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Procedural Programming


So I was 5 years into Design School when they came out with the Processing Object Oriented Programming and I had never seen it before and I didn’t even think of Procedural Programming I was well versed in from High School but I I was a failed digital design student twice over because I was awful at object oriented programming and I had to spend 6 more years getting a university degree because none of my credits from design school carried over to liberal arts school so all in all i spent 10 years getting a university degree and now i’m 9 years out of school in my late thirties learning lessons people learn in their late twenties …. and there’s a plague afoot that no one ever had to deal with so we’re all applying our collective intelligence to daily life



I started on a book or rather a page of some kind … I’ll be fucking with it for the next couple months I’m in no hurry … I had dreams of being a published author and then I looked at the internet one day and was like alright i’m a published author i have dreams of getting paid for this one day … i’m sort of experienced at being published and in being published i have found the most noteworthy element of being published is irrational fear … fear of publishing self identifying information fear of random people having a problem with that curse word you used to the other day fear of being mistaken for being racist and accosted for that fear of someone you KNOW reading your writing and feeling the need to look you up … irrational fear is the hallmark of being published to me and when i say i am experienced at being published it’s because i’m experiencing with dealing with that


I should probably write with feeling if I could figure out how to

I was like skylights in the nighttime oh how bright I shined was I writing with feeling now like for a couple decades I was writing but was I writing with feeling like now like did I write with feeling last night? Is that what writing with feeling is when it comes from your heart? I wrote from my heart shortly begefore I died of the Corona Virus. I don’t want to talk about dying but it has been brought to my attention everyday is dangerous now. I’m like every day is dangerous and typically every day is dangerous but now everyday is dangerous.

layers to sobriety when it comes to not smoking weed

is this really contact the president? or is this like write a letter to CNN or an office? because I figure I just had a night where I drank a lot of tea and didn’t know tea would do that so I’m sorry for writing you while drinking lipton i had like 5 glasses of tea in the span of 4 hours and i didn’t know lipton could be used as a drug of sorts but i am fairly certain tea has medicinal properties and i forget what i wrote you but i think one letter was probably off a little bit i just felt like writing you and i was a little more tense tonight than i typically am and i’m EVEN MORE sober from having not smoked weed i haven’t smoke weed in like 4 months and I notice there are LAYERS to not smoking weed that unravel themselves like layers of sobriety that unfurl themselves so i feel like a new man again today for like the 3rd time …. i’m really sorry if i offended or offput you at all for whatsoever any reason and this is as polite an apology as i think i should send i watch CNN so you’re typically on my mind




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What is Anxiety?

Old enough to have anxiety, looked it up.

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. … But if your feelings of anxiety are extreme, last for longer than six months, and are interfering with your life, you may have an anxiety disorder.