Author’s Note Regarding Subject Matter of Guerilla Rawfare from Khasssa Selassie I am essentially the author of this book, Khassa Selassie. I am a father and a vegan and an artist and an alchemistic inventor of sorts. I have spent the last eighteen years of my life exploring the vegan arts because I believe and have seen the benefits that this diet has had on my body, life relationships. Through just caring about the food that I place in my body and through religiously treating my body like a holy temple of worship I have created atmospheres of peak health in people that were used to chili soup and mucus pizza. I don’t mean to be crass but I see the world differently than you do. I see a world ingesting toxic food substitutes in such dramatic quantities that it makes sense to me that there would be an obesity epidemic. This country is ingesting mucus from a cow, chicken feti, flesh of multiple types of animals, and doing it all almost unconsciously and with a defensive posture at that. I find myself being viewed as strange because I am not engaging in this psychotic behavior. You do not know how many times I have had to remind myself that I am the sane one in this equation because I am eating what nature intended for me to eat. I almost feel like an early astronomer at times where I am imbued with the knowledge that the earth revolves around the sun and I have the data and I have the statistics and I know it to be true but then I have the 

opposition that wants to believe the knowledge that is to be thrown away. I could keep these thoughts and accomplishments to myself but every time I hear about the obesity epidemic, I just think that it doesn’t have to be this way and I feel compelled to work to develop my regimine in such a way that you can assimilate what I have learned because I love you. I have knowledge about a slow build up of poison that is occurring in the human populace of the United States and I have so much love in my being that across all ethnic and socio political boundaries I would work to write works such as this so that I could reach out and develop a relationship with the nation that needs my help the most. Rich or poor, ebony or cream, male or female, if I see you eating flesh I die a little on the inside. I would like to run from restaurant to restaurant stealing all of the flesh and throwing it away to save YOUR life but then I would get arrested. I would like to go on television and just paint a picture that saves your life in the media but McDonald’s would not allow that and the current infrastructure would buckle under the arguments that I would share and I may get physically injured because non-vegans to me are like zombies fighting for the right to eat their flesh because the United States is a place for freedom and I can do what I want in the United States but what if I have the freedom to heal you? Yes you have freedom but can it not be said that your freedom ends where the ending of another’s life begins? Namely the millions of cows that allow for billions and 

billions of people to be served cow flesh. I love you so unbelievably so and that is why my work must continue through my own hands and the hands of others because my only weapons against your depravity are my life choices and the example that I set and from that example comes books like this one that I write when I have time in between taking care of my DNA and keeping my family taken care of in this economic environment. 

Introduction What is the business of Sunfood Sovereign? Sunfood Sovereign is the title of my life’s work. Sunfood Sovereign is the ideal phrase to describe what it is that I am creating. You have the Sun which is the source of life and you have Sun Food which is food that comes from the sun such as produce and this food is sovereign because Sunfood like the manna from God, appears on the earth. Animals are searching for Sunfood and humans can survive solely on Sunfood and our lives and our heritage are intended to change through Sunfood Sovereign. I have a number of children that I am passing my heritage on to and I would like to spread my message to all listening ears so that the collective health and sovereignty of those that exist with me can thrive. 

I was not raised vegan like many of you, I became vegan out of necessity and my children will be shown the vegan ways and it is my hope that Sunfood Sovereign will begin as an idea with my life and will become a way of life for my children and will become a global movement for their children. I physically do not have the time to devote to Sunfood Sovereign the way I would like but I work on and I develop and I grow and I sustain my regimen. For my family I would like to show them that anything is possible through my example where I create music videos espousing veganism, where I create advertisements, and where I create pop star ideals for them to follow in a city that typically lays in the cut and waits for something to pop off. I want to be what pops off and I want to be what changes the way you think and gets you poppin off on what I am poppin off on. This is my ideology and this is my mantra and this is my creed and this is my work that I am giving my life to in the hopes that I can serve my community to a much fuller extent. I want to take the success that I have had with my restaurants and my juice bars and I want to share the knowledge I have gleaned so that you can start off in a better place than me when you begin your vegan regimen. This is a book that I wish someone would have given me. I am trying to create an item of power that you can use to empower yourself with the powerful messages that I am transmitting through these symbolic manifestations. 

This is what Sunfood Sovereign is, it is a mission that has transformed me and has brought me the most interesting relationships I believe that the world has ever known. Sunfood Sovereign is and is not a religious practice. It is because it is a set of rules that I follow to maintain optimum health and it is because we are in alignment with the Creator worshiping Truth, Love, and Life. We give thanks and praise for the cow, the pig, the chicken, the duck, the frog, the fish, the insect, and the crab. I have whittled down my dietary beliefs to the extent that I firmly believe that if it can look at me from eyeball to eyeball then it experiences a form of consciousness that does not deserve to be chewed. I don’t know how else to put this. I said it earlier but especially in the United States there are millions of people that think I am strange for not chewing on life. How strange is it for me to be viewed as strange when I know that our creator is just waiting for the psychosis to stop. I feel chosen by the Creator at times to be a vessel of pure information for the culture of death that surrounds me to learn from and gain enlightenment from. Sunfood Sovereign is my legacy, it is what I wish to be remembered for and it is the work that I have devoted the best years of my life to. When I leave, this book will remind people what I believed and what I was a part of and what I was devoted to and this book is my work as Sunfood Sovereign’s father and loving creator. There are pockets of vegans in various communities around the United States and the world. Most vegans 

keep to themselves but I feel a distinct urge to take my abilities and thoughts and express them as perfectly as possible so that my children can best understand what I meant when I said to them “I am a vegan.” The movement has to start somewhere, at some point the message that the world was flat had to spread and it had to spread from a single person at its origin, and the idea that eating flesh is a disgusting practice is spreading and we should feel blessed about this as conscious creatures. The message is spreading that corralling life into pens and letting it wallow in its own manure and then eating its nutritionless flesh just for the taste and convenience is purifed distilled abhorrent evil. This message is spreading because of people like me and the mantras that we have developed. I have converted numerous people to vegan ways and in doing so I have saved lives. I choose to do no evil and through my actions resurrect my people which so happen to be the people of Earth. All of you are my people. There is only one blood, all that dream have blood. I have to work to develop my ideas into solid form because every generation will take and grow my ideas and turn them into what they wish with the main intent being . . . eat nothing that excretes excrement. That is the Sunfood Sovereign way. That is what my work is about. It may seem silly to you if you eat cellular tissue on a regular basis and chew on chicken legs and cow shoulder and pig stomach but maybe you are blind? I think about that sometimes… that for some reason I was blessed with insight and for 

the life of me I would never go back to being blind, it’s like seeing a new color that you never knew existed that makes every thought and image more vibrant. I see philosophies on earth differently, I see expert men walking around eating chicken legs acting wealthy, I see politicians defending the slaughter of cows and I see an FDA approving dead carcase tissue. All I see is a giant eternal disgusting embarrassment or some kind of hadesistic, show that is meant to corrupt me into providing finances for the procurement of my own death, and the death of others. I believe livestock should be left to become living stock as they can provide much more valuable resources for earth, through the dispersement of their fecal matter. into desert areas on the fringes of earth so as to increase the amount of farm land that is arible and useful to the growing of plant based organism that we can live off. There is no reason why these bovine and chickens and the such cannot be allowed to be given food sources in arrid climates and allowed to begin the ever so slow process of refertilizing the non-fertilized sands of time. Fertilizer is excrement and by providing excrement for desert lands you will go about the process of bringing life where none exists currently. I do not feel as connected to society as I once felt but at the same time I feel like earth is my client. I have to do this because I have love. Do you understand the type of love that I am talking about? I have the kind of love where you can pull a knife on me try and stab me and I will still love you love. I have the kind of love that grows families and family trees. I believe in love and 

want love to be the type of world that I see before me. I am not talking soft love that dissipates with time, I am talking about great love that brings people to write books about what I have to say. I am filled with dynamic and ever changing and beautiful love and Sunfood Sovereign is an extension of that. Love is a force of change, love is a force of improvement, and I see something that needs improved and I have love and so you have this book that expresses my language of love in my loving dialect. This is a world that is in need of a love like mine and I am not afraid to say it. My family needs me, my friends need me, my community needs me and my world needs me. I do not know where I was before I was created and I do not know where I will go after I ultimately leave but I am here right now and I am filled with the love of purpose that allows me to create new ways of looking at the the conscious universe. I might never see the world in real life that I imagine in my mind but I have already been to Shangri La. I have already been to the place where the only foods available are fruits, nuts, seeds, water and vegetables. I have spent so much time imagining what it would be like that I don’t need to be there myself but you need to be there so that you can fathom what I am talking about when I am talking about Sunfood Sovereign my eternal creation. I have immortality in my eyes and I can see it in the mirror looking back at me for all the evers that ever 

were ever are and ever will be. I look in the mirror every day and just look at myself and ask myself …Is that you?… and then I answer “Yes It is.” And from that daily conversation I begin my work as a Sunfood Sovereignist with a life purpose driving my actions and motivations. I am like a seed that is growing in your consciousness and against and through the thickets I am growing the Tree of Life as proof that through civilized discourse and with a cunning desire to do the most good for the most people I will lead us into an era of dietary prosperity and will specialize in my niche that I have been told to specialize in since my first business class. I focus on water because it is holy. Nuts because they are adaptable. Fruit because it is pure. Seeds because they are a focal point of potential energy yet discovered. Finally and Vegetables because they are my conduit to perfect Health and Healing. Sunfood Sovereign does what it can to survive with the beautiful ideas that it has and that is partially why this book exists. I am looking for help to help me build what can only be a grass roots effort and with your help I can achieve my purpose in life and we can plant a conscious seed that will grow forever. Guerilla Rawfare is in your hands right now, will you ask someone else to read this book? Will you take notes and apply what you are learning? Will you start to look at the empire of food differently? Will you look at Wendy’s , McDonalds, and Burger King differently? We hope you see more than fast food and see death in a box really. 

The rest of this book is going to be a project that Sunfood Sovereign recognizes and approves as I am going to be working to inspire you to start your own Juice Bar and Vegan presence in your community. We are going to try and inspire you to create artistic expression that will allow you to be Always Rememberd Through Always Remebering Truth As Reality Truly Arises Reactively To Any Righteous Teacher and we are going to try to inspire you to create life and from this life we hope you will generate life in your community and online. 


