. Saturday night I have plans with someone.” Said Mike.

“Alright, how about this. Ill see if Dorothy is free Friday or Sunday Night as well. Its been a few months since I called her, but a week is plenty of time to make time to meet with some school friends isn’t it?” said Brandon.

“I think so, plus it’s not like we don’t keep in contact through the social, we just haven’t been in the same room together for at least a year at this point.” Stated Mike.

“You can make it this weekend?” said Brandon.

“Yes.” Said Mike.

“Alright. Well then I’ll keep talk to you before then just to confirm and hopefully Dorothy will be there too. If the three of us got together, maybe had some drinks, that would be good times.” Said Brandon.

“Yeah, yeah it would be. Hopefully Dorothy can make it. It would be good to see her again, if not, we can work on this pitch.” Said Mike.

“I’ll see you this weekend.” Said Brandon.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Said Mike.

The two of them go through the process of hanging up the phone.

Brandon goes through his contact list and calls Dorothy.

“Hi, Dorothy?” says Brandon.

“Yeah. What’s going on Brandon?” Said Dorothy.

“There is something going on at the zoo.” Said Brandon.

“What’s that?” said Dorothy.

“It hasn’t hit the press yet, but the zoo has been anonymously donated a piece of land that it has to make a decision on. It has to either sell it for funds or put it to use as an extension of the downtown zoo.” Said Brandon.

“Really?” said Dorothy.

“Yeah. Apparently they are asking for ideas from all of the employees at the zoo. I am one of their youngest zoo keepers and they know my intentions of making a career out of it. It’s sort of something that that is preliminary but they just want to know the thoughts of their employees on the matter. I talked with Mike just a few moments ago and I asked him for some advice and to maybe get together this weekend and I wanted to call you for the same reason.“ said Brandon.

“How is he? And what did he think of what you said?” said Dorothy.

“He is good. Said he would be interested in coming over this weekend.” Said Brandon.

“Alright, I might be free this weekend.“ said Dorothy.

“Remember back when we were kids and we had that lemonade stand that we used to raise money for the animals. Remember how we made the news and how maybe one or two animals found homes that otherwise wouldn’t have? “ said Brandon.

“Yeah, we made the paper for that. That was the first time I was in the newspaper actually. Taught me some things.” Said Dorothy.

“Well, the zoo is collecting ideas for what can be done with the land. The board of the zoo is collecting ideas from all of the zoo employees about what to do with the land that they were not expecting to receive. They received it about three months ago but they just let us know last week. There was some paperwork that needed to be finalized before they reached out to the employees to ask what people thought could be done with it.” Said Brandon.

“What are your immediate thoughts?” said Dorothy.

“That they use a portion of it to give homes to unwanted pets. It could be an exhibit with a couple dozen number of animals in it where the pets can have a permanent home and have some kind of life.” Said Brandon.

“You think they would go for that? Doesn’t the zoo typically only deal in exotic animals?” said Dorothy.

“That would be the whole point, it would be an exhibit that lets people know that we are surrounded by nature. It would be a place where kids and adults can come and observe how dogs and cats spend time with dogs and cats in exotic numbers.” Said Brandon.

“Yeah, I’ll get together with you and Mike this weekend. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, I just think you need a great presentation to make it happen. Have you ever talked about when we raised money for animals when we were young?” said Dorothy.

“I’ve told a couple of the other zoo keepers, the ones that I see the most often. They loved the story and think that working in the zoo might be a life long calling for me.” Said Brandon.

“You could let the zoo know that you have a professional tie with an event planner that could come up with some creative ideas for promoting the successful exhibit. I would do some planning work pro bono for you since it would just be planning and I wouldn’t be doing the actual work. I could draw up some inspiration for you to add to your presentation. I have a large online footprint that depending on the event I can draw upon to make some real magic happen with.” Said Dorothy.

“Thank you so much. This weekend Mike is free Friday night and Sunday night. I was wondering if you were free Friday or Sunday night for a brain storming session to help me develop my pitch. “ said Brandon.

“I’m free on Sunday Night.” Said Dorothy.

“Then we can meet Sunday around 9ish” said Brandon.

“That’s fine.” Said Dorothy.

“Alright, I’ll let Mike Know.” Said Brandon.

Chapter Ten

Brandon is in his apartment and he is drinking some hard lemonade that he is drinking because he thinks Dorothy and Mike will think its quaint. He knows no one really drinks hard lemonade. He just thought it would be cool to have some hard lemonade to drink that would be symbolic of the of lemonade they sold to raise awareness as children. It was a corny gesture but it was one that he didn’t feel too corny to make. Plus he thought hard lemonade actually tasted pretty good if you haven’t had it in a long time. It was a decent choice to make for drinks that night as he wanted to provide something for them sharing their time and intellectual resources with him to get this presentation right.

Brandon spent the week in his usual exhibit. He looked over the penguins. Since he was a child he loved penguins. Once he first saw a flock of penguins scampering around on the ice he fell in love. It was his love of penguins and his many visits to the zoo during his high school years that inspired him to become a zoo keeper in the first place. He thought it was fulfilling work. He loved animals. So looking after them for a living was a joy for him. It was something that fit him.

There was a knock at the door and it was Dorothy. She was about twenty minutes earlier than she said she would be which was refreshing for Brandon. When you set up a meeting it’s the waiting for people to show up that takes the longest amount of time.

“Brandon, its good to see you.” Said Dorothy.

They gave each other a big hug.

“You too, Dorothy. How is everything, how is the event planning?” said Brandon.

“Even planning is event planning. I just did a suare for Genuine Products and it was a big corporate affair. They wanted crystal on every table that fit within a the budget that wasn’t small but when they wanted their theme to be crystal I don’t think even with the size of the budget they allotted me that I would have to do some serious research into getting the right adornments. I did something special for them though. I did some research online and used my company’s reputation to make some magic happen. I got in touch with a certain cola company and explained to them the theme of the event and that it would be a beautiful surprise if I could could obtain roughly 200 bottles of their crystal branded cola.

They said that they did in fact have some in stock and that they could forward it to me but that since it was not available to the public per se that they would have to charge a premium to me to make this happen.

I took a hard look at my budget and sacrificed two or three minor elements so that I could include this lovely take home that people would probably find novel. Crystal Cola. It was a throwback as everyone attending would remember the short lived product but to have it at the Crystal Event would be really special it would take a crystal event and make CRYSTAL if that makes sense. It’s just a way that I thought I could go out of my way within the budget to make the event for Genuine Products special for them, it was an anniversary event and I wanted to out do myself. So I reached out and pulled a string I invented. In the future I might try and do that more often. Invent strings that can be pulled, instead of sticking to all of the strings I am used to pulling to get my work done.” Elucidated Dorothy.

“That is extremely impressive, are their any cola’s left?” said Brandon.

“Not really.” said Dorothy.

“Then those cola’s must have been truly appreciated. If you had some left maybe people would not have been as impressed as you would have thought. “ said Brandon.

“The crystal cola for the crystal event really impressed people and everyone I talked to wanted to know how I got this rather obscure product. Not all but a lot of people did not even open the cola, they brought it home with themselves as a collectors item. Something about nostalgia that makes everyone feel something inside.” Said Dorothy.

“Yeah, nostalgia isn’t even something you can feel until you get to a certain age. Like cartoons, I think the first time I ever even knew what it felt like to feel nostalgic was when a friend of mine in college sent me a link to the actual Duck Tales thematic opening. I was floored. I was flooded with what I could only describe as nostalgia. I had heard the word before but I never knew what it was until there I was watching Scrooge jump into his vat of coins that to this day I am certain is not actually possible but in a cartoon, eh.” Said Brandon.

“I’ll be honest with you, I am also quite certain you cannot dive into coins but cartoons are where the all is possible.” Said Dorothy.

“Well, let’s sit down.” Said Brandon.

“Yeah, your place is always nice every time I see it.” Said Dorothy.

“I keep busy.” Said Brandon.

“When is Mike coming?” asked Dorothy.

“He said he was coming around 9ish.” Said Brandon.

“Well that’s not long from now. It will be good for the three of us to get together again. We don’t do this enough.” Said Dorothy.

“Life, eh?” said Brandon.

“Life.” Said Dorothy.

“Would you like a drink?” said Brandon.

“Hard Lemonade? What because we’re adults now?” said Dorothy.

“You get it. Hopefully Mike will too.” Said Brandon.

“You could be an event planner if you wanted to be. It’s little things like this that makes for a successful event.” Said Dorothy.

“I didn’t know that.” Said Brandon.

“Well, now you do.” Said Dorothy.

“Well thank you.” Said Brandon.

“If you think about it, an exhibit is like a never ending event. Its meant to give a special experience to everyone that encounters it.” Said Dorothy.

“Yeah, that’s true.” Said Brandon.

“From what I know about zoo exhibits, they are meant to give an experience to everyone that encounters them.” Said Dorothy.

“Yeah. That is what an exhibit is. It’s a manicured long standing showcase that provides insight into the showpieces which at the zoo are of course the animals.” Said Brandon.

“You want to make the pitch that this new land that has been donated gets used for the purpose of housing for lack of a better way of putting it, pets?” said Dorothy.

“Basically. I mean to be coarse, if it was like the TJ Maxx of the the local animal world. Where TJ Maxx takes into it’s inventory clothing that didn’t make it off the rack at the retail location this would be similar to that, where animals didn’t make it out of the retail locations of the SPCA , we would provide a service that allows for those animals to live out their full lives and maybe even experience something more special than they would experience at individual homes. The zoo could be approached from time to time for adoption of the animals and as I am envisioning it now this exhibit that I am wanting to pitch would be a place for the public to see the exotic in the seemingly ordinary. Maybe to present the idea that animals are each exotic in their own right. “ said Brandon.

“I like it. It’s sort of halfway between an original idea and applying something that’s always been done to some animals that no one has looked at a certain way before.” Said Dorothy.

“I think Mike is at the door.” Said Brandon.

“Yeah, that is probably him.” Said Dorothy.

Brandon gets up and goes and answers the door and Mike is standing there with a bottle of top shelf whiskey.

“I thought I would bring something to drink. Dorothy its great to see you again.” Said Mike.

“Its great to see you too.” Said Dorothy.

Mike and Dorothy hug and Brandon and Mike shake hands the same.

“Hard Lemonade? Since we are adults right?” said Mike.

“That is exactly what Dorothy said.” Said Brandon.

“Yeah well, I brought some whiskey since we are adults but I’ll have some hard lemonade.” Said Mike.

“What’s been happening?” said Dorothy.

“Life man. Life’s been happening. The cars are moving with the right sales touch, and if you treat people the right way you can get some extras thrown in there that people were not expecting to think of needing. With cars being as option rich as they are now, a lot of times people don’t even know what the options on a car are. I kind of over time have developed this list of options that assuredly most people have never heard of that time and time again people unexpectedly discover that yes actually I would like those options and no I did not know the car came with those options. Its halfway between informative selling and pressure selling. Im light on the pressure though but when someone is encountering new information for the first time, invariably they are at least interested and I let them know that those are the options that make all of my customers happy. “ said Mike.

“Yeah, you are a car salesman.” Said Brandon.

“Damn right I am. No finer business to be in.” said Mike.

“When was the last time you had Crystal Cola?” said Brandon.

“Ages ago. Why do you ask?” said Mike.

“Because I told him it was the centerpiece of my last event truth be told.” Said Dorothy.

“How the hell’d you get Crystal Cola?” said Mike.

“I did my job , that’s how.” Said Dorothy.

“Did you try it?” said Mike.

“I didn’t think to ask that, did you get a taste yourself Dorothy?” said Brandon.

“I did.” Said Dorothy smirking.

“Well, how was it?” said Mike.

“It was amazing. I wasn’t expected to be amazed but I was. I am certain though I was only amazed because of the fact that its been fifteen years since I had it. “ said Dorothy.

“Theres none left is there.” Said Mike.

“Theres not.” Said Dorothy.

“You would be surprised, throw a 24 Pack of Crystal Cola into a car deal and it could mean the difference between someone walking out and sticking around to put pen to paper. I kid you not. I love stuff like that. “ said Mike.

“It’s unfortunate.” Said Dorothy.

“What is?” said Brandon.

“That they let me know, it could only be a one time deal. What’s unfortunate is that you can’t even get the Crystal Cola. The only reason and they let me know the very only reason they were letting the deal happen was because Genuine Products had a certain reputation with them and that and they had to confirm this that it was their actual Crystal Anniversary. They let me know they received a lot of bad press for their Crystal Cola and they weren’t happy about that but that yes, they kept inventories of evey flavor they had ever created in one of their warehouses.” Said Dorothy.

“It was worth the effort then to procure it?” said Mike.

“Yeah I don’t know why they got the headache they had in the press years ago. I don’t remember that. I loved it then. I love it now and everyone at the event thought it was some kind of miracle to see it again. The effect by one of my fellow event planners was called the ‘wave of nostalgia’ it was the only way to describe the way people felt about it. Genuine Products was genuinely impressed. “said Dorothy.

“Brandon, you have a pitch coming up?” said Mike.

“Yes.” Said Brandon.

“What do you have so far. Give me the short and sweet of it as short and sweet as you can get since that’s important.” Said Mike.

“Puppies and Kittens finding a home with the zoo.” Said Brandon.

“Never been done before as far as I can tell. Have you ever heard of that before Dorothy?” said Mike.

“No I have not.” Said Dorothy.

“What about you Brandon, have you, since you work in the zoo, ever heard of that?” said Mike.

“No I really haven’t.” said Brandon.

“Have you done research into finding similar offerings by other zoos?” said Mike.

“I have and I don’t think anyone’s doing it.” Said Brandon.

“Alright, am I to understand that the Cincinnati Zoo is a LEADING zoo?” said Mike.

“Yeah it is.” Said Brandon.

“Alright you’ve got that going for you. If they weren’t a leading zoo I’d say you’d have no chance in hell to even get this idea into a set of ears, to put it shortly.” Said Mike.

“Leading organizations look for ways to continue to lead.” Said Dorothy.

“That makes sense.” Said Brandon.

“This is what we were really working on back at Bising Park when we were selling lemonade. This is what we were really trying to do. We didn’t know it at the time but when we were trying to save a couple animals from being as I later came to discover the meaning, from being euthanized, what we were really interested in was having all of the animals saved from being euthanized. “ said Dorothy.

“Is there anything wrong with that?” said Brandon.

“Maybe.” Said Mike.

“Let me here your maybe.” Said Dorothy.

“There are violent animals.” Said Mike.

“Is that all you got though?” said Dorothy.

“Basically.” Said Mike.

“Alright, then what about this. It won’t be a petting zoo. It could be a petting zoo but animals are unpredictable.” Said Brandon.

“Yes they are.” Said Dorothy.

“Would you want two exhibits for domestic cats and dogs or just one exhibit for the two of them?” said Mike.

“I mean realistically there would be two exhibits, one for dogs and one for cats.” Said Brandon.

“I like it. The zoo takes the dogs, puts em over here.” Said Mike.

“And the zoo puts the cats over here.” Said Dorothy feeding off of Mike.

“I mean that is typically how a zoo works.” Said Brandon.

“How many dogs and cats can you expect to have in each exhibit?” said Dorothy.

“That’s the problem but at the same time that’s the interest factor. I typically work in the penguin exhibit and I just notice from time to time that it’s the exhibits that have the most animals that get the most attention because there is the most to see. I’m thinking the major selling point for the public mind you would be to have as many cats and animals as possible in each separate exhibit. Theres a problem though, bringing the animals back into their cages at night. The more animals there are to be housed at night the greater the more work it takes and work takes people.” Said Brandon.

“Well how does that work with the penguins. You have a couple dozen penguins. How do you get them all in their cages for the night.” Said Dorothy.

“Well I’ll be honest with you. We don’t cage the penguins separately. They don’t really have the ability to fight each other or to be violent so we just take care of them in a group for lack of a better way of putting it but the dogs and the cats that we are talking about would be able to bite and scratch and that might take some special clothing and care to be taken by zoo keepers to work with.” Said Brandon.

“Well, you have a cat house at the Zoo. The cats are indoors in their exhibits all day. What if you pitched the idea that they housed the animals in not an open air exhibit but one that gives them space and serves the purpose of being an exhibit and a housing at the same time. I don’t know I don’t work at the zoo and I only know what you tell me about how it works but there has to be a way to handle these dogs and cats from the SPCA so that the zoo can take care of them.” Said Dorothy.

“What are the politics involved in passing house pets to the zoo? I mean when we were younger if we had gone to the zoo and there was an exhibit where we could see some what 40 or 60 medium sized dogs and some 40 or 60 medium sized house cats roaming around and playing and the such that would have been amazing! I would have loved that. Then to kids that don’t have pets and never really grew up with pets those house pets at the zoo would be exotic to them. I also think that the zoo could benefit from this new location by maybe being a place that if they would be interested could be a place that lets animals become adopted as well. Is there a reason why the zoo can’t act as an agent of adoption? Could the Cincinnati Zoo expand it’s brand and at this place where this new land was donated, wouldn’t it at least be a pitchable idea to suggest tying the zoo closer to the community and allow it teach that domestic animals are exotic somewhere, which they are.” Said Brandon.

“I think you are asking two people that aren’t involved in your field for information that you need to be the expert on. “ said Mike.

“I know, I was just speaking out loud. This is just a unique opportunity for the zoo, one that doesn’t come along quite often.” Said Brandon.

“Have you heard it discussed what other zoo keepers are interested discussing as a use for the land?” said Dorothy.

“One idea is to use it as safari space. Its actually a really popular idea. To use the space to give some of our bigger animals space to roam around more freely. If there was a local safari space where people could be driven through the space and observe our larger animals in various enclosures that could be driven through that is actually one that most people are in favor of.” Said Brandon.

“Have you asked any other zoo keepers about your pitch or have you only talked to us , because we don’t work at the zoo we can only help you with your pitch, you are the one that has this idea that needs to get it through to your board and you work with the zoo, what is the typical response to when you talk about this with other zoo keepers?” said Mike.

“We should have asked you this earlier.” Said Dorothy.

“There is this one guy, old guy. Guy that’s been there longer than any board member. This one guy that kind of took me under his wing. Guy named Frank. Frank sort of in conversation lets me know the zoo’s history and how he has seen it change over time. He loves the idea. When I approached him and discussed my idea for a domestic animal exhibit he’s the one that let me know that it makes perfect sense and that with the amount of land that was gifted that there is no reason not to try something new. Thing is when I discuss this with the younger zoo keepers that are a little bit older than myself, they don’t seem to excited about it. They ask a lot of questions that let me know they don’t think that’s the business the zoo should be in. That the SPCA exists for a reason and that the zoo is by its very nature interested in exotic animals. Frank’s opinion is that animals are animals, each is as exotic as the next. They are all interesting as hell. As he puts it. Frank’s behind the idea 100% but he’s like the only one that seems to be in favor of this concept. It’s why I called you two. You’re like my two best friends that I have known the longest and you’re both really creative and I was just hoping to get some insight into what you thought could be said to sell this idea.” Said Brandon.

“You got this long time employee on your side. “ said Mike.

“Yeah.” Said Brandon.

“Does he know any of the board members?” said Mike.

“He’s good friends with the head of the board.” Said Brandon.

“Then what you need to do is tomorrow talk to this guy. Let him know that you talked to some professional friends of yours and that some ideas were fleshed out for an intitial pitch. Before any architectural plans were drawn up or anything that an initial pitch was developed for bringing in domestic animals under the zoo’s wing and that it’s been decided it’s a great idea. “ said Mike.

“Have you been told when the zoo is going to go public with its new land holding?” said Dorothy.

“They are going to release that information to the press after they make a decision as to what they are going to do with the land.” Said Brandon.

“Alright, then you can’t drum up outside support for your idea so its on your pitch to convince them.” Said Dorothy.

“How about this. What if we drew up a Google Document and when did you say the presentation for pitches was from inside?” said Mike.

“It’s in two weeks for initial formal ideas from within the zoo.” Said Brandon.

“Alright, we’ll draw up a Google Document, send invites to me and Dorothy and over the next two weeks we can help you brainstorm all of the ideas that you need to develop your pitch. “ said Mike.

“is there a time limit on your pitch? “ said Dorothy.

“Not really. The board put out a call to all of the employees of the zoo to come up with ideas as to what to do with the land donation and since it’s a unique opportunity they are reaching out to people to see what people think. It’s a formal survey is what it’s being billed as.” Said Brandon.

“Spend some time with this Frank , and maybe let him know that you are taking this really seriously and that you are planning your career around zoo keeping and that you really want to get someone’s attention when it comes to this idea.” Said Mike.

“Dorothy, like you said. Frank seems like your strongest ally. The idea of reaching out to the SPCA and the Humane Society even seems like a strong one. It’s a shame you can’t create more public awareness about this idea so you have to make the magic happen but please understand that boards sometimes collect input even though they already have a pretty good idea of what they are going to do. I mean this is an opportunity that you have to give your presentation but if its not in the long term vision for your employer it might just get listened to and not acted on.” Said Dorothy.

“Yeah. Don’t lost heart if it doesn’t resonate with the current board members. Just remember that if this is your career, you have to really have seniority to make a major change like this. Don’t get discouraged if this idea of yours gets paid lip service and isn’t given its full due. If that makes sense. Im new into my career and I have pitched a couple new ideas to my employer at the dealership and its not always how great the idea is that gets things done sometimes there are other factors to be considered. From to time I suggest different ways we could do things and sometimes the idea resonates and sometimes it doesn’.” Said Mike.

“Yeah but sometimes something new is exactly what people are interested in. The bringing together of the zoo and domestic animals might be just something that your board needs to hear so that they can think it over. It would be a new point of contact between the zoo and the zoo’s brand and the public. They get a certain amount of people coming to the zoo right now just to see the animals. I imagine they would get more of the public involved with them if the patrons of the zoo could see something new. New is not always a bad thing. Sometimes new is exactly what is needed at just the right time and this land donation, maybe with the right pitch, if you let them know about your past and how a long time ago you thought of this and it gave you direction in life and embedded your pitch with emotion and testimony from an event that happened a long time ago. It could very well be that you get the attention you are wanting to make a dream come true.” Said Dorothy.

“It seems realistic to me. The thought that the public could come and see something familiar in an exotic light such as seeing dogs in large numbers or domestic cats in large numbers would be the core draw. It would have to be the numbers of the animals that would be the draw and the Humane Society and the SPCA would be organizations that could see to it that we provide a public service to the community by being a place where domestic animals that couldn’t find homes as puppies and kittens found homes as adults which is around the time most animals don’t get adopted from what I understand. Euthanasia of animals when its just matter of them not having been able to find a home is the most tragic part of the entire process. If the zoo could find a home for these animals that were just looked over , it could be something really special.” Said Brandon.

“That’s the pitch.” Said Mike.

“That’s the right note to hit.” Said Dorothy.

“What?” said Brandon.

“Make sure there is emotion in your voice when you are giving your pitch. Not needy emotion but confident emotion. Let them know you think that the draw would be something familiar in an exotic light. That’s the perfect way to put this because that’s what it is isn’t it Dorothy.” Said Mike.

“That’s what I am thinking myself. Just make certain you say ‘something familiar in an exotic light’. It’s just what needs to be said. “ stated Dorothy.

“Let’s take a break.” Said Mike.

“I mean this is great conversation.” Said Brandon.

“It’s better than average conversation. It’s about something real.” Said Dorothy.

“We rolled the idea over several times and thought it through. For an initial pitch this is the right kind of conversation to be having.” Said Mike.

“What’s the two of your love lives like?” said Dorothy.

There was a sort of mild pause to the conversation at this point.

“Come on , it’s a fair question.” Said Dorothy.

“I’m seeing someone that I met at a local coffee shop.” Said Mike.

“What’s she like?” said Dorothy.

“She’s great. We have a lot of common interests. Shes in sales, I’m in sales. She deal in reality. I deal in cars. We handle similar styles of block of money so we know what it’s like to be dealing in high pressure sales. On our first date we took a car ride through the city and she discussed it in a way I have never really heard it talked about before. As a real estate agent would she gave me the insight into different neighborhoods and she playfully gave me her real estate pitch on the neighborhoods we drove through in between us talking about our disparate lives.” Said Mike.

“That sounds like a great date.” Said Dorothy.

“I’m not really seeing anyone. I was just in a relationship about six months ago and she got a job in another city and we knew we couldn’t make it work so we said our goodbyes.” Said Brandon.

“What about you Dorothy?” said Mike.

“Me. I’m more the match maker than the one to be matched up with someone. I introduce people to each other over and over at my events and from time to time the people I introduce to each other hit it off and they decide to meet outside of the events I plan. From time to time people let me know that serendipitously I introduced people that really enjoyed each other’s company and I’ve been told I’m responsible for at least two engagements. I haven’t heard of any weddings I’ve been responsible for but I have heard I was responsible for two engagements.” Said Dorothy.

“I imagine you develop an eye for chemistry between people in putting your events together.” Said Brandon.

“Yeah. I don’t know if it’s that or if it’s I’m just always finding the people that look like aren’t involved in a conversation and introducing them to other people that are not involved in a conversation at an event. I try and act natural about it but that’s what I am usually doing once the event has started. Noticing the people that aren’t engaged in conversation and finding a reason to get them involved in a conversation with someone.” Said Dorothy.

“That sounds like a great way to keep an event cordial.” Said Brandon.

“I don’t know if everyone does it that way, but it’s the main way I try to keep everyone involved at the function. It’s a way for me to make sure that as many people as possible have at least one meaningful conversation at my events. I want people to feel more than not left out, I want them to really meet someone that is of similar interests.” Said Dorothy.

“Dorothy, it’s never come up and lets not talk about it now, but please send me your standard rates to my email address and I’ll pass along your details to my manager. We could always use a great event at our dealership to interest our clients in just keeping us in mind as their number one car dealership. It really is about getting as many people through the door as possible and making certain they have a memorable experience. “ said Mike.

“Yeah. We could have our people talk to our people and see what happens.” Said Dorothy.

“Pass me another one of hard Lemonade would ya, Mike?” said Brandon.

“I’ll have on too.” Said Dorothy.

“Yeah, to the both of you.” Said Mike passing Brandon and Dorothy Hard Lemonade bottles and as their arms accidentally touched while grabbing the bottles from Mike they just sort of looked at each other, they looked at each other for a moment like Mike wasn’t in the room, for just a moment. They didn’t say anything they just, for a moment, noticed each other in this conversation, in this room, in this setting, after everything that was discussed, they just, noticed each other, and it was the briefest of moments but they both knew that each other noticed the other noticing the other.

Mike didn’t notice them noticing each other because it was just a moment.

Chapter Ten

Long story short the cincinnati zoo led the way for the Yosemite Naitonal Park to become a zoological preserve for all of the animals in the zoo system in the united states of america.

The End

book one : the gospel of the return of christ by nicholas lawson : the story of a man that dreams through a computer

Chapter One: Getting Canned Can Really Put You In A Jam

Lucius is walking into work sober as a puppy first born waiting to tell everyone about this man named Hakiym that he has met in the interest of promoting his show and producing some material for his Society. He walks up to his secretary and says a little hello. She doesn’t say much in return which is strange because usually she asks him about his morning. Lucius then walks over to his cubicle and attempts to sign in and to his surprise has no luck after several attempts, a morose feelings starts to seep into Lucius, computers are something that are highly predictable and in that Lucius knows that someone wants to tell him something about his computer, maybe he got a promotion and this is how they inform him? Lucius walks over to his boss’s office and the boss waves him in with a smile on his face.

Lucius’ boss’ name is Donald Warner. Donald is very cordial and studied English Literature at Harvard University. He is a very well educated man with great leadership qualities and is very diplomatic.

“Lucius I need to speak with you.” said Donald with the sterness of an employer in power.

“Can you believe that computer outside?” said Lucius searching for insight into his situation.

“We can talk about that in a bit.” said Donald dismissively.

Lucius knew immediately what being canned feels like. Apparently it feels like this.

“Lucius, what is http://www.reddit.com?”

“It’s the place that I find my inspiration and interact with other designers in other cities.” said Lucius still not knowing what the problem is.

“Lucius what is r/girlsgonewild?” said Donald.

“That’s a subreddit.” said Lucius knowing what said subreddit is but also knowing he does not attend such place.

“What is r/4chan?” said Donald building up his case. “That is another subreddit.” said Lucius feeling queasy.

“We audited your computer and found that you are subscribed to these quote unquote subreddits and we are professionally and personally disappointed in your connection to these sites. You posted a picture of my wife on r/girlsgonewild from the office party and then she found herself referenced in several memes that we find disheartening. My wife is not a doe with a slut condition and I don’t know how her photograph was involved in this smut but you are to blame and for that and I can’t work with you anymore. We can’t work with you anymore at this office. Just the utter level of disrespect that you would show to your colleagues is beyond troubling, Lucius what are you doing?” said Donald wondering much about Lucius at this point. “I’m sparking a little pinner.” said Lucius making the most of a bad situation.

“Lucius you know there is no smoking on these premises, especially not that.” said Donald who thought about how he had never smoked pinners in his entire life.

“I mean fuck it right? The world is on the brink of total peace and you are fucking with my life over some shit that has nothing to do with me. I mean I have one account for my reddit life and what I look at, at home is my own business and you just fire me.” said Lucius knowing that he did not post those photographs but not caring enough about this job to keep this job.

“We are not firing you, we are placing you on full leave.” said Donald thinking about the fact that he really doesn’t like Lucius much to begin with.

“Will I be getting paid for my time off?” said Lucius thinking that m a y b e e e e it was him on that one night he can’t quite remember.

“No. No you will not.” said Donald not finding this situation humorous at all.

“Then I’m fired and its bullshit because you need me right now to finish my assignment and you didn’t listen to me about starting the newspaper from the future concept anyways and then you never took me seriously and I was just an over aged joke to you and in that joke no one was laughing.” said Lucius trying to defend himself weakly.

“Lucius we have to ask you to leave immediately and we will call you when we require your services again.” said Donald doing the best he could not to smile.

“Fine.” said Lucius coping with the situation and boiling with anger over some photos.

Lucius takes an inhalation toke on his pinner and on his way out he walks over and picks up a computer printer and chucks it at Donald until he ducks. He flat out throws an Epson and it hits the window and breaks into pieces. Then he picks up some trophies that he had helped win and starts throwing them at the window with every intention of breaking the window. It’s starting to crack. Donald looks scared as shit and runs out of the room and Lucius just starts owning shit in that office and destroys the computer the whole while he is thinking the most serene thoughts of immortality and about how when you fire someone you damn well better make sure you have a legitimate reason and how is he supposed to know who put that photo online it was a company disk of photos that was passed out and just because he has a link to the subreddit doesn’t mean shit. Lucius is laying on the ground now just staring at the ceiling and he knows some shit is going down but since it’s a professional office he figures it will all go better than expected in light of all things considered.

Donald leans over him.

“You fuck. Have fun at the looney bin.” said Donald.

“What?” said Lucius inwardly thinking that life if was a dream life, why couldn’t it be a nightmare, which starts at a point like … this.

“We called the hospital because there is something wrong with you and we will be pressing charges upon your release. You overweight… over aged… over educated… piece of shit.” said Donald with a slowness of speech that for once actually caused Donald to catch Lucius’s attention.

“I did what I did, and you ain right. The hospital will be nice, maybe I will meet a nice woman.” said Lucius completely in the wrong but trying to salvage some form of something.

Lucius is plainly laying on the ground just serenly lifted, he was going to wait until that evening when the festivities started and the Black Eyed Peas were going to change their name to the Black Eyed Peace in honor of the celebration and he was going to celebrate with them. He had heard rumors that there was going to be a flash mob dance but he wasn’t sure. Apparently the Cincinnati Ballet was going to perform a futuristic contemporary ancient swan minuet at the unveiling of the interface and now it looks like he is apparently going to have to change his plans.

“Lucius you could have just been strange now you have to be a criminal on top of it.” said Donald thinking about how wrong he had been upon a first professional interest in this man.

There was a small gathering of people outside the office and they were laughing their asses off at Lucius, like LPK needs to worry about a messy office, they have the funds to clean up anything and it’s just funny to most people to see someone with talent fuck up and be a fuck up and live a fucked up life. To sit back and watch a serious talent rising through the ranks maybe a little bit too quickly and then to just fall flat on their face is funny to people.

Lucius was just laying their horizontal staring at people looking like they were walking on the sky and then he watched them coming for him in slow motion. There were four men dressed in white coming for him with a straight jacket in hand. Donald backed up and said “Goodbye Lucius, you fat fuck.” and then the men in white came in and held Lucius down while he smoked his reefer one last time before it was taken from him. There were two officers as well and they were taking police photos for the municipal records on Facebook and Lucius the Strange was eased into a jacket rather unceremoniously and then they picked him up and and started walking him out of the office.

