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just work

that’s the answer you don’t cater to the medical professionals that USE the tools and set them you cater to the people that MAKE the medical tools … if you set the community of people that make medical instruments and tools and if you give them what they need to work like that would lower costs … i had it in my head to save medicare costs set the doctors and nurses and just surround them with care but they can use money and might be considered less important than a knife manufacturer … that’s how to lower costs in theory you cater to the needs of the medical instrument industry in exchange for them to just work ….



it’s like i typically write bullshit just to keep my writing skills up but then from time to time i’m prepped and ready to write some real copy and that link above would be nice if it could get some further government funding because i need a housing voucher and for 4 years now they have always been out of money to present me with a housing voucher so that i don’t have to spend $600 on a $700 a month income from SSDI and to be clear i get $200 a month in food stamps but i am HIGHLY aware that you HAVE to work or else you can get fucked up and i have a mental illness which is basically comprised of doing something like this to the internet because i mean you’re the president and i’m no one is how they explain it to me

Facebook Fodder

Nicholas Lawson like for the 2020 government for like the government i’m going to be a part of where like the public figure is like my age like based on like the DARK WEB and PORN let’s say that FACEBOOK would become THEE portal to the internet but it’s a browser with no URL bar at the top … like unilaterally blocking all access to the quote unquote world wide web with a facebook interface to the web and that we pass out sand boxes for people to use the internet for like facebook would get more robust and most of the internet would be inaccessible and that’s someone’s argument cut short cut the URL bar so that you can’t go anywhere you want online and maybe you have to write a letter to a network admin to turn on your permission to access a site to add a level of security …. that paragraph is how much not an animal i am

Death of a Grandmother

Well I wrote you (WCPO) about doing a story about my grandmother who is 96 years old but I wanted to let you know my grandmother has passed as of this morning. She fell two days ago and broke four ribs and just couldn’t make it any longer. She spent her last days at her daughter’s home being taken care of. She leaved behind a massive family and just today there was roughly 15 people at my folks place in NCH just being together and she got to meet several of her great grand children. She was taken care of by my mother for the last 30 years after her husband died and she never did drive a car her entire life and she never owned one. Her late husband used to drive and at one point she had home in fort meyers florida and cincinnati ohio and now her son david reigle keeps the tradition alive in light of the fact that he has a house he built in North Carolina and he has a home in Fort Meyers florida. I can’t express enough how much my grandmother meant to me but to be honest I said goodbye to her roughly 6 months ago leading up to the death of my grandmother was on my part distance i never did spend every waking day with my grandmother in a way she died in my world several months before she died to the entire world i felt like at some point i was just because her hearing was gone i just like it was just last month that all i could do was wave at my grandmother and it was all i could do to communicate with her. 4 weeks ago I genuflected before her and paid my last respects to her while she was still alive. I feel nothing at the moment but i wonder if i’ll get hit with a wave of emotion soon.



It’s sort of like the ONLY dream someone k – 12 has like college is the first dream a student has and every child in the USA is required by law to receive a High School Degree and elementary and high school is specifically geared towards training people to attend college. the dream of the k through 12 student is to go to college you ingrain that in us and then we get hit with debt that has to be paid off somehow … which quite frankly is a business model where the university is currently dependent on students taking out loans to survive which is a dubious practice where you breed students to be college students and then rake in money off the achievement of the dream …

so yeah …

a cheap work around would be if the USA had at least one school in every state that was tuition free like not all the schools need to be tuition free but like the state school in the state capital should be debt free education students subjected to the K through 12 system need at least one option in every state where there is no tuition and a good quality education ….

if the state school was debt free there might be some students that don’t mind going in debt

Dear Massachusetts Institute of Technology

hey i’m sorry … i wrote you because you were someone i randomly picked but i accidentally sent the email to you before it was finished.
Hey, I’m nicholas. I was just curious to know how to discern the value of this concept like should i just write a book on it or should i learn mathematics and try to prove this myself since it’s in my head? I live in Cincinnati and am super excited by this thought I had yesterday and decided to write a physics department.

I have an english literature degree and a background in technical work and i thought of the SPACE FORCE donald trump was talking about and i was like okay … so here’s the thing ..; i was sitting reading about space force when i was reminded of an ancient conversation i had back in like 1999 and it was the moment a woman named MANDY stated firmly it made sense to her that if you had a time machine on earth and you stepped into it and went back in time you would end up floating in space because we are always moving.

Because we are always moving if you tried to time travel in your direct location you would be going back in time to that location and there is no planet there or if you go into the future from your position on the planet nothing will be there as well.

So time travel on earth is not possible because the earth is in constant motion.
Last night I was like alright i know that now that mandy said something so i thought okay then it makes sense if that is true that you can travel through space and time travel is a matter of going where you want to be in time and getting in a rocket and traveling to the location you want to be in time. Like for lack of a better way of putting it if you could affix a door to a location in space voodoo mathematics explains it but i currently have a tangible narrative about how someone can travel to a point in space that has been discussed with an X,Y,Z coordinate that presents space with a navigation system and if you travel to a location you can travel to that time period the last time earth was there or you can travel to the future and land on earth when it’s at that position in the world of time travel.
I don’t know I know Space Force was recently discussed and that’s like a BRAND to me and anything I can do to discuss my plans for SPACE FORCE like I think of space as that which is not matter and if it is matter it’s not space like I would love to pour over journals that have to do with space and if Donald Trump’s SPACE FORCE was this idyllic thing that did just that explored space like if it was a think tank and a research concept and it may have a militaristic purpose as well but space force to me is about mastering space and like trying to achieve astonishing results studying space that thing that’s between things.
so yeah …
i’m terribly sorry i feel like i had a physics question so i wrote the physics department. i mostly view this as an office this thing i am standing on.
it’s what i do and i think i am pretty good at it.
nicholas lawson
ps i’m the victim of a 10 year academic career that typically surrounded itself with 202 studies for the most part like i am not erudite enough or comprised of much more than half truths but i don’t know can you discern what I am trying to say here and could you grade it please? I would be willing to mail you $25 if you would read this email and grade it.