Chapter 1 What does the Sunfood Sovereign practice of Veganism consist of? Veganism is quite simply the practice of only subsisting on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and water. That is the essence of veganism. It has been found that this practice of dietary exploration and alchemy leads to longer healthier life and at the same time cleanses the body of toxins that any type of animal product would place in the body. From simple origins comes the most amazing concepts such as a vegan industry. There is a growing movement to essentially wake up from the zombistic practice of eating flesh and veganism is the answer to a dietary habit that multitudes are beginning to excoriate in terms of creating the origins of hatred for. If you have to hate something, hate the killing of life, period. Hate the killing of the innocent, period. Hate the unnecessary killing of life for the unnecessary ingestion of flesh that excretes fecal matter. Hate the foul practice of tricking you into being comfortable with eating something that was not meant to be eaten and that is worth defending. Hate the development of a culture that has mutated from a love of the texture of flesh and the taste of flesh. Hate the daily slaughtering of the animals for a mutated form of nutrition that is not nutrition at all and that could in fact be termed anti-nutrition. Hate the fact that we could live in a utopian world of tranquility with nature but instead are forced to have to engage in cultural warfare 


just to get us on the right path to dietary cleanliness and kosher living. Foster your hatred and let it be an extension of your love for the world. Foster a loving hatred for the world around you and just stare at it and wonder and realize that this world is dominated by decision making , decision making that can change that you can be a part of bringing the change to. This process takes generations and it takes voices and it takes writing and it takes counter decision making and it takes you working with us to bring this world that we are all dreaming of but not working for into being. Why should you practice the Sunfood Sovereign form of Veganism? You should practice veganism because it aligns your diet with the most beneficial diet to your body. We are entering an age where statistically speaking you can live longer than any time period in history prior to this shared extended moment. Veganism and the study of veganism provides the best possible chance for us to inhibit our caloric intake properly thereby generating longevity and by inducing the greatest nutrient intake that is possible which also helps keep the body healthy. Practicing carnivorism is like smoking. You can live long after you start but your body will degrade terribly from the practice. If you believe otherwise look at aging geriatrics today who lived carnivorous lifestyles. A great majority of them are suffering from vascular disorders, heart disease, and cancers. This is all from eating the flesh that was dipped in manure at the farm. There is 


poison in the farm animals and that poison is passed on to humans through ingestion. You should practice veganism because it prolongs your life and improves the quality of the life that you are leading as you are leading it. You might be addicted to flesh that excretes excrement. Many are. But think about the addiction to flesh that defecates. You are addicted to being a part of a farming system where the farmer kills animals in an industrial fashion and then packages them for you to eat. Some of you reading this may stop right here and agree and go on with your life , but some of you that are reading this may begin to open up your eyes to what is being offered here. The premise is simple. Do not make your belly a pet cemetary. Just … do … not … do it. Do not give credence or finances to the families of farmers who spend their lives taking the lives of other living beings for carnivoristic ingestion. At Sunfood Sovereign I have been regularly following my dietary regimen and have prolonged my own life. I have sickle cell anemia which is a blood disorder that weakens my body and brings me great pain. I have had to purify my body and saturate it with nutrients because my body needs a tremendous amount of energy to keep healthy. I have to stay in professional athletic form just to function and it is veganism that provides me with the highest levels of efficiency that I need to function as a sickle cell anemic. This diet has helped me survive and because I am highly in tune with my body. My body is a finely tuned instrument and from time to time I test it by neglecting my diet and it just screams at me if I eat 


mucus (cheese) or flesh (meat). I understand that my body loses it’s response to these poisons if indulged enough but I indulge ever so infrequently that when it does happen I reiterate the mantra to myself to be a vegan and to avoid the flesh of the living and the life that was meant to be living. I live in phenomenal times where the vegan lifestyle is possible to an extent that is has never been before. I tell myself that the future is a vegan society and it is my role to bring us closer to that vegan empire of thought that will sustain humanity long into the future in the healthiest form possible. I do not want to be prideful but the explorations that Sunfood Sovereign do are the types of explorations that PH.D. college students learn from. When a member of society breaks new ground or improves upon the rhetoric of a practice they are remembered and studied. I did not invent veganism but I did improve upon the practice by developing new recipes and studying it to be a true lifestyle to follow in difficult conditions. What benefits are there to being a Sunfood Sovereign vegan? The benefits of being a vegan are profound. The main one in my opinion is insight. You understand your position in life better. When you are in line with the carnivorous mindset you are also blind to the level of manipulation that the media places upon you. When you are eating cheeseburgers and steaks you never really notice how many times the media harps on the continued ingestion of these items but it is frequent. 


You notice these things more often when you are a vegan because your mind starts to work differently as a vegan. You start to feel separated from the mainstream because you are no longer a member of the society that you once were. There is a line in the bible that says ” let the dead bury the dead ” well you are as a vegan emerging from a mindset of ” let the dead eat the dead ” the carnivorous mindset is one that is sick. I was sick for 18 years of my life and then while I was in prison I began my explorations into avoiding meat which has dovetailed into dovetails which have led me eighteen years later writing this book. Another benefit of veganism is that the benefits to you as an artist are bountiful. I am going to assume you are a performance artist of some kind , a painter, a violinist, a dancer, a photographer, something. We assume you to be some kind of fine artist or at the very least have a hobby. Being a vegan in this time period is phenomenal because you have moral authority as a vegan. Let me tell you about moral authority. When you finally begin to fathom the depths to which veganism is the correct mindset you start to feel righteous as well you should. There are complex emotions that emerge when you first become a vegan. Being fooled is one of them. You feel as though you have been fooled to a very deep level. When you become a vegan you feel as though you have just been pulled from a sinister matrix of flesh devouring meat worship and you will want to save others. This is the power that veganism has, it has the power to completely 


transform you when applied properly. If this deeply sinks into your cortex tissue , if your mind absorbs this information deeply you will begin to feel authority over others that you once did not. You will feel authority over the FDA and your own Doctor. You will begin to see the world in confusing ways where a carnivore adheres to the entire present information matrix of modern society, a vegan is busy building a new one and you can start to see cracks in the carnivorous system. You begin to wonder just how far someone would be willing to go in order to convince you to eat flesh and you end up with ideas like veganism is essentially attempting to bring the field of farming to a new and different plateau where the animals are left alone and the fields are filled with vegetables and its not a simple thought because the world is filled with enough death that death is doing over time and death is itself an illness that humans bring to life with their poor decision making. An interesting benefit of being a vegan is you are part of a very normal movement. We are not picketing and we are not protesting because we know that does no good. No, being a vegan is like being a part of a very interesting culture that ultimately knows no boundaries because it has boundaries and that is a contradiction but you have to look at why it works. A carnivore will eat anything. There is nothing a carnivore will not eat and as such it has no rules it has no boundaries and can only be so creative with its culinary choices but a vegan has limits on its dietary items, well what looks like limits, but with a vegan diet you can explore alchemistically all 


of the different ways that fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can combine to form your diet. You are supposed to be a chef with these foods and the thing is all of this food that you can cook for yourself is guilt free in terms of your spirit and your belt buckle. Veganism is just a healthier dietary choice and that can really not be disputed. You have to be careful though because carnivores will take your displeasure for meat as a moral decision and some will feel judged as lesser people and will get angry at you for not zombistically eating the flesh that defecates. This is a zombie cartel like mindset. These people are the hardest to speak to about veganism because if a 60 year old woman encounters veganism for the first time she may think back to 60 years of carnivorousness and when morality is applied to it she will feel pangs of guilt that are too great to handle. She also might not want to admit that eating wrong for such a long time stemmed from an ignorance that she does not want to deal with. When you bring morality into the world of food something very interesting happens. We live in a God fearing world and the majority of those people that fear God are Christians who feel as though they have the deepest understanding of God in the world, that they have the best pastors and priests and that the United States is above reproach when it comes to God and the thoughts about God. When you question the morality of a supposedly moral person they wretch because they are busily working on their path to heaven and if you point out a PLANK in 


their eyeball when you have not even a Splinter in yours they will feel at once a pain that causes them to spasm. The majority of people have deep problems with issues of morality especially when their morality is at question because when you are attempting to improve ones morality the student must first admit that their morality is at fault for a problem. That involves experiencing weakness and intimacy two facets of life that Americans are usually terrible at. We watch Football and we eat Meat. The people that sit in the stadium and watch the game are followers who have their moral leaders in place and if you try and trumpet yourself as a new leader you will face opposition because eating meat is sacred to carnivores. These are zombies when it comes to meat and you are attempting to literally heal the brain of a zombistic creature that is unwilling to admit that they are a zombie. Unrepentent zombies we call them and they may work in your PR firm and they may work in your local Gym or even be your teacher or your Doctor. Zombies. In. Our. Midst. UnRepentent. We want to bring you back to life. Sunfood Sovereign wants to shed light on a condition that you may be experiencing known as the carnivorous diet. Some people will never admit that farming cows is wrong. Think about that for a second. The process of breeding cattle. You inseminate healthy cows and allow them to give birth and then you raise the cows and then you eat the cows. Can you not see a level of disgust in this process. There is much that can go wrong hygienically as these are animals that need to be cleaned and and taken care of and you are making them wallow 


in their own manure and then corralling them into pens to be turned into food? For money? That’s it. You choose to do this evil and then you get paid so that you can do it more? Do you feel like you are keeping earth alive? Does this evil not sink in to you as you are reading? Does your God allow for the mass slaughter of animals as though it were meant to be this way? Does your God allow for the desecration of life? Does your God mind if you are used to ingesting his creations? Does your God mind if you follow unhealthy dietary practices such as eating flesh raised in its own urine and fecalia? Does your God mind if you allow for the killing of animals in terrible conditions so that you can eat the dead carcass that is devoured before it becomes infested with flies? Quite honestly as you are reading this you may want to say No, my God is better than that. Turns out there is a Living God that Supports the Life of the Living in All of Us which is believed in by myself. I know a better God that I am in the process of introducing you to. We are working to build a new consciousness here at Sunfood Sovereign, one with which you can be wide eyed and amazed at the work of carnage being done that you are being asked to eat. The crime of slaughtering cows is done by criminals. We invoke our moral authority at Sunfood Sovereign and we essentially declare this work of slaughtering cows as criminal but these criminals are protected by the police and they are protected by the government and they are even protected by large populations of people. The practice of carnivorousness crosses all professional boundaries. We 


are working to put the carnivorous ways of the animal farmer out of business and we shake our heads because if we did not do this work no one else would and so we seek out the type of work that can bring a better world and like the Mothers Against Drunk Driving and like the movement against Cigarettes we seek a healthier world and seek to bring Art. Them in our wake and a new form of looking at the world so that you can understand what we see and will never forget the lesson that we bring. 