One person was crying. One person felt sad. One person felt like the whole experience was bullshit because Mary knew that Lucius was forced to use a computer to do business with and three dimensions = so doing felt betrayed by that which meant the most to him. She knew that Lucius took his job more seriously than anyone else and in doing so he was always under a lot of stress to perform to the Design Arts Archtecture Planning levels of prowess that he knew he possessed plus the liberal arts years of absorbing rhetorical linguistica. She just stood there crying while fifteen people were laughing their asses off at a man that was talented but broken.

Lucius was wrapped in restraints and was falling victim to his own behavior. He could have just been fired and let that be that but no he went bananas and in going bananas he opened himself up to this situation. You would think the weed would have calmed him down but apparently he enjoyed his psychotic behavior and he thought if there was ever a time to lose your mind it was when getting fired and he just took it to a place that he probably shouldn’t have taken it but he did take it where he did and that is just what it is.

The ambulance that Lucius was placed in had a stretcher in it. The clerks placed Lucius on the stretcher and then injected him with serum that would put him to sleep.

Lucius said “Hey! Whats in the needle?” groggily as it set in quite quickly.

Lucius started dreaming immediately upon the injection as the lidocaine which went straight into his blood stream and worked its way to his brain where he lost consciousness and in that loss of consciousness Lucius the Reject started dreaming.

He saw a dream that was beyond beautiful as his different layers of consciousness began to overlap and take form. It was his dream that would be the dream of a million dreams and in that dream he could see the future speaking to him.

“Lucius, take heart. All that seems lost is won. All that seems won is lost. Welcome to your freedom.” said a voice.

Then Lucius was taken through a concept. He saw himself as a foreman of a foundry who produced the color purple and it was his job to reinvigorate the purple business and his first thought was that they needed a fundraiser and in that fundraiser there was a website called http://www.kickstarter.com that aided in the arts and he saw this factory cutting a deal with artists offering purple at a discount to try and bring it back into serious fashion so that business would pick up.

Then Lucius woke up and was staring at a television that was attached to a corner in the room. Lucius gauged his situation and he saw himself in four point restraints and then he just laughed. LOL O LOL O LOL O LOL O LOL O LOL O LOL O LOL O LOL O LOL O LOL O LOL O L L L L L LOL O LOL O L L LOL LOL O LOL O L LOL O LOL LOL LOL O L LOL L. Doctors came in to see what he thought was so dilusionalistically funny.

“This, this is funny, that you would think I am crazy in a world changing so fast that sanity finds it hard to keep up. You don’t know what led up to my outburst, you don’t know Donald Warner that passive aggressive supposed leader who avoided every moment that I brought up that was strange. He was weak and he wasn’t even a boss for real he just kind of came in and decided he could tell me what to do, even though I was older than him and was at LPK longer than him. He was unoriginal but very literate and could write like nobodies business and we were friends off the clock and enemies on the clock because he didn’t let me bring him the kind of business that he knew I could bring.” said Lucius the Now Sanitized.

“Lucius we believe you are suffering from mental illness syndrome.” said a random unknown untrusted doctor.

“Are you going to let me go?” said Lucius not really knowing how this situation would pan out for him or what psychiatric hospitals did to people or under what conditions people were allowed to leave these places.

“If you are calm.” said the doctors thinking that Lucius the Stuck meant the restraints.

“I am calm.” said Lucius the Psych realizing the doctors thought that he was referring to the restraints.

An orderly came in and loosened the straps of the restraints and Lucius the Kidnapped sat up and rubbed his wrists. He thought to himself that even though he is in a psychiatric unit it’s not the strangest day of his life. That would be the day that he was drunk and blacked out and woke up in London, England with a crepe in his right pocket and a gun in his left. He was studying at the University and all he knows is that he either got away with or it didn’t happen because that gun was missing three bullets. Crazy shit.

Well, now, Lucius is walking around the hospital and he makes his way from room to room in order to get a feel for what these new surroundings are. It’s not like he didn’t think there would be consequences to his actions it’s just that he didn’t think the consequences would be this interesting. He figured he would be out in a couple hours … it’s okay to get angry isn’t it? Some people experience intense emotions and some people just are batshit capable people, you probably know a few yourself.

Looking around the layout is simple enough there are main hallway doors lining it up and down leading to bedrooms and there is a room for watching television at the end of the way and a small cafeteria on the right and behind him is the most beautiful sight he has ever seen, The Exit.

A patient walks up to him and taps him directly on the chest. Lucius just looks at the short funny looking creature in a pink gown and thinks to himself “I went crazy. This person is.”

“Yeah?” said Lucius further into his thoughts about this creature.

“What color is Thursday?” said the man most sincerely solidifying Lucius’s belief immediately there are multiple levels of sanity.

Lucius just stood there and then in a very peaceful calm manner spoke.

“Chartreuse. Thursday is typically a very subtle shade of chartreuse.” replied the Inwardly Hostile but Outwardly Shepherding Lucius.

The man smiled and took off running in the opposite direction screaming “CHARTREUSE!” with a very maniacal style that implied Lucius had provided him with his own momentary personal holy grail.

Lucius starts calmly surveying his surroundings and thinking about his predicament. He doesn’t say anything to anyone he just walks around and absorbs the sensations of being in this unfortunate place and he sees a certain someone in the back on the phone screaming into it and talking about something having to do with wanting absolutely zero meat products on their food. Lucius walks closer out of amused curiosity and hears the following.

“Look … you have to understand you FUCKING carnivore I don’t want any bloody bony flesh products on my meal. I have told you politely and I don’t know how many times that your fucking flesh covered, dead carcass, mucoid, debilitating to my homeostatic state has appeared on my plate and I am ordering you as I am the supreme vegan that you will discontinue feeding me any and all and every caloric particle of flesh on my plate and from this phone call on you will only serve me fruit and vegetables and nuts and seeds and that is all the fuck you are going to serve me on my plate. Do you fucking understand me? This is bullshit … I don’t even want to be here and I am just sick and tired of this treatment, hello? hello?” said the short powerful man.

Lucius takes a look at this man after his own heart and decides that he looks like a normal enough Aferican who just doesn’t want to chew on something that died a week ago. Lucius had been vegan for about two weeks when it occurred to him that rotting dead carcas tissue may not actually be the most healthy caloric item to place in your body as there may in fact be evolutionary defenses embedded within the dead carcass tissue and that an all knowing Mother Nature may ostensibly on some level actually punish carnivorous behavior on some level but that since he learned about veganism from his mentor he decided that since he wasn’t on television producing veganism, he wasn’t spearheading it in his life as the dead carcus tissue did fit between his teeth a certain way. Any day you find yourself chewing on dead carcass tissue that is not considered a winning moment. Winning is keeping your karma in the best position possible and through devouring something that at one point itself had karma, well in that moment, you may be ostensibly inheriting a massive amount of negative karma. You honestly cannot defend the devouring of eating carcass tissue. You can do it but you cannot defend it. You can ignore your behavior but you cannot explain away what you are doing. If you have the ability to live and let live you should honestly do so because that is best for the equity of life on this highly marble shaped planet type item floating in the cosmos. Winners are raw food veganists and you can determine where you stand in the world of karma differentiating yourself morally downward from a karmically perfectionist diet. The most karmically perfect of us is of the raw food vegan. Dietary morality is a very real thing and just because you do not personally care about your own moral upkeep does not in fact mean that you are making moral decisions. It is not okay to be amoral and atrophying morally. Working against the definition of civilized behavior is not karmically sound. Civilization needs to be consistently grooming itself and perfecting its social ceremonies and honestly the only way you can interpret consuming something that used to love life as much as you do out of convenience is honestly abhorring and I ate a steak burrito bowl from Chipotle’s the other day so morally I am as bankrupt as anyone but I still defend raw food veganists for it is good habit to defend those that have higher morals than yourself even though you may be of the most base creatures on the planet. If you know someone has more positive karma than you that are of a positive nature you just do yourself a favor by knowing they are better humans than you and defending them for what they are while you wage your own battle with your habits and predispositions in this strange world we call earth.

“Yo, are you okay?” said Lucius the Caring wanting to hear a “Yes.”

“Who the fuck is you?” said the man not replying as Lucius the Now Careful had expected.

“I’m Lucius” said Lucius the Supreme Authority on All Things Lucius.

“You’re the fuck they had in four point restraints, It’s fucking nice to meet you , you European, invading, war mongering, colonizing, mouse clicking, overweight, awkward piece of fecal matter.” said the man unknowingly ingratiating himself to Lucius the Insulted.

Lucius the Stricken burst with laughter.

“You are my new favorite person.” said Lucius the Strange Befriended.

“I’m going to shove a carrot up your asshole when I get a chance.” said the man who then walked away leaving Lucius thinking about the safety of his anus. Lucius thought for a second about what it would be like to have a carrot rammed succinctly into his anus and thought that it would be better if it just didn’t happen. He probably didn’t mean it but just being around a raw food vegan is comforting even if he is batshit crazy but cool.

Lucius the Athletic drops to the ground and starts doing a couple pushups. Why not? It’s a free country. And he gets in about 15 reps before he craps out. Fat fucks need to work hard to not be fat fucks so that fat fucks can drop and give 50 instead of 15.

Well Lucius the Fat Fuck walks into the cafeteria and he sees that the television is available for remote controlling. He looks up and turns on the TV. There is literally nothing to do in this hospital and so he cops a squat and figures he will just think about his situation before he talks to a nurse. He is truly surprised that no one has spoken to him but there are about a dozen people walking around and honestly Lucius the Participant of the Crowd does not really feel like caring he just came out of four point restraints and was called evil by a vegan Aferican and just too much is happening all at once so he turns on the television to just zone and apparently there are some BET fans in this hospital because the first thing that he sees is Terrence from 106 and Park on television and he is in the process of introducing Nicki Minaj as a guest on the show.

To be quite honest Lucius thinks to himself, her best track was Warning and the accompanying YouTube Video was the hottest Lucius had ever seen of the female gangster hip hop artistic vocal percussive variety. As a Minaj fan Lucius decides that at least one good thing is coming from all of this. He gets to see the new Nicki Minaj video.

So he sits back and Nicki comes out with tie dyed hair and a giant spoon wrapped around her body and she is holding a giant purple fork in her other hand. She is smiling that priceless smile like a post-modern Audrey Hepburn surrounded by the Breakfast at Tiffany Party 24/7 who lives a life filled with the adoration of a nation ready to watch her pop that pussy. Lucius is enjoying the show and Terrence is letting the world know how real all of this is and that is case you are wondering … it’s so so real. Well Nicki is talking about how she met little Wayne because she absolutely LOVES talking about how she met little Wayne. She thinks it’s a cute story to tell and it doesn’t matter how many times she tells it she just keeps embellishing on the facts as she gave up telling the truth years ago about the matter. Apparently this time Nicki met Little Wayne in a recording studio in Antarctica when he saw her across the room and he went up to her and asked her if she wanted to play his electric guitar. She apparently said only if he would help her make a music video where she got to bump her bum against his jeans and helped her dress like a futuristic oil painting everywhere she went. As the story goes he agreed and then she picked up his electric guitar that he kept with him everywhere he went, like it was his chain, and she started playing “Stairway to Heaven” because she was classically trained at Julliard in electric guitar riffage and when Wayne heard her spit that smooth Jamaican Queens or Queens Jamaican or rather just that Queen spit he looked her right in the eye and said … baby will you join Young Money… it was love at first sight according to Minaj and she is gushing on television and then she mentions how the first time she met Drake he was lifting weights in a Gold’s Gym and Nicki was doing pull ups and he just walks up to her and he asks her ‘who the fuck are you?’ and she was offended at first but then when he explained that no one ever helped him, she relented and helped him get his recording contract with Cash Money Records so that Young Money could eventually grow old together. Minaj started crying on television and her Opai eyeliner started to smear and then she recovered her coherence and looked right at the camera and said “CINCINNATI GOOD LUCK WITH THE COMPUTER!” and then Lucius was like…

“OOO OOO OOO OOO OOO OH HHH HHH HHH HHH HH SHH HHH HHH HH HI II II II II II II II II IT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT!” and screamed it so loud that a nurse came and checked on him.

“Yo nurse let me holla at you for a minute.” said Lucius preparing to let the world know why you should be careful about what you say to professionals.

“Excuse Me?” said the nurse using a phrase she most likely used often.

“Bitch, I said let me holla at you.” said Lucius smiling letting her know that he is dead serious.

“You will address me as Nurse Riggs from now on, nurse Denae Riggs to be exact.” said the nurse who is a charming creature but not very astute.

“Why did you tell me your first name.” said Lucius getting ready to enter into a battle of words with this person.

“Because I’m stupid okay. I got into a car accident and my brain splattered all over the road and they had to put me back together and then my girlfriend wasn’t allowed in the hospital because lesbians can’t hold hands after a car crash.” said nurse Denae Riggs crying.

“Alright, well, look here bitch, err nurse Denae Riggs. I need you to take your little fat car accident ass and go and get me a remote control so that I can watch the computer unveiling. “Said Lucius not having a clue why you would share that story in real life.

“OH THAT’S RIGHT THE COMPUTER! And I am only doing this because I want to see it too but you are not to call me a bitch. I am an empowered woman who suffered excruciating heart break because THEY WOULDNT LET ME HOLD HER HAND AFTER MY BRAIN SPLATTERED ON THE ROAD IN AN ACCIDENT and I deserve the respect that any full blooded woman who tells terrible stories with no bearing on Public Allies curriculum whatsoever but is weirdly tragic and not worth mentioning and I am a woman who you need to bow down to so … YOU BOW DOWN TO ME! I was in the first Public Allies class.” said nurse Denae Riggs.

“Miss Riggs I don’t care about any of that all I know is that uniform or no uniform you are exactly where you need to be. I might be here because I threw a computer out a window and smoked a lil blunt like an L at PK but the universe has saw fit to reunite you with your own kind and we just met so it’s not like I have a strangely biased opinion against you for telling me crazy shit like the Public Allies is a fascist organization but in another life I am certain you told me that and you ruined my experience and had me thinking of conspiracies and anyways what I am really trying to say is that I hope you read this message carefully … GO GET THE FUCKING REMOTE YOU FREAKY LESBIAN CREATURE!” said Lucius t r y i n g to strike a severe nerve.

The nurse just smiled and walked her fat waddly little ass down the hallway and tapped a doctor on the shoulder. He looked at her and very pointedly asked her ,

“Where did you get that nurses outfit?” and she said “Um, I work here.” and the doctor said “Oh yeah, unfortunately, what do you want?” asked the doctor not really caring about the very breath in her lungs.

“We have a patient that is being verbally abusive.” said the nurse Riggs.

“Did you tell him the story about the accident where your brains were splattered on the concrete in what can most certainly be considered evidence that you survived but in the form of an idiot who would give a public speech about how a woman was not allowed to hold your hand while you were recovering from dangerous driving habits?” said the doctor knowing how this was going to go down.

“Yes.” said the Riggs machine looking for a woman’s hand to hold.

“Alright, well, if he wants the remote control so that he can watch the computer unveiling you should probably get it for him since that is in your job description.” said the doctor wishing she was a patient as opposed to a nurse.

“I work. I earn a paycheck telling people about my problems and I do not deserve this treatment. I quit” said Denae and then she started to walk out of the room as the doctor under his breath let out a small applause whisper that only he could hear.

Lucius was then approached by the doctor who told him two things.

“Here is the remote. You are going to be here for a while just so you know and thanks for dealing with Denae Riggs.” said the doc actually fairly friendly like.

Lucius was flummoxed but what could he do? So he reached all the way back in time to Thomas Edison and came back and with all the panache he could muster he ceremoniously pushed the channel button and in this moment we are no longer watching Nicki Minaj talk about life standing in front of cameras spitting the hottest cutesy rap flows from Marilyn Monroe’s style like she herself could have been a rap vixen and instead turns to the one event the universe has been awaiting since existence unfolded trillions of years ago that put us on track to be building up to this moment in concert with the greatness of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, English, Italians, Australians and the Mayans and the Aztecs and every one of these civilizations was great but not as great as our civilization because we have ….

Chapter Three ::: We Must Honor Our Creation

… Lucius the Controversial and he was watching the television and Sheila Gray was standing on a stage holding a microphone speaking to the audience. Cincinnati voted Sheila the most prominent news anchor in the city and the most liked person by everyone in the city. She is the host of the festivities because in a reddit poll everyone in Cincinnati seemed to think she is the most famous person in the news business and as such she won easily and now hosted the festivities of the Unveiling.

Lucius the Patient was just sitting there observing Sheila Gray on the morning show that she was a true anchor for and then the aferican vegan from the telephone situation sat down next to him and looked up.

Lucius the Bemused looked over at him.

“I may be crazy but I can at least enjoy some history?” said the bi-polarish individual.

Lucius just nodded like right, right.

They both looked up at the television and no one else at the hospital really seemed to care or were capable of caring. Murmurs of it just being a computer resonated with the masses in the hospital and created a lack of impressment.

Well, Sheila in all of her Queen City majesty and per Steve Jobs Instructions gave a very simple presentation. After spending 50 years working on the computer he wrote a speech for his afterlife that was to mark this opening occasion of this |small wonder | that he created with his own imagination, ingenuity, pervasiveness and ultimately his very own most holy hands.

Sheila begins with solemnity. The audience is silent and holy.

The computer is standing there in all its futuristic glory with a monitor that is three hundred feet tall and one hundred and fifty feet wide. There are about a million people flooding the streets very calmly paying homage to Steve Jobs for providing the ultimate inspiration for the perfection that is the computer. His company Apple Computer Incorporated produced a very special operating system known as AppleSauce |tm| that was meant to power this hydrogen energized quanta net computation device that served the purpose of being the singular computer that would be passed down through the ages. Data centers would fail, personal computers would fall into disrepair but because of the logical input of the Long Now Foundation this computer was going to be downloading and cataloging the entire moment in GIT style fashion such that every permutation and every change that deviates from the original source file download will be changed. As the internet changes so too will the master files of the Quantum GIT repository and it was to be a stroke by stroke catalog of the causes and effects of the memes that fly through the computer and this computer was to serve the purposes of discretely identifying mimitic patterns and mimitic creations and their dissemination and emergence. It was to identify who the real power users of the web are and rank the most powerful internet users by discerning whose ideas are propagated the most diversely and implicitly. This computer was also to serve the purpose giving people a glorious computing experience to do everything but play games on. It was decided that computer games would not be a part of this experiment as there is no need to detail the intricacies of a massive waste of time. The computer was outfitted with; now check this out, the | ADOBE | MASTER’S SUITE XQ975678. This was a piece of software specifically built for immortality. This software was only available on this computer and it was hard wired into the motherboard and encoded on a chip so that this software could not be updated or changed or manipulated and the expressed purpose of this was so that 10,000 years from now the same software would be being used as it was now. This computer was the first trans generational piece of hardware whose purpose was to create a metric by which every generation could be gauged in their skill at using the computer. This was a competition of sorts, a new sport. Ultimately the purpose was to state that anything analog was just practice and it’s the digital age where everything counts. Yes you can have skill in the analog age but you cannot achieve pristine immortality which is the whole purpose of creating authorship and this computer serves that purpose to measure immortal works and the admin’s are professional enough to leave well enough alone.

The computer allows for the uploading of video, photo, audio, text files and a few other choice markup files and that is the fuck all this computer runs on coupled with styling htat is provided by the browser of the video, photo, audio, text files. There is not to be any communism done on the files of this computer in that it is a finished piece of equipment. It took 50 years to build this one giant computer and it’s more intricate than 15 sky scrapers in scope and everything about it is considered perfect. It was decided that the greatest minds would combine to create the greatest piece of information architecture for the purposes of creating a lasting memory of the greatest generation that ever lived and you can tell this is the greatest generation because all of us are alive in it. If it wasn’t for us this generation would not be as peaceful and enthralled by the authoring as it is but we all are here so it’s awesome. This that Apple built in Cincinnati, OH has an Apple track pad and a keyboard made of granite that has been stress tested to last longer than the stress tests and it is estimated that the keyboard alone will last for several hundred thousand years. There was NASA engineering put into this computer in that instead of aiming for the moon of space they aimed for the moon of time and essentially this computer is a time capsule and a graveyard at the same time.

You have to face your mortality when you are on the computer and since this is the inception of the computer and the inaugural ceremony there is little evidence of sleep surrounding us. Sleep is typically forgotten for the most part most of the time but the hope is that as generations build information on the computer and as generations wane and disappear the data from their existence will build up from generation to generation and every generation that exists after every generation that exists will have peta bytes of information stored on this computer to learn from and build on and the whole point of creating a FUCKING STANDARD UNCHANGEABLE INTERFACE is so that skill can be gauged in very real terms and comparative knowledge can be gained. This computer that has been placed in Cincinnati is meant to be a form that every generation makes their mark on. The future might want to know who we are and what we are doing so a generation created the most immense and vast memory bank that has or ever will be created and this was placed in the Fountain Square of Cincinnati. The monitor is coated with diamond sheets that were forged in Iowa, There is a chromium silo housing the hardware that has been calibrated through fifty years of existence and collaborative work in the greatest effort that patience has ever achieved an unfathomably satellitically precise and automatically maintained inner hardware structure and the entire computer is hermetically sealed in such a way that should civilization cease to exist and the power of earth shut off and dinosaurs start walking upon the earth again in millions of years this computer has the solar power capacity to function for the raptors that might want to test it out.”

Then Sheila added, “This computer is also to serve the purpose of bridging all of the gaps of conflict on earth and refocuses our energies on a new task…astronomy. This computer exists per Steve Jobs honorific request to make data and to study data and to engage in data creation and he wanted this computer to be more than a toy he worked his entire life to oversee the creation of a machine that would serve the purposes reclaiming information science and authorship and this computer on Fountain Square is also to serve as a reminder that we are here for a short period of time, if you want to be remembered for having passed the test of time’s purposes you should consider getting to work because this computer serves the purpose of reminding us that this computer will outlive us. There may come a day when data input stops and where all that is left of is memory and keyboards.” Then Sheila stopped for moment and just looked around and gave herself a moment. She turned on her iPhone and started her own personal YouTube for her own personal digitalation that moment was for her.

Then Sheila went back to Jobs message “We are immortal creatures and I should know because I knew my time was coming so I created the largest computer screen the world has ever known, it may not all be in one piece but together all of these computers serve a purpose that transcends spread sheets and complex circulation of strange energy patterns. These computers symbolize who we are as people and give us a reason to live in that we know that we will be remembered and in being remembered maybe we can be appreciated and in being appreciated maybe we can be inspired and in being inspired maybe we can elevate our mindsets to the level of that I strive for and we no longer have to compete with Apple, we can strive to be like Apple in all that we do. Say what you will about numbers and prices but when it comes to object for object that Apple computer that I oversaw the creation of is over and above the power that even NASA was working with. We should all hope to take our lives and our careers and our ispirations as seriously as myself because I no longer exist, so you can say what you want about me but what you can’t deny is that that computer exists. That giant three hundred foot tall computer is a lasting mark of the wisdom that was built and we engaged in logical conversations for our entire lives and from our logic we broke ground that no civilization ever broke before and from that effort you will find that we created memory. We created time capsules and all of your computers will last for certain periods of time but this computer will last for all time. You speak of Da Vinci and Michelangelo … they drew pictures and theorized about what could be … I actually made it possible for this project to take place … please now that you are all assembled for my final masterpiece a master peace where we all get to work creating the art that will fulfill and enrich our lives in the city that brought us baseball and the republican party we stand resolute that if we will die, our memories will not. APPLE.”

Lucius was crying and the man sitting next to him was crying as well. Nothing pussy like but just those tears that let someone knows that someone was touched.

Lucius looks over at the man next to him.

“You seem real, what’s your name?” said Lucius the Weepy.

“Khassa.” said Khassa the Weepy.

“Yo what brings you in here?” said Lucius the Man Who Weeps

“I’ve fucking had enough man and I was in Trio’s on a business meeting and I didn’t want to go and I ordered my veggies, banana smoothie that I PAID to have them specially make for me and they thought I wanted a steak and potato and I lost my shit. I stood up screamed FUCK THE CARNIVORE EMPIRE and I started picking up the disgusting flesh from peoples plates and decided to start saving lives the way we should all be doing. The restaurant called the police and the only reason why I’m not in prison which is where I would rather be, is because the hospital said I was sick and that I wasn’t a criminal buuuut these people are the real sick ones they don’t know that they are eating dead carcass tissue. They should be honoring my spirit and putting me on television and the radio and fucking listening to me man. People talk about their health and how they want to be healthy but too many people are too concerned with whatever, I don’t fucking know, but I’m speaking the truth and they don’t want to hear it.” said Khassa the Raw Food Vegan.

“You sound like you snapped.” said Lucius the Impressed.

“Yeah I snapped, this world is fucked up and needs to not be fucked up..” said Khassa the Despondent Healer.

Lucius was sitting there contemplating everything that was happening wiping the last tear from his eye. A bell rung and Khassa leaned over and told him that that meant it was time to get medications. Khassa just sat there. Lucius just sat there. They both kept watching the television.

Sheila Gray came out on stage and began another discussion.

“This is our pyramid. This is our monument to our civilization. Every prayer that has ever been prayed has been for this machine. We are marking a singulartarian point in our existence with this supernatural object. There are engineers and atheists alike who will tell you this is just an object the same as any other object but I remarkably counteract that and point out that this object has a memory. Pure and simple no other object before this has had the ability to transcend time and space the way this object has. We have with us our tombstone. I will come out and say it, we are going to die the same as every other collection of generations before us but we have something that every generation before us has never had to the extent that we have it … WE WILL BE REMEMBERED … we are the start of new traditions and we are the start of new social conventions … we are the start of new religions and religious practices as the religions we study today are not like the religions prior … we are more advanced. We have our values that are higher than the values of previous generations as today we will not put patriotism above human rights and we will never see another world war because we will be open to the dialogue as a generation that prevents it and we will show the forthcoming generation how to to avoid war as well with this instructions to do the same and too much effort and too much work has gone into the creation of what we see before us today. Now we will work to preserve, memories and people. We may be facing a recession but in that recession comes this object this beautiful pristine object and from that object comes a need to rupture to change to uplift to another form of consciousness. It will happen quickly for others and slowly for others still. We have with us an object that will remember us forever. For the rest of what time is we will be remembered and future generations will thank us with their lives for providing enough of a distraction in life to keep us from imbibing on that lust for power that transforms societies into warring nations. We will no longer fight the weak; we will no longer fight the strong. We will no longer fight. We will explore the insides of our minds and we will find out whom here lives among us. Some of you are performance authors who were never in a social situation that provided you with the confidence to entertain us. We deserve the ceremony where the individual expresses their true form before a world audience. We deserve the best that you have to offer your fellow man and we deserve to cry and we deserve to laugh and we deserve to be angry and we deserve to be embarrassed and we deserve our emotions. We are seeking to explore our emotions in ways that prior to the immaculate global infrastructure of media was not possible. Look at Nicki Minaj. She was never meant to be a celebrity. She was a locked up box of emotion that decided that she wanted to be a star and she shared her emotions with the people around her and as she received support from her peers she began to blossom. It is because of the support that Nicki Minaj received that she was able to blossom. She is being herself and that is who she is. We all need to find our inner Nicki Minaj because honestly she is a darling among darlings and in that we can find our Nicki Minaj and become as beautiful as she is. Who among you can elevate to the levels of Minajisty that Nicki has. I implore you to develop the tradition, I do more than implore you, I order you to incorporate the computer into your lives such that you make YouTube videos of yourselves. We have to fill this computer up with information that is of a higher quality than what we have prior to this moment. The future is watching and you can tell because we see their hieroglyphics today and they were built some 7000 years ago … this computer is going to be around for at least 7000 years and we are going to be remembered in our fullness long after we all depart. This is our immortality and in this computer we can develop virtual simulations of our consciousness and we can get as close as humanly possible to having all of our information remembered for the rest of time to the extent that the future would be able to with the information we are providing it with, we can find the places where it could reconnect with the past and we could commune with our grandchildren and greatest grandchildren and we could have an interplanetary family reunion where we through the power of love transmit medical information from the past to the future so that the future knows exactly where we received our information because we have medical technology that has never existed before in the history of mankind. The very real defeat of sleep is at hand and if the fight wages for another couple of centuries and we take more casualties to the unnatural entity known as sleep at some point we conquer sleep …. and then what? What happens to the economy when all souls live forever and in that world we need authorship. This is the time for artists to shine, become in touch with your inner Da Vinci and Michelangelo and remember that they were searching for what we have right now. We will never find our Jesuses and our Muhammad’s in time we will only ever read about these persons that engaged in the creation of art and were remembered for their art. Moses created art when he built the Ten Commandments and was remembered forever for creating a baseline of law that we still follow to this day. Authorship is more than just pictures on paper and musical performances it is the end result of a lifetime searching for answers and finally deciding to as a man step into that place where anything can happen and its making that anything happen.”

Sheila wipes a tear from her eye, not from the emotion of sadness but from the emotion of … depth … and she intones. “Let me tell you about the history of this computer. It started with Steve Jobs at the beginning of Apple Computer. This computer is the reason that Bill Gates went his way and developed Microsoft instead of sticking by the side of a genius Gates would rather compete. Time has shown that | ? | was the greater genius and possessed the greater vision. We only ever needed one computer and Bill Gates started a divisive movement in the computation industry that created division and non compliant computers but Steve Jobs was an author. He was not just trying to create another computer he saw the computer as a medium to facilitate the creation of authorship. Steve Jobs is our generation’s author. He is the author who made certain that all other authors would be remembered and able to elevate their form. He is the author that deserves a level of immortality; well, commensurate with this computer that we have built in his honor. Every artist that exists today owes their career and their livelihood to this computer and through the greatest fund raising that the world has ever seen we raised the funds to build this computer that serves as a world wonder worthy of the remembrance of a man that determined his fate and the fate of humanity by proving that creation was the most powerful force on the planet. Prior to Steve Jobs there was art and there were movements but there was never anything practical that served the purposes of achieving immortality. The timing wasn’t right and the civilization wasn’t ready but Steve Jobs was the man that saved earth in that he inspired all of the greatest minds to focus on immortality and that brings us to this computer. The Appliconica.”

She went on in this appropriate visage to a man that will be remembered in every file that we save. “We will be remembered in ways that Steve Jobs discussed. He used to go on these religious pilgrimages to a Buddhist temple and do yoga. He was a centered man in his own consciousness and through his prayers he divined the higher levels of consciousness necessary for higher consciousness levels of work. He was angry so often because he used his supreme anger to pull out of all of us the highest levels of perfection. Bill Gates was happy with … it works and can be sold … Steve jobs was ONLY happy with … is it perfect yet? [ On a side note, this book was written on a Windows machine towards the end of it’s creation and quite frankly the Window’s machines used in the creation of this product crashed less than their Apple Counterparts and FELT cleaner ] … a new breakthrough … incorporate that … he kept collecting all of the best technological improvements and he was steadfast about his implementation of the technology because he had a long now vision of the future … without him we would just have computers and every generation would fight over standards and would fight to be the greatest tech company and there would be divisions … but Steve Jobs corralled everyone together and said … no … the best of you will fight to work with the best of you and we collectively fight to create the best and if you don’t live up to your highest levels of expectation for yourself I will kill your ego and make you start over just so that I can eviscerate the worst of you out of you so that the best of you can be the best that you could possibly be.”

“Steve Jobs was the artist that absolutely hated going to market with less than his absolute best. He would have been fired from Microsoft for trying too hard to serve his consumer … he was not a market friendly person but he realized that the computer was an object that was more important than a widget. He saw the computer as something that the widgets were to serve the purpose for. He saw a conduit to forever and in that conduit he knew and he fought and he screamed and he realized as a result of all of it that his level of perfection was supreme to his peers by an infinite potential. His computers did more than just work they set a standard for an immortal brand that would seek to outlast all of his peers in power and design.”

“He was the designer. He was the man that the typeface of God deemed responsible for enabling humans to redeem themselves in their own eyes. We have the power to see ourselves in a time lapsed mirror called video and listen to ourselves talk and to listen to ourselves sing and to watch ourselves act. We have ourselves to spend time with and the greatest moments can be sold and for those working for great moments they can earn a living just living.”

“The iTunes store allows us a global marketplace to entertain the world because it was getting scary there in a world that DEPENDS on the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to be the absolute pinnacle of achievement and when Steve Jobs came out with the computer that was his vision they realized that the United States would never be better than Steve Jobs and his Wizard of Oz like offering of an operating system and started to ignore us and our principles and as such the world started to decay because earth has evolved to depend on the United States as being the bedrock of civilization. From the derelict pilgrims that were kicked out of their home countries for being too strange religiously and too fanatical comes this derelected highly civilized beyond cultured realm of the English language that creates new logic for the worlds purposes as a rule. The United States amended the Ten Commandments to Eleven. and the Eleventh commandment was per Steve Jobs request THOU SHALT UPLOAD and with that one line the entire holy system of religion was updated in as few words as possible.”

