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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

like i don’t think it’s a man be chilling space out into a thought … like telepaths that steal thoughts … the reason i decided not to put other people’s shit on my website was because they can run all up on you and wreck your shit if you fuck it up and you don’t know what they think … but why don’t you want a weapon because i think you people are stupid if you need a weapon for anything in 2022 … that’s what we should do we should invest in freezing food … like we should have a stockpile of food this entire thing where we dump 25,000 gallons of milk into the sewer like we should study food preservation in conjunction with life preservation …. what’s the first thing we should do … we should put MIT in charge of mortuary services that’s the first step APPROACH the massachussetts institute of technology … and talk to john maeda … and start there … bring it to john maeda’s attention … https://maedastudio.com/

pissed off red cross

how much pull does red cross get if it’s upset with people like if you knew RED CROSS BLUE SHIELD was VEHEMENTENTLY PISSED AT THE BEHAVIOR OF CITIZENS OF MICHIGAN THIS IS NOT THAT SERIOUS! if you knew this was not a time period to be anti government forget pink floyd they figured if they built up your intelligence you wouldn’t go to shows and nothing if you knew red cross blue shield ‘s opinion would it mean something to you?


like the theme of 2021 among adults is do you go with the 20 year old or the 21 year old … something to think about

2pac shock syndrome

like it all started when i realized murda was the case that they gave him and i was like pac and snoop they was just on WIZF last night i recorded it to cassette tape so i could give it to Pookie at school tomorrow and i was like hold on this tape this tape right here gon get me laid ima like yeah like this tape is the tape that will get her like i’ll tape it to her locker and then quanita was like pookie you got a tape taped to your locker you need to handle him and she was like he’s my boyfriend and quanita was like you a junior he’s a sophomore and she was like quanita i date down and he was like i date up and it’s the nigga that date up that be killing this shit it be a nigga that date up that be the nigga that might as well be the antichrist

blood sweat and tears

i’m a designer all i need is blood sweat and tears out of you in the pursuit of your line of work

like the blood comes from a miscut with an exacto blade when cutting out paint squares

the sweat comes from playing basketball or typing for 2 hours in the summer with no air conditioning on your computer

tears come from knowing unless we bring the dead back to life the dead are dead forever

it’s on us to do what we gotta do to survive . 2pac . and that means learning how to raise the dead … we built stadiums but we never gave ourselves something to celebrate don’t celebrate the game beat the game

we need more people

after the war there was a repopulation of the earth

we can intelligently repopulate the earth every day

the proper response to 1,000,000 dead is 1,000,000 babies

latin cotinuous

  • Nicholas Lawson that is true that would be hot if i pitched the whole CHURCH EXPANSION ART STUDIO ART GALLERY COMPUTER LAB BOOK STORE RAW FOOD VEGANISM LABORATORY to the university like if you have a university nearby you can figure out a way somehow to hit them with a pitch
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  • Nicholas Lawson she was like if i just wrote pick up lines like gaila why you over there when you could be over here?
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  • Nicholas Lawson i’d imagine my wife i’ll just write on facebook i’d imagine at least my wife could ask me what i’m doing and why? i’d just be like to fool this star into conning you to sit on that couch and watch me type
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  • Nicholas Lawson https://www.google.com/search?q=shoemakers%20son… i disagree with this literary analysis which i am an expert but the son of the shoemaker doesn’t wear shoes because his father is in shoes and he doesn’t give a fuck about shoes
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    shoemakers son - Google Search
    shoemakers son – Google Search

    shoemakers son – Google Search

  • Nicholas Lawson is that a hot idea i’m geeked my dad survived surgery i was like maybe i should freak him out by wearing his haircut which is a cut like i ain one of those people that has A look like my pops had the same haircut for like 20 years and i ain never see that before might be because of the one time i started crying when i didn’t recognize him when shaved his mustache 35 years ago like my hair comes and goes my pops made thirty year decisions about his haircut i ain like that
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  • Nicholas Lawson yale is like harvard in that it’s a political science school but like yale is like a ying and harvard is like a yang and without yale’s accreditation it would not be able to perform political science experiments like for the most part there is a divine order i would say there is and a political science experiment denies the divine order which is religion for a deeper science which would be wondering if there is a formulation well i think that’s called 3.5:3.5 like i had this one thought that 3.5 million people would match up with 3.5 million people and the upper 25th percentile was cool with it but i think a lot of you are upset with who you equal is and that would not be hell to me if i found my equal but then again it MIGHT BE HELL finding an equal
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  • Nicholas Lawson okay so if jeff bezos has trouble spending his money jeff bezos SO RICH he could start an insurance company that covers acts of god
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  • Nicholas Lawson that’s what i have to understand i have $0 and someone has $1,000,000,000,000 … yep … that’s the hardest thing for someone in my position to understand i’m sort of street so i’m thinking of cool shit he can do that i can’t do but otherwise … i’m pretty content with https://nickspoems.com like okay his website did that but i still like my website i never really looked at the internet as a business tool i always saw it as a publishing tool
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mind games

Nicholas Lawson very few people were born in the past like if you set the past as a time period like before the pyramids was a finite number of people like there is a section of time that qualifies as the past and the rest of it is the future and odds are you were born in the infinite future and not the finite past but those people born in the past they wow they had it rough they were probably real people