Why Would Someone Want To Be A Sunfood Sovereign Vegan? Because you get to think of the future and what it might really be like in best possible terms. You are not busy thinking about robots and you are not busy thinking about computers you are busy thinking about not slaughtering masses of animals. Your work as a vegan is organic and you don’t have to worry about the next iGizmo that is coming out , you don’t have to worry about the next most powerful processor, you don’t have to worry about the next hottest rapper, or the next promotion at work, you can worry about something real like an epidemic that needs your help to solve. As a vegan you can apply for work at places like PETA and the Humane Society. You can also do something novel like work with Sunfood Sovereign to help us develop the ideal grocery store for our future headquarters. You can dream with us in a healthy way. You can also help us question the one thing that truly bothers a vegan if something as complex as eating meat is holding us back as a culture what other simple 


activities do we engage in that hold us back as a culture spending money? using computers? what do we blindly not do or what do we blindly do as a people that degrades our consciousness and our well being ? I will tell you this being a vegan can be very confusing in this time period because a vegan ultimately wants to perfect their life and when you see the amount of meat you ate you just start to wonder how else can you perfect your life in ways you are not even thinking about? The grocery store. You want to be a vegan because you want to help us sell these books so that you can help us raise money to build the hottest vegan grocery store you have ever seen. It would be like the Abercrombie and Fitch of food. Listen, this is a real discussion I have in regards to Sunfood Sovereign. Okay, you have models at the front door wearing bathing suits and doing pull ups. Then you walk past them and they stop doing push- ups and you receive a coupon for strawberries and you move on and into the main arena. The music is Caribbean or Jamaican and you can tell it was custom created for the store because there is a hot looking female DJ that has her midriff showing and she is spinning the music getting you in the mood to buy some food. Alright you look around, it looks like an Apple Store, funny enough, but the entire store is a mild brown like a paper bag color. There are bins all around the store filled with fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds. You can purchase a blender, food processor, dehydrator, or juicer near the cash registers that are 


essentially just pay your own way registers which is cool because we don’t expect vegans to steal and if you do a model vegan will have some questions for you. There is also a recording studio right in the center of the grocery store where people are hanging out and performing poetry and rapping a lot and singing. There are lyrics being thrown around that deal with the downfall of McDonald’s or any other obscene rhetoric about carnivores. Here is the thing about vegan rap and vegan poetry and vegan singing it can be as obscene as it wants to be in opposition to carnivorous food because what is a carno going to do . . . hey hey hey . . . you are getting too accurate and to the point . . . so we have hit records after hit records at our Sunfood Sovereign grocery store . . . oh and you are just in time for the freebie fashion show where scantily clad men and women walk down the runway handing out oranges and kumquats in their latest fashion accessories for the fall season. Sunfood Sovereign looks forward to the seasons with great pleasure because that is when the palatable food changes. That is what we have so far, kind of like a functional night club that serves produce and here is the thing you can throw parties in a Sunfood Sovereign grocery store because it is conducive to parties. It’s exciting to be in a correct answer and produce is in my friend, you can have a food fight and get splat with an orange and it’s cool because its not a bloody cow liver . . . you dig? That is why you would want to be a vegan and that is why you would want to partner with us because we are 


building a culture and if you don’t believe us then ask yourself what this book represents to you? This is culture my friend, join in. You want to be a vegan because you can write the most hardcore jokes against carnivorousness, what kind of jokes can you write that involve DONT EAT ANYTHING THAT HAS AN EYEBALL ATTACHED TO IT . . . its like the commandment that Moses forgot and you can be the person to write all of the jokes that help stem the tide of carnivorousness. You can do things like walk into a Wendy’s and ask them how many chickens they killed last year and just raise awareness, you can be a dick about this if you want but you can also be as smooth as margarine or you can be a dick that is as smooth as margarine about this? Your style is up to you. I am personally smooth as margarine. The thing is you want to be a vegan because no matter what you say it still won’t be as offensive as putting a chicken thigh in your mouth. Have you ever looked at your food and thought to yourself that a couple of days ago this thing that just got fried up was walking around looking for food and now it is food? You want to be a vegan because its like the Illuminati that’s open to everyone. We have secret goals like taking the planet earth . . . you read that right . . . we dream dreams that start with words like . . . we want to take planet earth and then we add words like turn it into a vegan empire. There may be conflict in Mogadishu but if we can convince them to eat produce we can teach them how to smile. There may be communism in China but if we can teach them to stop serving orange chicken 


and instead get to serving fried walnut patee we can bridge barriers if we can teach Uncle Sam to put down the reconstituted cow body that is covered in mustard seed sauce and tomato puree from a bottle we can bring World Peace. We on some World Peace Shit Bitches becasue lets be honest, I have a YouTube Channel that I want to fill up before I die and honestly all this death bullshit is keeping me from my secret Music Video Project, so all ya’ll peep game and realize that this ain no thang. You might act like its a thing but really this is just a guy thats a chef telling you , hey , bro. I made these lentils. Put down the chicken leg. Then all we do is pass you some spiced lentils. You put down your chicken leg. Your stomach gets full. You get your protein. You taste some nice spice. A chicken gets to live and everyone is happy. We on that shit , if you ain on this. Then I mean let me see you write your counter-point to my book called what … Carnivore World … no really. Get philosophical about your philosophy behind bovine destruction and poultry holocaustica. I’d read it and go to your conferences and just study you. I recommend you study me as well but you might want to kill me if you are deep into carnivora deep enough which is understandable because you obviously dont care about life and you obviously dont care about yourself , why would I expect you to care about me? Zombies destroy to feel comfortable being destructive to themselves. You scare me Carnivores. You really do. There I said it. I secretly want to bring World Peace in spite of evil forces and think that if anyone is going to do it it’s going to be a vegan. I want the bronze statue to 


be of me. I want to get the platinum medal in waging peace and they don’t even give platinum medals at the World Peace Olympics but Sunfood Sovereign wins the Platinum Medal for real because we have the hottest vegan style. We bring world peace with style , for real. We bring the kind of world peace that gets eighty year old women looking for the dance club. I want to be remembered like a very astute vegan who saw the potential for a world that embraces vegan dietary practices. You want to be a vegan because you want to learn to think as big as me and just think about it, can you really respect a world peace advocate that gets down with a pepperoni pizza, or do you respect a world peace advocate who gets down with flax seed crackers and nore soup? Yeah, so now you are starting to get to see my personality and what makes me smile. There is a part of me that finds my place in life hilarious because here I am this little performance poet that drops hot lines and it’s like God came and told me Khassa , I decree you a chosen vessel of light to bring these people to the land of Vegana. It feels like I was chosen and then given  trials and now am being given a camp of people to work with while I build my family. You have no idea how complicated all of this is to me but one thing is simple. DO NOT eat that which has an eyeball attached to it. I know that much and if I ever see a cucumber looking at me funny I won’t eat it either. I just won’t eat anything that has an eyeball on it. That eyeball means it’s looking for something and whatever it is looking for is not the 


bottom of my stomach. Vegans want to be LIFE FRIENDLY and be friends of life and the living. God forbid an alien race come down and see how we do things and start rounding us up for slaughter as humans. Vegans think about stuff like that, like maybe an alien race never thought about eating life and then they see us eating cows and they think to themselves, “I bet those humans would taste better.” and then they get to eating  us. It would only be fair and then the aliens could move into our houses and start Xornax’s Crispy People Bits and he could watch Nickelodeon on television or David Letterman reruns because by now all of the humans are in corrals getting munched on hardcore. How messed up would it be if aliens started eating humans , maybe the aliens are like long lost ancestors of the ancient cow races that we know nothing about and they come back and get revenge? You want to be a vegan because then you get to help make that movie with us. You get in on the in jokes because in the midst of this horrendous slaughter I have jokes or the people I know have jokes because this is kind of funny, sort of, not really, well it kind of is and you get it if you are a vegan. Like you understand why going to a buffet as a vegan can be a fun experience with a group of carnivores. It’s like you get to twirl around and stunt hard and be like got my lettuce, check, got my tomato, check, pass on the pig flesh bits and on to the next vegetable, now I have myself a salad and I am good. Then you look back and everyone is fighting over the bacon bits and you just want to be like guys there is 


plenty of lettuce for everyone . . .we want bacon bits! . . . is their stereotypical response. I don’t know I just imagine that is what I was like before I became a vegan I fought over pig stomach particles . . . not a pretty thought but you live and you learn and you move on from one salad to the next. You want to be a vegan because its like joining an omnivority in that men and women alike are in it. It’s not a fraternity and it’s not a sorority, it’s an omnivority and you might meet your spouse in the omnivority of veganism. We accept anyone that is willing to just stand up and against eating flesh. Vegans accept people with nine fingers, four eyeballs, and two belly buttons we just want you to explore the ideas that stem from the inspiration that comes from avoiding carcass tissue. There is a tremendous amount of inspiration that comes from being a vegan, it is like the new absinthe, it just flows over the mind and purifies everything as it goes. If all of this makes sense to you and is even funny then you are a vegan at heart most likely. If this is all nonsense to you then ask yourself why you take such high minded pride in eating flesh? Why are you so prideful that you believe that your way of life deserves to harm another? What tradition is so sacred that it cannot be changed to accommodate vegan changes and challenges in society? What gives you the right to believe that animals were meant to be eaten? What God , Creed, or belief do you hold that GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN JUST KILL MERCILOUSLY FOR PLEASURE! What gives 


you that right? What gives you the right to think that that grocery store is a not a product of your choices? What gives you the right to disagree with me? What gives you the right to not feel terrible about eating meat? What gives you the right to be so dismissive? I want to know. I want to know because I am sitting here in life helping to protect life the only way I can and you are not thinking about life in any shape form or fashion? What gives you the right to be disgusting? What about Thanksgiving, the one holiday that is growing more controversial every year in the circles I pay attention to. Turkeys do not celebrate thanksgiving. You may laugh that I care what a turkey cares about but at what point do you start pointing out that we flat out do not care about life in carnivorous society. How can you expect to be truly compassionate or claim to be compassionate and eat a chicken wing? How can you explore the beautiful side of life if you hold onto the ugly? Every major religion believes in a heaven of some kind. Do they serve chicken nuggets in heaven? It may sound like a silly question but think about it: who gets to kill the chickens in heaven? Veganism makes so much sense in a religious sense. When Moses said Thou Shalt Not Kill he was talking about period. He meant do not kill, stop killing, do not imagine killing, do not take revenge killing. Moses was great for a reason and we forget the reason for that greatness. He just broke it down real simple like and one of his simple life lessons was to celebrate life. Not 


killing is to be a followed practice because life was meant to live. God did not create carnivores , carnivores are just the term we give to animals that have lost their shit and are psychotic. Humans are smart enough that we can avoid the ingestion of flesh. We are smart enough to change our culture and we are smart enough to teach our children beautiful eating habits. The problem is that eating meat is even an option. If you convert to veganism you are committed to eradicating meat from the planet forever. We work to eradicate and then we work to forget that we ever ate meat and we just push meat off our plate forever and allow life to live and flourish and then we watch fear dissipate from society as we grow to trust each other because subconsciously I don’t trust a man that enjoys steak. “Enjoys” is the key word. It is the enjoyment of eating meat that makes me think you might eat me and that is an unsettling thought. I can think of no worse death than being eaten and your enjoyment of that steak is making me look for an exit and an ax as carnivores are kind of zombieish if you think of it. Just a little too happy to eat that flesh if you think about it. At least can we stop putting advertisements for meat on television? Can we at least act like we shouldn’t program our people to eat the flesh? Imagine a television commercial for the vegan restaurant that you have never seen on television. There has never been a vegetarian restaurant on television because fast food advertisers pull their ads if they face 


collective competition but here is the vegan commercial you have never seen. You see a model walking down the street and people are offering her / him wings, legs, ribs, livers, sausage, steaks, and she just walks over to a garbage can and throws up and then she perks up when someone offers her a smoothie from Sunfood Sovereign. We want to do commercials like that were we just paint our perspective. We denigrate the carnivores and then we uplift the food that we are producing. That is our formula. We denounce and then announce our product. These are all reasons why you would become a vegan because you want to make the world a better place and because you don’t want to be a zombie. You want to be a vegan because being a zombie frightens you and you want your own mind and you want to celebrate life. That is why you want to be a vegan because you want these things. You want life in your life not carcass tissue. You want life in your life not death because we let the dead bury the dead or rather munch on it mindlessly as we mentioned earlier and you want to be a vegan because it just makes sense and because I am presenting a valid argument and because you are starting to see the world the way I do. That is why you want to be a vegan, and most of all because you want to be healthy and death cannot bring health. It just doesn’t work that way. 