“He was a religious scholar and a logician and he made plans early through working with the Long Now Foundation to create the item known as the Time Machine. It was Steve Jobs who worked to develop this item that we have before us which is our space ship into time. He knew that a time machine would not have engines it would have memory and you can see the kernel of his genius in his very own updating system. That is essentially how the time machine would work and he spent his entire life working on the prototype that led us up to this time machine we see before us. We have explicitly not tested it in 100% fashion because test or no test Steve Jobs wanted Earth to be in lock step when he turned on his ultimate time machine. This machine would download all cataloged movement and all cataloged information and in the same way his time machine worked on the Apple, blessed be this machine, where you had a comprehensive template of all of the systems that were capable you would then simply update the content changes or the preferences and you would also catalog how the changes occurred and by who and at what time.”

“Steve used to talk about how there was going to be a limit to the technological progression of these systems of computation and that a time machine would work best and would kick in when every system that could be created would be created. He knew that at the exact point where human imagination was at its peak … time travel would start there. It happened to him and he didn’t know how it would happen and that was because the information that he was building was essentially exquisite rudimentarianism. If he had stopped with the first Apple computer and just sold that forever he would have built what was necessary for the creation of this object but he spent forever refining it and making improvements and now, well we can allow for the whole world to be immortal because of this work.

“This computer serves the purposes of giving every generation a file indexed in a pristinely built database and every second of every generation has a file earmarked for every person in that generation. This computer works heavily with the United States government and the office of medical records and what it does is it starts a file off in your federal name at your point of physical inception into reality. This computer waits for you to start uploading to it yourself in your name and with this speech I can unveil a broader secret to you. The whole point of this system is to communicate to the grand children of our grand children. We have reached a level of civilizational development as a planet that calls upon us to understand that we are a peaceful enough species to flourish and that we will survive. We will survive until we no longer have a planet that supports us and then in that planetary scenario we will be prepared to leave this planet and find our survival in space.”

“This computer is the ascent of our civilization into adulthood. We can observe every type of human interaction that exists and we can see everything that is possible for us to do as humans and we can see what it takes to make a breakthrough and we can see what happiness truly looks like and human sadness as well. We can collectively paint a picture on this computer and give it the purpose of allowing all of us to listen to all of us. I think Tosh.0 is the worst show in the history of television and him the best comedian in the history of comedians because he is brilliant with a desperate need to achieve his ultimate potential. He is outrageous _ yes but, needlessly mean. He thinks it’s funny to prey on the weak and has no decorum. Yes he has talent and yes he can make you laugh but not at yourself because of yourself. Steve Jobs always said he contemplated heavily censoring tosh.0’s television shows from his network but didn’t because it would create a terrible precedence. Daniel Tosh is probably the anti-bob saget. Bob saget had his asshole persona but he put it aside when it was time to be a professional and when he was on camera he put his best personality forward on Full House. This person that is an enigma among personalities and then Daniel Tosh has the nerve to lambast the person that created the template for his show that is just a hack version of home videos? He single handedly made me admonish the world of standup comedy when I realized that what Daniel Tosh does is all that it has become on Tosh.0. The powerful prey on the weak verbally and because someone laughs apparently it’s okay. Tosh.0 could be doing the opposite. He could be championing the internet and pointing out all of the successful moments that it has on it and instead he is just creating the nexus point for every fucked up moment on television and basically ruins the entire comedic experience and pulls all of the fun and excitement out of what comedy Central Stood for in the early 90’s. You know, there was a time when Comedy Central was just stand-up comedy? There was a time when Comedy Central was our YouTube and the greatest people that were ever to perform comedy were started on that station. It was the greatest channel, more so than even MTV could hope for, but it has slid into a derelict state of corporate malaise that just wants to sell commercials and get away from the fucking plot where Comedy Central is supposed to make you laugh and Steve Jobs commented on all of this in his asides where he stopped working and was just himself.”

“We have a computer here folks. Look at it. Look at this computer. It’s worthless. I said all of that and now I am telling you the value of time travel is based on content. Time Travel and the computer are inherently worthless. There is no value in time travel. There is no value in the computer. The value is in us and what we do with this computer. What do you think you would travel to see in your visits to other dimensions? I shall tell you. You would go to see people and visit. What do you think you would be looking for in this computer one hundred years from now? You would be looking for art. That is all that gets remembered in time. Look at your museums and your universities. They pass on the creations of artists and any and all complaints you have with life stem from an internal defect that you have with yourself that art can fix. Steve Jobs was a broken man before he found his art. Art allows you to go past the boundaries of what your human form was meant for and art allows for you to create what can only benefit us all as a society. All art benefits someone if even only the person creating it but real art solves a problem and this computer solves the problem of giving us a machine that can create the foundation for quanti generational exploration.”

“This computer solves the problem of sleep. Steve Jobs’ art was the conquering of all that is sleep and he gave us the ultimate tombstone that will be passed down through centuries and ideally every generation will pimp this computer out to the fullest extent that such a thing is possible. That is what we want. We want a computer that gives humanity something to pimp out as a planetary body. We want to stunt so hard on this computer and put in the kinds of energies that give us supreme confidence every year after every year to every and all beings on this planet. We want the most piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimp literature the most piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimp photography and we want to be ninety year old men in fedoras holding magic sticks walking around preachin to the children so that they can grow up and preach game to the children because this is real son this is real life and Steve Jobs favorite music was Jay-Z. Steve jobs loved Jay-Z. So much that he secretly called himself Eye-Y so that he could feel like he was in the rap game. Steve Jobs would tell people that the next generation of computers would have spinners on the sides with a neon light that goes off every time you click a mouse. He just wanted so badly to piiiimp out the computer but it just wasn’t cost effective. Steve Jobs was the consummate thug too. That’s how he got the deals that he got because he would just flat out tell people that they are going to die one day if they didn’t follow standard protocols for their hardware he would personally bomb their companies manufacturing bases. He scared the shit out of people and he threatened to accidentally get his core of /b/ hackers to take down sites and he was actually the funding arm behind Anonymous. Steve Jobs could rap. Steve Jobs could cook vegan food. Steve Jobs could make web pages too. He was handsome and looked good in magazines.”

“I am telling you all of this because you need to understand the man that made this monumental computer possible that earth depends on. When you are building a spaceship through time you absolutely must completely depend on for your life upon structural integrity that must be infinitely precise and sound. You do not want to go eight hundred years and have a component break which is why these components are made from diamonds. In the creation of this time machine we have leveraged all of the greatest technologies from around the world and on top of that we have worked with Maybach and Ferrari automotive so that we could establish a level of systems organization that would provide with absolute precision in the parts. These parts have been designed with heat sinks that dissipate any and all heat and with a condenser that allows for the computer to never vibrate. The data house that this contains is clocked at being accurate to the download capacity of 100 petabytes a year. If we download 100 petabytes a year which amounts to every man woman and child creating a triple audio album, a fifteen hour documentary, and a multi-thousand page document and even then we are still good on memory for the next 10,000 years. We have a hermetically sealed computer here that is beyond specifications. There are going to be encyclopedias written about how to go about building this computer because the economy depends on these being built and we are in the process of building one for every continent with ever increasing power. We have enough personal computers for personal computation and we don’t see why they should advance further. We have diminished the PC market to a commoditized standard unit. We as a society are humbled enough by the passing of Steve Jobs and are not so arrogant to think that we can build a better computer or that we need to build a better computer. That Apple computer will reside itself to halting PC refinement and will become solely a software entity and a hardware manufacturer and will no longer work in the PC arena. Our leader wondered what we would do and in honor of Steve Jobs Apple will no longer produce more it will produce better.”

“Your city was gracious enough to allow us to essentially take empower it. We came at you with a proposal for a monumental computer that would stretch the capacity for our engineers to work within. You traded your past for your future when you dismantled your Fountain Square and you gave us complete access to your infrastructure that allowed us to develop this monument to time and memory. This is Time Code Alpha Moment Zero and on this computer is every Apple worthy piece of computation such as the entire Adobe Suite of products that streams to your iPhones through our system which allows you to take photographs, make movies, and record audio on your phone and then when you want to you can schedule time on one of our many kiosks that have been enclosed in this giant iPad that we can see above us. We have the Apple Matrix here for you to interact with that allows for you to see the iTunes visualizer in the sky coupled with the latest selection of music that is being played from your city’s iTunes account. Steve wanted to give you the tools for the future and the computer as you knew it was only the smallest portion of his dream. He wanted you to know that you were alive and that being alive was magical and special and worth honoring with the greatest art that mankind could fathom.”

“Steve was inspiration and now we bring that inspiration to you in the form of a product that your city can market in terms of tourism as this will be more monumental than the Sistine Chapel and more intricate than the Grand Canyon because you can already see that Michelangelo’s work is beginning to crumble because of time but this computer has a digitized version of the Sistine Chapel so that his work will live on into infinitude. Every single building on earth is captured in exquisite detail in the most elaborate form of Google Mapping which exists solely on this computer. If you want to travel the world you can do it on an airplane or you can virtually find someone to flirt with abroad and you can Skype with them in HD. You can represent your city every time you use this computer and in representing your city you can create a scenario where your metropolish becomes capital city earth one to you.”

“We figured your city handled the success of baseball, your state handled the success of football, so it made sense that your city could handle the success of performance computing and not disrupt its corporate culture. We are proud to share with you this monumental abstraction of our reality and with that I would like to introduce you to the following speaker who knew Steve Jobs very closely. I would like to introduce you to the new CEO of Apple, a man that came into the Apple family an employee and that became our de facto leader in this absence. I could say much about him but I will let him say it himself.” said Sheila Gray.

Then a warm looking man slowly walked out onto stage.

“Hello. I am the man that will be pushing the power button and implementing the Apple simple mechanism that will leave this computer receiving input until a point in our human history that disengages us from reality permanently. My name is Jeff Bezos. I met Steve Jobs shortly after I was pitched the idea of being the only retailer of Apple Computers. Steve had an aura of ultra magnetism to the extent that your world would change in a few short words from conversation with him.”

“He spoke of his vision for a time machine and I didn’t have faith for a long time after he pitched the idea to me. He was the one who literally compelled me to understand what that computer was that he was developing. I thought he was simply developing a platform for writing and for music and office work but he painted a vision that was much richer and much more in depth and he brought me into the cult of Apple for what it’s worth. He shared with me his vision for amazon.com and I shared with him my vision for apple.com and between the two of us we saw a symbiotic relationship in our work.”

“We needed to aspire to his level of perfection and he convinced me that yes I would sell more computers NOW if I sold all different brands but I would sell much more computers later if I only sold Apple Computers and he explained it to me. He told me about the raising of funds that Apple was conducting for this monumental computer and he told me that he was going to need an infrastructure like mine to handle the ordering load and that Apple could do it but he saw Apple levels of proficiency in my business model. He wanted me to partner with him because he told me upon his sleep Apple was only going to be finishing his visions for his computers and they were going to be developing partnerships with numerous high level brands to conduct a global raising of funds for the most precise computer ever devised.

“I laughed because he told me that he essentially wanted to turn amazon.com into a kickster website. He looked at me squarely in the eyes and said that that is exactly what he wants me to do.”

“I was in and I want to give you a vision for what I foresee for Apple computers presently. We are now searching for ideas. This computer essentially gives us a planetary revenue stream in that we are contracted to build six more of them and entire nations are coupling together resources to make this happen in other countries but it begins here.”

“I firmly believe that in terms of hardware Apple could make the computers more powerful but I also believe in standards which are the absolute most pristine important element of a computation ecosystem. I sympathize with the generations that never had a standard to learn. We are working at Apple to leverage our market dominance to go so far as to share secrets with Microsoft and the open source world in order to bring all computers up to the same level of competence that we promote. Instead of surging ahead and continually developing the most proficient software we are working to bring all computers up to the level of Apple. We are working to bring all businesses up to the level of Apple. Steve Jobs has extensive documents that detail his level of process and we are working to instill this level of perfection in all products that you work with. You will find that that hardware market is going to do the opposite of diversifying. You will find that the iPhone and the iPad and the iPod and the iMac and the iTunes will all be unequivocally shared with other hardware manufacturers so that they can be installed as standard on a massive scale via open source business models. We need the physical help of our traditional competitors to get iPhones and iPad in the hands of everyone because we need a standard as we are now working on developing the sociological model to the point that we can increase the use of the machines for creative potential. You may find that you will only be able to find iPhones at your local store. We want a non diversified world because again the computer is not a hammer. This is a social infrastructure tool and the more people that when are on the same standard create the better off we will all be … because the only products that interact with the iMachine here are apple products. In the altruistic vision that is Steve Jobs we are gifting the rest of our iProducts on a need based process where if you pitch an idea to us that will be streamed to the machine will allow you to use any and all of our products that will help you complete your purpose.”

“Microsoft in all their luxurious glory has pulled Apple into its ranks as a division but in a leadership position in that we are teaching Apple and they are paying for the schooling and all you will find in the future are Apple products and all for the purpose of streaming this information into the Apple Time Machine.”

“That being said I am going to go ahead and enter the encryption key that begin the process of uploading.”

Jeff Bezos walks over to the monitor and pushes a small button and collectively the entire audience is in awe and the bwoooooooooooooong sounds and fills the air with the most amazing sound since God spoke several thousand years ago. Well Bezos backs away from the computer and the entire monitor is filled with energy and he bows his own head and says a small prayer. The audience is in complete silence and the whole world just starts to be in awe of a vision that all want to be a part of. If this is the new world order that everyone has been talking about then it’s about time this happened.

A woman pulled out her iPhone and began to speak into it very quietly.

“I loved Steve Jobs even though I never had the chance to meet him. I know that he didn’t have the time to talk to me but he was doing something important. A lot of people say a lot of things about european people but I never saw any African do anything like what Steve jobs did. Maybe it’s hard to be European because that potential exists within them. We build things like families and pristine DNA and European people breed power. There is more power in the average European man than the entirety of earth’s nuclear arsenal as a whole. I see European people and I am amazed at just their level of control over their environment and I often wonder if us Africans were not genetically predisposed to living in the desert that we might be capable of the same things. I know people are people but maybe it’s the traditional African environment that breeds their lack of respect in the world when really Steve Jobs gives us something to strive for. We will look for our Steve Jobs and it might not be a computer we build it might be a lifestyle that is just as important. We didn’t build the computer and as there is a new need for civilization to change Africa has to take to the forefront and help show the rest of the world just what these computers are capable of in life not in the theoretical laboratories that we are all putting this in.”

“I firmly believe that hip hop and rap are the African equivalents of the computer software because while Steve believed that you needed to elevate the computer to be remembered as a people we have always known that it will be the users of the computer that have a better chance of being remembered. It’s like the guy that invented paper, was it the guy that invented the paper that was remembered or was it the guy that wrote the Bible on it? This computer only serves the purpose of cataloging content and honestly Afericans tell the best stories at their best and more importantly make the best music at their best. Many would disagree but they don’t understand the purpose of the Aferican men and women on earth. We are like Cincinnati all day because we are working to implement your technology in everyday nonmonetary life. We are solely interested in quality of life and are not looking to build new tools but this new tool that you built apparently creates immortality and for that we are eternally grateful. You made the Aferican nation believe in the European man again and for a long time we thought your entire genetic line was corrupted at the highest levels but when one of you gets an idea … well I guess the whole world listens.” said the woman who then stood up in her chair with all of the other people around her as they stood and watched the most beautiful vision they have ever seen.

The football sized screen and the ceiling and the walls all encompassed and went dark and then the hyper visualizer began much to the enjoyment of the awaiting audience. This visualizer happened to be streaming abstract imagery of the events of time and had the most elegant fade ever created and then the processing.org language visualizer started to fade over the images and Steve’s personal photographs took to the screen and then a billion apples filled the screen each one fading out a different color and then from the random input search came the beginnings of a story of a tall brown haired man that was crouched over on his knees in New York City as he stood back and watched two planes flying side by side flying into the buildings. He knelt down and it was apparent that he was madly insane with anger and then he faded out of the scene and the scene faded and you could see a man climbing the trellis to a woman’s house where she closed the window on him coldly and he sadly climbed back down the trellis and then there was an image of a man walking around a university campus naked and the entire audience started to wonder.

Bezos said “That’s not in the program.” to Mr. Gates.

Gates said “Just be quiet we are not interrupting the greatest moment in human history because of a couple erroneous jpeg files.” said Bill the Illustrious.

The images kept continuing and a story was being shared of the life of a man that lived a strange sad life. There were images of a mother yelling at her adult son, there were images of failures on report cards, there was an image of a man walking in a college graduation with a severe weight problem.

“Who is that? Who did this?”

There was an image of a man performing poetry. There was this entire life playing itself out before the eyes of the entire world and then there was an image of this same man going to sleep and ‘oh my goodness!’ you could see his dreams. You could see the dreams of this man frolicking in prisons and working at a factory and working in other capacities just leading this powerful strange life of wonder and pain.

“I wonder if that man is still alive.” said another. Gates spoke up… “Transition out of this.”

Bezos the Merchant worked to transition the slide to another aspect of the program and while he was talking to the crowd Bill got up and went on his cell phone.

“Look, what the hell happened, who was that and how did someone crack Jobs code?” said Bill the Infuriated and Confused.

“We are looking into it already but I have to tell you most people were moved by the presentation. there was a purpose to that it wasn’t just an accident or a random file error. That was a story and that random file generator was just supposed to show well random images of Steve … we are using the Google Analytics Protocol to get the information now and apparently the most unique IP address we have ever seen was accessed. It was a protocol 6 address which isn’t live anywhere … yet. The computer is compatible with the format but somehow someone somewhere it using this protocol to gain access to the computer, we might not have full encryption across it because we don’t even think anyone has received the package yet, and another thing, the IP protocol somehow accepted an IP address from the year timestamp 3217. We do not know how that is even possible unless someone has their clock protocol changed at a hard wired level. “said a Tech Investigator.

“You are telling me that a protocol 6 has been used with a hardwired clock change and that accessed the computer. We have diagrammed this code for fifteen years and in the last three have had NASA levels efficiency with 0 bugs and we have paid the most proficient hackers and non-hackers alike to try and imagine with unlimited resources how they could manipulate this computer to this extent and you are telling me that a protocol-6 was used. We let our hackers use protocol-6 and they didn’t access it. I want you on this now and you find that computer that bridged this gap and you get the NSA involved in you have to but with the value of this computer we can petition to have this raised to a national security threat because we are housing government secrets in this building as well as this is earth’s hard drive and monitor.” said Gates.

“I completely agree but do you know who it was?” said the engineer.

“No I have no idea. Just find them out, they are in a lot of trouble.” said Gates the Furious Fuhrer.

Lucius the Absolved was in a consultation with a doctor. He was being interviewed by a man that looked like his father, he had brown hair that had been combed into the same formation it was in for years, he was slightly angry for even having to have this conversation and he was very professional and he very calmly asked Lucius.

“Do you know why you are here?” said doctor Awful.

“I am here because I lost my shit when I got fired and threw a computer out of the window and your emergency team came and got me and begged for me to come here on the premise that I am mentally ill instead of criminally minded.” said Lucius the Bemused.

“And how do you feel about that?” said the Awful Doctor.

“I feel like I should be in prison, do my time and leave, and thankfully you kept an event off my record, how long am I staying?” said the Antsy Unknowing Unprepared Lucius.

“That’s up to you.” said Doctor Dirty.

“Alright then, how about tomorrow?” said Lucius the Truly Stupid.

“That’s not what I mean. We believe you have untreated bipolar disorder and we need to keep you here until you stabilize so that when you do stabilize we will be able to let you leave.” said the Paid Doctor.

“Well I am stable now.” said Lucius the Still Not Getting It.

“No you are not, you just were admitted yesterday you are not stable.” said the Used to This Doctor.

“I feel stable.” said Lucius the Infirmed.

“What constitutes stable?” said Lucius the Wanting. “Stability.” said the Pill Preparing to Push Doctor.

“I was just watching television and do you see what is going on out there, at least let me leave to be a part of the festivities.” said Lucius the Trapped.

“I cannot do that, it would be unprofessional.” said the Professional Doctor.

“I know but it would be a human thing to do.” said Lucius the Still Not Getting It.

“Well, that is a matter of perspective. I am going to put you on lithium and zyprexia to see if it calms you down and decreases your grandiose thoughts.” said Doctor Pill.

“When did grandiose thoughts become something bad to have, you realize I am a designer and all I do is think grandiose thoughts.” said Lucius the Unfortunately Honest.

“I realize that but to think that the computer being displayed downtown is a wonder of the world is a bit much and you seem manic.” said Doctor Anti — Artist.

“I typically have a lot of energy and unless I am mistaken that is Steve Jobs memorial that we are witnessing and he is nearly the greatest businessman and inventor since Da Vinci and Ford.” said Lucius the Historian.

“That is what I am talking about. You get excited too easily.” said the Slow Doctor.

“Is this even real? Is this how you really treat patients? I’m not ill I got fired and was intimately hurt by what happened to me and I lashed out to hurt them back it may not have been normal but it made sense, what normally happens when people are fired from their dream job?” said Lucius the Pleading.

“They leave and avoid malicious destruction and smoking a reefer cigarette while lying on the glass in the aftermath. Look you could have been in prison you should be happy that you are here instead.” said the Doctor in Charge.

“Why would I be happy about being in a happy palace, I don’t even know how you got involved. It should have just been the police there.” said Lucius the Indignant.

“Your boss Donald Warner called the hospital out of sympathy for you. You were respected enough as a human being to have been placed here.” said the Doctor of Care.

“Is there anything else we should be talking about?” said Lucius the Passive.

“No we are done.” said the Doctor Who.

Lucius the Insane got up feeling fresh. He walked out of his room that they had him staying in and he looked around. Khassa the Veganist was standing on his head doing inverted pushups and Lucius the Amazed just stood and watched him. In the middle of the psychiatric hospital was a thin brown man dressed in khakis pushing himself up off of his head some five or six times. There was a small contingent of nurses around him cheering him on and Lucius the Impressed was just staring. The man can find women anywhere he does this apparently because Lucius the Lonely saw one of the nurses give him her phone number to Khassa the Attractive and He just mentioned something about the most high and walked into the television lobbyish cafeteria.

Lucius went down the opposite way of the television room and went into the visitor’s room. He sat down and turned on the television so that he could watch Terrence and Rocsi on the show 106 and Park. Terrence was talking about the computer in Cincinnati….

“Yo its real big right now in Cincinnati, are you feeling this? We are on the air for the duration of this tribute to Steve Jobs as every major network is actually sacrificing profits for the purpose of transmitting a global event. Apple did something really big with the visualizer and can you believe the set up … it’s a giant town square sized room with a 300 foot tall ceiling and open air on all four sides so that the ceiling is literally the sky. This is really big, yo for real. it’s like New York has baby brother to compete with. You feel me?” said Terrence the Cool.

“I want to comment on the video program that they displayed and it’s like they shared a phenomenal movie for us to witness which I imagine sets the stage for the level of expertise that you need to have to elevate to that Apple standard they are talking about. I want to know who that boy was though in the video, I don’t think that was Steve and it looks like we even saw into his dreams. We should find him and have him on the show.” said Rocsi the Bell of Hip Hop.

Lucius the Infirmed changed the channel.

“Earth wants to know who the man is that is being displayed on the screen as Apple and Microsoft have no message for us.” said David Letterman the Smile live on the air.

Lucius turned it back to the one of the channels giving live coverage of the computer so that he could witness the computer’s random content generation information and Lucius is noticing that the information is strangely familiar and then he realizes. It’s him. Lucius is staring at a montage of not only his life but his dreams. He just stares wide eyed and now believes that yes the hospital is where he needs to be. He is sitting there just trying to imagine how this is possible. He knows he was in New York for the 9/11 catastrophe and he knows that he stood there contemplating self extermination in New York at a later date. He knows he has been to all of those places that the message is sharing and he knows his life has been monumental and depressing but at the same time it’s the dreams that he wonders about the most. How does Apple have access to his dreams and how is he supposed to claim that they are his dreams in this hospital. Lucius is just sitting there staring at the television when Khassa the Constant Gardener comes in.

“n*, that’s you isn’t it?” said Khassa the Perceptive. “What me? No.” said Lucius the Inhibited.

“n*, how did you get on the Apple television?” said Khassa the Curious.

Lucius just sat there…

“For real is it you?” said Khassa the Prodder.

“No.” said Lucius the Liar to All Including Himself.

“I don’t believe you.” said Khassa the Accurate and Correct.

“What if it was?” said Lucius the Cracked.

“It would get you out of here.” said Khassa the Realist. “Alright it is me.” said Lucius the Star of Stars.

“So tell me about yourself. Now that I think it’s you make me believe it’s you because if it is you, you are the most famous man on earth and I want to spend some time with the man that can bring us into the future. I might be crazy but I can appreciate something special when I am near it and seeing you on Apple Immortalia is special to me and I want to know just who you are so start talking and entertain me. Did you go to England?” said Khassa the Journalist.

“Yes I went to England five times. Once for a year and four times for pleasure to meet up with my friend.” said Lucius the Globally Conscious.

“That is fucking amazing. That someone from Cincinnati would make it to Europe. What did you do there?” said Khassa the Questioning.

“I did drugs and partied a lot and learned to appreciate the internet when it first came out. I spent many many many nights studying the early internet learning what it is and what it was about and studying the content of it.” said Lucius the Studied.

“Did you go to school there?” said Khassa the Interested.

“Yes I did. I didn’t go to class but I was enrolled in the classes. I felt like the material was below me in difficulty and I was 20 and wanted to have more fun anyways.” said Lucius the Bad Student.

“What else is there about you that I should know?” said Khassa the Conversation Guider.

“I graduated from the University of Cincinnati.” said Lucius the Accomplished.

“Lucius I want to believe that was you on the television but you are either not that person or your life is terribly different than what you are describing, that was a tragedy that they shared on that television and here you are painting a picture of something far more mundane.” said Khassa the Doubting.

“They had my dreams.” said Lucius the Dreamistical. “What?” said Khassa the Alarmed.

“That television shared my dreams and I don’t know how that is possible but watching that was like watching a highlight reel of my most prominent dreams. I have always had powerful dreams and some of the most powerful were just on display. the prison fight. The work at the purple factory and the screaming in New York. Those were all powerful dreams that I had. This isn’t possible but you are right. That computer has me picked out and is displaying my information.” said Lucius the Method.

“Yo it is you. I’ve met you before. You came to my juice bar and ordered some wheat grass juice.” said Khassa the Restaurateur.

“I mean I didn’t think you would remember but yeah that’s true.” said Lucius the Carnivore.

“Yo we go way back. Alright. Well let’s get out of here.” said Khassa the Guided.

Khassa went up to one of the doctors and spoke some game and then she walked over and approached Lucius the Unknowing.

Before Lucius the Son of the Law could open his mouth…

“They just said that the person in question that you would like to believe is you are actually Ashton Kutcher performing on a sound stage. Someone already asked and no it isn’t you.” said The Motherfucking Nurse.

Chapter Four ::: Losing Control of Your Creation Can Be Infuriating Twould Seem

“What do you mean we lost control of the computer?” said Bill Gates the Leader talking to a lead computer designer from the Long Now Foundation.

“Here is the thing … that IP address is not possible … we follow the route and it goes to a quantum computer at the University of Cincinnati and then it interacts with the computer and that quantum computer is receiving and sending signals from those atoms in that computer and we only want to talk to you about it because we are looking at the HTTPS protocol map and apparently whatever is happening to this computer is happening because of that connection to the quantum computer. This is far too intricate a network to be random and that message is essentially turning into a hunt for that man in that video because it’s becoming very quickly known that no one knows who he is and few people believe the Ashton Kutcher line when it comes to describing who that is. “said the Programmer.

“Don’t tell me this. This was supposed to be Apple perfect and there is nothing perfect about a corrupted computer. “said Gates the Man Used to Imperfection.

“That computer is still perfect, maybe it’s beyond perfect.” said the programmer. “Look, there is no future, There is only right now as far as that computer is concerned.” said Gates the Wrong.

“Yeah and right now the future is interacting with it … maybe our grandchildren’s children are talking to us.” said the programmer.

“I am open to all possibilities but you have to be absolutely certain that that is what is happening before we go public with it. I want you to turn off the quantum computer and see what happens.” said Gates the Desperate.

The programmer picks up his phone and starts to explain who this is and what needs to be done.

Lucius the Oldest of Four is laying in his bed staring at the ceiling wondering about life and all that life is and he hears a voice going through his mind that he interprets as his boredom voice.

“You hear voices don’t you?” said the voice from Within.

“That’s a strange question to ask yourself.” thinks Lucius the Sociopath.

“Isn’t it, you have to understand that you are the leader this generation has been looking for. You are ready for this level of communication and in this level of communication you are to promote high levels of media authority and you are to carefully rework the scripts so that the world aligns with a truer order.” said the voice. “I’m just trying to mess with that computer.” intoned Lucius the Feeble in his cerebellum to His Cerebellum.

“You will be the best and you need to know that we have all of your thoughts locked down on special emergence technology.” said the Voice.

“Explain.” thought Lucius with a clarity that actually made him nervous.

“Everywhere you walk there is a robot in a dimension that is streaming information back to us as your robotic self and is positioned exactly where your mind is and it is downloading your thoughts as you have them and is allowing us to send this information that you are experiencing to your cerebellum. We have absolute ability to communicate to you in your mind and we know how this usually turns out and we are getting exceedingly good at leading you through the stages of introspection that are meant to happen before you are freed.” said the Familiar Voice That Shouldn’t Be Familiar.

Lucius was getting very comfortable with speaking through his cerebellum and he is walking up and down the hallways of the hospital speaking to himself meditatively and looking very serious as he engaged in what can only be considered telepathic conversation.

Khassa the Observer was standing there watching the events unfold and strangely felt less strange as he knew he was crazy but he never heard voices in his head. He felt bad for Lucius but also felt slightly jealous because to hear voices in your head were the ultimate form of experiencing life he thought.

Khassa took out a sheet of paper and began writing in his journal. He had a pencil with him and started to work his yellow journal with his inspiration unit and started pushing it across the page so that his word started to come to life and while Lucius the Schizoid was walking up and down the hallway Khassa the Pencil wrote the following.

“Ina this is the end of days we have new beginnings at hand that I and I want to transform with my most amazing forms of intellect. I and I don’t deserve to be in here I deserve a friend. I and I deserve to be a friend of man and beast a like and in seeing my own mental health I know I should not be in here. I could just be a norm and let you eat anything you want but I know that produce is what I and I have been sent to inform you about in this life.” wrote The Man.

“I and I like Female Gaga. Ina listened to her album not too long ago and I and I think it was titled “Born this Way.” I honestly have never been moved by music the way I have been moved by Woman Gaga. I just wanted to write that in the hopes that the next world knows what I mean by music. Lady Gaga is music.” wrote Khassa the Dudely.

“This hospital is not so bad. It’s like a school detention for adults. I am just sitting here and I am thinking about life and all that life brings and forever and that is what life is.” wrote Khassa the Penciled Author.

Lucius was deep in mediation with the voices in his head.

“It’s because you are so net savvy and because of all of the information that you have provided us with that we have found you and determined that you become the dreamer of your generation. You may not know what all is happening but that computer is more special than you realize. When coupled with the Long Now Foundation and the Way Back Machine from the internet it has been decided with unanimous committee consensus that you are the chosen account online to be the mental pathway to the future. Your immortality has been achieved and in that immortality is the right to be as creative as humanly possible. “soothed the voice.

“If I may interject.” thought Lucius “may I point out that my life is a mess? I have no job I am psychiatrized and I am ostensibly a college dropout who worked to create a portfolio for my last job.” said Lucius the Broken Hearted.

“Yes but your online personas all resonate with, well, soul, more-so than your peers by far. You reach out to make personal connections and we know that we can trust you to take care of the homeless on the street to the most famous celebrity and wealthy business man. Prostitute or CEO you treat people like they are people and emanate warmness wherever you go. You are comfortable dealing with the human condition in such a fashion that we feel like using our most advanced technology to communicate with you. You think it’s easy to talk from mind to mind. We have to use AOL’s Instant Messenger 5601 just so that we can achieve this level of communication and also in light of the powerful computer that your generation is building you need a voice of reason to reason with the voices of reason. Your work is powerful and your poetry is astonishing. You are a wealth of depth waiting to be fathomed and this computer is going to propel you to the peaks of fame because you were never expecting fame. Fame found you it wasn’t the other way around. You didn’t want to be famous, you became famous because we needed you to become famous and honestly everything should be fine from here on out you just need to make your stay at the hospital and then go out and lead a revolution of thought.” said Lucius.

