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Chipotle You So Nice

Chipotle you super nice, you got the right kind of rice, you got the steak that nothing short just saying you know you great, you got the sauces that gives you boss status, you just guac out til the clocks out, you straight chipotle you super straight

tai lopez


i’m suspicious of someone so interested in getting paid to teach me how to make money … i have nickspoems.com and my thinking is blog until the traffic prophecy becomes true and sell advertising on a 1000 unique visitor a month on my website … no i don’t want to teach anyone how i did it not entirely certain why tai lopez wants to flood his market like i’d think mr lopez needs to keep his mouth shut so that he can keep cutting his deals … i think my concept is standard simplicity … like for some reason at around 34 i had it in my head that doing something unique is more risky than doing something standard … so i quit trying to think of something new … like cash is not the end all be all goal to accomplish receiving that’s what public school taught me for 24 years it was always there are things more important than cash it was a common theme … i do actually value time more than cash and that plays out well on disability like my public school principles are perfectly at home on the $900 a month budget i have to work with …. because i can do this … it seems fair you the general you thought there was something wrong with me so i get to secede from society and weird out in the name of trying to do something useful … i do value time more than money and i currently have maximum time … so well i’m in public school’s sweet spot … looking forward to the regular updates … i can probably quit accosting you and develop a cogent reciprocal relationship with this form …



i think it’s cool how i live in the city with the greatest shit ever …

check it out …

ad for a grocery store chain out of cincinnati …

i like the mouth that chewing in a circle and the line where she says throw it in the microwavers

i also know photorealistic three dimensional animation is sort of a pursuit in the direction of futility sort of but cute quick three dimensional animation like this works just as good as james’ cameron’s Avatar animation just saying …

this kroger’s work is smart

i’ve seen porn

thought about this a long time ago … i could qualify for one of those groups with the small dicks and i’m 6’4” i think if i naturally knew i had a big dick i’d treat life differently like if i knew i had a big dick i don’t think i’d try so hard … i’d just know that i’m good enough for women because i my dick sticks out at the other end even though i’m double fisting my dick … that’s not my situation … i have a small dick so i make up for it in obscure ways to impress women


i’ve worked my way up from tweeting musicians on twitter, to leaving messages on facebook news feeds, to write my local television station, and council and mayor, i just need to get tired of writing you at the white house and i think i’m pretty much done with the internet, i just need it for utilitarian purposes, like i need my brain to get so tired of this it just focuses on what’s best for it which would be leaving essays at nickspoems.com and just doing that … facebook doesn’t like the way i write so i tricked out a flipboard and now i read the news feed and leave comments on flipboard’s online writing … i was a valedictorian in high school 20 years ago well one of the valedictorians there were three of us … i went to university for 10 years and graduated and then i was in the americorps volunteer service and then i got an apartment and enrolled in a loan dismissal program and then i was homeless for two years because i got scared of my apartment which led to getting evicted and now i’m here in this apartment and i’m trying to get tired of the internet but to do that you just have to binge and then you get past whatever you’re binging on

so please forgive me for writing you my brain treats you as the last thing i need to write but everyone previously i wrote i quit writing also …

i’m in that first generation that go to use broadband internet as it’s introduction to the internet …

i’m on disability so this is part of passing the time … i try to write decent emails like i’m NOT trying to be a pest i figure the better i get at this the better that is for both of us



it’s the blonde


it’s because of the photo of the blonde … i feel like working in the white house is NOT too much above me but this was the photo that let me know roughly how far off i am from being a professional white house employee …

i just judged each of these people before and was like that’s not a group of people i couldn’t work with

i’m just aware i’m not FAR from being in one of those suits but the way my story played out wah oh wah it’s a sob story i can still treat the past like it never happened with practice but i’m writing these people symbolically at the link above i don’t know why replaced these people but they do look like some coffee oriented people.

it’s that blonde that let’s me know i could do it …