Chapter 2 

Why Do We Care At Sunfood Sovereign? Starting a business is the most difficult kind of work and because of that you have to find a partner to help you stay sane in the process. I am vetting you for Sunfood Sovereincy and am sharing with you my ideas and my concepts so that you can better understand how you can become a member of my organization. I have theories and techniques that are unique and capable of helping to sustain you. Here is where we begin the discussion about what the best route would be for your success as a Sunfood Sovereign Franchisee. Inspiration is something that I want to provide for you as well as the most realistic regimen that I can conceive of that will place you in a mental state of consciousness that will give you the most essential tools necessary for your success. Quite a few people dream of owning their own business and you could be one of those people. If these ideas strike a chord in you and create a sense of excitement or wonder then you would make a great Sunfood Sovereign Franchisee. I will work with you if you are willing to take the step to understand these principles and I am willing to work with you to help you develop your own version of what I am working on and have been working on and will be working on for the rest of the future that I can see. 


My work has taken over my life and has become my life and produces my life. I want to start out by talking to you about partnerships because very simply you need a powerful relationship in your life in order to create powerful effect. The best experiences you can have with my ideas are in the form of partnerships and the greatest explorations you can do in this or any business is in a partnership because there is no greater realm to explore than the human psyche. I want you to become an explorer of someone else’s subconscious and I want you to have deep all night conversations with your partner because when you are working in a Juice Bar you are going to be spending A LOT of time with your partner and you need to have these conversations to build up trust and understanding of this infinitely complex being that you are working with. If you worked with me I would first and foremost want to converse with you with and discuss God and health and love and nutrition and music and your past and I would want to delve into the deeper realms of esoteric knowledge that you ascribe to. I don’t just want to know if you are religious I want to know why you are or are not and if you are which are your favorite passages and if you are not then I want to know what turned you away? If we discuss nutrition I want to discuss which fruits and vegetables do you feel are the most nutritious and which are you favorite to eat? My interview with you will be everlasting because at any moment you could say something that changes my entire perspective of you as a person and those are the moments where I realize how unique you are. I am a very patient person 


and I expect you to be the same. We are going to be working on juicing fruit and vegetables and sharing a perfect answer to a business problem, how do you start something sustainable? I can help you start something sustainable but I want you to have a support system and a sound board for your ideas and your art that you will be creating because this is all a giant art project but the combined effect is to allow you to sustain yourself with your art and I have developed a palette for us to paint with. I have chosen the colors and from those colors that I have very carefully chosen we are going to paint pictures with food that please every single person that comes into contact with the work that we will be doing. Flat out I care whether or not you have a business partner because I care about your success. I want you to succeed and I will tell you that your chances for success go up significantly if you have a partner to work with. We are going to teach you a profoundly simple business practice known as the Juice Bar and you need a partner for simple things like holding the store open while you resupply produce. That is one practical matter that having a partner solves. I am starting off our business discussions with discussions of choosing a partner because I feel this is the most important element you need to explore and its really your starting point as a business. Finding a business partner is step one to achieving success so I am starting at step one in my book after having made a famous argument for being a vegan. 


I care whether you have a partner because it lets me know as a Sunfood Sovereign Franchiser that I can work with you. I have a network of people that I call upon for our success and you are going to need a similar network to achieve the success that I would have you achieve through our mentorship. The planet is mostly free and on that planet you can do as you wish but if you are following the instructions of this book you are going to listen to me and make a friend that you can work with. I want you to have a holistic experience and building a family is a part of that and through the combined efforts of yourself with your partner you will find it easier to work with me. I also care whether or not you have a partner to work with because I want you to have a friend that you can work with, another vegan. At this point there are so many people that do not adopt these ways of life and having someone that you can work with that believes what you believe just makes it easier. If you want to believe that I am being religious about this, fine, but if you want to believe that I am looking out for your best interest then please do that. Please understand that I am working to help you experience the love that I would have you experience and working with someone is a sign of love. You can work in love with your partner in that you can work to build something together and have someone to share your success with. I know you will have some love for your partner because what other emotion do you call spending 50 hours a week with someone? That is 


love and I want you to experience this love that will come from building your business with someone else. Out of love I want you to experience love. 

What should you look for when finding a partner to build a Sunfood Sovereign Franchise with? You want to, flat out, under direct orders from myself the Divine Emperor of All Things Produce find someone that has a hobby to work with. That is the number one de facto character trait that you want to have in your partner and you want to have a hobby yourself. Sunfood Sovereign really only works as a concept if you have a hobby of some kind. You can be any type of person and be a vegan but being a Sunfood Sovereignist and starting a juice bar with me and working with us really requires a hobby to be quite honest. If you are averse to starting a hobby then won’t you be averse to starting a small business? I know there are dozens of people that you could interview for your partner but of the people that this book is asking you to consider to work with, who has a hobby? Who do you know that draws pictures or that collects stamps or that read books or that always has something to say that involves their own personal interests? Who do you really know that has a hobby? Have you ever really inquired as to what they think about their hobby? I will tell you this these are the people that you want to approach about doing business with alongside Sunfood Sovereign. 


You have friends that you trust and that you know have hobbies but do you have hobbies? If you do not have a hobby you might want to consider developing a hobby. Spend six months going out and taking photographs or learning how to draw and develop a hobby. Have something that you do that lets you know what you are capable when it is just you. This book is not an order manual so the minute you finish reading it you do not have to do just what I am telling you but if you do not have a hobby, develop one. For your own good, please. I am going to be discussing business within a few short pages but right now I are preparing you for the chapter where I introduce the concept of starting a juice bar with you. I have a business plan that I want to share with you but before I get to sharing my business plan with you in this book I want to talk to you about people and the kinds of people that you want to start a business with. You can start a business with someone that wants to work and I am pointing out to you people who have hobbies as being the most interesting people in typical society because if you think about it, it is typically the people that have hobbies that are the most celebrated in society. We turn hobbyists into celebrities more than any other type of person in society. Singing starts as a hobby, acting, writing, photography, dancing, drawing, painting, even coin collecting and stamp collectors have their social rewards and all start as hobbies. I love our hobbyists and for good reason. A person with a hobby has something to talk about that doesn’t involve television if you are interested in listening to them. A person that has a hobby has a passion or an interest that 


they care about. A person that has a hobby is self motivated and interested in something and they can talk to you in the language of passion and they can describe to you why they do what they do for their own reasons. Hobbyists are self motivated people who you want to work with. I will help you weed out a lot of people very quickly, you want to start discussions with a person that has a past time if you want to do business with Sunfood Sovereign I request that yes you have a hobby. This book will reveal to you in a series of chapters various pieces of information that I believe you need to partner with me to work on on developing vegan franchise juice bars. If you are reading this book then that means that you might have a past time, that you might have a passion, and that you might have a skill that you love to engage in that you can use to engage in creative behavior with your partner. Right now I want you to be thinking about what it is that you can be doing with a partner. Most people at this point will think of something sexual and that is natural but I want you to think of everything else you can do with a partner. What can you do with a business partner that you cannot do alone? With a business partner you can discuss plans and you can morph your own personal language and senses of grammar and style. What this means is that you can mutate the way you think about the world in such a way that you develop your instincts about how to discuss the world. Working with a partner and spending countless hours conversing is where slang comes from. Slang is 


useful because slang is language that serves a purpose more effectively than the supposed original language that the slang replaced. You can develop slang with your partner. You can iterate with your partner. Let me tell you about iterating. Iterating is the process of developing ideas from unstable promising early forms to pristine crystal structures that are marketable and that attract customers. Every businessman or woman needs a partner to discuss ideas with and to help create ideas and to refine ideas and to engage in the type of knowledge work that will allow for the crafting of new drinks, marketing plans, artistic expressionary ideas and just to plain old help refine what the next days activities should be. You want your partner to be more than your best friend and different from your lover. You are not trying to woo your partner into lovemaking, you are trying to bring out the best side of your partner. You want to refine your partner and you want to go through stages of friendship and relationship and you want to develop new stages and deepen your respect for your partner. Business is a series of successful decisions made and built upon themselves. Your partner is going to be the person that you trust to develop business decisions with. You are going to work in conjunction with your partner and you are going to utilize your collective business savvy to build your choices as Sunfood Sovereign business. 