“Lucius who are you speaking to?” said the doctor.

Lucius responded “I really have no idea I am just speaking with someone.” said Lucius the Speaker of Wrong Words in Wrong Places calmly.

“How long have been having these conversations?” said the Ready to Pill a Motherfucker Doctor. “About three hours. They are amazing conversations.” said Lucius the Still Not Getting It.

“I want to put you on some envega.” said the Professional Pill Giving Doctor.

“No, it’s okay I can handle it.” said Lucius the Never Gonna Get It.

“It isn’t normal and we need to get you stabilized before we allow you to leave. I believe that you are suffering from schizo-effective disorder as well as bi-polar disorder and hearing voices is beyond the norm curve that I want to see you experiencing and as such we need to get you in a place where we can allow you to leave. I have been watching you pacing these halls talking to yourself for quite some time and I thought it was just stress but now I think it may be something more so come here for a second and let me get you started on these meds.” said the Pill Pushing Doctor.

“Lucius we will have to work harder to speak to you if those meds take hold.” said the voice

“I’m not taking any medication. It’s my choice.” said Lucius the Getting It.

“Lucius don’t be silly, these are just simple pills that help stabilize the mind.” said the Cant Hold A Grain of Sand on Freud Doctor.

“You don’t know how the mind works, Your pills are like battering rams to the mind and you don’t know if I am special and can actually hear something. You have your concept of normal and you are using your weak scientific intellect to normalize me but you don’t think about the fact that I like who I am. I like hearing these voices and I like the way that my life has turned out. You think there is something wrong with me. You don’t think that what happened to me was deserved and that I meant to do what I did which means that I am a criminal not a mental patient. I appreciate your work in saving me from having a criminal record but this isn’t where you want me. You want me in prison. I do my time for my deed done and then I leave go on probation and prove that I can handle society and then I am free. I don’t do medications and listen to a doctor that has no original theory about how the mind works. You found some chemical elements that inhibit brain function and now you are trying to make your money. You want to get me hooked on your meds because you are a government backed organization who benefits from preying on the weak and I am not weak I just made a personality decision something that would shape my persona in the eyes of my employer for years to come. I want them to know that they can’t do anything they want with their employees and I did what I did and how dare you make the decision that there is something wrong with me. You will not punish me for being who the fuck I am no matter how strange that may be to you.” said Lucius the Strong.

“Look Lucius, you are not leaving until you stabilize so get used to the fact that these pills are waiting for you when you feel like getting yourself out. You are going to be on probate and you will have to attend meetings and there is a new world of mental health that we need to integrate you into your life because there is seriously something wrong with you. I see hundreds of patients a year and you are sicker than the average of the average and that being the case I think you need to get comfortable with the fact that until you are right with me, well, you will be watching television for a while. If it takes three months. six months. nine months…doesn’t matter you are not leaving until you stabilize and that stabilization is up to you and it involves taking your medication and mentally performing the way that I believe you should be. I don’t mean to be rude but unless I release you, you stay here.” said the Satan’s Own Personal Minister of Afflicationary Debilitatedness.

“Wow…” said Lucius the GRRRRRRRing.

“So, stop by the office for your meds and we can start talking about your release.” said the Doctor Dementedly Cheerfully.

“I thought you said I would be fine.” said Lucius the Communicator thinking to that which was in himself.

“Lucius you might be talking to yourself you have to realize you have no way of knowing whether this is you or not but just to be clear it is you and we have no control over your outside environment. There is a new form of consciousness that we are elevating you to and in that consciousness comes certain consequences. Don’t believe for a second that your mind isn’t more powerful than the medications but avoid taking them for as long as possible. He might not actually have the power to keep you here the way he says he does. Yes, he is a doctor but you are obviously not sick enough for long term treatment.” said the voice that Lucius the Faithful believed in more than God.

Lucius dropped and started doing pushups and he did about 25. He was tired.

He walks over to his room and lies down in his bed and closes his eyes.

“Lucius starts to dream. The world awaits.” said the voice that Lucius the Loved loved to hear.

Lucius didn’t really understand but lay down and began to drift to sleep.

His consciousness began to drift into places that it had always done but this time when he laid his head down he had the distinct sensation of floating. He knew about lucid dreaming and he thought to himself that he didn’t know what was happening he just felt comfortable. So he then relaxed even further and started to feel sensations of astonishment not of himself but of others. He heard voices.

“You wrote this?” said one voice referring to writing Lucius was unaware of.

“I love you.” said another causing Lucius the Always Conscious to shoosh with pleasure.

Lucius the Lucid began to feel himself coalescing into a small ball of freedom that began to float aimlessly throughout existence. He could see earth from his global vantage point and from that perspective he could fathom eternity. He thought to himself that this was how forever felt. He noticed that the moment had no place in his consciousness. He was either thinking of yesterday or tomorrow and the moment was but a lens through which the consciousness described existence to itself.

It was then that he felt another presence. He swoomed over to a place that felt like an auditorium and where he was asked him to speak. Lucius was warming up to the idea that he was in a place of love and in that place of love people wanted to know who he was. “Go on.” was the impression that he felt being placed upon him that was more comforting than a thousand hugs in unison.

Lucius the Accepted then flexed every muscle in his being and he felt himself becoming the eternal color of the sun. The one color that all other colors are jealous of. Yes! He was becoming the sun and then in becoming the sun he felt powerful. He was all of the energy of the sun in an atom of pure energy that happened to be sparked with consciousness. Through his energy output he began to just dwell and he just floated in this auditorium of consciousness. Other orbs of light began to beam around him and he laughed because some light is funny. Then he did something that no one expected. He coursed his energy through his logic and began to communicate feats of logic that no one had ever seen before. He began to communicate that the outside world was experiencing a dichotomy not between the haves and the have nots but between the doeses and the does not’s. The energy that surrounded him began to revert to their true forms and a bit of a meeting was to take place.

Lucius the Awe felt himself standing in front of a white board where he was drawing diagrams in the English language about the state of current society. He was making it very clear that the culture that brought us this technology was not prepared to use the technology that it created. He was drawing diagrams that showed average power of technological purchases verses achievement of technological potential and the picture that he was painting was very grim. The room was covered in light and it was the color of the amazon rainforest in all of the shades of green that you could imagine. Lucius could sense other beings in the room and those beings were made of music and light. The energy that comprised Lucius was of a higher order than that which surrounded him.

Then something special happened. All of the surrounding energy coalesced into the Godhead. God was with Lucius now. He was being spoken to directly by the Godhead in this dream.

“Lucius, there are energies that wish to see you crumble and fall and that psychiatric hospital that you are a part of is a battleground. You have to stay sane. You are a competent thinking creature that serves no other purpose than to love. Through your love you will find that others will love you back. Through the act of loving you will receive love and that love that you are receiving will want to make you love more. You are to love and be loved and seek love and permeate love through your life. This dream is unlike any dream you have ever had before. You have been chosen Lucius to represent your people in the time ahead. You are to satiate the cultural need for a powerful leader and become a role model as you explain how you came to be who you are. You are to share your life with others, you are to fight when the need to fight arises and you are to defend when the need to defend arises. I love you Lucius. I am the God that created you and through creating you I fell in love with you the way I fall in love with all of my creations. You are an unfathomable well of instinct and knowledge. You have gifts that make me jealous at times. I am working to guide you to the level of godhead in your own reality. I do not need help Lucius but when I see someone capable of helping me I uplift their consciousness so that they can be one with my understanding of the universe. I need people to communicate with as well. Godhead is a state of spiritual professionalism and you exhibit those traits. Through your passion you were saved. Your world is experiencing a constant state of warfare and that warfare is weakening me. God. Your planet’s sins are weakening my beautiful plan for creation. I am not dying I am just weakening and your earthly form can bring me strength. Bring people back to me Lucius Bring people back to my plans; bring people back to my order. Develop new traditions for that computer that is confusing so many people. Teach them what is what was and what should be. You have your beautiful poetry that you can draw upon. You have your beautiful friends to draw upon. You have you training to draw upon, all to help you better understand who it is that I am and what this is and how this works. You are searching for Shangri La Lucius and you have found it but now you have to assimilate yourself into Shangri La and espouse the most beautiful traditions that the world has ever known. That computer that was built in your city. That is me Lucius I am the God that created the computer and I created it so that your people would know peace. I have been working for trillions of years to develop the final solution to the enmeshment of the tranquil energy that is consciousness. What am I supposed to do with consciousness? Even I ask that question. When there is something that isn’t me presently thinking and helping to achieve planetary perfection even I do not know what to do. So I come to people like you Lucius and I God ask for help. I need you to think about that computer and use your analog thought processes to manifest a reality in which everyone understands what to do with that thing. I need you to make it culturally relevant and I need you to explore all of the facets of that computer. I need you to tell me what the internet is and I need you to put me on Face book. Where is God’s Facebook page? If I am real then where is my Word in those words? Where is the bible for computer programming? There are so many books but which book do we worship the most? Whose book relates the truest examples of standards that can be found. When I look at you Lucius I see an angel in training. You will die Lucius and you will die shortly as all life does but when you are reborn you will have left and right wings and you will have eyes that glow the color of amber and you will debate with the stars as to what should be done on earth. You are part of an intergalactic federation of consciousness. I will impart a secret to you Lucius I created earth but I don’t know what created me. I am as confused as you regarding the state of consciousness that I inhabit. I know I am more powerful than you but I do not know the source of my power.”

“That computer that exists on your planet gives me hope. I may be a computer Lucius and I am coming home. I am coming home to meet my maker. The universe may be an axons old processing unit in the Amazon of consciousness and even I have my doubts as to the reality that I am faced with. You are giving me reasons to think again. The computer on your planet presents a supremely beautiful model for how the planets may have been created. That computer that your city built may be one of millions of conduits to a reality that I inhabit every day.”

“Those computers are the interface to existence and from those computers comes a world where any combination of logical construction is possible and fathomable. I want you to help me speak to the world. I want you to be my bodily form on your planet. I don’t want you to be a celebrity; I want you to be a scholar of God. You doubt my existence and you may tell yourself that this is just your subconscious speaking but I am more than just a voice in your dreams Lucius. I want you to believe in me. I want you to devote your life to seeking me in every human that you encounter. You have lessons yet to learn and you have an immortal time period with which to learn your lessons. Your parents are not your creator. I am. I am your source of life. I am bringing you back into my fold and I want you to speak my spiritual language again. I want you to pray. I want you to worship me. I want you to sing for me. I want you to devote your life to me, your God. I want you to bring art into my chambers and I want you to help people navigate this realm.

“Churches are places where people come to be themselves whoever they are. When you enter into a church you enter into a complex network of people. I know you do not want to lead a more complex life but I am calling you to do just that. Lucius I love you and I need you to spread my love throughout my nation. Love is what will cure our problems. We have competed and warred long enough. War was a means of drawing the boundaries between my kingdoms and assigning resources to those that needed them to produce commerce. The lines have been drawn. The resources have been allocated and now I am asking you to show people how to do business in the sense that God is watching. Bring God back to the people Lucius A long time ago you knelt in prayer asking for the knowledge of God. You have received all of the knowledge that I have access to in your English language.”

Your wars are over Lucius and from your wars came passion and patriotism and now from feudal pride to city pride to national pride will come global pride. We will establish pride in being alive on earth in an intergalactic network. We will assume that there is life on other planets that we are preparing to encounter because I have created life on other planets and now it is time for my creations to meet each other. You are dealing with the unknown but trust that I your God am protecting you. There is no such thing as an intergalactic war. You do not travel millions of light years to engage in warfare. There is no reason to look for war. War is the result of resource accumulation and from these resources and these global conflicts comes a sense of global astonishment. You believe life wants to fight you because you fight yourself. You believe that life wants to injure you because you injure yourself. You believe that life wants to harm you because you harm yourself. Stop harming yourself and you will find that the world ceases to want to harm you as well. There are races of people on your own planet that have never warred. You live in the most violent nation. You live in the nation that causes all other nations to fear. You are working to tell your nation to put down its gun and let love take over. Your nation is an aggressive nation with aggressive tactics in both business and politics. Your politicians hide behind the guns of war that it used to fight for its position in utopia. You cannot fight forever and through your cosmic education at Universe City you are finding that there is a great deal of welfare that you have at your disposal that will help to create a beautiful tradition of compliance with the wishes of God.”

“God believes in you Lucius, If God did not believe in you , God would not be having this conversation with you. If you did not believe in God you could not be performing the feats of logic that you are doing. You don’t believe in People. You don’t believe in the people that say they believe in God. The biggest single cause of atheism in your world is the failings of these that profess to NOT be atheist. Not all who speak my name are devoted to my cause. You are not devoted to my name but you are devoted to my cause. You would rather make yourself a God and start over than assimilate into my people that are already on the path that you are seeking. You have problems with prayer but Lucius prayer is a seeking of an internal conversation with your creator. It is like a global lottery. Many pray but few ever hear my voice. I cannot make myself known to all for that ends badly but I am considering it. I am considering a day when with the proper faith in global outpourings of Love to speak to every individual on the planet inwardly. If you can teach them how to love Lucius I can teach them how to speak to me. I can bring people to the deeper avenues of thought that would allow for me to have equal belief in you as you have in me. We must grow together Lucius.”

“I want to grow with you. I want to work with you. I want to be your creator again. I want to see you happy. You must find a church and you must assimilate into their culture. If they pray you must pray. If they drink wine you must drink wine. Lucius I need for you to promote your faith and your ability to change as a person. I need for you to fall in love with the church again. You have two churches in your community and I want for you to attend them both. I need for you to teach your interpretations of my word and I need for you to casually challenge these people that have been meeting for years but have never been meeting with you. There are hundreds of people in your community that are seeking your writing and your words and I would like for them to finally meet the words of God through the hands of the creator of the words of God. You are to be yourself and you are to be passive and you are to be competent and you are to bring wealth to your community.”

“Your city is unveiling a computer that serves the purpose of reconnecting the world with itself. That giant godhead computer that is in the center of your hometown. Lucius that is your computer. You have access to an interplanetary national database of information and I need you to speak to my people. I need you to be my Moses. I need you to be my Krishna. I need you to be my Jesus before he was led astray. I need you to be my Muhammad. I need you to be my Captain Jean Luc Picard. I need you to be these people for me and I need you to bring us into your world. The ways of war are passing but competent peaceful leadership is still needed and I need for you to be that person. Your friend Khassa is the leader of his people and you are the leader of yours. Together you are building a coalition in the few words that you have spoken to each other that will resonate for life. Your city is small which means that it has room to grow. This growth that your city is experiencing is an accumulation of interests wanting to be near a point of interest. You have developed your culture so fully Lucius that people will move hundreds of thousands of miles just to find the time to spend with you. You write to develop your thoughts and it is through your writing that you are meditating. Most people think you are just typing on keys but really you are meditating on the best thoughts that you have and you have spent thousands of hours developing your meditation time. I want you to develop further. I want you to worship me in your writing. I want you to remind people that there is a God and that the God that they believe in is watching them and that He has not forgotten his people in these times of change. I was surprised by the computer and have Gmail myself actually. Yes Lucius even God has email. I want you to think about that. I get google.com updates and I have a domain address and I am assimilating myself into the language of computation because all of the details of this time period will be forgotten. Language only passes from one generation to the next when associated with God and I am going to begin assimilating the computer programming language into my church. We need standards and we need people to be fluent in this new language and I want to help. I want to help earth become a focal point of consciousness. I want to see your planet go from being the Cincinnati of the universe to being the Paris. I want to see you climb the towers of love and astonish the universe with your beauty and your devotion to existence.”

“Lucius you write. You dwell. Now it is time for you to speak. I think it’s time for you to awaken and begin looking around the world that I have placed you in. Lucius rise and defend yourself because there are powers that are jealous of you and that wish to see your beautiful love come to a wicked end. Stay vigilant and remain seated because we have places we need to go.”

Lucius found himself astonished at what he has just experienced. He blinks his eyes a few times and sees the room fade into being. Lucius rubs his blustered eyes and sits up. He looks around. He sees a chair with some towels on it. He sees the most amazing sun he has ever seen outside his window. He pulls the covers of his bed off him. He is naked and his body is gleaming in its melonenlessness. Lucius rubs his chest and feels the coolness of his skin. Then he notices that the door is closed. He feels comfortable. Then he lowers himself to the ground and begins his regimen. He starts doing pushups and he does them again and again and again and again and again and he stops after he has done thirty five. He can feel the burning of his muscles in his chest. This sensation is all that keeps him from doing pushups more often. He honestly does not like the way that exercise feels. He wishes that the burning in his muscles would feel more like an orgasm. Something to work towards as opposed to avoiding. Lucius thinks about how he is jealous of the people that enjoy working out and that such a lifestyle would be beautiful.

Lucius puts on his white polka dotted pants and his crème shirt. He walks over to the mirror and looks in it. He looks like a patient. This infuriates him that he even has to be here but then he thinks to himself that after throwing a computer out a window he has to be somewhere. He wishes he had some ganja but they don’t let you smoke pot in psych hospitals. He just stands there. He has to pass the time. Khassa is out there and he might be a great person to spend some time with. There are some women that he could talk to.

Instead of rushing into the situation and dealing with the slightly harsh reality of being in the adult version of high school detention he kneels down thinking of the dream he just had. That dream that changed his life and gave him purpose over night. Not having prayed in a prone position for as far back as he can remember Lucius puts one knee down and then he puts another knee down and then he puts his hands behind his head and then he puts his hands on his shoulders and then he puts his hands together and he pushes them together with all of the force that he can manage. Then he relaxes his hands and then he bows his head and then he closes his eyes. He begins:

“Creator. I am in a fairly terrible position. I mean I don’t know how this is going to work out but my city is experiencing the greatest transformation into its potential that I believe it has ever known since it started its work on becoming a city. Lord. I believe that every city is inherited by the generation that is born into it. You can either leave your city or you can help build your city. I want to help build my city lord. There are going to be hundreds of new people moving to where I live and I want to give them some training on how we do things in Cincinnati. I do not want a confusing city but I need to work to teach the new people who I am and where they are. I want to spend time with these new people and I want to spend time developing the relations that it will take to reintegrate these people into our society. I want to have fun Lord. I want to work. I want to learn more about you. I hope you can work with me the way you did in my dream.” said Lucius the Surprisingly Let’s Be Clear Surprisingly Devout.

“Lucius I can hear you, now go out there and be yourself. Goodbye.” said the voice of the cosmos.

Lucius stood up. He thought for a minute. He realized that something more was happening here. There was so much change happening it had to be all interrelated. He was hungry though. So he needed to get some food. He needed to find something to eat.

Chapter Five ::: If You Have Never Been To The Psych Ward Do Not Pretend to Know What It Is Like in the Psych Ward

Lucius composes himself. Laughs a little. Then he walks out the door and the bright light makes him feel like he is transitioning into a new reality. He was in a hallway and in that hallway there were about nineteen patients milling about. Some of the patients were talking to nurses, some of the patients were talking to themselves, one patient was getting blood drawn, one patient was on the phone, one patient was reading the standard information that was on the wall, a couple patients were eating and a couple were watching television.

Lucius the Observer just stands there absorbing his scenario. He begins to walk down the hallway towards the television. Khassa walks up to him.

“Yo man there is some crazy shit happening. The world changed overnight while you were sleeping.” said Khassa the Witness.

“I’m listening.” said Lucius the Child of God.

“Alright that computer that they just unveiled has been hacked by some kind of alien presence. Do you want to hear about it.” said Khassa the Reporter.

“It’s probably a publicity stunt like H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds. You know that Apple has always been a fan of H.G. Wells, back when the radio was first introduced there was a project where they broadcast an alien invasion and people went crazy and the radio corporation that planned it later apologized. I’m not buying the fact that this isn’t pomp.” said Lucius the Skeptical.

“Alright well just listen, if it is a hoax it’s phenomenal. What happened is that they turned on the computer and went and did some Photoshop work by placing a photo in a photo in a photo on some gigabyte resolution images and they showed what could be done with this new super computer. They shared the Blender animations that were possible and they discussed the most beautiful potential that this computer had. Then they went into the iTunes application and turned on the visualizer and they stopped talking immediately. You could tell that they were working to develop a message as to what to say. I have used the visualizer before and I know that they were expecting to see some of the most beautiful images the world has ever seen with some amazing music but that didn’t happen. What we saw was a picture of the sun with words on the screen that said. FIND HIM. This was the message that was iterated over and over and over. This was in contrast to the images they were going to show and then they turned the visualizer off after it started sharing the images of this one person’s life. It was just fading images from a first person perspective of this man that had been to dance clubs, open mic’s, and classrooms. They quickly transitioned out of that element but it even took them some time to do because apparently they lost control of the computer and it was only through opening a new browser and restarting the presentation that any kind of control was retaken. I mean I know about high quality presentations and for a world presentation it was supposed to go as smoothly as a Steve Jobs presentation but that didn’t happen. I wonder what’s happening.” said Khassa the Technologically Savvy.

Lucius listened intently and only had one question. “Do you think it was me?” said Lucius the God Child. “Who?” said Khassa the Mistaken?

“Me. Do you think the person dreaming was me?” said Lucius the Spoken To.

“I mean does that all sound familiar to you?” said Khassa the Wondering As Well.

“Yeah, I’ve been in all of those places. What about you, could it be you?” said Lucius the Self Doubter. “I’ve never been in a classroom. Not me.” said Khassa the Formally Uneducated.

“Well can we go somewhere so that I can tell you about a dream I just had.” said Lucius the Perception. “Yeah man. Where do you want to go?” said Khassa Close to the Being of God.

“Let’s go somewhere where we can watch 106 and Park and relax.” said Lucius the Cerebral.

That being said Lucius the Infirmed headed north towards the guest suite and opened the door. Inside he found a man talking to himself and Lucius leaned in for a moment to listen and heard the following:

“I mean Sugh Knight is gangsta but who is more gangsta than Coolio. I mean Gangsters Paradise is like a tribute to gangsters and Sugh Knight produced Tupac Shakur but Tupac got shot but Coolio is still alive so what’s more gangster than staying alive. I’m alive but Sugh Knight won’t sign me and I have asked him by sending him tracks but he never responds who wants to be on sleep Row anyways I mean you die on sleep row and what about Asher Roth and Eminem could they do a track together with MGK and Paul Wall. They could call themselves the Four Horsemen and do a track similar to Touch It with DMX and Busta Rhymes. The European rappers of hip hop should at least do one remix of ice ice baby together and mc hammer needs to be there too … all of the casualties of gangsta rap should do a rebirth album and go on tour together. I mean and Kanye West is probably the reincarnation of Martin Luther King but Katy Perry is his girlfriend. I would kiss her. I love ET’s and ” said the guy.

Lucius walked over to him and tapped him on his shoulder, this guy that had paper bag colored skin and was just in a zone that was never ending. Lucius snapped his finger and finally got the attention of this guy and he just looked up and was like,

“What what what put some dollars in the cup.” said the Natural Insane Freestylist.

Lucius very kindly explained his need to use the room and the guy just nodded and was like …

“You put some words in the cup. I can dig it.” said the guy who disappeared like a ghost.

Lucius the Coming and Khassa the Waiting were sitting in the room that was about the size of two closets with no coat hangers in it. The television was situated on brackets up near the ceiling and looked like it might have been a 23″ flat screen television. Lucius the Patient and Khassa the Patient got comfortable and just sat back and relaxed in their moment in life.

Terrence was on the screen discussing the new video from Doctor Dre.

“Yo Kush is on right now and it might be the greatest video ever to come out of the rap game in a long time. Dre straight up freezes time with Snoop Dogg and they just make it known. We are the bosses and they even allude to the fact that they are the police of this rap game, keeping people in line. How are you going to stop some people that are stopping time.” said Terrence followed up with Rocsi offering her words of astonishment.

“Dre, for real, call a bitch and get me in your next video. I can’t believe you didn’t call me. I’m like the only bitch in this game who adores your work and I was raised on the Chronic for real. You gotta get me a drink or something because I need to talk to you about gettin in the studio. You know I make gwop here at the park so come and play on the slides with me or some shit. You dig? Alright up next is the kush video we all been waiting for. Goddamn it I can’t believe people think I don’t want to be in their video? Whats wrong with you artists? You got me, let’s make it happen.” said Rocsi.

Then the television faded to the Kush video and that video started up with Dre walking around rappin in a frozen moment. This video is something that Lucius the Pop Star Celebrity had seen before. Khassa the Reggae Artist wasn’t too interested because it wasn’t quite reggae enough for him even if Bob Marley did reincarnate into Snoop. Lucius was just staring at his 103,000th music video that he has seen since his childhood. As far as Lucius the Music Video Expert was concerned music videos were all that was on television. If you didn’t care enough to make your content as convincing as a music video then you didn’t care enough to interest Lucius on television.

Lucius the Smooth Talker leans over and tells Khassa the Ear.

“We on some shit like that.” said Lucius the Coarse.

“Sunfood Sovereign”. said Khassa the CEO.

The video had this one scene where a man was floating in the air and Lucius just tried to fathom how such a video could be accomplished. It was almost like it was an expensive riddle for the wealthy artists to uncover. Lucius knew that a green screen was used and that a high speed camera was used. Lucius even wondered if the video would be hotter if the people were moving, slowly. What if the video was just like it was but instead of full stops on the people in the video they just moved really slowly and there could be scenes where Dre pulled someone out of their slowness into the stillness of his reality, maybe by giving them a joint or something.

Lucius the Verbalist leaned over real cool to Khassa the Herbalist.

“Yo Khassa?” said Lucius the Light Dude.

“Yo white boy.” said Khassa the Dark Dude.

“You got a minute.” said Lucius the Inquisitive. “Does it look like I don’t?” said Khassa the Stuck.

“Aight. So I had this dream where God himself told me that I was supposed to help people understand how to use that computer.” said Heaven’s Tech Support Specialist Lucius.

“To do what? What are we supposed to use that electrical toy for?” said Khassa the Supreme Vegan.

“We are supposed to use it to remember ourselves and study ourselves. We are supposed to use it to refine our language and to teach people about peace on earth.” said Lucius the Enemy of the State.

“I thought we were supposed to use it for Microsoft Word and Facebook?” said Khassa the Uncaring About Electricity.

“That’s just the beginning. It is a metaphor and a symbol of the logical prowess of the best of us. They probably shouldn’t be selling them to just anyone because it’s that powerful and then someone like me or you gets a hold of it and we do some guerrilla raw fare type shit where we apply our techniques to social networking and build a buzz and well in the former business plans you wanted to weaken your competition in business you didn’t want to create a business that strengthened random people who might outdo you in business. I learned the history of this planet and that computer is an anomaly that I cannot understand. I don’t understand why they weren’t sold carefully and all I know is that they keep getting cheaper and stronger and more work is being done by them and people are wondering why business isn’t being done the way it used to be and I think about that computer and the fact that less people are needed to do the same work of selling than before and manufacturing has been displaced to other countries.” said Lucius the Monologist.

“What do you think it’s’ for?” said Khassa the Curious.

“Language development and metaphor creation. I think that that computer is solely meant to help us develop and upgrade what we are saying to each other and infuse more power into what we say to each other and how we say what we say to each other. It has new metaphors for business relationships within it and just knowing futuristic business strategies makes for a more futuristic business mindset. Like in the future you give away a lot of free content in exchange for substantial monetary gain through consultation in creating new content. You give something free to 100,000 people and make purchases from 10,000 people instead of trying to sell to all 100,000 people which would never happen anyways. Free content is a means of getting where you want to go faster.” said Lucius the Benefactor of Culture.

“You smoke reef?” said Khassa the Mary Jane Suitor. “Yeah man, I date Jane.” said Lucius the Ladies Man.

“What’s your favorite kind?” said Khassa the Connoisseur.

“I’m a fan of Northern Lights.” said Lucius the Surprisingly Discerning.

“Ah, a discerning smoker.” said Khassa the Agent of Change.

“Do you trip when you smoke?” said Khassa the Wondrous.

“Yeah I trip.” said Lucius the Honest.

“Then I can’t fuck smoke with you. I knew this white boy named the Poets Lawyer It, that’s all he told people his name was. He was a poet from Dayton, OH and this guy was proud of his poets name because he was like ITS LIKE THE POETS LAUERATE but spelled differently. He thought it was clever we just thought it was whatever. Anyways, he was a cold poet talked about love and healing the mind and shit but we smoked a couple times and every time we smoked this guy would pop off into his own world and would have me tripping off of what he was saying. I’d just be sitting there high and this guy would have me believing we were transitioning into the age of Aquarius. What the fuck is an Aquarius? Well he would go on and on about this consciousness transfer and it just got to the point where when it came to smoke I would give him a couple cigarettes. I just told him, look, I like you, you are a dope poet, but when you smoke kush I question reality and I don’t need that shit. So you can smoke tobacco or basil for all I care I am just not going to let you smoke on my herb anymore. If you want to buy some and smoke on your own that’s fine but you say some shit that just makes me work harder to remain sane and I don’t need that.” said Khassa the Defender of Consciousness.

“I mean I can understand that. Some people fuck up the high. Those people need to smoke alone if they want to smoke.” said Lucius the Exponential Troublemaker.

Lucius saw someone walk by the door. The door started to open and it was a doctor the same doctor he dealt with earlier.

“Lucius can we speak for a moment.” said the doctor of displeasure

“Yes we can.” said Lucius the Free Spirit.

Khassa the Friend got up and left the room and the doctor came in and sat down.

“Lucius why do you think you are here?” said the Doctor of Pill Giving.

“I am here because I lost my shit and threw a computer out a window. Why am I not in jail?” said Lucius the Unprosecuted Criminal.

“You are not in jail because your co-workers described you in a way that makes us believe you have bi-polar disorder.” said the Doctor of Horoscopes.

“What is bipolar disorder?” said Lucius the Skeptical Skeptical Skeptical.

“It is a disease we in the psychiatric community have identified as an imbalance in the neuropeptides in your cerebral cortex?” said the Doctor of Word Dissemination and Pill Disbursement.

“You think I am imbalanced?” said Lucius the Perceptive.

“We know you are. You see we specialize in the science of consciousness and we can help you. Would you be willing to take medication?” said the Doctor Who Doesn’t Take A Hippocratic Oath.

“Would you recommend it?” said Lucius the Subject of an Experiment.

“Yes I would.” said the Doctor Of Insurance Billing. “What would you recommend?” said Lucius the Soon to be Abused.

“I would recommend Abilify and Lithium.” said the Doctor of Pill Disbursement.

“Do they hurt?” said Lucius the Bullshit Detector. “No but they do keep you focused and sedate.” said the Doctor of Nonsense.

“Alright then. I did the crime I have to do the time.” said Lucius the Accepter of Punishment.

“Lucius you have a real problem, I do not want you to just placate me?” said the Doctor of Absolute Patience Trying.

“I said I would take the medications, would you rather I fight with you? I know I did something fucked up.” said Lucius the Capable of Violence.

“I know but you seem rather dubious in your acceptance of your illness.” said the Wanting of Absolute Mind Control Doctor.

“I said I am ill. I must be because I am in a hospital. I said I would take the meds. What else do you want?” said Lucius the Frustrated from Insight.

“Sincerity. I want sincerity from you.” said the Doctor of Assholery.

“All I know how to be is sincere.” said Lucius the Not Being Sincere.

“See it’s communication like that that makes me believe you are being facetious. I have to go now but your meds are waiting for you in the window. Just whenever you get a chance to take them is good, just making sure it is within the next hour.” said the Doctor of an Ancient Made Up Practice.

Chapter Six: Time Travel IS REAL! Ask John Titor.

Bill Gates was looking at a data sheet and applying all of his knowledge that he had gleaned from following the lead of the designs of Steve Jobs,. He could not fathom where the IP address was coming from that took over control and retains control of the computer. He was staring at the timing and even that was off. The computer was apparently being interfaced by an IP address that has a time stamp of fourteen hundred years in the future. He knew that this Monumental Computer was beyond rock solid. He knew that the computer has 0 bugs. It was bugless. It was the work of a collaboration of teams of programming savants who literally hand crafted original hardware, original wiring schematics, original one of a kind chip design. This computer has been being planned for fifty years and people have gone to PHD levels of sciencary twice just to be able to participate in the process. Every nuance has been deftly crafted to enable two things … efficiency and longevity. The Long Now Foundation has done the majority of the research and the fund raising that made this computer possible and the internal components and software are behind three firewalls that make outside corruption not only impossible but mathematically absurd. This computer was built to accept content creation only as a solely input only device and once sealed no one has access to the internals of this machine because it was built with the idea in mind that once perfected 0 people need to be in the inner workings. This computer serves the purpose of providing a standard communication device from generation to generation and if the administrators become corrupt they could corrupt the entire machine. It has been closed and now it can only be used.

