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Nicholas Lawson there’s a world where everyone is a millionaire and no one has to work and you can still get coffee and that world is basically populated by robots we’re in the dark ages again there is a world where we can all sit at home and watch auto generated television and listen to auto generated music it’s a real world it’s the world our grandchildren’s grandchildren will experience we have our buildings and we have our things and that’s pretty much it we’re 120 years into the industrial revolution and every new major invention gets mass produced and the current state of our robotics is BOSTON DYNAMICS and they’re moving right along our tools are getting to the point where our tools will do the work and you lived your life a certain way i lived my life the way i did and i ended up on disability and you lived your life the way you did and you ended up a bartender and then a plague hit and it wasn’t that you fucked up that you don’t have a job it’s that you were told not to go to work so the government is creating programs to compensate you for telling you not to work and it’s not a catastrophe it’s an intentional thing you were intentionally given the unemployment line and quite frankly everything is going smoothly like for a month you got to realize you depended on something that didn’t depend on you and you might want to take up a hobby or raise your kid with some art supplies so he can always have another way to make money but you’ll be fine you people that you’re typical people and you never studied in college and you couldn’t even do well in high school and your family has a history of not doing well in school and this is about families families that collectively did better than yours but they won’t do labor so they take in money and pay you to do the important work of a business and they act like they do the important work and you’re not in the headquarters where the income is sent to from the business and they spend the money on the business and give themselves the profits and i want to do something similar because we need jobs and i’m thinking i’d hire a writer and work on my advertising supported website something you could do it only takes a couple of years to develop but you never took an interest in things like that and that’s why you’re poor


Writing Assignment

Write a 10 page short film screen play that takes place on one set, has a budget of $0, and takes a day to shoot.

bad quality technical writing


after 8 iterations in a notebook in a dream i saw a voice show me the way it was a series of small micro icons or microcons that you have the story on the top and you have the comment box underneath and then you have micro icons beneath the text field and when you are typing in the comment box it’s an input but when you are scrolling over comments that same space is an output for the comment and the box resizes to fit the micro icon comment size if it’s a long comment it slides down and if it’s a short comment it slides a little bit or stays put but INSTEAD of having 30 yards of comments that no one can scroll to to read you can scroll your mouse over 10 icons a row and you can scan MORE comments with micro icons than you can the entire text fields and when you leave a comment it adds another micro icon to the roster and this concept was born out of a way to break out of the box that is COMMENT REPLY SET IN REPLY SET IN COMMENT REPLY SET IN it’s a direct reaction to contemporary comment systems and it’s strange to me it came to me in a dream along with a couple stories i heard a lot of voices but they are always extremely intelligent in my home world i am a highly valued intellectual but in the real world i’m usually taken for a dunce by idiots


edge case scenarios like a reply to a reply break up the structure of that i have some drawing to do but that’s either close or really far off

story ideas

story ideas

mark zuckerberg and the bunny ranch … he’s the only person that has a lifetime pass at the bunny ranch they’re like he’s the youngest billionaire there ever was he can just be here they are impressed with people that make money and mark zuckerberg at facebook has HUMAN CAPITAL and he has to say get out of the way a lot because he’s inundated with people like his office is shoulder to shoulder


the amish playing baseball


Nicholas Lawson so like who does the money belong to? we should probably give it to that? like which god or goddess does the money belong to? like it comes off a printer and then the banks get it and are like dubiously controlling the supply of it to the population that has to dance to get money so we can survive as a people and there are some luxury businesses but the money keep circulating and the goal is to get as much of it as you can possibly get so that by the time you have a line of work established you can bring in profits to hire people so that you can split your profits with them and you get into a loop and the money just circulates but the bank always has all of it and there are these things known as billionaires that sort of point at what’s there’s in the bank catalog of things the bank holds and you can have credit or cash or coins or cheques or gift cards or even electricity and all of it is money i think we should roll over and get to a point where we’re back at square one and give the money to the person it belongs to

high times

Nicholas Lawson is it even possible to keep a strain the same? is it even possible to grow an identical plant? because ya’ll and your herbalotics like that doesn’t seem like a good idea to be growing botany subjects and burning and inhaling anything that comes from the marijuana strain of plants like it would be recommended that you find a strain of GOOD WEED really good mild euphoric in my opinion weed find a good strain of weed and if it’s possible to grow identical plants do that … differentiation in your field of burning and inhaling is probably not a good idea but you are high times and you have been doing that since the 70’s i think but how many times have you hit a joint and dropped to the floor? TWICE in 20 years I hit a joint and blacked out … you actually never know what can happen smoking random strains of BOTANY like a mutation could kill you


yes they are basically an ancient family that you adjust your focal lens for so that if it’s not them it’s blurry and you report use television to brand them you like them but if you want your family to be that progressively civilized you can start with a family tree just literally document your family and then after you document your family combine your family’s finances into one account and pay off your houses and never sell them … i’m royalty in a family that never became royal … they don’t infight the royals do …. the kennedy’s in the USA are more who you should be treating like that and quite frankly offering assistance to … from MY perspective my pops side of the family is hardcore blue collar and my mom’s side of the family is hardcore blue blood so i’m like purple blooded royalty and my siblings are freaks that’s how i know i come from a royal family … they’re freaks