We are going to want you to develop more than just juice with us, we want you to help us build this culture and develop ideas and populate a website with your successes and questions and advertisements. We are working to build a culture and in that culture your partner will help you build your ideas and will give you someone to trust. Think about a band. A band is as famous for their friendships and their relationships with their audiences as they are for their music. It can even be said that the party that a band throws is as important as the performance they give. A band is a relationship machine and that is what I want you to be with your juice bar partner. I want you to develop relationships like humans do and nurture your relationships and develop your relationships to the point of building a family. You want to look for a partner that wants to reciprocate these methods in you. You want someone that gets it and this might be a book that you keep on your shelf for a while as you go through life searching for that person that you can work with, not knowing who it may be or where the first encounter may take place. You want to be open to the possibilities that your hobbyist partner will have for you as your partner is the person that you will be spending 50 hours a week with. Imagine that every person is as unique as a universe and just as interesting. Imagine that the more experience a person has the more complex they become and the deeper the relationship may become with an experienced person. A person with a hobby is going to naturally be 


more experienced if even by a little bit than a person that has not. I am definitely stressing people that have hobbies and a great place to meet amazing people that will be open to forming relationships with you is at the local performance poetry open mic. I am a Performance Poet and I have done over two hundred and fifty shows at various venues around the country and have had my music listened to around the world. Let me tell you about the open mic. The open mic is where I have found the most interesting and passionate and profound people and on a bad night it is where I have found people that are the most interesting and profound and captivating. An open mic night is where passion shines and if you want to find someone that has passion for a hobby find the open mic night in your local city or neighboring city and go on the mic and talk about your interests in starting a Sunfood Sovereign Franchise and about how you are looking for a partner and step back and see who responds, you will find at least one person approaches you and begins conversation. I want to start partnerships because the most good I can do is through the conversations I have with my family members and through our experiences with them are most profound in partnerships. Success or lack of success in your partnership will mean little if I can’t help you find a new life long friend who you can partner with for your own artistic endeavors. I want you to be artistic with your partner which is why I want you to have hobby’s because if you are a singer and your friend 


draws then you can work to teach your friend how to sing and they can work to teach you how to draw and you can both grow past your complacent behavior that happens outside of partnered behavior. You want to set the foundation for a long term creative relationship is what I am getting at. The whole point of building this partnership is to engage in a relationship that you can reciprocate input and feedback for years and I want to help you develop a foundation that you can use to grow your power and your respect for yourself and I want you to develop a friendship that will help you become brave, enough so that you and your partner can contact us at Sunfood Sovereign and begin a partnership with us so that I will be growing our partnership with you. If you have the kind of relationship that I am describing in this book then a lot of what you will want from me will be direction, you might want to know how I placed our book on you might want me to help you write a book of your own about your reaction to this book, you might want me to help you research legal matters regarding developing your business, you might want me to help you answer questions and act as a business friend with you as you develop your business, I would be interested in sharing our menu with you and helping you develop unique items that I have created. There are an number of things that I can talk about on a certain level if I know that you are working to develop your own relationship with your partner because ultimately Sunfood Sovereign is about partnerships. 


Yes I want to build a vegan empire and take over the throne of the Burger King but I don’t want to do it alone. I have a complex family and to me that is the most beautiful aspect of my life, my complex familial life. It is this life that I am living that I feel is the most important to share with you and to develop with you from a human to human perspective. I love you and this is about love and if I just sit here and tell you how to make money with out telling you how to do business in love I am not doing anything any different than the Burger King or the Wendy or the Clown. I just do not even want to go anywhere near their business model. From this foundation that I am talking about I am building something that will transform earth. Right now think of every fast food restaurant you can think of , any, pick one. Can you think of any restaurant that invites you to spend time in their restaurant and dance, or draw pictures, or use their space for any type of relationship building? Do you see what I am getting at? I have to get you to understand that you need to develop your relationships first and that this business is about relationships so that when I start talking about clientele and customer differences and when I start talking about how I want you to establish your presence in your bar it will make sense. To go back to the lack of relationships that EVERY fast food restaurant engages in just think how powerful our country would be if every fast food restaurant had a recording booth in it, nothing major just a computer with a mic and people could congregate there to record 


music. They do not want that, they want your money and they want you to leave like every major retail or business establishment. Transaction and leave. That is how business is done in America but I am telling you I need more than that and Sunfood Sovereign has done business before, I have proctored two juice bars and I have overseen a Living Room restaurant and what I have always done is put my relationships first. My relationship with you is the whole reason I am serving vegan food. I could just be eating it myself and serving myself but my love for you makes me want to work on this project to the extent that I enter into more relationships and spread more love, you feel me? I am here to train you on love as much as food and business. We have to give you a reason to want to do business with me and love and business and food are it. I have had partners in the past who did not share my love of love and they got what they wanted from me and left to pursue their own ventures after leaving emotional scars in me. I persevere though and want to spread more love and this is what you want to find in your partner , you want to find their love and you want to make them feel loved because if your partner respects you but has no love for you that relationship will not succeed as well. Remember this is not a project that you are engaging in, ideally you are engaging in long term behavior and a loving respectful business partnership will provide an interest factor that will keep you motivated for the long term. I sit back and imagine if my partners had been as 


invested in love as they were in profits and then I think that they missed the whole point. They received but never gave back and these are not failures in life they just left scars in me that I am still trying to heal as I go forward into new partnerships with more guards up and more defenses against my soul … really. You want to treat your partner well and even if you go a different direction you want to partner with someone that you know will not scratch your back and leave you wounded. It can happen , it happened to me and people get ideas and they get aspirations and they want to leave relationships but you have to keep the band together because once you find a partnership you want to build on that and if someone gets swayed you want to sway them back. There is so much to relationships and there is much that can be discussed because humanity is aeons old and humans are all still learning about relationships. Every human begins their life in a relationship with their mother and we spend our entire life learning about how to develop relationships in successful fashion. Every successful person was successful in their relationships with other human beings. Everyone is learning about relationships and I am telling you what I know. I am speaking my truth to you so that you can benefit from the truth that I have been and am experiencing in life. I have multiple types of relationships occurring in my life from business to friendship to love to parental to teacher and I balance them all and am letting you know that you can find that special place in life that you can call your 


own if you can find that relationship structure that will feed your person with the energy you need to continue as a Sunfood Sovereign Business Franchisee. 

WHY DO I WANT YOU TO SUCCESSFULLY WORK WITH SOMEONE FOR THE CREATION OF YOUR JUICE BAR? I want you to successfully work with someone for the creation of your Juice Bar as I have touched on in previous paragraphs because alone you will mess up. Your partner will give you someone that you can be successful with and that will appreciate the amount of work that needs to go into the juice bar. Your partner is someone that can be helping you juice when the bar gets busy, they are someone that can be making phone calls inviting businesses to come down for drinks when you are busy juicing, while your partner is juicing you can be outside offering samples. A partner legitimizes you in society as well as it shows that at least one other person will vouch for you and in vouching for you you are vouched for and you are vouching for someone else and that has phenomenal social value. There is value in having a partner that single people respect and other people in relationships respect as well. Having a partner makes good business sense. A partner is someone that can keep you company when times are slow and you can be drafting plans with when you are trying to gain you first few customers. A partner will help you have faith in yourself and a partner will help you feel the love that you want to put out into the world through your juice bar. 


I want you to have a partner because I want you to have someone you can push and that will push back. I do not want to work with you if you are alone because then that means that you are not working to develop the relationships that I want Sunfood Sovereign to be establishing. I want you to work to find a partner and I want you to develop your relationship with your partner so that I can trust that when I share the Sunfood Sovereign label with you and our menu and our recipes that I am sharing it with people that are going to be stable. I feel like a partnership on your end is more stable than a sole proprietorship. I want you to have a partnership because I want you to know what it is like to have the peak amount of success that is achievable. I want you to know what it is like to open the doors for your juice bar for the first time with your partner. I want you to know what it is like to serve your first customer with your partner. I want you to have someone to share this knowledge with and to develop business practices with because I will not always be there to discuss everything with and I don’t want to be , I want you to have a a partner to work with because this business is not hard. Two people can run a bar optimally and I want to be a cultural liaison to you and an inspiration that serves to help you meditate on the society that I am helping to pull you out of. Your partner is a person that will understand your vegan mindset and your partner is someone that you can vent your frustrations about non vegan society to. This may be taking on religious connotations in the way that I am 


structuring this but I have to think what is the best system that propagates itself and a “normal” religion is  the best model that I can think to share this information with you. The style of this writing is religious , I will admit it, because I take religion seriously and all of this writing about relationships is religiously focused because religion typically focuses on the whole person or at least it does at its best. A religion is a social contract that binds large groups of people together through a common mainstream culture that they all share. This book is the first step in me developing my religion. This book will be read by multiple people and those people will share a culture with me and the people that really read this book will contact me and discuss with me what I am talking about in this book and then from those conversations I will build partnerships with you and you do not even have to want to build a juice bar with me but you might want to talk to me and speak with this person that wrote about partnerships so deeply. I am working day in and day out to reestablish my own Juice Bar and it is work like this that is helping me to prepare for the ultimate foundation that I have been building in the wake of my last troubled partnership. I am more sound now, I am more capable, and I am working with more capable people and we are developing my newest work of art and I could not do it without a partnership. As you are reading this I want you to think about the religious connotations of this writing. Do you believe that God stopped creating Gods? What do you think a 


God is? Do Gods write books and publish them on Doesn’t God take an interest in his people? I have an interest in you and through my thoughts and actions I have worked to provide wellness to my community and now I believe that religious tones in my writing are the best way to go about building my dream castle. I want a Juice Bar that networks with other Juice Bars and I want to have multiple Juice Bars owned by people that have hobbys and I want to leverage those hobbys and sustain your interests and share the digital files of our creations of music, photography, film, and writing so that we can very cleverly not only build a juice bar network but in that network we can build a media outlet as we develop high level vegan supreme master entertainment that speaks to the American population. This is why you are going to need a partner because you need someone to bounce your artistic ideas off as well as your juice theories. This book is just the beginning but it is a proof of concept that I am building that proves that vegan artists are the most powerful artists there are and they by binding together they can develop networks starting with me as an Alpha point that creates a sustainable network for dissemination of work. I want you to partner with me. I want you to share your ideas for how to grow this young empire and I want you to help me create vegan support networks and develop an artistic infrastructure that will allow for us to create the revenue stream that it will take to purchase a television channel or a radio station. I am dreaming so phenomenally big that I have to write out all of my 


thoughts so that more than one person can help me assimilate what it is that I am looking at. I am talking about partners quite repeatedly because I am searching for more capable people who are not afraid to build an empire with me. I want to work with people that have self sufficient and stable backbones and I want to work with people that want to walk away from the consumption of television and radio and get to the business of creating television and radio. I want to write books with you and I want you to contact my website at h t t p : / / w w w . s u n f o o d s o v e r ei g n . c o m and call me. Let me know that you read this book and that it resonated with you. I have the time and will speak to people that support my writing and through a conversation with you , you can tell me what I can do to help you support yourself. I can provide guidance in the arts and we can discuss getting your work in the collective Sunfood Sovereign media store where all of the work is created by vegan artists. We are starting off as a subculture but we are going to turn into the THE culture. I have seen the end result of all of this and it isn’t magical. It is a slow transition to veganism as we start with building a media infrastructure and make people feel necessarily awkward for their non vegan habits and essentially we capture the most relevant message in America and we capture the feeling and really denigrate the flesh consumers and make them feel awkward for their eating habits because that awkward feeling is healthy. I went through it the first time I saw BLOOD on a plate that was considered food. I remember the first time I saw the blood and realized that 


that was not meant to be eaten. This is information that I am providing for you because I have to let you know why the partnership is ultimately important and that reason is because your stability will breed creativity and output and production and all of this builds into a religion. The problem of eating in the United States is so remorseful that why isn’t a new religion necessary and I look at my life and I realize that my habits and my regimen and everything about me puts me in a place where I have this work to do because I know when a higher calling occurs and it happened to me. I am seeking partnership with you that is reading this and I want to know about your partnership that you have with your partner and I want to help you express yourself and sustain yourself. This is new writing for a new age and I am not trying to espouse any beliefs that will harm you. I am in fact asking you to harm the businesses of others. You will need a partner for your practice of helping to destabilize the fast food empire as I build our counter empire that does what they do not. I am at the beginning of my new purpose even though I have been doing this for eighteen years. I have finally found the people that can help me speak my mind to the masses in such a way that allows me to truly feel connected to the world that surrounds me. I have a world that I want to improve and I want you to help me improve it. I want you to have partnerships the way I have partnerships and I want you to do what it takes to keep your relationships whole. 