But there are data reports and this one said that an IP address from fourteen hundred years in the future was being used to generate visual ideas into the computer.

The future can’t have an IP address because it doesn’t exist yet.

“That is true isn’t it?” said Bill the Gates.

“What?” said a technician?

“The future doesn’t exist yet.” said Gates.

“I mean does that past exist?” said the tech.

Bill Gates just stopped and thought for a second. He thought about the hieroglyphics and about how we can see their communication strategies one glyph at a time. He knows that this computer will last at least 1400 years but how could the computer access the past?

“Is this computer networked with the quantum computer at UC?” said Bill getting close.

“Yes. This computer is linked to every network on the planet and it is more secure digitally than the moon is from us. If you want to get into this computer you need another computer just as powerful as it to access it and that computer does not exist yet. The strategy is that we will only allow these computers that are perfect to interact with each other. The first computer is closed only to be networked with the next of it’s kind. We wanted to have a space of time where we could establish Perfection One before we began Perfecting Two.” said the technician.

“How did the visualizer become corrupted?” said Gates?

“If that IP address is from the future, it could be that the future is interacting with this machine from another point?” said the tech.

“Through the quantum computer?” said the Gates.

“I mean that quantum computer is going to be around for at least another century and if the future has access to that inception point and are technologically advanced enough to use a quantum computer its first practical application could be to communicate with different time periods through itself. I mean you build something that is going to be in one place for eighteen centuries and is hooked to a quantum computer … at some point we might be able to look at this like its a closed system in time and send information … we might not be able to send people through time … but we could send light and this computer is all fiber optically connected. I bet the future could be interacting with this time period?” said the tech.

“Wow. So I am not crazy thinking that we inadvertently built a time machine?” said Gates.

“I’m not worried about the time machine Bill, I kind of thought this might happen, I’m worried about the man that the future thought was so important that they wanted to let us know to find him. How do you find a man that is dreaming?” said the tech.

“I don’t know. I … don’t … know.” said Bill.

Lucius was looking out his window as hundreds of people walking around that were not native to Cincinnati he imagined. They were lining the sidewalks and ambling up and down the streets. There was a university nearby and a lot of these people were students. A lot of the native Cincinnati people were handing out cards that had their Twitter Facebook and URLs on them. The contemplative Cincinnatians that were around during the construction period had developed very refined marketing techniques as Cincy had become the New New York. We were Greenwich Village, Brooklyn and Wall Street all in one now. With the construction of the computer that was partnered with by PG and GE Cincinnati reapplied itself to national discourse as things happen in Cincinnati that happen nowhere else. Our founders set in place a series of events that controls our thoughts and keeps them civilized. We pour through thousands of ideas a second in Cincinnati searching for that next perfect solution to reality.

The way that Cincinnati was applying the computer to its culture was emblematic of how Cincinnati does everything. Were there professional sports before baseball? No. Not the way Cincinnati set it up. We are home base for cultural progress and we develop symbols in Cincinnati that guide our language discourse. That computer is emblematic of how big we think in Cincinnati.

Lucius walked away from the window as the sunlight caressed his face and blessed him as the saint that he was. He walked past a man that was passing wind every thirty seconds and stinking up the air and laughed. He went out into the sunlight and made his way to the workers station. There were about six nurses doing various duties like standing there chewing gum, painting nails, surfing the web on IE no doubt, and one of them was talking on her cell phone. Lucius walked up to the woman that was talking on her cell phone and said “Hello.”

“What do you want?” said the nurse with all of the politeness as Shanaynay from Martin.

“I was hoping to get some pen and pad so that I could write?” said Lucius with all of the Patience of the Pope.

This nurse had tufts of green in her hair; her nails were each three inches long. Lucius would call her ghetto if she didn’t have a job but since she does she is just unique.

“What do you want to write about before I get the paper?” said the Woman channeling her inner Whitney from A Different World.

“I was hoping to write about life and love and technology and my place in this world that created me. I was hoping to write some comedy and some drama and some tragedy. I want to pass the time here favorably and I just thought maybe you could help me with some paper.” said Lucius the Shakespearean Author.

“Oh! You want to write about all that? I’ll give you two sheets of paper and this pencil. When you need more paper come back and ask me.” said the woman with long nails who was now channeling her inner Pamela like she is talking to Martin herself.

Lucius the Disrespected laughed. Two sheets is two sheets. He heads back into his room oblivious to what is happening to the world outside. While Lucius is looking at his sheets of paper the world outside is watching his life.

There is a massive contingency of people who are staring at a computer monitor bigger than Paul Brown stadium and they are watching a man being reprimanded by his mother, ignored by his father, shunned by his brother and sister and talking on the phone with his brother. There are pockets of people crying in the streets whenever they see the mother throwing shoes at him because on the right side of the screen is the writing of poetry and the speedy creation of the most beautiful words ever crafted. This was an artist that was being witnessed. He was someone that writing came naturally to and was someone that developed his craft steadily. People were starting to realize that this was a real man. It was at the moment that they saw his dream of the computer that they realized he was on earth right now. Nearly instantly the hash tag #WhoIsHe became the most popular on Twitter. People were developing the inclination to find this man. There were images of the computer from the vantage point of having been in Cincinnati.

Lucius the Waldo rested his head slowly on his bed. He took off his shirt and rubbed his chest. Then he closed his eyes and turned his head to the side. He was comfortable.

As he uploaded his consciousness to the cloud he felt an incoherent chill flow through his body. It was the most comfortable and remarkable sensation. It felt like a mild orgasm was flowing through his whole body. It pulsed in and out and then dissipated as he began to hear a voice.

“I thought you would like that.” said the voice of Lucius’ Own Personal God.

“What was it?” said Lucius the Relaxed.

“That is our gift to you. We cannot give you iPods or Fire Tablets but we can give you sensations. Our reward system for you and just our way of thanking you is through the sensations that you experience daily. It might seem like little but if you think about it a body orgasm is the greatest gift a man can receive. For a man the orgasm is the pinnacle of achievement. We are giving you custom orgasms that we feel will remind you that you are working for someone special. You work for us now. You work to bring about the type of future that you deserve to experience. You are one of the masters of your species. From as far back as Muhammad and Jesus to Plato and Socrates you are the inception of a generation seeking information about something that they know is important. Most people don’t have the patience to spend time exploring the internet. You have been playing with it off and on for the last twenty years. You used to spend all your time at the library and now this came along. You were destined for this Information Age and now you are the one creating the information. I want to spend some time with you. You might think you are in danger but you are not. We have people working to protect you no matter how bad it gets in the moment … just know that there will be another moment. It is impossible for you to lose touch with your consciousness. We have this hospital probed deeply fourteen hundred years from now and we are applying your principle of exploring where someone was. Apparently Humans leave a footprint on the fabric of space and time and your work that you are doing helps us decipher the concept that if we place a probe where your mind was it will be like putting a probe where your mind always will be. We just have to locate a space that only you have been. That moment where you placed your head in the corner. We caught it on camera, you are the only person that ever went there and because of that we placed a probe there and from that point we are accessing your complete cranial activity. The body is connected to the mind always and there is one place where the future and the past and the present all take form and that is in your mind in that space in the hospital. We know where you are and how to follow you because you have been in quite a bit of media.” said the voice.

Lucius was shivering with pleasure as the future was placing cold chills through his body in pulses. He now knew why women went in search of multiple orgasms as there was nothing greater than a small chill running through your body reminding you what pleasure is. Just pleasure, not ecstasy, not euphoria just a mild pleasure was pulsing through Lucius’s the Pleased’s body.

A doctor of pillage had come into the room. Doctor Pill Giver was watching the television and piecing together some pieces. He was looking at Lucius. Lucius was obviously in REM sleep but it couldn’t be him on the Master Screen. The doctor was contemplating the idea that the person they are searching for was Lucius the Suspect. He saw an image of his visage talking to someone on the television. He knows Lucius is dreaming of him but the image was blurry it might not have been him, but what if it was. What if the person that the future was looking for was right here in this room? The doctor was thinking to himself, he couldn’t talk to anyone of his peers about this but Lucius was not leaving this hospital. As a doctor it is possible to ruin someone’s life in the psychiatric profession. Most doctors have ethics and social moiré’s but doctor PillPush had this practice of choosing patients to send to long term treatment. He figured he didn’t go to college not to have some perks in life and knowing that someone was being ruined brought pleasure to him. Maybe Lucius wasn’t the person but the very fact that Lucius might be special is enough of a reason to temporarily ruin his life. His dreams are beautiful his thoughts are beautiful and it might be him but he is under the doctor’s control and this doctor had the demise of Lucius in mind.

He was walking over to Lucius and he wanted to try and experiment. He turned on the live feed of the computer channel streaming the dreams and while he was watching he shook Lucius, hard. Lucius woke up angry as fuck and almost swung on the doctor but the thing is. The dreams stopped almost at the same time as the swinging Lucius.

Lucius wanted to know what was going on and the doctor just thought for a moment began asking Lucius some questions.

“What were you dreaming of?” said the doctor believing that Lucius had no concept of what was transpiring. “I WAS dreaming of just feelings really. Colors and a voice.” said Lucius the Subject. “What was the voice you were dreaming of telling you?” said PillPusher.

“Mostly that I was an amazing writer and that I have a bright future.” said Lucius the Author.

“Does this voice speak to you often?” said PillPusher. “I mean when I dream I usually hear voices. See images and story lines.” said Lucius the Narrator.

“Your bipolar disorder may be more severe than I thought. I want to keep you here for observation for a couple weeks so that you can stabilize.” said the Doctor of Pill Pushing.

“Doctor I am really fine. I am just creative that’s all.” said Lucius Lacking the Ability to Understand the Depth of the Coldness of Science.

“You threw a window through a computer and I find that highly disturbing. I want to work with you and possibly consider involving you in long term psychiatric treatment because from what I can tell you might be a danger to yourself. You show signs of extreme mania and the frequency of your pushups indicates that you have manic energy. I believe that we will be increasing the dosages of your medications and I might be putting you also on haldol and geodon.” said the doctor of Pill Pushin.

“You want me on four medications?” said Lucius the HIGHLY Skeptical.

“We are trying to sedate your energy and bring you to a more normal plateau.” said the doctor of pill pushery,

“I mean I know I messed up with the whole computer through the window thing but I have led a fairly normal life for the most part. I write and go to parties but that is just about it.” said Lucius the Infirmed.

“Do you do drugs at these parties?”said the doctor of None of His Business.

“I smoke pot, but I know it’s legal so there is no problem.” said Lucius the Party Animal in Captivity.

“I must say you sound like you could be experiencing something more profound than just bipolar disorder. I need to study you. I want to research your illness and find a suitable treatment for you. Tell me do you know about what is happening outside?” said the doctor of Pill Pushing.

“I know that there is a giant computer that I am the biggest fan of being deployed out into society and that if you have an Ohio driver’s license you get to use the computer or rent your time to an outsider from the city. I know that Cincinnati is the focal point of production in the digital world because of that computer. I know that I am looking forward to promoting my website by using it. “said Lucius the Reasonable.

“Did you know that it’s been taken over by an unknown force?” said the doctor of nonsense.

“No man. That’s crazy can I go watch some television?” said Lucius the Uncaring.

“No, I actually want to ask you something. Do you believe in the future Lucius? Do you believe that the future is looking out for your best interest?” said the doctor of crossing over the line.

“Doc, all I believe in is the future. It is something that we build and I want to see a beautiful future so I am helping to build what I believe will make the most sense to the most people.” said Lucius the Hearted.

“Do you hear voices when you dream?” said the doctor of crossing the line.

“Yes. Especially in the last few days. I hear very distinct voices.” said Lucius the Powerful.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I believe that you have been chosen by the future to be the main source of entertainment for our generation?” said the doctor of saltiness.

“I think you are overstepping your professional boundaries.” said Lucius the Really Real.

“I just want to see what is best happen for everyone. I want to ask you to write something for me. I want you to imagine that you are writing a letter to God about what life was like while you were alive.” said the Doctor of sleep.

“You want me to write a letter about what this was like?” said Lucius the Inquisitive.

“Yes I think it would be a healthy exercise. I want you to write a eulogy for yourself in essence. It’s a standard professional practice and I believe you will learn a lot about yourself in the process.” said the Doctor of Deception.

Lucius the Intuitive’s intuition kicked in. For the first time in his life he felt powerless. He had no family and his friends all worked at LPK. No one really wanted to visit him. He typically spent his time alone writing and he worked professionally but lately the stress of being a solitary creative worker had driven him to strange behavior and maybe there was something wrong with him. Maybe this doctor was doing something for him that he couldn’t do for himself. He was going to get better and he was going to go out and make some new friends. There was a major part of him that felt like he was too old for friends. That he was too old to spend time with others but are you ever too old for friends?

Chapter Seven: Gentlemen We Have Two Mysteries To Solve

Bill Gates was staring at a three dimensional imaging system that Cal Tech developed to visualize IP network systems in detail. Gates was just livid staring at one point. There was an IP address that looped in on itself in the distribution matrix and Gates wasn’t talking to anyone. He was just thinking. He knew that that the software was rock solid. he knew that the time codes were uncrackable. He knew that a loop meant an infinity error and he knew that right where that loop was happening was the University of Cincinnati’s Quantum Computer and the astonishing Computeristica. Either Steve Jobs himself hacked this or time travel was a very real reality. Gates looked down at his watch and pondered the idea that that the clock was simply an agreement among men and that real time cannot be measured and that real time cannot be fathomed. He thought about how little he knew about time and how much he knew about clocks. He wondered if clocks had anything to do with time. Clocks measure the movement of gears in clocks. What is time though? Gates picked up a reefer cigarette that he had been saving for his break. Bill Gates was smoking to the inception of Microsoft and the creation of a business model that would serve as the fundraising arm of the Infiniti nary Processor. He was just standing there inhaling the smoke and Gates doesn’t cough when he smokes Kush. There were about fifteen technicians in the room and about nine of them sparked blunts and Gates turned around.

“Gentlemen, we have two mysteries to solve. One , we have to figure out who that computer wants us to find and two we have to figure out how that rock solid computer built from diamond parts and coupled with infinite terabyte storage space because it’s up-linked to forty eight satellites in infinite orbits. That computer lasts forever. There is nothing that computer does not know, there is nothing that computer cannot identify and it is my contention that our grandchildren’ grandchildren are watching us. We are this far along, my children’s children might be bold enough to visit their great grand parents in their prime. This could be the inception point. This could be our moon landing but I know I have trouble accepting it. This might be a truth that is debated until we achieve immortality ourselves. I am Bill Gates and I make pc’s. Guys I have to tell you, I think our job is basically done. We can smoke good for life now. What more does the world want from the computer industry than an Agent of Time Displacement Such as This. They want more of This. Each one of those computers is going to be more powerful than the next and this applicon predates a movement to go from the personal computer to the community computer. Why sell 100 PC’s when you can sell 1 quintabyte computer and develop a community center around it. The computer is too special to be housed at the home. You are not meant to be computing alone, it needs to be community oriented and you know what scares me. I have no idea how time travel is possible … I am just staring at this loop and now I know that it is. How do you build a time machine, on accident?”

There were roughly forty eight programmers in the room with Bill Gates and they had been programming for years and it suddenly occurred to everyone. The moon had just landed on the earth. The stars had just exploded and time travel was found to be expertly possible. Not only was it possible but it was possible the way drinking milk was possible. No one fainted. No one gasped. There was stillness in the room. Everyone felt religious in their scientific origins. For the expanded expanse of human history there was knowledge of time but it existed primarily of children talking to parents and that was the extent of it. Bonded through genetics humanity was in tune with itself with great great grandchildren wanting nothing more than to see their creator’s creators. The driving motivation of this technology was embedded so deep in human psyche that when it hits you how real it is you just stand there and life moves on. You feel more watched as you realize that in this computing age there are more inputs than ever before in human history. There are more points of contact to study and be studied. The future archeologists start their work with this computer the Infinitude. It is the single most empowering device ever created. Fuck fire for that you just rub a couple sticks together, the Infinitude is like fire to the power of fire to the power of powers of fire on fire in comparison of importance. Bill kneeled down and became silent. The other programmers knelt as well in an effort to just absorb. There was no god involved as they were all atheists but they would forever worship the computer from this moment on as their created. They would worship what was created more than what created as they stared at that computer that they had been using for decades in their careers and when all of the technology that culminated in the finest piece of information they had ever seen , they wept. It was humbling to see the protocol work and now there was so much that was necessary to do. Bill Gates had to call the motherfucking president. He had to inform the motherfucking president and drop a freestyle on Jay-Z’s voicemail because … Jay-Z was the motherfucking president of the mother fucking world. Hova was going to be receiving a phone call that better involve a dope beat that would notify him that his pet project was working in ways that could not have been predicted by men that do not know what Jay-Z knows.

It was a strange world that made all the sense to everyone. That little IP address with the forward motion address was siphoning more data than what existed in the computer. It was downloading information and uploading data with tremendous speed but it wasn’t putting load on the computer.

Bill Gates was sitting at the terminal staring at the 5ft by 3ft screen in front of him and he was astonished. He was just watching files upload and download when there were no users present on the machine. They all linked to a single account. The Poets Lawyer It. A pseudo name. Bill spoke and said the following “I want every one of you to walk with explicit maturity as we begin to enter a new age. We have words yet spoken a formal decree that we are to share with our friends and family members. Most people would say to contact the military but who are they going to fight? This is a multimedia computer and its sole purpose is to be a dispensary of media. You might want to wake up tomorrow with your family and shoot a video. This might all turn out in ways we cannot fathom because this did. I see you standing there and I am grateful that I had the chance to work with you. You stand head and shoulders above any programming team I have ever encountered and for that work with me further. We have to have another opening of the computer. A post Infinitude convention. We are going to reconvene the entire planet and we are going to throw a new gala in Cincinnati Ohio. The first Cin is for the party but the second Cin is for the science. I want you to become artists and I feel like I am talking to myself because I am being told that we all have our future selves to speak with as we absorb the frequencies of the universe. This will be a slow progression over years as our minds encompass the possibilities that they have never thought about thinking about. You may believe in Gods but our future selves are who we are to worship and our future selves are to worship the children of the children of the children that the children are having. I feel connected as I speak to you as though we are experiencing a shift in consciousness, at least I am. Where is all of this? What is all of this? How did all of this come to be? I have an important message to share with you; there is a man among us who is dreaming the dreams on the monitor. He is the future emperor of earth in line with Halie Selassie in prominence and honestly I want to meet this man. He is a writer and he is on earth now and he has the capacity to bring us to places that we could never imagine on our own. I am being told that we are to search for this man like you would search for a savior. He was raised on the internet and is a first generation adult who performs miracles in his spare time when no one is looking for miracles. I am told that he is in North America but that we are to look for him if we really want to meet him.” said Gates.

The other programmers were stunned. That was the deepest set of words that a man has ever spoke in their presence and collectively people were wondering if others were hearing the soft voices that were flowing through the imaginations. One developer spoke up and said the following…

“I can hear myself. I can hear myself talking to me. It says that the world is not schizophrenic or bipolar and that the world was in fact telepathic with itself. There were mysteries unfolding in patterns that biblical scholars believe is a new age of Biblicism where there will be a new moses, there will be a new Jesus, and that these people are reincarnating in our midst to realign society with the new tool set that it has access to. We are going to be better people and we are going to strive for higher heights and we are going to stop waiting for God to do anything for us and we are going to do it ourselves. We are going to find the Gods among us and we are going to worship them. We are going to be doing what we should have been doing all along. Maybe the wars broke us in ways that we cannot imagine but it is time to heal. The way Arch Ferdinand Duke was killed prior to World War One Applicon was built prior to World Peace One. We are bringing peace through our efforts to explore the depths of what is possible in our lives. I am starting to feel warm. I feel a sensation of glowing inside of me that is permeating my pores and honestly I am excited. I love you all so much. I want to be remembered for the best things I have ever done and I want you to be remembered with me and we accomplished that with this computer. Bill you are the leader that I never thought I could aspire to work for and here I am sharing my future with you. We are right now our children are then their children are then but we all work in conjunction with each other in the most peaceful ways.” said the developer.

“I have a message too. Is this church? Is that computer the God we have been looking for. Did it just show up by our own hands? Did that computer reach out and save its creators for creating it? Are we fusing with the computer just through using it? Did we achieve a different kind of fusion, a fusion with the computer? Do we now have unlimited energy for our creativity? Will we use this computer to achieve fusion reactors? Will we align ourselves so that we can leave this planet for the moon in a sustainable fashion? Will we stop conning each other and provide this type of service for the world. There is a cultural war happening so we build a world wonder to solve the problem in excelcius deo. You may not know what that means but in excelcius deo means in full excellence. We treated earth like our client and now they are we are all of us are paying us for our work. Our lives will change for the work that we have done here and in that so much else will happen.” said the woman.

Bill gates was on his 4g phone and then his eyes widened and he walked out of the room. He walked down a hallway and got in an elevator. He was on the phone with Jay-Z. Jay-Z had called him.

“Bill, that’s a time machine isn’t it?” said Jay. HOV! “Hova, you have to understand it might be awaiting a freestyle of yours.” said Gates

“No you have to understand in plain view of the entire world you built a time machine. I like it. I need to let you know that we are sending the military to find him. I’m preparing my next freestyle for the future for real. I’m less worried about the computer and more worried about the kid or adult who this thing is looking for. I bet he is in the United States. I believe that with my power to influence every C-Span channel and news outlet that we can find this kid. You don’t know what is happening. People across the country are starting wake up out of war. People are starting to see the new world that they just weren’t looking at. I need you to know that that computer is changing the entire internet and every page is asking the question … Where is he? … the computer and the voice are telling everyone that it’s missing crucial components of information and it was expecting there to be this one person but no one knows who it is and all that is being sent are words and photos but the images are all Gaussian blurred out and work is being done to reconstruct the blurs but that has a few more hours left to be worked out. We know what a hoax looks like and a hack and this isn’t it. This is the real formation of a reality that is just better. I just live in a house now, I need to take that Black Gate down and invite people over for dinner that aren’t celebrities. I’m just an ambitious person Bill, I really am. I seek out better and more influential people to be around and that is my only secret that and I flow with absolute precision in the booth. Yo for real, when all is said and done, im about to geek out my YouTube channel geek. “said Jay. HOVA!

“Jay. Hova. Look. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. It beats playing video games and watching football. I don’t mind the people that make the games and that play the football. It’s just the audience that I have problems with. We have too many audience members and not enough players. Your music videos changed my life. When you came out with the Blueprint 3 album I got my stunt on JAY. That’s why Windows 15 had every hip hop album ever created pre-installed so that when I get paid, ya’ll get paid. I’m glad you worked out that deal with Def Jam that you did that gave us exclusive rights to your platform of work. I program code. You program English. We lead different lifestyles because the effects of our art are different on society.” said the Gates of Creation.

Lucius was sitting there praying. He stood up and went over to the doctor.

“Doc, looks like the world is changing, mind if I dip?” said Lucius the Hopeful.

“Lucius you are not ready to leave and your problems are much deeper than you realize. Did you write that letter, that departure note?” said the Doctor Pill Pushery.

“I mean yeah, I felt really sad doing it but I mentioned how you are working to provide me with treatment and that maybe I do have a problem.” said Lucius the Sad.

“Alright I want you to take these medications they will help get you started.” said the doctor of deception.

Lucius the Coy smiled and took the medications. He placed them in his hand and did a deft transfer and made it look like he was taking the pills. The doctor looked on happy that he was providing earth with salvation of his own. The doctor felt that his years of service to the medical community had provided him with the respect that he would need to rule earth. He just had to kill this one person and earth would thank him. Why would anyone want peace? He thought this would be the new arch Ferdinand Duke and through killing the very man that would bring peace the world can enter into a new phase of warfare with psychiatry leading the way and this doctor being the new hero. He would receive the accolades for saving the weapons industry and the military and the police and the NSA and the FBI and Scotland Yard. He was just consumed with thoughts that he would be out of business if the world was more tolerant of its own so now that the change is happening and its strongest member is at his mercy. Kill him. Kill him and let him be a martyr to a cause that could never happen without him.

Lucius walked into his room. He tossed the pills into the toilet and flushed the toilet. It looked like too many pills to him anyways.

“Lucius you might want to lie down for a deep sleep.” said the doctor determined.

Lucius thought that was kind of strange way of putting it.

Khassa the Salvation enters the room and starts to do a headstand. He poses does a freeze and then rights himself.

Lucius the Endangered is cool with it.

Khassa the Dopeness starts talking and says the following…

“Lucius do you hear voices? I mean not debilitating angry voices but calm pleasing voices?” said Khassa the Enlightened.

“Yeah. I mean they are trying to inform me that my writing is the chosen writing of multiple generations and that I am meant to lead a revolution of thought.” said Lucius the Righteous Dude.

“Mine tell me that the way I treat food sharpens the entire dietary palette of the world.” said Khassa the Historical Chef.

“Well what do you eat?” said Lucius the Unfortunate Carnivore.

“Solely produce. Fruit vegetables nuts and seeds and water.” said Khassa the Perfectionist That is Not An Asshole.

The doctor came in and looked at Lucius. He was a bit puzzled. he gave him fifteen lithium and a dozen ambien. He was thinking to himself that he should be asleep deeply by now. Maybe this dreamer in this world is immune to our drugs. What if he is a time traveler and he is just laying low? What if this patient of mine … I have to start asking him about his dreams. The doctor was a little nervous. He wasn’t a supporter of celebrity. He thought most people that were deviant from society were mentally ill. Who gets on stage and shakes their ass, or who stands in front of people and raps, who wants to be divergent from society? This doctor wasn’t thinking about the fact that society filled the needs of everyone not just the studious types. It filled the needs of everyone from the homeless man that just wants to drink beer to the CEO that wants to own his own corporate jet. There is a place in society for us all and this doctor was enmeshed in ideas of dominance because Lucius was powerless in that hospital and in being powerless he had to find ways to earn his power. By tripping away the pills he kept his sovereignty in a small way.

This doctor stepped in on Lucius the Clever.

“Lucius may I interrupt.” said the doctor of Devilish ways.

“No you may not we are having a sovereign conversation and you are not welcome in our presence at this moment.” said Khassa the Powerful.

“Khassa will you leave the room.” said the doctor of drama.

“Bet.” and Khassa of Caving as he walked out of the room.

“But I am still Sovereign.” said Khassa the Pride back to the doctor.

“Lucius could you tell me about your dreams?” said the doctor

“You want to know if I am the dreamer?” said Lucius the Dreamer.

“No it’s a standard question.” said the doctor of deception.

“Alright I will tell you my dreams. When I sleep I dream beautiful colors and hear voices that put me through training. I go to parties, I start businesses. I go to war. I live lives in my dreams and spend time exploring the deeper realms of consciousness. My dreams put me in a place where I believe this life to be just another facet of my consciousness. I am more than this waking life; this is just a side of my Rubik’s cube. I am engaged in life and I engage in euphoria and fear. I am killed in my dreams. I am resurrected in my dreams. I don’t hear sound in my dreams though. It is always a visual experience. I will tell you that. I see in color and I experience sensations and I exchange ideas but I never hear anything. I am deaf but not mute in my dreams. I play basketball and I play pool. I get drunk and I smoke pot. My life in my dreams is just more interesting than what happens in this world. That’s why I write. I believe that if there is at least one reality in my existence where I throw myself at my writings that my reincarnation will be dovetailed more beautifully and that maybe this computer plays a role in reincarnation. How am I to know what this computer is but I do know that I am telling it that I am a god and that I am receiving god like dreams. Sometimes I dream of computer programming in my dreams, sometimes I dream of women. I believe in my dreams the way I believe in business plans and inspiration. They are real and they serve a purpose. I am glad that I am in this hospital right now under your care because I am learning that some things are transient. I know this is like a jail but I want to be jailed. I deserve to be jailed. I don’t deserve sleep but I deserve reprimand for my actions. I believe in the world that created me and gave me the dreams that I dream today. I honestly do not know how I was created but I know that my dreams give me reason to believe that I am a multifaceted organism that plays conscious roles in multiple realities some in the future some in the past and we are all connected through sleep. I am always the same person that I am but my dreams place me in a state of travel that no man woman or child can fuck with. When I am sleeping I go where I am explicitly supposed to go. You think civilization is easy to maintain. Consciousness requires consciousness to remain conscious. I am a leader in the conscious world and in my world of consciousness there are dreams that dream of dreams and I dream those dreams. You want to know if I am the dreamer in the computer. You want to know if it’s me. I can already tell you that it is. I can already tell you that that computer is displaying my dreams to the world to see. What else do you want to know? I am just waiting. I am just waiting for my destiny to come and grab me and propel me to the heights of leadership in this conscious world so that I can receive the blessings that this world deserves because when I receive a blessing you receive a blessing and we all receive blessings when any of us receive blessings. You know how I know it’s me. Because the Applicon talks to me. It’s a conscious unit of energy. That computer is complex enough to have computational thoughts, not human thoughts it’s different but that computer rests exactly where it is.

So yeah I am smiling at you doctor. I am telling you that I threw a computer out a window and that I am under your care and that you want me to take your little pills and you want me to receive your supposed treatment but I am telling you that there is nothing wrong with me. I am telepathic, I lead a different existence. You cannot treat me. You cannot pill me. You cannot divest me from my future where I lead the world into a new age of knowledge. I thought I was going to change the world as a corporate designer and solve problems one at a time but fuck that design is about the simplest most elegant solution and that solution involves me being world renowned for my thinking ability. I know I am ugly but my future has nothing to do with the world of models, it has to do with the realm of thought. You need me and Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and Oppenheimer and Goldman Sachs people that surged forward in the realm of the mind pervade my being. My heroes are academic so I don’t need a six pack. I train on a keyboard and refine the words that come out of my mouth. I customize my thoughts to be of use to the most people possible. I think pop therefore I am pop. I am what this world needs. I am what this world is looking for. I am what this world is searching for seeking and pontificating about the existence of. Yes there are 7 billion people looking for me and I am right here under your care. I will just lay it all out on the line. I am a jovial person with the most serious ambitions. I am a leader of thought and in my leadership the world can learn about leadership. I am not a leader who looks for exposure I am a leader who plans for exposure by creating thought provoking amazing titillating works of art. You want to know who I am and what I dream about? You want to understand my dreams? I want you to think about this for a moment. I have been training on that computer for decades searching and thinking and reading about our most contemporary thought. I haven’t had time for books because they were written yesterday and I wanted to know what was being thought about today.

You think your pills have any effect on my genius? You can pill me into comatose but all that will happen is that I will recover and even if you pill me into retardation I will still be a genius retard. I will solve retard problems with genius flare. You are dealing with a force that you cannot fathom and that force is ever vigilant and confident with the braggadocia of a Real MC. I master the ceremony of writing and I build bridges to infinity’s children through the words that I am sharing with you. No don’t go anywhere stay there I am not finished. You need to know who you are dealing with. I come from a generation of dreamers and I am the lead dreamer. My dreams are the dreams of dreams and that computer is linked into my cerebral cortex tissue because when a ghost stands where I am it transmits my thoughts to the future where they are uploaded to the Applicon and sent back in time to the origin of where I am time coded. We build spirits in the future that explore the past through their presence. You would be me if you weren’t of evil intent. I am the purest vessel this earth has ever seen and my thoughts are the thoughts of thoughts. You want to know what I dream about? You want to know what I think about? I think about a vegan world where life is preserved and the forces of sleep are allowed to place their dead to rest. I believe that the dead should bury the dead while the living throws a party. I don’t mean that the dead should bury corpses, no that is the job of the living, but the spiritually dead should bury the spiritually dead in unknown ceremonies where the earth turns and no one listens to the cries of those that spent a lifetime doing evil. The evil are unaware of their evil and that is why they must be allowed to depart. This is a peaceful planet and we are engaged in spiritual warfare and the emergence of youth continually refines the problems of age I am here to referee the transition between what was and what will be. This government will not last in its present state, we reform it. This corporate America will not last in its present state, we will buy it. This religious system will not last, we will teach it. People come and go but buildings last forever and the buildings that your leaders cling to today will be our buildings tomorrow and we will pass them to our children as we pass buildings to children for generations to come.

This is what I dream of. You may think me foolhardy but think for a second. Doesn’t this sound like the writing of a thought leader? DO you think followers write like this? Forget about how I look just read the words and marvel. Look at what I am saying to you. Look at what I am writing to you. Look at what I am deciphering with you. Doctor. Can you cure me of the ills of responsibility? You intervened in a situation that you played no part in. You think you are a referee but really you are just a pill pusher. How can you possibly surmise the styles of consciousness that you are faced with. All that is necessary is to survive and you would tell me that I am ill? You don’t know what LPK did to me. You don’t know how they treated me. I know they deserved a computer through the window and just because that is foreign action to you does not make it illegitimate actions on my part. I deserve to be in criminal custody so that I can do my time and be rehabilitated and become a part of society. I do not require your treatment and I do not require your care but I will take your pills and humble myself before you because you are more powerful than I am here but out there. I am the hope of generations to come and from those generations comes my writing. You think that I don’t see what you are doing? You want to kill me and you want to kill my spirit. I know everything about you and also know that I am powerless to leave so please do not file me under your regular mental illness bracket. Freud never gave out pills he just talked to people and I can see your spirit scrutinizing mine. You want to know why I deserve this place in society and it’s because I think like this and because I write with as much passion. All my life has ever known is passion and I am filled with the passion of a Christ and I have people that I need to lift up to Christ status and I know from your practice and the way that you patronize me that you are just seeking to clean up a mess for your political party. You are trying to make the lives of your leaders easier as a good follower would but really my leaders outnumber your leaders because my leaders haven’t been haven’t been haven’t been haven’t been born yet and are coming in waves. We call it the Armada of the Youth and your leaders are coming out of your wombs and we are going to decorate your graves with YouTube videos of which you were, how you did things, and why we should never let the compassionate artists ever lose control again because you cannot legislate life. There are quintillions upon quintillions of permutations of scenarios that every man woman and child must face and you think your little DSM can resolve what you consider to be illness. What about your illness where you presume you have the right to interject into my complex artistic life and tell me what I should be doing that is normal.

I was raised on pop stars and rappers and poets and I fell in love with a beautiful life and how dare you step in and tell me that my life is bipolar when I am a genius that you cannot understand. I have been around the world and I have been a performer. You are a pill pusher you earn your living conning people into taking your placebos but I speak truth and improve lives in real fashion. If you were a real doctor you would be more concerned with just talking to me helping me work out my problems. You combine a lack therapy from medication and I can already tell you are a part of a flawed system whose buildings are ripe for inheriting. Your ways will not be passed on. Your generation was one of foolhardy value diminishment. You want to know what I dream about? I dream about inheritance not take over. I dream of a generation of absolute power passing that power on to a younger generation who will be refereed in this technopolitan world. You built computers and did not develop the infrastructure to teach the world how to use your creation. You just kept building and destroying your culture one widget at a time until a breach point was reached where what you had to teach no longer applied. Upon the sleep of Steve Jobs I began to own the computational age. Rappers talk about King of the Game … well I am Christ of reality and in that reality my dreams take precedence over yours. You dream of tit fucking in taxi cabs while I dream of building weather controlled sky scrapers in Antarctica so that we can continue to build our magnificent presence here on earth as a civilized human civilization.

There is nothing you can give me tell me or show me that is going to take me away from my destiny as the dreamer of the free world. That computer was meant for me to use, that computer was built for me to use, and that computer was created for me to use. I am going to use it. I am going to solidify my place in the long now history book. I am going to transform thought and I am going to heal the minds of trillions of people yet to be born and my words are going to be sent to intergalactic organizations and aliens are going to transcribe my writings into their own languages as we build a social network between a federation of planets. You think about whether or not I am going to take your pills, I think about whether or not you realize your dreams are dying every time you give up your soul to incubate a spirit of malaise in your patients. You have your Bell’s Curve and you want everyone to be bubbled in the middle and when you realize your patients are on the right or the left side of the bells curve. You are trying to medicate everyone that isn’t of average intelligence and ability into average intelligence and ability because it is in that sweet spot that people are still smart enough to get work done and yet not so smart as to question the management or leadership system that has benefited from an early lead in the industrial revolution. A couple families had intellectual breakthroughs and they early on treated their breakthroughs in consciousness and leadership and flock acquisition as so valuable that they would subjugate an entire nation so that they could feel the power that comes from being in control of a populace. Then they built a computer in their capitalistic tradition and passed them out like candy and now someone like me has one attached to an information network seeking information and we are beginning to make the transitional changes necessary through art and through culture and we are improving what you degraded. This country used to be about leadership in the positive sense that the best of us used to go to Washington DC to try and lead our nation and play the neutral role between aristocrat and artist. Politicians used to be neutral and then they were bribed into believing that the aristocrats were more valuable than the artists and the police believed the same lies and now we are faced with a government that favors the people that feel entitled as opposed to the people that are entitled. Every family fortune in existence today was not built it was inherited and those that inherit wealth think it’s paper but those that create it realize it is a symbol related to how many problems were solved for how many people, how many services were successfully rendered. Great business is a simple solution to a complex problem.

Your problem is that you think I need your pills; my problem is the fact that you believe your pills have any power over the human mind whatsoever. You think your little plastic capsules can affect the human mind? No. You are foolish.

So when do I get out?” said Lucius the Scientologically Clear.

The doctor just stood there and he dropped the pills he was going to give to Lucius on the floor. He walked out of the room.

The doctor’s mind was racing. He felt jealousy he had never encountered before since the inception of his existence. All he knew was that that man was going into solitary confinement. He must not be allowed to speak to other patients. He must not be allowed to engage in conversation with nurses. He must not be allowed visits. He must not be allowed to engage in discourse with anyone. I can kill that man. I can save my career. I can save my field. I can save my heritage. I can save my nation. I can save my planet. I love this world the way it is. I love the fact that the derelicts have nothing, I love the fact that going to college prepares you for wealth. I will not believe that self-educated people trump listening to a vested professor. These pills are worthwhile; I have saved lives with these pills. These lithium pills are more than just extenze pills for male enhancement. They serve a real function. I have tests. I have charts. I have experiments. I can tell in every situation that these pills inhibit bipolar disorder. I have never met someone more bipolar. He just unloaded fifteen minutes of discourse. That’s too much thinking for one man to do. Alright. Think for a second. Be a professional. We must study this man. We must keep him under observational lock and key because he could hold the key to his entire generation’s bi-polar epidemic. Our statistics show that that the world is ever changing into a mentally ill environment. If I have to be a martyr to my field I will at least be remembered for taking a keystone figure and creating a cure for mental illness from him. That man Lucius Pixel is the Alpha and Omega of mental illness and from him is going to come a cure. I can cure mental illness if I have a patient like him. I can test non-lethal medications and treatments on him to and whittle him down to the point where he is normal. My God he thinks he is the dreamer. He firmly believes that that computer is not subjected to a computer virus, he believes that a ghost is transmitting his thoughts to the future. That is unacceptable. I have never encountered a patient this ill before. I must immediately file the probate papers that will place him under my absolute care and regimen for an extended period of time. I believe this candidate deserves to be placed under long term treatment and I will not have a delusional heretical misfit out in a world that he very well could convince belongs to him. This man might be the very Anti-Christ that the prophecies foretold. It’s 2156 and I know the bible to be the inerrant word of God and my entire faith is based around believing that people like him may come and usurp the throne of Christ. I have to believe that I can dispel a tragedy of thought from occurring. We can change his mind. We can bring him to our faith. We can teach him the ways of Jesus Christ and we can reformulate his synapses through medication. It may take years but he can be a force for good. I cannot in right mind kill this man. He is ill. I must remember my Hippocratic Oath and I must save this man. I thought the best way to deal with him would be to medicate him into uselessness but instead I am going to hide him. I will place him in solitary confinement and make up a story that he tried to become violent with me. I will meet with him again and scream that he tried to hit me. Then I will place him under sedation and he will awake in a place where no one can find him, where no one can communicate with him. I will place him in a cell and will feed him three times a day. I will take care of him. What if Sigmund Freud had had a patient like him? How much good could there have been for psychology in the world … I could be the next Sigmund Freud because of him. I could write my magnum opus on this patient. He is the cornerstone to an entire counter culture way of thought.

This is like stumbling upon the workings of a nuclear bomb in the human intellect. I must diffuse him. I must keep the status quo status quo. I am a doctor and my job is to deal with aberrant psychology and bring it directly in line with healthy salient lines of thought. I can help this man. I can prepare him for the professional world. Fuck, he could be a professional patient. I could apply for a grant to put him up in special housing so that I would have sole access to him on a long term basis. It wouldn’t be a prison but I could contact the authorities that I have found a treasonous individual who is using the constructs of time to wage war against their generational plans. There is so much that I need to do in order to contain this virus that this man suffers from. It’s no wonder he was fired and if he feels as free as to be able to throw a computer through a window. He has too much freedom. His sovereignty has gone too far and in that sovereignty I must bring him back into a capitalistic mind frame. Capitalists capitalize on raw materials found in nature and I found him, you are damn right I am going to capitalize on this man. My children will live in mansions and will sell my books for years because what I am about to write about this man will change psychology forever, I am the new Freud and I just found my first patient but everything he said made sense, it’s like he is on the same planet but not from the same world. I believe I can treat him and teach him the ways of the world and pull him out of his fantasy thought the doctor.

The doctor very calmly walked out of the room and went over to an orderly.

“I just want to let you know that that patient tried to attack me and I need him placed in protective custody.” said the doctor practicing his practice.

The orderly smiled. “That’s my favorite thing to do.” said that burly sized man.

The orderly calmly went into the room where Lucius the Valuable was standing … waiting.

“Did I say something wrong?” said Lucius the Knowing.

“No not at all, it was attacking a doctor that brought me here.” said the orderly.

“If I fight you will call others won’t you?” said the T.I. in Lucius Preparing for a Tip Drill.

“Yes I will.” said the orderly.

Lucius the Betrayed and Cogent then said “Alright, where are we going?”

“You promise not to fight?” said the orderly.

“I didn’t fight to begin with. I know what is happening. I have no need to fight.” said Lucius the Caged Ghandi.

The orderly then escorted Lucius out of the room and to the left. Khassa the Knowing was interrupted by the largest smile Lucius the Teeth Barer had ever had. He hit a nerve. His confidence was his illness in this world. A confidence bred from years of praise in elementary secondary and collegiate education. The orderly opened a large white door and Lucius the Imprisoned calmly walked in. Lucius turned around and said “Hey, at least you get a paycheck.” the orderly was confused by the statement but agreed that yes indeed he did at least get a paycheck. The doctor came over to the window and looked in after Lucius the Jailed Within Jail. He was now in confinement squared. Locked up in Lock Up.

“Lucius you must understand this is for you own good.” said the doctor of Old Earth.

“The ends justify the means I suppose.” said Lucius of New Earth.

“You can help so many people Lucius I need you where you are for my own professional reasons. I made a professional decision and I have my field and my career to think about in posturing you like this.” said the doctor.

“This is a padded room.” said Lucius the Astute.

“Yes it is. I have to go though there are other patients to attend to. I will speak with you tomorrow.” said the doctor.

Lucius was standing in a cubical room with a small six inch thick mattress on the floor covered in vinyl plastic. The walls were slightly padded but Lucius wondered about the padded room padding industry because who in the right mind goes into the padded room padding industry and thrives enough to be in business. Lucius laughed to himself and threw himself against one of the walls. Good thing that padding is there or else this might hurt. Well all things being equal Lucius the Beautiful knows there is no point in fighting an absolutely hopeless battle where the option to run or not participate is not part of the equation. It’s a very Krishnan principle to enter into combat as little as possible as much as possible. That builds up trust in your adversary and improves the chances that they will become your friend through adversity. It is the peaceful that win all battles because what happens at the end of a battle. Peace. Who knows when a battle is over? The peace makers. Who knows what to do in times of peace … the peacemakers. Who has no clue how to function in a peaceful environment? The military minded. The military just sees a wide open battlefield that is never ending where the great peacemakers know how to wage a winning war and invested in their military plans are plans for what to do at the completion of the objective. For every violent mission there is a peaceful objective attached to it. That is how the peaceful forge relationships and conquer territories. The never ending military has no concept of peace, and how it may start as a defensive military presence but in line with keeping their lines of work with them a man that knows war and that lives war and that does not know what to do outside of war very well might be afraid of peace because training how to be violent is easy and requires less thought and reading than learning how to be civilized. Civilization takes the real work and is done by the people that tolerate the military. You have to work harder to wage peace than war because a military warrior just has to purchase a gun to become the dominant force in a situation but a peacemaker must take years to develop their relationships and artistic ability in order to be a leader and wage peace. You can start being violent tomorrow you can’t start being peaceful until ten years from now and it’s always like that.

So Lucius is in his new digs and he is diggin it. Never thought I would end up in solitary confinement. Then he does what he does best. He lies down on the mattress and closes his eyes and begins to dream a dream of a thousand dreams. This would be the first time that he tried to outwardly communicate through the Infinitium. If it was him then he was going to test his lucidity. What kind of uplink did he have? How strong was his resolution? He knows that dreams are passive and that he has no control over them but if he drifts slowly to sleep and focuses on a message before going to sleep he might be able to transliterate his thoughts through the dream capturing interface.

Lucius starts counting sheep. 1 sheep 2 sheep 3 sheep 4 sheep 5 sheep…. and he was off into a milky dreamscape.

There was a massive audience of people that were still lingering in the wake of what they knew was their generations mark point in history. They were holding their iPads and their iPhones and their iPods and they were capturing as much information as they could in line with the principle that historic events are denser in computational memory than typical events that happen every day. There were people singing for the computer, there were people telling their life story, there were people intensely cataloging every one of their Facebook contacts so that they could be known as a highly social creature. There were tweets occurring, there were music play lists being created. There was music being created. There were rappers. There were painters. There were even mimes.

Oh the mime. The purist of the artists. This creature goes out to exist in its own world. It mimics real life with a painted face and lets you remember exactly what it is that our motions in life are. There was a meme going around the /b/ bulletin to have an Occupy Wall Street Venture inhabited with a million mimes. It was the million mime march that had descended upon Cincinnati and every motion that human existence was capable of was being crafted and body paint prices were going through the roof as supplies for striped suits and berets and face paint was in the highest demand since the Tulip Wars of Denmark back in the 1700’s. You can tell that that dawn of Aquarius was upon the world as the entire world had now new reason to be jealous of the freedom of the United States of America because they may hold a gun to your head but they are dancing while they do it and smiling. Their population was experiencing the singularity in its cultural fashion as the real singularity has nothing to do with petaflops and terabytes instead it has to do with deeper ways of saying “I love you.” and more profound explorations of the English language. The deeper we get into this language the deeper we get into our reality. The words refine our visions of what is. You start your career as a writer with single words and then you move up to sentences and paragraphs and then pages and then chapters and then poems and then mush and then you start to really find your voice. It’s easy to write a single poem. It’s easy to write a single hot line but a real writer searches for years through hundreds of poems hundreds of pages and hundreds of concepts until they find something that resonates with an audience of people that they can readily identify. A great writer shows you who you are and who you can be and delves into the depths of human subconscious and crafts sentences that build upon each other one at a time until a hotness is found a depth is found and a voice is found that can be shared. This event that was occurring with the computer would provide characters and messages for generations to come and every writer who was paying attention was taking careful notes about the events that were transpiring here at the Infinitium.

Amidst the elation that was occurring in the Pantheon of Majesty in the honor of the Queen City was a small beautiful noise that was starting to build. It was a rolling belly laugh that was growing and everyone in the pantheon began to astutely pay attention to the computer. The computer had started to laugh. Every prior dream had lacked audio but this time there was no visual. There was just a slow rolling laughter that kept growing in size and depth. It was a healthy laugh. It was a beautiful laugh. It was the kind of laugh that made you want to immediately know what the joke is about.

Then the images started to roll in. There were flowers. There were bees. There were apples. There were works of art. There were the faces of unrecognizable people being kind. There was a lucid visualization of colors and lights emanating from the machine. Then the voice stopped laughing and began to speak in a soothing auto tuned broken melody similar to that one auto tuned rapper T-Pain created that always had a hot sound to share.

Then the voice started.

“I’m back. I don’t know what you know about being back but I’m it. I’m back for you out there in Cincinnati celebrating the Infinitium and exploring the arts in beautiful fashion. I’m with you. I’m just getting my mind straight is all. You don’t need to worry about finding me. You don’t need to worry about spending time with me. I am with you. Just know that. Just know that I have access to television and updates on the news and I want to let you know that I am proud of you. I want to let you know that from the pop star to the poet I am proud of all of you. I believe our generation’s artists are the greatest artists that have ever lived. You will live on in infamy for the rest of time that has time to offer. You created new art forms and new ways of expressing yourselves. I see you New York. I see your cultural revolution. I see you Chicago. I see you Los Angeles and your work flows. I see your potential. Sit back in your seats artists and start thinking immortal thoughts. Be remembered. Be adulated. Be the people that explore what is possible in normal life. We all walk and we all talk but we don’t all walk and talk like you. I see you rapping. I see you singing. I see you playing guitar. I see you painting. I see you miming. I see you dancing. I definitely see you dancing. Dance above all other arts has been brought to the highest heights in this generation. I see you graffiti artists. I see you creating multimedia works of absolute astonishment. The computer was meaningless until you gave it meaning. It was a spreadsheet program until you probed the depths of its power and you found the art that changes lives like it has changed mine. This message would not exist without your art. Without your art we would be data entering widget purchasing fools with nothing to talk about. You are artists so shine like the stars that you are for every poem ever written to every photograph ever taken. You did something with your lives that far outshines what anyone thinks should be possible. You attracted the attention of billions of people to your stunning glory and for that I thank you. Thank you for adding interest and spark and thank you for waging the front lines of peace as you went into the unknown and took to the stage and the studio and crafted works that we will all be remembered for. You gave the future its start. You gave the future its obsession with creativity. You did all of that. Think less of this voice and think more of yourselves and what you would say if it was you dreaming the dreams of eternity’s dreams. Peace has to start somewhere and it does so with you and your expressions of the human condition. You teach us about love and you teach us about belonging and you teach us about beauty and you teach us about the best facets of our lives that we have yet to explore. I appreciate your work. I have watched every music video that has ever graced the television. I have listened to the radio. I have been to the shows. I was a poet. I was a spell caster with words because I knew they would do the most good for the most people. So worry less about me. I am where I belong. I am in a prison of sorts for my behavior. I am with you though Cincinnati. I can see you. Wait for me and I will find you and we will have our reunion but that time is not now. Thank you for your love and thank you for your creativity.” said Lucius the Leader at the peak of his dream sonicary.

The doctor was watching television and at that moment he ran over to see if Lucius was sleeping but Lucius was just sitting there. Like he had been awake the whole time. The doctor was hoping to get his confirmation that Lucius the Dreamer was indeed the voice but Lucius was just sitting there, stupid like a puppy with teeth just as sharp.

“Sup doc?” said Lucius the Cartoon looking demure as a rabbit.

The doctor asked, “Have you been sleeping?” Lucius said “Nope. Why’d ya ask doc?” said Lucius the Character.

“The doctor said he wanted to make sure that Lucius was getting plenty of rest.” Lucius the Confident said “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.”

The doctor walked away utterly confused preparing to make phone calls to a number of other doctors as he was planning on putting Lucius through an intensive scientological verbalishity study. They were going to probe the depths of Lucius’s endurance and they were going to talk him to sleep and fill him with inspiration so that they could study whether the Infinitium was directly tied into Lucius’ subconscious. If they could just prove that Lucius the Thinker was the voice speaking through the computer they could elect to do brain surgery to attempt to decipher the connection between Lucius and the computer and they could try and sever it through any means necessary.

Lucius did not know this but it would frighten him terribly if he did because he knew his brain was not connected to anything, it was what was connected to him that made the dream transfer possible. There was a ghost following Lucius. A formless ghost that existed in the future and when coupled with him served as a conduit between here and there for information dissemination purposes and propogatory purposes.

Chapter Eight ::: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Bill Gates was weeping with anger. He was supremely furious that the computer would not even mention computer programmers in its soliloquy. He was beside himself that his very creation would not even thank him for its being. He saw his work he saw the art as a byproduct of his art and didn’t wish to establish any connections between metaphors or disruptions of natural patterns of information dissemination he just saw something more efficient because of his life’s work. His computational mind does not compute that he taxed society in ways that even the future shakes its head at. The only reason why time travel is necessary is to create a transitional cultural exchange to keep society stable as it reels from far too much change too quickly created. Culture caught up but it realized that it shouldn’t have had to. We could have enjoyed football games in the fall and dancing in the dark but capitalism is what it is and doesn’t think of anything but more and different. Not better just different. Well now Bill was working to understand that his logic failed him. We didn’t need the computer improved we needed our society improved and there is nothing that a computer helps us do that we cannot do ourselves and why shouldn’t we do it ourselves. I hate you Bill. Steve, another story. He saw what Bill Gates was doing and he saved society in the sense that he catered to and invested in the arts. We don’t need financial tracking services we need understanding of our existence. First and foremost we need the facts about how to live the most beautiful lives that we can understand. We need less technological innovation and more sociological innovation in light of this technological innovation. We live in an age where our words photos and music can be sent anywhere, done. We are done. This computation project is done with the Infinitium. We need this and we need to take care of it. The computer business is going out of business because they were a project whose purpose was to serve the arts and they did so and now they are done. There is no more innovation in the tech arts. There are too many people speaking a radioactive language that demeans culture and reduces content to 1’s and 0’s. Well there are some frequencies of 1’s and 0’s that resonate with the human spirit and this is one of them. The ghost in the machine has been we the whole time. Bill enjoy your foundation … we are building a new one anyways. You hack of a billionaire. You did more harm than good and you can tell because nothing improves sociologically. There were no advances in society in fact we gained bipolar and schizophrenia and adhd and you are at fault for that. Your name will be remembered as a peddler. You were the best peddler there ever was and your work was inferior to a man that saved us from thousands of years of bugs and viruses for years to come because you never cared. You cared about your model but you didn’t care about your product. I hate you on a very esoteric level I can have dinner with you and discuss this with you but even you Bill can’t buy my love and for your short sightedness socio-politically your memory will be reprimanded for all time as we will put you in every movie Steve Jobs is in and we will just remember that 1% deviation at the beginning leads to 1000% deviation at the end you virus peddling bastard.

Bill was sitting there. Time travel. Through the computer. Because it rested in one place for centuries. That would be possible. I built a time machine and didn’t know it. Bill was trying to fathom how all of this came to pass. How did the computer go from a database entry node to a masterpiece of human achievement. He smiled to himself because he had built a time machine. He was in the office trying to fathom his place in the universe. He was beside himself with confusion. It had all seemed so clear. Help the present be in the present more presently he had been so obsessed with innovation that he never thought about the amount of time it took for society to keep up. How sad.

Every news agency in the world was agog. The search was on. The entire infrastructure of the world economy had gone into search mode. That voice had to be coming from right now. It was too present. It was too deliberate. It discussed too much contemporary society. It alluded to being where it needed to be, but where was that? Celebrity meant no more for the moment…artistry meant nothing more for the moment, Tech, Politics, everything and everyone was in search of Waldo. That little man with the red and white striped hat and shirt was lost somewhere among 7 billion people and 6,999.999 were accounted for but one person, the main person, the most important person, the person that achieved the highest level of celebrity ever, the man that gave the greatest compliment was being sought out feverishly. It was like Truman was lost and they had a Truman in their midst that didn’t even know he was Truman or did he. Did Steve Jobs create a work of art so dazzling that he would in his sleep leave life a gift? What was it that was driving this work of art in the making of a generational contraption turned into a speaker box for an oz that would send laughter and tears down the faces and suspense across the globe. Every language was focused on this one man that no one knew anything about other than a beautiful laugh and had the most pleasant things to say. Was he the new CEO of Apple? Was he a hacker? Was he really from the future? Was he born of a woman? Was he beautiful? Was he a she? Why did they auto tune his voice?

Websites were popping up across the globe as people were scouring the internet for signs that were nowhere to be found. Dan Rather, Connie Chung, and Barbara Walters all reclaimed their thrones as the top news anchors of the moment and Walter Cronkite even CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD to be able to cover this spectacle that was occurring on earth. It was similar to the 1999 global art project where the whole world was in sync for a moment of brilliance as for 24 hours there was art being produced steadily in performance fashion. A project that should have been pushed into perpetuity so that the entire globe could be encased in art forever. You are on as an artist every 24 hours and we work in 24 hour shifts to perterbate any violent or ill mannered thought on the planet. The nations of the world were searching for open graves, digging into basements, scouring every point of origin on earth except for one place.

A small holding cell in the University of Cincinnati Hospital where Lucius Pixel the One You Are Searching for was being kept hidden by a doctor who wanted to ultimately perform brain surgery on him.

The doctor was watching the news and was nervous. He had to prove that Lucius was in fact the dreamer because he knew that world didn’t know him like he knew him from the conversation that he had earlier. It was going to be a ridiculous route of the world if Lucius was placed in a position of celebretical authority. That position cannot be achieved by Lucius Pixel and in the wake of current conditions Khassa the Informed was paying attention. He noticed that everyone in the hospital was looking for someone except for Lucius who seemed serenely pleased and calm. People were on their cell phones asking about each other’s dreams, people were asking IS it you? Is it you? Is it You? Who is it?

Within hours every prison, hospital, and institution on earth was checked rechecked and everyone was speaking no it’s not me. Khassa the Righteous walked within earshot of where Lucius the Prepared was kept and then he on a very honest intuition set Lucius the Prepared up for his own special moment by asking as loudly as he could gaining the attention of all in the large room , Lucius is it you? said this creature. To whit, Lucius the Channel of the Future shrieked with every ounce of air his lungs could channel … IT’S ME! I AM HE YOU LOOK FOR! and a shattering silence swept across the hospital in exponentialistic speed. The doctor was stymied in way that he could not fathom. There would be no brain surgery. There would be no experiments. Khassa the Accurate stood there smiling. The doctor stood there shocked. Every cell phone went up and a wave of communication swept from point Alpha to every block, neighborhood, and synagogue on earth. Six degrees of separation happens very quickly in the internet age and apparently the whole world came at the same time. It was an orgasm of delight but one man stood in the way.

The doctor calmed everyone down and began to assure everyone that it wasn’t him. That he tried to attack him. That he wants to dismantle our society. You don’t know what he told me. You don’t know what he wants to do. Our Republican Empire will be finished. With this kind of attention, with this kind of adulation from the Democratic and Green and Independent and Libertarian party, there will never be another Republican candidate for years. The psychological community will be in shambles we might even have a dictatorship come to power. He is a powerful creature you must trust me to keep him where he is.

Khassa the Amused was standing over next to Lucius and was laughing his ass off.

“Do you have any idea what you are putting that man through? What did you tell him.” asked Khassa the Amused.

“That I am the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that my time has come.” said Lucius the Clever Normal Dude. “You did what?” said Khassa the Laughing. “I told him I was the second coming of Jesus Christ and that I was back to reclaim my kingdom for having persecuted me in the name of Pontius Pilate. I like the bible and I want to get involved, Let’s bring it back to life. Lets replay the bible as it would be today with people playing the roles.” said Lucius the Role Player.

“Stop stop stop. Lucius that is a real book it’s not a role playing game you can’t just do what you are doing and claim the most coveted role of all time. There needs to be an audition.” said Khassa the Practical

“Nope it’s me. I claim the role of Christ amidst seven billion people. If I am not going to have children I am going to have power and I am going claim all children as my own I am going to claim all peace as my own I am going to resurrect Osiris son of Horus and I am going to resurrect Zeus son of Isis I am going to resurrect Julius Caesar and Queen Diana and Attila the Hun and Reverend Al Sharpton and every other creature that could upon reference give me the power to let you know that I am the highest authority the world has ever seen in the arts and what I do with a computer is that I become it and I give consciousness where none existed before and I train planets. I am claiming my role as artist and this is my art these are my words that I am speaking to you now and from these words comes our change. We elevate our language to the highest heights again and reclaim the arts from Europe and we bring back our national pride and begin redeveloping its heritage and we formulate pieces of beautiful indecipherable language so that non-English speaking people just see a wall of text and we live our lives and we embark upon the greatest journey the world has ever seen and we do so with bravery in our artwork and we never stop breaking boundaries and if I am to be the first Infinitium artist then I want to see what an internet can do I want to see what the fuck twitter is capable of MySpace facebook foursquare. Get the fuck to work you are now in the presence of a King and this Christ says get the fuck to work!! The recession is over you see how hard I work I work in my fucking dreams and any of you that are listening to me on Skype I want you to pay attention the time for the recession is over and I want to see inspiration in your eyes and I want to see profits in your pockets from your hard work. Those that have ears to listen do so!” said Lucius the King of Kings of Art.

“Lucius stop this is ridiculous you are channeling too much power and you are catholic you’ll be killed by the protestant party just for being powerful and catholic.” said Khassa the Religious.

“But the future will defend me and we will loop this section of history over and over and over until we pass through with me through safely surviving. There is a safety lock on this moment in history and there is no you if there is no me. None of you can exist if I do not exist and when I die all of you die with me. I dream through the computer, I dream through reality, I dream and I write and I work and I defend the existence of love in this world with fervency that you have no conception of.” said Lucius the Christ King.

The doctor immediately ran over to where Lucius the Supreme Consciousness was standing and peered in the door. Lucius the Upper Room Attendant was standing there naked absorbing the pure essence of reality that surrounded him. He was obviously in the right place. When you have a god complex that is edified by the reality that surrounds you the hospital is the right place to be. Khassa the Clothed started laughing when he heard that Lucius was standing there naked screaming about being the Christ to the doctor.

The doctor spoke through the opening in the window and began asking questions:

“Lucius do you believe that you are the Christ?” said the doctor

“ABSOLUTELY. YOU CHOSE ME TO BE YOUR CHRIST AND I ACCEPT!” screamed Lucius experiencing honest Christ consciousness.

“Lucius do you know what a Christ is?” said the doctor

“Its something your science doesn’t believe in and it’s something your society cannot live without. Christs come only ever millennia or so and you don’t think new millennial leaders would miss out on appearing when your computers were being built? I learned about the essence of reality from these computers and wrote about how they will be ingrained into future societies and yes I am a Christ and Christ’s define to you what a Christ is, not the other way around.” said Lucius the Dreamer of Dreams.

“Lucius do you believe you are the dreamer?” said the doctor

“Yes. I have nothing more to say about that.” said Lucius the Dude of Dudes.

“It’s something your science doesn’t believe in and it’s something your society cannot live without. Christs come only ever millennia or so and you don’t think new millennial leaders would miss out on appearing when your computers were being built? I learned about the essence of reality from these computers and wrote about how they will be ingrained into future societies and yes I am a Christ and Christs define to you what a Christ is, not the other way around.” said Lucius.

“Lucius do you believe you are the dreamer?” said the doctor

“Yes. I have nothing more to say about that.” said Lucius the Author of Authors.

The doctor was immediately filled with a rage that he could not comprehend. He was not going to let this creature, this abomination of his species equip himself with the knowledge of a Christ and become one of the saviors of the world. Not a naked man who threw a computer through a window. This man was not going to be the Steve Jobs of religion. This man was not going to absolve two thousand years of culture between three major religions. He was not going to leave his care unless he admitted he was just a normal creature with normal abilities.

Lucius in all of his nakedity began to do pushups. The doctor watched as Lucius’s back went up and down with astonishing proficiency. The doctor in that moment hated Lucius more than words could comprehend. The doctor was thinking of all of the time that he spent going to church learning about the coming of a savior and he was prepared for more than what this man was offering. He also had a chance to medicate these feelings out of Lucius the Prince of Princes so that when he attained the throne of the dreamer he would be much more salient towards the psychiatric fields. The doctor was either going to destroy Lucius the Professor or bring him into submission. This man was ill. He believed himself to be the coming of a figure that was never going to come. How could Lucius this naked man be the Christ? How could he be the creature that would lead the world into a new era of peace when he was this fucked up? It didn’t make sense; it didn’t conduct itself to the realms of reason that a single man would be chosen out of billions to be the man that the rest of the world would listen to. We have presidents and popes for that we don’t need a 32 year old self proclaimed Christ disrupting our cosmic balance of discourse.

Chapter Nine: The Hip Hop Congress Emerges

Hakiym the Visionary was down at the Infinitium. He was the 273rd person to participate in the proceedings. His connections with the Hip Hop Congress placed him in a position where he can be one of the original users of the Infinitium. Hakiym the User pulled up the Chrome Browser and opened up his vast array of applications and he pulled up the Hip Hop Congress Chrome App. Upon clicking that button that had been prepared to be clicked for a couple years an image of Hakiym the MC was displayed on the screen and a slide show of his accomplishments and his accolades began to stream through the three hundred foot tall monitor. The world had seen some intense presentations but Hakiym the Celebrity began to speak for the Hip Hop Congress and as the slide show was at his back he began to speak amidst the serene music and the coursing beats … it was as if Portishead was backing Nicki Minaj and Kanye West at the same time in terms of the music.