WHAT CAN YOU DO TO STRENGTHEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BUSINESS PARTNER? If you would like to strengthen the relationships of your partnerships you can engage in conversation. The one thing you should do with your partner is converse. If that means getting together and drinking some liquor and getting drunk together or getting together and smoking some herb together this is what I recommend. I want you to get inebriated together and develop the memories that come from knowing someone when they are not crisp. Lubricate the relationship and get to know the deepest depths of a person and talk about everything. Talk about everything. Talk about everything. Talk about everything. Talk about everything. Talk about why I wrote that sentence five times. Talk about this book but be open enough with your partner to allow for a strong relationship to occur. Remember timing is everything and by timing remember that there is a rhythm to how friendships are formed. You want to start off with biweekly encounters where you see each other for a couple hours every week and a half. This is to give you time to get used to a new person entering into your sphere of expenditure of time. Then you want to move up to seeing a person once every five or so days so that you can get used to seeing someone every week and then you want to work up to seeing someone every two to three days and then up to every day and then for hours every day every day. 


That is the healthiest progression of timing for spending time with someone. That is the schedule that allows for the most comfortable transition into a business partnership with no shock and awkwardness that comes from starting to work with someone on a business. You want that last paragraph to take place over the course of several months. You want to naturally merge lives and you want to naturally merge interests and you want to naturally make certain that both you and your partner are ready for a partnership. It’s a little like marriage starting a business with someone because you spend as much if not more time with your business partner than your romantic partner and you may have more in common with your business partner and more to talk about, that might happen just be aware of it. Your child is your business and your income is your reward for developing a powerful bond. You want to share your world with your partner in whatever state it is in because the type of partner that you want is interested in you and is not concerned with state of your world. You want your partner to know everything about you in a platonic fashion. You want to share the type of music you listen to, you want to discuss what your thoughts on veganism are, you want to discuss your visions for a business, you want to talk about your hobby. Your hobby again. You want to share your hobby with your partner and work to dovetail hobbies and you want to create artwork together. You want to cook food together. You want to juice together. You want to hop in 


a car and go driving together. You want to eat together. You want to do everything that happens in your life together with your partner so that your partner understands you as a person to the fullest extent that you exist on earth. You want them to have a full imprint of who you are as a person so that both of you can know that your partner accepts all of you. Even the angry you. Here is something that you need to know. Your partner is going to get angry , you are going to get angry. There is a trigger in the human psyche that when someone gets too close to it it will start to go off and in going off this will happen at least once. Its called the “first argument” and it’s a good thing because it  ‘s a test. Is your first reaction when someone gets angry at you in a partnership to counter with anger yourself, or do you back up and try and resolve the situation quickly for the good of the relationship? You want to resolve the situation for the good of the relationship. I will even say that you want to test your partner to see what makes them angry, not maliciously or teasingly but where are your partners boundaries? If you never see them angry maybe you are not pushing them hard enough in conversation, maybe you are not learning enough about them. You want to see your partner get angry so that you know what it looks like and so that you know how to quell the situation for the good of your partnership. Anger will strengthen your partnership because if you find that you get in a fight with someone and all out scream and yell over something like the name of the business and then go your separate ways 


and then start working together then at that point you know you have something beautiful and that you have love in your relationship. If you can fight and still work you have love in your partnership and know that you wouldn’t want to work with anyone else anyways if there was another option. That is the type of partnership strength you are seeking to achieve as it can get no stronger than that really. Another way you can strengthen a relationship with a partner, is give them $50 and watch what happens. When you offer to give your partner $50 what do they do, do they accept it or refuse it? Money makes all relationships strange but you have to learn to deal with money if your relationship with your partner is going to work. What you want to see is your partner reciprocate in some fashion maybe not right away but eventually as they share the appreciation and you want to shift appreciation back and forth and let your relationship’s currency be appreciation. You appreciate that your partner came to work in the morning so you make them some coffee they appreciate the coffee so they sweep the floor you appreciate them sweeping the floor so you cut some apples for juicing. Do you see how this works through the language of appreciation your partner and you can transcend finances and get to the business of helping each other run a business. Appreciation for the person that is interested in YOU is paramount. You are in a courtship that can last a lifetime. You are trying to subconsciously, in building a business of this type, let your partner know through the 


language of appreciation that you are building something special with them. Starting a business is special and most businesses and businesses schools take all of the love out of business. Where do you find a lesson at Business School about courting a business partner? You will not find it and that is the whole point of this book. We have to go over the basics of starting a business because the most important, basic elements are never touched on. Maybe this is rudimentary to you, maybe you court business partners regularly but maybe you need some direction and if you do this is it. Back to appreciation. At some point you are going to be building your business and it is going to hit you. This person is more important to you than family you have not talked to in quite some time. Your partner is trying to work with you to build life and sustainability. Your grandmother wants you to visit weekly. Your business partner wants to see you everyday and they get in a fit if you don not show up for work. Communication is the key to family when someone starts speaking to your person for a long enough period of time and converses with the same heartfelt introspective tones for a long enough period of time this person is going to become like family to you. Your family consists of the people that you have open communication lines with an intimacy. When you are speaking with your partner openly and honestly for as many hours as the partnership will need you will develop a familial relationship that absolutely will take on more 


importance than your own grandmother to you because your partner is helping you pay the rent, buy groceries, create art and remain entertained and if this type of relationship does not supersede your familial relationships on some level then you have a tremendously amazing family and I definitely want to talk to you. Your business partner will have a family role in your life and you will interestingly enough work with them to be a good family member. After the courtship rituals that I have described above your partner will be expecting more time with you. Unstructured time , structured time. Just time. You grow to get used to having someone in your life and that is the whole point of starting the partnership because when you are used to having someone in your life you can begin to depend on them to work with you in ways that non business relationships encounter. A non business relationship is one where you watch television together. A business relationship is one where you talk about what you are going to do the next time you get together and the five times after that. You work on projects in a business relationship which is why you want someone who has a hobby because a hobby minded person won’t mind. This all fits together in the courtship of a business partner and in that partnership you will find success. 


Chapter 3 WHY SHOULD YOU START A JUICE BAR? The partnership that we spoke about in the previous chapter dovetails with this chapter where we begin discussing the juice bar. We want to start discussing with you exactly what type of business your partnership is preparing you for. A juice bar. You have read me allude to it in previous chapters but in the same way I told you why you should form a partnership let me tell you why you should form a juice bar. A juice bar is perfect. It is profitable. It allows for you to pay the rent of a commercial space, afford an apartment, make people happy, and give people a space to create performance art and learn about a lifestyle that is young and growing in the United Station Empire. You want to start a Juice Bar because you want to spread health and you want to do something simple with your life that is honest and that does not require advanced degrees to understand. You want to sustain yourself and promote community. You want to spend time with exotic fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds. You want to be a vessel of health in your community and you want to spread health in people’s lives. You want to be a proprietor and you want to improve your community. That is why you should start a juice bar because you can do all of that if you do. Starting a juice bar with your partner is a kind of business that will put you in 


partnership with Sunfood Sovereign and is the type of business that I can support and offer assistance with in that I have started juice bars before and I can tell you, you make gwop but you have to have your partnership right. People get strange about money and success so you have to keep all of this in mind. Your starting a juice bar because of this book is phenomenal because that means that the system works and we can share with you all of our information about the system. The system of building books and promoting a lifestyle that is exotic to many people. Kumquats are exotic to a Wendy’s regular customer but imagine making Kumquat Juice and selling it for a nice profit because you get paid for knowing where the kumquats are and for owning the juicer and the juicing environment. You should start a juice bar because it is profitable. Subway restaurant sells sandwiches and deals with cold cut flesh and mucus patties, sushi bars deal with fish carcass and you deal with fruit and vegetables and seeds and nuts. You want to start a juice bar because it is simple you develop drinks and then you make the drinks and then you repeat. You make wheat grass. You juice bananas and peaches. 

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF STARTING A JUICE BAR? The benefits of starting a juice bar are phenomenal because for one you get to be around health all day every day. You get to be a symbol for health in your 


community. You get to engage in healthy behavior and exhibit healthiness to your community. You get to be unpretentious in that everyone knows what you do, you juice. My life is very simple to many people and very complex to few. When I had my juice bar and was making gwop I was just juicing and people respected me for serving juice and there is a simple pleasure in offering someone a simple product that you believe in. As a vegan there is no greater joy than serving people the healthiest food on planet earth. I would do my very best to scout for new fruits and at one time even had a small wheat grass farm where and I am very proud of this I would revitalize people with shots of wheat grass juice that most people had never even heard of before. I know what a Kumquat is, most people are not sure if it is a fruit or a vegetable. I know how to make milk from pumpkin seeds and almonds. I have a talent and a skill that I can take to any city anywhere on earth and begin doing business. I take my juicer with me and visit a grocery store and start making purchases and juicing what I find and I am in business. I find a peace and a serenity in the independence that I find in juicing. Some people are professional baseball players or salesmen, I am a professional juicer and at one point even survived homelessness because of my gift at juicing. It sounds funny but juicing is a very real skill to me. If you think about it juicing is a futuristic drink because Julius Caesar never drank juice from a juice bar, they did not not have juicers then. A fruit juice is the most futuristic drink that exists on planet earth and I love 


serving it. When I serve a juice to you something perfect is happening and the benefits are that you get to explain to people the health benefits of this food they are eating and for a brief moment they get to experience guilt free imbibement of nourishment as they go back out into the world of soda pop and fast food. You get to provide an oasis of beauty in lives that appreciate such things. Your own personal benefits for starting a juice bar and the benefits of your partner is that your juice bar will give you a space where you can do anything you want and have the time to do it. The reason you have a partnership is so that at your Sunfood Sovereign juice bar you can film movies. You can work with your patrons and ask them to be actors in your films and you can work to bring performance poetry to your shop and you can work to bring photographers and film makers and you can be a beacon of art in your community. If you do not see the benefit of that I do not know what to tell you, man. The best times of my life were when I was juicing at a bar and now that I am beginning my momentum up again and have supportive people around me I am going to start doing projects like this where I teach people how to sustain themselves. You can sustain yourself , okay, that is the number one reason you want to start a juice bar because it will teach you how to be self sufficient in a way that working for someone else just won’t. If you want to learn the secrets of the capitalistic world sell juice for six months and tell me you don’t walk away with a different understanding of the way the 


world works. You successfully sell juice for six months and then you start wondering why I am being sold such unhealthy food when healthy food sells for just as high a profit margin? You start asking questions that you would never think to ask if you had never started a juice bar. You want to know the benefits to starting a juice bar, its sexy. There I said it. How often can someone put you into a sexy business? You want to meet sexy people? Sell juice. You want to meet beautiful people, sell juice. You want to make great friendships, be a business owner, people want to be friends with business owners. You want to give people a place to write and something to write about, be a juice bar owner. You want to foster community and be a third place, be a juice bar owner. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO START A JUICE BAR? If you want to start a juice bar, you first need to find a location. You want to find a location that has foot traffic. A college campus is typically the ideal location for a juice bar, if you are not near a college of any type and are from a small town your city center is where you then want to share your forthcoming juicing experience. The reason you want a college campus or city center is because those are the locations that provide for the most opportuniites to engage the community that surrounds you in culture because you need people to have culture and college campuses provide enough people to develop the culture that you will need to develop your juice bar. This book is written from a city boy type of location , Cincinnati to be exact. If you come from New Brunswick , Iowa you are going to have to improvise 


and determine where your city’s center is and how you can get your facilities there. If you are from a small town that has what you consider no culture then you might very well have to work harder or take on a larger chance than someone from a larger city but if you are reading this book then that means you have access to a network of people that can get you big city information. If you have this book and are from a small town then you have two options. Try it in your small town and be impressed by its success, or move and try to apply the principles this book is speaking about in a larger town where you feel you will have more success or you can do nothing, in which case, enjoy reading as I am certain you enjoy the sound of my voice at this point. You have your location for your juice bar, now you want to take the opportunity to speak with the land lord of the location of where you want your juice bar to be and you can contact them through a real estate agency that runs the property which can typically be found on the phone number number on the property of the location you are interested in renting. When you speak with the landlord or holding company you are going to want to get a quote for the property. There is little negotiating you can do at this point as the holding company is going to want to get the highest price and you are going to want to get the lowest price for the lot and the price they quote you is typically the price that they are going to stick to. This may differ from company to company and you can work to negotiate a lower deal if you know for a fact that this 


property has been vacant for some time but seeing as how you are looking at the most prime commercial real estate that you are aware of this may in fact be more of an issue for you to overcome. The price will most likely be the price as you are not looking at dilapidated buildings in the middle of nowhere trying to strike a deal, you are looking at property near a college campus so your rent is going to be prime. In Cincinnati near the University of Cincinnati and you can contact us and I will work with you to determine what a fair price is for your real estate prices to adhere to in whatever location you are. As this book becomes a best seller and many people are calling me to request help for quotes or just to talk to me rest assured that I will as patiently as the Beatles did answer all of the incoming information that comes my way. I have to do my part to help us get out of this recession and this is what I am doing to get us back on our feet..I am teaching people where their feet are. Now you have your rental location picked out and you have spoken with the landlord and you are ready to make your first down payment. Go ahead and do so only if you have read further in this book than this. We will assume you have a comfortable knowledge of this book early on so please sign the contract and become the key holder for this property. You now have work to do. You are going to have to ensure that some basic elements are in place and your first month is going to be spent doing the following tasks. It might take you less than a month but you want to procure some chalk boards and some mounting brackets so that you can mount your 


chalk board easily to the wall and so that you can take them down easily. These chalkboards are going to hold your recipes and prices. Yo are going to want to ask one of your more better handwriting oriented friends to sketch out the menu items that you will have at your juice bar on your chalkboard menus. Let us assume that you will have 20 different drinks. You are going to want to make your boards legible and interesting to look at for your customers. Please take time on this detail. You may think that I am jumping ahead but remember that I am assuming you will read this entire book. Putting together a business is less about step one two three and more about getting through an entire alphabet in whatever order the letters come. I assume you are going to read this entire book so there are places where certain pieces of information precede their technical order of operation but in writing this book you follow your instincts and let people know what you want them to know when you want them to know it. Now you have your location and you know about the menu. The next thing you are going to want to do is detail your store front. You want to clean it and ensure that it is spick and spotless because you have a beverage bar that will need cleanliness and health to be the main focus of it. You also have your menus up on the wall as a reminder of the goal that is in sight. Now for a juice bar you want to think of those chalk boards because the way this is going to work is that people are going to choose an item and then you are going to go into the laboratory and make the drink for someone fresh. There is no real interaction with the food from a customer 


point of view and your partner can be engaging the customer in conversation while you are doing the juicing but essentially you are going to want to work with your partner to ensure that there is refrigeration space a plenty for your produce. Possibly one large refrigerator or two to four smaller ones. You are going to wake up in the morning and purchase as wide a variety of fruits and vegetables as you can fathom and you are going to go back to your laboratory a solid month before you open your doors and you are going to start juicing and developing your concoctions. You can also do this work in your apartment before you land the lease for your commercial enterprise but since you have a partner and you are efficient you can be doing two things at the same time. You can be arranging your restaurant and bringing in tables and chairs during the day and juicing at night. The reason why this book focuses on the commercial property first is for motivation’s sake. If you really want to be in business take the big step when you are prepared to and then be close enough to starting that you have enough work to give yourself from early in the morning to late at night. When you really start working on your juice bar you will be amazed at how much time you will have to work to keep up with the demands of your customers. You again will want to go back to your laboratory where you have your juicers and you want to start making drinks. You are going to want to talk with your partner during this creative mode and you are going to want to look at all of the honey, peaches, red peppers, jalapenos, 


watermelon, flax seed and just massive assortment of produce and you are going to want to start creating your own original drinks. This is time for you to experiment and test your creativity and if you need advice on what drinks to serve again call us and I will give you recipes. I will give you a simple recipe right here. What you are going to want to do is take fresh raw sunflower seeds and place a handful of them in a blender with some water. Then you are going to want to blend these seeds up until you have a frothy mixture. Then what you want to do is strain out the particulates and throw those away, the fibrous parts of the seeds. You strain the milk you have created something silky smooth in its texture. Then you want to put the milk back in the blender and blend it again this time adding honey enough to sweeten the sunflower seed milk and in doing this you have a servable mixture. This recipe is a simple killer in that it knocks everyone off of their feet when trying it. That is a simple recipe that you want to explore when trying this book because basically you can essentially work to place any fruit or vegetable seed or nut combination in the blender to get one type of drink or the juicer to get another. You cannot juice seeds and nuts but you can blend them and between juicing fruits and vegetables and blending seeds and nuts you have a white board to work with. You need to come up with your recipes because the next great combination could come from you and you need to determine what drinks you think are phenomenal. 


Part of this book is meant to provide you with a framework within which to work and part of it is meant to be explicitly inspirational in areas that you might not think to think of. I want to help you with what you don’t know about what you don’t know. Your partner and yourself are going to be creating drinks and one of the things that you are going to be doing is making batches of drinks and you are going to want to take down metrics for what makes what and what tastes good and what does not. You want to develop your custom itinerary of recipes. Since you are a Sunfood Sovereign bar you are making more than banana and strawberry smoothies. You want to be adventurous and mix jalapenos with watermelon or you want to make sunflower milk and mix it with honey. I want you to really expand your creativity and dig into the alchemy of your juicing. Your partner and yourself will want to come up with a solid ten drinks that you can recommend and serve and that you feel represent you as proprietors of an establishment. It may sound silly to take your juicing this seriously but I take juicing seriously enough to write a book about it and think about this for a moment, how many people do you know that juice? You know people that buy juice but most likely you know few people who turn apples into a drink on their own time. That being the case you have a business and juicing is that business. Now you know where to find your grocer and your produce. You know where to place your chalkboards with the recipes that you have developed. You have your 


multiples of juicers ready to do the juice. You have your counter. Now you have a juice bar. That is it , now you can open your doors and start juicing. This is not a complicated endeavor but it is profitable. A juice bar is just that it blends juice. It is a simple endeavor that you can explore and if this interests you you may have questions that we cannot think of. I started a juice bar without someone telling me how to do it. I just built a juice bar. I did not read a book about it but I know that the main problem I had with my juice bar was not with my juicing that sustained me, it was with my partnerships which is why I devoted the better half of the beginning of this book to discussing how you should vett your partners and get to know them and build the relationships because really you will find the juicing simple. It will be the relationships that will be complex. You are going to purchase your fruit and vegetables in bulk and to do this you will need a relationship with the most variety minded produce business in your area. You will want to partner with a restaurant quality grocery store which may be a typical grocery store but usually there is a produce market that gives better rates in your area. You want to partner with a produce market and even talk to the manager of the produce market and have the quantities you need set aside for yourself for the next couple of days so that you can make trips only every few days as opposed to every day. Now you are going to want to pick up your grocery items and pay close attention to how much each produce 


item costs in bulk because ultimately you are going to be pricing each of your drinks depending on how much the ingredients that go into the glass cost plus overhead. If you think about it your entire business depends on you to over price your purchases because what your price consists of in every glass is the rent for your commercial space, the rent for your apartment that your colleague may or may not live in with you, your gas, the fruit itself and the glass it is being taken away in. Every glass must be sold in profitable manner as every business operates the same way. What you are charging for and the reason why you are charging $5, $6, and $7 a glass is because you are bringing together fruit and vegetable and nut and seed combinations that are artistic and healthy and you are juicing them in ways that would be ultimately cost prohibitive for a typical person. It doesn’t make sense for a typical person to buy a watermelon and a jalapeno and start juicing because they will ultimately waste watermelon but you are sharing a watermelon with a whole community and you can afford to create blends that no one else can make. That is why you get paid. You are getting paid for providing the service of nourishment to a mal nourished empire. The work that you are doing at this juice bar that I am describing to you is no more exotic than a Jersey Mike’s restaurant but instead of making sandwiches you are making voluminous juices that replenish vital nutrients in the body. Of course this is a valuable operation to build and hopefully by this point you are starting to see that I am offering you valuable information that has taken me 