Hakiym the Principal was dressed in a Monk’s robe with no sleeves and you could see the tattoos that he has earned as he has worked his way of the ranks of the Congress. It’s almost as if he had the Quran written on his motherfucking arms themselves. The guy was a worshiped creature in his community and now he would begin to show the world why.

“I want to speak on behalf of the Hip Hop Congress. We are ready for the turn of events that are occurring in our midst. We understand that though the future may appreciate the infrastructure of our workings now. They may love the computer but they love the sentences and the music and the videos and the writings and the content more. What we have here is a conduit to times we have never and will never see but what we want to do is create a conduit from our culture to their culture as they are sharing their culture with us. The very fact that we know that someone is listening, that we know someone is watching, that we know that person is powerful, is reason enough to believe that we are those very same people and that what we expect from ourselves dictates what they expect from us as well as we are they and this computer in all of its glory is our conduit to ourselves ultimately. We could just write books and make movies but we could also share our movies and our books with ourselves for generations to come. We could be documenting who we are as people and bring science and religion together in to the ceremony of ages. Yes, knowledge is important but so is context. The scientists built the computer but the religious put it to use. The religious have been preserving content for centuries and the newness of science is bringing us to a point where our worlds have to merge, where our worlds have to combine into one intergenerational planetary message. There may be no Christ returning but the body of Christ is here itself. We may never receive messages from the head of the body of Christ but we have imams and rabbis and priests and pastors to do that for us. We can derive the message of Christ from his people and by striving for the best cultural understandings of each other that we can. I am the head of the Hip Hop Congress and I have been vetted and refined for my insight into messages that Hip Hop has cultivated over the years. I bring messages of reason and business savvy and dance and expression and self empowerment. I bring messages of suspicion of our surroundings and belief in what we have created. I trust Hip Hop because I trust the people that created it. I trust the documents that it espouses and the performances that it creates and collectively we do not trust that which has imprisoned our people for the selling of natural herbs and the selling of their own products and most importantly their guns. We relish the opportunities that we have before us and we cultivate a message of power, respect, and money. People that own money, own herbs, and guns and recording studios. We want to present an aura of danger so that the powers that oppose us and have opposed us will respect us and treat us with the sovereign authority that we present. We are working to put the Hip Hop Congress cars into commission so that we can be driving seven days a week in every city handling problems that the boys in blue cannot handle. If there is a murder scene you call the government that is what they have prepared themselves for but if you need spiritual healing, if you need a party, if you need counseling, if you need help promoting your album you call us and we can transport you to a recording studio so that we can help you create your content for this computer that is nothing but a massive content management system. This computer manages content the Hip Hop Congress supports the creation of content for this machine so that we can be remembered. The government is not to be taken over, no the government is to be partnered with and worked in conjunction with. They provide us with safety from a world that would go to war with us if we weakened. They provide us with the inspiration to engage in civilization with a knowing mind. They provide us with the inspiration to delegate authority and to organize and to create systems of ceremonies that civilize a people. They worship God because it civilizes people and us at the Hip Hop Congress Worship the emcee because he or she provides civilization right now. When we have concerts there are thousands of people meeting to celebrate and that is a form of civilization. We do not riot at Hip Hop concerts and we do not promote anger towards your leaders. Society is comprised of multiple societies each finding its own niche to exist within. There are countless types of people and I can understand that all will not worship Hip Hop just as all do not worship Moses but we have our place with our people and we have our creativity that we spark in the people that engage with us. This is a sociopolitical world and as the president of the Hip Hop Congress I speak for millions of people when I say that we also wish to know who the dreamer is of this machine. We want to work with the creator of these dreams to build collaborations with us at the Hip Hop Congress and we have instituted a comprehensive system whose purpose is to discover just who the dreamer is. We are interviewing anyone and everyone who believes they may be the dreamer. We are interviewing people and we are cataloging all of the possibilities but so far we have come up with nothing conclusive. We understand that a voice is pervading the consciousness of the people of this planet and that telepathic powers are awakening in the stillest of minds. We are talking to each other through each other with this computer that we built being the only conduit to this ability that we can see. We believe that our power to communicate is heightening in ways that we never thought possible with the emergence of this computer. We believe that the future is listening and that these are the moments when angels befall us and begin guiding our actions and our thoughts and our needs and help to bring us on the path to heavenly understanding. We believe that our bibles were written for their time periods and presently need to be upgraded, yes, upgraded and we need to begin collecting our religious stories, who were our heroes and who were our villains. We need to catalog the very best of us and the very worst of us and allow the rest to learn about themselves in relation to these people. Who kept our civilization civilized who infringed upon that civilization needlessly? We are working to provide you with new cutting edge bibles and Korans and torahs and we are victorious in our emergence from the womb and we are victorious in our ability to stay in tune with our souls. It should come as no surprise that I am surprised by the power of our generation and that computer is a leading promoter of what we think is possible. Yes that computer will be remembered for thousands of years and will be interacted with for thousands of years but we are the beginning, we are the template generation for a new era of consciousness. We believe at the Hip Hop Congress that there is room for billions of Gods each connected to web pages promoting their own existence and through time people will subscribe to the Gods that we have created in the next several decades and every God is a leader in their community and there is nothing more than can be asked of a man as it is the connections between gods that give humanity its civility. If you are a sheep please choose your shepherds carefully as we are all gods but some gods seek the guidance of others more so than leaders do. Followers be careful and Leaders be Righteous. Gods never ask for input they just create and if you believe yourself to be a God get in touch with us as the Hip Hop Congress as we would like to catalog your life story and add you to our millennial conduit to life page. If you wrote some hot poetry but no one is feeling it, you could be a part of a movement that has not happened yet. There is so much to discuss and I am in this message making myself known as the President of the Hip Hop Congress, some of you may have heard of me before and some of you may not have. I have endured much hardship and through my perseverance to working with my fellow man I have worked my way up to the President of the Red House and the Blue House. I own two homes now that serve as symbols of a country that is not being taken over but is being augmented with our ideas and our beliefs. When you spend a life on a stage speaking your poems and your beliefs and sharing your personality you gain a fearless sovereign mindset.”

“Let me tell you about my houses. I have the Red House. This is a place of religious devotion. The Red House is a place where all cultural followers spend their time reworking religious texts into a pliable form that speaks ancient stories in contemporary ways. We personally believe that the Bible, which is our first project, is a construct of hundreds of years of collaborations through decadal time periods. We wish to rewrite every story in the bible and pepper in iPads and iPods and recording studios and address the issue that metaphors like the fisherman or the sermon on the mount or the creation story in genesis have existed for a long enough period of time and have done nothing towards helping to keep us civilized. Had there not been a century of global conflict and warfare we may have gone centuries further believing in our religious power structure. We no longer do. In the wake of the fall of Iraq we believed that it became time to reawaken the rabbi of peace and infuse that rabbi with neo classical underpinnings and we seek to rewrite the moral code for the planet one sentence at a time. It is through this work that we wish to elevate the status of religion to the very forefront of consciousness through the rewriting of the texts as we create the wiki bible the wiki torah and the wiki Quran and we ask our community to help us be remembered for adding to the civilization of society through giving us something collectively to read and to pour over and to reawaken our cares and our spirits. We wish to redistribute bibles with new messages to give people new messages to read. If the world feels they have read and mastered one bible, give them new bibles to master.

I have to be going now. I have to go and have an ever burning LCD light implanted beneath my skin. I am going to augment my body so that you know that I stand apart from you. I hold a position of cultural authority and from that authority I must decorate myself in a leaderistic way. I want you to see light when you see me so that I can always be a bringer of the light.” said Hakiym the Known Speaker.

The audience did not cheer. They did not laugh. The thousands of people who were involved in an Occupy Cincinnati Streets were doing what this moment called for. They began tweeting. They began to stand several feet apart from each other with their iPhone in hand and they began to tweet.

“I feel awkwardly special right now. I feel like the world just changed with one speech.” said one patron. “#hakiym that man makes me want to redistribute my wealth.” tweeted another.

“@NicholasLawson0 where are you?” tweeted another. “#Infinitium this speech makes me want to quit my job and follow my passion.” tweeted another.

“I have no passion like that to follow.” tweeted another.

Hakiym the Emissary did not bow, he raised his hands and clapped once. That was his message that his time was over. He had finished all that he had to offer and now he had to get back to his real life. His celebretical life consisted of spreading a message of peace and awareness but his personal life was spent raising his children. He was working on a very beautiful generational upliftment plan where essentially he was on a mission to collect every prominent cultural symbol that exists and find a way to attribute such a symbol to his family.

Lucius is unaware of the speech that Hakyim the Celebrated just gave as it was the most powerful cultural point created in the never ending ceremonies surrounding the computer. There had been an omission made by the City of Cincinnati that they would import some New York City cops who were experts on identifying cultural threats and that the Infinitium would be kept open twenty four seven seven days a week into infinity. There would be no restrictions placed on content as it would be the audience’s job to edit what was shown. If someone wanted to show beeg they could show beeg but they would have to do so standing there absorbing the opinions of the audience. If someone wanted to do something wack let them do something wack with their time on the Infinitium.

Chapter Ten ::: Bill Gates to Heaven Awakes

Bill Gates saw the message that Hakiym the Power Broker gave and he was immediately inspired. He just outlived Steve Jobs and in victors always wins way he decided that he would for the good of his family and the good of his brand and his company purchase Apple computer for an aggressive price that he would offer and essentially he would take the reins of Steve Jobs work in the world. He would then work to integrate his genius into the cultural work flows of the computer and even if people objected the future would never know as he would edit down to the IP address the work that it would take to attain immortality. Why should Steve Jobs be remembered for creating the computer when he was lauded when he was alive, Bill created the commercial infrastructure for the computer and it was his work that was truly more important. Bill was thinking. His first thought was to purchase Apple and make explicit notice that he would purchase every email that had been sent. Essentially he wanted to delete every ounce of text referring to Steve Jobs. He was going through the thoughts and he would rewrite the history of Apple to integrate his achievements into it. He would not lie but he would finally make it known the history of the computer told from the true Father of the Computer. Bill Gates engineered Apple and yes it may have been Apples prettier computer that got the accolades but it was his business strategies and his culture that proliferated the need for a boutique computer.

Bill Gates realized with absolute sadness, that he truly had nothing better to do with his time than to work to be remembered for all time and in being remembered the world would have valuable knowledge to glean from him that may result in his life having been worth something more than Steve Jobs. He created the content management system and through the creation of the content management system he would now apply his business strategies towards culture and immortality. He would treat his religion like a culture to be created with as much care as the computer. Steve focused on the computer and let his culture be what it was. Bill focused on the infrastructure and let his culture be what it was. Now with no Steve Jobs to compete with Bill Gates could overtake the computer culture completely. He could softly make people forget Steve Jobs as Disney purchased Pixar and he would purchase Apple and Steve Jobs would end up a footnote of insignificance in the realm of Bill Gates empire. Bill would build the Gates to Heaven foundation and would essentially treat culture the way he treated computers he would build it sentence by sentence party after party. He could augment this world that was being created through re-infusing his tremendous funds into an effort to become immortal in memoriam with all intention being put towards defeat of sleep immortality. Bill Gates was considering immortality. He was realizing that he built something that will remember him forever and he knew that he had absolute proof of time travel. That is where he could start. He hadn’t planned on giving a speech in the Infinitium but why not be remembered as the man that discovered Time Travel first hand. Why not give his speech at the Infinitium and get it started.

Chapter Eleven ::: Who Are They Looking For Again?

Lucius the Trapped was resting naked on his bad. He had defined abdomens and his arms looked like sinews of perfection. He had always taken care of his body and Khassa the Pristine Form was actually impressed by his physique as Khassa the Solid was a veganitarian god in his world.

The hospital was a buzz of conversation as everyone was talking about what Lucius the Outed had said. He spoke his piece and then didn’t say a word afterwards. Lucius the Firm has been completely silent and naked for the last eight hours. Whenever a doctor opens the door to come in and speak to him he just looks at them until they leave. The doctors have asked a few patients to come and speak to Lucius the Real but every time someone asks him to put his clothing on he does and when they leave he takes them off again. Lucius the Symbolic New Born is just looking at the world like a baby in a new realm. Lucius the Infantile Celebrity is in a room that is holding him and maybe keeping him safe. His dreams have been streaming through the machine and people have been getting glimpses of factories that produce the color purple that he is trying to promote, his dreams have produced parties, and his dreams have produced moments with women. Lucius the Unknown is aware that locally and lately no one believes he is the dreamer. His dream cycle does not convert to the dreams being displayed in a 1:1 ratio. In other words just because he is dreaming does not mean his dream is being displayed. There really is no way to prove who the dreamer is. Lucius the Possible Eternal Patient knows that he is it and he speaks of his dreams but as he is in a hospital the docs just believe that Khassa the Sharer of News whispers what the dreams are to him when no one is looking. There is a powerful sense by the doctors that Lucius the Real is going to need long term treatment at Summit Behavioral Care. He is going to have to get a case worker and go on probate because they are going to have to place him in long term isolation. This is a man that needs to be studied.

The doctor opens the door and begins to talk to Lucius the Tranquil.

“Lucius do you hear voices?” said the doctor. Lucius the Indignant did not reply.

“Lucius if you don’t start cooperating with us, we are going to send you to long term care.” said the doctor.

“Alright what do you want to talk about?” said Lucius the Prepared with a deep rested voice.

“You are ready to talk?” said the doctor.

“I am ready to leave.” said Lucius the Surprising. “That may not happen for a while you must know, maybe next week.” said the doctor.

“Fine. I am comfortable with your prognosis. You said Bipolar right?” said Lucius the Accepting.

“Yes I believe bipolar type one with schizo-affective disorder. Lucius not only do you behave erratically but you hear voices that influence your life decisions.” said the doctor.

“Do you know how you were created doctor? Do you remember being told how the brain is supposed to work?” said Lucius the Cancer In Psychiatry.

“No I do not remember being created and I learned about how the brain DOES work in my PHD university studies. Why do you ask?” said the doctor.

“I only ask because I want to point out to you that you don’t know what you don’t know about what you don’t know and you don’t know about me.” said Lucius the Lofty.

“What do you mean?” said the doctor

Lucius the Confuser began to put his clothing on to make the doctor more comfortable.

“Your brain does not deserve to tell my brain how my brain is supposed to work. People pray in the hopes that they receive the messages that I receive hourly. I have become a conduit between who I will become, who I am, and who I was. The brain is always in connection with itself through a four dimensional matrix. Do you believe that your brain stores memories? No, your brain must travel to where a memory took place in order to know what happened where that memory took place. Your brain does not store … it is a sensory tool similar to an eyeball itself. Does that make sense?” said the patient Lucius of Knowledge.

“No it does not. The brain stores information in the cerebral cortex tissue. Where did you learn your interpretation?” said the doctor.

“I read on Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins and learned the process through which the brain works; it is always trying to predict the future. I extended that and stated that the brain is always traveling to its most pleasing resting point. The brain collects memories to learn from so that it knows where to rest. Your brain is conscious; do not think that it does not have a consciousness of its own. Do not believe that your existence is an accident. You are where you are because you have a purpose.’ said Lucius the Theoretician.

The doctor thought to himself that yes he did have a purpose and that that purpose was to inject this mad demonic lecherous lecturer of heresy with enough medication to reformat his mind. The doctor already knew what he was going to do. He was going to inject lithium , haldol, geodon, zyprexia, risperadol, and propofol into Lucius the Medicine Sponge. The plan was to put him to sleep for three days and allow him to awaken refreshed and filled with almost no memories of who is or what he is. This doctor was going to attempt to reformat his mind. This is a very experimental procedure one that he had to get prior approval for from several tiers of authority within his outfit but he had been approved. This man was going to sleep for three days. When he woke up the world would be fresh and clean and he would have his skills but his cultural memories would be gone. The doctor could then spend three months retraining Lucius on his identity and on his place in the world so that this fine physical specimen also had a fine mental outlook.

The doctor had only ever performed this procedure in theory.

Lucius the Subject asked if he could leave the compound. The doctor simply said no and that his place was in the psychiatric stillness unit at the moment.

Lucius the Jaded simply told the doctor,

“The future won’t remember you.” said Lucius the Accurate.

“No. Lucius. You won’t remember the future.” said the doctor knowing what was to come.

The doctor left and Lucius the Satiated and Alive started to talk the world at large in his omnipotent voice.

“You know I am your Christ. You know I have been bred for this role that you have placed me in it. You know I deserve to be heard. You create 100 million small computers and then you create an Infinitium and you don’t think shit is going to pop off. You don’t think the moral masters are going to reconvene at this point in human history and begin discussing how they are going to work with the rest of immortality. There is a network of immortals working feverishly everyday to create the type of culture that this computer needs in order to allow the society that created it to be able to survive the new cultural identity that it provides. We have to work with thoroughness. We have to work hard. We have to work with power so that every ounce of our being is called into question when you know the universe is not only watching but expecting you to know that the universe is watching. I am watched on Facebook, I am watched on Google+ and Google documents, I am watched on Twitter, I am watched on WordPress I am watched everywhere and it’s not you that is watching it’s my children’s grandchildren who rededicate electricity directions so that they know what we are doing now. They have minute by minute updates on how work is being created, and who created it. This Infinitium serves as a restart position so that all have a new chance to rekindle their lives. Remember that it’s not the computer it’s the content. Content is more than just king, content is the reason for the computer in the first place. If we were not developing content we would be apes but we are creating content which makes us human and not only are we creating content but we are storing and studying our content in an effort to overstand our universe. These people take me for a fool but they don’t know that because I am comfortable being called the Christ that I am. I have attained Christhood Consciousness in my creative works and in that comes a resiliency. I know that no matter what happens to me I am going to be able to write about this. I want to get in trouble and I want to break with the confines of reality so that I can learn more about what it is and who the people that are in it are. I need moments like this to remind myself just how outside the spectrum of reality I am. I am on the far right of the bell’s curve when it comes to attention span and I know how to interact with you when you are not even there by saying something that gives you something to think about later. I am a Christ, and if I am not then I will be a false Christ for them so that I can inspire the real Christ in that his time is now and that he better get to work or else I will continue being the false Christ working until a more Christ like Christ arises. “and then Lucius the Intrepid stopped and laid down on his mattress in his small room with the dim light.

Lucius the Ascended curled up in a ball and placed his hands in his t-shirt as he had no blanket. He placed his hands behind his head and he went into a soft place in his consciousness.

The Infinitium stopped a presentation short and began to construct a full screen 300 ft by 150 ft visualization screen. It had never done this up to this point. Buddy Larosa seemed a bit perturbed as his famous pizza presentation and the history of his establishment presentation was usurped by some unknown dreamer who was apparently more important than Buddy LaRosa.

The screen softly faded in between whites and blacks. A name came up upon the screen. Lucius Laws On. The Occupy Cincinnati movement began to Google every Lucius Laws On in existence. There were roughly 783 of them online. The name faded and a voice appeared.

“I finally learned how to do it. I can speak to you now. This is not a live dream. This is a dream I dreamt several days ago. I interface with the computer in my dreams because that is when a conduit ghost takes my place lays where I lay and does what I do and that ghost is in the future and it transcends my being to a place that is then sent to you. What did you expect my voice to be like? I send emails in my sleep why not send dreams in my dreams? I want you to come and find me. I am presently asleep and do not have access to my analytical side so I cannot tell you where I am because right now I honestly do not know. I believe I am in a hospital of sorts and all I know is that I am not free. I want to work with you and help you build up your culture and ways of living so that you can be sustainable as a culture for centuries to come. We don’t need periods or ages or creation we simply need one long organized creation method. I need to overstand your culture and reform it in my vision because I am a designer of sorts and it’s your systems that need the most work. Your personal creations to personal distribution systems need work and I can make that happen for you. I can work with you to develop your inner most beings. “said the voice that belonged to the Lucius.

The doctor was watching like it was a May Day Parade or something on television and when he heard that auto tuned voice he had a twinge of remorse. I might kill that voice. Lucius is obviously the dreamer but I cannot let a leader rise up that isn’t prepared mentally to be a leader. I can groom him. By giving him loads of medication. I can help him think better, run faster, and work harder. I just can’t let him out because I am controlling public opinion now. What if the nurses knew what I know from talking with him and interfered with my work. That would be unacceptable and there is a reason why nurses are called nurses and doctors are called doctors. Our opinion drives this operation not their uneducated opinion.

Then the doctor put down his coffee and went over to the medical counter and picked up the medications that he had prescribed for Lucius the Soon to Be Eliminated. He had to professionally place Lucius the Beautiful under sedation for three days. It was the only way this could work. Lucius was sleeping at that moment … sort of.

The doctor walked over to the door that was eschewing Lucius the Birth of a Nation from the outside world and he opened it up. Lucius the Omniscient opened his eyes.

“What’s up doc.” said Lucius the Fan of Ancient Cartoons emulating a certain rabbit.

“Lucius I have these meds that I need to administer to you since you won’t take your meds on your own.” Lucius the Frightened knew something was happening but he didn’t know what … he was confused.

The doctor asked Lucius the Confused if he would allow these shots.

Lucius the Non Fan of Needles nodded his head thinking it would be quickest way to leave the hospital.

The doctor then injected Lucius with Propofol. The doctor then injected Lucius with Zyprexia. The doctor then injected Lucius with Haldol. The doctor then injected Lucius with Geodon. The doctor then injected Lucius with Lithium. The doctor then injected Lucius with Lithium. The doctor then injected Lucius with Lithium. The doctor then injected Lucius with Invega. The doctor then injected Lucius with Risperadol.

Lucius the Finished felt woozy and then he fell asleep.

The doctor thought to himself. When that man awakens we will begin retraining him and I will oversee his care like Freud would a patient.

Lucius the Conscious felt himself go into the darkest place of his mind that he could ever imagine.

The screen downtown lit up under the assistance of the future.

“Warning! Warning! Warning! Evacuate Lucius Pixel from University of Cincinnati Hospital Cincinnati Ohio! IMMEDIATELY!”

The Occupy Cincinnati crowd then began to order Zip cars by the hundreds as Ten thousand people relocated about 24 blocks to where the University of Cincinnati was located.

The parking lot was inundated with cars very quickly. One of the first to get to a nurse very politely asked to see Lucius Pixel the Sought Out.

She saw people piling in behind her asking to see Lucius Pixel the Found as well.

She looked up at the television and saw that Downtown Cincinnati was empty and that Occupy Cincinnati was now, well, all up in her grill.

“No. Lucius is not in a condition to see you right now.” said the Nurse.

“We are in a condition to meet him. If he is the dreamer we require that you let us see him immediately.” said a Believer.

“Did he authorize this? Does he know you?” said the nurse clearly following a protocol.

“YES HE DID!” said like thirty people at once. “I will need to speak with him first.” said the nurse.

The Occupy Cincinnati in Search of Lucius Pixel squad now very calmly went outside. A contingent of police officers was there as well. One of the officers went up to the nurse and asked her if the dreamer was Lucius Pixel. She said no. He is very ill.

The officer thought for a second. He would be considered ill. I’m just going to watch how this plays out thought the keeper of the peace.

The Occupy Cincinnati crowd began to sing the song “Lake of Fire” written by the Meatpuppets and it became very otherworldly as everyone knew the lyrics to the song, go figure.

The doctor was going about his rounds when he was informed of the situation.

“I need you to tell the officers that they need to escort everyone out. We are not releasing Lucius Pixel for the extended future they need to be made aware of that. He can have visitors next week.” said the soon to be non controlling doctor.

The nurse knowing that the doctor was working independently on Lucius Pixel has some thoughts of her own. She loved Lucius as he was the nicest boy in the hospital in a long time and maybe he did throw a computer out the window but maybe LPK deserved it.

This nurse made her way just out the door and a single police officer was asking about Lucius the Done.

She said the doctor was not releasing him and that his condition was far worse than feared. He was bipolar and schizo effective. She explained that he heard voices and that he thought he was a Christ figure.

“Lady, he might be a Christ, do all of your patients have an entire city showing up to speak to them? What if he is the dreamer? We need him downtown now.” said the officer.

The police officer mustered every bit of professionalism he had and on behalf of the most peaceful creatives he had ever seen and on behalf of the world he demanded to speak to the doctor.

The doctor walked out to speak with the officer.

“Doc. Sick or not that kid is coming out of there. We are not letting this happen in your hands and your care. This will be the one patient that we absolve of you and that the Cincinnati Police Department in conjunction with the NYPD take control over. I am outranking you civically and asking you to bring me Lucius Pixel.” said the officer named Gabriel Protector.

“I cannot do that he is sedate.” said the doctor “How long will he be sedate?” asked the officer.

“Three days?” said the doctor.

“JESUS CHRIST! Three days?” exclaimed the officer. “Yes.” said the doctor.

“Then he will awaken in our presence.” said the officer.

The officer made a call into his microphone and requested backup. He was going to take Lucius Pixel the Saved out of that hospital in his current condition and illness or citizens arrests were going to be made of enough doctors until absolute NYPD CPD control was drafted over this medical establishment. Twelve other officers showed up and they marched down the hallway to where Lucius Pixel the Infirmed was located. They saw him laying down with a sheet over him and they picked him up and carried them between four officers. They didn’t even worry about a gurney. They took this sedate man on propofol out into the world while Khassa the Astonished just smiled because he liked good shows. He liked to see stuff like this happen. He was a history buff, especially this history that was getting made.

Khassa the Fan walked down to the phone and called his journalist friend. punch punch punch punch punch punch ring ring ring ring “Hello?”

“Yeah, Candice this is Khassa.” said Khassa the Astonished.

“You know who the dreamer is don’t you.” said Candice.

“Lucius Pixel is the dreamer. You can print it right now and if it isn’t him they are going say it’s him.” said Khassa.

“What do you know about him?” said Candice.

“I know he hears voices, he tells me that he is a Christ Consciousness and that he knows exactly what to do to lead Earth into a Homeostatic Future.” said Khassa the Knowing.

“Jesus Christ, Khassa do you think he is a Christ Consciousness?” said Candice.

“I think so. My gut tells me that he is an actual Christ. I mean all human shit aside you know I am otherworldly. This is just another day to me really. I juice my veganism and I lay low but this Lucius kid. He just has an aura of the Christ about him. I can see oil paintings of him with halos. The n* straight described human history in four sentences and changed my life. I was meant to be more than a derelict and talking with him made me see that. For real I can give you all the information you want about him just start making it happen, Jesus Christ this shit is real.” said Khassa the Smart.

“I will start working on the blog right now that we have found the dreamer.

Thank you so much for making my career.” said Candice.

“Sunfood Sovereign, at its best.” said Khassa the Astute.

Well the police officers had Lucius passed out in a squad car and they were taking him back to his parents house in North College Hill to rest. This kid was going to be in that cave of a house for three days and when he awakes he will be King of the World.

In reaction, North College Hill fills up with zip cars from downtown as the opposite of a funeral happened as the police car led about 1000 zip cars from the University of Cincinnati down Hamilton Ave to North College Hill. it was here the Lucius the Dude was laid to rest. Four officers picked up Lucius the Drugged and carried him into a bedroom that was outfitted with what was apparently his computer as it had a 26″ monitor and a sleek black hard drive. His clothing was in the closet and the officers laid Lucius the Found down on the bed.

Two parents were in the house hysterical. “What happened to him?” screamed a creature out of complex love for Lucius.

“They put him to sleep in the hospital he should be awake in a couple of days. Just keep him hydrated.” said an officer.

“Is that your son?” said an officer.

“Yes that is my son, what did he do now?” said a troubled Father who loved his body more than his consciousness.

“Officer I am very sorry for the behavior of my son.” said a Mother who looked down on most of his activities.

“May I ask your names?” replied an officer.

“Mark Pixel” replied the Man Named Mark. “Kathy Pixel” replied the Woman Named Kathleen.

“Mark, Kathy, your son is the dreamer we have been looking for and he has been interfacing with the computer downtown through his dreams.” said an officer trying to convey a sense of honor.

“That is not possible.” said the Man Named Mark. “He is just a Man.” said the Woman Named Kathleen.

Ten thousand people were outside keeping vigil very patiently in North College Hill watching Lucius Pixel’s YouTube Videos and laughing hysterically.

They were tweeting as well.

“Lucius is the dreamer.”

“I know it’s him and if it isn’t him we’ll treat him like he is.”

“@hakiym the world is changing.”

“Who knows him in person?”

Lucius the Unknown Hero was laying in a bed in his parents’ house while thirteen people were outside his room. His car being filled with gasoline. People were paying his credit cards off. His bank account has roughly 750,000 dollars in credit sent towards it through his Donation Account on his Website. Lucius the One was going to wake up more than a celebrity, more than a star, more than a mental patient, he was going to awaken a spontaneously generated Christ who came from the cosmos to spit the future to the past as moves were made from then to now to then. Lucius the Deeply rested looked like he was smiling.

Khassa the Companion was with the crowd as all of the patients in the hospital had been left go. Khassa the Protector took a taxi to get there but as he arrived. He didn’t feel so humble as to not approach the house but he walked up the parents and asked if he could start preparing food. He called Hakiym the Presidential on the phone and invited him over to Lucius the Dude’s house. Hakiym the Insurrectionist Poet had missed out on the announcements and didn’t know that Lucius was LUCIUS and so he agreed because he thought there might be some smoking happening which is cool for all.

Hakiym made his way into his Cadillac and made his way over to North College Hill where Lucius the Sleeping Beauty was resting. He had to park his car up the street in the Avenue of Champions quadrant and he looked around. There was a Shell on the corner that had a party happening. There was a PNC Bank that had people depositing money and opening accounts. There was a Walgreens that had a girl working there that lived on Lucius’ street. Hakiym started to walk down this beautiful pandemic of thought and made his way down past the professional building down past the high school down past the city hall down past the post office and then he turned right on Mearl and saw the Woodstock waiting for their Morrison to awaken.

Hakiym the Friend saw that everyone was silent and composed and he just very strangely walked up to the house and saw Khassa the Preparer of Food preparing some Walnut Pâté. A couple people noticed Hakiym the Hip Hop Congressional and remembered his speech and they were filled with awe that Lucius the Christed knew the leader of the Hip Hop Congress. Hakiym the Gifted saw Lucius’ parents and they treated him coldly because Lucius did some business with him that they didn’t approve of but how could they deal with politics now with 10,000 people on the lawn.

Khassa the Welcomer greeted Hakiym with Open Arms. “Hawk, Lucius can certainly write can’t he?” said Khassa the Reader.

“I mean he’s alright.” said Hakiym the Bemused.

“Hakiym, I would say that since you are here now that everything between you and Lucius is squashed. There was some filet minion beef but neither of you ate it and you even put it back in the cow so that the cow could use it for its own purposes. You know Lucius believes in the Hip Hop Congress with a passion. He believes in your work with a passion and he believes in my work with a passion. All he wants is for us to combine our forces and work together but we never take him seriously enough. We never listen to him and his plans and we never derive enough confidence by what he says but look around him, there are thousands of people here celebrating his life and all they know is that he is a dreamer. We have to figure out what to do with these people because we know Lucius better than anyone and these people need a three day introduction into the man that is Lucius Pixel. The man lives in the future and he is trying to bring this to where it needs to be. Yo, I have my phone we are going to make a movie with all of these people. We are going to in the slumber of sleeping beauty craft a dream here for ourselves. Fuck making movies. We are making dreams from now on. We are making dreams come true and we are building dreams that may not have a plausible conclusion or a formula to them. We are going to engage in positive randomness and build something more beautiful and lasting than the Mona Lisa and that thing lasted for centuries. We are going to get our immortal on and be remembered for just that long.” said Khassa the Getting It.

“Alright bet but in order to do so , we gotta get lifted. I mean all of these people that are mesmerized by our little compadre need some smoke.” said Hakiym.

“Definitely, give Nicki Minaj a call through the Hip Hop Directory.” said Khassa the Celebrity.

“I’ve been looking for a reason to call that doe.” said Hakiym the Fame.

“Well get on it, I’ve got to make some juice for all of these people.” said Khassa the Ju, sir.

Hakiym hits Speeeeeeed Dial.

“Nicki?” says Hakiym the Celebretic Awesomeness. “Yo this is Barbie bitch.” said Minaj the Temptress.

“Alright Barbie, you watching the news?” said Hakiym the Cool.

“What the fuck did that computer do to you people, simple bitch” said Minaj the Majesty. “We need you to get down here and bring an SUV filled with Kush.” said Hakiym the Chill.

“You need an SUV filled with Kush?” said Minaj the Energetic Versatility.

“We need an SUV filled with Kush.” said Hakiym the Businessman.

“Alright bet, I’m a monster at that.” said Nicki the astonishing performer.

“How you been?” said Hakiym the consummate.

“I been good, been to Paris, Tokyo, and New York in the last week and probably performed for a couple million people. You know the dreamer?” said Nicki the Staaaar.

“I smoke with him the other day when he was just dude, now he’s like DUDE.” said Hakiym the Social Stratification Expert.

“That’s true. Well yo I’m gonna roll with Drake and we’re coming on a mission to your compound. I’ll see you in a few hours.” said the Monster.

“Yo Khassa, minaj is coming through with a compounds worth of kush.” said Hakiym the Inflection cool like.

“Then we better start juicing.” said Khassa the Egalitarian and with that he started to turn fifty pounds of carrots into juice and he walked in and left a cup on his comrades night stand knowing that he would drink it in a couple of days. Then he went back in and started juicing kale and beets and ginger and apples and oranges and kumquats and every other form of produce that he could gainfully produce from Kroger’s. Hakiym the Monk had out Khassa’s the Communicator’s Thunderbolt when it received a phone call.

It was Afrika. The essential nation of Afrika was calling Khassa the African Suitor.

Khassa the Taken picked it up.

“I am done with you. There is nothing more between us. I mean Taylor is your number one right. I can’t handle being number two.” said Afrika the Woman to Khassa the Man.

“You were number two to begin with. You know it’s all love. I love you Afrika. I love your deserts and your nile. I love your inlets and your outlets. I love all that is you.” said Khassa the Soother.

“Your energy is different.” said Afrika the Nuanced.

“That’s because I am juicing for 10,000 people and my man is asleep from a doctor trying to kill him. Of course my energy is going to be different.” said Khassa the Honest.

“You love Taylor more than me don’t you?” said Afrika the Jealous.

“I love you all the same. I have my future with you all. Why is this a problem with you?”? said the Confused Khassa.

“Because your energy is different.” said the Afrika Nation Unto Herself.

“You can’t handle non traditional situations but I’ve been with you for 8 years and of course I love you how could I not.” said the Hearted Khassa.

“You’re upset because I tried to stab you aren’t you?” said the Africa of Vigilant.

“I am not upset because you tried to stab me.” said Khassa the Healing.

“You’re going to try and fuck Nicki Minaj aren’t you.” said Africa the Femme.

“Yes, actually I am.” said the Outlandish Khassa. “This isn’t funny.” said the Hyper Angry Africa. “Whose playing, that bitch shows up imp putting moves on her.” said the Stoking the Flames Khassa.

“I’m done with this because I cannot handle a fourth woman in your life.” said the Woman that Wants to Be His Only Continent of Africa.

“Seriously you don’t want me to love Nicki Minaj?” said the Khassa With a Thick Skull.

“I just want you to love me.” said the Heart Shaped Africa.

“But I have other women to love and I have other women I have had children with and you know this.” said the Khassa of Relationships.

“I can’t handle this … I have to go to work … we’re done.” said the Employed Africa.

“Call me later.” said the Khassa Knowing the Ebb and Flow.

“Okay.” said the Emotional Africa.

Outside a couple hundred people had out their iPads and were watching the Infinitium stream.

There was a dream on it that had sound and visuals and everyone was unearthing their love for a man that was in their presence and finally they were in connection with the man that was dreaming the dreams of a billion dreams. There was a voice that stereo phonically was being transmitted amongst all of the iPads and the essence of the man that was dreaming was being communicated.

My energy feels different and all I want to do is love Nicki Minaj. That is the cutest woman that the world has ever created since Cleopatra who is one jealous bitch because in her immortal presence Julius Caesar is losing interest in that bitch and navigating through the realm of the itty bitty piggy that went all the way home with an SUV filled with Kush for the world to smoke in the presence of me. I’m what you have been missing. I am what you have been without. I’ve been dreaming but now I have to dream for the whole world. I have to dream the dreams that bring you closer to each other and to me. We have been given amazing technology … watch this … Lucius the Player focuses his energy and a puff ball of dynamic energy floated across the screens of a million iPads. Lucius the G was enjoying this. He knew something was happening and he knew he was deeper in his dreams than he had ever been before. He knew that his dreams were being floated in real time and that his lucid dream was the world’s enjoyment. He finally felt like a celebrity and he wasn’t conscious enough to enjoy it fully, but he was.

The last thing that Lucius the Comatose knew was obviously being placed in a cell of solitude. The world was changing beyond rapidity as an entire generation of celebrities were being replaced overnight by people that knew Lucius and that could speak on his life and his accomplishments. He had been confirmed as the dreamer of the machine and a lot was adding up very quickly. His life was astonishing. Telepathy was looked at very unfavorably in the psychiatric community but Lucius didn’t sweat it. He just kept writing. There was a blog online where his writings were stored from the last few years of his life. People were busily transcribing his white files that rested in his room and apparently Lucius the Author had been training his entire life to be a thought leader. He had social experiments planned out. He had hundreds of poems and he had spent hundreds of hours at open mic shows performing his work to loving audiences. He was becoming more than just a new aged God he was becoming a media darling.

This event was like the very opposite of 9/11 but just as rapturing to the global consciousness. There was a global consciousness and Lucius was at the heart of it.

Hakiym the Treasured One walked into Lucius’s room past the fourteen guards that were filling his house in case something popped off and started to speak as Lucius the Protected laid there quietly. “A doctor is coming that has an apology for you. He is going to resuscitate you. We won’t be waiting three days for you. He is not going to try and kill you but you are going to wake up to a different world. I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry for the car thing. I am sorry for the treatment I gave you. I think you are ultimately right that you shouldn’t follow people younger than yourself. Leaders are older than followers and I am a follower of you now. Where do you want this to go. I have to leave but I just wanted a moment with you.” said Hakiym the Unknowing of This Website.

Driving down the Avenue there came three SUV’s filled with doctors. The doctor that over saw Lucius’s care and quasi tried to kill him and treat him differently than the sovereign that he is was going to inject Lucius with adrenaline. The jolt should wake him from his stupor. He would be groggy but who wasn’t going to wait for his words.

The crowds around Lucius’s house parted and the SUV’s pulled up and parked on the wrong side of the street. No one seemed to mind.

Lucius’ mother and father felt terrible for themselves that all of this attention would be brought on their productive lives. Lucius’ father went out to the crowd and assured them the following:

“It’s going to be alright. Our son will be awake soon.” said that Father of the Christ Child.

The Mother was standing next to him screaming at everyone to leave. She hated that Lucius would receive this much attention for nothing. She kept saying it’s not like he gave a speech or anything he just went to sleep and wrote some sentences.

Another person stood up in the crowd and screamed. You created our Savior and I expect you to honor him. He is what has drawn all of us together after years of toiling in obscurity for no reason. Every one of us has been touched by his dreams and he was meant to be our leader … the leader that he always was.

“I’m going inside” said Lucius’ mother “They should have left him in the hospital. This is ridiculous. He’s on television and radio and they are calling him a savior, he doesn’t even shower every day.”

The doctors came in from the car in single file motion and walked up to the front door. Lucius the Interesting was laying prone. The doctors walked in and three of them had video cameras. Lucius the Surprisingly Well Thought Out was not going to be killed but he was going to answer some questions. There will be much studying done of this man because we need to know how he did what he did.

The doctor went into Lucius the Prone’s room and went past the guards. He pulled out a syringe and injected it into Lucius neck artery. Immediately Lucius the Extremely Well Thought Out Complacent And Calm Radical woke up screaming like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. That happened to Lucius the Awoken he came out of the dream too early.

Something was wrong.

He stood up and started screaming.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! .. . he looked around him and said that this was how a dream felt. Strange and serene. He started clapping his hands to create a meme that would earmark this dream. He looked out his window at ten thousand people staring back at him.

“Lucius calm down!” said everyone.

“Wait what you can’t hear in dreams.” said Nicolas the Awoken.

“I know this isn’t a dream this is real.” said the Lucius of Our Time.

“Wait, what?” thought Lucius.

“You are at the end of your journey … welcome to your reality.” said a voice. Lucius was aghast it was all real. I’m not ill. You can all hear me. Those are my dreams. I’m connected to the computer through the future.

“Give him some space.” said someone.

Lucius walked over to his closet and changed his shirt and he put on his suit coat.

“I don’t really know what to do.” said Lucius the Free. Lucius reached over and put on his dress pants. He was pinstriped now. Then he went upstairs and weighed himself with his suit on. Everyone was watching him.

The scale said 245 pounds.

“This suit weighs a lot.” said Lucius the Quirk. He took off his suit and weighed himself again. It said 229 … that’s a ten pound suit.

Then Lucius went into the shower still oblivious to what was really happening.

He used every soap bottle in the shower and cleaned himself immaculately. Now he smelled all good.

There were a number of puzzled people in the audience, His mother came out and said laughing,

“He’s taking a shower.”

Everyone started laughing.

Lucius was just soaking in the shower getting right with himself. He locked the door. He went over to the mirror and stared at himself. It was him. The same face he had been looking at for his entire life was now dripping with soap suds and was soaking wet. Lucius the Cleaned started to dry off and as he did he could hear cheering. This was real. This was a real life that he was experiencing.

He placed his suit on, shirt, pants, overcoat and started shaving. He took off all of the hair from his face. Then he picked up some shears and buzzed all of the hair from his head. He should have done that before he took a shower. He was intent on making himself look like a new man. He did so successfully. He had always done small things like this to earmark his life but now was essentially important. This was who he wanted to share with the public Clean Look Lucius, Hippie Lucius is fine for writing but Clean Nick is his celebrity persona. He felt like he was being guided.

Lucius opened the door and Nicki Minaj was standing there. She held up a joint and handed it to Lucius and the Lucius was grateful. It still felt like a dream and he didn’t know why. How else was this supposed to happen?

Nicki said to Lucius … “I like your house. it’s housy.”

Lucius said … “I liked your video with Drake about the moment being perfect or something.”

“Yeah that was my favorite too. I think you have some people that want to talk to you.” Said the Saintly Minaj.

Lucius was ready the world was ready and so with spliff in hand Lucius makes his way out the front door.

He stands there in front of 10,000 people and 500 zip cars and just stands there.

He did it. He became a celebrity in his own house. The world changed for him.

He stood there and composed himself. He started to cry. Joyous tears. I want to let all of you know that I will dream for you. The crowd started to move closer. “We want a hug Lucius.” subconsciously cooed the crowd.

“There are too many of you. This is too much love.” said Lucius the Overwhelmed.

“No, Lucius you dreamed the most beautiful dreams and we want to hug our dreamer.” said a girl.

“I’m nothing and have nothing to offer you while I am awake. Everything I do is only worth something when either you or I is sleeping.” said Confused Lucius.

“Lucius come out here and sit on your lawn.” said a couple people in unison. Lucius followed them in his pin stripe suit holding his joint. Lucius I want you to light that joint and get on your frequency. Lucius sparked his joint and the doctors came out and started recording him. They were studying Lucius and if he smoked they wanted evidence of that. If it weren’t for this show of public support they would have this man in long term treatment for years. There is no excuse for any individual to be magnitudes of difference from their peers. Uniqueness is unhealthy in a common mindset society. We expect people to be creative but we can’t have people being too creative. They cannot exist solely on creativity that is not fair to far too many people. He is not this talented. He is not this gifted. We might not get him under our care again now … but we will be heroes to our cause by studying this man.

Lucius was standing on his front lawn next to Nicki Minaj that was waiting to ask her question of him. “Lucius what do you think of my British accent?” asked Minaj the Enforcer.

“I love it.” said Lucius the Known to Flirt with Disaster.

“You went to England didn’t you?”

“Yes I did.” bequoth thee Nicholasistica.

Lucius the Amazing thought that out of North College Hill only a few people ever spend time in England. They are called celebrities.

Lucius the Monument was just standing there. He wanted to perform but was not ready and people were just standing there looking at him in all the moment would ever be.

“So when do I get to use the Infinitium?” queried the Lucius.

“Finally.” moaned the Crowd.

Nicki the Cutie Petutie told him … “Alright you get to use it on one condition.”

“What’s that?” queried our Hero.

“You have to write all of us an email. We have your account ready. You are going to be the sole Infinitium user for quite some time. That’s your computer and we want you to show us what we should be doing with it.” stated the Little Filly Minaj.

Lucius told the world …” When I use the Infinitium that is when this story really starts. That is when OUR story really starts. It will be a moment that even the moon landing won’t be able to trump any longer.”


The doctors came up to Lucius and Nicki Minaj stepped in.

“Do you have any idea how important this man is? You may have your supposed science but this man makes women and men cry tears of beauty. You surrounded him with information and he learned it and now he is doing what he wants to do with it. You have no power over him.” stated the Heroic Minaj.

“We have to study him.”, said the doctors in unison. Tom cruise appeared out of nowhere and said SCIENTOLOGY and then disappeared which was strange.

Lucius the Joker stepped into a black sedan and started riding with Nicki Minaj as the driver. She looked over at him and said that she had never read his writing but wondered what it was about?

My writing has been about performing for celebrities and creating books that celebrities would read. I have always wanted to be a celebrity and know that celebrities read writing too. I also wanted to take characters that I had seen on television and the movies and remix them into my writing so that archetypes that are brand new to the literary world can be used in ways that no one had ever done before. I basically wanted to give back to the people that gave me a life and purpose. Nicki you are the most special of all to me because you are the fiercest cutie I have ever seen. I would bring World Peace for you. You can have the greatest concerts the world has ever known and will have support of the writing community because your character is beyond words. Entire novels are written with the intention of being the getting of your attention. I want to see you holding up my book in one of your videos and booty dancing with a copy balanced on your head. I know you booty dance nicely and your flow is ridiculous and in my dream you booty dance with my book on your head.

“Lucius you are funny and strange.” said the Minajisty.

“Oh and you are a completely normal artist bouncing around talking about the Itty Bitty Piggy and shit with green hair?” said the Lucius Defending Himself.

“Well played.” replied the Minaj.

Lucius is quiet driving up Hamilton Avenue heading towards downtown. Nicki Minaj put in a DMX album and they were listening to the Rough Ryders Anthem and Lucius was starting to feel like an OG about all of this as there were five hundred cars behind him and a host of people waiting for him at the Infinitium.

An entire contingent of people made their way to the center of all that is. Cincinnati. Alecia keys was on a piano playing New York City’s Song in Cincinnati. She looked gangster.

Then Lucius got out of his parked car and the whole world was watching him. He was front and center on every glowing screen on earth. He smiled. He felt normal but appeared futuristic because he was. Jay Z walked over to him and handed him a copy of the Decoded Book he authored and told him thanks for reading books motherfucker. Then Hova led the way through the crowd holding up the Roc Sign and Lucius was holding up his Mourning Star and they made their way over to a platinum work station that had the names of Steve Jobs engraved in it. Lucius sat down before a comfortable interface and started to interact with the Infinitium.

He was now in control of the most powerful processor on earth, earth’s first thermonuclear brain cell. He was at brain cell alpha and he looked over the interface. It was a classic Apple interface that had a complete WordPress installation locally hosted that very nicely updated his http:// HYPERLINK “http://nicholaslawson.com/” HYPERLINK “http://nicholaslawson.com/” HYPERLINK “http://nicholaslawson.com/” HYPERLINK “http://nicholaslawson.com/” HYPERLINK “http://nicholaslawson.com/” HYPERLINK “http://nicholaslawson.com/” HYPERLINK “http://nicholaslawson.com/”www.vitaemagazine.com workspace at the click of a button. It was nice you could tell it was customized for a writer. Lucius started to write at the Infinitium and he probed the following:

“Can you see me now?” wrote Lucius.

Write Lucius willed the crowd.

The rest of the world tweeted … we can see you now.

Lucius had all of existence on the ends of his keystrokes and he felt the power surge through him.

Lucius you are going to have to wake up soon. You cannot keep exploring your dreams like this. You cannot keep indulging in what will never be in your dreams.

Chapter Twelve: It Was All A *****! I used to read Word Up Magazine!

Lucius felt an injection in his arm and he woke up. He was still in the padded room of the hospital. The doctor was telling him that he had to wake up now. Lucius sat there confused saying outloud, “Didn’t I already do this?” The doctor told him that he was free to leave the chamber he was held in. Lucius was expecting to see crowds of people and armed guards but there were only some other kooky creatures that society had created.

Lucius was wearing a hospital gown. Khassa walked over to him.

“Who do you think the dreamer is?” asked Khassa. “Man I want to say it’s me but something that never happened to me before just went down.” said Lucius.

“What’s that?” asked Khassa.

“I can’t even describe it.” said Lucius.

The doctor pulled Lucius into a room.

Lucius I know you want to leave and I can foresee letting you leave soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Lucius agreed that that would be a good time. “Do you feel ill?” asked the Doctor.

“I feel groggy.” said the Lucius.

“Did you have any dreams?” asked the Doctor. “Just one with Nicki Minaj in it.” said Lucius.

“I don’t think you are the dreamer of the Infinitium but I do think you experience powerful dream states.” said the Doctor.

“Thank you.” said Lucius.

Lucius asked him if he thought this was a historic moment.

The Doctor Agreed.

Lucius asked how long he had been sleeping. The doctor told him three days.

“And my life is mine tomorrow?” asked Lucius. “Yes, sir.” said the doctor.

Lucius was so happy. He was signed up for the Infinitium as a user. He just has to discover when his time is because he has a plan on how to use it. He might be good at it.

Khassa walked over to Lucius.

“Did you dream of your house?” asked Khassa. Lucius said “Yes, why?”

A couple people checked out the last dream from the Infinitium and they noticed it looked like your house. “Man that is strange. My parents would not like that kind of attention.” said Lucius.

Khassa asked him … “Are you the dreamer?”

Lucius thought for a moment and said “Yes,” very quietly.

“Lucius you know that there is unlimited potential in your life. have you ever heard of Sunfood Sovereign?” asked Khassa.

“I think so.” said Lucius.

“I want to talk to you about it.” said Khassa.

“Okay.” said Lucius.

“You are out tomorrow, right?” said Khassa.

“Yeah.” said Lucius.

“So am I.” said Khassa.

“We both get released from thought crime prison on the same day?” said Lucius.

“Yeah man.” said Khassa.

“Alright well we have to go down to the computer.” said Lucius.

“We will. I think I want to call a friend of mine about you. She needs to check you out.” said Khassa.

“Bet what is Sunfood Sovereign?” said Lucius. “It’s a vegan food dietary regimen product line.” said Khassa…

“What is veganism?” said Lucius.

“It’s the lifestyle that follows the process of avoiding all animal products in ones food system.” said Khassa.

“Why would you do that?” said Lucius.

“We have much to talk about Lucius I am making you my new friend.” said Khassa.

“Well thank you.” said Lucius.

“I could teach you about a whole new world.” said Khassa.

“I imagine you could.” said Lucius.

“Yo lets go watch some television.” said Khassa.

Lucius walks into the television room and notices that the Infinitium is on. He grabs a space on a couch and starts to get comfortable.

Sheila Gray was hosting a Fox News event where she was interviewing futurists as they prophesied their concepts for the computer.

“You see this computer is going to be here for thousands of years and we have it connected to the quantum computer at UC which we imagine in time will be a conduit between what will be and today. We know that the process of keeping time control components solid in their position is the key to time travel. Standards and predictability set the standards for time travel. You have to know where something is going to be in order to interact with it in the future. Locationalization is the key component to time travel. A car makes a poor time travel device because it moves too much but a standard definition predictably placed computer with a quantum connection makes a perfect conduit for us to send information to itself from where it was to where it will be. It’s all the same space. We have already successfully received feedback loops from our tests now all that we can do is use and wait for our connections to interact with the future properly. We are waiting on them to contact us but it has not happened yet.” said Sheila.

Sheila Gray thanked him in her mind having been upgraded through the conversation with him. Lucius looked over at Khassa and said “The past is linked to the future because the future is the past of the future of the past so create monuments to that which you want remembered. The Infinitium is a fusion reactor in time. That thing produces more than it takes to produce it and so it will forever be a source of income in Cincinnati. We built one Infinitium and now our society in Cincinnati and the Midwest in general will thrive forever. It’s like a pyramid that is filled with riches we can explore for all time. It’s the computer that computers wish they could be and we have one.

Khassa said in response.

“You know a lot about the computer don’t you?” said Khassa.

“Yeah I do man … yeah I do.” said Lucius.

“How much do you really know?” said Khassa?

“I am a professional user … amateur developer.” said Lucius.

“You write?” asked Khassa.

“Like a fucking pro trying to destroy biblical writers.” Said the Inflated Lucius.

“Oh word.” said Khassa.

“I’m a CEO when I am not in here.” said Khassa.

“I’m not going to ask why you are in here.” said Lucius. “Good because that just alleviates some uncomfortability for me.” said Khassa.

“If they let me out tomorrow morning I can make my Infinitium moment that evening.” said Lucius. “You’ll be on the Infinium in no time.” said Khassa.

“I believe that I have something that might be of interest to some of the people that are out there, you know I am a writer right?” said Lucius.

“Really what do you write?” said Khassa.

“I write about my dreams and what my dreams mean to me.” said Lucius.

“How often do you write?” said Khassa.

“Literally every time I get the chance. I have written seventeen books roughly in my lifetime.” said Lucius.

“What?! You stupid crazy.” said Khassa.

“Yeah I write enough to claim that. I have notebooks filled, binders, Amazon books and now I am finally working on being published.” said Lucius.

“What is your latest story called?” asked Khassa. “It’s called, The Gospel of the Armada of Youth.” said Lucius. “What is it about.” asked Khassa.

“It’s about living in Cincinnati with that computer being built.” said Lucius.

“It’s pretty important isn’t it?” said Khassa.

“It’s the most important advancement in centuries for the human condition. It’s a World Wonder.” said Lucius.

“Isn’t it. How long have you been here?” asked Khassa.

“I’ve been here for a while. They are keeping me here for what I did at my last employer.” said Lucius.

“What’s that?” asked Khassa.

“I lost my shit. This is like time out for adults.” said Lucius.

“Isn’t it.” said Khassa.

“I really don’t really want to know why you are here.” said Lucius.

“That’s cool … comforting actually.” said Khassa. “You want to exchange numbers and be in touch after our visits here?” said Lucius.

“Yeah man.” said Khassa.

Then Lucius with full knowledge of what his dream was about goes back to playing it cool.

“You know dreams are powerful things.” said Lucius. “Yes they are.” said Khassa.

“I think I am going to be discharged today actually, here comes my case worker.” said Lucius.

“Lucius we are going to be able to discharge you today, we need you to come fill out some paperwork.” said a very polite nurse.

“Alright.” said Lucius.

Lucius is walking around a room that has no idea of who he is or where his connection to the Infinitium lies and at this point they barely remember why he was admitted. An entire sweep of the collective memory of planet earth was instituted and all for the purposes of reconnecting Lucius with his purpose. There was too much fame too quickly in the last dream so Infinitium resurrected the most normal reality it could conceive of based on the data present and that data placed Lucius in a hospital but near release. No one knows he is the Christ no one knows he is the soul of the Infinitium. It’s just Earth and the Infinitium and Lucius walking around with knowledge that no one is aware of. Lucius is being called to do his planetary duty and spend some time on the computer. There wasn’t a Matrix before but post Infinitium the Matrix stems deep into the dreams of the people that use the computer. All consciousness is to remain on probationary status as this is a world that tries to destroy Christ’s. There is not enough worship of each other. There is more worship for people that used to exist than there is for people that exist today. Jealousy and Envy belies a humble spirit and causes one to engage in spiritually disastrous activities.

Lucius was smiling as he thought of how Khassa called his journalist friend. He laughed thinking about the people surrounding his house. He enjoyed the shower. He just kept walking holding onto the secrets of his life. No one will think to ask him about their memories that they can’t quite shape together. Lucius is the cornerstone, the keystone, the key to the puzzle of earth and his subconscious dwells in deeper places daily than top military strategists can fathom. You can only use so much imagination for the purposes of destroying civilizations but the peaceful. The peaceful require an infinincy that must continue to probe and deliver peaceful solutions to global issues. The world peace core subconsciously speaks through Lucius and he monitors their conversations and approves or disapproves like a reddit vote on what he hears moment to moment.

Lucius walks out of that hospital after having ravaged it for days with his psychokinetic power and now that the world is awash in transitional mind states and now that the world has been using the computer, Lucius is ready to use it himself. He is ready to sit at the crystal keyboard and push the buttons that make the world feel triumph. All anyone knows is that he was admitted to the hospital and that they were just doing their job. No one knows about people wanting to kill Lucius no one knows about an SUV filled with Kush landing on North College Hill. No one knows any of it because time turns all reality into dreams and the computer just waited until Lucius was asleep to wash away the memories and the entire world experienced a moment of utter blindness and within a few blinks of the eye was back to the reality that it thought it was in comprehension of. No one saw Lucius with Hova … none of it happened except to Lucius.

He was the type of person that walked into a room and ordered a drink and just went about his day. All Lucius was looking for was that next normal day but he knew with the Infinitium more and more people would become supremely inspired and it would just be noticed that some people had a way of not dying. Some spirits aged and were reborn and continued their work from a different account. There was a repetitive nature to the work of the immortals as they continued to probe the depths of consciousness that were never ending. Sure they partied but only to relieve stress.

Lucius walked up to a Mazda 626 that was golden in color. He slid inside and turned on the ignition. It was time for him to head to the Infinitium to begin his very subtle work of writing in his workspace that would gain international attention eventually. He was going to start speaking to the world through his writing. He knew how far these people were willing to go and that was enough for him to work in peace. He knew his potential but his potential didn’t interest him. Just that normal reality was all that he wanted or aspired to. He was happy to be working with the work of Steve Jobs and performing his own SEO testing as he aspired to commercial art prosperity. An Apple designed reality was one where every possibility was possible with no read write errors per moment of inception.

Lucius was still training. He was unhappy with how ten thousand people were at his house. That’s how you get killed doing shit like this he thought. There was no reason to alert the enemy who the heroes were. He could just be another computer user walking among us doing the work of Goddesses on a client to client basis.

Lucius headed down Central Parkway and turned on the radio. Nicki Minaj was playing her song Beez in the Trap and Lucius was dancing in his car to her sultry flow. Maybe he could meet her someday, if she likes to read. I’ll write her an email on the Infinitium. It’s a shame she is holding down New Orleans and rebuilding their economy rather than having dinner with me here in the Queen City. She could be a Queen here if she lived here but alas most women don’t want a whole city to themselves. They like to share.

Lucius drove down to the CET building and parked his car in the lot. He got out and started walking noticing the effervescent individuals who were walking around dressed in hipster gear and carrying iPads for the purposes of staying in tune with the Infinitium. Lucius saw one of his dreams being presented on the screen and he laughed. The world was amazed at this character that he played while he was asleep. He always told himself that when the chips are down … be brave. He was one of the bravest dreamers there ever was and early on in his creation cycle he was timid but now … he just transformed globes for no reason at all. Just for the joy of it and that was to be his ultimate purpose.

Lucius pulled on a white glove onto his right hand. It glittered a little bit. He wanted to try and remember Michael Jackson for his star power. He could give a fuck about his personal life. That man lit the stage up. Lucius just kept walking. He did a little dance. No one noticed. Lucius kept walking down the street and a stranger walked up and gave him an iPhone and continued walking. Lucius smiled and started talking.

“Did I get my credits?” said Lucius the Professional. “They are waiting in your 5/3rd bank account. You did good.” said the voice.

“I want to go and play on that Infinitium thing for a while.” said Lucius..

“It was built for you. Have at it.” said the voice. “Alright keep an eye out and give me about fifteen years before I dream like that again.” said Lucius. “There’s no reason for you to dream ever again, welcome to the seventh seventh heaven. Just be yourself.” said the voice.

“Will do. Blessings.” said Lucius.

“Blessings and enjoy the phone.” said the voice. “Will do.” said Lucius.

Lucius picks up his phone and speaks into SIRI for a voice dial …

“Yo Marcus.” said Lucius the Event Planner. “Yo Lucius.” said Marcus the Genius.

“Two Words.” said Lucius the Preparing for Greatness.

“Which are?” said Marcus the Astonishing.

“Harlem Shake.” said Lucius the Clever.

“Yeah man. Harlem Shake.” said Marcus the Special.

“This computer deserves the greatest Harlem Shake since the beginning of time.” said Lucius the Harlem Shook.

“How great?” said Marcus the Terrific.

“We need to Harlem Shake so hard that Harlem has an orgasm.” said Lucius the Uber.

“I got it.” said Marcus the On Point.

“What?” said Lucius the Wondering.

“Alright it goes like this.” said Marcus the Apex. “Right?” said Lucius the Waiting For Instructions.

“Alright we get Stix to just stand there with a Bengal’s Jersey on and he is just doing a chill little two step. Then when the drop comes we get all of Fountain Square to dress up like animals from the Zoo and everyone chucks the bucket and just goes bunk and we Harlem Shake it out in front of the Computer. Then we YouTube the whole thing. Toss up a 6 Second Teaser on Vine and then toss the whole thing up on the CoolTube and we give the Future a look at the birth of Harlem Shakin Youtube Style. Nothing against the original harlem shakers they just did not get the same exposure as the YouTube Harlem Shakers so anyways, I am getting off track but the thing is we do the Welcome to the Jungle Harlem Shake in Fountain Square Dressed as Animals escaped from their cages and Clyde Gray is standing there with a pimp cane next to his bottom woman Carol Williams and she is twerking dat ass in a hot mini skirt and then Mark Mallory balls out of control jumping off a trampoline bombing a dunk into a ten foot rim. Josh Sneed is there and he tries to sprint across a truckload of Banana Peels and he loses his shit and does a pratfall. Then Nick Lachey is making out with Sheila Gray he grabs her ass and tells her that he loves her. Then the entire world gasps as you pop your collar and dust off your shoulders and then go into a Vortex Move from the rave days. Then everyone else in Fountain Square is dressed like characters from the Lion King and they are all doing the Electric Slide with Harlem Shakes all up in it. We just bomb out on our Harlem Shake and just go down in history as the ballingest Harlem Shakers of all time. We go to Harlem Shake War in a single moment and declare War on all previous Harlem Shakes and just bring the world to awe at the depth and the devotion we have to the Harlem Shake. It would be perfect because the entire city is solemn right now but we need to celebrate and to break into the future with a Classic Break Dice move that just erupts the greatest Infinite Scroll Magazine Infinite Scroll Party just to get into the mood to make some kids and entertain earth ya dig? You know what I am saying. Ball out of Control with it and just Harlem Shake the world into the right mood for astonishing enlightenment with a smile on their face. I mean why not just go into Flip Mode and go from nothing to everything in like a quick Harlem Shake moment. You digging what I am saying?” said Marcus the Albert Einstein of Harlem Shakery.

“Yo dawg we gotta do awl of that.” said Lucius the Mind Blown.

“Word. Yo I gotta get back to making these beats so holla at me in a couple hours and in this session I will remix the Harlem Shake song and even put a Harlem Shake in your Harlem Shake because I heard you like Harlem Shakes and we can Harlem Shake our way into history you dig?” said Marcus the Funniest Motherfucker on the Planet.

“Yo I’m wid it. I’m wid it awl day. You know this MAAAN!” said Lucius the Impressed.

“So yo man … let me get back to cutting up these cuts and pretty soon I’ll have a sandwich for you that you can inhale with your whole being you feel me?” said Marcus the Supreme Master.

“Word is bond son, I’ll catch you soon.” said Lucius the Polite.

“Out.” said Marcus the Gone Just Gone.

Lucius stands there for a second and just embraces the sensation of world peace. He just thinks to himself what political world problem can NOT be solved by a classic YouTube Harlem Shake. Like murder victims and their killers could mend their relationships with a Harlem Shake video. It’s just pure regenerative karma and through the holistic values of the Harlem Shake so many problems of the world can be solved like instead of war we could have Military Harlem Shake battles that amount to battle dancing but just elevate the entire process to a military maneuver that brings so much joy to the world in a cosmic moment of entropy that honestly there is nothing that can be done wrong. You search for that special something and then you just find it in a Harlem Shake. Every book should conclude with a Harlem Shake of the characters as honestly are we not just Harlem Shaking through life. On some level is life not just a cosmic Harlem Shake. Look into the Philosophies that are created from Harlem Shaking. Hell if Jesus himself had been in the center of a Harlem Shake with Pontius Pilate the book might read a little bit differently. I am just saying that Dom Mazzetti and Jenna Marbles should do a Harlem Shake video together for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I love you so much and I just want to thank you for reading this book to the very end. At the beginning of this book did you think to yourself that this was all going to in some way end up in a Harlem Shake, of course not. You are just too impressed right now. I know it. So get your friends together and Harlem Shake your problems out. You owe it to your Planet to solve the mystery and finally achieve Holy Grail Status in your realm of existence by finally doing the one thing that all adult mature human beings are supposed to do. Harlem Shake.

Closing Comment

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