eighteen years to accumulate. These short pages are my fullness of experience expressed for your very livelihood. I depend on this knowledge for my existence and now you can depend on it for yours. Subway is the same way if you think about it. Why is a mere sandwich operation so successful when they are only making sandwiches. It is because they bring together ingredients that would be cost prohibitive for you to bring together on your own and they are prepared to make a sandwich in the way you are prepared to make juice. You are prepared to make juice with your partner and you have a system in place where he or she takes the order and you juice the concoction and if another customer comes in he or she gets to juicing along with you and you pass the juice concoction back to the customer and you thank them. That is juicing. You might have thought there was a mystery to it but I can assure you it is very mundane work but in its mundanaity there is a lovely aroma and flavor and there the excitement that comes from doing something new and making dividends. I have started two juice bars before and I can tell you they work. I cannot guarantee absolute success for you because I do not know who you are but I can tell you that I achieved success and this was the method I used to maintain my success. I ran juice bars that changed my place in my community as I am one of the only people I know who has ever started owned and operated a business. I am a rare breed and I am trying to get you in the mind set that you can do what I did and am in the 


process of doing again. This book is part of my new build up for my Sunfood Sovereign franchise. At one point starting a juice bar was a leap of faith. I took the leap of faith and started my business and now have an understanding of how to do that. Knowing what I know about this enterprise I would like to start a series of juice bars to the benefit of more people and so that I can establish a more lucrative endeavor for myself. I see a vision of a network of juice bars networking with each other and creating art for the vegan cause or for personal causes. I see the juice bars eventually providing a stability for my franchise operators so that they can be professional artists and go on to be performers or painters or photographers. We can support each other and my mission is to develop the greatest chain of juice bars that has ever existed by offering everything that people want in every bar. Health. Mental Stimulation. Community. Creativity. Juice. These are the foundational blocks for a healthy community and in light of every single fast food restaurant serving you and then telling you to get the hell out I can rebut this business practice with a sovereign practice of inviting you to stay and giving you something to do like take photographs or make a youtube video. We benefit by providing family space for customers to congregate because a customer that stays longer will only appreciate our work even more and will buy more juice in the long run. I don’t need numbers to back this up it just makes sense. You create a family business that serves family members and your family members will help support the home. 


You want to offer amenities in your juice bar like cameras, computers, and software so that the experience of being in your juice bar and realistically just your entrepreneurial presence can be captured and uploaded to the web. This is a fundamental shift away from the typical restaurant ethos that says you are served and you leave. If you are building quality media for us in our restaurant, if you are acting out a script that we have provided for you and if you are capturing yourself reciting our lines for our website. You are helping to build our brand and we can provide free juice in exchange for hits on our website or promotion of our brand. That has value and we can compensate that value. I have to get the numbers worked out but it might be that I turn a juice bar into a structured media environment where drinks are free for everyone that records a solid hour of footage. We can have accounts for our patrons that track how much footage they accumulate and for every 50th photograph, 50th minute of video, or 50th line written you will get a free drink. If you perform at our open mic event’s or record in our studio and give us access to your content we can add that content to our media catalog and give you free juice. The juice at some point with a quality enough atmosphere and creative output of our patrons can create a situation where we have juice parties where all of the juice is free all day while we film a movie with random people who walk in. We can write lines and create dialogue turn everyone into an actor over night. This process would also be multiplicatively useful if we had a 


network of juice bars run by a Sovereign such as yourself and then your bar and my bar could share resources and we could accumulate stock footage and share music tracks and share photography and build up our media empire with the tools available through the Apple Store. You are reading breakthrough conceptology in this manual and this is the rawest information that I have to provide. I break down every idea I have from these core principles. I understand that this is not a step by step by step by step by step manual but it is a step by step manual. I can give you the principles and the contact information for my person and from there it is up to you to do the work that you know you are capable of. I will tell you why I am not in business as a juice at the moment and why I am writing about juicing. It is because of my partners. I dealt with some people that in hind sight I should not have dealt with and when profits got moving they became strange so I will reiterate. You need to be on point about your partner and you need to make certain that your partner is going to stick with you and by your side or else everything can fall apart. One of the things that you can do to ensure your partnership , and this may sound Machiavellian but really is not. You want to make certain that you both have jobs that require the benefit of the other. When times are down you do not want to be two people just standing there. You want different jobs and assignments that compliment each other. 


For example your juice bar would benefit from one of you being the business liaison and what this person does is when you get started in business is they start calling other local businesses and flat out advertising your existence. You start with the A’s in your area and you start making phone calls and promoting yourself on the phone while your partner is outside offering samples. You become proactive about letting people know you are a juice bar. You have a partner because this person is promoting you at the juice bar. You cannot do both which is why you have a partner. Their work is to attract customers and your purpose is to serve them and when you get too busy they can serve customers as well and you both prosper. 

WHAT ARE SOME THINGS THAT YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR JUICE BAR THAT WILL BENEFIT YOURSELF AND YOUR CUSTOMERS? You can create an inviting environment for your customers with your partner that will benefit the two of you. Now that you have your core juice bar in place you can start adding amenities. You can include a nice computer in your bar that has Adobe Creative Suite on it and you can allow your customers to spend time doing graphic design work and even to create businesses off of your business in your business in exchange for buying juice as rent , if you will. You can create a staging space and install a PA system so that late at night you can invite your local performance poetry poets to come and put on shows. This would benefit you and your customer because 


unlike just about every other establishment that does not offer entertainment , isn’t it usually because they just don’t want to. Some places may tell you that they want their customers to be able to sit and talk and enjoy themselves with themselves but really don’t I have enough places where we can be by ourselves and chatting like a park? What you want is ambiance and you want vibrancy in your juice bar. You want a rapper, you want a poet, you want a folk singer at night because night time is when the beautiful people come out to spend time with other people and by beautiful I mean outgoing. You want to add to your performance scene and be a place that is known for its assistance to hip hop and poetry and singing. I would say to keep it simple and down to folk singing , hip hop , and poetry because these arts compliment each other. A folk singer is a different type of poet who is a different type of rapper and they all require basically only a microphone and maybe a pick up for their instrument or laptop for their beats. What better way to ingratiate yourself to your community than by partaking of the arts. What other way can you get involved . . . you can have photography on your walls. You can be one of those local establishments that has the mysterious photographs of rail roads and umbrellas on your walls and the reason you do this is for a number of reasons. It is good citizenry. You do it because fast food is not. How many fast food restaurants have been there for two and three 


years and even five or ten and have never invited an artist to come in and liven things up? That is just bad citizenry to me. You want to get started being a good commercial citizen and work with the local community to promote their work. You are depending on your community and you want to let your community depend on you. You want to reach out to photographers and talk to your customers as this is not a fast process. Someone knows a photographer that wants to show their work and you can be the place where it happens. Also think about graffiti. Think about a graffiti artist. I know. I know. They are typically considered derelicts but their work can be quite evocative and if you want that futuristic vibe you want a graffiti portrait of Rakim or your local football or baseball or basketball hero on a three wall portrait. You want those graffiti artists to have a place to work and one of the things you can do is offer a space on your outside wall where you let graffiti artists paint and paint over each others work. Just ask them to take photographs of their work and put that work up on your walls and you are now a part of the graffiti community. The more communities you can be a part of the better and the more relevant you can make yourself. I want you to be an award winning juice bar and win that best of prize from your alternative press’s publication. These are the steps to award winning. If you are looking for most efficient or least amount of time to spend being a part of your community then this is not the book for you 


and I am not meant to be your partner at Sunfood Sovereign. I will just be asking you about your progress in these areas as well as your juicing and I will lose interest in you if you are not ingratiating yourself to your community. This comes from love. You understand I love being alive. I love seeing life. This is all about life and love and if you are a part of your community you are spreading life and love and juice is a part of this. Some people may think this is a hippie mentality and will look down on it but wouldn’t you rather someone spread love and be a hippie than spread hatred and disinterest in you and be a murdering carnivore? Its a simple problem really , do you spread love or hatred? You are spreading love by creating a juice bar. Just by integrating your juice bar into your community you are extending the appeal of that community. Your juice bar raises property values in ways that a burger joint just doesn’t. When people see a juice bar they think pleasant thoughts because no one has any negative thought about juice, maybe the juicers but there isn’t a human being on earth that can say a bad thing about juice. Who has a problem with guava? Really? No. Juice bars are meant to be places of excitement and interest. Why do you think you would be different than a coffee bar? A coffee bar takes coffee and serves it all the ways that you can serve coffee and a juice bar can take juice and serve it all the ways you can serve juice. Your juice bar is a place that you can build family and that you can craft new friendships with. Your juice bar 


through the careful crafting of your instincts and familial relationships will add to the community that surrounds it in ways that only health food can. Provide health and be at peace with the world around you. 



I want to share with you another component of what your juice bar can utilize to be most effective. Essentially what I am trying to do is show you a golden path to healthy living in a world that is consumed with consumption. Visit your grocery store. Look around. Does it seem like your grocery store is interested in your health? I know people that take pride in eating everything that is placed before them that is called food. Think about that. There are people that take pride in being able to eat everything at the grocery store, from pork belly to sardines to kim chi to apples to potato chips to cheese to pizza to hamburgers to hot dogs to candy to milk to fruit juice. I see lost people. I see people that need Juice Bars like the one that I am espousing in this book. I see people that need a road map to their own digestive system. I see a need for my services with earth as my client. Most of you are sick and walk into grocery stores randomly choosing food with no rhyme or reason. You are given a food pyramid from your government that does not help you at all. You are given no guidance as to what to eat to remain fundamentally healthy on television, radio or film. You are given no guidance. I want to give you guidance through methods that will serve to aid you in your own fundamental development as I help you navigate the grocery store. I am providing 


you with a firm foundation that you can use to build up a clientele for your juice bar in that I am showing you how to develop fundamental practices that when followed guarantee success. I see sick people that take to the only refuge they have to cope with their dietary situation. They take pride. People are taking pride in eating cold cuts and chicken livers. People rest on the idea of “comfort ” and rest on the idea of “soul food” and embrace the idea that all food is good for you and is special. That is simply not true. You simply cannot survive in that way and in the body that you are meant to survive in if you desecrate it with your failing and poor dietary choices. I will reiterate what I am promoting for your life. FRUIT. NUTS. SEEDS. VEGETABLES. WATER. That is what you are meant to eat. There is no debate on this matter. This is chemical warfare versus guerrilla rawfare tactical practices. I have to be tactical about my dietary concerns because I am concerned about yours as well. I have to teach my lessons while the television is championing beer and chicken wings and hamburgers. This is my country and I live here too and I will not stand for it to be desecrated any longer. This book will change your life because I require it to. That brings us to your juice bar. You are going to want to serve food. I am telling you that you need to have these foods for your patrons. You can serve them in their whole fashion such as fresh walnuts, fresh kumquats, fresh avocados, fresh pumpkin seeds. You can have these items on your bar for people to eat while they are 


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